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Salem Daily News, The (Newspaper) - December 4, 1890, Salem, Ohio THE SALEM DAILY NEWS. VOL. II. NO. 287. SALEM. OHIO, THURSDAY. DECEMBER 4. 1890. Irish Envoys to America Win Keturn to the Old Country. Condemnation of Their Attitude To wards Mr. Parwll Had ail Unexpected Effect. Their Fell Flat and They Will Ende.ivor to Pretttgr. CHICAGO. Dec. American tour of the members of the Irish Parliamen- tary delegatioa hu-> been abandoned. Dispatches are being sent out cancel- ing their engagements ai Indianapolis, St Louis, Kansas City and other poinu where meetings had been arranged. Dillon, O'Brien. Harrington and O'Con- nor will leave to-day for New York, am} according to the present programme the two former will sail on Saturday for Paris, and Harrington and O'Connor, to- gether witn Gill ana the latter reach New York in Liverpool. Wednesday was fruitful of surprise; to O'Brien; ami for OPCO the dasti anj brilliancy of tho Mtrepid warrior in tho cause of his country, see.ns to have de- serted him. t-ilk.od like a man dazed, wtino John Dillon, h.s colleague, tramped up and down the lake front, endeavoring to woo the cut- ting northerly blast tj recall his scat- tered senses T'le blow came yes- terday morning in a cable disp.Uch wits the information that the City Council ol Dublin had indorse! Farnell and his cause by an overwhelming majority. Before the envoys had time to roalixa the full import of this dacision another message was brought in. This was to the effect that the Central Council ol the National League in Ireland had unanimously decided to stand by theii leader and to repudiate tho Chicago manifesto. This was a veritable bomb- shell in the camp, and i only needed another ball from as well directed a piece of artillery a panic It was not long in co ning While the three men were still debat- ing the effect upon thbir mission of the news from Dublin, another cablegram was handed to O'Brien. lie toro open the envelope with nervous haste, glanced at the contents and tUrow the message upon the table, and with the remark. "1 have no doubt now as to how Ireland buried his face in his bands. This is what he had read: "Cork Young Ireland Society, to a man stands by Parnell to the death; Cork stands by him; Ireland, by whom he stood when her friends were few, stands by him <vhen his comrades Jeave him." What was the significance of this com- munication? Simply that it came from the organization of which William O'Brien himself is president, aa organi- zation composed of 500 of the brightest and most patriotic young men in Par- nell's constituency. It was the death knell of the Parnell opposition, and in less time than it took afterwards to tell the story the decision to abandon the American tour was reached. Tho envova would now give the best years of their lives to be able to recall their manifesto of Sunday night They are no longer in the fight As Dillon said last even- ing, the Irish people, having declared that Parnell shall remain their chief, must not be interfered with by any one. "In a short time mv movements will be altogether guided by a gentleman named remarked William O'Brien. Andrews is the governor of Clonmel jail. Dillon smiled grimly, but said nothing. O'Brien, however, ia likely to be guided by the wishes of his wife, and this lady is strenuously op- posed to his returning and surrendering himself to serve tbe sentence recently imposed upon him with Dillon. Tha probabilities are that for a while, at least, the two Parl._mpntarians will locate in Paris, where they can be easi- ly reached and conferred with by then colleagues. Private cable dispatches to the dele- gates last night conveyed tne news that hundreds of Catholic pn.-sts in Ireland have ranged themselves on the side ol Parnell. This neutralizes the influence which ithadbeen hopfd the archbishop? would exercise ia behalf of tbe opposi- tion. In response to dispatches from Sheriff Clancy, of Dublin, the man who helped Dillon and O'Brien to escape rrom the English authorities, tbe fol- lowing message was cabled by John Devoy: I earnestly hope for an honorably compromise rctainin? Parneil and his, pnncipii opponents. Ir.'sh Americans -Tt' w ih Tne publication neir manifesto an.1 -ler it ;hcir v.on. Tbe reasons pivyn bv tb-xn for t'arncil i retirement mean tbe Miirr-nU' rof tbe very prin- ciple o' borne rule P. i talaed by Ire- land ruin the tena ts ol r-pprary and the InMj American i.ivripl oix T.'.e uu.i. of Ibrr-K-e und-r ,13 L b--ni That nar.y now an-Jcr Mr. ParaelL VICTIM CAXINU. ratir-t r..r rS-ft.rtOO. X. .1.. iVc. 4. Tne amis here hat-o -x-nx of aboct Xrc of Sra are v. b- abo-t hr of other prices prevailing: ia ;se orpJf 3l n. Ir.