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Salem Daily News

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Salem Daily News, The (Newspaper) - October 28, 1890, Salem, Ohio NEWS. VOL. II- NO. 255. SALEM. OHIO. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28. TWO CENTS. Members of the Telegraph Broth. DUEL TO THB DEATH. Old read Aetweea Two Flunters IB Both Mortal erhood <5aT the <trt Union hi St. Discharged ATLANTA, Qa...0cl desperate duel wasfemght near Danielsville. Mad- ison County. Saturday afternoon, ia which William prominent- planter, was killed, and William Martin. bis neighbor, was fatally wounded. For j time there has been bad blood be- the men. Kadi bad appeared in: court as witnesses against other, several tines serious difficulties token bet ween them. Martin ML LIBEL of Prominent Pennsyl- vania j lives a quarter of v. from Sanders, 1 Italian onrl fill t. S3. WBra [tin's house, and, looking out. saw his grapbCompanyinthta citj were nott running. He at once con- Hol by Superintendent Baker that tbett WM .hoo.Ino. mt services were no longer required. The prosocutod the K. Pattton Candidate for GOT- ertior of That SUto. Tbe Annual I report of sioner Morgan. of the Red Mm Discussed Length. fflen discharged are D. H. Irwin. C. B- Graves and C Of J ,his quartette, Grandy has been Uenty- J five years in the service. seven- teen years, Jrwin seven years and Graves five years. All are prominently connected with- the local -Brotherhood of Telegraphers and .claim "tbat they noiifltd by the Western Union last Thursday that unless they severed their connection with the Brotberbood they would be discharged. This they refused to do and they received notice of their dismissal. ST. PAUL. Minn.. Oct Last even- ing the entire night force at the West- ern Union office, consisting of thirty- five operators, walked out in A-body, leaving only two chiefs to do their work. The men are all members of tae local lodge of the Brotherhood of Telegraph- ers reseatly organised here. The walk- out was caused by the discharge of ten of their number yesterday, no reason be- ing given for their dismissal. This will badly cripple the Western-Union for several days, as they have been very short of-operators for some tltoe. FORT WAYNE, Ind.. Oot Manager Perry, of the' Western Union- telegraph office in this city, orders Mon- day from Division Superintendent AVrigh'Vof Cleveland, to; discharge all operators who are of tbe before. started to _ _ what be tupant by shooting at the Mattin said he would shoot him (Sanders) too if he bothered him, and after a few more words tbe men began firing. Martin emptied bis double-barreled gun and five-shooter at Sanders. Four shots took effect Any one of them would have been fatal. Sanders shot Martin five times, throe from a pistol and two from a gun. Three of these took effect Martin will die. Sanders' son was with- in fifteen feet of him when he fell. The son had called to the men to stop. Sanders did stop, but Martin kept on until bis weapons were emptied. NOVELTY THU8T9. Brotherhood of Telegraphers, There are only three operators bxihe Western Union and -they -were- advised by the leaders of. the Brotherhood-to with- draw from the organization in order to retain their positions: THe officials of the Brotherhood say that tbe organiza- tion has enormously increased since the Western Union company began to.make war upon it, and they to thank-them for the -free advertising which the persecution baa given them. POJL1TJCAX. MMtK'S NEST., Alleg-ed Discovery of Crooked Certain CoogreMlonal Districts In it. BOSTOH, Oot inner cir- cles in polities'are deeply stirred'.-by what is-believed to be the discovery of wide-inaccuracies-in the Congressional elections of two-years difficult to explain to those -who bare hastily investigated fctte- the ground of carelessness. Tbe discover- ies were made by men who are goinf over the votes of two years ago the check lists from certain towns. In this way they have found, they believe. Combination of Hut-row Propose to Reduco on Their Fro- duct. UTICA, N. Y., Oct. 23. -Tbe spring tooth harrow men have organized tbe National H-irrosv Company, with a capi- tal stock of The main office of j the company will be in Uuca They have purchased a gre t number of pat- ents. covering subbTantialiy all of the harrow? manufactured in the United There are but three manufac- turers who not tro.ie into the coin- piny and they are likoly to go in within a short time. Stransre to relate, the