Saturday, August 30, 1890

Salem Daily News

Location: Salem, Ohio

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Salem Daily News, The (Newspaper) - August 30, 1890, Salem, Ohio THE SALEM DAILY NEWS. VOL. II. NO. 205. SALEM. OHIO, SATURDAY AUGUST 30. 1890. TWO CENTS. Chicago Switchmen Return to Work. Trouble on the Alton and Lake Shore Roads Amicably Adjusted. Old Order of Aflklri mt Stock Complete Victory for ttie Em- Statin of the New York Central Trouble. CHICAGO, Stook Yards switchmen's strike was declared off yes- wrday and the trouble ia the Alton vards was settled in a manner agreeable 10 both tho company and the men. All the roads are runninir again as usual. incluui the Lake Shore. At the Lake shore yards forty-seven men of the day crew went to work in the morning and new men aro boiny hired to replace tho twenty men who failed to go to work Thursday as ordered. Officers of the Switchmen's MIKU.I! Aid Association he-Id a conference with General Man- ager Chappell, of tho Chicago Alton at the en I of which all che strik- ers returned to work. The men agreed not to in any way one hired to take their places, and in future before taking hasty action to proceed under rules of th-'- Switchmen's Association and the advice and direction of Mr. Sweeney, the chief of that The men also agreed not to dictate to the company in the matter of hirim, discharging or pro- moting its men. The company granted the rijrht at all time of appeal for re- dress of grievances, and signified its willingness so far as it could consistent- ly to promote its yardmastors, assistant yardmasters and other officers from the ranks. Most of tho striking switchmen at the Stock Yards and the ex-employes of the Switching Association generally re- sumed work, being given employment by tho different railroad companies, which will hereafter do the switching tinder a new arrangement. YOKK, F. Donovan, one of the State Commission- ers of Arbitration, called upon Superin- tendent Toucey yesterday. Mr. Webb joined in the talk. Mr. Donovan stated after the interview that he had nothing whatever to say. Mr. Webb was equally uncommunicative. The claim that the Knijyhts of Labor are making- relative to the inability of the road to move freight was denied by Mr. Wobb, who said: "We are receiving every pound of freight offered along tho entire lino, and on Thursday the record showed that 1GO freight trains were moved, consist- ing of loaded cars and empty ones, while at Buffalo and Albany cars wore interchanged." hen these figures wure shown to Mr. Powderly ho said it was not so, and when asked to give his reasons said that ho knew of one did not leave the Sixty-fifth street yard Thursday night. More than this he could not say. c' BUFFALO, N. Y., Aug. tras learned late yesterday afternoon that the striking switchmen had telegraphed to Superintendent Toucey at New York asking him to errant them a conference to settle the present difficulties. No an- swer has been received. A BtO ATLANTIC CITY. X. J Aug. Thomas G. Bovle, about thirty year.-; of age, of Allegheny City, son of N. M. lioyle. president of the National Insur- ance Company of that city, while in bathing at P.rigantino Beach yesterday, swam out beyond his di-pth, took cramps and was drowned. Lidden, of Pittsburgh, attempted to rostuic him. j'.it bud tu save hi', uwn son, who had become exhausted. Boyio's body has been recovered. Jack ftpcoriL Isi'Ki'E.VDK.NTK. la., Auff- SO. On ac- count of the coo'.or weather not tbe usua.1 number of people witnessed th'j races at Rush Park yesterday. One of the most interesting events of tho day when .lack went against bis record, lowering it to V- The track at Park is of the new style, balloon and is very fast, several records having been lowered on it at this taeot- injr. A Warfare. NEW YORK. Ausr. The fight be- tween the Brickmakcra' Association and the board of walkinsr delegates is tvatrcd by both sides more porsist- sntlr. There are over bricks lying in barges at the various citydocks the manufacturers are apparently Powerless to deliver to dealers, because cartrnen refus" to "ririo" any but non- association brick- May Ittillr! Tnnnol. SAP.XJA. Ont.. Auj. Sir Henry Tyl'-r. Sir Joseph Hickson and Hobson. of the Grand Trunk parly their rivli to Detroi "il: a trip to tr.'