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Salem Daily News, The (Newspaper) - August 28, 1890, Salem, Ohio THE SAI.EM DAILY NEWS. VOL. II. NO. 203. SALEM. OHIO, THURSDAY AUGUST 28. 1890. TWO CENTS. of the State Con- vention at Springfield. Eon. Thaddens Cromley Nominated for Secretary of State; G. B. Okey for Supreme Judge, sd Leopold for Ktovabvr of MM Board of Public Platform Adopted- O., Auj. J. A. jCorton, chairman of the State Central Committee, called the Democratic State convention to order Wednesday morn- ing. Rev. Mr. Brockenridgo aslced a blfssin? upon tho and the work was begun. At this juncture a telegram from Governor Campbell was read in which he oxpresr-ed his regret Mr. Elliott is prostrated and for not being able to leave homo. The entertained for his recovery. A COWARD'S REVENGE. Attonpt to Kill Toner Ludy by IU- jected Bolter. SCMJmr, Pa., Aug. Harold a young Englishman, attempted to kill his fiancee. Miss Marie Elliott, tt her home hero Monday evening. Sawyer became acquainted with the in Europe. Alter a brief courtr ihip he became engaged to Miaa Elliott came to this country with the fam- ily. It was learned shortly afterward that Sawyer waa a gambler and a confi- dence man and tho engagement was broken off. Monday evening he ob- tained access to Miss Elliott's homo and after asking the reason for the breaking of the engagement and potting a reply, he drew a revolver and fired two tho bullets srrazing Miss Elliott's cheek. Mr. Elliott rushed into tho room and was knocked down with i blow rrcai the Little Chancre In the Sew Tort Central Strike. Chief Artunr Defines the Position o; the Brotherhood of Loconio- tire Engineers. Over Sioux Disappear from Koselnul Agency. A Revelation by Censns Takers Which May Disclose a Biff SteaL revolver. Sawyer then made his escapo. ars are speech of Mr. Norton was vig- orouslv applauded. His reference to the ballot-box conspiracy was enthusi- astically received, as was a casual refer- ence to Senator-elect Calvin S. Brice, who sat in the rear of the stage. At the conclusion of Mr. Norton's speech he introduced lion. C. W. Baker, of Cincinnati, tho temporary presiding officer of the convention. It was devel- oped upon a ca.ll for committee reports tbit there were no contests, and Hon. L. T. Seal, of Ross, and Tfon. T. J. Cog-an, of Hamilton, wore made respectively permanent chairman and permanent secretary. Chairman Neal made a speech which was generously commended by cheers and other evidences of approval. Ho characterized the MoKinloy bill as the worst case of robbery on record and scored the Federal Election bill, savin? that if it passed it would ruin the peace and happiness of ten States. Hon. James W. Newman presented the report of the committee on resolu- tions, as follows: TUB PLATFORM. Tbe Democracy ot Onto. In convention assem- bled, reiving upor, tbe Intelligence of tha poo pic. and oontldeni o' tho justice of its cause, subiB-.ts thu fo'.liwirgrtecli'.rntinnnf principles: Reso'ved we demand the rr'lnc tlon of tariff tajea. and th.-it, we will iba bottle for turtil reform rntll the cuuse of the p -dpi" Is triumphant. All monor tnkon by from the people should so Into the publ.c treasury. Turifl taxes should be for revenue only All M called protective tariff taxes are fiLShoncst, wasteful and rorrupilis-. They p'.un fler the raises to enrich t'-.c lev.