Friday, June 13, 1890

Salem Daily News

Location: Salem, Ohio

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Salem Daily News, The (Newspaper) - June 13, 1890, Salem, Ohio THR_SALEM DAILY NEWS. )L- II. NO. 139. SALEM. OHIO, FRIDAY. JUNE 13. 1890. I BRIBERY ISQUIItr. the Senate hi Favor oj Free Coinage. hes by Messrs. Mor- id Vauce the Crime of 1873. tl and Dett.-iency Ap- ,n Pinned bv the HouKe. os. June Platt yesterday t'cat im-ned'a'fly itioa ot the Silver b 11 be wuulil 0 conbUer ttu- bill for the aUmis- ling as a State. iresented tho report on it Pension bilL Aftor some >nt over Bud was o-durt i prmteg 0.3 agreed I? by Ice The Silver b '.1 vr >s th n up addressed ;bf Sfi'rre. losophical review of the h-story o) metals, Mr Evarts brouu-ht the to 1ST3, at which time he s tb i on par tv. It wa s no law ol iture that bioke up that jj and th-; wisdom of muj." been tire worl'l s 1 tied together, iheirrelntive valu< y a comparison of the labor ueede j i Sixteen days o trxnc-e. were necessary to pro He! Old as one s lubor could pro. r But in en worth in market 5H pencf-. irwitbgold. In 1S7S it hc.d In IbSl to S-J pence, and in e bottom was reached) to-12 pence, dous event in nature, he aslee'i Itbitsud'.en change; freall isorderS Nothing whatevei of Not satisno'l with th-j sxprrienceof-ht world they ha 1 periment of demonetizlni? silver, the act of 1673 as a "murder, it silver. at there might be no inlsapprehen- position, and that no one shou <J side of the question he was. de- that he favored the unliinit-d ver money and the restoration of as before it was demonetized. Hj it was onlv a cuestion of courage, Be United States made beginntng ie door to tuc unlimited commercial countries ot the world the example. nert addregs.-d the Senate. Noth- he said, than necessity of more money for tlia Ip'osnertty of the country. Tha world bad increases trn-fofd wlth- [fty yeiirs and the output of als had kept pace neither wita ihe ealth or ot population. In cense- s deficient circulation the pnrc-s irere lower than they ei er ha: beeq i next addressed the Senate, par- inference to the amendments Finance Committee. His position ect of tho free coinage of silvef aid, no definition. The very h he had made in the Senate ir of that proposition. It appeared the United States take th i matter and rc-sto e silver as a commerce would be j-timnliiied: ut irope would be produced: mom bnes turned out in and je mpanv to a return passage bror.srht to this country of the Conjract Labor LAW. or Cali'o-nia. presented the con- T on the Pension Appropriation >ort, is fo disagreeing one. ind a further conference was or- Tncti w-.-nt into Comujittce of the o't Agricultural -T bill n ma le a brief c of the ii- b'.'.l. ;b.i-_ ,he '-r.mmittco omy in VCTT nt of CM'ufor ia. offered an amend- --nable the to ro-tmr.f the study n-nt of sl'.k worm of Tu- rommiituti th'.n bill wo? then thvrn took a until eight v'-r.i-- t forthccon j .'rora tlie Cvimmittee IHelr for _ BOSTON- June girding the alleged corrupt practices oj the West End Street Railway Company n lobbying its clevated road bif, .hroughtuo l.-gislature began Thurs- aay before tho Senate commiuee. The firs-, witness was F. E. Sanderson, who .said ne was in the wool Dusiness. Sanderson tcstilh-d that on May 22 Mm and Louis I a Iobbyi3ti al lho of the Lurton Company, and that tue Senator toM witness mat for SlO 000 apiece he could furnish ten Senators in- cluding himself, to vote in favor of granting a charter to the People's Ele- vated Railway Company. V.'ituess ar- ranged a meeting between Sonator Fas- sett and the financial men of the com- pany. He did not himself attend that meeting. J. C. Moore-, of the Manchester Union, one of the promoters of the People's olevattd railroad enterprise, testified that at the interview described by San- derson it was stated as probable that tern Senators could be captured for 000, but at another interview later in tho day Senator Fassett said he was afraid he could not hold his men, as the West End railroad people wore offering greater inducements. Witness had not offered the proposed bribe. PLEAD NOT GUI LTV. of Robbers Who Secured From the Owner of a Magazine Appear the Bar of Justice. NKW June Robert L. Wal- lace and Ignatz Lowitz were arraigned Thursday before Judge Martine to plead to indictments of larceny and burglary in the second