Tuesday, June 3, 1890

Salem Daily News

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Salem Daily News, The (Newspaper) - June 3, 1890, Salem, Ohio FHE SALEM DAILY NEWS. II. NO. 130. SALEM. OHIO, TUESDAY. JUNE 3. 1890. TWO CENTS. the House Endeavor Kill Time Any Measure of Impor- ting- Called Up for jusiilcratioiu I an Able and Ford- t Fltssaife or the June was i rules daj- in the Uousc After eral motion5! to suspend the jnt ng coudi'inncd Q L ncoln Post of Charles- lost. The session of the House us lemarkub'.e ;n one respect, cut ol the members -splice1', to to kill time and of iinoort.'.i'cc called >ill was the tat; t-t Tor m-inj- at- 'laber who t'esire.l 10 secare >n '.'or :ic uvmv po.-t in lii-> dis tsoii. sn :i i u-.Tb-'' of ou" s cli- s made Mr. raised a 1 u-narl: F.O'V r o1 Xeu riJ t '1 snould >w York to erect a monument [r. WriffUT. of Pennsylvania, a o ritlfy an asie.-ment entered o'iei-s of New YorU an 1 Penn- rd to the boundary lines be- passod relievine the Un'on Sau Fr ncisco. from certain to incurred m tho increasing: to 0 0 and of the cost of public buildings and FcTt Tex., re- Hmise then ad'nirne-l. ate ence w.vs orlered on the ition bill. Tho Silver bill was id Mr Mo-rill addressed the been ;n favor of doubling the and had -.rims of dim? almnst nnyth nij except ab.indimnjf absolutely nmetaUU; .stand.ird of money. nf th" new- silver zospel were Th-y derainded the coin- er at the expense of the Gov- iKo wanted the treasury notes be made a tender for all il private. Then they wanted to be cut down to tea nrl- irt-ed mUtio-is> of ifold now held of legal tender notes to be r th in anrthini: they for a 1 tho American silver ra gilt be brought into tho im or any other conn commu stiver (about two per Iwrnc- by tho Government, and silver bullion w-re between bullion and TtMt the feast to which invii-d by the distinguished ilorado and Nevada (Jones and urs of the United States were ins and were the most numcr- the country and. he be- >t in amount It was t'aat class "0 to pay oT in cheaper rt money and to re- hichtr piiceii for anything Could there be aaytlr'ng more sof tho country at an early .trlkes for higher wages' Mr. itli in th.: stories of public and of the ooontr'-. He be- co'.ilrt bu obtained it hat the iudebteuue-s per tap th-m in ISM. He believed legislation, a Kuffl -'her mig'.'t be utilized, and nann.ir.l bo muirain -d. sreno-t on lh- Military Acad -entfd -ind agreed to. and then ep-jrt on A: my Appropria- up and the canteen n'-the h'll w.is rtwissed. the t to the elTcct that no In- v.is, to v.-. r.u and Mr d at After a review of ;he a r of 1 demonet'z v.iri .a-, p-'ndin: of aid 'ie failed in ho r M! -prrl lie ne.irrst ap r it 1." be able to so "Mr n ;-n-, ih' Siivr n 1 .if'ur a brim' .scrr -t o irsu-d. BUUEAU OF IXFOlttlATIOX ea by S entity ItUiue for of uf Auirricin KM- 1. grand jury htinpres'-ntmonts arrains h-jt'-l and saloon-keeper of the- new high hcens< into effect May 1 't. "f tit'- lintel of P.aHiniorc. A most prominent railed upon to ratify in r rieljfved an fdiin-A- and i; is June 3. Secretary ilaine yesterday transmitted to Con- fess a recommendation of the interna- ional American conference in regard to -ustonis regulations and a bureau of in- ormation. Secretary Klaine indorses he plan, which is to be inaugurated at Washington under the supervision of he Secretary of State by a bureau called 'The Commercial IJureau of the Atneri- :an and its orsran is to be a publication entitled "The Bulletin of he Commercial Bureau of the American to be printed in the En- ;lish, Spar-ish and Portugues languages, .nd to contain, in addition to important nforrriation concerning the American republics', the following: existing customs tarilfs of the several countries belonging to the union md all changes of the sam-j as they oc- :ur, with such explanations as may be deemed useful. official relations which affect ;he entrance and clearance of vessel: and the importation, a ad exportation of merchandise in the ports of the repre- sented counti.v.