Wednesday, November 12, 1890

Salem Daily News

Location: Salem, Ohio

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Salem Daily News, The (Newspaper) - November 12, 1890, Salem, Ohio THE SALEM DAILY NEWS. VOL.11. NO. 268. WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 12. TWOCKNTS PANIC i-i" KttriioM 1 ro-i> C.-nor il Vnit.Kl >rt Auoiher Exciting ia Street. Failure of T-.vt HiMkoratfe Firm- and Knmoi'5 K-sjai'Jii'g1 the Hanks A'ld to tlie TurmoiL on All Active Vfftr Ualrs lor Tlifir Honey. NKW was a .-al i.; i ward in stocks .'i lav .vhich was entire'v .e :o -he improvement of tao financial London Private cables an- need that js.2.3 in gold were on way from the continent to the and that confidence on tne Loi.-ou btork Exchange had to a large been restored. These favorable .jcs had a wholesome effect on this ic-.rKi-t and at the opening pru-es wcra and in the iirst hour, the was oxireii'ely wild and 1.11. prices advanced 1 to per cent M.ore, Noituern ufd., and N A'.uencaa wore exceptions, de- c .rung respectively Z'.< and <0 pur The transactions of the first hour on an enormous scale and thelarcj. '.uorniiiK's business in years was done by noon, fully SOO c'lanS'nif hands up to that hour. After o'clock there was another slump in prices, but the weakness was onlr of chort duration, and prices began advanc- again. At noon they were up to 4-9 percent, tho latter in sugar trusts, wh.c'n wero very firm on the announce- ment of tho appointment of tho receiv- ers. Tho weakness iu tho half hour to 11 00 was due chiofly to tho announce- ment of tho suspension of C. M. Whit- ney Co., bankers and brokers. The recovery and advance of the fore- noon was turned into another panic and large decline in the afternoon in conse- quence of tho continued heavv selling and decline of Northern Pacific and North American. The high rates for money aided the decline tnat.oria.ily. Immediately after noon an onslaught was made on Northern Pacific preferred and North American. Uoth were un- loaded in large blocks ,md their prices went down almost every transaction. U) o'clock Northern Pacific pre- ferred had declined points to and North American S to This rarried the whole market down and re- the panicky feeling and appre- Lf-nsion1- of further failures. In the J.alf hour tn there was a steadier The decline stopped and some stocks, notably Northern Pacific, rallied to 2 but most of this lost on the announcement of the fail- ures of Decker, IIowelKt Co. and broker Richmond. The news of the failure of J. T. Son Co., merchants and '.reporters, although it had no connec- tion with tne street, caused considerable ar.prehension and added to the general fu arinsj House Association have do- C'.ir-d to c'.oaring-houao certificates Th.b will greatly relieve the y inarKet and will, no doubt. '.o-> panic. The sales were even lamer ' cm Mon l.iy, 3" ..nors of trouble amon? binki- in- v.o'-o on-rent all day, but no 1 TIV oh att -niior. to them, think- at were the usual omana- n'' br i- I.HM.I-. After the r'1'J-.e. df-veiopei of Three "h of tho Now ir HO.I--O Association w.