Monday, May 19, 1890

Salem Daily News

Location: Salem, Ohio

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Salem Daily News, The (Newspaper) - May 19, 1890, Salem, Ohio SALEM DAILY NEWS. IL NO. 118. SALEM. OHIO, MONDAY, MAY 19. 1890. TWO CENTS. tie House of 5f Indiana, Calls Mr a Per- and a Liar. C'tf The til of Call Forth a Renolntiot !ch Bynum fro a May tha House layne. of Pennsylvania, :'s dssk and had read a nes Campbell, of Pitts- the statements reflect- wacter made a few days Bynum, of Indiana, and West Virginia. In his ly attacks these gsntle- gorous language in de- them. An attempt was ie letter stricken from it was unsuccessful. >se to a question, o" por- to speak on ths Campbell i the chair expressed a uestion of privilege was was much uproar and or half an hour had been ynum got the floor and conditions under which ampbell a liar and per- lurled by reiterating this g: "I have as great con- tiaracter of Mr. Campbell character of the gentle- i this attack upon me." Mr. Cutcheon the words n-n and reported >o the Cutcheon ollered a reso- Mr. Uynum. Dilatory ted a great deal of time, s question was ordered esolutioa. n declaring that Mr. By- 0 censure of the House eas 125, nays 108. A res- ing for the presence of ore the bat of th.o House 120, nays 103. m, leaning on the arm of Indiana, appeared at the led by all of his Derao- 5 who could find room in ;e and who were loud in The Speaker obtained jested the gentlemen to acting as spokesman declined to do so. Ser- lolmes then said: "Mr. solution of the House of s you aro required to ap- 1 bar of the House to re- re of that body through The Speaker again re- mbers to take their seats, again rsf used to corn- then saul: "The House es porceives that it is ,he chair to enforce order certain members. The 'fore proceed to do its present condition of dis- num, you are arraigned s House for having trans- s by your remarks. For House desires that you ired at its bar. In the louse, therefore. I pro- >u its centum. The ser- rill now release you." such circum- 'nt the censure of th jnition of honor." some disposition mani- to take ura- rernark. but it pcrfi-cvy th'' iha session. Miy Marjar-'t L Uaitod ivu May Arms Cauaday, of the Senate, is about to resign. Colonel Canaday will hand in his resignation to-day, to take effect July 1. His successor is to be chosen at a caucus of Republican Senators. It ia likely that Mr. Leeds, of Philadelphia; ex-Representative Valentine, of Ne- braska, and Colonel Swords, of Iowa, will be put in nomination in the caucus, but it looks now as though Mr. Valen- tine would have a clear field after the first ballot. Ho has tho backing of the West and he will get a few votes on the firSt ballot from New England The position of sergeant-at-arms and door-keeper of the Senate pays It is considered particularly desirable because of the patronage connected with it. The sergeant at-arms is the execu- tive officer of the Senate. Colonel Cana- day has held the position for nine years. He was appointed from North Carolina to succeed "Dick" Bright at the instance of Senator Sherman, who has used his influence ever since to keep him in office. Determined efforts hava been niado for more than a yea.r to have Canaday removed and a great many charges against him have been p.iblishpd in the1 newspapers, but chey have all boen dis- proved. The political pressure for the place has been very great and the fact that North Carolina is a Democratic State rendered C.inaday's tenure of office very insecure for somu time. Nothing- but his personal popularity would have kept him in the pi .ce for so many years. A GLOOMY OUTLOOK For Crops in M.-st f the Northwestern And timrhrrn WASHIN-GXOX. May weather crop bulletin for the week ending M, 17 says: The weathor during the past week in the Northwest, including the States of the Missou.-i and Upper Missis sippi valleys and upper lake r.'gioa, was generally unfavorable for growing crops, owing to low temperature, whicb was accompanied by f i o-its, causing some iniury fruit and retarding growth ol crops. Drought continues over portions oi Minnesota and North Di'cota, where high winds Lave rordered some replant- ing necessary. Moro rain is needed in and Kouraka, while the exces- sive rainfall in the States of tho Ohio valley, attended cold weather, has retarded tai-iu w >r'.c, tae ground being too wet for Kentucky reports tobacco plant.