Saturday, July 5, 1890

Salem Daily News

Location: Salem, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Salem Daily News on Saturday, July 5, 1890

Salem Daily News, The (Newspaper) - July 5, 1890, Salem, Ohio HE SALEM DAILY NEW; ._ _- ____ __ SALEM. OHIO, SATURDAY JULY 5. 1890. the Fourth of July was Celebrated. of Prominent ts Under the Ifrof Tam- manv Hall. p.'ti'lod r.t tlio Nation's i apt- he Dxf Commemorated by Amerl- i European July Tammany ct lebratod the 114th anniversary independence in their ball btreot yesterday. The s prof'isely decorated with the 1 colors and the banner of Tam- above the stage, flamked of arms of the State and city York The building was crowded a enthusiastic assemblage who applauded the patriotic music it's Mxueth Regiment Band. is the prominent members of the were Mayor Grant and 1 Croker Among the guests were or H'ggs. of Delaware; Congress- of Illinois. Caruth and frc-ckm-idire, of Kentucky; W S. i, of Indiana. McAdoo, of New Wilkinson, of Louisiana, Me- of Tennessee. Allen, of Missis- SDinola, McCarthy, Cummings, f, Turner and Fitch, of New York: Cleveland, of Jersey City, and aorp d 'sachem Tappan made a brief of welcome and the Declaration pendenco was read by George B. lan. sonof the distinguished Gen- ho was received with hearty ap ter of regret from Governor Hill id in which he dwelt upon the American institutions from Re- m control. Governor Biggs, of ire, and Congressmen Springer, ioix Caruth, of Kentucky; Mc- of Tennessee- of ma Allen, of Mississippi; Korr, nsylvama; Enloe, of Tennessee: of Ohio, and Mansur, of Mis- I'so spoke A collation was then and tho exercises concluded. July Fourth of as Lt'lcbrawd here in chc usual hioned way. Tne department 'gs and public offices were all vid business in the city was M'l.iend'icl Flags and bunt- itfd in nrofusion about town and a.l boj a'id the (iroeracker kept -.e'.v and noisy from daylight v- -.f'-c-- dark The I'otomac river r-, .nd outgoing trains took thou- out of to'vn for a day's aun There was no public cele- The Oldest Inhabitants' i its fine honored cus- asipmb'mg and listening to the of the Declaration of Inde- [u-eiiida pa'rioti'' oration. The 1 was deserted, many Congress- atinsj (rone out of town, and there i-'jluhly not half a in the "._ it any time engaged in com- for the first time, th" r.a- culurs in honor of Inde- nt Day ovor the dome of tho '1 Flags are hoibted over the ind House wings of the Capitol Congress is in actual session, 5 Congress is in session on the colors have seldom been eating on tins and then oulv that either House ''on A.-, tho result, however, of "aiums by architect Clark four im- yesterday floated gracefully >i .n, east and west of the L on tho top of the Trio anniversary of :aa -.r.v.'pondenco was celebrated m London with the usual first secre- i mtr-d States legation, en- of American guests o the rjstornarv patrl- indulged the prorai- r'-sidHj or sojourning J v v the day. in -JaC Amori- and "t.'1'T in 1 to w -._ FOU MUTUAL IMtOTECTlON. A Concur of Letter Carriers Step. Toward the Formation of a National A.- roclation. NEW YORK, July 5.-Forty delegates to the first annual conference of the Na- tional Association of Letter Carriers met at Woodell Assembly rooms yesterday, l he delegates present represented New Jorsf.v City, Butfalo, I biladelphia. Milwaukee, Providence Newark, Albany, San Francisco and Chi- cago. The confer.