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Salem Daily News

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Salem Daily News, The (Newspaper) - September 4, 1890, Salem, Ohio HE SALEM DAILY VOL. IL NO. 209. SALEM. OHIO, THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 4. 1890. TWO CENTS. Explosion Causes a Bad Blaze in Sew York City. Badly Injured. While Third Was Roasted to Death. PENITENTIARY KOKKOKS. State of AiTa n la Ho'spltal of 1'rison on lilnrxtrell'i Itland. KeialU of a In- Portion of Hiawatha, Kan., De- ftrnyccl Hank Building, Together With j in Cmh Other I YoitK, Sept Thomas Hogan's corr..ce factory at 227 and 229 East Fifty was gutted yes erday by a fro which destroyed the whole inside of the structure. The third floor of the buiUiinir was occupied by M. Abraham. of the Rossmore Cigar Company, while not less than forty convicts were down the two upper floors were uncenanted. with the disease. There is a dread TLo lire caused by an explosion among the prison lets, of to NEIV YOKK, Sept. 4. The Evening Sun as a result of its investigation prints a long- expose of the abuses and mis- management in the lUackwell's Island penitentiary, the conduct of which, it says, is a disgrace to humanity. This statement applies more particularly to the sanitary condition of the establish- ment. What the saniwr3' state of af- fairs is may be judged from the fact that no longer ago than las-r, April the prison was swept by a scurvv, which nothing short of almost criminal nopliffpnce could have brought on. At one time Dntfmglnp Testimony Against a Prominent Knight of Labor. Claimed That He Threatened to Make Sew York Central Officials Pay for His Influence. wr.ich occurred m tho basement, where four or tive bovs wore at work. Two of the- 'JOTS were badly burned, while one, lUnicl Killer., aged fifteen, was burned to death, his body after wa-ds being found in the ruins. Mr. liogan places his loss at (WO: partly insured, and Mr. AV.r.'.lia'iiS loss is The cause of '.he iire explosion is a mystery. MHA, Ka-.., 4.-Firewhich started in a liverv stable at one o'clock W wines lay morning destroyed two and the prison hospital ki-ovs mr.uv who aro in of Ter-rment from applying for it. There are still some of scurvy left, but are iriid JIIHI in its epidemic form The hospital i? crowded and the air is foul. I-i waul fKo '.wor i-; right out in the room, ni vl.un view of the sick, not ten feet away from some of bods and oven so much as a screen around it Further oti'-haU biock.s in tbo business couterof i than the mattresses on the beds are the city. Among the buildings de- stroyed were the First National Rank building, owned by Congressman Mor- rill, the Odd Fellows' building, tho Kontucky Hotel and a number of stores and livery stables. The vault in the bank building, containing 850.000 in cur- rency, valuable books and papers, gave way under tho intense heat and its con- tents were entirely destroyed. The loss is estimated at ?150.000. BROOKLYN-, N. Y., Sept. de- structive fire broke out at noon Wed- nesday in the Wallabout market. Tho fire started in Poter Young's bagging shop, which was filled with inflammable material, and spread to the yards of Frederick Tielko and from there to Von Glahn <fc Co.'s wholesale grocery store and three little wooden structures. They were entirely consumed. The losses will aggregate nearly A BUFFALO SCANDAL.' On a Prominent Cltl- ten Is Sued for Alle'iitting the Affections of Another Wife. "RtTF u.o. Sent. decided sensa- tion was created in society and business circles yesterday by the announcement that papers had been filed in the Su- preme Court in a suit for dam- ages brought by John F. against Edward C. Burkhardt for crimi- nal intimacy with and alienating the af- fections of the plaintiff's wife. Myra McLaughlin. The plaintiff was until recently a post-office clerk and manager of the Elmira Telegram, and the