-y will five orders for Clmrpfd with propriatiaf in Three SAX yuAscijro. Aug. Ippropriition of S2.000.000 belonging to the Hale Xoreross stockholders is" iirectly charged in writing by one of them. Some of the stockholders had long suspected wrong-doing somewhere, so 140 o( them formed an association for the purpose of checking the supposed Their spokesman was M. Vi. sad ho sent a letter to the secretary cf the Hale Norcross company, in which he "1 am informed believe that the Hale Norcross company and its stock- holders have been systematically plun- dered for ;he last three years, and that the property stolen amounts to more than also that the theft has been through a fraudu- lent con'P-'rucy' and combinav.f.n be- tween thtdjrec tors of tho company and the of the mills em- ployed to njiliTjrC'S extracted the company's K EC ALL EH. The :i C.ann- Kisl.bcil lin Expre-is of SIOU.H'iO to foe Uyl.'ir; in Prison. JKFKEIJSOX CITY, Mo.. Aug. Sn. Wittroek, alias "Jim tbo famous Pacific u dying in tho penitentiary from heart disease. There is a rumor that he has trin-n the warden a written confession of the train robbery and in it teils where thu money not recovered by the express company can bo found. The warden will neither admit nor deny the truth of this rumor. On October 20, 1SSH, Wittrock, who is from Leaven worth, Kan.; Frank llaight. a SL Louis express messonser, and a third man 'from Chicago held up ox- press messenger Frothinghain on a Mis- souri Pacific train twenty miles west of St. Louis and robbed the safe of more than S100.000. The three were subse- quently arrested in Chicago and all but of the money 'U'iu- rock received ten years and the other seven years each. A f-'llct. PiTTsmTKOH. Au7. Pennsyl- vania Railroad Company and the Penn- sylvania Company are now delivering freight to the New York Central. These roads refused freight from New York Central points for some time after the inauguration of the strike.on tho ground that it could not bo handled without de- lay. The fact that thcso rondr. are again and forw-jrJing cars to the Central is an indication that this road is handling freight without much dc- lay- ______________ 5fr.rh-.rnMd Held Infintlcldr. Md.. coroner's jury has rendered a verdict holding Mrs. L. V. Bay and her daughter, Alice ISay, on the charge of infanticide. The evi- dence was Alice gnvo birth te a child last Sumlny and tbr-.t shortly after- wards the child was round undor the mother's pillow. One of the physicians attempted to take the child from its hiding place, whe.n the mother caused him to desist and the babe was smoth- ered to death before being released. A LONDON, Aug. y.ndal ro- contly unearthod in Wurtemburg more serious as further development; are made. The polif-.- have verified the existence of numerous formed for the purpose of uiM'.al Pi'ltilironre in all forms of thn grossest ic'-. Hundred' of arrests have been p.nd niibiir feeling at Stuttgart is greatly excited. The officer' of the crack Uhlan regi- ment are among the implicated. Mordoror Kscnyos from :tn .ifjluiu. LOUISVII.T.E. Ky.. Aug. Sam Scanlon. who been confined in t'.i' Anchorage lunatic asylum Mnce his ar- rest on the supposition he was in- sane, has escaped from the asylum. Scanlon. aftT killing his vife, feigned insanity so successfully that ho was committed to the asylum. II" pretended to be very an'1. crutches, which h" left behind hi'n. I'e helped by fri'Trls to osrspe. Murdi-r Fttlliiwrel FAS Fi'.ANf-lsrn. John M. Chcnowith. a saloon-keeper, shot and killed Richard T. Carroll, of Carroll A Carroll. wh-V-r.1" Thurs- day and then blew his brains out. Cbeoowith had a bill, and while Carroll was g-oir.r "ver his Vdcret Chenowith behind him and shot him in the head. Carroll was prominent in business, politics an-1 athletics. ni? TIMHF htvmtt w IhAUIL General Improvement in Business. Better Demand tor Mar.nfiietureil Iron Steel. Mills Crowded. With Orders. Improved Crop a HeAClion In Which Imports NEW YOKK, Aug. Or. Dun A Co.'s Woekly Review of Tradosays: -The great relief in the money market here caused by treasury purchases of pel cent, bomls: rho refusal of tho labor fed- eration, to t.ikf up and extend tho strike on the New York Central, and tho pros- yoL-ts th.'