Saturday, March 29, 1890

Salem Daily News

Location: Salem, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Salem Daily News on Saturday, March 29, 1890

Salem Daily News, The (Newspaper) - March 29, 1890, Salem, Ohio HE SALEM DAILY NEWS. L NO. 75. SALEM. OHIO, SATURDAY, MARCH 29. 1890. TWO CENTS. of Louisville, i Bains. rkofafydm >pt the City. jives Went Out fdl Crash of Buildings. Horror to the eh was Sim- orrible. i of Suffering ruction of Ten the Storm's Fury at tolls. 111. t Has listory. No Parallel salable and Will Re- Days to Even >ximate. r Witnessed In Amer- [11-Fated Johnstown. March A tor- iville at o'clock It entered the he city at Eighteenth t A path five blocks jacking, In a ragged street, leveling every me. Probably iyed and a rough esti- ber of people killed vhile there are many The city is in a habitants are wildly md friends A large ivork on the ruins, and have been recovered. i Main street from tenth streets are in he handsome whole- l 'On Us City Hall, a fonr- as prostrated, while id Knights of Honot >ion and hundreds of buried in the ruins. Jepot. at the foot of Chesapeake A Ohio ring when the storm I. carrying it down on i passengers were rca- ight injuries, eicept was badly hurt. Such r has known during every building, tree ie within the storm- levelled. The storm a warning and ore engaged in their hen their bonics were Listtict laid waste in aa area three miles f a mile wide. mil savs: The mighty ado fell with a rcely cave time for before ihoae 1 ia death. Twice br- ot life aad <if tra4c. ftwjCfct j ork for tlwair. avani tor fo- irh tiK-y :tte their KaflM for m. llttto ball a danee was in progress at the time is believed that fully 300 lost their in this building alone. The Seventh street depot were blown down, covering the Southern trains which were made up and injuring large numbers of people. Street cars were blown from their tracks in manjcaaes and crushed against the walls ol bKdinis and a lam num- omr 01 who received taelr Jnrles In this are reported. When the flre broke in the ruinson Seventh street a man, hfc wife and little girl were seen wedged ngder the debris, and al- though they strleked and moaned ant) the spectators made almost herculean efforts to release them, it was impossi- ble and they slowly burned to death in the presence of helpless hundreds. At noon yesterday the opening up ol a portion of the debris of the Falls City Hall caused a draught to penetrate thfl ruins, whereupon the smoldering flrfl broke out with tremendous fierceness. It spread rapidly and forced the to desert the pile. As soon as the flre gained headway, the groans of the im- prisoned people became shrieks, and so preat was the horror of the moment thai the watchers were frantic and screamed and ran about like wild men, the torri ble sufferings which they were unabli to alleviate driving them to despair Several lines of hose were soon throw- ing water on the flames, but it was than an hour before the work could be proceeded with, and then it was carried on with. much, more difliculty than be- fore, on account of the heat Up to twelve o'clock thirty-five dead bodies and twenty-five Bounded and dying were taken from the wreck. Tba corpses were laid in the various houses across the street, and in Dougherty A Keenan's establishment on the block below. At the latter place people passed in and out, one by one, to look at tha bodies, hunting for friends and relatives One man said he was looking for Lapp, and the very first sheet lifted re- vealed the corpse of the person wanted. The man covered his face, groaned and would have fallen had he not been sus- tained At about 11-30 o'clock the room where the children were dancing was reached. Mr. Louis Simms, Jr., had for been moving about in an agony of grie in front of that portion of the wrecl where this room had been, for his wif and four little children were there. When the room was reached Mrs Simms was the first one found, and she was fa- tally hurt. Then, within about fifteen minutes of each other, three of the Simms children were recovered. They unconscious and there is only a faint possibility that they will live. While the father -was imploring the workers to get his otherchild, fire broke out and work was suspended. The last man taken out alive before the flames started ,was Jobn Hepden, and just previous to that a woman, who unable to give her name, was re- covered. It was not possible to tell the extent of the injuries of either. Mrs. Whitman, wife of policeman jumped from the third story of the halL She was terribly injured and will hardly live. The waterworks are ruined. The big standpipe through which all the water is forced into the reservoir was demol- ished by the cyclone. The city water supply is thus cutoff and it is not known bow long it will take to repair the dam age. A water famine is sure to follow. All the windows of the pumping station were blown out. The sundpipc was 100 feet high and was built of brick, iron mod wood and was four feet in diameter on, the inside. The tobacco industry is fearfully crip- pled. Tbc Old Kentucky. Falls City. Enier-prine. Green Kiver. Ixmisvillc. Central. aad ware on Mala street are utterly dt- nx-lUhed. The Phoenix. 1'ickett. Hradly -t Co. aad Sawyer. Cfl. are wrecked. The GJoSws and are Ignited from the stoves and Nick Sulli- van, William Diemer aad Ben Cbelt re burned to death. The corpses were charred beyond possibility of iden- tity. The residence of J. W. Bernheioa, at 1908 Second street, was struck'by lightning in the midst ot the crash and was utterly demolished. CHICAGO, March Herald's Louisville speoUl says: The Falls City which sat so proudly on the banks of the turbulent Ohio but twenty-four hours ago, giving no thought to danger, is now mourning the loss of 300 of her cltlsens whose lives went out in the twinkling ol an eye; and her sons and daughters are standing around the bedsides of hun- dreds of others who were injured, many Of them fatally, in the terrible disaster that has overtaken her. The calamity 'oame without warning and it found men and women engaged in their usual avo- cations, and many seeking pleasure only to find the halls ot their gaiety and] mirth turned suddenly into the most terrible of sepulchres. Early in the evening the clouds west and southwest of the city bad a threatening aspect and a brisk wind with rain prevailed for two- or three hours, but, although the vio- lence of the storm increased as daftness approached, no alarm was excited. About eight o'clock the clouds were seen to mass themselves to the south- west of the city. Half an hour later the blast came with terrible effect, the cul- mination as it were of all its threaten- of hours before. Just west of New Albany the Ohio bends to tho south, and it was here and on the Indiana side that the storm assumed the proportions of a cyclone and started upon its devastating course. Crossing the river at a point just below New Albany, it struck the suburb of Portland and unroofed several houses. Appifrently fed by the partial destruction it struck the city at Seven- teenth street and Broad w ay and took a direct northeast course, striking the squares in its path at the angles and ex- tending about one and a half squares in Each square brought it nearer the business portion of the city until it struck Main and Eleventh. IAre its track was broadened until it covered three squares, passing out of the city at Seventh street, where it crossed to the was found dead with i in her arms and a little girl by side, all three horribly crushed, the nearly distracted himself desperately a short distance away. IB the business district the havoc was terrible. Stores that had been consid- ered substantial were demolished in an instant and the goods scattered like chaff on list awful blast The cyclone entered town on the south and west, sweep- ing every thing before. Small barns and were camfht up by the whirlwind and carried with crashing foree against larger structures. Trees twisted off short and hurled long distances. Fences were leveled in the country for miles before the cyclone reached Metropolis, and for miles be- yond. L THE STOKM IK ILLINOIS. AD TDinD Ur IKAUG. Don Co.'g Weekly Buslnees. Review ol is Every Uiinc at4 uader Uae JS4-UK1 He The Elrvrttth. jr-rater OB The space traversed was not less