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Salem Daily News, The (Newspaper) - December 26, 1890, Salem, Ohio 5 rHE SALE NEWS. VOL. II. NO. 305. SALEM, OHIO, FRIDAY. DECEMBER 26. 1890. TWO CENTS. JTo Chauj the Scotch Kail way Troubles. Sugar Shipyards, etc., Aw I Closed on Account of a i Lack of Coal. RuMlan Privy Councillor Ciret Reas- for the Treatment of th< by Government. i LOXDOX, Doc. Scotch railwaj companies have abandoned all idea of a settlement with their striking employes, and are making efforts, thus far with poor success, to obtain English work- men for their places. The strikers deny any share in the wrecking of trains and In other outrages that hare been charged against them. Service has been partial- ly resumed between Glasgow and Edin- burgh and the mails are forwarded with some regularity. There is still, how- ever, a -virtual embargo on traffic, and trade and commerce are paralyzed by sea and land. The sugar refineries at Greenock are closed, while thousands of tons of re- fined sugar are awaiting stoatn trans- portation to England, which cannot be provided for lack of a coal supply. The Clyde shipyards are also closed, as there Is no coal for tbe forges and furnaces. The strikers show no sign of weaken- ing, although the supply of funds is not sufficient to prevent privation among them. Their applications to English unions for aid are being considered. The number of men now out is esti- mated at The North British rail- way has almost entirely suspended operations- The line of steamers main- tained by this company between Loch Lomond and Glasgow on the Clyde has been temporarily abandoned in order that Its employes may be utilized in railway work in place of strikers. Two who continued at work were stoned by strikers yesterday near this and were badly injured. There hare been numerous cases of less seri- upon men who remained at work or non-union men who taken ike. places of strikers.. The "Glasgow have been closed on account of the strike. Tbe supply of coal for the gas works at Perth is almost exhausted snd it is feared that the city will be left in darkness because of the impossibility of obtaining a renewed stock of fuel- According to a St. Petersburg letter. Privy Councillor Stoinovoski has made a semi-official communication to one of tbe loading foreign residents of St. Petersburg in relation to'the new anti- Bemetic legislation. It is in substance that the restrictive treatment of the Jews is made necessary by the course pursued by that people in absorbing- by usury and over-reaching the money and means of the poorer class of Russians, snd that the proposed law prohibiting Jews from owning landed estates is in- tended to prevent them front acquiring by trickery atr2 oppression the property of orthodox Russians, of which a vast amount is already in Somatic tiands; that nothing is done which is sot strict- ly -requisite for the protection of the ObrisMan subjects of the Czar and that Russia is only leading in a course that. RECIPROCITY. Mnch Interest Manifested In Canada OTM Between the United Newfoundland. OTTAWA, Ont, Dec. than ordinary interest is being manifested bj Canadian politicians in tbe progress ol the reciprocity negotiations now going on at Washington between the United States Government and the Hon, Robert Bond, representing the government oi Newfoundland. As to precise state of tbe negotiations members of Canadian government will say little, although it is well known they are con- stantly apprised by tbe British Minister, acting under instructions from Downing street, of every move that is taken. Canada would undoubtedly suffer in event of free trade betweea tbe Statei and Newfoundland. From the characteristic energy of the people of the United States it is fair to assume that capital and enterprise would at once be devoted to the work- of the Newfoundland fisheries, both in-shore and deep-sea, with the result that the American demand for Canadian ish might be curtailed. Canada has considerable with her exports in 1S90 to that colony amounting to is a de- crease of from that of the previous year. Newfoundland pur- chases more of the Canadian manufac- tured goods than any other country, with the exception of Great Britain and the United States, and it will therefore be seen that there is a good prospect for Canada losing a large portion of this trade in event of Mr. Bond's mission being successful. But before a reci- procity treaty is consumated, if it ever reaches that stage, the Canadian Gov- ernment will Qle an emphatic protest From the Portland, Cham- ber ot Commerce the Senate Asking the Passage of the Torrey Bankrupt BilL England and Europe generally will be eompelled to pnrsue, unless all property is to be allowed