Friday, June 6, 1890

Salem Daily News

Location: Salem, Ohio

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Salem Daily News, The (Newspaper) - June 6, 1890, Salem, Ohio THE EM DAILY NEW SALEM. OHIO, FRIDAY. JUNE 6. 1890. ises of Congress Discuss tbe Problem. t Caucus Substitute fot the ial Bill Debated in the House. Senate an Ghost ather, or Guide. 3S, June McKit- Committee oa Rules, reported a itcrday providing that the House immediately to consider the Sil- hat consideration shall continue m. Saturday, when the previous 1 be considered as ordered. of Georgia, had no objection to t for debate but he was informed of the Committee on Coinage, Measures wou'd be al'ov.edto mcndments which were ailmissi- rjles of the House. Whoa these there would be no opportunity for to offer amendments, nor would ia% :i chance to usk the House to (r> nnge Tin's proceeding Mr. as a wicked and shameful L minority. He tho-igJa there j 3 on the Rf-publican side who free silver but Jor fear of the wus In accord with the Secre- :tsary. and boih were in accord If the major ty and the Pres- I 10 the money power, the masses would hereafter d ctate and en- on in their Interests. Df Missouri, suid that every man or this resolution, voted against d those who had not independence nd up against gag rule were unfit 1 of mini's. Siiid the mmoritv my nm-ndment that they could f.-iul rales. oy su.d tkat ths resolution was In- the nn opportunity to pass gis ntion which wonlit no in per- 10 tl.e gen' ral seutunont of the to giv" th'- House we opportu- bill that would tnke all the silver the UnHed uad utilize it purposes. After more discussion adopted -ye.vs nays 117. i-oted in the uillrinaiivc and moved ion Tae m >tion to reconsider ens lit nays US. been read, Mr. Conger, or the caucus bill as a substitute. or ofcreil ;in amendment 11 bill providing thiit it the net rer buUiau received shall be less m any one month, the Secretary 7 shall en the succeediuf; month tticient amount to supply the de- 511, of Michigan, moved to amend striking out and inse-t- This exhamtficl all taj am -nd- :nn be otferoJ under the rules, and Bland was on hi- r of fre .silvtf coinage. Pending the House adjourned! imediatcly afrcr the routine busi- the Silver bill was :aken up aad jok the floor. Be bel'.e.-ed that a 2 people were opposed 10 opening le United States to the; Tree com- !d ssilTcr. He :Uso bjiievod thnt javcnttons of both parties would v a proposition. The people were In the portion of the country e was conversant, nine-tenths of .il populat'on and of the mtelli s aid wage-earners were opposed of the world's silver by the had concluded. Mr. Sher- floor and chamcturiz-cl the bill iate as a-, uaeasr zhost. wander- ither. without compass, without :o call fora vote upon it. and .1 s .lution of admitte.i that the people of :d a iar.rer m-jdiu-.u cnuntr.i s, bat nowhere were p.ip'.-r monoy better understood than in United He eeelpts of the National of 1 than half of the the atnour.; at which gold coin constituted 14 one-quarter of one per cent.. -urpsrvent., and checks Y-! ninety per c-.-nt.. so thai, piiryd a very ihi- i attributed the decreased prices i. prt.-li.cts to the up West: rciuc-.-d of trans- of raiiroa'l miliaci; ar capacity of und nr- and to and ftlucc pr-.ce Young Lawyer Victimizes Hm Friends for a .Vuioiint nail Skips to Canada. Conn., June case of embezzlement which occurred several months since, by which several promi- nent residents of Trumbull and sur- rounding towns lost large amounts of money has just come to light. The em- is lloliin Beers, a young lawyer doing business in Bridgeport. Several months ago Mr. Boors visited his homo and secured a large amount of money from his brother and sister, two wealthy and Elliott Beardsley C. G. Adams, proprietor of the Church Record in Southport, and oth- ers, representing that he would invest it in mortgages in Brooklyn paying large dividends. His will reach nearly SsU.OOO. Elliott and Miles Beardsley v.-f-re victimized to the extent of anvl tho others in amounts ranging from to J.j.OJD. Beers has gone to Canada. of Disaster. Va.. June is just learned that an Ohio River railroad special train of two cars. StlcJ with Bal- timore Ohio railroad officials en route to Wheeling, went through a be- tween here and Wheeling. The disaster is said to aopallinir. but the officials of the road can no information. A special train with sursreons on board has __-T. __- Me ty get tl.f- KmtrJridr LSTTI.K N. Y. trial of H-orp- thu killing i <tf "-.T.< W-.-dncs- EXPLODING OIL Tank Steamer and Much Wharf Property Destroyed. Thirteeii Persons Burned, One of Whom is Dead, Another Dying and Two Fatally Injured. 