de- fendant is a member of the real firm of Burkhardt Bros, and is quite A fresh element of sensation was in- jected into the matter in the afternoon by tho announcement that Burkhardt and Miss Louisa Schmidt wore married in the morning at a German Catholic church and immediately loft tho city on their wedding trip. Report says the marriage was hurried in order to avoid the impending publication of the scan- dal and the date originally fixed for the wedding was Saturday next. Tried to Kill Parnmonr. W Sept. 4. G. T. Parker, agent for a Now York shoe firm, tried to shoot Dr. Gustavus Brown atthe latter'a house Wednesday. Parkor suspected that his wife was unduly intimate with Brown and a few days ago told her he was going out of town for a week. He did not go away, but wafehinsr her yes- terday found her visiting- the dentist at his rooms, and in a compromising posi- tion. The dentist escaped to a rear room, locking the door.- Parkor banged away with his pistol through the locked without injuring Brown. A di- vorce suit with Brown as corespondent "will follow. Kcnnndy Senator Oimy. WASHINGTON, Sept excitement was created iu the House yesterday during tbo debate on the Clayton-Breckenridge contested election case by Mr. Kennedy, of Ohio, making an address in which he scored Senator Quay for bis action in trying- to kill the Federal Elections bill. Kennedy sailed Into Quay's private character and claimed that the charges made against him of dishonesty while State Treas- urer of Pennsylvania should bo Investi- gated by the Senate. Election Returns From Vermont. WHITK RIVER .Tcxcnoy. Vt, Sept 4. towns in the Second Coa- district give Grout. Repub- I-can, 14.190; Shurtleff. Democrat, Seventy-three towns In the First Con- gressional district cive Powers, Repub- lican, Malone. Democrat. 5.020. The number of towns to be heard from in :be First district is 394. in ;he Second One btsndrcd and eighty-eight to was Pace, Republican, for Governor. Jlritrbaml Democrat. All foul with dirt and tbe sheets and pillow cases grimy and unwholesome. In the hospital attendance the abuse and neg- lect is worse. The attendants all icts. There is not a single trained nurse, or one who knovs any thing whatever of caring for sirk. unless by chance there happens to be some crimi- nal who has had some experience that way. Ths worst feature of this is thai, it falls to the lot of one of those ignorant criminals to handle all drugs and meas- ure out all the doses of medicine which the doctors prescribe. An instance of the working of this system occurred last week. An old man named Hamilton was ill of dysentery and when -lockey Sullivan turned the wheel of fortune there turned out a dose of cathartics. Hamilton died the next day. Dr. Far- well has complained strongly to War- den Pilsbury and has gone so far as to give formal notice that he declines to take any responsibility for the sick as long as the present management con- tinues. Besides the outrage that is daily per- petrated in the adrmni ,u-ition of medi- cines to sick prisoners, the sick do not get the food which the doctors prescribe for them. One reason for this is that the convict attendants devour the extra dishes. There are charges that food ;s diverted from persons for whom it is ordered to persons that ar? favored. American Diplom-it In Hlltlttio of GCATEMAI.A. Sept 4. Minister ner's friends are urffinz him to abandon the city if he would save his life. The followers of General TJarrundia threaten to kill him on sight. Tho failure of tho attempt of Barrundia's daughter to shoot Mizner seems only to have whetted their apnetite for what they call ro- venge. Up to tho present Mr. Miznor shows no signs of accepting the advice of his flee the threats of assassination have badly frightened him and the I'-sation is con- stantly guarded by of policemen. IVJininsr Comp IIIM-O f SALT LAKE Ci rv. Utah. Sept. Piocbe Consolidated Mining and