-, lat-s and scarce and other crops fair! Tennessee reports weather unfavorable and the outlook disconrag ing. farmers boinj greatly behind in their work. Some damage is reportec to wheat and o.its from rust, but the tobacco prospect is more favorable. In the west Gulf States the weathei condition during the past week have caused soae improvement, although owing to low temperatures growth o crops has been slow. The replanting o cotton and rico is in progress in districts previously flooded, and in Texas whea is damaged by rust. Cotton has been injur-d by cool weather aad excessive rains in Schooner anil All "Lost- Ont., May th gale Saturday tho schooner Jessie Breck, loadcl with lumber from Toledo, bound for G-.nlc-n island, capsized near Nine mile 1'oint and it is feared all on boart lost. The vessi-l was in command of Captain Ttwaas Mackey. his brothe Joseph and another brother John. a- a sailor. The balanc" of cri-.v -svjre W. Isado Kraa-v (.Joorce and Maria Mac Knd vi ai ,j -a.- i sir-day -tack and -h. of York. -it.. -i il" SH-. -lad 'or L Ta- A vj.> <3.ii fc.r vh Th--y rr- ft Jc <t. .v 1.1 at -rjui.'- ai ar1'- ajR liojir. i Ui" arr? jruTir'-fi tl-mr'ns ......'-aaN.. :n a-nlrl, x. aafl i ix l-.i I v- rm'- 1- I- r- v- c "f _. 1-i" W -f -..M.IUM :-t- Over 01OO.OOO Cons Fire. TOLEDO, O., May Fire which started in the CrescentCandy Company's establishment Sunday morning spread rapidly to the wholesale grocery of Wood Mawsey. Before the flames were ex- tinguished all four of the candy com- pany's stores were gutted and Wool Mawsey suffered almost a total on their grocery stocks. Lytle Wecman's wholesale carriage and saddlery estab- lishment was sliihtly damaged by water and smoke. The lo'jses .-ire: Credent Candy Company. STil.OO .t .Maw- sey. SV..OCD: Lyttlo 33.000: to bxiidiag. -SIO.OJO: all covered by insurance. A New lor N. Y.. May .last be- fore Sunday's janjf at Windsor IJ-arh Manasor of tho Golatn- has club, calhered T and a in whics jvffrr' iV.- ii tho o' 'Ijf of .7 a- at i'a- Ji- :b found '.ml on BASJ5 Following are the scores of Saturday'! games: NATIONAL LKAGCF. At New 2, Sew Yorl At ff, Brooklyc At 4, Boston 9. At 4, Phila- delphia 6. YE LEAGUE. At New 6, New York 13. At 2, Brooklyn 8. At 15, Boston 5. At Phila- delphia 10. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. At S, Brooklyn ten innings. At Louis 0, Syracuse 5. At 0, Rochester 7. At 5, Athlet- ics 8. SUNDAY GAMES. At 2, Louis- ville 5. At Windsor Beach, N. ll) 2. At Louie 9, Syracuse 11. At 3, Brooklyn ten innings. DIED IN QUICKSANO. Peeullrtr to Save the Vi -riia of a Cave-In WHIch IVere of No Avail. NE'.v YORK, May H. Par- cells, night dispatcher in the New York post-office, was killed Saturday by the caving in of a well on his place at Woodside, L. I. Mr. Parcoils was re- pairing che well when it p.irtiaily caved in, burying biui nearly to the neck. The quicksand continued to run down and the efforts of neighbors to extricate tho unfortunate man only increased bis danger. A rubber tube was procured and placed in mouth, so that he could breat'ue after the sand had covered his head. After sovoral hours' labor the sand was cleared away again, but it was found that he had.been un- able to retain the tube in his mouth and had been choked to death. He was one of the leading citizens of Woodside. He leaves a widow and six children in com- fortable circumstances. Blardcred by it Maniac. FKEEPORT, 111.. May S. Reisinger, superintendent of the county poor farm, was brutally murdered Satur- day with an axe by an insane man named William Wilhelm. Reisinger and a farm hand named Gangle were riding on the front soat of a wagon, the lunatic standing up behind them, helm without warning plotted up the axe and brought the sharp edge down with tremendous force a dozen times on the head and body of his victim. The horses ran away and threw the body out. The maniac was by Gangle, but afterwards escaped with the axe in his hand. Skips to Canada. LOGANSVORT, Ind., May Winklebleck. a heavy lumber dealer