-ro .r.-.1. io iettle tho claims of the other a_ra.nit them. There-.vas a bal- ii'a.n-- :h" Kank of N ir'h Amei-jr-a. S., i i.n'ii! which it wa-> jnable to set- The oth'-r '.-..-r N-rth rod the and Tr.iJe.-s'. the day the Mrcha-ncs' an i liank in vie its the c'.oarin? an :eaks rc'viv-l is-i-t nice fro-r. tho -r Danks in the association and pulled all rig-b- t.i- Kink of No-rh it was "d t'ia' trie trouble was directly due '.e vco'.Tit of Dy-k'T. .v: ro. iho account of that fir-n t'r.e bank was in a stronger I'apjr'aTit fact3r in the de- i -A.I-, the scare.ty of 2 7. r cent and 'A i> _-. i on equal to O-'.l i. the c" beer, -i d ditlor. 1- i To of thC A Sr'.if in till- of ITEMS. Uathproi! t.j ipli from V! Ta t arllt. o; Of ,in e'. About were oiierated. i' :ice M ;i of the Tar..I' l-e Kneomv.g-ed iu Local Ais'.'iublies. New York and An- j i th? National League. i-s and t'3, an i Co ' at !0.i miles. The duties dc OT tho forecast la'., ho --M lesa than A of un :-i and cxpres.-, a for.-, for a lie or dis- t-ict -I'.1. o'.e- ruen t, i- -r. -r %nd wind. P, i.-o'v in i '_-uen to the prelii-i or- for i iv i1- Mate or dtatr.ct. r.ns. .n.l n; cul'ie-, ,-....e .ro M d'.' i- c t'l t D i v. -'i se- ver" co! 1 wo-o not 1 1. 1- C.-IK. of ail th" impor- n nt Cold v. au-s i.-..ig In shaking or ;o- :ia General s rr-, it irs from d'ltn 01 I..-." -'i >t .1 nn rn iv a ine tornado be oxpi'.'ted ufvener on an average thin O-K-- yi-.irs, and that the a-i :x ov h r .t i1 'l--s-ruc- tion can b.- -.T- Ungly small, even in the most liable to thcso violent srorn.R. i' .r 7-a t i in answer lo an inquiry In- the Posiojiiro as to whether a in tun newspapers of the -Mug- contest" in its P'I.ISMS. ar In >'i .1 r.o-i of tho lottery by Thn case is based upon cli'T'nirs from tho Cincinnati on n_j to the j> -.cmling first tho CCHTCI t mi nC or -i i .f fast for iTO Or- I I'.Tir-Tr, candidate for M i-n-fir of ito of Ohio. cart lull v i >i< 'ti'iii u_: tho l.iw, Attoinuj "''.1U-, ,i ill m.a rhc oasf MII apond- inir elec'ion cai :i it b 1 1 LO de- pendent upon c'l.ini o of ill1; sla' MI I br- {-'i- in n'; irifr.v.'tiou of the law AV.VK IX HONDUKAS. The rnpitnl in 'i thn II. runnel c.ty and it i-> i be will bu tu surr itocK. fir-i at the lia'-n. 'I ri" did not ;uiii- in 'or i.'id Iv c" >k I" the barn to teil him the meal was -i ,ily, '.vii'jn sjot t.'j-r'. the doctor lynur n'.j a .'.ict, bole ininSi and Wn-ori ovor the "nas nut yet been ;aught. __ Ofncrat 'Mr K Pti-ioriil. TON, Nov. 1C. T. jf the iato General Da-.: i M' K.v--n took place from St. .To ,n i'. Episcopal church Tost'-rdaT T'." -A "71- fin hv Uio Loyal Legion, of 'i-p.'-ral McKibo-n ;-r. :a" :-y ii '.'r i'-..