Reduc- tion Company has beer, organized in this city with capital in shares. The new company is the con- solidation of the Piou'np and mining companies. It controls twenty- five valuable claims in Lincoln County, Isovada, with Si5.000.000 worth of smelt- ing machinery. One hundred thousand Shares of the new company have boen sold for Reasons Given for the OischHrjfe of era! Leading; la the Rocent Trouble. Nnw YOKK, Sept. accordance with tho promise made at Tuesday's meeting of the State Board of Arbitra- tion, who are investigating the recent trouble on the Central road, by Mr. Looniis, counsel for tho road, all the officials of the road called by the board were on hjn.l Mr. Toucey was the first witness. lie was requested to give vrsirm of his interview with the engineer. Tho prin- cipal point in thi to Lee's inso- lence. Mr. Tuuopy <.ucl that Leo told him that thorp a g.-jat of water in the s'ock of Mie load and ho (Loo) was bouncl'to have of it before he got tLmugn "i'h-j witness reported the CJiive-a-iiiOii to Mr. the third j vice president. Loe's remark was a dis- tinct threat and not stated as a reason why the increase of pay could not be granted. Mr. Voorheos was the next witness and said he had nothing to do with the discharge of employes. He corroborated the testimony of Mr. Webb- as to the re- fusal of the company to arbitrate with outsiders anything connected with the road. Mr. Buchanan testified that he re- ceived orders from Mr. Webb to dis- charge Lee and he did not ask any ques- tions as to the cause therefor. Malloy was dismissed for obtaining a pass under false rep'-esontations. and Conlin for neglect of duty. S. W. Stevens, station agent at the Grand Central Station, cor- roborated in pirt thn testimony of the trainman, Valentine, given Tuesday. lie s id he had never discharged any- body and had no authority to do so. had never asked anybody to resign from the Knights of Labor. He had heard, that Valentino had been talking ugly on the road, advising the men to join the K. of L. He advised him not to work against the interests of the com- pany. Matthew Scar nz. a trainman, testi- fied on behilf of the of L. to a con- versation which h" bad while so em- ployed with Stevens, one day when he called at the latter's ollice for supplies. Stevens asked him if he bad joined the K. of L., and upon learning that he had dune so roprjauhcd him therefor. The witness said that Stevens concluded by suggesting to him tho advisability of his giving up the K. of L., but when the strike came witness wont out with the ro-jt. Tho inquiry was then adjourned until Friday. Mkr Foal Mar- Sept Tbe almost of a woojaa. apparent- a'-out tbirty years of acre, tbe features distorted, was fosadia ScJnjl- si.i several miles below Reading last U js beliered tbe'skatl fractsrcd. jrotsan aot bere. City officials are maieiair Tell from :i rhurrh Spirr. ST. i. Frink Adler, a carpenter, climbed 150 foot up the, stee- ple of the German Lutheran church Tuesday afternoon to repair tho spire. While arranging to descend his feet be- came entangled in a rope and in stoop- ing over to release his foot he became overbalanced- and fell. His body bounded of! a cornice, then struck tbo roof of the church and fell to the ground. shapeless mass. POKTEtt EXPLAINS. Eiiiployri htrlke. DTIU.TX, Sept. 4. The quarrymon em- ployed on the estate of Mr. 1'arnell have struck against tbe employment of per- sons obnoxious to as rnanatrers and overseers, tbe ground of objection that tbo overseers were- strangers and persons of a different the ijuarrymcn. Mr. Pameli close the ies should tbo dispute continue. Swiriy CuirAOo. The Strike is to all appoaran ended. At tbe siriko corn-nittee of tap was Stav-i already rV-rs o Zbal I ally 4.000 rnea bad -o -s-ork at the rato o! pay ar.-i XTTSJI and that aot or.