- They tr've cnppled agriculture. retorJed minuf.ict-iri-g crentefl trusts, destroyed I'omm rce aad cr.r rupteuotir lawmaU-rs Tlier for3 w; are pose 1 to the McXlnlej torlff bill, now peadi. g In ConcrreJi, and bo'.irve m tho ox-pressed opin- ion of a most eminent Republican that "there Is not a section or U'ie in it th-it opens a mar- ket for a tmshe! of wheat or another barrel of we favor legislation looking te tbe suppression of trust? or "omhlnntlon? irtlcb are calcu'ated to "nhance prices or preveut re- duction by healthy cirnpetnioii. the Democnfc nar'y. bv its rec- ord, hns proven i self tho s'eadfast frleaO of the labonncf or producing clis-fe'3 an 1 That hats our earnest syropath-ea in their struggle against the encroachments and oppressions ol capital We with satisfaction the awaken lag amonz the farmers to tne of Rcnublic- an legislation cr.der which thoy are su-Toring. and invite fiem to join with us to promote leg- islatiou which -will better their condition and be jint 10 all claws. we favor the frse coinage of sll ver at Its nresentxatio with sold. we again acknowledge, the great debt of gratitude the nation to the horqos of ihe Into we declare tn of lust lib crsl and equitable pension laws, and we de- nounce the Republican narty for Its duplicity to the soldiers in net fulfilling Its oft-repeated public made to them. w? reco-ntz na a fundamental principle thni a free an 1 ballot is the boat se-urity of the ricir.en iind we favor such leiiilalion ,17 'viU secure th" .-reateat fn-C' purity anil secrecy of the illot. tho of Oaio, on hi'fo'fis pi an'', of fre1" ifUitutions. de nounco the Fe leral Election or F bl'l. co-r P'ja'lnij in r.s mvst claisrerouaanc 'e-.ol'it'onary mcisure ever ..levied to thwiirt the --'.-ill of thu peoole. subvert the form Popular It is n begotten ic de-p' i a'.ion to the pov. ei nf the K'Tiunlicnn pa-ty. It Is un ic that it the rnpncity of the people foi or porro" an hone-t nun of pu'.> ic op. on. i >it o" null. o! i.t neli e eeilon. Il wojld send out mln of '-h' dominant pa-ty. with powej tf the homes of private citizens, anil s'lnjio'. them to unendurable tloi and to'i It would sur bil ot no." with annod hirjlin'.j's onij r've ;nwr to b of Thii rel.i'i'jn.i DOM- f xisi'.n? :n ull sections lent! :o derange trade" and the r-rtvirig ir.dusi tries of the country Th-; Republic vn party o, Ooio indorsod unc! art'eil :he oi the Forcf bill stands for'h as the defender oj tbls nttempted outrage upots American rlfthts S-acri a measure ousht not to be aa Issue be but ft hxs now become an is-u( between tne Republican psrty ud tho republic therefore to all friends o-' home ruU anJ pjr-ional liberty to pro'C5i by tliclr ballnts Riralnst this measure all other measure? abridging the estab Ushed rishts of cltlzpas. Wo denounce the des ?otic corlc of bv tbe preien.' Houie of National and tht and arbitrary proceedings of its pre officer as the direct, ol a crimtna conspiracy to pltmder thj treas-jry oppress UK tn-j fraudulen .ly of the Republican That the pm dent, patriotic and eooiotniriil adainiptratlot "f State affairs undar Governor Compbell am "he Democratic1 tbe conS and approbation of the people. Hon. Thaddeus E. Cromley. of Picka County, was nominated for Secro of State by acclamation. Hon Georg-e B. Okny, of Franklin County Arnold Green, of Cuyahoira, wen placed in nomination for Juaee of tb> Court. The ballot was delayer by many changes, but resulted in th< choice of Okey by to to MADK CONGJISSIOXS. General Tie-up on the Southern lflc by Grant'.nj; Advance In Waives. SAN- FitAxn-sro. Aujr. 2S.--A big strike on the Southern Pacific has boon avoided by the railroad making concessions to ;he grievance committee of the Broth- erhood of Railway Trainmen. The com- mittee submitted demands from ledges in every city through which tho South- ern Pacific system runs, the general effect of which will bo to advance tho jay of braketnen ?10 and conductors S-5 per month. The company fought the advance as long- as able, but the men were well organized aid bad sort orders east to prevent railroad hands from coming to the coast, and to avoid a dis- astrous strike the demands were granted. In Sympathy With tSrov-r. TACOMA, Wash., Aug. meeting convened here Tuesday for purpose of organizing a Stato association of Democratic clubs. Dolt-gates from every county in the State v.-oro present The day was devoted to preliminary organi- zation. Letters of rosrot were read from ex-President Cleveland. Governor Hill and others. Tho convention gave unmistakable evidence that it was heartily in sympathy vith ex-President, Cleveland and took no stock in tho movement to shelve A Severe voi'.