.; Senate will soon reach final action on the tariiT bill havo all tondoi tii of business. th-'' I'.'ie !'.--ie crop prospects have brought a distinct re-action in tho most retarded ox- ports. Thus, while the volume of do- mestic trade creator than in any previous y-.'.ir a; this soason, the for the future is brighter. Wool sales at Boston reac-iu-d pou-ids th" market for fleece has been weak, letter orders for woolen goods aro reported by the mills, partic- ularly in men's wear and dress goods. A fair trade continues in cotton goods, and the manufacture is encouraged by a fall of y x. At St. Louis (5, Baltimore 2. At Syracuse Louisville 10, Syracuse 9. rr.Ayr.Hs' I.EACJVE. At Bultalo 0, Philadel- phia S ten innings. At Boston Pittsburgh. 0, Boston IS. At New Chicago 4, New York 11. Ar, I'.nxii !yn Cleveland 0, Brooklyn 10 -tun hnir.i'-s. Why U WM A- FmMtakcr'i Whlok to t> Aug. seat to llotiM an to a for information concerning Alexander J. Wedderbnrn. incited that grow frauds had on Pbmtoffloe Depart- ment Wedderburn in connection' with the transmission through the mails of a neJctyaper "The National Farm and at one-eighth the lawful rater, that the newspapers, though printed at Alexandria. Va.. were mailed at a called Grange Camp, es- tablished at the request of Wedder- burn. one of whose employe? was post- master; that the Postoffico Department did not establish criminal proceedings against because the De- partment of Agriculture interposed in his behalf. Mr. -Wana'naker states that the post- o'lice ;vt Grange Camp was discontinued because Weddorburn. though not post- master there, was in reality inspector of the otik-.e. He was, it is stated, al- most it< only patron, and he mailed of matter himself, not paving anj- stamp money, and as a re- sult, while the receipts of tho ollico during tho time it was in existence amounted to tho sum of went to pp.y the commissions of tho post- mastor, an employe of Wedderburn. AT A KOPK'S END. Guovn. Pa., Aug. About persons attended tho firanjjera" national exhibition yester- day. the- morning Hon. A. J. War- ner, of Ohio, delivered an address on the silver question. WHS followed by lion. il. I'.rigliftju. of -.he National who spoku on "Farm Pursuits." la the uft'-rmon Hon. head, of New .Tersov, discuise-.i thi. tariiT question and the McKinloy bill. IJont licutrt. IT urrroiM.. Conn., Au-r. at- Friday at, the Charter Oak Park races was unusually large. Tho weather wa.s fine and tho track fairly fast The race of a quarter of a milo between Harry Wildes and Laurie on his bicycle was won by the horse. In the class, trotters. Thn Seor won first money. par-ing r.v.e, S4.000, was won by Dallas in three straight heals. IDrawnfrl 'VVIft- :incl Dnuchtor. ST. Minn.. The of Walter F. Honon. inspectoi i resenting of tho Northern charg'-i j with drowning- his wiff 'latirht'-r ir j the Mississippi. s-Ti j ending Thursday afternoon when coroner's jury found ihst, the circum- for FnUc Arrnnt. XKW YOKK, Aug. 30. General O'I'uirno and John Simpson wore yes- terday with papers in a civil suit for damans for false arrest, brought against thoy. by attorneys rop- Alexander Phillipsnn. the -.vab arrested and held on sus- b.-Sn? tho rniirdercr of th'; man body was shipr.-.-'j ty country in a barr-i! of cement stances pointed to fo Knapp Sc. Stod- furnit-jro storage warehouse at northwest corner of Union and .Six- was destroyed by fire- The of cars <J contents at 8 that Horton I vo from Or; Monday they aft'-r arnia. and th'-y of another of director silver huiiion at the foiiow- at at r'; the ury iK-partraeat has purchased 3.7.VS.OX) o of Ky.. ari-i 15 3 of a dynsr.ito fo-r.