Monday, November 3, 1890

Salem Daily News

Location: Salem, Ohio

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Salem Daily News, The (Newspaper) - November 3, 1890, Salem, Ohio THE SALEM DAILY NEWS. VOL. II. NO. 260. SALKM. OHIO, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 3. DILLON AND 0' nvo CENTS. With A BLOODY UiOT. Arrival of the Irish Patriots In! Jeanette America. i Tendered Them. Ly Prominent OiTieiaLs at York. i ' of an Ollieri i t n: tile a riot at'. lay right Police Oilicot, ;bi> hei.l and probu-' bly inj-.j-ea. was also injur-d. not T lirilllnjr survivors of Pit5 riot star-to luterfstinjT Story of Their Hscape Fr'im au I IVrilmix Trip to the French CoiisC oHnl a j Nov. William, P., wife; John Oil-: !on, M. P.; T. D. Suilu-n. M. P., and 1.13 wife, ar.d Timothy Harrington ar-: rived here Sunday morning- on the- steamer La Champagne. A reception! committee representing the United I Irish societies of i Xew York, aocom-' panied several I hundred members of the National League and the various Irish societies, met them at quarantine. Upon the visitors were driven to tho .IOU.N IULI.OX. Hoffman House. Thn party had scarcely reached the hotel when Governor Hill called upon thorn. The Governor warmly welcomed them to the city and State, expressed his hearty sympathy with the cause they represented and signed his name to the address of welcome that bad been pre- pared by tho Irish societies. Mayor Grant also called and expressed senti- ments similar to tboso of the Governor aad also appended his name to th3 ad- dress of welcome. melee s i T-; tween thf. than a u T- hurt. Two hundre.l gaged in tho conflict Jeanetto physicians v brawl. in the L-'.J-.-J From the S.-ho-.wr Al- i'ttlip Stv-anu-r Was En- tirely to or thirteen of IT i. riotfr.i aro i- the <V Two ,-x Jeanotte Satur.lav ni r'-t meetings a.Jjouriiod rlio crowded with ent'ui -ias the nding of tho hold a- After the j reels were I liartisin-i To the representatives of the press Mr. O'Brien related the details of his escape from Ireland, as follows: "V.'o delayed'our trip as lonjr as there was iny chance of our being able to visit America 'in the interval between tbo sentence and tho appeal. We saw that the government was deliberately eating away that interval and as soon as thai became evident we came away. The plan was simplicity itself. We wont out of the front door of a conspicuous house in Dublin without any disguise at all. Wo drove in a friend's carriage to Dalkoy, supped at the house of Mr. Heaiy and that night at midnight wo wore rowed aboard the yacht St. Pat- rick, which set sail in. a gale from Kingstown at once. While wo were being provisioned, just before the start, tho coast jjuard carao alongside and questioned Captaia Murphy. Sheriff Clancy, of Dublin, was with us. Wo escaped detectiou und sailed for the Welsh coast, whore we lay three days becalmed within pistol -shot of the shore and in full of the coast guards. Then we were becalmed thron Ir. Dillon, which is made at the desire and upon the authority of Mr. Parnell, and predicted that general. election would occur in Great Britain in less than two years. After remaining bore until after the election, tho visitors will hold meetings in Philadelphia, Boston, Newark and Jersey City. They will then hold a series of meetings here and afterward divide Into two or three par- ties and make a tour of the country. A .-krruiiriimrnt. T. NTOT. The State grand jury on Saturday banded in a sweeping denunciation of the whole crand jury system, and called for its abolition. The report declared the grr-1 jury a super adjunct to criminal jurisprudence M- assorted that in roost cases it hin- ders ar.d delays the administration o; justice, while it aflords tho members, so the opportunity to malice, or to blacken the reputa- >-ion of reputable men. American Show Op-tin. CHICAGO, Nov. 3. The American norse show opened Saturday in the Ex- position building hero. The entries, wnicb aro close on 1.000. are doubly as us as last year's and tho present outrlavw" its predecessors in rJ way. The display comarisos all Un- FromrhP Wrerlr, Makiuir r.n; x.imbvr So v. Nov. Fhst Mato Henry Piirri-ig a'id six of tbe crow of ih'.