than three miles, and on every side wide- spread destruction was visible. Massive buildings of orick and stone were crushed and scattered on every side and hardly a residence fell that some of the inmates were not killed or injured. The cries of the survivors and the groans of the injured mingled together and added to the appalling desolation of the scene. At first there could be no organized ef- fort at rescue. Hundreds of homes had been demolished, husbands and wives, parents and children had been sepa- rated'and tW condition of the other, ran frantically from place to place looking for the lost Large crowds from other districts soon assembled and inaugurated a search, but the means were inadequate and the heartrending cries that broke the air completely unmanned the searchers. As if to add to the horror fire at once broke out in all parts of the devastated dis- trict, and the bewildered firemen did not know which of the half dozen places to go to first The Terrill Deitz house on Eighth street, Sims'furnishing house, the colored Odd Fellows' Hall and Sce- gaa's saloon, all some distance apart, were on fire at the same time. GAM.ATIX. Tenn.. March worst storm that ever visited this secton passed over this city Thursday Two miles from Gallatin several bouses were blown down. The brick residence of John Hibbett was completely blown away. Tbe walls fell in and killed a baby of John Hibbeti. also a boy twelve years old. OM Af York. tb ?f Y. fnr Ceorge M Glraonst ef New f F. vif Jlieii- iJw: Aa- mi: eJcht aiirht be for tors eoa- of pntrate ygnslon GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Braaehea of Senate, March Alexander oaased a Mir In the Senate when, after the reading the journal, he moved that the vole noea- sidered by which the Souate confirmed the nomination ot Joseph H. Newton, of TJeUnr County, as Commissioner ol Pith and Game, and that the nomination be referred bask to the> Committee on Fish Culture and Game for inves- tigation or some utjiv charges against the nom- inee. Ia October, 1870, Joseph H. Newton, then auditor ol Holmes County, was indicted by the grand Jury of that county for embentoatent. It being charged that he convert-d to his own use fc.OOO out or State in his pomsalaa and had then paid it over to the munkipantj Of Mlllersburg Mr Newton waa discharged on a technicality and further prosecution was tHen dropped. Mr Mennder did not know that Mr. Newton waa guilty of any crime, but the showed that he hid escaped punishment only through a technicality and he thought the nom- ination should be referred buck to the commit- tee to give opportunity for an investigation. Mr. Zimmerman, from the Democratic side, made an explanation of the case Ho that at that time Dr. Williams was Aud'tor ol State. He- discovered that Holmes County had reported a greater school population than it really had and therefore got a larger share of the school funds than the county was entitled to. An in vestigatlon proved this to be trus beyond a doubt and Auditor Newton was prosecuted as an accomplice, with the result as shown. On motioa of Mr Van Cleat, the Committee on Fish, Cul- ture and Game as directed to Investigate the charge-? report their findings to the Senate. Nominations were confirmed as follows- Ed- ward .I Kerned v, of Cuyahoga County :Casstdv C Cook, of Hamilton County, ami John W. Bauahman, of Wavt-e County, members of State Board of Pardons, William B Bwroett, of Clark Countv manager of the Intermediate pen- itentiary; John Beatty, trustee Soldiers' aad Sailors' Tbe Republican Senators to vote to oonftnn the aonimatlon of Gen- eral Beatty and Vie vote stood 18 to 0 on his name. The chair, following the ruling ot Speaker Reed, of Vie Natl nal House, ordered the clerk to count those present and not and, Senators being present declared taaa there was a quorum present and that General Beatty s nomination was continued. The ner House bill to create a board ot public for Columbia, to be appointed by a mayor, passed and is a law. Bills passe I the Senate as follows- To RU'homo the vilUgeot Nevada. Wyanddt County, to transfer funds, providing for the payment ot two montas' salary