degree. Lowitz pleaded not guilty. Wallace pleaded guilty to both Indictments. Both prisoners were remanded back to jail. Wallace and Lowitz are charged with having robbed John n. Wallace, the owner of Wal- lace's Monthly, of in money and bonds. They fieri .to Havana, where they were captured nd brought back. Wal- lace, who is but i.venty years of age, at- tributes his downfall entirely to Lowitz. On being taken back to prison Wallace had an interview with his counsel, ex- Judge Gildersloeve, which resulted ia his rearraignment. Wallace then said that he while laboring under grent excitement; and did not know what he was doing. His former plea was then withdrawn and one of not guilty entered. BASJ; Created in St. Louis by a Raving Maniac. Bowie Knife in Hand He Takfg of the West End. June Tho foundered ton miles Austin on Saturday All -a-cre saved ex- of r.tsffalo. the 1 Hyan Hay tow- Journoyman. ythr linos parted from tho i that ai-M tho .Earner be- eainod fast and V. the the cx- Kcsulti of Events on the NATIONAL LEAGUE. At 3, Chicago IB. At 0, Cincin- nati 3. At York 6, Brooklyn 12. At AMERICAN ASSOCIATION'. At 0, Louisville 1 inning-s. At St. l.i, St Louis5. All other games PI.AVEU5' At 11, Cleveland 0. At York 7, Brooklyn 5. All other games I'alU UN TTIth PuMic Moncv. Bvi.TiMi'TiE, Juno committee of the Maryland appointed to investigate Staco Treasurer Archer's defalcation has its report. It gives the total amount, of tho defalca- tions as the disposition of all of which, except SKi.OOO in bonds, has been sccouniO'l for. No evidence was received tbat Archer gambled. The committee says tho I.nds were usfd by him to pay off personal in- dfbtedm-ss incurred 03" him many years under water and with a looked for in., -lias" P-a- df- ja the llritndr Srliipd. A. -Ttine the heiffht of Wednesday thunder storm. Lamonci. of the custom whiiv brat at Point Breeze, discovered an attempt to smug- pie 400 bottles of brandy from the Ger- man steamship Energio. The vessel lies loaded with oil. al! rf.idy for sea. but ia provcnted from sailing the customs authorities. The seizure is the heaviest snad? on thf rivr fr'-nt. in many roars, and tnafl" othors will likely follow. M..NTKEAI. Q-! :h -1-in" to con'id- f-iiiT or C. Half, who ;3 undT th" jshiMitinr <jf O.w'c1? ma-i- a staX-wnt which jrajtv th'- an-jth'.-r rm vi I.olfi him on ft AVrwf. V- f- ik- of Y: r. -a.--' 1-: I After Levying Trihnta on a ol i Families He In Captured by a Policeman ami Lovkfl Vp. ST. June police ar- rested a man Thursday morning who has been creating an uproar of excite- ment and of terror in the End. His antics, for he is undoubtedly- crazy, surpass anything that has been on record for some time. He first made himself known aboutseven o'clock Wed- nesday night He was driving in an opon buggy attached to a sorrel horse. He first stopped at Eager Road. Getting out of the rig he pulled from his boot an immense bowie knife and sallied up to the frontdoor and rang the bell. The servant, a young Irish girl, answered the call. When she saw the wild-looking man flourishing the bowie knife she gave one awful scream of ter- ror, leaped from the door step, cleared the fence at one jump and sprang up the street. The crazy man, not at all dis- mayed, entered. The family were at supper and the crazy man sat- down to the table and ordered a pound of flesh right next to the heart of a beast The entire family fled, screaming, out of the back door and the crazy man, after sam- pling the brandy returned to his buggy and drove off. He next called on Mrs. Weshide, who lives next door. Mrs. Weshide herself came to the door. The lunatic wascalmly trimming his nails with the bowie. He playfully offered to demonstrate its sharpness by trimming the forelock of Mrs Weshide's brow. He then told the lady that monc-j- was trash, but he must have it or he would kill every'one in the house. It was not thirty seconds before he was lord of the house. The family and servants sought refuge in tho barn and barricaded the doors. By this time the wildest panic and confusion was caused in the neighborhood by the tales of the doings of the desperate man. A hundred terrifled faces peeped out of windows and over fences as the maniac asfain got int) his buggy. With a %sild whoop of rnani.iual gieo he lashed his borse to a tern fie speed and drove off. Cp one street and