-.. also all circulars of .nstructions to customs officials which to customs procedure or to tho llassification of merchandise for duty. quotations from commercial and parcel treaties between any of the American republics. statistics of external commerce and domestic products and other information of special interest to merchants and shippers of the repre- sented countries. bureau is at all times to be av? liable as a medium of communication and correspondence for persons applying for information in re- gard to matters pertaining to the com- merce of the American republics, and the bulletin is to br supplied to the pub- lic. The expense of sustaining the pro- posed bureau and its publications is to be duided amung the several American republics in proportionate to their respective population LiABOU TItOUIS T n ItoofurH iinrl Ormce at Ilrool.lvn, X. Y., Strike lor an Klght- Ilonr Demand Increased Pay. BISOOKLVX, X Y Juno tho tin cor-nc-.e workers, and sky- light workers in this city went out on strike Monday tneir demand for eight hours was not granted by tho bosseb. Th" strike alfocts about 400 P.rooklyn meu r.nd -OO New York men wbo are employed on jobs in the city. The strike, will immediately all'cct of capital which is involved in present opc-rat OTIS. Tho bosses show no inclination to seek other meu and their employo1- will return to work soon. They offer to pay them by the hour for eight hours a day. or as long as they want to work at the- rate of forty cents per hour for men and thirty- five cents per hour for inside men and sav thcv will gnvnt an eight-hour by next i." the Xcw YorR bosses do the samo. Tne refuse these terms. Me..-Tune mon era- ploved t.n the hemlock wharves of H. F. Elton Son- struck yesterday for ?1.SO per dav. They formed a procession and ever.- wharf on the river front .r-i-l -u'-oee 1 -d 111 indin-ing nearly all the ein-V.oycl h.-.'illing lumber to join iheni. wharvc-s arc practic- ally (Ics-Liv I .ml matter is spec-diiy <efl' 1 i probubly have to shut .v i. Cn T.T.n.. .iune The Union r-ni'-.'-r-.. f thi-i-'i-v have raised the scale Sv- p-r thousand and notified -nipi.iycrs that their mand nsrht. Tw.) daily and fi-.e and nine job oilier-.- >ii' i'-'l an agrt-.-mi-nt not to itival Lovers Meet in A Gruesome Louisville. Ky., to Settle With Pistols Their for the Haud of a Yonug Lady. One of the Seriously Wounded nd Other With a of the Ky., .lune Sun- day night Jst. Louis Cemetery, dark and gloomy, was the scene of the first duel fought in Kentucky for many a long year. The participants in the affair were Thomas Overby, an advertising agent, and Charles Sanders, a traveling man for an Evansville. Ind., clothing house. Sanders was engaged to be mar- ried to Miss Emma. Xenor, a handsome young lady of Evansville, now visiting in this city. Upon coming here to see- the young lady Sanders discovered that Overby had bupiiLinted him in her af- fections. A quarrel was followed by a fight, in which Sanders was worsted. They afterwards met at the Alexander Hotel and resumed their difficulty and finally deoid'jd to settle the affair ac- cording to the code. Overby w.is represented by Frank Lattrall, a young man who lives in In- dianapolis, uhile a traveling man named Harry Thomas acted as second for Sand- ers. Accompanied by a medical student named James White, who acted as sur- geon, and a reporter of the Courier Journal, the party secured carriages and drove to St. Louis Cemetery, in the sub- urbs. The principals took their posi- tions armed with Smith A Wesson revolvers twenty paces apart It was too dark to the plainly, except at a close, distance, but both dis- played great coolness. The seconds ar- ranged that th" tiring should begin when three had been counted. "One, two. three." As> tho last number was called by the phvsieian a Maze of fire flashed from the of both pistols. Hefore one could see whether or not either niau was wounded, four more re- ports rang out and Sanders staggered up to the tombstone near him and sup- ported himself by its cold sides Dr. White hastily ex trained him, and found that one bullet had penetrated his right breast near the top of the shoulder, while another had made a slight flesh wound in his left arm. The man'3 wounds were dressed as quickly as pos- sible, and he was placed in a carriage a d taken to Xew Albany, Ind., whore he took the first.train.for Evansville. The other participants ia the affair have all left the cif.y. Sanders' wounds are not considered fatal. i -i-.l pr.'