as mem- ber of the General Assembly to William A- Blair, the unsca'cd member from County; to autharfre tho Council of Bowling Green, Wocd County, to enlarge natural gas plant of the vilHsfe to provide for increase of the numbe- of rtre insurance reports pub- lished. to divide township, Vauldlog- Cjunty, into two voting to authorias the commissioners of AT IT on Connty to issm bonds for trnproied roads: todl-. vide Jackson Paulding County, into, two voting precincts anthonzlig Plate to borrow 135 000 for tho purpose of building a school house th" distribution of the printed roster of Ohio soldiers to authorize New Philad jlpliU to borrow mouey for the pur- chase of itldifionul cemetery grounds; to au- thorize Woost.r li borrow POO 000 to build six- teen miles of rail-oafl connecting with t-ie N. Y P O rjilrofi'l a Buvbank allowing tt City Council of WelisvUle to transfer funds. Bills were introduced as lollows- To gtre to the> Governor authority to appoint the secretary Of the State Biard of Chanties; authorizing the Council of Cleveland to levy a tax of one mill to meet its half of the expense ot paving Increasing th3 imovmt of personal property free from taxation to ilOO for each man and provid- ing that all personal property -Shall be listed, and that the auditor shall make the The Senate then adjourned until Monday. of the General Appro- priation bill was resumed again this morning. Mr Bense chairman of the Finance Commit- tee, spoke on the pending question, being tho amendment increasing -the appropriation for the Sandusky Soldiers' Home from to and repelled the insinuation that ho had been unfair in the treatment pf the institu- tion. The debate was kept up all morning. Mr.- Forbes desiring to take sentiment out ot question and consider it as a business proposi- tion. Mr. Griffin thought sentiment had noth- ing to do with it. Messrs Martin and WUUaoa spoke In favor of the amendment, when the vote was reached. On the first call, the division was on panv lines, with the exception of Heara. McKelrv Pudncy. Rorick and Taylor, of Cham paign. Republicans who voted against the prop- osition, and Messrs Gear, Munson. Drobaeh. Hagerty McMaken. O'Dowd. Booney and Troji- cr Democrats who voted for the proposition. Ch-urman Bense changed his vote, and the followed suit, until the amendment had received 70 affirmative and 23 negative Mr. Griffin offered an amendment to proviao that the money appropriated should be used ia eonstrnctins; at least six cottages, instead of putting tlO.WO in office quarters The aawnd- raeot was lost, and another by Mr. Griffin build aevcn cottages carriel The ajjpropria- tion for the Working Home for the Blind was increased bv tbe addition of (10.000 as working capital. Several mJoor amendments wero adopted, and a motion to :akr out the (14.000 for an amoseineot hall at the Toledo aayloai was defeated, when Use Mil pas'td. with affirmative votes and in UK negative. The then adjourned aaOl Moaday. COfCtXXATI SCFFEK8. Hi irate lli tor J. it. a arc Mom vhtcfc March tf. -TW Ttnandar Ml Lake March sVorm t in Thursday evening is ragiag with fary. a bijfh wind and Wiadiajr snow makiag pedeatrian- Michigan in a fary aad the north sboro drive swepiaway. Tbe in process wf utructaoa a point os JaXe Ironl nearly a mile vadcr lak wsth iratrr. Over half a million dolJam have m far Ima rnlcr- _____ _ ta ttrf TarMT ISM. "Sf -TV- lican of an-J 'Me.aM wc-re to wncrwl n- a-wrly all Fridav fcilL A miiMW Vut Urr tnrm- suit Escape ft fan .-v O.. A violeat wind storm city Friday and canned considerable dan- are arxionr: the bill top Tire struck aVrat a. m.. bow- 5as jfreat and la patli. were and splintered and At -I Tb-dh 3iTt .fttt.' oil o- t T 'j; jj. i 'i -w jr c v -it 11 -r r IM. -------v i" IA .-i 3. 1 ___ 'i i f r rJlll t rr f M q> Htfvi r? TV At, Sirireath Avtcurn avenue storai TV tin U> rise with frr carrviac with U tbe {rwn awl that tlr-re wn> x. KB I twm. Jj" vtf tV-tri-n IT a rr- In a funOn's i! arifi r.rr: VT I in it nt i i i, it i III tir'i tt sr 31... STH- -W..WP. -r. rf- 4hr-rV li "M i filif-n C< JrTirV m m i f f wwr, fc 1 1' I

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