-Tioo. CITY OF Jfnxiro, Au? Liou'onant Ittirbide has bjsn found by a court-martial for criticizing his superior officers and sentenced to 840 days' im- prisonment, dismissal from the army and is prohibited from holding public office for a period of ten years. The case has attracted great interest on ac- count of the high social position of tho accused. Iturbido was tho adopted heir of Maximilian to succeed to the throne of Mexico. Did Sot Prttle Site Oucnlon. CUIOAOO, Aug. The World's Fair directors did not succeed in suuling the site question at thoir meeting Tuesday evening, but agreed to finally dispose of the matter on September 9, providing tho committee on grounds and buildings is not ready 10 report sooner. If this committee is ready to report before tho time named the president will call the board together and final action will bo taken. A Tnhsicco Trust. Nr.wVoRK. Ar: English syn- dicate ig trying to obtain control of the tobacco warehouses of Louisville and Cincinnati. Tho svr.Jicato will bo named this Wesiorn Tobacnc1 V.'arehouPO It is expectc-d that tfio ware- house rf v.-ill ;join. The nf-gotlitior-i are now pen'l- .ng und the uoal will probably bo madu within the next ten days. A Denmm! by ('.runt's Old MoNTicr.i.i.o, 111-. Aug. 2S. General Grant's old command, tho Twenty-first IllinoK infantry will <jM tholr six- teenth annual reunion at TVcatur. Octo- ber S and 0. The mombors of tbe old Twenty-first will ask that the remains of General Grant be eitbor taken to Washington or brought to Illinois and laid to rest and a monument bo erected OTer them. American. N. S-, Aug. At daylight Tuesday an American Foiiint' schoonsr was in St. Mary's Bay fishing with- in the three-mile limit. About noon a Canadian cruiser appeared ana gave chase. An exciting race ensufd. In the evening the cruiser returned with- out her prize. Tbe Yankee, by lower- ing a sail over the stern, hid the namo of his craft. of Fort Road FrwlKlkl In Altan NEW YORK, AUJJ. Powderlj and Mr. Uayos, of tbe General Execu- tive Board of the K. of L.. at the St. Cloud Howl, where they will remain for tbo present. Mr. Hayes said yester- day that tbo board would not ordar anj more strikes for the present, but would dovo'.y its cnerrj'.es to arransriv.jr. foi stumping the Stats with speakers, who would in a forcible rosin- nor -press-it to t'je working- men. P. M. Arthur. Chief of the Brother hood of Loco.notive Engineers, hiswrit- ten the fo'.iowinT letter to an ent'ineei on tho Third elevated railroad in rosp'jniiO to a lott-er or. the subject ol- the Mew Central strike- This is the first written utterance of Mr. Ar- thur which fully defines his position to- ward tho Central strike and tbe Knights of Labor: K. H. HOLMAX: Your letter of tbe ?id Last with Mr. PoweVrly'g letter and other clippings from tht- Y.jrk p.xpeis endued, is received and contents cwefully perusoit In reply wif stiy that 1 have col nuy letter fror.i Mr Kowdorly. He olftims to hnve wrltton tne a private lettor on tbe troub'e and wanta me tc flofine my position. If he considers his lettei that in the a private one 1 don't, uor will I answer letters that reach me in that way. When the proiont tro-iblo on the Xcw York Ccntrn! occurred I advised the englppers tc abstain from all participation in It and utteui! strictly to thoir own business. 