-t-s. arc prepar- ing to :h." of the r-f'tnbt-r.- "f Tvpog'.'.nhiral I'nion. NKW ol I C'-n--'.s ..ni ''.'liy- "n' Mr.rk- Smith's in liiiinr.tll in M.iny Years. Sr. I'.vt'r.. Minn., June re- ceived from both tho Dakotas show that a great storm raged there Sunday night. In North Dakota rain fell in torrents, the downpour being the greatest since amounting in places to more than three inches in as many ho-.rs. In South Dakota the storm was accompanied by thunder, lightning, hail and a sixty mile wind. The grain crop is so small that it is bslievod no damage has been done, but garden truck is in many places ruined. Strawborry plants, which arc just blooming, avo cut ali to pieces. Slight damage to buildings by wind is reported in several places. Tried rr.tirr the Alien Contract I.itimr Svrr.T SCK. M Mich.. .Tune Rev. Mr. (ircen. of the E-canaba Epis copal church, will probably be tried under the Alien Labor law. He wa- a pastor at church and while i-ervinz there w.is contracted with to supply the Kscanaba pulpit. lie claims that he was ignorant of the law but his ignorance does not satisfy tin District Attorney, who is investigating the ma'.tor. The local business mertar- p.i-.> v.-ijrrk-d. as of th'-ir THE AVli.'STvY WAR. i of Oealt-rs In Original ou Without Livvljr Toi'EKA, Kan., June The whisky war is being vigorously iraged, and the State and Federal authorities are ar- rayed against each other in the fight. I'roceeding under the section of the State law defining public nuisances and 'orbidding the saie of liquor to minors and habitual drunkards, the county at- torney caused the arrest of six "original house keepers on Thursday, and Judge Guthrie sent tnem to jail and ordered the establishments closed. The attorneys for the prisoner want Judge Foster, of the United States Court, wbo immediately issued writs of habeas corpus, which were at once served on the sheriff. That officer, acting under tho advice of the county attorney, took advantage of a law giv- ing a sheriif three days in which to make iis return on the writ. The prisoners were therefor0 obliged to remain in jail from Thursday until Sunday, when they were taken before Judge Fas- ter and released on bail. The announced his intention oflooking into the merits of the "original pack- decision and the relation it bears to the State enactment, and will render a decision after sufficient examination has been made. In the meantime the county officials say they will continue making arrests under the State law and imprisoning offenders until the business of liquor selling; is made extremely ex- pensive and hazardous in Topeka. A MYSTJERY. Iteccut in Neighbor- ing Cities. LIGHTLY PC.VISHED. Snlclde or a I'.eHutifiil Dlsupjjeurxnce of Child Who uileil Her the Citizens of a oniiecticiit r BKITAIX. Conn., June body of a woman who was beautiful in life lies at the morgue in this city wait- ing identification. The body was taken from the Hill reservoir Satur- day evening. Tho woman had been seen near the reservoir with a little girl in the early part of the evening acting very suspiciously. About eight o'clock Charles Eddy was riding near the ceme- tery with a friend. They were suddenly startled by two piercing shrieks which seemed to come from the- teseryoir. Eddy leaped from the carriage and saw what he was certain was a woman sink in the dark water. A hat was found floating on tho water and near'the bank a woman's shoe was found. Eddy lost no time in informing the police of the affair. The reservoir was dragged, and in less than an hour the body of a woman was brought to Jibe surface. Several people of this 'city say they have frequently seen the woman, but no one seems to know her name or any thing about her. Whether it was suicide or murder tho police are at a loss to say. What