to fall into the hands ef "tbe Hebrews. It is understood that the Czar himseif will take no notice of the remonstrance from citizens-of Lon- don ajrainst the persecution -of the Jews. A HORRIBLE ACCIDENT. A Head Crushed to Palp In a Brick MmklnK Machine. SXECBESVILLK, 0., Dec. shock- ing accident occurred Wednesday at the brickyard of Edward Nichol- son. Levi Jackson, a colord laborer, was engaged in shoveling soapstone into a circular basin where this stone is reduced for brick making by immense rollers. A large roll fell into the basin and clogged the rollers. Jackson sought to disengage the stone -while the ma- chine was in motion.' Be slipped and fell into the basUi headlong. His head was crushed into pulp and all the bones in his body were broken before the ma- chinery wae slopped. Jackson leaves a wife and one child._________ A Ripe Old Age. SASTA FE, N. M., Dec. of the death of Pedro Antonio Lopez, aged 115 years, was received here Wednesday. He passed off very quietly and without' any suffering, being conscious and es- pecially talkative up to the last mom- ent He know the end waa coming aad he had his children and grandchildren around him. He talked to them of the service be had done as a soldier under the Spanish and he remembered when a certain Kin? and bis wife were XVj and Marie An- tionetto. Lopez was mentioned in con- nection with the census report last June on account of his extreme old age. A Count's Wonderful Vitality. SAN A3XOMIO, fcec. Her- mann Dalweigh, who was so badly in- jured by the International <fc Great Northern'railway train in this city Be- I cember 4, is in a fair way to recover. His case is a marvel to the medical pro- fession. His skull was broken in three places, his eyes almost knocked out. his spine iniursdand arm badly -broken, but he has regained perfect conscious- ness and will in all probability recever. His attorneys have filed suit agalmst Proteit the Enactment ef Veluatary Law to the Exdonlon of Involuntary Bankrupt and Vice Verma. WASHINGTON, Dec. 29.-Senator Mitch- ell presented to the Senate Wednesday a memorial from the Chambers of Com- merce of Portland, Ore., which em- bodies a concise snd comprehensive statement why Congress should act snd six crisp resolutions covering the ground how it should act with regard to bankruptcy legislation. The memorial recites that the attempt of tbe states to enact bankrupt laws have proved fail- ures both because Congress alone has power to enact such laws and because of the practical impossibility to secure uniformity of action by the States. That the attempts of the several States constitutes a protest against further delay by Congress by enacting a bank. rupt law. That it is those who reside long distances from the centers of trade that are entitled to have a law enacted which will make creditors more secure and enable them to purchase goods at all trade centers at the lowest possible prices. That, in the settled States, the hazards of business -are greater than in the-older Abates, .the opportunities for securing employment in subordinate positions-are less, snd it is therefore of utmost importance that men who have honestly failed shall be -discharged from their debts. That both voluntary and involuntary, bankruptcy are accessary in the best interests of the entire community.- The resolutions cover grounds as lows: That the reservation to Congress by the Constitution of the United States of tbe right to pass a bankrupt law, im- poses an obligation to do so. That the attention of Congress is called to tha fact that the several States have at- tempted to protect the rights of their citizens by the enactment of insolvent laws and that these attempts constitute s demand for the enactment, without delay, ot equitable law. That the best interests of the citizens of all parts of the country and particularly in the States most distant from the great com- mercial centers, will be benefited by the passage of a ,law designed to prevent the perpetration of fraud, punish wrong- doers, extend commercial credit between the members of the commercial promote and foster commerce, "ancl- discharge honest insolvents from the burden of their indebted- ness over the amount paid in dividends by their estates. That the energetic, enterprizing citizens of the United States who have performed the pioneer work of developing tha great Industries and resources of the new States ought to have, in the event of honest misfor- tune, the benefits of relief provided by an equitable bankrupt law. That they protest against the enactment of a vol- untary law to the exclusion of an invol- untary bankrupt and vice versa, snd earnestly petition Tor one which shall be comprehensive of the whole subject. That the Torrey