Thursday, July 10, 1890

Salem Daily News

Location: Salem, Ohio

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Salem Daily News, The (Newspaper) - July 10, 1890, Salem, Ohio FHE SALEM DAILY NEWS. II. NO. 161. Prohibition- c'utnbs to Grippe. tack of the Laid Famous Apostle of skeu-li r an executive session Mr. Cockrell continued his speech in opposition to the conference report on the Silver bill. criticised the last clause of the second section of the conference bill an.l said that the lunguasja therein useJ indicated a ivoforence for it single gold standard. The Secretary of the Treasury would so interpret it. Until a parity betweeq the metals was established go'.d would be piven. the preference and the tender notes would be redeemed in go'd Mr Jones, of Arkansas, read an article from a Sew York t'ven nir oapur s.ivins that as a re- sult ol the silver funfereicc the silver men had been '-foilud." and Mr CocKn 11 >aid that thin article from a representative cf the sold interest and should hi- a wain ng to the Senator from Nevada 'Mr. Mr. Phut ubked if the Senator from Missouri urmld not usual course of the on AJairs to call for information Th r--oration wus adopted Mr Hitt pr'serf d the :-onferen.-e report on Diplomatic and Con-ular Apiropriation bill Jn the course of the discussion, reference been made to the ation made bv lust bill for the protection of tTnred States rishts in Samoa, Mr. McMilhn of Tennessee, declared that thp entire result of the Samoan negotiation 1 u scape'-rrace King who had n dethroned by his people. It was a di grace to the American'people aud to the Admni'-lration was responsible for the negotiations. A vote was then taken 01 airrseing to the con- ference It resulted: ye-s'lll. nuysSS. The Spe.-iker tm.ih'e 'o count a quorum, so the confere'icc report w, t ntt to. Mr Dmcley. ol Maim-, entered a. motion to reconsider the vote by wi'ieb the Marine Siimal bill p.issed and tue House adjourned. WARKING ELKS. Session of Hit- Or-ui.l Lodfrc Opens With n Lone Contest Over the Om-stion of Ad. joiirninir to Meet in Itull.tlo. CLEVEL 0., July Grand Lodge of Elk.< met at nine o'clock "Wed- nesday morning and a fight developed almost immediately after the gavel fell. It bad been supposed all along that every lodge represented here would sup- port Exalted Ruler Quinlin in his fight against the New York City faction, but much to the surprise of the grand offi- cers. Judge Andrus, of Buffalo, offered a motion to adjourn and meet at Buf- falo, in order to make the proceedings: legal. This was the signal for hostili- ties to begin, and it soon became appar- ent that the delegates wore about even- ly divided for and against the New Yorkers. After a long debate a motion to lay Judge Andrus' motion on the table was lost and the fight was con- tinued. Clonk Weakening. NEW YOKK, July cloak-makers think that the worst of thejf fic-ht with the manufacturers is over. At least two firms are anxious reach a settlement and are simply wait- ing for tho mooting of tho Manufactur- ers' Association, when they will en- deavor to bring the other manufacturers around to their way of thinking. If thf-y are not in this it is as- serted that the two firms alluded to will from the association and re- employ their fe] July 10.- General Ma- bor.n has is-u'-d an address to the Re- jnbiican voters of Virginia in which he that r" has not been a. fair elec- tion in Virginia sine.-; and that as ifojr in Virginia are ronduc- t'-cl cV-r-tion law of the Tho ad-ir'-ss jars that 4 not particii'.v.fl in a'. 