-nco was called at the request of the Milwaukee association for the purpose of further nj to increase the salary of the carriers and carriers all tht country in a national Considerable discussion arose as to the admission to the convention of proxies from outside cities, some contending that to establish such aprectdeiu would prevent the proper re or Dentation of tbe associations cities in future conventions. It was finally agreed to admit the proxies Committees, on per- manent organisation and resolutions wero then appointed. Mr. Goodwin, of I'rovidence, a mem- ber of the executne committee of the National Letter Ci-ne-s' stated to the conference that ita object was three-told. First, to ultimately ob- tain for letter earners a salary of per annum, second, to si ,M-O legislation that after twenty of service all carriers "should and third, that a risrorousobs-ervdncu of the Eight- Honr law should be .' rpso- lution that all first olis, nost-offices in the United represented in the national was adopted. It was decided to petition Congress tc adjust the salaries of cai uers as follows. In first class offices, for the first year, S600; second year. third year, and cacn succeeding year, In sec- ond elass office-, froni to 51 n50 It was announced th.rt half of the 000 needed to build a monument to S S. Cox, the "letter had been collected, ami a resolution was adopted calling foi immediate action of the carriers in .'.11 li o-e eiti'-s to raise the remainder of the fund. FOUNDW AT V CUl A VES. Party of Kielit ,n IJout Thrown Into tho iij Uncr und Four are Drowied. FiiTMJt-ucit, July and Mr- John Thompson Eiui Thompson, two years old, .nd b ihj Thompson, Mr aid Richard their little daughter Pribcilla. and Robert Smith. Uftoc-n years of a_re. v.e-o all out rowing in a sm-.ll flatboat on tho Yiougluo- ghony river McKeesport yesterday afternoon. The boat from theu weight, throwing all the occupants in tho mer. Thompson to shore with his wife and He then re- turned to save his clausrh- ter, but in this last attempt both were drowned, Richard Smith wife, but drowned with his daughter while tryintr to rearh sliore Robert Smith, the fifteen-year old boy, swam tc snore. The fourboclic-, we-e recovered. t-lfo I'.tnloiiu'I Jr i--F! C'tTY, Mo July Butler, a negro who was serving a life sentence in the penitentiary, was the recipient of a pardon from the Governor yesterday, on account of his exemplary as ,i prisoner. He ha-, been in the penitentiary a little o.or fifteen years, and in the sixty y.iis of tho pris- on's PKi-jteni'o no convii t ever out so long a sentence. It is a rare tnmg to find a convict who has lived even ten years in the Missouri peinir-ntiary Poor sanitary of the institution is tho cause. TWO CENTS. Three Victims of a Destructive Fire at Ashland, Wis. Steamer Iron King- and and Hocfciner Valley Coal Com- panj-'s Dock Consumed. Frightful Jump of au Unknown Mftn Sea of Lot. Over ooo flre- J. OiiBrrjrim-n'n JWI.IKT. Til., July striking quarrymen in tho valley low Lemont having to stand firm for per day the stone quarrv op- erators have decid'-d as a body not to grant the demand. They have issued a that tneir rie for work Monday and tna; -u-'h men as fail to pr'.-s'-nt will have their situatsoa.s fiil'-d. e7o Slower. NKW A offi- cial of th" .Steamship a.nd to I a days'detention at Mississippi quaran- tine station, tht st -amshlp Professor Morse arrhcd here FruLu with r.O half starved and sick laborers, mo-tly Ital- ians, -who had been working on tho Oleri plantation in Honduras, since April last, with but hitlo food and inade- quate shelter Four de.iths occurred AC the of the quarantine station Friday morning at the time of landing a death oi-ei.rreil, undoubtedly also a case o' malarial feier The report sp.ys tnero are now- throe cases of malarial fever of a severe type on board New In VITilrs. TOUT Donr.K, la., July em- ploye of the Illinois Central railroad baa received a circular letter from Presi- dent Fish urging all employes to invest their savings in Illinois Central stock. He suggests that eacn one notify tho company how much he wishes to invest each year and a cerrificato of stock will be losued for it The amount will he deducted from the men's pay in monthly THROUGH THE UAPUDS. Short Bat Trip lu tUe ToirKht Niagara NIAOAHA FALLS. N. Y.. the swimmer, at o'clock Friday af- ternoon, dipped his feet and Arms in the water and waving a (food-bye to tha peo- ple on tbe bridge, slid off into the rap- ids. At the point where Soule received the signal "go" the water is very swift, but forms