bankrupt bill, ai passed by House of Representative! and now pending in the Senate, is f just and wise measure and the embodi- ment of tbe legislation authorized bj the Constitution of the United States on tbe part of Congress, and its enactmenl is therefore earnestly demanded. A GIClAXTIC SCHEME. Am OrgaBliatlon ttttablUh AgrlciiUa.rai la Braall. WASHINGTON. Deo. bureau ot American Republics has received In- formation of an organization ot s curi- ous corporation ia Brazil under the name of the "Cotnpanhia Nova Era Ru- ral de with a capital ot 000, a large part of which been fur- nished by bankers and merchants of Europe and the remainder by local in- vestors. The object of this corporation is to establish twenty agricultural set- tlements upon the public lands of Bra- sil. which are given free of cost by the government to aid the enterprise, ta construct lines of railway for placing1 these settlements In communication with each other snd their markets; to carry out other engineering work, min- ing operations and the manufacture of suf ar, bricks, tiles, lime and other arti- cles for export as well as for local con- sumption. This company proposes to select families in Europe, consisting: of skilled agriculturists, mechanics and transport them free of cost to Bratil where houses will be prepared for their occupancy and implements furnished for their use. These colonists will be divided into villages and scattered over the estate as tha nucleus for their emigrants which will be brought there later. The federal and several State governments of Brazil have offered a guarantee of five per cent, interest upon one-third ot tbe capital invested in this enterprise. A CHKISTMA.8 KILLING. Propriet'ar of a Llrery Men Anether While Ini Blmwttr. NEW YOKE, Dec. Galli- van, proprietor of the Excelsior livery stable at No. 125 West Forty-fifth street, killed James Cummings, a cab driver, and shot another ctkbmari named Edward Hurley through the cheek while de- fending himself in his office afternoon. Before Galllvan drew his revolver upon Hurley and Cummings they had broken his nose with a bale stick, dragged him about the floor, kicked in four of hii ribs, blackened his eyes and broken two of hk front teeth. The first shot fifed by Gallivan struck Cummings in the left eye passing into the brain snd killing him Instantly. The second shot struck Hurley in the cheek and lodged is. his mouth from which ho afterwards spat it out Both of Gallivan's assailants were discharged employes, and it is alleged that Gallivan owed them money which he refused to pay. Gallivan and Hurley ware taken to Roosevelt Hospital to- the same ambulance, t.aud Galjiyan was-subsectuently taken" to the station hevee. THE F1ICG ItliCOUD. Parnell Talks .About the kciuiy Flection. Thinks the Priests Were Blameable for the Defeat. the White WASHTXGToy, Deo. Presi- dent and members of his family not- cejvers Eddy and Crow, of the Interna- Sttend church yesterday morning. They -1 for damages. speat most of the morning in the Library where the McKee babies had a big Chlistmas tree. The distribution of] Suicide of an Obio Boy. MAIMSON. Ind., Dec. F. Lep- preeents to the children aad the others 1 per, of Tiffin, O., the young man who -.the executive household took place 1 so mysteriocsly disappeared from his StBlneo'clock. Baby McKee showed a work at Fischer Richerfs carriage decided dwnestio taste by ievetiag him- factory here two weeks ago, was found exclusively te a -toy kitohei to the fejleot ef a trioyclo given by his grandfather. At one o'clock luncheon. terved at the White House. The President, Mrs. Harriso Mrs. MoKee. Mrs. JDimmick and Dr. Sco.U ware present. last The LAJTCIKO, Mich., Deo. The Michigan Legislature passed a knewn as the Chapman graded fare bill. It 'reduced railroad fares fixing tbe basis rates on the amount of jpassen- earnings per mile. The o A Grand Trank, which was one of the roads whose passenger tariff was cut down by tils law, refused to accept its provisions and a case waa carried to the Supreme Court, the company hold- ing that the law wae In tbe decision hindod down Wednesday tike court unanimously holds that tbe law is ro-mity-.ional and valid. Xonc the railroads obeyed the law pending the decision of tfae co.irt. in Uiesse's Woods, north of this place, by a colored man, lying between two large He was ia a reclin- ing position, his right arm donbled un- der him, in the band of which wae s pistol, with tho finger still pressing up- on tbe trigger, lie had a ballet hole through tbe rijrht temple, His remains -were shipped to yesterday. Will IIU Coi.orsua, O., Dec. be- Sore mida.ght Wednesday nigbt. Irvin Clark, of Ko. 3-59 South Front stveet, driver of a furniture waffon. while pass- ing