-; al t-be i rc: ;r. to r.-e xtilosjon rx-curre-1 city is greatly eiciusl over bo'.i Court 111 Short of a LKXINOTOX, Mo., Aug. A horrible murder and lynching occurred at May- view, ton miles south of hero, Friday morning.. Captain E. F. Parker, a promi- nent citizen, was awakened at daylight r.nd requested to' open his store. The murderer made a pretense of buying clothing and when Parker's back was turned attacked him with a hatchet. Parker's head was cut to pieces. An hour later his remains were found, and when it became known that a negro was seen leaving- the town some time before a vigorous pursuit was and the negro, William Walters, was cap- tured. lie confessed to th" murder, which ho committed for the purpose of robbery, but only secured sovon dollars. Re was given five minutes to pray and thon strung up. V K A C o JX E 1 G N S. Treaty llotwnon Snlvitilor ami GuatomaUi aiul 1'ettse. WASHINGTON, Aug. Acting1 tiocre- tary of State Wharton yesterday re- teivod.a telegram from Minister Mizner it Guatemala, dated tho 28th insL, aa follows: "'Went again to Acajulta in Salvador on Mon.lay with three of tho iiplomatic corps. Met the Provisional President with several hundred leading rnon of the republic. Tho treaty of peace accepted and signed by General Ezeta. Returned here and Guatemala ilso accepted and signed. Hoth parties lave been notified to retire thnir armies within forty-eight hours and to reduce to a peace looting in eight days. This establishes peace in Ce.ntcal Atnor- ,ca." _ _ Cut Ffor Throar. BitAiirrinn, Pa., Aug. ?.0. Mrs. .7. R., of Ouke Center, McKcan Bounty, committed suicide yesterday by her throat with a razor during tho parade of the G. A. R. The body of the unfortunate woman was discovered by her husband in tho afternoon. Tho body was still warm, but life was ex- finct. Tho woman her husband's razor and slashed her nock in four places. The head was nearly severed from the body. The assigned was df-spondency over a wayward daughter, who is an inmate of a colored house of prostitution in this city. t iiTnfrtinV Fifth KiMinlon. UAT.TIMOKE, Aug. 30. Tho Lutherans of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, the District of Columbia and Pennsyl- vania will havo their fifth annual re- union at Penn Mar, a beautiful spot on tho border line of Pennsylvania and Maryland. September 3 ia tho date fixed. Not less than 15.000 Lutherans are expected to participate in tho re- union. _____________ Deadlock CMjrrox Jc.N'crioy. Wis., Aug. The deadlock in tho First district Re- publican convention was broken Friday on the eighty-fourth ballot, II. A. Coop- er, of Racine, receiving the nomination. This is the district now represented by Congressman Caswcll, who was also a candidate. Mo., Aug. Yesterday closed the ninth annual encampment of the Sons of Veterans. The day was de- vot'-d to Cornmandfr-in-Cfjic-f Wobb appoint'-d D. JIarrod. of Erio, Kan., Adjutant, and John Hazel- ton. of Norton, Kan.. 'Quartermaster (reneral. Walter S. the old ex- Comirjander. who was frotn tho order for er.nbezz'ement, will be given a N. Y.. Morris TToyle. wh'ie jn a ''.robing put his hand ;l ri'i'." !Vil straw that had th" Iljq hand was caught in the cog? and he was pulled into the machine-. and shoui- ier were cryhr'd and rnachino Into the strawstack 11 s FutMlIj- Shot. OWAHA, Neb.. Aug. Just after midnight Ed Noyes. of UlufTs. was assaulted by a gang of gamblers on Broadway. He drew his and amptied it into the crowd. Tie shot John Maher twlco jhmog'h tbc left breast, JJratnie Mahcr three tidies tbrongh the body. Both men will die. bas given hicisell up. Tbm Cola annual ot the Grand Lodge of ObioKnifffcte Golden beffmn in this citj with a full ot rep- from tho subordi- nate of the State. The public proceedings of the day were addresses of welcome from the municipal officers, grand parade of uniformed castles and a dross ball in National Kail. From the Grand Master of Records' report it was shown that tho Ohio membership of tho order is composed of eight Past Grand Chiefs, Grand Chiefs. i.