-' A r-f -i: ind an fr'i- Ho the 1'uMic 1'rfhS tlu> of York Con- t r it r I'! Nov. 1'2. Tne OtM'.eral ".c Kniyht-? of L.Uior con- .n Tjooday, Towdorly ttxi-r two delegates wero prcs- ont. Pouderly road his address, :.t ivni''.usion of which the assembly adjourned until this morning to give tho cotu i.ittoo oa crodontials time to pn-tiarn their report. Hut two contests vii re reported. IT i Id Mr Poniiorlv nmii'iil-cl in i ;'.o '.i n' i >ic 'MiLier or- 'A h.l bi'C.l CV-'' U '.XVOirV r> 'r yc li'irii...' f.inui, Mr r, -iV "I'H' i'Hi-t I' uf a scrlos >n- tl'.it >1 fit- of all' 01, tluvl of an.' Trade. '..ui-'iut a t irif! or '.l l.ir1 c --i iu mi: p1-' tai'ilc vnil I Uo uot s u-'i llo.v. 1 L ujn-n tin- i1oor-> of our for tlio i' 1. of 'i r ri !i. in merited t 'ftn a 1. nr'hv nil the eoi- Ki-eii h and tii'nv and 0' that th- s'- tile C'nlrn Ullic- r. Pirrs--' 'ti.n. Nov Tuesday morniu meeting of tho Players' Na- tional l.e.uue the pen- nant au.irdedto the Hoston club. After as that all of tho clubs except I'.1, -barjii and Now York wero to remain members iif tho Play- ers' F.eacjue, tlio meoiiim' adjourned un- til five o'clock in the evening. At the even'nc: meotinj; the Pitts- burgh mid New York clubs pri-fconiol their which we.e o- I :o bo hold tho sixtv reiiuired bj- the constitution liefore tlunr tin.xl acceptance. An ol, c- tion w.i-, then held, resulting in tho of Charlos A. Prince, of Hoston, is pre-iaent. A. L. .Johnson, of l.ind. vice and F. II. lirnnell, of secretary and tr -a uror. After Messrs, .lohnson, Priuco and appointed as a conference jr arbitr.ition Committee to settle dis- ,1'ite-, Cincinnati was admitted to n'lship in the League. Applications ivere also fo the location of clubs in Washington and Detroit. Tho meet- then adjourned until this tuorninir. It is reported that during the meeting- th.' representatives of tho Pittsburgh ind York clubs wore unmercifully Derated for tho alleged weakness they nave d T'OM; 'n-iiru' hj Ou w h id MI to If ,irr. win n iho >n; i.ier- uu! f ir.n 1 th n were f-w .Vt- n not 5, to this 'ut.iatlon or the ne p. those woi K for lou '.v-u'es !n LOMI Mr. 1 'o a !TI> c'l od th" D of a law to botu sexf.s f'in.i! nt'lits. lie f.ivorcd the ace of t'li irur 'tlo'i from tho Farmers' tn send ilrleicates to their next convention and th- en operation of the K. of I, w ith the vanon-, in the work of fede-.uiou De.ii! Aiiiircnists. Yoniv, Nov. 12. A large crowd at Cooper Union last to hear Lucy Parsons and lief Most tho Anarchists who v. oro banned at Chi'-ayo on November 11, li-O. The hall was crowded with red fl.vjs. and pictures of tho five dead An- arcuists were suspended on tho Mrs Parson's spcoch was mainly do- vot'-d to attack upon tho police Shn f tho "martyrs" and 'inserted c-l.y was not dead. Herr inibor of other speakers fol- n to Her llrothur. vir. Ir.d Nov. 1'J. .Marv dir d yesterday fri.'ii the ef- l'iv s on tin- he-id bv i. was by ,i-r ii'i to ;jfl of i.nablo to .In so rnarko.d that .sue '.va-> afraid in ffa homf lost sho should be killed. Si, 13 did m> home, ho-vevei, and .1 }_. i. I I- i'jtlliiva ,1 vV.jnrfy z ti! -f s'''" has KIDDLKO WITH HULLKTS. V Wife Shot to on n Knco Truck by the, WotnAn'a KelntlTofl. Oa., Nov. C. Daw- ion, of (.Mi'nvillo, Ala., was shot and Killed nt tho riii'O tiack at the Chatta- hoochie