- schooner Cornelius Hir- gruves. with six of tho crew of tho Spanish stei'unr Yizcaya, arrived evening from Lewos, Del. A crowd of them dis-' AUtn> of tbe fJargravos, cussing politir-.s when the ordered coo'c' Uarvoy Allen, remained on board them to disperse Ot'icer Pitts is un-! Sarah L. Divls, the vessel that popular an-i is chirked being a i tue shipwrecked men IITX In non-union carpenter. The crowd "re-' with a reporter First .Mata fused to obt-y his m-1 a general I Uenry Porring, of tho Har; raves, de- fig-ht follo-.ved. Pitts and tho few clarod Cuat lao iya was wholly to friends ho had drew their revolvers and '-bit hk vessel cleared fired into the crowd. The crowd re- tho capes Thursday morning and experienced fair weather through- out the day. Every well seven p. ia., whon Mute called out that a steamer showing a green light was on the port bow. 'The captain arid my- said Porrinnr, "wero below at tho time ani wa both rushed on deck at DA KING CRIME. turned the shots an.l for a few minutes the wildest exoiii.-an.rit prevailed and when thp trouble Pitts and two others had to be carried to their homes. Xono of the shots fired took effect Besides tbosa arrestc-d warrants have been issued for arrest of forty others charged with rios.iig and assault with intent to kill. BLOWS' CP BY DYNAMITE. Two Qaarr-moa Fit I-jurc.l Through L-ODisviLi.E, Neb., Nov. 3 most horrible accident occurred at Dougherty Bohan's stoue quarry, half a mile west of town, Saturday. A boly of severi men were at work tamping dyna- mite into a huH-e propiinto-y to once. The steam-ir about an eighth of a mile away. When the captain saw her he exclaimed: 'What does the fel- low and then asked Walker if ho had shown a torch. Without awaiting a reply the captain ordered Walker to go forward and mako a flaro. No atten- tion was paid to tho the Har- graves kept ber course, she having tho right of way. Tho captain -blew our steam whistlo and tho steamship then, MEA.HVIU.K. Pa.. Nov. Saturday evening while C. V. Moore, agent for Express Com- pany, was making out his report for last mouth's business there came a kn-.rck at tho door. Moore went to the door, opened it and two men walked in. After a short Conversation one of tho drew a revolver and, pushing it into Mr. Moore's face, bade him keep quiet. Tho men then bound and gajsred tho agent and led him to tho company's safe, which they requested him to open at tho pistols point. The safo was not locked, however, and upon discovering this the robbers laid Mr. Mooro upon the floor and began ransacking tho safe. Several packages o! tn.inoy wore torn oponand tho cashdumped into a satchel. After a thorough overhauling of tho safe the robbers searched Mr. Mooro. They took out his watch and other val- uables, but after charting him about their worth returned them to his pock- ets. The money which Mr. Mooro wiu counting when tho robbers knocked at door, and which he placed in a Fatal Toriuhmtioa of a Love Aft fair at Cuhunlms, O. Woman Shot to by an Infim- ateil Suitor Whose Advances Were Kci-oteil. From the Muritert-r Kii.ln liull.-t. Sceno of the r.x Wnu a blast, when by accident :i premature I the first tiruo to bo aware of explosion occurred and did bodily in- jury to nearly all the workman. Henry Alsen. a young min of fiiuily, was ter- ribly ttunglod. His was torn, both eyes blown out, his crushed open, his brain oozed out, his left leg broken bahnv and a.ojvo the kueo, his right arm and he roccivod other our pr-.-sonco, fur nor holm was at once put hard i-.-d, intending to cvo-s our bows, when sho should h ivo it port. The halm of the ITaryr'aves WAS also put lo starboard and 'we tried to clear hor, but it was too late vo crashed into her. The crew ;of ao to pour injuries. Ho was blown about fifteen on our docks. Our men wero or- feetin the air. iJRtnr Scheldt, alsj I dorod to clear away tho boat.-t, and foar- fatally wounded about tho head and I ltl0 Spaniard-. v.