of this city, is missing. He has been financially involved for some time anc it is alleged that he has absconded. Notes given by Winklebleck and bear- ing the signatures of wealthy citizens as sureties, for sums ag'gregating have tnrned up which are alleged to be forgeries. be in Canada Winklebleck is thought to Strange frankm. LV, May sensational marriages are matters of gossip here While the guest? were assembled await- ing the marriage of -Jacob Lieffor to Miss Marion Post, the jrroorn eloped an May o the St. LTUIS park, whc in not any ihiac a r3ul> ia 1YJE3, tint Celebrate i Billlxr t Start CM m Tour of tho World. SAX FttAXcisco, May 19.-Jake Schaef- er, the accompanied by Frank S. Ives, the "young Napoleon" of bill- iards, have arrived in this city from Chicago. It has been generally believed here that Scbaefer was coining to this city for tho express purpose of meeting Prof. McCleary in a point game, Schaefer to give a discount. Such is not the case. Schaefor and Ives aro making a tour of the world and will leave for Australia immediately after the coming match, whicft will begin at Metropolitan Hall May 20. As ho intends to do in all other large cities, Schaefer agreed to play McCleary and requested his part- ner, Dick Roche, to arrange the match. Schaefer will leave Australia in time to reach Paris for the groat tournament, and expects to return to Now York be- fore October. CARLISLE IS SENATOR. Action of the Democratic RatHted by tbe Kentucky Legislature. Ky., May G. Carlisle was on Saturday elected United States Senator to succeed Mr. Beck. The joint session of the Legislature be- gan at noon and was characterized by more dignity than those of the preced- ing days of the week. Tho lobbies were full of ladies to witness the proceedings and Mr. Carlisle occupied a seat on the floor. Judge Lindsay placed Mr. Car- lisle in nomination in a brief speech in liich he paid a graceful tribute to the choice of tho Democratic caucus. Mr. Langley, for the Republican caucus, nominated Silas Adams. The ballot then proceeded, 107 votes being cast for Carlisle and 15 for Adams. The Lieu- tenant Governor then announced the re- sult and the joint assembly dissolved. SWINDLERS PUNtSHED. Pained on affair of VFn Defrauded the Government Out of Pension MILWAUKEE, May H. Tourlott, clerk of the Shawano County Court, was convicted Saturday in the United States Court of having defrauded the Govern- ment out of a pension. He was sen- tenced to two years' imprisonment in State's prison and to pay a fine of His accomplice, Joseph Gander, who was his dupe, sentenced to pay a fine of and to be imprisoned in the house of correction for six months. He paid his fine and thr> sentence of im- prisonment was suspended. Mrs. Fran- ces Otter, through whom they secured the pension, was discharged on consid- eration of having turned State's evi- dence. _ _ _ __ Trainmen Blown Into Eternltr. NAOHVIT.LE, Tenn., May men met instant death near Danville Friday night by the explosion of the boiler of a locomotive drawing a freight train. The train, which was between Paris and Erin, on the Louisville Nashville railroad, was going up grade whea the explosion occurred. The ac- cident was caused by stay bolts giving out The engine was thrown from the track. Five cars loaded with merchan- dise were demolished and Matt Connors, the engineer: George Stull. fireman, and Jack Whcatley, brakcman, were killed._______________ United Order of Honor Wiped Ont., May United Order of Honor, whose affairs have boen In the hands of receiver Hradley for some months, was completely wiped out Saturday when the receiver submitted his report, lie showed that there were debts aggregatinc -550.000. but he was only able to collect-51.130. The court allowed the attorney in the case S500 and the receiver the rciaaindcr. After paying the court expends the creditors get nothing. Tbt- ordr- was once ia a very flourishing condition. X. Y.. May The division of the Order of Conductors on Saturday <-k-cted these officers: Graal Conductor. E. E. Sajart. o! Offdea. I'tab: -luaior J. It. Siiutz. X. Y.: sjciobcr of Es'-catiT" Coaa K. FitzT'Taid. of j an su KI.