3 io larre to lis rr' fftzrsi. la is aCirr-. j SOK- -K- 6. L. M -It 1L T J wn Routine Work Transacted by Supreme to Ohio's Membership EuUtles Her Increased Representatiou in the Supreme Body. by of ITuifurm Rank cated In m Masterly Manner. MII.WAI-KEK, Wis., July ses- sion of the Supreme Lodge of the Knights of Pythias Wednesday morning was devoted almost exclusively to rou- tine work, the only interesting feature being the adoption of the report of the committee on credentials, which sus- tained the claim of Ohio to three repre- sentatives in the Supreme Lodge. Tho commute found that Ohio had over 000 members and was therefore entitled to another delegate. Tho lodge adjourned at noon until this morning, when tho election of offi- cers will take place. It is generally believed that Supremo Vice Ch.tncellor of Wisconsin, will be promoted to Supreme Chancollor. W. of Kentucky, and J. King, of Ontario, are the most prom- inent candidates for Supreme Vico Chancellor. Tue contest for the next conclave lies between Omaha and Bos- ton, with the chances in favor of tho latter pi ace. Six thousand people visited Cold Spring Park yesterday morning to wit- ness the opening of the competitive drills of the uniformed rank of tho Knights of 1'ythias. Red Cross division, of St. Louis, was the first to go through the manual, mid they executed the com- mands with alacrity and elicited consid- erable applause. New Albany, Ind., came next and they presented a fine ap- pearance as they came on the drill grounds with their shining silver hel- mets. Every move they made was ac- fiurate and were heartily cheered. Grand Rapids. Mich., division fol- lowed, and as each movement was com- pleted they were cheered to ohe echo. Drilling will continue during the week. Fort Dearborn division, of Chicago, be- ing first or. the programme for to-day. A SPECK Thut the Bohrlinr Question M.iy H Klifht lletwecu the I'nited stiitew anil Kiifliind. OTTAWA. Out., July special meeting of the Cabinet was held here Tuesday afternoon. It was called for tho purpose of considering the critical turn affairs have talcen in connection with the Soa difficulty. A member of the Cabinet said the report that negotiations had broken down was untrue, as they were still going on. Tho government has great apprehensions that serious complications may arise be- fore a settlement is reached. The Brit- ish government has informed the Gov- ernor General that it will stand by Can- ada and protect her sealing vessels in Bohring Soa from seizure by United States cruisers, if tho Hoot now at Vic- toria has to bo dispatched for that pur- pose. 1 An olticor of the government said that the United States authorities believed they could do as they liked, as England would not interfr-re. Now that England has taken a stand and concentrated tho largest fleet at Victoria that has ever been in tho Pacific, it remains to be seen whether Secretary Blaino will hold to his contention as to the United States' jurisdiction in Beliring Sea and seize Canadian sealers. Less provocation has often nrecipitatod two friendly nations into war. The first seizure, it is be- lieved, will be the signal for a formida- ble protest from Groat Britain. Lli OKDEKS. or Six Tr.ilcimsn .Sacrificed by Criminal Ala., July gard of orders caused a collision between a freight and passenger train on tho Louisville Nashvillo railroad forty miles south of this city Wednesday morning. Five people were instantly killed and a sixth fatally injured. The killed are: Engineers John Green and John of this city: colored firemen Jim Armstf ad and Wilson and a white man named Parr, lien Swopc. an extra fire-Jian, was fatally injured. None of the passengers were killed or seriously injun.-d. The pass-jnger train had orders to take the siding at Clear Creek station for tbe extra freight. Tbo ord'-r was not obt-yid and a mile beyond tbf; station the trains rarnc togfiher in a deep cut. Uotli engines were broken to Hallway TraHip t Nashville depots yesterday. One or two freight handlers had gone back, but the major- ity were holding out. as also were tho Striking yardmen. The policemen, de- tectives and deputy sheriffs in tho Louisville Nabhvillo and Littio Mi- ami yards outnurnbf-r the strikers and the men at work together. Tho roads lire handling some freight with a small force of men. lit TronMf. OMAHA, July W. W. Leman. of this citv. died .Sunday duritg child-birth. She bv Mrs. Jcnnio Kf-nn. late of Boston, who prac- tices tho faith cure system. A coroner's jury aflor hearing in tho ease yestflrdar brought in a verdict of Item; Gathered from Points Ohio. Ill HIGHWAYMAN SHOT. One of a of Gets DOM