Valley Expositiou yesterday by Dick and Robert Howard, brothers, and James Kickor-jtafT, their brother-in-law. Immediately after the trotting race, D.i su'i diove into the open Hpaco in tho re.u- of tho judge's stand and (jot out of his sulky. ImrnedUtcly thereafter Dawson was seen running, pursued by three men who were firing at him Daw- son drow his revolver as he ran and, I'n od upon his pursuers Tuir- shots wore exchanged, when Daw- bon fell and expired .shortly afterward. He bad four bullets in him, two of whioti inflicted fat-xl wound'. The nans" o' tho shooting had Us ori- gin iu J. family trouble, Dauson having married and deserted a Miss I.uvai d, SI-.IIT of t'no tuo men named. Tliu How- ards to one of the oldest and most respectable families in (leorgia. The Howard boys and Ilickorstalf been arrested. The of Stanlnjr> Lortiirqi. XK'.V Nor A i'-n'-o ijathnred at tho Motropoiitan Opera Hoino evening to listen to tho lecture of the jfreat African ex- pli'rer, Il'-nry M. Stanley, who told of fvo years' into the depths of th'- Dark Mr. .Stanley wai with applause. Ho op' n- -Mth a ijrapbic account o. t.'ie through wf.ich ii -r.r.rched for days. He of his trouble wilh E-nin Pas'. I'-'. NOV. 5 J; T.--' -i NOT. i.r-r- .rrf-'l on rn at N'.rVo s'n'ion. T.-i .Ti'.-.n. A train 5 AN CO I 015NTS, Olio Itcror'l of Murtlfr. l-'ntrtl Cn' u.lltlf'H OiAf.UHO IIH In til isr o. Nov. j witnessed a wonderful chapter of j and accident in this city, flew jv Chinaman, waa beaten to .ieath by whito highway robbers uho escaped. Mrs. Frank Bishop, who arrived fr. m mouth, Mass., on a visit Monday night, biow out the tras at the hotel where sho was stopping- and was asphyxiated. Louis who arriveda fewdays from Ge-rnany, went to bed intoxi- cated Monday nifrht and was also as- phyxiated. Thorn-is an iron v.orker, f( 11 down an embankment yos- lordav and broke his neck. Diphtheria s to unabat--d. th'-ro bav- in u been thirty-three nv.'.' cases and four deaths Monday. VTi Train I'nlN. Ni Nov M vr-ioiH at- t laf" I, to v. a train on th" N -w Yorl: Hudson Ur.'-r railrou 1 at Onfj Hun- dred and Fo.-'y-first street. Some, per- -on or pi-rs'.n-i took a itout sapliny and .vit'n of wiro rope tied tb" ends to or.p'.sii" rail and fas lone 1 it so that it formed a r-omploto ob- About midnight a train struck the obstruction and the en- gui" was from th" track. Had r.'.t b'-en movinj; slowly a of life would certainly have followed. As it was no one was injured. Attornpt morning Jacob a man o-.'-r years of ajfe, S'li'-ide by cutting his throat, but not successful in the attempi ani will lie with a son, on whoso rir'-n.ises tr.e was done. Despond- caused by the recent death of bU -.v.'f, th" la'.se of th" act- HI. K. Xov. f. his inn-.-rr-nn- of of Ilf-riwell and says thai -iiVit'-ry :n wbic.'i t tragedy is '-n- ,._ .j_: N .T .1: _ x i "I -v t run' for I 'i p S r.i, triat and sars ;ar. v.-a? not v. 1 n, r.'eiich do '.--c is dead r. pi-ror i-n has -nado .v gift ol to Prof. Kocu. ol j iifw our-i for I broker, has -...x.lo in Tho Aine.