tbe corner of Lynn and Wall alleys A HUSBAND CRIME. Hl lf Stepdaughter, Wife and ShaoM Dead. ST. PAUL, Minn., Dec. 2ft. Early yes- terday morning Silas Mickel, colored, killed his stepdaughter, Emma MoLeod, and dangerously wounded bis wife, then shot himself dead. Tbe tragedy took place at No. 73 West Tenth street, snd seems to have resulted from a quarrel growing out of Mrs. Mickel refusing to live with her husband. There wero no witnesses to the trajredy. KML Miokel was shot in the snd had hei throat out, while Emma MoLeod was stabbed five times in the body. Several shots had been fired at herebut the stabs were enough to oanne death, Mrs. Mickel was seat to tha hospital and still alive, hot very low. Mickel wev? found lying on bis tack in tbe kitchen in a pool of blood with a revolver in each hand and a hole in the side of his head, through which his brains were cozing. Seven shots had fired, but OB bis wagon, was shot by an unknown no on, ln the neighborhood heard messenger dered row in a of ill-fatrie oa Jewell avenue. The police are working- on the caee and have two prominent Tonasr narred THniels aad Micbaei lor la tbe ariaje. A warrant has isssed for Joaa J. Ke-fcJe. assistant chief engineer at Bradford's ceparvuent. on the cta-ge. was esnployed tbe BoSalo. P.ocbesier A- Pittsbargn railroad, resided i_ la is city aad ieavea faaaUy. coiored outs, tbe ballet entering corner of bJs left eye and pasting be- neath the bride" of bis nose lodged near tbe inrlde corner of bis right eye. The man who did tbe shooting appeared to be d-snk. net disappeared when he saw his bullet bad taken effect. Clark may recover, but wiil lose bis sight. MtoC a cetnmo. Va.. Doc- E. Brmdy yesterday shot and icstaatl; killed policeman Calcctt Brady wa? druok and sbot be iaaed to rested. O-, Dec. meeting ._ express dirwiors of tbe W. E. Goodrich Vosburg was mar- j Company was held with W. E. a We-iaesday, and all existing ciiTcrences were satisfactorily settled, and he will remain here. The factory will ba erected aad apon tbe site Work wjil be couasaenced oa the br.iliiarfs tbe coming coac'-ra will fnraJsh employment for 300 Toneral of a Dec fnneral of tbe noted Socialist, Paepe. took place yesterday made tbe occasion of a great Socialist demonstration. There was an enorzscas concourse of people ia the procession that followed the body to tbe grave. Five bun-Jrf-d Socialist as- sociations in ail part? of Belgium were sound. Charfwd TTUk PORTLAND, Ore., Dea Captain William McDonald was arrested here last evening on a charge of forgery. He is accused of forgisg a will in Lancas- ter, England, recently, under name of George Broots, and the forg- ery cam? into possession of a considerable sura of money. He afterward came America. McDonald makes general and specific denials of tbe charge. He de- clares that he has beeo ia England for six years. He has been ia business here several months. bands aad banners, YOBK, Dec. who arrested Wednesday r.igbt tm "of ex-Mayor Pendleton, -xinw. tor forgery, in nAf h_ Dec. Tftc Times M- that Smith, of tbe Salvation Army, has resigned and Intimates that Satitb was tfee real aathor scheme for the redcap-lion of the masses, aid that there vest be sove- tblnr wroBf with tbe management tbe famds er with tbe working of tbe plan itself, to him to resign. WM In Baltimore Gntled by the BALTIMORE, Doc. Masonic on North Charles str ot was gmtead by fire yesterday afternoon. Flataes were discovered' just before the artel-aeon matinee in Forepaugh's thea- ter, and a loss of resulted. ftaD BANK, N. J., Dea piano avtft organ store of Peck Curtis was damaged to the extent of by fire Wetmesday night The insurance is YORK, Deo. Fire in tho Umtea Club, Twenty-first street aad Fifth avenue, yesterday afternoon, did Sl.OM damage. There was considerable excitement among the olub menabora but nothing serious happened beyond raining the dining room by water. CIMCIWWATT. Deo. Thurs- day morning was discovered is the Varwig Manufacturing Company. Tho loss is estimated at ttd.GOO, aad: insur- ance about The entire plant was destroyed bat the building is thought to be intact A Bard BOSTON, Deo. steamer Lie- card, of London, from New York for Lisbon, with bushels of wheat, put in here Wednesday night in dis- tress, 'with broken down, life- boats gone, deoks swept and twenty-one laches of- water in her hold and other- wise, The vessel sailed from York December II and was 700 miles froia port wbep she was obliged to The first two days were a succession of high gales. On the 20th was nearly fourteen hours ia trengh the sea entirely namanage- aad alawst Next moraing atom abated aad she was to preeeen1 to Boston. Repairs will be at Wife OBTU Him Awar. YORK, Dec. Bast, a colored man, was