-r oa Reasons Wliy the Census Keturns From New York City Not Show a Large Increase. WASHINGTON, Sept 4. Concerning the resolution adopted by the Now York Board of Aldermen relative to the popu- lation of that city under tbe recent enumeration, and demanding a recount, Superintendent Porter said yesterday that there is no reason for ordering a re- count in thaj city. On tho contrary, all the evidence serves to corroborate the accuracy of the enumeration. The offi- cial returns from New Jersey when pub- lished wir probably givn an cxplana- nation of the fact that the population of Xow York did not; increase during- the last decade as rapidly us some antici- pated it would. As the business of tbe city has en- croached r.pon the residence quarters the residents have found homos in might almost be called suburban towns adjacent to Xew York, in Now Jersey. From the returns already tabulated in the Census Office there is reason to believe that the Xew Jersey census will in a measure explain the ap- parently small increase in Now York City. An increase of nearly forty-three per cent, in Brooklyn also means that a large number of people who carry on business in Jsew York have sought homes in Brooklyn. Mr. Porter denies the charge that politics had anything to do with the work of making up the cen- sus in Xcw York- Ton LKVIS, Qiie., Sept Fire started at one o'clock Wednesday morning in Du- plessis" tannery and spread rapidly. Tbo fire brigade powerless to cberk the flames and a detachment of battery were brought orcr from tho fort They rendered effective service and tbe flames -were subdued. Tr-n building? -were burned. The loss is es- timated at rt sen or'.- r. id'.c Oflt Sept Tne of the trades unions ai their meeting ycsv-rday declared the strike of the f-rnpioyes of the various boaw in tbis city oJT in ail except tbe re-tail department. i i no terms of ba-re not yet beeti aTjr.oar.ced. Src broke tilierr bay j entirely v in tbe Manhattan dis- t Ark.. Sept Tbe re- 1 ttsms '.-f-n oat of 1.002 ia tbe State rirft DcTrjocrat forGoT- 1 a rain of iss majority is. tie years ago. II ibis sarse ratio coatiaast jority investigation. Tbe l-odr tbe will foot ap cohered bj of having been in tbe lasarMc-s. ten days. KUIea mm. Sept of and tk- <mljr of tbe retired Koben M. ftrxk to N .V J. ir.0 bfTPft. prices, liasit prod proWMtorj tariff mint 0! Kirer M and the SO- No Consolidation of the uiitl Association. Overtures of the Former Body Re- fused by the Older Orgraiiltation, Which Will Continue With the Old and Uphold the Na- tional Agreement. PniLADKi.i'iiiA, Sept impor- tant base ball conference was held Wed- nesday between the Tlayers' Loaguo and American Association sition for an interchange of games bo- the two organizations after tho 6lose of the championship season was, it is said, defeated by the- vote of tho Baltimore club. The 1'l.iyers' Lcaguo was represented at the conference by Al Johnson, of Clovo'siml, Secretary Hrnnell uud John M. President Zarli Pholos, Chris Von Her A he and Treasurer of the Athletio club, represented tho Association, tho other clubs 'icing reprosonted by proxy. The coafiMviK-o called at tho sug- gestion of tae Players' League and cer- tain propositions wore made. The play- ers are said to be of forming an offensive and defensive alliance with the Association, but that is a proposi- tion the Association delegates refused to entorfiin. It was then suggested that there bo an interchange! of gamiSs after tho reg- ular season and that mot with some fa- vor, but when H came to a vote it was defeated by tbe ballot of the Baltimore club. W H E ATJTJ-11E V ES. iirmcrs Xoiir South Hond, Intl., From tho Operitilotio of u Dnrlni; Ganir. SOUTH Ind.. Sept farm- ers of St Joseph County in the vicinity of South Bond are exercised over the lawless and daring depredations of wheat thieves who have been doing their work for tho past few weeks. Tho boldness of the robbtfrs is surprising. About a week since on one of t'ie ave- nues of the city early in the morning