-i, 4. Mrs. Mary r of Seaa-xc Darjj Tar- io'death near T Shft "a Formed. NEW YOKK. Dec. 4 It is rumored that a new railroad combination to suc- ceed tbe present associations existing west of Chicago and St. Louis is to be formed. It is to embrace all roads west of St. Louis and Chicago to the Pacific coast, and is to continue not less than five years. The association wjll regu- late through competitive tariffs, as well as traffic routing and proportions over the respective roads. Bold Followed by Cn W. Va., Five un- known robbers on Tuesday entered the house of Mrs. Carfy, a wealthy widow, resid.nj: at ScwciL took the woman from bed. bound and pasrgod brr and se- curod about 51.000 in money which was in tbe TWO of the were scbvoupntly captured, bet soon after escaped and ia the exchange of shots which followed a man named Mason was shot dead. ERT. Aia.. A special from Oxford. rcr-o-vs a fire ia ihav plac" iK'rrs'.-y The Arliaj- SOT the s" of J H. BiUer. U B. F. o IV. baraed. The on Coods Fire Srearea were badly i for Ifat 4. Naihaa Codratt, was Tsesday ia he GfujvfisL. Nortbera Jt by an overseer escaped. UVJUKflK Tbe CopyrigUt Bill Passes the House of If epresentatives. Lively Discussion ia the Senate on tbe Indian Question. Senator MakM a Arkinxt of the JCUetloBd Bill WASHINGTOK, Dec. After tfce reading ot the jour ai yssurday the Speaket the pending business to be the further consideraUoa of the Copyright bllL Mr. Spring- er argued that the bill changed the tariff law In so far as the Importation of books was con- cerned, so that the first effort after the MoKid- ey bill and after the election iris to make It more impossible to Import articles from abroad. Mr. Peters, of Kansas, expressed his opposi- tion to tie chancier ot legislation involved im the bill. Mr Breckinridge, of Kentucky, did not be- lieve that cheaper books could be obtained now than could be obtained under this bill, but even if they could this was a matter of justioa and honesty. Mr. Farquh.T, of New York said that the intention of the b'll was pub it- honesty. Mr Me of New Jers y ssi 1 that the moral sense of tht> people would be outr ged unle-s this bill passed. Mr. Kerr. of" low opposed the b'll Mr. Cjmrqings of New York. 1 'h-'t the bill defiandecl bj the laboring classes. Mr. Butt rwo-ti s the bill. TVhea ever, he said, the time came that no money v ilue we would become nation of -chumps." A motion to ecomtuit bill with instructions lost. The vote on th-j passage of the Copyright biU was: yeas 139. nays 9 so the bill was passed. The House then took up the bill to extend the responsibility for pension money of minors t< all persons acting in a fiduciary capacity towar( those minors aad it was debateJ for some A motion to refer to the Judiciary Committee was beaten and the House then adjourned SENATE-ID the Senate Messrs. Voorhees, Dawes and Pierce ha I a lively debate on the Indian question over a joint resolution to issue arms to ihe States ot North and South Dakotl and Nebraska. The Elections bill was takei nn and Mr Turpie made a long speech against tt. The substitute measure, he said, rested for its support on what was called the suppressed colored Republican in the S uth. The re- turns ot the election showed an abstinence fcom voting, an abstinence much greater in Massa chusetts and Northern States than else where. The extremists with a., meagre majori- ty in both hous. s s.nd that this was proof enough of the suppressioa of the colored vote, and thereupon proc -eded to onize the whole method of Congressional elections. There has been n supyress'on well known, undeni ible and widely prevalent. The recent ceDSUS wou: I -aow that in Pennsyl- vania, Ohio and Illmoi jre were about 350.5 OJO colored people: yet i i these States no col- ored man had ever serve 1 .is Governor ot been. elected to anv department of the Stnta srovern- ment. He then to make a constitu- tional argument against th? power of Congress to pass a law re rulating the election of Repre- sentatives in the lo nt Death's at a Conflagration in Detroit. Two Firemen Killed and Two Badly Injured by Falliug Walls. FlUGUTFlu, Mao Aim at Disemboweled WhIU Sawing Wood. 10. Ind., Dec. has reached here of a frightful accident that occurred at Ireland, about miles from here. While Thomas Hud son. a young man, was sawing stove wood with acut-offaaw the saw by some means struck him below the loft shoul- der, ranging downward and inflicting a wound twelve or thirteen inches in length that may prove fatal. The saw severed five ribs and opened his abdomi- nal cavities so that a portion of his in- testines and stomach as large as a man's head protruded. The young man after being hurt walked a short distance, holding his intestines in his hand, when he became faint and was assisted to the house by friends. He is in