a series of eddies and, instead of going out toward tho center, has a tendency to bring objects towards the shore. It could be that Soulo was makinsr strenuous efforts to get out into the middle of the river, without mak- ing much headway, and was still going down. As he passed under the railroad sus- pension bridge he treading water with his body well out' Just below the bridge he struck some large breakers and was out of sight for an instant. As ho came in sight he was within a fow feet of a rock against which he was dashed, badly bruising and cutting his left knee and hurting his foot. But be passi-d all right and could be seen swimming a stroke. HiselTort to tceep away from the rocks had used up a good deal of strength, and, finding that he could not get out into the ruor he swam to shore and was helped out on the rocks, been in the water about five minutes. Although his trip was short it was a dangerous one, Soule being the second sw-mimerto successful- ly swim that part of the rapids. A1OIY OF POTO3IAC. The City of .te.. a Olo bratlon In Honor of the PORT i Me., July city of Portland gave a celebration yesterday in honor of the Army of tho Potomac. There was a military and civic parade, fireworks, salutes from the naval vessels in the harbor, and fire- men's parade, to which various other Cities contributed. Fully stran- gers in town and the streets were srowded. The parade was reviewed at Lincoln Park by General Sherman, Hon. Uaanibal Hanihn, General Dovins, Gen- eral Porter. General Collis, Admiral Gheranli, General Butler and others. After tue parade there was a clatn baku it Little Chebeague, about 800 people, ncluding the leading members of tho Army of the Potomac and many promi- nent of Portland, being pres- ent. Congressmen Koutello, King and others spoke. tlliil Arrest of Two Fiends in Humnn Form At City, Iml., Who Abducted (iirls for Immoral Purposes. Yonnj; Women Ho. cued from tho MiacreBuU anU the C.ullty Now In JaiL MicniOAX CITT. Ind., July 5 man and woman, gu ing tLo name of W C, and Miss Louise, Anderson, wero ar- t'ested here Thursday on a requisition from tho sheriff of Kerrien County, Mich on a charge of abducting voiing .rirls for immoral purposes in Chicago houses Anderson and the woman -light-of-hand performances, and during their stay in a town cultivated young jT'.rls' acquaintance. When arrc-stod A GOOD f> SPOKT. t- SchuylUIll >'uiy d S installments. The idea to g t tho employes of the road to take a personal interest in its earnings. Tlir V.tnrtortjIlU''s l-ntar.-. NK-.V VOJ-K. July -Cornelius Van- dTbilt and his mother are about to b-Jiid a jit'iiM-i's paia'-x- in F.irty-bei'ond l. It will "no upon the in- that in London an'. -A.ii f-.tst It w.ll rv.n-.iir, for'vil an< libraries, etc ad industrial and The! tc ft-ni shot a-, n. a Hegrnttd ot n Proves Gru Pirn voKii'iUA., July thing vas for good boat racing yes- .ei-day with tbe exception of an occa- iional ram shower, which, however, did not mar tho pleasure of the day, nor u_u_se the water of the Schuylkill river o lose any of its smoothness. Thou- sands of people lined tho shore to wit- ness tbe annual cup and people's regat- a which is held Fourth of July n this city under the auspices of tho Sihuylkill navy, over the national, from Falls Bridge to Rockland. The different races were all well con- ested and one record was broken Only collision occurred and tho course, lotwithstanding craft of every descrip- ion lined the shore and frequently rossod tun path of the lacers, was kept pretty clear. Murdered by Hrr Husband. NKW Yoi'.K July Lotty, a middle-aged tailoross, was stabbed and killed ycbterday by her husband, Mar- tin Lotty, a drunken and worthless little fellow wnom she had supported from her earnings while he loafed around tho apartments at 220 Cb.n-.tie street, occa- sionally sweeping the floor or washing the dishes while his wife worked at her trade. The stabbing was done while Lotty was drunk. Lotty was arrested. IIej claims that his wife stabbed herself. Sold Their for TUvK.vf-ip.T. la., July l Daven- port Company has been sold to tho American Preservers" Company, of Pittsburgh, for The larger part of tbe consideration is cash, the rest bong in stock The Davonport Company has a daily capacity of S.OOO of corn and is tho larg- est concern west Buffalo. The head- 'jiiarters of the .rgb company Is to bo moved to Chicago within two we-eks Shot Kl Wlfr- COJ.I-MHV. Ind.. July the WVst- rn Hotel last TI at Kilil.i T.