prices for the coining year have been reduced from those of last season. Every harrow hereafter sold by the agents of the National Harrow Company will be laoeled. Tco ,n who use or sell other harrows will be liable to suits for damages. _ Am Article Cyon HU Conduct Ago the CauM for AeltM. PHILADELPHIA. Oot m Pattison, Democratic candidate for Gov- ernor of Pennsylvania, out war- rants of arrest yesterday in proceedings for criminal libel against the publisher and editor of tbe Philadelphia Inquirer; the proprietor of tho if orth American of tbis city and the publisher and editor of 3ao Hirrisburg Call. In tbe three papers mentioned there was published last Saturday an article which charged that Governor Pattison had been bribed by the Vanderbilts to sign what were known as tho South Penn bills of 1SS3, and that the Govern- or retained ex-Judge Jereiui-b S. Black to write a veto message, and having re- ceived it with the understanding that it was to be sent to the Legislature, he changed his mind by the next morning, without notice to Judge Black, ap- proved the bills, and that Judge Blackde- nounced Governor Pattison for this al- leged deception alLamlcalile relations with him. The article also charged that in stock bad been paid to Pattison and Attorney General Lewis S. Cassiday for the signing of bill chartering a Pittsburgh natural gas corporation. A hearing was given In tbe case be- fore Magistrate O'Brien. Mr. Elverson and Mr. McMichael are out of town and tbe constable had not served the war- rant on the Harrisbai-g editors. Mr. Heustla, of tbe Inquiror, was present and after tho testimony was bold in 81.- 500 ball. Counsel for Mr. Elvorson con- sented that the evidence oflero'd against Houstis should also be considered as aving- been offered against' Elvecson nd bail for his appoarancw was fixed at The bearing of Messrs. Me- Michael, Jordan and- McClaurin, of the Sorth American, was set for Wednes- day. _______________ The Etodun as been vory harmful in its re- the commissioner bast steadily refused to sanction any CONTBACTOKS INDICTED. to Defr.iud Sewer Builders of HnfMo. BUFFALO, N. Y.. Oct. 28. The grand jury of the Court of Oyer and Terminer yesterday presented an indictment against fourteen sower contractors of tbis city, charging them with conspiring to cheat and defraud the city of Buffalo. The indictment specifies that on. May 21, 1890, the defendants conspired to file exorbitant and excessive bids for the construction of a sewer in Michigan and Seneca streets; that those bids thuaflled should be for a sum not loss than in amount, whereas the true cost of the construction of tho sower was not to ex- ceed S3, 000. ____ CHICAGO. Oct M.-At tbe inquest on the >x-Aiae-rinan Whelaa yes- terday coroncrVjaryreUrned a ver- dict to the effect that- Wbelan's death was by bullet fired from a pistol in tbe haadsof Ueorge H. Hatha- way. TJathaway was held to the grand jury without baiL Bau swot a TROT, N. T., Oct. Thomas Lyrwh, of Cohbes, oae ofttw base ball team of this rear, was sfcol 1ft O hoes jevtentar dnrioff a If hi by BlcbardDoyle, of Cw- ia a boam, and win kM oj a Mrofcea Rail. Ma, Oct 28. ftenger train No. 75 on the Iron Moun- tain railroad WAS wrecked at Barlow switch, six miles from here. Sunday. Tbe accident was caused by a broken rail An unknown passenger was fatal- ly injured- Loss to the company, A Natural Famine. CJWsK, Oct. .was a genuine natural gas famine Monday ia several sections of Pittsburgh and Alle- gheny. Although the officials of the Philadelphia Natural Gas Company claimed that tho pressure in their pipes was from four to six. ounces, many fami- lies partook of cold dinners, as the gas died out altogether in some sections. It is promised that to-day, after the 500 puddling furnaces an cut off from the supply, all private will hate plenty of Tuujrli Xesroea flll.