of Coltl Wvsmxoi-oxC. II., July Shepp. of Ueesevillle, was' on his waj from Sabiua to Washington C. 11., and was passing through the covered bridge across Rattlesnake creek, a few miles west of this city, when a man sprang from the side of tfte bridge and grabbed his horse's bridle, while another an eifoi t to pull him out of tho wagoa Shepp drew hh> pistol fired, wher the fellow at the horse's head threw up bis hands and exclaimeu: "My God .Tim. I'm shot1." rerorr of Shopp'j revolver the which dashed away amid a fu-.ilade from tho would-be robbers' No was seen of the robbers. Shepp had beon seen diuuig tho day at Sal.ina with considerable monov, and the men unmet! it. Moldcri In Convention. Dr.Tiioir, Mieh.. July hun- dred delegates to tho Iron Moldcrs' Union national convention, represent- ing eighty-five lodges and 'J5.000 mern bcrs, wore present when tho meeting opened here yesterday. Tho report? show a strong financial condition, sev- eral successful strikes during tho yeaf and a promising growth of membership. The convention will sit ton days. Pres- ident P. F. Fitep.xtrick, ot Cincinnati, for twelve years at the head of the body, will retire this year. Could Not Keiii-x-'tiiU-il. Mmni.KTOw.v, O., July Herb, the eight-year-old son of Chris Herb, was drownei! in the canal Tues- day evening by falling off the bridge over the canal at the switch of the Big Four railroad. Ho waa rescued after being in tho water about fifteen min- utes. There was still life in him when found. Efforts were made to recusci- tate the lad by rolling him over a bar- rel. He vomited considerably. died in a short time after being taken out of the water. I'nnlslied for Giving AVliMcy to l'anpAt-4. CmcLF.vir.i.K, O., July AVat- son, a cripple, received a scritenco of thirty days in the workhouse and to pay costs of prosecution in tho court Tuesday for disorderly conduct. Ho was recently driven away from the county infirmary, where hi- has been an inmate for quite a long time, and sought to re- taliate by purchasing a quantity of whisky in the city and offering it to other inmates of the institution. Null StiJN Shut Down. FI.VDI.AY, 0., July Salem wire nail mills, of this city, giving em- ployment to 500 shut Tues- day, pending the adjustment of a wago scale, growing out of tho fact of the em- ployes having joined tho Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers, and the new scale of wages is unsatis- factory to nail manufacturers. It is said every wire nail mill in tho country has shut down for a like reason. Farmers' Allhtnru Stuto Convention. COT.VMKU.S, 0., July call has issued for a State convention of tho Farmers' Alliance to meet in Una city August 13, to which all alliances, granges and farmers' clubs in tho Stale are invited to send representatives. It is not thought a licket will bo nomi- nated or candidates indorsed, but the convention will take steps looking to ;he relief of tho farmer from over taia- :ion and other injustices. Killed by JUglitnlnir. iEMj, O., July Boosinger, aged twenty, while getting hay in out of the rain Tuesday night, was struck and instantly killed by light- ning. His clothing, with tho exception of part of his shirt, was torn oil his )ody. A hole largo enough to bury dozen men in was dug in the ground at his foot. _ Ouarrel About, Whisky Knrtn LOOAN. O., July ML Pleasant, his county, about fifteen miles from Jim Bird cut Charles in wclve different places, almost cutting iim to pieces. Spear will probably die. 'he cutting was about a half galloi of vhisky that I'ird arcns'-d Spear of s ng and biding. no a Tee trainm'-n t in troij'HO and the alone th" Short Lino to sloptv-d and look ain.' alj Cincinnati i? nvt a fr'.-irht criminal issued for 'Mrs. and .1 warrant baa F'-nn's arrest. A LIMA, O.. July Attornov J5. J. "wing, of agcr of I f lj 10. Th': T'ftsnt frf. 'in-Tit-rJ J. Tb' and of Call r th" air ia- j trejj that ftrfrr n 5a for rn. >ri vocr t M. Harri'-ja: J. M. F. O.. ib, J swi Us y. His tr v'ii iaic Heste rt; 1 '3m fe :Mi i HH i.- r-H mi' i-li- 1 h. in II

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