1 gave ihe same advice when the strike occurred on the Gould system a few years ago. My ailvico to lirotherhoorl of EnKinoers when man employed ii other branches of railroad service nnve beer os a str.ko -.vas to mind their own business, und not to do .myUilng tbat did not properly belong to then, us e-craoorti. Can Mr. Powderly saj the same? I think not. Whenever the engi- Lnve b-rr 01 n strllt we never asked anj other labor organization to assist us. It is true some members of the order during the C B ft Q strike importuned the switch men to quit, but they did it nn their owu re aid n< t'ny the authority of the or j-TjiiLziition." I'ons'jgueutly I hold tea1 wears perfectly justified in maintaining .strictly few years distributing rations at tbe agency thoro on the basis of a population of about naturally tho inquiry arose as to what hr.ii ocoo-ne of tbe oild Indi- ans. This query was put to Indian Apent Wright, who has reported each quarter number of Indiana on the reservation, and in roply he said he would himself take a census. This was done and he found only about 125 more Indians than Mr. Lea bad found. He accounted for tbe discrepancy between his original figures and those of Mr. Lea by stating that, owlr.j to tho epidemic which prevailed among the Indians last year tho prevalence of tho measles and small-pox amontr tbe children, the numbers had decreased. Indian Commissioner Morgan looknd over the report of the agency physician for the year ending June SO, 1S90, and found nineteen deaths reported, and nothing said of an epidemic. Ho there- upon reached the conclusion that Agent explanation was hardly ade- quate to account for a mortality which had swept out of existence thirty por cent of tho Indians at the Rosebud agencv. Secretary Noble concurred in this Tiew. and an order has boon issued di- recting that an investigation be made of the affairs at Rosebud agency, with tbe view of ascertain ing- the present loca- tion of the Indians who havo dis- appeared sinco Agent Wright's last re- port and the taking of tho census which hr.s just boon DOWN TO LiUSlNGSS. ol A LEAP TO DEATH, j An Old From ft Rapidly (DC Trmlu followed by liu Daugh- ter. PurLADELPHiA, AUK- the passengers on an early express train from this city to New York Wednesday morning was a well dressed old gentle- man accompanied by a little girl. On nearing Holmesburg Junction, about ten miles from this oity, and while the train was running at a high ot speed, old gentleman went to tho platform of the car and Jumped off. The little girl, who had baon watching him, ttm him jump and before tbe passen- gers realized what the intended to do she had run to the front of the car and sprang aftr him. The train was stopped a d backed to the spot where tho two had lumpod off. The old man was found dead and tbo little girl stretched In- sensiblo a short distance from his body. Tbe man and girl were placed on a train and broupbt to this city, where they taken to a hospital, where the child's injuries wore found to be serious. The c'liid old gentle- man was her father. Stephen Kock. and that her namo was Lelan and that thoy lived in St. Cbiir County, III., and were bound for ItAtnbutjr, Germany. On the body of Mr. Kuck woro found checks on a St. Louis bunk for marks and g'J5 in money. BLOWN UP. News Gathered In Neighboring; Ohio Towns. For Member of the of Publii Works four were presented: Leo KU-fer. of Miami County: Williair of Henry County: Blair Haj- rtr'.v. of Williarns Onnrc. and Johr of Submit On tb< bsilot Kiofer was nominated, re- 413 votes: Saaaijso, 4: FTag-j-erty. 21: McN'aniara, 231.' tion. C S. Brice was calioa to tht euad and roade a fow reaarks iailcat- iaff bis appreciation of tbe reception hiTa of bis belief in t is pb of the party in Noveroboa Tlx tbea adjocmed- O.. n selected M tbe for contention of the twT OM data American CUIreti PiTTsm-p.orr. Aug. 28. Cbarlos S. Rainey. a civil onginoor. formerly of this citv. is illegally imprisoned in Sor- rado. State of Chiapas. Mexico. Some months ago be bad a dispute some Mexicans and in soif dc-fosT'. drew a revolver and threat-' it. lie was srrfstr-d of law and has since been in solitary conSn'-ment. To the Oltl Colons Acci'lerst. 2? irises', or. tbe death of Exiward P. JoLnsor, and twenty- one of the O'.d Gjjor.y rosA disaster at last wi'.I begin at Quinsy to-day. As ss in S-ch it will be strictly pri-ato- Ali tbe remaining injured victims of iho iisaster in Quircy are expected to ra- others arc minus flngera. CntrAOO, Aug. tbat tho strike of tho Stock Yards switchmen would involve a general strike appear to have bnen well grouvdfd. A car lorul of beef was switched from tho Lake Shore ro'id to iho Ifoi-t Wayne road late Tues- iluy A .sv.