-Jlf! fifty-nine and forty-two pil- grims. During the year just closed eight new subordinate castles have been in- stituted. Oriitiirlrtl Prlrn 0., Auir. At the Mor- row Pros.' oratorical contest at Palace Opera House. Thursday among fourteen contestants tli" following car- ried off the prizes: Ladies- First. Flor- ence A. McDonald. Norw.ilk.-jold watch; second. Sylvia M. Cornell. Monroeville, silver watch: third, lidith Shields, Ply- mouth, gold handled silk umbrella. Mahlin Wilson. Ply- mouth, gold wutch: second. Elmer M. Armstrong, Monroeville, silver watch; third. Hiram M. Greon, Fremont, silver handled umbrolla. An MiJnitrtlOM Orttnti'd. CANTON. Aug city Thursday evening was enjoined from awarding the contract for tho central water sewtir to Jacob McKinney. Tho injunction was asked for by M. C. Harbor, a hcnvy tax payer, and in bnhalf of F. E. Mo- Klcholg. an unsuccessful bidder. Mc- Nichols' bid was over ?700 lower than McKtnney. but tho council refused to award him the contract because of his failure to file a samol-e of material to bn used. The sewer is to bo the liirirest of the kind in tho city and t.o'drain the eu- tiro southwestern portion. A Mo.nt WASUI.VUTON C. II., O.. Aug. is safe to say that tho history of county fairs in Southern Ohio will nut reveal a more successful fair than the Washing- ton C. fi. fair is turning out to bo. There never was such a throng on the grounds before as poured In on all the railroads and by conveyance's of every kind Thursday. It is estimated that there were 25.000 peoplo on the grounds, but still this largo crowd was surpassed yesterday, when the finest racing of the fair took place. fiild Protoit. Coi.iTMiirs. O., Aug. 30. of tho largest incorporation fees ovor received by the State under the provisions of tho Massio law, taxing corporations ten per cent, on their capital stock, was paid Thursday by tho Chicago St. Louis Railway Company, a consolidation of t.ho Western Pennsylvania lines. It was and was paid undor protest, as an attempt will lie madi by the com- pany to havo the Massio law declared unconstitutional. Struck by of un ICxplotliMl Can- non. .VIC, Aug. serious if not fatal accident occurred bore Thursday. Goorge Fisher was struck in the right breast by one of the piec'-s, we.ighing twenty-three pounds, of an exploded cannon. The <-annon was discharged several times, but tlin last charge was too heavy. Physicians say FUhur will hardly recover. (ChnrK'-'l XVItli Miinlc'MMid Ann.-inlt. LONDON, O., Aug. Killnn, an ex-councilman arid merchant of this city, has been arrest'-d on rt warrant sworn out, by Mrs. Darlu.s Ladlcy for ns- Bault with intent to kill her husband. About two weeks ago. in a fight over a watermelon, the former struck Ladloy with a pice of gns pipe. Ladloy resides six miles south of here. Hank Palfl. SitAWNKK, O., Aug. the hands who wore employes of the Licking Iron Company at the time of the failure of the Fidelity bank, of Cincinnati, were on Thursday paid their claims, which have been due them throe years, with six per cent, interest. Over S43.000 "as paid ouL________________ Ancient. Dortor Hill BKLI.KKOXTAINK, O., Aug. C. and .lobn H. Hamilton, brothers, on Thursday received fifty dollars by ex- press from Kansas in payment for a a doctor's bill owed iheir deceased fa- ther, contracted in for GAI.T.IPOI.IH. O.. Aug. General William JT. was on Friday nom- for by the of the Twr-lfth distrKion the 447tb lot. fironvnor wirh'lrf-w just before the last b-Jiol was Taken. Onnhrr. A n'-w weli T.-iyi'-r Uro.s. ,v V. itt l.'.e Findlay distri'-t was'IriJiM in Tester-day and is now pro'luc- at tri" rate barrels day. find MII-FOKD. Del.. "oiorcd wan named Lindsay, aged thir- tv-two years, was rnnrCcr'-d on Thurs- day, lie was last v-'-n alive in company with two Colored men. Fred Young; and Proctor. When the body was found Lindsay'3 wavh snd ?i1i which be with him just V-fore tho. missing. No "fTortbas been made to arrest Younjf and Proctor. i: M AKKET of xvi.