-ia With Lead. ST. LOTJIS, Oct desperate and fatal shooting affray between negroes took place on the leree Monday morn- ing. Byron Scott, captain of the watch of the steamer City of Vicksburgh, shot and killed John McCluro, a notorious negro tough, and seriously wounded two others named Abe Thomas and Walter Stevenson. The shooting was the ro- snlt of a feud between colored roust- abouts and captains of tho watch on river vessels. _____ _ Pntd Dearly for Her Experience MOINRS, la., Oct good looking young German arrived in Mari- on, la., about three weeks ago and put up at the Farmers' Hotel, owned by a widow named Freisingor. lie wooed and won the landlady in an incredibly short space of time and induced her to draw from the bank, which ho tucked in bis inside pocket and disappeared. His whereabouts are unknown. tat act lorn. DBXVBB, CoL, Oct Denver social circles were seriously disturbed yester- day bj a sensational scandaL C A. Deane, a prominent railroad contractor, sued WUlisb French for 8100.000 for the alleged seduction of bis wife. French is a wealthy real estate man of this city. Doane alleges that French hat rained his bone aaa wants heavy oom- peasntlon for the it gave him. VICTIM OFJTHE Mill Another Cold- IHooded Marked Up the STECBKSVILIK, O., Ool cold- .blooded shooting end In mur- der took place Monday afternoon on the West Virginia stdd of river. Frank' Cruse met Frank Galto ia Pittsburgh lost Saturday. Cruse offered CUlto .work; i if be would come to tbis city witb him. Galto accepted, came here with Cruse yesterday morning and in the afternoon both crossed the-'rlver, going up the road, to tbe top of tho hill Woon near the top Cruse turned suddenly to and aaid: "Frank, you did a dirty thing to me once; now I'll kill then pulled out a revolve'r and shot Gal to three times and fled, leaving Galto for dead. Galto regained consciousness and walked to the farmhouse of William Ar- thur, who brought liim to this city in wagon, i Galto will.die ia a few hours. Cruse's motive for tbe shooting could not 'have boon robbery, as Galto had fejHn bis bootleg. Both are Ital- ians. belonjrs to the which, had sworn to kill Galto. The police aro b on ting'Cruse, who is supposed to be hiding in this city. New Von Moltke .Jjcw YOUK, Oct ninetieth anniversary of tbe birth of Von Moltke was marked last night by one of the greatest festivals of music and oratory combined that i-as over been held at tho Metropolitan Opera House. All tho Gor- man societies and prominent clubs of the city added their sbaro of interest to tho event Tho great hall was not dec- orated, but was thronged with people, including most all tho prominent Ger- mans of tbis and neighboring cities. Chauncey M. Depow gave oi.e of his finest eulogies on tho groat Gorman .hero. ______..... t life savlncr crew went out the breakwater Monday to noarch for the bodies of tho two sail- ors drowned off tbo la moor banjo Vi'ahr napltao, wrecked Bundar nizht just out- side of the breakwater and almost witter- in sight of to which they were- jound.-.V.hrbarge with luta- tor mounUtnous struokborall.the.lumbor on her uooer deck was, wasbed and swept upon the breakwater, where tho portion of It now The bargo' a total All bar spars vero rolled and ia other- wise damafwl. owned by Transportation Company, ot, East Saginaw. and is inbiuod for. ftJO.qOQ. Tbo cargo of lumber WAS from- AsUsnd and was oonBtgnodto FairporU It is Insured. Tbe-tncn of -the lifeboat station think tho bodies will bo founcf inside, of 'tho breakwater, the heavy-" sea was running jiaMl tn_ Mutt dirocUou. Strlklne. Ore to Wvrlb- AsHTAimt.A, Oct Tbo accidental killing of tbe two. Finn coal srtiovolerr on tbo Pennsylrania clock Thursday caused a general strike of all tho Finns- on. that sldo of tho rivcr_ Tbev claim that many of the derricks aro 'defi'Ctivc and dancrnrous. H. M. HaHna was here Saturday and said that unless the'mon returned to work all PottBylvania Company's business berte--, would ho transferred to Cleveland. An. __ interpreter made known to the-. men. who finally agreed to return to- work._________ i Thli of I'erorcutlon. TOUT Ind., Oct. Tho en- tire Sunday edition of tho Fort Wayne Daily Journal was thrown out of tho mails by Postmaster Higgins because tbe paper published an account of a Catholic churcb fair which contained a list of tbe numbers which had drawn prizes. The morning Gazette wad also stopped because it contained a short item regarding the lottery of a sofa pil- low for tho benefit of a poor family. Subsequently the objection able article was cut out and the papers -vvcro re- mailed. __ _ ___ Burled Tjndrr a Ctah, Oct. Two Italian laborers were buried alive in a landslide In canyon fifty toilet north of here on the Utah Northern railroad Sunday evening. One man was rescued fatally injured. The other is still under hun- dreds of tons of earth. _ from Drhnk. Ky., Oct H. Marshall Bnford, late of oowt of common inMM.fron drinking wbUkj to exceas and aent to a private asylum ia >'ot a youtfit IB Crime, BP.OCKTOX. Mass., Oct. check- ered career of C W. Robinson, the stock broker of this city who has forged notes amounting1 to upwards of is now reviewed by nearly every busi- ness man who had transactions with. hits- Robinson went to Boston Friday i afternoon, since which time his doings and whereabouts are unknown. Facts came to light yesterday which show that be has panned' a criminal coarse for some months, if not for tlM WOODSTOCK, Onti Ool last Saturday aftwaoon- jailer' Cameron re- ceived a letter addressed to Bex Birch- all, tbe condemned fnrdtetr, lyiaff fn-tne OrforlJ Oopntr >IL nark was. 