-itch engine and a crow wnt to receive it and tbe foreman or- 'iTe'i tbe mon to rouplo on to the bee! Ttus thoy refused to do and they and the othor in tbo Fort Way no yai-'Is struck. Tho Fort Wayne switchmen hold that ths mr-n of tbn same craft bolonffins to tho Lako Shore roa-i arc non-union mrn, therefore they to handle tho b'jcf cars. Tho sv.itch'.non aro still out ami freight ib accuniulating in thoir yards. At Brighton there are loaded cars bound for this city. There is no sign of any concession on the part .of tho railroad company. At a joint moL't- inp of Allen switchmnn. engineers and firemen yesterday aftcrnooa tbe action of tbe switchraon in striking was con- demned. Every employe of the Rail- way Switching Association at tho Stock Yards is to bo discoarijod this morning. The general heH two long yostgrday. It was decid-ed tbat each road should do its own switch- ing at the Stock Yards and tbe action of tbo superintendents in deciding tc dissolve tho Switching Association wag cover, confirmed. The Lake Shore and tbe Michigan Central engines and crewg into the yards and considerable work was done to relieve the packing houses of the blockade. The Baltimore Ohio, Illi- nois Central and several other engineers f.atly refused to do any work in tbe yards. Tt is now understood tbat the switchmen will rvturn to work at the old wages, provided they are invltod Ux Work of the National Encnuipntent Sonn of ST. JOSEPH, Ma, Aug. busi- ness part of the ninth annual encamp- ment of the Sons of Veterans began hero Wednesday mornins-. Communica- tions from President IJarrison and Gov- ernor Francis expressing regrets at be- ing unable to attend tbe encampment wore read. The Ladies' Aid Society, represented by Miss Mulholland, were granted the floor of the encampment, and read a set of resolutions in rhyme. General Baglay, of Wheeling, Va., read bis report and th" convention took a recess The afternoon session was de- voted to discussing reports and hearing from committees, all who have not yot reported. Last night at Wyntt Park, in the arena of tbe greatest arnpilhoator in the West, tho prizo drills took place. The wera companies from Doca- tur and Springfield, 111., and St Paul, Minn Ten thousand people woro pres- ent. This morning the election of offi- cers takes plaoo. Tno candidates for Commandor-in-Chief are Charles F. Griffin, of Indiana, tho present Com- mander; Loland J. Webb, of Kansas: Marvin E. Hall, of Michigan, and Will- iam K. Bunny, of Ohio. A Killing Two Destroyed Flro. MXKSKIRLP, O.. Aujr. freight train No. S3, on tho Now York, Pennsylvania A Ohio railroad was pulling into l-'avonia. a small sta- tion seven miles east of this city, about yesterday morning, the boiler of tbe engine exploded with terrific force. The engineer and fireman woro instant- ly killed, thoir bodies bom? inang-lod and burned boyond recognition. Head brakeman Frank Condon, of Gallon, who was on tho fourth car from the en- gine, was thrown sevcnty-fivo foet from tbo train and escaped with slight fn- juries. Tho train consisted of seventeen oars, mostly oil which immediately took flro and nearly tho entire train was consumed and tho track badly damaged for fully 200 yards. Tho loss to the railroad company will probably roach The killed are: Al Graham, engineer, of Gallon, 0., loavoi a family; Joseph Murphy, firoman, of Ur- bana, O. _______________ BASK HALL. OFF1CEIIS ELECTED. of the Grand of the Order of t'u Wnrkiuan. CLEVELAND, Autr. Wednesday's of tho Anciont Order of Unitod Workmen convention was largely at- tended. Quite a number of came in during the night and Halle's Hall was comfortably crowded the chairman rapped for ordor. Tho reports of several were received find then tho most important business oi tho convention, tho nlocuon of was deolarod in ord-r. Ornnd wore eleotod as follows: Master WorVmati. F Tl. Killinjor, J. Tl. Trirkor. Clovpl.ind: Ovorsc-er. William Kocbbor, Dayton: Walter To- Irdo; Join laml; Guide. S, .1. Vin Watchmen, .1. H. 1- ma. ftiiii S McGuiro. 