-ie in of Mechanu-al j Eryli.i-i-'.i is '.n ann-: .1 -ession iv'ch-I -.-..nd, Y.. Narr of phin, have 1 Mr Na-r a mem- ber of the New York Exchanffo. The Planters N-u'on-il Hank of llou-ton, Tex., has to business. John T. Son .t Co of New City, h.uc assigned. The iirtn had a c.i'.iit-il of from 'iOO.OO to and its credit has ranked hi'_rh. Tne of discontent i'l Belgium is (jiiito tronoral tlirou_rh.nit the countrv and ac'.iator.-- are u here ]i' opie to e.'Urn ted art- violem e. Kire it Mvlril vle-tnnod a tob'i.vo f.ieio-j, i a loss of ?'2 id. (Hill. Tin ''ieu-.uid j> Mtile depr'M'd of eeiployment bv tlie conll.i- trration A ferrv-boat overloaded with men, wajron.s and horses uhil er.iss- iiiU' the rue.- Urititz, re- cently, and fifty-live peasants wero drowned William M Fishback, of Fort '.'in.'.. .1 at ill-, to ,il X.i i v Int. ,r i.i'! I in' r ,i'ii' r. i .1 iir-, Cii i ,i' i. I'm. at -ic r Tho NOUN ToM i.i I'.i'... rt at i'.l in 'till M. Mitchell, Oh coi dnvr- II.IM b i- nidi-" ried a nii'i-i i i .t e.' It it ;iro- ;n M, I'..; A im' -Hulk Nvvv Y'.IIK N'ov II -rr-H'-ltlfd Kl n at f; 7 4! rll.'n- at :.i I sn. .Mm i i'-r.i a'- i n. ci'.y Atr.i-iKl !.i in Win -I'lrm Xo 2 n-'l -.iliif-r n' f I ill I i rr. r at 1 'M .1 i .il it -.No rn! at ic- i in bcr arid .ianuarv a: J m <'j 1 at t .t-h. 1 Ji i at at 'II.r.Tjrj LAKU Diiil ami uin'tiiii. ,'i- l r- -i i.. r i: _? CHF.I rn it ii' n- fresh CHI' Xov. Xo. I, A ni> D'-L-'jrn'ier al if, I'. Jar.-j.i-; a', or iry a- ToiElf'i. Nov 11 -V.'HKAT- ticti'-'; ft' al 'j-r. r al S of at if. r atM -'.i i let. S.i'.os ca'.fi and P.' -r.-.y T 17. T.'.V'v- r' j j for Ihf Nov. M. -Genera! V." s' H< nry Havrn-y.-r an'1. S V. Yv <-re p.ripoint'-' I'-.'- s-.gtr bond is Stock, C'ii Xov.1l .-i.K-Fir-n t o M.'I i.''' I. Vi '-x'r'i I'.'i'TS al al n at r i i-. ;-vi' r U- v.y '.t 7', Ci'- T.-..T' I -il ?'..'V1 O i a', y, S T .'or aV. r'1- o.i ll. v.'i'b t'.OOr tnoro T'i" r.Ti'ion fo- J .1 ar. <n is as SOOTJ as take charpo. r 14- i n Tv." f.'-t or. hx- M. A; Co., .c-rr. X th'- cor. of ".it Crx'; arairs can obtained. V, T anso'ir. i T c'r.arige was z-f.ons to the Thronsrh thn f Nov. Michael J. SulH- X r a i TJ i: ;l i- to o'lr.i -it i" 7'. 1. av, X c- al .-.K -H ox at lT U van. a rr.'.T.'V-r of the firm of J. s imp'-.rt'Ts of silks, etc.. No. SI street. Tr." are about 000 and thf- assew '.-.-an >v. painters and J hhot himself thr- .1', the yesTr-rday morninj and j tlrr.w. ins-antiy. He lelt a wife aad five children. Nov. '.I. ;it j.'. n. fair to ui. Jr.'.rr.orj al nf the lo his sinii of all f o boil 1- .n I 'n estate and apprnpn ii.-.i tho ow n use, b.irn'ig l s ,e In -in 1 .xre UMU .i Mid b-.s uu n ibo u t f p.. A'ii About si i-s M -ell, tlio (loner. il's mother, 'i iu ci'i i i 'Tx- ni.iio of t 'e r.pi-'-ii, .it "v Yoik. Ii i' :'io ,on- sion ;igi f u .nioii! by Dr. Alexander and w lie. In- 'i.; old liids fos PUNS of :i f, she Mill h id Di. Ab V.'KI- r 1 i m the city the p iM wee'i-- ,i'id hil 't'i uith Mitche'l, u ho to make ,iny M.iteiueut. iliua sought of 1C. N.i-h, llo.n-gL' L Co'ivi-i'-, i'id n'liers sIMel hi: inlen' on of -i-in-. linp to Washington at once and l.uing tho eliliru matter the i' uad tho of the lul -rioi General Mitchell Is a clos., of rx-Presuleut Ha-, es and b.