has be- come of the child who was with the woman is unknown. Robber Shot to Dcutli by Policemen. ST. June night po- licemen detected a thief robbing a man who was asleep in a hallway, corner Broadway and Washington avenue. The thief ran up an alley, followed by offi- cers, who fired half a dozen shots at him. In trying to scale a wall he fell back dead. It was discovered that he had been shot in the back of the neck. Ho was recognized as William Howard, of previous good roputuion. Caret-r of the NihHisU. Loxnox. June dispatch from Berne says that several of the Nihilists lately arrested at i'aris wore expelled a year ago from Swiss territory, and that they took with thorn a number of bombs. The Swiss government informed tho French autho-ities of this fact at the time. The bombs were not. howc-vor, very formidable. Dom.ski. one of the men arrested, is a inembor of the Ter- rorist faction and is a fanatic. Kxponol. NEW YOIIK. Jur.f World lishfs a story of an f-xp-isii-o hv its IKTI'TS of -i spiritualistic X. Y.. I cp.-irr-l had n" I run in .oiv :t f'-w an <T. -rjy y- r "a j: Lab .r ha< authorized a faToraVi" on sola lion an 1 in .t- in 'V' -_. h.i- a, .._ ,....-...-v. by the aid of lights. with storage The lami.s anO were strapped around tho of p-.-vr-r.--1 at th" r.riti- i cal motn'-n; th'- -.va- and th" Tr.c :ir.-'. Bull %t Sprinifileld Re- Pnjiuent of Chnrch-GolnK IVoplc SPRINGFIEI.D. 0.. June The firsi Sunday baseball game ever played with- in the city limits was witnessed by people here last Sunday, the largest au- dience ever attending a local ball con- test The visiting club was the Canton tall-ender, but it managed to defeat Springfield after the hardest, queerest, craziest con test imaginable. Both pitch- ers were pounded into chaos. Scheible getting a little the worst of it. Both teams played loosely and raggedly. Monday morning, by prearrangement, constable Parsons arrested tho man- agers and players. In 'Squire Miller's court they pleaded guilty and each was fined twenty-five cents and costs. Tho latter will be thrown otT. Church-going people are kicking over the lines im- posed by the justice and thcic is likely to bo some fun later. Killed by Falling Timber. Cr.EVEi.AXD, June 3. John Jungwert, nineteen years old. was instantly killed In Quayle's shipyard Monday. He had been in this countrv only ono week and began work for L. P. and J. A. Smith yesterday morninsr. Ho was employed on t.hc pile driver and w.is struck in the head by one of the heavy timbers and knocked into the water. Jungwr.rt was unable to understand the instructions given him when the pile toppled over, and instead of running away from dan- ger rushed squarely in under the falling timber. Collision on the Nvpatko. AKUOX, June 3. Freight train No. 24, westbound, and the third section of train No. 21 collided on tho Nypano near New Portage Sunday afternoon. Koth en- gines were badly damaged, and ten oars loaded with slate, grain and lumber smashed up. Wreckage fell over the C., A. C. track, blocking it for several hours. Trainmen jumped and saved themselves. Loss f 1 Conductor of extra No. 21 failed to take his orders, were to wait at Now Portage for No. 24. __ _ .Tnmpor Tnjnrcd. CiKcrxx.vTi. June 3. S-iventecn-year- old Joe Hussoll. of Ludlow, Ky., started out Sunday afternoon to jump from all four of the bridges across the Ohio river here within three hours. At ono o'clock he plunged from the middle span of the Chesapeake Ohio bridge, 150 feet above the channel. Ho struck the water on his left side and was so stunned that he was rescued with difficulty by tho boat in waiting. He abandoned tho idea of jumping from the otuer bridges. Clinton Jeweler CANTON, O.. June 3. Virgil Lober- man, a leading jeweler, was closed Mon- day by a constable to satisfy numerous claims of He has boon carry- ing a largo stock and was, simnosed to be financiilly solid. Depression in trade is said to be tho cause. Assets and lia- bilities each Was reported to have left town but this proves untrue, he having simply gone away to spend Sunday. A VK-IIMI of Jiiiir- Sunday after noon