-juM crowd in- stoaruor immediately dow rkmen escaped breast. The other wo with Injures. T'a-> curred through the of oc- the tamper, as he should hnve poured sand on the dvnamite to sink it to the bot- tom, instead of it. 15 U Expert CiMc anrl g3'JO of rc S71JO Tickets l-i From a CHICAGO, Nov. Seven hunirod dollars in cash and worth of subur- ban tickets were stolon Friday nic'hc from the safe of tho Lake street depot of the Illinois Central railroad. Trie big five-ton safe was drilled an 1 thu combination smashed with sledn-o and punch. It was the boldest as well as the most expert piece of work ever done in Chicago. There is no doubt that the thieves were profossional safe blowers, No cluo was left behind, but- the Central station police are of the opinion that the job was done by a gansr of safe blow- ers who were rpcently released from the Columbus, 0., penitentiary. :i PiTTsnuitorr, >fov. Fischer, a German printer employed on tho Frei- boit's Freund, committed suicide in his room. No. 533 Smith Gold street, last evening by hanging himself to a'- The suicido was not only a. peculiar one but a most- determined ono. Fischer hanged himself to the bedpost old- fashioned baistead by tying a silk necktie around his neck ani then, with his knees touching the floor, died an agonizing- death by slo'.viv si nimself. The only ;he suicide is that leavily oi lato. cans; assipncd for R boon A j., _r her' Nov. annual c-itorn I'all Asso- here Sat-i-rJa- night. in the aftor- and a love feast. Tho circuit Lincoln. ty. Si NOT. 5. ;h Mr.i The Ai- of :NaTr York. Killed Pa.. >-ov. Death of the "Modern Mnrtrr." WILLIMANTIC, Conn., Nov. Lizzie 0. Smith, widely known as "the modern martyr." diad at her home in this city Sunday. Sne was born at Eastford, Conn., in 1S-02. She was un- usually vigorous v.-as eleven years of age, when ?h" Tirostrated by a riolent cold which developed a disease that settled in her mak- ing hor a helpless inr.-xlid. Sjn was wholly confined to hor for nearly forty-five 10.000 for an LITTT.K Ark.. XOT. Re- publican National Com- mittee has in the- First National Bank of Little IT. >ck. to ba de- voted to tbe cause of honest in this State this week. "n-n'Ired dol- reward is offered for that will lead to the conviction of anr oer- ?on who may b3 guilty of of to our boats, Mate Wa'.kor was told to by -ir-.-i koo-p tbotn off. That the last sf-en of 'A'alkor by any of u.--.. The confusion' was vory groat at thn time and tho Spaniards were runninf up and down our deck in the" greatest terror. Among thorn was one man with bags of money in .his hand, beggiu our sailors to save him." The mato said he sinco that he was tae purjor of the .Spanish vessel. He was told to'throw the'raoacv ovorbjard, but he refused -and woi.t down with the gold clutchod in his- ''The schoonny bejjan to set- said Pe'rring. "and- we thought it was time to take to thh boats. The cap- tain aud six of our wen, including mv- self and four of the Spaniards, got iiu.o the long boat and three of our crow and one of the Spaniards got into the small boat. When we got away two of tno Spaniards sprang into the watsr arid tho men in the small boat picked them up. From the titne we struck tbe steamer until we sank wasabomflfieon minutes. AVe rowed about until half-past one, wh'-n we worn picked by the schoon- er Sarao L. Davis. The next mornin-..- the lug Flercules us oS the D ivis and landed ns. None of us saved any- thing except the clothes wo had on and the captain and not even a pair of shop.s to our QL-AKASTtXE, S. L. NOT. Fri- day evening tho pilot boat Charles If. Marshall came to anchor off Str ploton! She had been in thp right spot at tho right and that spot and time wero off P.arnr-gat light Friday, -ust in time to save the lives of six Bailors from the wrecked steamship Vizcavaarid Second Mato Angus of tho schooner Cornelius who had floated all night in the icy water, sus- tained only by planks and other w'rocic- age and almost dead from exposurp. As far as can be ascertained tho fol- lowing is thn record of the disaster: To- tal on both vessels rescued forty-one; total loss sixty-flight. CniCA.