arrested last night charged with assaulting his wife, Eliza. Mrs. Bass told tbe police that her husband was a murderer and a fugitive from Sum ter. S. C., where he (tad shot and killed a colored man named Priace Robertson last Novem- ber. Base admitted that he bad killed a man bat said that it was dose acci- flentiy and that a jnrr bad exonerated him. Inspector Byres tele- graphed to Sumter asking if Bass was wasted M a <MUelen. GKTFKETA, Ia.. Dec. bead-end collision occurred last evening on losra Central railroad near tbls place be- a freight and a passenger train. Seven passengers were serioaslj in- jured. Tbe engineer of iht traia jumped and is Believed to be fa- tally injnred. the Strip. AKKAXJusCrrr, Dec. day afternoon in this city held a meeting and rifc.i-d to invade tbe strip this afternoon at nrn o'clock, provided the soldiers had all left Camp Merritt Tbe soldiers have The Priests Led the Feople to the Like O'Brleo and GUI Arrive at Boulogne. DUBLIN, Dec. Parnell, in an interview before leaving the city, said that he know beforehand that the carry- ing of the Kilkenny election was almost hopeless in view of the character of the opposition that he had to meet Tho conduct of the priests, he thought, was very blamcable. They brought press- ure to bear, without which the masses of people would have voted differ- ently. Had tho people been allowed to exercise their own judgment without intimadation they wou'-d havosustained him. It was hardly in keeping with tbe functions of tho priesthood to hold over their flocks spiritual penalties for tho exercise of individual judgment in polit- ical matters. Mr. Parnell added that it was an en- couraging fact that where the priests did not interfere, his side polled ninety per cent of tho total votu. Ho had do- sired to penetrate tho country districts around Castle Comer and present his argument to the people there, but tho opposition to bis progress was so un- scrupulous that he desisted in order to prevent bloodshed. The priests led the people of North Kilkenny to the polls like shoop In many cases, where thej could not cocrco men into voting their way, they in intimidating them so that they refrained from votinf at all. Mr. Scully, who is a strong Catholic, was convinced, siiid Mr. Par nell.'ihat if the priests were allowed to continue .their course, in the coming elections, Ireland would be lost. Mr Parnell also s-aid that he intends to iin mediately enter upon tho work o thoroughly reorganizing tho party. 11 expects to start on Monday for Paris tc meet Mr. O'Brien, and on his way h will take a short rest. Ho will resum the campaign early in January.opening at Limrlck. BouLotiNK. Dec. A tug having on board Messrs McCarthy, Sexton. Con- don, Father llumahrpys and Mrs. O'Brien's father and mother, Mr. and Mis. Baffalovitch, met tbe steamer Ob- dam eutsido the harbor p.nd tbo party welcomed Messrs. O'Brien and Gill and took them ashore in the tug. On tho way to'tffe pier entered into an animated conversation with bis political friends in reference to general but declined to express to tha reporters on board an opinion as to the situation, lie excused himself on the plea that before saying anything SOT publication, he desired some little time, in which to inform himself more fully of the details of what had transpired slnco bis departure from America. -Mr. O'Brien left for Paris last evening. Mr. Sexton and his party will at once return to England._______________ LATEST NEWS ITEMS. by I'ro at the arth. All FKIDAY. DKOKMBKR 2G. The archbishop ot York. Most Eev. William Thompson. D. LJ doad. at the age- seventy-one Ttie Radical Congress in session at 3russels bus adopted re-solutions in favot of universal suiTrasre and the represen- tation of mir.orities. At Quebec, fire destroyed the of the St. John Street Railway Com- pany, together with twenty-five horses and various equipment. Loss Frank Neb flacker. of Indianapolis, tnd., driver of u beer wagon, mouths ago collided with a Bee Lino train and was permanently crippled. A jury has awarded him IS, 500. The terrible plapuo of dipb'.heria in Croatia has -already destroyed hundreds of children and in many in'jtancos par- ents are permitting their offspring to die without medical aid, having lost all faith iu the doctors. Advicns from Cap? Town state that the Port are to per- suade the Matabetes to afctaek the Brit- ish setnlers in Masbonaland. and King has much difficulty in Ins younger from assail- In jj the whites. The French Cabinet has como to the opinion that no objection (5-n be intef- posod to a from th" Cionnan Em- peror: that, he should treated any other Kuropean s visiting France; and if ho incognito hia desire to preserve that altitude should ho respected. The English and Irish railway cieties have issued a joint manifesto asking all railway men not to assist the Scotch railways hut to remain neutral in regard to the stride If thoir em- ployers press thorn to the com-' panics whoso men arc out they musfc strike than comply. The powers, to the. note ol. Foreign Minister complaining it, the action of the British South Company in Manlualund, express syav- patby wlt.i Portugal in her South Afr'l-' can difficulties but ndviso her to avoid a collision with the liriush authorities there, ponding a diplomatic solution of lie dispute. A St Petersburg dispatch states that tie Czar has x.'