-.-i -b" At Cleveland- York 7, 11. At 12. Chicago 1. At 11, Pitts- burgh HI. At cinnati _'. AFTKKTOOV C.AMI At York o, Cleveland li--ten innings. At 5. Ch't-airn 0 At 1'itti- burgh At 1, Cin- cinnati 7. ION MoKNMXO At i. AtbleD- 4. At 1, LO.IIIM'.'.. 6. At 4, Toledo .x At St. 0 Louis fi. AKI VMI At Phil 7, X'hU'st- Ics 0. At 1. 6. At Svrat use 1-, At St. forfeitn.l to St. to .n count of Brooklyn refusing to pi iv ninth itiniiiLr. ri i; u.t i: MU..M M, At 7, Clove- lauu s At Xew ork 1. Chicago .1 At Pittsburgh -Bioolclvn Pift- burgh 4 At Boston fl-five (.AMI s. At n, Cleic- landO Yo.k 'J, eleven Innings. At Hrookhu Pitts- burgh 'l At 7. P.O.ton li A YOUTIIKUL_ INCKNUIAUY. of a Five Vciir-Old Hoy Clo-in Up Ihr a Ninubrr of FlrrH In the lloonlfi- rnpil il. .inly Tor two or three weeks tbe police In t n ?lcd bv im-endinry in the southern part of the city Antioch '.hurch inystonoiialy lirctl and a little girl in tho vicinity said that slip s i-v Jojin. Ilumpdcn, a five-year-old hoy, running from the stun ture just as the blaio burst out Investigation satisfied the police that thn lad was U <j trunnlcsoine firebug and he was arrested Thursday and brought to the mayor's rourt on a warrant ctiaiglng him with the crime. Just before tho trial he confessed to sotting tho church on fire and said that ho had also tired the Excelsior vvoiks and Frick's hvory stible, both of which were burned a short time and sev- eral stables in the neighborhood, Tho only reason he gavo for thus destroying property was that he "wanted to see the flro department hoises run Tho mayor bound him over to tho Criminal Court DKLACEY'S REVENGE. Prominent Ilookniaker Secures the Ar- rest of Sixty-eight of HI, lirothren. iIovMonn PAHK, N. J., July ty-oiglit bookmakers wore ancistod hen- Friday on warrants issued in Jersey City on complaint of John A. 'Skoklll, who is supposed to bo ono of bookmaker Delacey's henchmen. Tho bookw.icera wore pioparcd, however, tlioy having secured the presence of Justice Van Dorn, who placed thorn under 5100 bad tiach as fast as they wore brought be- fore him. Business was but slightly in- terrupted. The racing association refuses to give Delacey, who does business in Nowr York, the results, and Delacoy ID turn is trying to prevent at this track unless bo bo allowed facilities that ho needs. Ilonco the arrests. Cold Attempt at Robbery FMliu FHKSXO, Cal., July attempt was made Thursday to rob tho Wells-Fargo express car while the t-ain was stand- ng at Tlio doors of thu car were oponod to deliver express matt'-r when a man reached into tho car, seized package and attempted to make off with it. Tho messenger j'inipod from the car, drew his pistol and compelled .ho thief to get into the car. inos- longer 'hon had th'i thief un'lr-r ir- Trie ar- r. ".bat b; I'm 1'i.v, July tho of ____ last night Lord Salisbury an- nounced that tbo Anglo-German African wo'-nt was sign'-d on and ho laid upon the tiblc a bill afwrming .hf; cession of Heligoland to Germany ajrcrrnf-nt, said, made tbe in- habitants of tho island subject to mar: l.iv. s. v. Hh ox'-fpiioir that those now living t'r.'T" wore not subject to ".as- War on fUhrrmon. N. K., l.T'< '.f French j-t-a-PorU fishisg -xfT'-tV-rcasd f'.rty Captain of Fteacb -srar r i j i. i .1 IT HI .f 1 11 f t jr -e-i iie r n-.- Vt trif; z' I Thwur, _. J-we Jswliwi j rerso-rM froa it; o? is -A-.v-Vo- '-j i m TK t I j _ _ T.- Jalr X of tbe Bii Focr it r? in ros-set o?

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