-; Nov. The iocal membors jf the lirythcrhood of Telegraphers a Dating Sunday decided by an alaiwst mammons vote to rcsijra tb'jir charter n tho organization. This resolution of ;he Brotherhood made known Union Telegraph Company a" is ovorJ "kolibooA '3'" 'T'-rators will be red into iu tne drawer in a table, amounting to over was overlooked. Tho robbers then took thoir leave. Half an hour afterward Mr. Mooro succor-dM in free- ing himself and gave tho alarm. Tho agent places the company's loss in cash, checks and negotiable paper between Sln.OOf. TUB SHOTGUN. A Minnesota Rnrmnr It. Mur- Prcclnl'-n on Two Itroth-rn Mini Thou the of HI. ST. PAUL, Minn., Nov. bloody trao-edv occurred here last ovoning. In- cluding a double murder followed by the suicido of the murderer. Benjamin F. Rogers and William E. Rogers, Jr.. aro brothers engaged in the commission business and stock' raising. Saturday night some of their cattle strayed into adjoining meadows belonging to a farm- er named George Ro'bordge. Last even- ing- the Rogers brothers went after their cattle arid a'Jispute arose between them and Uobordge over the ownership of several animals. The quarrel grew warm and went to his home and returned with a double-barreled shotgun loaded with slugs. Before the brothers could retreat he fired at Ben- jamin, literally blowing ofl his head. Tbo second barrel was discharged at William, fatally wounding him In the neck and breast. Robordgo reloaded the gun and, retiring to his 'barn, divested himself of and shoes. Placing- tho muzzle of the gun beneath his ohin he pulli-d tho trigger with his toe and blew off the top of his head. AT PHILADELPHIA. An Ovation Tendcre I Secretarf of In-rlip City. PinLADRLnriA', Nov. 3. Secretary Rlaine arriv'ad hero from "Washington Saturday afturnoon. An enthusiastic crowd cheered him as ho stepped from the Pennsylvania railroad station, and ho received a ereat'ovation later in tho afternoon as he appeared on the stage of tho Academy of Music to address tho Republican mass meeting. The spacious building was crowded to the doors and hundreds were unable Mr. Ulaine was accompanied bysever- al members of his family and Postmas- ter General Wanamakor. After hia speech at the Academy of Music he wont to the Union Loague. wlioro he held 'a reception. Miirrterc'l by Titov. N. Y., Nov. Church- ill, eighty-three years of ago, was mur- dered by burglars Friday night at his house in tbe little hamlet known as The Ilomlocks. Two mon alternated to break into tho house. Churchill was awakened an-i defended his property; striking at with a bayonet. Ono of tho men fired three shots, killing Churchill Inst.antlv. The mon then went to a doctor and hr.d their wounds dressed. wero Michaol ifenahan of ScbuylerviHe, and i'atrick Hughes, of Montana. lioth men were arrested. Fire Lay o lour year JO, 000 tiJltCKl- moi-o thau ilurtng Jiiiy, A; her and OctL'bor, I'is-i. At Arlington. Neb., the othor i; Ut, a fire, tuouicUt to bo o( v dwstroyod nil the biiihln: o i of Second tao west n loss of Tho Treasury surplus in-.-lay, includ- ing subsidiary coin Nat-ioual bank reJemption funil. agjjivipnos.i.iT.s against n moiu i in- crease during tho iibout eight millions. Customs receipts ulone during tbe past month aggregated SUV.m.lU, Uutuooru yoarago; while internal rovonuv receipts wore or about more than in October, 1KSW. The Comptroller of tha Currency baa declared a llrst divitlon.l of sixty per cent, iu favor of the tr.-.'ilwu-i of tho Park National Bank of Chicago, on claims proved amounting r.-> 102.08. The bank failed Jum.i Mr. Parncll, it is said, .vill testify iu hia own duCrnso und lau ileforHe v.f Mrs. O'Shoa in the lu-or.-o .suit of Captain O'Shoa and will .ihiolutolv deny criminality. It is rumored the plaliuitr has in his po wntiou evidonco that may iuip.ur M..-. I' denial. At Akron. N. Y., the other night. Miss Snrah McMullon i.hnw two chil- dren named N -llio C mn Dr-lia Urown from a railroad over Mur- der croek. Tho children f-.