-d his disapproval f gratuitous foreitn advices in iho af- airs of his empire bv ordering the dia- and expuUion from the country f eleven thousand aliou workmen hero-, ofore employed by the government. Most of them are Germans, many Ea- iisb and some of Italian and -other Suropean nationalities. A dispatch from Shanghai states that he navago tribes of Formosa have again rokon out in rebellion against Chinoto authority on the island, and gained ad- vantages over the Imperial troops. A Chinese Captain and several soldien :aptured by the savages were af terwaad ound impaled and buhcadod, near tbo icnno of tboir capture. The garrison on the. island is being strengthened. AJTNUAL. MEETING Of tae State .1 OSKAWOSA, Iowa, Doc. fifth annual meeting of the Iowa State Elstod- was held at tbe Masonic Opera yesterday. The who at- tended pronounce it a success and en- tertaining beyond expectation. Thi leaden were Profs. W. Apmadook, of Chicago, on music and poetry, and D. It Wllllaws, of Braddock, Pa., on prose. Ia the musical programme of tho morning session, the first prize for duet, soprano and tenor, was awarded D. Jon- kins and Miss Jones, of Uincouri. Miss Qwent. of Wilkonshurg, Pa., awarded tbe first prize for soprano solo- ieU During tbe afternoon session among tbe prize winners was Oeman Pus, of Cleveland, O., being awarded the prize offered for the best poem on Henry M. Stanley. Oil on the Water. FKBOVS FALLS, Minn.. Dec. Jens C. Dunham, of Norwegian tfrove recently a member of the Legislature front Otter Tall County, put down a tabnlsr irivewell lant July 107 fco deep- When he first began pumplnj. water from it he noticed an oily scnm oa the water, but attributed it to oi which had exuded from the joints of thi pipe. lastead of gradually disappear isg. be expected, this oily scum ha constantly increased, until now Mr Dunham reports tbe surf of tbe wate in the tank into which it is pumped i: constantly covered with it. It is un questionably a mineral oil of some kind. JMr. Dunham is anxious to have tbe ter tested.______________ Drowned White Ar.noit, Mich., Dec. Sertrude M. Kmnday, of Patchog'.ie, L. L, sod F. E. Dickinson, of Dubuque. I a., tbe former a freshman in the toed leal department, and the latter a junior In the Homeopathic school, were irownod Wednesday night while skat lag on the river about two miles from the city. Thetr bodies have not yet beea recovered. Demand ao Inr.reeee of Wagea. ALTOONA, Pa., Dec. The miners of the central Pennsylvania coal region have served notice on tbe coal opera- tors demanding a change in tbe price ol mining from fifty cent-? ton to fiftj net ton and a new working prices which they want to go into ef- feol January 1. If tbe demands are not the men, to number 15.- will quit work on the first of the Mnttw Kfllfrt Wife. RoroB, Dec. ith his wife yesterday, Will- ,_._ W ueva j j win fu heavy silk handkerchief, while over Urn heavy hood was drawn. It was white thus securely blindfolded that the mind. reader rnshf-d to tbe hack from the Hoffman House and made the success- ful tests above described. It was while hunting for a name under similar cia- cnmstancoH at, tbo Lambs' Club, city, that Bishop was stricken with a. cataleptic fit from which he never re- covered dying at tbe club bouse. Marriage of Wealthy COI.UMWS. 0.. Dec. Ezokiel ties, a woitltby and retired newspaper- man. well known in Obio, a-d Blizzard, a charming- yonaff lady of this city, were married las) Mr. Mettles gracefully bears the distinction of being older at the) time of his marriage than any fel love- journal ist whoever officiated bride- groom at the occurrence of a similar happy event _ Attempted Suicide. SAX DIEGO, CaL, Dec. An Aus- trian nob'e naaied Baron Parcsse Pek- bopler died at National City Thursday. Shortly after bis wife aatsidern to leave reom. She drank a quantity ot Chloroform and ew- bolic acid. It ia sbe can not recover. On AHA. Dec. SSJ. Henry 4 Co., of Council Bluffs, retail dr> aligned yesterday. The liabilities are known to be over 300, with about assets. Morfc gagos covering the

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