a precarious condition. Provides for Parneir. Retirement. LONDON-, Dec. Clancy's com- promise plan, to consider which the Irish Nationalist conference yesterday adjourned until to-day, involves the temporary retirement from the leader- ship of tbe Irish party of Mr. Parnell. Such retirement is, however, to be sub- ject to the extraction from Mr. Glad- stone of certain conditions in connec- tion with tbe promised home rule scheme in the event of a Liberal victory in the next general election. Will Determine the Kate of Profit. PiTTsnuKon, Dec. Amarican Window Glass Workers' Association, otherwise known as Assembly No. K. of L proposes to build a glass fac- tory of its own. The factory will bo run as a co-operative concern, but the profits will go into the treasury of tho organi- zation. Tbe object of establishing the factory is to ascertain exactly how much profit there is in tne business, that the men may act intelligently in formula- ting their wage scale. Reinforced. BiKMiroii AM. Ala., Doc. 4. strik- ing coal miners have been joined by nearly all the men who were at work Monday. The indications are that tbe struggle will be a long and bitter one. Nearly half the furoaces in the district will go out of blast this week and others will follow as soon as their stock of coke is exhausted. The mine operators remain firm in theif resistance to the demands of tbe men. Troop. Ordered to Flirht Indiana. SAN Fp.Axnsco, Dec. have been received here for the First United States infantry, now stationed at Angel Island, across the bay, to proceed at once to South Dakota to reinforce tbe troops there. General Gibbon, command- ing tbe Department of tbe Pacific, has received orders to detach all available troops in Oregon and Washington and rasa them lo the seal of hostilities roar Mm. Pa-. Dec. A large boiler esp'.o-ied Tsxjsday at Berwick witb terrible resits. Frank bis brother aad two others wbow naaies couid not be iearaed were in- staatl j killed. What caased the a a Tbe loss of property will several thonsand CovfaMt tVM. TOTKKA. Ran.. Dec. Marion Coast; for member of the islatcre, wbereii E. W. (Alli- Moe) M. (RepoblicM) tad each received MOM number by lot I. David Rootteu Co.'. Immcniie Tobacco MaauUot urine EoablUhiucat Destroyed DETROIT, Mich., Dec. 4. At two o'clock Wednesday morning fire started in the fine-cut depot of tbo immense to- bacco manufacturing establishment of Daniel Scot ten A Co., at F. rt and Cam- pau streets, this city. A heavy fall of snow prevented, prompt attendance of the fire department, and when sufficient force was on the ground the fire had at- tained great head <vay. Tho fine-cut de- partment was a building 250 by 400 feet and in three-quarters of an hour it was wholly in flames. The firemen were fighing the fire biH the Fort street wall the cornice toppled and the wall fell before all the firemen could get away. Pipeman Robinson, of Engine Com- pany No. S, and lieutenant Patrick Coughlin. of the same company, were buried in the debris. Robinson was dug out dead. Coughlin was taken out alive with his head crushed and he died at the hospital in an hour. He had been on the department roll of honor for re- peated acts of bravery. Pipeman Peter Cullen and lieutenant Demay were also caught by wall and badly hurt, hut they will not die. The hip building was destroyed with a loss of while more in stock and machinery were lost Tbe losses arc pretty fully covered by Insurance. Tbe fire throws 100 hands out of employment for a time, but the place will be immediately re- built A LAWYKK'STKAGIC DEATH. Bon. IAMC y. Down an Ele- vator Shaft and Inatantky Killed. CINCINNATI, Dec. Isaac N. Jordan, one of the host known members of the bar in this city, yesterday fell down the elevator in the Lincoln Inn court, where his office is located, and was instantly killed. Mr. Jordan was talking with Mr. Symmes. who had just left the elevator, and had his hand on the door, so that the boy as he went up with the cab did not close the door en- tirely. Mr. Jordan, being absorbed, did not know that the cab had gone up, and so opened tbe door and stepped into the open hatchway. His fall was from the Jhird floor to the basement His head was crushed and death was instantan- eous. Mr. Jordan represented the Second Ohio district in Congress from 1885 to 1887 and declined a renomlnation. He graduated from Miami University in 1857, and shortly afterward came here, where he has been an active and suc- cessful lawyer. He leaves a widow, one son and two daughters. The courts im- mediately adjourned upon hearing of his tragic death. Surplus Wiped Oat. OTTAWA. Ont, Der. Min- istar of Finance Courtney has gone to England to float a loan for a few million dollars to pay off some of Can- ada's floating liabilities and to