thirteen sacks of wheat were piled up on the sidewalk. An investigation showed that the wheat belonged to a dairyman living a short distance in tho country. No clue to the thieves was found. Monday tho robbers visited tho farm of Carpenter and stole a team of horses, wagon and forty-five "bushels of wheat. The sheriff was notified and a search revealed the wheat sacked and nicely piled just outside of tho city limits. Tracks in the road indicate that the team and wagon had gone toward iiichigan. _______________ WHITES VS. BLACKS. Color T.lne Drawn in the Rppuhllc- an Stnte Win ttio First Skirmish. Sxx AXTOXIO, Tex., Sept. Tbe Re- publican State convention was called to order at noon Wednesday. There aro something over 500 delegates present, forty per cent, of whom are colored. Nothing was done beyond effecting a temporary organisation. Mr. Wright, of Lamar County, was put up by tho whites for temporary chairman and Mr. Cuney and his colored following pitted R. B. Hawley, of Oalveston, against tho Lamar man. The Cuney sido won and will perhaps continue to win through- out the convention. Tho committee on credentials and resolutions aro now in session. The white contesting delegates from Bexar and Harris counties declare that they will bolt if not admitted, al- though the majority of the convention aro against them. The flaum "WASHINGTON, Sept. Tho .special House committee appointed to investi- gate the charges against Commissioner of Pensions Raum continued its investi- gation tho var-ancy on the committee caused by tho resignation of Mr. .Srnyser having boon filled by tho appointment of Mr. Flick, of Iowa. Mr. Cooper opened tho session with a re- quest to begin the investigation ovor again, owing to the appointment of tho new member. Ho insisted that the in- Testieation had been much narrower in its range than it should have been. Tes- timony bad b en ruludout which should have been admitted. A long debate without final action ensued and the com- mittee adjourned. Memorlnl so, Pa., Sept The di- rectors of tbe Battlefield Memorial As- sociation yesterday re-cloctcd the old officers. The Fourteenth Indiana mon- ument will be brouzht to tbe crest of East CoTtietcry Hill and the Fourth Ohio memorial, which had been ordered removed, will be pormittrd to remain where it now is. Tbe Eleventh Xew York memorial also stays on tbe front line. for .Mtiiton. Armoo, Wis.. Sept. Tbe lumber logging firm of Hoxie .t Moilor yesterday witb liabiiit'esof assets are placed at Snoo.000. Tbe flnn eraplorcd men and it is not tbat will be resumed, The failure is attributed to dull trade. ftiHt H.ill-4 OnarrHL _ Pa., Aa nn- shot Harry forty old, bero jes- dariaf Water- in hour. aaar- iercr WM but refused to Tbe nraMl York Which Tell of Recent Occur- rences in Ohio. FOUGHT 12f CHURCH. Row In a Sanctuary at Wln- Prayer Interruptod by k Slug- M.toh. NEW Piui.ADEi.rniA. O., Sept. A bloody and disgraceful church fight oc- curred at the httlo town of Winchester, tbis county. An old fmid has existed for years between two neighbors namod Redman and MeCune. On Sunday, dur- ing services in the village church, tho congregation were on their knees for tho last prayer, when a hymn book was seen to fly across tho aisle. The ni-xt mo- ment Rodman and McCutie had clinched and worn harnnu-ring oaeh other's head with their fists. Benches and chairs and even tbe pulpit were overturned in the row, and thcconffroeatiiinboi-Aiiie panic- stricken -ind tied from ohurch. The minister, in trying to si'p ratf the bel- ligorenis, hurt about tho head. Tho little church b.ul the appearance of a slaughter house. Both Turn fought until they became exhausted, when they were .separated. Both parties wuro ar- rested. for Xot J'nvini; Sept. Thomas, C. Xor- ris. of Canton, was arraigned before United Status Commissioner Bacon Wednesday on the of violating the internal revenue law. Norris man- ufactures cigars and is charged with taking several hundred cigars from his factory and paying debts with them, without paying the prescribed Govern- ment tax. Ho waived preliminary ex- amination and gave ?