Thomas Epps, a wfll-known boot and shoe merchant and one of the oldest this city, was stricken with apoplc-xv at his homo and died without uttering a word. Ho had just arisen from dinner, of which ho partook heartily, and was in the act of washing- his hands when the fatil stroke came. He was seventy-four years of ag'-. Cbii'I to Kcntli. Kvi.KX O.. June 3. Last Friday night a one-year-old child of Xi'.ox. at Monroe. O.. j.uil'-.i a ovr-r its mother -.va- temporarily ab- sent from tho room, causing ihi- -amr: to explode, skittering the burning ovr it and burning th" ctiiH in a fritrht- fnl manner. The- little SERVICE PENSIONS. Rrpvbltcmn Will ItwUt Upon the of the iiwrUl BUI. WASHINGTON, June Contrary to ex- pectations, the matter of pensions came up in the Republican caucus in tnt House last night and a long discus- sion ensued over the kind of agreement that the conferees on the part of the House on the Senate Tension bill should make. The Senate, it will be remem- bered, recently passed a general Do- pendent 1'ension bill, which the Douse amended adding the Morrill bill, which contains a service pension clause, A conference was ordered, but the COtt- 'erees have been unable to agree andE the matter was brought up in publican House caucus in the hope that some instructions to guide the conferees might bo agreed upon. A great many members took part the discussion It was finally agreed that the conferees should insist on the.- retention of the amendments made by the House, and also that a further amendment should be made providing that no pension shall be loss than Stfper month. TENEMENTT_HOUSE F1BE. One Mini Smothered to Death Other refloat Iturnt'd, Two I'rolutbljr Fatally. ST. Louts, Juno Shortly after two- o'clock Monday morning fire broke out on the second floor of the building at No. KS-23 Franklin avenue, which was occupied as a tenement by several fami- lies. Ueorsre Wolf and family had rooms- in the front part ot tho building and Charles Haime and family occupied the rear apartments. The names had gained such headway when it was discovered that it was with great ditliculty the fire- men succeeded in rescuing any of the in- mates. The aged father of George Wolf was suffocated by smoke. Mrs. Wolf and her two small children were seriously burned, but .vill recover. Mrs. Charles Ilausse and her seven-year-old son were frightfully burned and their recovery is doubtful. The fire is supposed to hive originated in a paint shop on the first floor. Damage to property VANDALISM DENOUNCED. Students Will the Dam- age Uonc to the College niitf liring t'arlics to BOSTON, June a large mooting of Harvard students last night resolu- tions weru adopted denouncing the ro- cent acts of vandalism anil declaring that they wnro the work of but ono or two men and should nor by public opinion upon the students as a, body. It was resolved to raido money among the students to repair the dam- age so far as possible, and to employ de- tectives to ferret out the guilty parties and bring thorn to justice. Tho com- mittee on athletics was requested to es- tablish a method for future celebrations- p.t Harvard, nlacing them under tho di- rection of curtain competent men, in order to irresular actions. P, VSE BALL. Contests Kct.vccn Hie LcntllnK Exponents of I Following are the scores of yester- day's games: N u. t.K.vc.Ui At 1-4, Pittsburgh. 1. At 4, Cleveland 3. At New 4, New York At It. Philadel- phia 0. At 7, Phila- delphia 1C. At New York tloston T. New York 10. At Buffalo i'ittsb.irirh S, Kuffa'o 1. At Chh-ago S. j in ft-arful i Sv.n.L-ir. when li.jurt-il J.y ;i 111.. .Tuno of rouf of an old church, near which a new one was boincr erected. y-jtLT.lay, carrying with it live men. all of whom s'.-riou'-ly injured, and two of whom may die. The injured are: John Cotighlin. leg fracture i and face i-ly h-.irt: Fred Hill. Kudolph, spine in- jur'-d: Zimmerman, risrh; leg. arm and Kirk injured: John Popkes, wound and snifrasl inj-iri'-s. OfTri W i: an i l.ivv. -..iri.T '.ill. ibn. j vj-j- v '.i'ti'-'i? "f TV v I it S- i

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