down another he drove till his horss was nearly" dsad from exhaustion. he drove into a yard atChoutoau avenue and Man- chester road, where he captured by officer Harrington. He wa-- identified as Nicholas Hurst, aged forty-four, a man who was a in tho insane asylum and escaped some days ago. COLD AVATEU 31 EX. Second nnf'a Procoe Jinifn the National Trmperinro Convention. Vor.iv, June national temper.ince convention woll at- tended Thursday. The question, "should there be a pol'tic-il party whose domi- nant idea is tho prohibition of the liquor traffic" led to aa animated discussion. The majority of tho speakers favored tho Prohibition party as the only means of securing the prohibition of the liquor business, while the minority thought the temperance cause could be tnoro rapidly advanced by working through the old parties. The next discussion was on the sub- jecf. of the relation between temperance reform and improved dwellings. An ap- peal for funds for the Nebraska cam- paign was then made. In r.iio afternoon session the topic dUcussed was "What caused the failure of the prohibition amendments in the elections in Massa- chusetts, Rhode Island and Pennsylva- ______________ No for Twrbell. June F. S. Tar- bell and child were passengers on the ill-fated day express of the Pennsylva- nia railroad and lost their lives in the Johnstown disaster. Suit was brought by Mr. Tarbell against the railroad com- pany for damages, claiming that the loss of the train was due to the neg- of the company officials in not having it run to a place of safety. The case occupied nearly two weeks and was concluded yesterday, the jury finding- a verdict in favor of the company. Maine In Convention. AJ-OI-STA. Me.. June of the State Committee, called KcptiMican State to or- Twelve hundred and ten were present Attorney <-ra] uiovM tnat Governor j IJurieJrh 5-e rcnon-.inated by acclama- tion and he was so renoninatod. Tbc coTjvf-TiTy.n then a platform and the rcmair.'i'-r of the State Official o' an Albany, X. Y., Bank Proves a Defaulter. Amount of the Shortage is ami An Investigation Which Revealed So Startlinc to the Mat- ter Quiet ami "ililelcl tiie Embezzler. AT.BAXT, X. Y., June new and damaging report affecting the integrity of an old and supposedly faithful em- ploye of one of the banks of the city is in circulation. The discovery of the crookedness in the Albany City National Bank led to a systematic and careful ex- amination of every banking institution in the city. Until Thursday morning nothing had been discovered out of the way in one of them. But yesterday while a supplemental examination was being pursued in an institution where some suspicious entries had boen made, the evidence of guilt stood out in bold relief. It is that a cashier of one of tho banks of the city has been discovered be short in his accounts between and A strong effort is being made to with- hold the facts from the public. The ru- mor was first current in the shape that another clerk in the City National Bank was discovered to have been in collusion with Whitney. The bank officials and directors denied that rumor in the most emphatic terms. All seen stated tuat the only man in the bank implicated in the affair was Whitney. Tho cashier affected is well-known and has always been highly respected. Both his name and the name of the bank are withheld for the present MUST THE LAW. Obdurate Will Have to Giro to at Whatever Coat. WASHIXOTOX, June 13. A rather singular proposition was made to Super- intendent Porter yesterday by Census Supervisor Ashley, of the Fifth Penn- sylvania district He states that the Hungarians, Poles and many of the Italians composing the foreign element in Lackawanna, Luzarne and Carbon counties refuse- to give any information to census enumerators. These people are employed by companies and con- tractors and known by numbers each man wearing his number on his person "and responding to it. As they refuse to answer the census questions, the supervisor suggests that the enumer- ators be instructed to take account of such employes by their numbers. Superintendent Porter did not liko the idea and informed tho supervisor that the census office would not help to perpetuate a state of things ''where large numbers of laborers are treated more like beasts of burden than men and known only by numbers.1' He then gave positive