-iOO hail for his ap- pearance at the October term of the United States District Court. OM vfcfefc Lorn Miners Demand More Vfty. NEW I'oiiTACr., Sept. bun- drod delegates, representing Tuscara- waa miners, held a convention bore Tuesday to consider wage differences. They resolved unanimously to demand an Increase on September 13 from ST.5? to S2 for outside work, and from to for insido. The delegates ropro- resont Q.50U minors and say a general strike will follow if their demands are refused. AcrUlnntallr Shot. Coia-Murs, 0., Sept. William Wil- lis, aged seventeen vears. wliilu hand- ling a revolver Tuesday night which ho was trying to .sell at a bi-cond-hand store, was shot, it is thought, fatally, tho ball entering hib abdomen and passing clear through his body, coming out at his back. The, proprietor of the store, to whom he was exhibiting tho revolver at tho time, was slightly Bounded in the band. Reunion of MAHION, 0., Sept veterans of Morrow, Union, Delaware and Marion counties wore well represented at tho reunion here Tuesday. General W. II. Gibson, Charles McElroy and Command- er P. n. Bowling, G. A. R. of Ohio, ad- dressed tho crowd at Music Hall. Ap- propriate exercises wen1 held by the S. of V. at Music Hall, consisting of songs, recitations and solos. DAYTON, O., Sept. J. Righ- ler, who for the past tliirty-flvo years has been connected with th Religious Toloscopo, of this city, died Tuesday night from blood poisoning, caused or- iginally by the removal of a corn from his foot. He was a member of Reed Commandery, Knights Templar, of this city, and was high up in Scottish Rite Masonry. ____ Futu! Drop I'rom :i S WAPAKONKTA, Sept. Wheel- er, of this city, and a man named Ward, were at work on a scaffolding oroctod around a larcro oil tank at Auckland, this county, Tuesday affrnoon, when it gave way, and the mon ucre precipi- tated to thn ground. Ward died from bis internal injuries, and Wheeler is. badly injured, but may recover. SufTornti'd CANTON, 0 Sept. citizen named Levi Doslcr. aged seventy-four, taken sick Tuesday night and attempted to light tbo gas. After he bad turned it on be had o fainting spell and fell across tho bed before he could apply tbe match. He was found in his room asphyxiated. Reward ODcreil. 0., Sept. Crawford County commissioners have authorizod a reward of 51.000 for evidence that will lead to tbe conviction of tho person or persons who murdered John Kirk- land, at Crestline, on tbo night of Au- gust 35. At present thc'f; is no clue to tbe perpetrators of t'ue deed. Pythlmn Conrrntlon. Sept. annual convention of the Pytbian Sistors of Ohio met in Memorial Hall, thiscitr. jester'ay. Tboro a large number of delegates in every lo'ig? In tbe State being represented. order is an auxiliary of tbo Knights of Pjtbias. _____________ by o.. Sept Elliot a weli-knowrt citizen, aged fiftjr- Cfft. was killed oa the streets Tuesday night by Frank aged tw-nty-fonr, tramp bootblack from Mobile. Cash struck Elliot with a rock, killing blaa insts.r.t'.j. Cash was arrested awl jailed. ________________ the S'an-Amrrlcsn Itclatlnx to the Sutclcukeut ul CCTAHOOA O., Sept. tnr m. Frank nelf. TVs bnliPt be- right >cd be can aot separated from bU wife Mi tlmtCMd to (boot faiUaf WASHINOTOX, The President to tbe House yesterday s from tho Secretary of State, accom- panied by reports adopted by the Pan- American Congress, to the ?ub- ject of international arbitration. Sec- retary Blame in his letter says ,in r.c: of Congress, approved May 34, 1SSS, au- thorized the President to invite other govornmouts of America to join the United States in a conference for the purpose of discussing and recommend- ing for adoption some plan of arbitra- tion for the settlement of