11. It tM until a lav-r hour. Spontaneous Combustion Relieved to Hare Cnusert the Loss Estl at June four o'clock Thursday afternoon an explosion occurred in the tank steamer Hans and Kurt, lying at the Atlantic Oil Refining Company's dock at Point Breeze. Tho vessel ruined and gallons of oil, together with considerable whar: property, including a brick storage building, wore destroyed by the fire which resulted from the explosion. There had been no fire aboard the ves sel and no cause for the explosion is known unless it bo spontaneous combus- tion. Joseph H. Quinn, aged thirty-six, a shipping clerk, was covered with tbe burning oil and was so badly injured that he died soon afterward. Harris Schonholtz, aged thirty-seven, a hose man of engine No. 4, was overcome by heat and the inhalation of Smoke and is believed to bo dying. John Wuent, the steamer's carpenter, was badly burned and had his arm dislocated. His condi- tion is serious. Henry Campen, ag< forty, was badly burned. He is in a serious condition. John E. Stoney, William Quinn and Henry Spoud, employed about the works, were more or less seriously burned by the flving oil. Robert Poo tot, cook of the steamer, had both feet burned. Sam- uel Lynn, engineer of Xo. I company, was scalded about the body. De- vine, enginesr of Xo. 1 company, is scalded. William foreman of En- gine Company Xo. 1, had both hands burned: a seaman named Blaerbon is scalded about the logs, and an unknown man burned by oil. making in all thir- teen injured, of which Joseph Quinn died, one is dying, and the injuries of Campen and Stoney may prove fatal. All of those seriously injured inhaled smoke and the fumes of burning oil, as did some of tho loss seriously injured men. The burning steamer was towed away from the wharf and down the river as soon as possible and run aground. Tugs continued to pour water in to her for sev- eral hours. She is ivarped out of shape and will have to be rebuilt. The damage is about The steamer was owned in Hamburg. DAMAGED BY Detail-t of Disaster In York anil Penn- sylvania 1-Yeiliets. LOCKI-OHT, N. Y.. June night's thunder storm did considerable damage. The Rome, Watartown Og- densburg tracks between Suspension Bridge and Lewiston are washed out and the road blocked. The Central's tracks are washed out in this city and its Lewiston branch is blocked by a big landslide. The guard lock to the canal was left open and water flowed over like a small Niagara, carrying every thing with it. Tho water along tha lower level is within six inches of the banks and breaks arc hourly expected. MEDINA, X. Y.. June storm Wednesday night was the most severe in years. Many dwellings were flooded and people had to be taken out in boats. Cellars all over town are flooded and considerable damage was done. EASTOX. Pa.. June 0. Goods in the basements of stores hero were damaged by tbe rain storm Wcdnesda- night, the water overflowing the pavements where new sewers arc-being constructed. Three houses in South were struck and partly demolished by lightning and con- siderable damage was done in the sur- rounding country by lightning. At Xaz- j areth. undertaking establish- ment was struck by lightning and. burned and of John t a: sanjc dama-'-u. j AIv-sia-s' Sam in i ty. with live-stork. wa nd Henry Overrnaycr. Jessie Lee, as- sistant engineer, was left upon tbe field 'or dead, but recovered so to a neighboring ranch, where he ics in a precarious TO SETTLE nt Will to and in tl -arx- -rs vitl city '-.vt nl-hi. A as .ill in. I o.aKsir..y .j. M-. Ua4. wj. .1 i .aav V. il Mr. a-iv a: A n j THE Plot to I. v.-r California to Hrltich i'lau Good, but Did Not w ork. SAX DIKOO, CuL, Juno a inves- tigation into the proposed filibustering expedition against Lower California puts a new phase on the affair. It ap- pears that the president of the Mexican Land and Colonization Company had concocted a scheme for the annexation of the peninsula to the British empire on the basis of the plan followed by tho East India Company when Great Britain acquired her possessions in Asia. It was proposed to colonize Lo-Aer Cali- fornia, secure concessions from tho Mexican government, and foment dis- sensions which would jeopardize En- glish interests. Then the interference of England was to bo asked. It is alleged that Mayor Scott, man- ager of the company, assured the fili- busters that two English men-of-war would be in the vicinity of Enscuda when tho new rcruLlic was LO bo de- clared. As soon as tho declaration of independence was issued the war ves- sels were to enter the harbor and recog- nize tho new nation. Scott also asserted that the nucleus of tbe armament was already in Lower California stored in the warehouse of the English company at Er.senada. After the republic was proclaimed Scott was of the opinion that the United States and Mexican govern- ments would join in putting down the insurrection and that Great Britain subsequently declare a protector- ate over tbe peninsula. RATE DISCRpirSATIOJf. IndlctmentK Aeuliist Michigan Central Officials for Violating the Inter-State Commerce JLaw Will be fot Trial. CniCAoo, June last the indict- ments against Michigan Central rail- road