-nloir PiTT9iiuH6n, Aug. 30. It is an- nounced that a combination of window flaat manufacturers has been effected. This-cotupany will control the output ot ,11 the window glass factories in tUa western and northern iuimodi- ktoly, and all the factories in tl e Tinted States ultimately. A uieoting of manu- pots out of a total of was" held in this city Wedjidnday. At this meeting it wad rotc4 that tho fire for IS'.tO-Ol bo -f.rtel on September IS. Tlio plans for the ovjfaniiation of tho above described company were then dis- cussed at length and a committee waa appointed to proparo plans in detai! report at a uu-ftiujf tube beti ber Tho vote for c-ombination was unauiuious. thirty-nine rir :is 'i.-l.'c repn-soutod. Tho object of zation is to haudlo and sell all -rlas-i inadi1 by of the s.-vorvl and to pricos. thus pru- venting the ciuii'i-j; of rati-s. o u i j LA kx i is. XVnr rinl-ns Hill IM-Jso V y tho r'-sullsiK nf tho Monso went n: Hi Wlin'.- iMr. In tin- clialri Oil :li- .1' Tlui ;ir-t to In- COIIM-.I ' which lr-'i-ii p-n Hni.- (or t'l -'i-t ti-i'ii oniulbu.s i bill -Mr. Thorn-is, of Wisniusl-i. who 1 liiiiiiits tllsloy il. nHtTi'i! :i iUuig out tho fouUii-'-s -'tnd oi.iu.soul it wus :iu-r-jo t I i. I'.io b 11- aarrlos :ilxnit i'v'l i.nKT Tho r.i-c. ;hn lilll was piks-'ivl and the Terrllr .Stnriii. A cy- :lono jicconioariied by rain ind hail struck the south ot' Thursday ntjjht.. Tli o." thu wind wasabout ISO yards widf> struck a three-story wooden building- ISO foet long by 40 feet buloujrinp to thn Coldwuter Road Carl, Gjiupatiy, llllod with 000 worth of materials and fin- ished and di-inolisliud it. A v.'iiui- inill west uf the depot, was carried over the pump house several feel iib.u-i; wires. The tin root trio wheulbarrow factory was rolled up and lauded eighty yards away, ii'id -ihn LSI. thu entire roof with this rafters taken Orchards siilbji-cd n-Iv loss to tlie care company is .510, ouu. COIIHIH Trlul Mud tip. Miv.VKAi'or.ts-. Minn. Ann1. At the census hearing ro-ruiiissioner D.lell yesterday tlii" neyn did not all, did Detectivo Mason, upon whom another -.iibpiiTia had be( n A suliputna was issimil for Supt-rvisor Davenports who is one of tin1 w I Vise i. Maso'i's lawyors !-r.sou.jil ni..; :-iiu iiJt'iils of rhe coiiitnissioni'i-'s rioi m a writ oT liabeas corpuH i i-.ird by .IntlKi) in in St. Paul .Monday. riio lfjja.1 complioatiijtis More in- volved daily. 1-rUciiiiTt ..I shot. Yri-K, (iiriii-inaia, Anir. --Of r.h'i iiffhl iirisoiii'i-s i-apUifil at l-'on. i., 110. five shot, a-i prisou-u-s ot ;in'l if the 11- tr, place on .July -I. were shot :it Jiiliapa on Aujfii-a ii, ala.) a-, prisojiera of war. This may seem to tliu military iijon of olhur natidri. a r'-ache.s oini l.iie law, but it i.s no lorians aie a captured by shot. uiri :ii. .11, l.hai! rii." (iii-'.'oiuaian ih'jm havo boen tin- r. Fifteen where OTTAWA, Out.. Aug. Chinamen s1-- i it Victoria from they had ln-un a '-'.r: United States Th'-y SMV t.'ifT will work their way I'uget Sound into Washington, an 1 to San Francisco, iri spite of the Statos Within th': last month Of a largo nurnb'-r of Chiri'-s'- havo ar- rived at wtier'-. tb'-y r-lan to thesuselvos into the. I'niVsd States. __ _________ AVIll >r Kan., Aug. from Washington stalo that Harrison will in a short ;i (irocia-r.ation the Indlins of tho I'o'towatomi'- i-f-servation in to take head and ordering th" of ttv-ir ty for o: -no iranv This will :i si-vcral'.v In upon th'.- ab rif A Dnrl to Ihf Itrxtn. Turner, on': of r grog. and St'-vf WV-rrick a duel Wednesday r.'-nr .MiddJov Turr.or a and a Werrijx thf broast ar.l rf-'-piTcd eleven knife in ail. Worried Thursday and Turner is past 3i Heaver a caliiut for the proper ob'Orvin-r of Monday next, an-i ordermr several dcpartTO'Tt'' of the Star.f srnrnent be closed fur busin.-ss on lay. i i I i -ill ii h w I! W if 11 m Us ffli i? 1_ NmiPA.irsflHCHIyEs.-orn

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