meet ma- turing liabilities on account of interest on the national debt. One month ago Minister of Finance Foster boasted that bn had a surplus of over in the treasury. Tnis has all disappeared and the revenue has not come in to en- able the government to meet its matur- ing obligations without neg-otiating a new loan, which it was found impossible to raise in Canada. Cnique System of Robbery Unearthed. ST. Minn., Dec. Au- ditor Kain has unearthed a remarkable fraud in the county clerk's office in the issue of bogus jury certificates, tho guilty party being J. P. Davis, a deputy clerk, who has been pocketing money by this ingenious style of tbeft for the last four or five years, his total steal- ings amounting to several thousand dol- lars- When Clerk O'Connor discovered the robbery he was so enraged that he attacked Davis with his fists and so dis- abled him that he is now in the city hospital, though under arrest A Chrmp Lodging Trnnt. BOSTON, Dec. combination has been formed to control tho management of the cheap lodging houses in this city known as the "friendly inns." The or- ganization will be called the New En- gland Lodging Hotel Company. Tbe company is controlled by five persons who own tbe capital stock of Steps have been taken to establish houses in Portland, Worcester and Prov- idence. Found In a Canal. N. Y., Dec. body of James Mather, who has been missing several weeks, wa? found yesterday in the Erie canal. The body baily swollen and discolored, but bore no marks of violence. There were no nables on the person. Mather had been in ill health and bad lost some money in speculation and it is believed this influ- enced him to suicide. Serateen for ror- YORK. Dec. 4. -Forger Albert H. Smith, who was convicted in tbe Gener- al Sessions of forgery in tbe first degree in raisin; a seven-shire certificate of Shore stock to a seventy-share certificate, was sentenced by Judge Fitzgerald to seventeen Imprisonment. to L Ming ol N. J.. Dec. Jnlizn Callen Lippincou, at one prietrww of 0 add on Mali, Atlantic CH.-. characterized by Jenkins tbe most ftkiilfal peawoman in toe, Stftto, acqaitsed Thwvdaj of I COXVEXTIOX. A tht Alliance. OCAI..V. Fla.. Dec. 4.-M the Farmers' Alliance convention yesterday morning, a resolution was adopted providing for a committee of one from each State dele- gation to investigate the conduct of Dr. Macune, the chairman of the National Executive Committee, and L. F. Liv- ingstone, president of the Georgia State Alliance, and President Polk in refer- ence to the charges against these gen- tlemen that they were influenced in tho action regarding the Senatorship by monied considerations. The committee is also empowered to investigate any other charges which may be brought against those officers. Resolutions wore offered providing for changes in the constitution as to the elogibility to membership, foa the elec- tion of a legislative council, and for redefining franchises so as to make the convention a strictly representative body. SENATORS Hold n nnrt Di-clde to Prolong tin I 10 K Hill. D-T. Immediately after the Senate adjournod Wednesday afternoon tho Democratic Senators hold a caucus to decide noon a course of ac- tion in regard to the Federal Election? bill. The caucus was well attended and the mutter was fully discussed. It wai announced after tho caucus had ad- journed that the D -raocratic Senators would continue as at present and debate the bill fully and fairly and in this way try to defeat it This means that an effort will bo made to prolong the with the object of defeating the bill. An order of busi- ness was also discussed but not agreed upon, as the Republic ins have not sub- mitted their order of business as ex- pected. A meeting of tho Republican caucus committee to prepare a rule for estab lishing tho previous question will prob- ably meet to-day. KOASTED TO DKATH. Man and Wife I at Plttnburf Narrow Encape of Other of the Ilolldlnfr. PiTTsnuuoit. Doc. 4 at mid any steamboats were mado Tuesday. They report tho ico above Catskill from jne to thro" thick and increasing ill the time. All the interior ponds are rozen. _ Star of Sentence. AI.HANV. N. Y., Dec. 4. Warden Brush, of Sing Sing prison, was noti- fied yesterday by Attorney General Ta- bor that tbe allowance of the appeal by United States District Brown in the Woods murder case will operate in the nature of a stay until tbe United States Supreme Court either dismisses tbe appeal or disposes of it upon it: TWO CENTS. Chronicle of Within Buckeye State. Thorn to Stand hr Glarfitone. YORK. Dec. The Irish World, Patrick paper, which has hither- to remained regarding the threat- ened disruption of tbe Irish Parliament- ary party, devotes considerable space ia this week's edition to the matter. It ad- vises that