'MackMtt.'. Mkn., Oct H" Vbe letter purported to have been writ- ten Dy Mtwelt and was an acknowledgment that he was at A Down Jtm. Oct Russian police are showing more than usual activity in hunting down Nihilists, and arrests arc being made by wholesale in St Peters- burg, Warsaw and Odessa. In Odessa most of tbe victims are Jews, and if nc other evidence can found against thttti they are deported to Siberia on tbe charge of violating the laws against that race. ttj Oct 28. While some workmen were engaged on tbe Patter- ton Park yesterday the caved in upon them, trilling one and ridosry Injuring namti ot the dead man to John McBrtdte. Patrick Antitir Is In a dMgmoaa oonditton. others will for Oct Branch 403 of the Irish National League reports that has been collected for tho famine sufferers of Ireland. This fund is distinct Irom that raised at tbe citizens' masi meeting last week and is intended to be placod in the bands of Dillou and O'Brien to be used as they in their judg- ment may determine for tbe people of Ireland, whether sufferers or evicted _ _ _ to Their Shot. OKLAHOMA CITY, 0. T., Oct 23 -Sat- urday night, John Weber and Ilonry BwelUer, living in a double house about eighteen miles south of this city, wero called to their door and shot and in- stantly killed. They lived alone. Ths neighbors found them Sunday and brought them to this city yesterday. It is supposed that claim contestants shot and killed them. N. Y., Oct Another game in world's championship series was played bere yesterday and was won bj the Brooklyns by a score of 9 to Louisville played a strotig gasae, was unable to overcome tbe lead ob- tained bj tbe home club in the first hall at the frame. ______ Ci.FVKf.Axn. Oct. Olszow- skt, in anHwer to his wife's petition, for divorco, says they are now and have boon living 'bapplly together and that the only drawback to their financial prosperity is bis wife's penchant for commencing divorco proceeding. lie gays this.has become quite a habit with, her, and M the Ohio statutes are such as to com pel Jitm to pay the bills thus contracted, the habit Is somewhat ex- pensive._______________ Ornolltlrttlon of Independent I Kofluwn. O., Oct. is rumored that at a meeting of tho independent rc- flnars and independent oil hr Jd Monday, there was agwl upon a con- solidation of all the indfpfndf-.it com- panies handling crude oil to tho trade, and also including tbe independent re- fliiers, witb an immense cr.mUl, for tbo purpose of refining tbo oil jnd har.dlinjf it upon a much larger scale than hereto- foro _________ _ Tnvpstljjjifton Ordered. 0., Oct. Auditor POP has appoint-d C. W. Webster, of Delaware, to investigate tbe books of the ox-auditor of Putnam County, W. W, Place. Ho is charged with taking illegal fees and charging for aervices never ren- florod A further charge Is that he has doctored tho Complaint is made by citizens of both parties. Prominent Tnled an Drowned. 0., Oct, Tern- plo, a prominent citizen of Toledo, a member of tbe Obio Yacht Club and one of tbe Board of Education, fell off tba yacht Alice Enrtgbt Sunday nUrbt, in the gale near Turtle light at the en- trance to Toledo harbor anl was drowned. His body has not bo en covered. Cnt to Ptoem Irf Train. O., Get Gib- son, ajwd twenty-one, a section man of this place, was accidentally killed by working train on the Lake Sbore Monday rooming. Tbr train was jack- ing up and the trainmen did not seo him. The entire train ran over him, mangling bis body horribly. Sanwd to CwcnrjrA-n, Oct Peter IteboU'r- nndertakinf establishment in Fair- mount wasdentroyed by fire yesterday morning. Twelve horses wcrebnnied to death. Low partially aured. __________ aili, day for. M Om praaiaf Oct Four hundred tteaaifltten.and their helpers attack Monday. of the strike U of tbe employers' aasocUtloii Ur increase of to twenty cent, ic- Oct N. Wlckhaa 4 Co.. dealers in Ho. Makton have M awricnment, John J. Munroe A Co. A Co., were rated at from to J75.0JO and. I :5 M n .1. I'! -ip'tHRCHIVrs

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