disagree- ments and disputes that may hereafter arise between thorn. In pursuance of this invitation tho i-onforonet- i three reports. First Uocommon.Unir a do finite pHn of arbitration for Uu- jtHtiomont of d.i- feronees botwoen tho nativ-ni. Keoomiiionding :nl >s of a similar plan by UK: nation- of rope. Doel'ivinc that t! i- COUiillcst could not b U.HMvuiv. American nations. In his lottor of tr iriMiiHUil dont that tin- rat'.li'Mti'in of e tre.'ities con templii toil by reports will con-UUuto one of tin' i most bopoful incidrnt-5 iu tho "t the Wo, turn Hemisphere. THUKJ-: CHAItitKl) VICTIMS. Mother SlerTu'o Dcutli In Th-lr Sopo. -I. 'L'lirco un- fortunates, a mother and hur two tlaugh- tors, were suiTocatod and burnnd early morning by a fjro at thair homo, loO'-J T'ao names of tho victims are Mrs. Sarah Me In tyre, agod fifty yoar.s, ML'- Intyre, agod ten years, Agues Rogers, tbo adopted daughter, aged soventoett years. Abo'tt o'clock a s.r.v a of flre in tho front room and immediately raised a crv of liro. Sumo delay wa.- ex- pcriencod in (Imling an o'li'v >r and it was nearly twenty minutes after the flames were first discovored before an alarm to the liro department. Tbo building in which tho tl.'.mes discovered is a three-story brick. The flames spread so vapidly before 'he victims could bo ro.fch.ed by the dromon thny were ovorcomn by Tjrf firo w -is caused by tho up-iftting of a coal oil lamf) in ttio lisinds of f'harles Mc.Intyro. a son of (lie "Idosi victim. who, it is alleged, came homn at an early hour in an intoxicated condition. Mc- Intyro has boen locked up to await tho action of tho coroner. THIS NATIONAL GAME. Kecord nt O linen on As nnil I'Mi-UU. Following are the scores of Wednes- day's games: NATIONAL I.EAOUE. At New York 9. Phila- delphia o. Second Ne-.v York 5, Fbila.-U-l- phia 9. At Brooklyn Boston 4, Brooklyn AMKIUOAN AI.MIffATIoN. At Louisvillo 10, Atn- letics -l. At St. Louis 3. Syracuse 5 At Rochester Columbus 5, Rochester 7. At BaUinore Toledo f, BoJtiiii ire J. ft. vvnis' i.i: At New Yryk H. At Boston, I'DO'I At I'itlsburgh 11. Phil- adelphia 10. THE In :iri'J Houso of M f I vo-f Rp.v 8tc n otfnrecl LjyMr Cull tbf> atiootiiiK of Gorier. il B.irnin'Jht ftu instill to the Amcr.ron was rclunctlto IhcCommlUi-u on Foreign Aff.ilrs Tuc bill wat ttkon up ;mrt tho fiiVJir sdi'jO'ilf ais- Exlvri'lccl -neeclii'S on tin; su'jjuct of protection were made In Messrs rvnd nrav Thi: si'sslon wus cl't- voscil 10 "il'l. IIousE-Tho House' I'm; hill to rnen- or n :ii Hoi anil a fiill for a arro-o river by tho Atlautlc railroad. Tbo Clayton- Mrerkenriilge up and with JiTirnony lint without ac- tloi. adjournment untll-alato hour. K-iocki I Out. Vt-, Sept Tho hottest and most protractel contort for town reprcsentativf in thn of Rut- land resulted after fo-ir ballots lasting till three a. m. yesterday in the elec- tion of Thomas Malom-y. Democrat, by 34 majority over tlirc" other candidates. The contest was noteworthy because Rutland is the homo of tb'j high iiconno movement and tho defeat of W. Clement. Republican, and the fatbor of the mov-nx-nt. was accomplished by small majority, about Prohib'tionista roting for the Democratic caadidaw. Convention of VFauliI-ba Sr. Sept. There is a nation- al convention in here, composed of sixty delegates different States. cailcd for t'no purpose of upon a platform which the r'-o- hi'rfition and othf-r reform pa-'-.os can unite for the of a genuine reform pnrtr of di- mensions to mako a against both of the oi'J mm Sept 4. Oowles- flale shooting case was ystoHar poacd antil tho i2lh inst .-.t-h" of tbe Hale party, who aimed they bad not time u> their wit- nesses from the taey vrerc warned some time tbe ws.3 to V- Hale. to TOKK. Sept 4. Emily who Srod shots at bcr John the acior. oa July M. who foand fnilty VT WM to fonr months In Sttto took her mteKfia I AH arf tii

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