% N. Y.. Var ;v. jirrwij-al ttx- Ilri'tAlvn 1 nacT. Slau" and 1 T'- Ha- V.'iC J.aa- WB 1 Ii Jnr- S-T y. <if at sa it tin- of <m" of Itrr MM- N V Vis: LATEST Gathoro t ftgr ITEMS. From all ft John L. Sullivan's challenge to fight Joe McAuliffe with gloves to a finish for a side will accepted. Charles W. Powell, a well-Vnown citi- ten of Omaha, Neb., was shot and killed the other day by a burglar who waft at- tempting to enter his residence. The body of Michael Henry and an- other man, so badly mangled as to be beyond recognition, were brought to the surface of the caved-in mine at Ashley, Pa., on tbe 17th. At Washington, D. C., the -other day, Mr. Rowland's horse Ontario beat the world's record for high jumping, clear- ing seven feet. The best record previ- ously was his feet aad eight inches. Captain P. D. Mates, who is said to have been the foun'lr-r of the Republi- can party, died at U'ianeconne, Wis., the other night, after an illness of only a few hours. He was born in New York in 179S. Thomas MeOicane, United State; consul at Portsmouth, England, com initted suicide recently by shooting him self with a revolver at Soutasea Castle a fashionable place residence neat Portsmouth. The great fliily Flyaway has broken down, and her retirement from tbe turl to the breeding farm is necessary. II was the opinion of all trainers iind turf- men that she was the best filly of het age in America. John E. Chamberlain, a prominent cit- izen, died at his residence in Baltimore recently, aged eighty-four. He was member of the I. O. 0. F. for sixty-three years, and the last surviving chartei member of the Pocahontas tribe of Red Men. General Boulanger, in a letter to a friend, explains that his recent aboli- tion of the Boulangist committee does not mean that be has renounced tbeit aid, but that he does not care to have any medium between universal suffrage and himself. At Salt Lake City, the other day, W. N. Nelson was convicted of polygamy and sentenced to six mont'.is' imprison- ment and to pay a fine of and the costs of tho court The same individual was pardoned in 1SS8 by President Cleve- land for a similar offense. It is expected that tho contract of A. L. Daggers for furnishing- postal cards to the Postoffioe Department will be -terminated in a few Diggett is delinquent in three very in.-porT.ant par- as to the ox paper furnished; second, as to the quantity, and third, as to his indemnity bond. by un Electric L'.Rut Wire. New May 10. An Italian boot- black named .Toe Scleasitiana, while en- gaged in cleaning windows forthelnter- Swtebank at No. 107 Broadway, Satur- day afternoon, placed his hands on an electric .light wire that ran into the building and was instantly killed. Ucno-.nic.-t1 the .Uctvmler Hlu. EW YOIIK, May 19. A mass meeting of the labor organization known as the Associated Trades was held Saturday in City Hall Park. Resolutions -were adopted denouncing the McKinley tari? and calling upon Republicans in the dif- ferent States to use their honest endeav- ors to crush the said bill as odious, mer cenary and degrading. Hotel nnrned. ATLANTIC CITY, X. -T-, May The Osborn Hotel, this ciiy, caught fire and was partly consumed atone o'clock Sun- dav morning. The hotel was but re- cently opened for the summer season. The origin of the Src is hut is sapoosr-1 to be incc-ndi.iry. There were thirty inmates, but all escaped un- harmed. The bouse will be rtbrali. IJirJ from Apoplcrjr. BAt.Tjjiostn. Mar Senator Charles S. Adatni died Sunday. Last Monday night, while at the Coacordia Club, he was seized with a stroke of ap- oplexy from which he did not recover. Adams was 5 fly -seven <fjd. H'-wasaa member of tbc Cnaia. Uoyal Arcaauai and -Jourr. I1L. Mar J'-rry oJl, the es-iltrputy who pSrod with aad others to nor- X. Y.. Mar 3'A --John A. i -r- Til' v ill.. Ma; i a-l'-a. Tr 71.1" i'. TV It" r T-ir a Y. Iti u" a: iin Z.< T.J- _. ..v... ...j. i "V. varx ii 7 io-l a atn, T T Sf-t .-4.- ,r -i i., ytii if........ 1 f, ftf-i f. I1 Jbll-wUPKL '.L' s tf AlV_ V r l" Klll'lfi KTlrt TTJU. T "'T1 'ft J. r K If V. r T-' "-A" It iltl tl" rf_ mn .w '-st --M- T i j r-i if IM i mrC If" i '5 1 1 11' M "'I r uwi. -V- r tf a'.K' 1 4i :ar v v. MH; 5V .r Imik.' taj OMV "flpm t n- aK

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