instructions that a sufficient number of enumerators and interpreters be employed to procure the information called for by the census schedules. Outrage on an American 0. NEW YORK, June 18. Meyer Jonas- son, a prominent fur merchant of this city, has received word that his son Joseph has been imprisoned in Berlin for speaking libelously of Emperor Will- iam. but is now out. on bail. The young man, who is very proud of being an American, got into an argument with some students and spoke disrespectfully of German institutions as compared with American. If young Jonassen is not speedily released his father will call the matter to the attention of the State De- partment. rr.Tr.K t the Juno 17.. rwrt Is Corny Affftln Flooded. CORKY, Pa., June This place was visited by another heavy of rain Thursday. Some damage was done by the bursting of sewers and flooding of cellars. In the afternoon the iargodam at the waterworks pump station went out. The reservoir south of the city is full of water and will afford a sufficient supply until tho break eaii be repaired. A Had r.latr. NEW YOKK. June 13. Fire even- ing g-utted tho building No. 12 street, occupied as a Supply store. Tho building is separated onlj by a narrow alloy f rota the Astor House. All efforts to prevent Sre to tho hotel were fruitless, and too upper story of the hotel begaa burn. causing 510.000 damage. ttntnont rnoo WMCT-. SHAMOKIX, Jcne Aa exami- nation of the 7.50 foot 10rel of XeU- son shaft, which has bwsn on re- T'-als the fact that the damage br? much than anticipated. nicies found taeti withost food aad dajv. The damage to mine ia 5 N. Y., Jane day's storta -xater in -rf. -0 aa Vbai tora in all Js r HENDKICKS MONUMENT. Programme for rnveiltng Car- Oat Without Kurt her Attendance I'roui'no'J. IXDIAXAPOLIS, June Hen- dricks Monument Association has re- a telegram announcing that the missing parts of the Hendricks monu- ment have arrived at New York and will be shipped at once. This will ena- ble the workmen to complete the monu- ment by July 1, and ihe dedicaOon will not have to be postponed. Work had al- ready been suspended on account of tho failure of the blocks to arrive, but it was resumed yesterday. The commit- tees in charge of the arrangements for unveiling are pleased with tue prospects for a large attendance from Indiana and other States. It is probable that uni- formed clubs will be here from Chicago and Cincinnati, and Governor Hill, of New Yorlc, will be horo if he can possi- bly pet away from his official duties. THEY EXPECTED WAK. Constitution Proposed liy Klllbmtereri for Government nf California Provided for Fijfluisiir. SAX FKAXOJSCO. June special from San Diego states that United States Marshal Card during his investi- gation of the filibustering movement in Lower California, which was recently exposed, unearthed a copy of the pro- visional constitution. This ho has for- warded to Washington. Among other things the constitution provided for po- litical freedom from the United States or Mexico, the delegation of the peo- ple's authority to a council of adminis- tration for the purpose of a war of inde- pendence, the calling of a constitutional convention at the end of the war, and the suspension of the habeas corpus dur- ing the prevalence of the war. Tho constitution also prescribed the duties of. the council of administration. TWO CENTS. mmm XI Gathered Amort? Ohio Cities And Towns. SONS OF VETERANS. Parade Prlte Drill at the State En- of Officers. MA.VSFIET.IV 0., Juno third day of the Sons of Veterans' encamp- ment was somewhat marred in its pro- gramme by rain yesterday afternoon in- terfering with tho parade and prize drill, but tho former was very credita- ble and the prize drill begun, sov- companies computing, and will be concluded to-day, when tho award of prizes will bo made. At the business session of tho encamp- ment tho remaining officers of the divis- ion were elected as follows: Lieutenant Colonel, Major Fred D. Perry, of Akron; Major, Lieutenant J. B. Parker, of Cadiz; Delegate-at-large to corumandery- in-chief, ,1. V. Ililliard, of .Newark: al- ternate, D. Q. Morrow, of Hillsboro. Nine other delegates are to bo elected from tho division. The Ladies' Aid So- ciety elected Mrs. J. S. Mason president, and Miss Benigna Green secretary. To- ledo has been selected as the place foe holding the next annual