-ii sixty-il'vo feet and tne Coiniors giri was in.Uantly killed, while hercorap.inion .v.i-i fatally injurud. No caiiso is !cnown for tiia liundish deed. Orlcrlnnl >ton wvo i.uu Toi'KKA. Kan., Nov. Only ono orig- inal paoxage house romaius open. The docision of Judge Caldwoll is regarded as tirial and lawyers will no longer in- voke habeas corpus proceedings for pro- of tho saloons, who havo boon thn of portion of tho little city of HI.. place thirty miles northeast of this city, is raass of smold-ringand blackened ruins. Friday night fire cama in all its fury, and liter- ally wiped up the business and private rr-sidr-nco portion of the town. TbUcity to the I'en ..-To-.vx. O.. Gerk John S. to two year? in the D-nitentiarr iae 2. patsetic brournt V-ars to the f the court roo-n. Oo on A Strike. "Vov __TVn ing of the department of tbe Otis Iron and Satar-iay. They n-jmber about Tbe tronblo arose-from the from 70 to VX) tons Tor wbich j Th6 are r.0-. and can be easily filled. Tbe c-.'-s not to the other de- rsrt-r.p-t? of tne works. for ainistance and at 5 o'clock Situ rday morning the flrc and crow from tho city's for tbo by tpecia'1 The loss is S200.000. Took by ment triin. Public Improvements office Satorday. It wa? necessary to call upon polscc- toopcn the way. which he did by the barrod doors open. Tbe ei- f th exclusive of is to VTomtn'4 Wo Temperance XOT. The fo of the Wo-nan's World's Tercpcr- Teapie. is <i -stincd to bi the trjstiag1 of the of toe world. aid Saturday with elaborate aai appro insscsty. stol-n o...ce :n some crday. tozetber with ths containing postasra on tbe circulars WtLMft. oallots to .Vrropt tho 111., Nov. 3. operators of coal mines in the vicinity of Morris on Friday published a stateinont that they hud advanced the prico of coal a.1} cents a ton, and ifavrt as a ruason that owinjr to the McKinloy hill prices of jfrocorios, shoos, clothing and, as woll as feed for teams, had advanced. They proposed to pay 4 cents per ton of tho cents additional to tho minors, but tho laltor demanded 10 cents of tho 25, which tbo operators refused to pay and the men all went on strike Saturday. HHtl I7p nn-l ftol-Dc.I. Coi.trjijirs, Jnd., Nov. BTnotts went to bridfjo, over tho White river, Saturday niffht, and waitod for Charles Younif. a farmer whom be knew had considerable money. 'When Young approached the bridge Knotts pointed a levolvor at him and secured S12I and fled. Youny notified tho po- lice, who started in pursuit, corning up with Knotts some di-itanco from the city. lie at once fire on thorn. Knotts thon ran away ani oscapod in tho woods nc-ar by. accustomed to upply to the United. Suites District Court for relief. TJffi MAJIKETS. Flour. (Irnin niiil rrtiviilnn. N-'.w YOKK. SOY. In-ffrom-l to 8 per cent.. ;it tlio foiuier rate Kxchnngo olo.fed steady. Posteil mien iictunl rates for sixty Uttya und -Jv-i (or demand. Oovorniiiunt bonds clos'i'l stoji'ly. Cirrruticy Cs 113; -is, uoupua, at la-l; -ij, <iy at lui. Cr.BVKi.ANU. Nov. inado at Ml.'iiiuaolu patent ;il Minnesota sjirluy '1. rod ntfl.OI. No ,'t n-rl atlllc COKN-NO. li ycMow at 6oc, .Vo. :i yellow ai Mu Wml.reU at4Dc. Xo whitu tit No. 1 wliilo at We. Knncy creutn.jry at -'lj. nt iSe. York p.t fn.-sti utKV; per bushel NBW YOIIK. Nov. un-.l fair'.v actlro. City mill ,-.t. 05. fiuporllno at S3 (i.xtra at t-'i Witr.AT--r'lrrn No. 2 r-! do T tit. 17 Coitx-No. s mixed ut i .15 office when an eatrance ejected 3Ir. bo retired. FL Wayne rail" hJmscJf Saturday o'd ;r.aa laid tbe 2mt on tbe Fi. V.'ayne list. was tbe patent WIXAKAC, SOT. Kead- tbe largest bay farm in sw tbrovra by the woight of a flnt f fcj, MTi-7. to- to JOLIBT. 111., Nov. New- roan, German workinffrnan, found Saturday afternoon in his room with a bullet hole in his breant and a piece of fajt- foot of the bed on which be laid. The rope waa siacit no weapon was found io the rooTn. Tb'; :nan Jived alone, and it suppose! hai an-i was 'lored. Detroit VVA.-HI.VOT'J.V. Nov. 3. -Cornrn.inder- in-C .'K' called amf-ting of tbe exccTjtive of the National Council of Ad-nirnslraiio.i. w.i at J, ri. Hoos --Strong an 1 Heavy 31 raixe I m-{ t good to extra at entice to extra .it s< ?0.-yl to choice t J4.T.V5J5, Oolce to <Hl to at y. ilcavy at a-.-.-tliaias mixcJ m. EA.TT LIBKRIT, XOT. 4o1nr; all through eonsigntnc-nvs. Marttet nclivc. -hrwj ed 0-rt Yorker SBMP-XoUiog doing; no o ;s comoiQi. -'x I j's p R-f m A fb K i'ff

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