officials for violating the Inter- State Commerce law are to be pressed for trial. These indictments are six in number and are against the Michigan Central Railroad Company and the fol- lowing officials: Alexander Mackay, gen- eral freight agent; Arthur Street, as- sistant general freight agent; Matson P. Griswold. contracting agent: Fred C. Nicholas and E. L. Somers, agents of tbe Blue Line, a fast freight line oper- ating over the Michigan Central and Vanderbilt's eastern lines. These peo- ple were indicted for discrimination in giving a board of trade firm a rebate ol about cents a hundred pounds from the regular tariff rate on grain shipped from Chicago to the seaboard. Some of Their Doinge Faithfully Itecorded. CAUSED A CUK. Two Men Killed and One Wounded an Result of the Rilling of a. Worthiest, Kyr.'.Tnne Turnet and Ed Pace were killed and Bob Sta pleton wounded in Lee County, Va.. on Tuesday in a fight between the sheriifs posse and a crowd of tho Turners from Harlan, Ky. The Turners had gono over to move Wils. Turner's goods from where he was living to a new home in On the way they shot a dog belonging to Jitn Carter. This resulted in a quarrel with Carter, who swore out warrants against the Turners. When the sheriff attempted to execute these warrants the fight took place. Staple- ton was one of the sh-Tiffs posse. Decision In Fivror of "OHnrlnal Foirr SroTT. Kan.. June J. S. West, of the United States District Court, has rendered a decision on an "original package" case in which he de- clines to enforce the State prohibitory law, this being in line with the rcccnl action of the Supreme- Court. The de- cision was occasioned by a writ of habeas corpus in the case of Harry Harris, et under State law for selling intoxicating in original packages. Judge the prisoners, holding that in view of the Supreme Court's decision :Lt-y were ing unconstitutionally d'-rived of ihcii liberty. ________________ Sr I'A-JJ. Msaa.. Lvonv OHIO CKOPS. Official Keport of Condition Given bj the State Boiiril ot Agriculture. COLUMUUS, O., June Following is tbe official report of tho Ohio State Board of Agriculture on tho condition ot crops and live-stock June 1. The esti- mates are based on reports from the regular township crop correspondents, and are compiled and averaged for the State: compared with a full average, 84 per cent. Rye- Condition compared with a full average, S7 nor com. compared with a fuli average. SM per cent. compared with a full average. S7 pi-r cent. compared with a full average, SC per cent. compared with a full average, per cent. Clover -Condition compared with a full average. per cent. compared with a full average. Sir. per cent. by grub worm, 3 percent. I'.rcthren Convention. DAYTON, 0.. June first na- tional convention of tho young people of tho United Urethren church began its session hero Wednesday afternoon. The general object is to formulate mnthods to better aid church work. About ISO delegates from ten States were present. The delegates wore welcomed by an ad- dress by Bishop Weaver, responded to by Rev. C. M. Brooke, of Iowa. liralccmun YOTTXGSTOWX, O., June O'Brien, a brakeraan employed here in the N. Y., P. 0. yard, was killed yes- terday morning by falling from a car. His remains scattered along tbe track for a hundred yards. 0' T.rien wan twenty-eight years of aye, uuruarried, and resided at Painesvillc, 0. A year ago his sister was killed by a train on the Xickel I'late. Fatally Shot at a Fi-nltvul. IIIOXTOX, 0., June a drunken row at a strawberry festival at Peters- burg the other night. Carmi Summers shot William Kimbull wiih a revolver, the ball taking effect in the right breast near the nipple. ICimball can not recover. A coincidence is the fact that Ivimball's brother was shot at a festival given by the same church two years ago. Charged With Violating Tension Lawn. Juno W. H. Little and Mrs. Caroline Sweitzer were arrested here Wednesday by Doputv United States Marshal Walter E. Hysoll upon indictments by the United States grand jury at Coiumbus for violating the pension laws. Both wore arrested last year. It was sbowp that neither had sworn to the papers. I -i Fatal Arcidenf. Poi'.TSMOUTir, Juno Thomas Col- lins and his wife, who live near Powells- Tille, in this county, while returning home from this city Wednesday after- noon wore thrown from thoir wagon at the Narrows, near Sciotovillo. Mr. Col- lins was fatally injured and his wife sus- tained injuries which will cause tho loss of a limb. Shot Hrr Itrother. June Koso Gary, a colored giantess, and her brother, Ben Nichols, wen- drunk and bad a quarrel the other when the woman drew revolver, the of one chamber finding a r'-stinj: plar-e jn his thigh. fik-d an against the other. and both arc for. Arfumrnt In -l-. .Mur.lrr Trial If- and Alvcrd. l.j Ai- J. II. day. Tli" I5w iurv Tt 1 I Mon- ;iy V. 1. V Ii. V.. i K f

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