encampment, beginning Juno 2, IS 1. VICTORIOUS DRUGGISTS. Cleveland Vendors Win Tliair Collection of Dow Law Tax. South Democratic S. D., June 13. The Dem- ocrats of South Dakota in State con- vention have nominated Morris Taylor for Governor, Peter Couchman for Lieu- tenant Governor, C. H. Freeman for Secretary of State, A. H. Wicks for Auditor of State, and Judge C. M. Thomas and W. L. Quigley for Congress. The platform reaffirms the national plat- form of less, demands tariff revision and a graduated income tax, denounces the McKinley bill, opposes all sump- tuary legislation, favors a resubmission of prohibition, opposes woman suffrage, favors service pensions and the retnone- tization of silver. Noted Confidence .Van Arrcntrd. BOSTON, June Rev. Joseph La Garce, with half a dozen aliases, a no- torious thief and confidence man whc has operated through New England and Canada for several years, was arrested in this city Wednesday, charged with the theft of 81-5 worth of jewelry from a Mrs. Zeuss nearly a ago. La Garce claims to be a member of the Do- minican brotherhood, and has the rope and outfit of the order. lie usually commits his thefts under cover of his priestly appearance. RnUro-itd Connnllflftteri. PHILADELPHIA, Juno The agree- ment of consolidation of the Pitts- burgh, Cincinnati St. Louis Railway Company, the Chicago, St. Louis i Pitts- burgh Railroad Company, the Cincin- nati Richmond and the Jeffersonville, Madison Indianapolis Railroad Com- pany has been executed under the name of the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati. Chicago St Louis Kailroal Company. The capital of the new company is 000. Goorgo K Koberis is president and J. N. McCuilougli first vice president. Hull ttorm In Years. ST. June Jo. This city was visited Wednesday by one of most phenomenal hail storms on record. The stones were the largest ever seen here. The heavy glass skylights of the Mtos- ouri gymnasium wore- shattered and a skylight nearly an inch thick on the custom bouse was broken. All the win- dows of tho masrnific'-n: Fagsn buildina on Olive street wery n. Afu-r the hail storm rain fell in torreii'-s. A Cheap Trip to ST. Louis. June The Chron-clc's European election is concluded. St. Louis Chronicle vriil ol the most popular in- the South- west to Europe at its own There were 2.1W? for 1.1 05. 121 roVss lon. A. -1. win th K. a wJl r. i-tid- Juno Thursday a decree was granted by Judge Noble in each of the cases brought by Cleveland druggists on June 20, 1369, to restrain the county treasurer from collecting Dow law tax from them. The decree was for the plaintiff in every case, and injunctions will be issued. The drng- gisU claimed that tho county auditor tent spies about their places to collect evidence that they were retailing liquor, and then placed them on the tax dupli- cate for the proportion of the an- nual taT for -retailers from March 8, 18SS, to tho fourth Monday in May. They denied having sold lie; for other than medicinal purposes, and therefore wore not liable to the same tax as sa- loon-keepers. by an Klectrlc CINCIXX VTI, Juno eleciric storm raged here Weclnesclp.y evening-. The rain fall was half inch and the wind furious. Great damage was done in tho suburbs and adjacent towns. Two or three persons were killed and several seriously injured. Par: of the Longvicw insane asylum was unroofed. Tho storm came from the northwest and went south. A dozen factories and churches were badly damaged, "while the damage to private property will run up into the thousands. Several persons were struck by lightning. Vnyaries. XOHWAT.K, 0., June Struck a Irxrsre tree Wednesday night in front of Mrs. Mary Brady's house on West Main street, entered" the house, shocked Mrs. Brady, leaving a redstreak across her forehead, anl running down the right arm. It also loft a zigzag across every picture in the house, rr.a down imdcr the stovo. killing some little chickens in a pan, tippelan iron sinX, and went out in the opposite di- rection from that entered. Arrrntetl for C __ COI.UMHL-S. O.. Juno S3.-Captain G. IX Spcnce. who runs .1 State stcar.i packet on tho Cincinnati .t Toledo division of the Erie has been arrested for de- stroying two at Spencer- villc The bridjro was open, and the captain ran hi. is lit i i J i i 3 If I M t 1 ifl} '_i5

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