11. M. Mills, T''O rt'-l.'trV' '.rh are attending the por.vention a f r.-'- lookinir bodv ot men. nnd evnrv town of importance in the Stalo ia run- resented. _ ATM.AINY. Adiioclntlon and Echoe< From Following are the scores of Wednes- day's gamos: NATIONAL I.F.AOUK At Now York Chicngo S, New York 1. At Cincinnati 8, Brooklyn 1. At Philadelphia- Cleveland 2, Phila- delphia 4. At Boston Pittsburgh T, Boston Second Pittsburgh Boston 11. At Columbus 3, Athlet- ics 0. At St Louis 11. Baltimore 10. PT.AYr.US' T.F.AdUF.. At New Pittsbureb 5, New 10. At Buffalo 10, Brooklyn 9. At Cleveland 0, Phila- delphia 5. At Tniracro 7. Boston S. Second garao Chicago S, Boston 2. of Woilt V-.ctf I'-.vmJ.-u: of tlir Inn 0., The citv is all torn up ovr the Just made that Tiaron viue president of the Jofforson inn is alleffod to have issued and sohl ftaudu- lent stock certificates of th" corroMiy to the amount of or IUTO. I'.arou Lftgerfelt is a son-in-law of Calvin R Doty, one of tho principal stockholders of tbe company, and bold tho rxHitionot vice Dresidont through him. Tne Uuou was German vice consul at TUtshurcrh and all tho stock was issued in that oity. lie sailed for Europe alKnil a IIIO.ULI and is supposed to bo at bis homo in Germany. DtiATll IN Till: FLOOD. Sli In Wohle Kvnr Oretil l.'t.-f i., of Property. C O., AUIT. County was visited Tuesday with the licavio-st rains ovor known. AL I'nion, on tho oast fork of Duck croelc, M vcral houses wore washed awav. Orio hridsro struck a dwollinif house and licv. S. W. Archer, Dins Kirkbrido, his wifo and child, Mrs. Hell Dach and David Worse's child were Jrownr-J. The biniio b'j.'. not been Many crocks are two arnl onp-hiilf hijrliQi1 boforo. Many bridges aro jron'1 and and bottom corn ruined. Trains are stopped on C M. and 15., railroads. C. Mu-ilorcr Cuts Ills Throat. 111., Aug. body of Mrs Cal Mathias was found yesterday in a field near bore with hor throat cut from car to ear. Mrs. Matbius was a handsome woman and had a husband and three ohilsrcn. William Crawford, who bad previously wDrkcd for Matbtas. and for whom it wns said Mrs. Mathias had too friendly a feollng. was at the bouse Tuesday night. Odicors found him at tho home of bis sister. When Crawford saw the officers coming he drew a razor and cut his throat, sever- ing tho windpipe. He then confessed the murder, saying be killed the woman because bo lovod her. Ho can not ro- ftopnbllcwn Ootirenuoo. DF.TKOIT. Mich., Aug. George P. Tlopklns. chairman of tbe State Central CornmitV-e. called the Republican Staf) convention to order Wednesday after- noon and introduced Hon. Philip T. Van Zile pirary chairman. After the had appointed tne coTiventior; adjourned till ten tn. to-dar. _ Aug. V. arrested here Tuesday, ysd -with ernrK-ztiir.f? from of societies ia Minneapolis, of which lie treasurer. He acknowl- being an embezzler, but said tnkea only jil'-v5; Cullf-rs was thrown 200 ?fortoD O., i. A. Nortorv. of Tiffin, was cbair- of tbe now Dorr.ocrati-, On- tral We'Jn'-sdav by vote of 14 to 5. oniy itor was IJ. J. McKinney. of ton ConniT-_____________ Ixxnocntric lHkr> Wit.T.tAMS OROTR. Pa.. WM Democratic day at Grangers' national exhibition and 20.- 000 farmers were ia attendance Es- Governor Pattison, Dcanocratlc date for Governor, toloffrapbcd lf, would bo impossible for him to attend. were tr.ade by Hon. G. F Black. Democratic candidate for Licj- tonant GoTemor; lion. S. M. Wherry. oJ Faalkner, of Virgloia, and the i rill i i Hi 08 ID U-ii t i! itjS III III t'h I IH Z Sit! II m m mf ul I I ii m T, li T f it' 1 NftRf jrhj'll ill i 'M? i B f ilk did

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