the Irish party stand bj Glad- stone. whom it believes to be sincere bis effort to tecon bone rote for WANTS HAW AGES. The Valley Railroad Company Asked to Pay for the Fatal CareleMneM of Kn- plnyet, CUCVKLVNII. Dec Reutner, as administrator of his dead estate, is suinj? tho Valley railroad for damages on account of the death of George Reutner. who was killed in the railroad's yar.ds at Akron on Decem- ber SI, 1SSS. llo was Uvonty-two years old and loft a mother and several broth- ers and sisters. Tho deceased was a brakeman in the employ of thecompany and at the timo of the accident was en- ffncred in effecting a coupling between two cars. It is allowed that tho engineer and. conductor had Irft tlm tr-Un und had tfonointo a saloon to tror, a ilrn'c. and that t oonirino was e iptroliod by the flromnn. Owinsr to ibf> latt r'.s care- lessness was crushed between the cars, and it is s-ml tb-ic he lay on the ground, manned and bleeding, tho engineer returned to his online, and despite thp warning of oilookors, ajfain backed the train towird the pros- trate form of tho brakeman, who was un.ible to get out of and coivod further injuries. death lowed in a short time. BASKLY OKCKIV CD. Hour a Hart-lp I M fi M t I- Love Cniler CADIZ, 0., 4 summer a young man named Morris, of Bowerston, was paying his respects to two young ladies of Tippecanoo at the same time. On September 11, with one Miss Mary Coventry, ho rop ured to the residence- of a clergyman and they were united in wedlock, cautioning tho minister to keep their marriage a secret young man continued his courtship with the other lady, Miss Ankrira, gain- ing her love astl conso-it to marriage, hut her hopes were soon by a re- cent announcement i i ;i nulchboring newspaper of his m.iruri with Miss Coventry. She imnu< liatsly instituted proceedings against him for obtaining her love :md affections thro gh pretenses. _ VICTORY A Bishop OUinnnr Ful-4 tn Ouiit father Leemlnir From Pimtorate. YOUSOSTOWN. O.. 4. A confer- ence has boon held between Father Looming, of this citv. and Bishop Qil- mour, of Cleveland, r.'-niltinfr in a set- tlement being elTcctcd. An attempt was made by Uishop Oilmour to relieve Fa- ther Looming-, who Uus been a member of this diocese for eight years. By rea- son of a letter in his possession from JJishon (iilmour and tho law of -the church, F.ither Looming refused to obey the mandate. Tuesday afternoon Father Looming said: "I shall remain in charge of tho parish at This is re- garded as a decided victory for Father Leenahig over tho Bishop. lloIlT Kiplonlon. CANTON, Dec. 4. A terrific boiler ex- plosion occurred at Burton ooal mines, situated west of Navarre, in this coun- ty, Wednesday morning. A battery of four boilers was being1 firod up with a full capacity of steam in order to pump water from the mines. Without warn- ing one of the middle boilers exploded, wrecking the building, stacks, etc. The engineer and fireman wore standing when tho explosion occurred and were thrown a distance of fifty feet in the yard, wood, bricks and dirt being piled up around them. They escaped, with only a few bruises and scratches. Tbe exploded boilers wero blown forty rods. The report was distinctly heard five. miloa, A Pair of t LIMA, 0., Dec Tueslay the dead body of John Watkins was discovered lying near tbe track of tho Nickel Plate railroad at Hartsburcr. with a bullet- bole in bis head, lie was last seen at midnight with two who wore stran- gers in tho locality. All three bad been drinking. George Tungct. a farmer liv- ng near Ottawa, was murJored by Ed- ward lleaton on Tuesday. Heaton had served a term in State's prison and was recently released, lie blamed Tunget or testifying against him. I fitnte of O., Tho State De- cennial Board of Equalization find that their labors are at an end temporarily, for the reason that Ibo county auditors have not yet completed and flled tbe abstracts required by law and which are necessary before tin- board can do any- thing. It is supposed they will adjourn at once, and it may be a month before they rt.-convr-nf. ronna ttffin. TIFFIN, O., 4 Ranney, an old and prominent farmer of Reed township, was found dead Wednesday, in an outhouse attached to his dwelling near West Lodi. The cause of bis death baa not yet been determined, but sup- posed to have been heart disease. Skipped. LIMA, O., Dec. D. IT. Selvey, adry foods merchant and at Piqua, who made an assignment last week, has left for unknown parts. His liabilities are donble what they were supposed to first and several firms are look for Urn. LIMA, 0_ Dec. Wednesday while a eovpiiBf im Cincinnati, Hamilton A conductor Matt was struck by piece oovpliiig phi cnishiafUwsk.ll. U i; 1 t! 1 I i 1 I n i

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