-en a hijjh- ly of C'olinnbus. His said that he is greatly worried and pre- ploiod by thi< charges that are to brought against him. '1 hese i-hargeh that ho hasappi opi l.ited t no inhoril.inco of his sisters, made f.xlso and fraudulently convoyed his property to his wife. A VILLAIN'S llftilftfdly tempt nn I Srnua- to 11 I.Jidy. N, 0, Nov ri --A xilHiin- ous aliempt at rape wa-- inado inlay eveuini; ivar th" i...-. u mMing' Uiil! upon Maggie Uei sr, e.ri d years, us she was guinir lui.iin hilo walking along the tr.u-k biio allaeked bv a to '..TV- mouthy grasping her ihroit and plic- Ing his other hand ove" her moulli bit Ins finger until I Iu si ouiidi o! inn led v.''ih p'lin and relr.-vso lodd vn t l h1 u f r .-r. -1 IIM i ,ih 1 r in away Mn- U unable b-.un li'-- hon.o, but has g'ui'ii tin1 I'olic" a full -rrip- tlnll of hoi- who to bo u follou u ho been ,i.tui0 i-u 5pici- uiihly of Iato. I'.ni IK-I iii r.nicy. Duvr rs v, Nov. 12 --Domorrats of this pi.n-n had a Monday nighL jollifying ovci the election. A canoe uas pnividi'd to innvcy thi- Itf- juiblii-aiis up Silt rivor and im-r it was constructed a gibbi-t. fi-uiu which was Mispemliul astullc'd figure a well-known named Wellhouso. ul.O was charged vvitii sell- lug out to the Rnpublinns Thi1: hauled ll: rough the stn is. stopping in li-.iit of the lesid.'ni's of b.iding KepuhiH-ans. The liguio .iT'.i consigned to the II. um of .1 bmiiiiu. i'lllirctl limn Ht O Nov Pi -TlK- ill-feel- ing v.hich has fi.r some I im" ef istml here between I he Herman and Ii fin linlis of ho Ui'f'iriiK-d l.iireh ilini- last xy in b-tf ii uron linirg b'-ing lusl it 'i !i-d by !li 1 1 1 1 i .1. iiis tri I i a result the eiiilh-o v.a-, Sunday ngains! wnrs'iipp'T-, t'i'i key being in "f tin- '-..iinlr '.lioT'f f lift inn has a pre flc r '.f 1 1 < -mij ii ni i -in b i T m order It is f. .in 1 tu IM u will be odd hv I'irc. I'.'N i N'iv I i in tht buildiiiirat th" 'I'.iii'i'' i-' arid P'-arl Mroets Tm-- i ihS'-d a loss t'.iti." "t 'if "i, i ii in bni'diriL's, 10 tu VV rg'-r ,v CM. i.-i'in-i'-i'-i urers of an 'I. M'-loy, rn.in1.' i' r 'if ins ir.ur a-ii'iun' .P r to i'. TtFris'. O. N'ov !2 Mi-.. Mary X.-.rv- rnan. for t.-.< nty y-iis a t. hT :n tlie ji'ir.ili- "-'-h" 'Is -in I s- -.oril p.ssistarit of "i" hi.'h di'-d m'.rnin'_r ag'-d for'v-twc y ars. Sh'- t-n- WMIO.V of K'-v. A, K. Xartiuan. at on" T, p-n-nin'Ti'. ir. chtifh in ''b'o. Cnilr-. T I N IV. 0-. of the re'. si! A- T-O I'S trT'h- r :i" its '.ine .'-.ii ti'-d up by tuo pu- y-s'.'T'l.'iy. frill i 11.. ....r fi-.i_. vn Mi'.N i'l 'h- bv t... ac' nt or .f I" ing Jt i- 'i all danger rn of v has passed._______________ Killvil by n Tr.iin. Knecht, of f'..V, the Nypano V- nijjht. He v.a- terr.biy I.'vve-- a wife and two

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