Saturday, February 1, 1890

Salem Daily News

Location: Salem, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Salem Daily News on Saturday, February 1, 1890

Salem Daily News, The (Newspaper) - February 1, 1890, Salem, Ohio 'HE NEWS. L NO. 27. SALEM. OHIO, SAT born OpMed the pco- 1 1 ii nl of tfe'Jo, oln Speaker th at >uld hot but .iadMr.Eeed caused e clerk theh m the official yea and ark ffnished reading, to .approve, the tiie' r ad- npon his interrupted him r. .Springer knew Jburn was not debjtt- 0 was the" re- was the calm reply .demanded Mr. answer- the' Speaker'' Lug to rules of parlia- )tion-to adjourn was rthen .put the motion pf as lost. m became Mr. McKin- ie .previous question t the approval of the 1 and nays were again oto resulted in a vic- mblicans: Yeas 160, )eraocrats refused to r, in order to make up i names of the Denxo- .ot voting. Mr. Bland rder, but finding the tontion to him, began of his voice. He said ihould have the vote he began to call the, The Speaker ognize Mr. Bland and. what he said Thurs-. L" !Mr. Bynum, of In- fer. A dozen Demo- t a motion to adjourn tho Speaker managed of Mr. McKinley for s journal. This made He shook both fists calling out that his on the House. Loud 5 Democrats followed ic people in the gal- ;d when tho clerk be- oll, the Republicans i yeas and nays. Then unced that the yeas ;eded to count in the ivere present. Amid mocrats, the Speaker mrnai approved and r. Bynum. Coming to iouse, Mr. Bynum de- jrobably the most bit- e ever made on the Bynum had been question of personal branched oil into an ie Republican party, aker had refused to on to adjourn in defi- itary procedure and in and justice. The he characterized as damnable.7' and he acts oi the Repub- :alled Mr. Bynum to ied to be emboldened on ar.d refused to de- Speaker that he had ;ords of the House to carry out the and that he was meaning the Republi- 'ben followed a scath- f the Ucrmblican partv. it of stealing the of su-aling Montana and of villain in Indiana. House dn-ine the ynurn's philippic wa; "Ti v than any of those Cheers and hisses A as Kv: jorlty Elections Committee on the tested ewe. to interrupt Mr. Dalxell, but Mr. Crisp roue and address- ing his Democratic colleagues, said that fee election case had been taken up their protect, bnt that it was np they give it a qniet hearing. This advtoe ww Mied upon and Mr Wkeu Hoiwe adjourned. a MINERS-, IPQt, DEAD. A Clvfl Br to TypfcoM Md.. Feb. G. fed twe'nty-ftvie years, died last night at Mount of typhoid fever. Meems Is the young civil engineer -who two years ago nade himself famous by walking Into the jaws of death in suc- oaftful endeavor to save human life. One of the mines" operated by the Con- solidated Coal Company bad been into an old working'- that 'contained millions of gallonsiof water. The men outside were apprised of the mishap by a torrent rvahing out of the drift -Meem's took: in too situation in a mo- the mine alone; against the stream which was up to his armpits: He found assem- bled together in a chamber death. Meems told them to follow him, and taking a boy on bis shoulders started.-.He towed tile whole party safely. Since that.Ume he has been the idol of the coal region and his death causes Universal sorrow. 1. 1890. TWO CENTS. TEMPEST Terrible Experience of Feopfo on-Board a Steamship Oaucht in the Great Uurrl- eane the Atlantic. BALTLMOIIE, Feb.--1. The British steamship Dracona presented a sorry ap- pearance yesterday upon arriving here. The vessel left Newport, England, Jan- of DfetrteU. Feb. appointing ITS census nearly completed by Sttnerli -Porter.. He has prepared which are designed -to M managing the army of eni tors who will be engaged; in the statistics under their direction; advises them that in MM enumerators political "to hie regarded, but men 'are to be for their .fitness alone. Preferemoe is however to be given to hoiKWably dis- charged soldiers and sailors residing their respective districts. He directs that the division into enumeration dis- tricts should made by rural and that the boundary lines be clear and unmistakable. In -rich agriculttrr-l Superintendent Porter' atateji or a.itfolnnalbitants may included, in raa enumeration district As settlements.become nsore. Sparse, a smaller number ahoyld be included; The same limit.-ta-ihe number of inhabi- tants district should be obserted'in cities having over 1 n Porter the more quickly the censuses-taken the better it K> where two equally until the vessel became and the men were driven below, cabin was flooded, the iron carried away, the lifeboats stove in, the; bridges smashed into matchwood anil the huge ventilators carried away. The? brig's deck a large tlori of the stores washed away. Every, thing movable in the cabins and on the decks was smashed, and only a lot of de- bris remains to tell of the fury of the storm." The Dracona encountered .a field of ice and icebergs that seemed boundless, fifty miles off the coast of Newfoundland. >f OF H Ell LOCKS. -fttttyV -Townshrp assessors postmasters a teachers are regarded by likely to prove competent Mr. Porter adds that he is aware of no law making women ineligible for appointment as enumerators.: A CRANK. De- by Feb. Oakland Krickson la predicting Onklacd, Alameda destroyed eighty The three western a big earthquake fol- wave, which will de- y and people except to the mountains, by a huge Michigan. The prophet him a vision of the ftnd also of the end of be rebuilt, he says, started on opposite one of which will be Destroyed." wllf more than end of the world pradfcetijLwan ln Europe that will last rtffllgft crash takes place." He Is aalgttBrtirtl fanatic, but many de- ople Are already ar- th'elf afliirs and buying tenta for the to the mountains. VITH ANSON. B% Gives His Opin- .'of Contract With the A Yonny Ijidr Roblwd of an Abundant Crop of Hair Whilti WarTcing on the Street Oaring: la., Feb. Schu- mann is a handsome young lady residing in this city. One of the most prominent features about her was 'her hair, whicht it forthe 'following reason: While from an errand on Main street Fifcay morning, from which she had just stepped into a side street, and while yot within the view of passers-by, she was seized from behind by a strange man who encircled her waist with one arm and held hor fast while he rapidly ran a knifo about her head. So quickly was the whole thing done that the young lady had scaecely time to struggle or cry out and the next mo- ment the man disappeared. The young lady went home, told her story and fell in a dead faint on the floor. Xo traco of the man can be found. Tltayer's Reply to Railroad Barons. LINCOLN. Nfb., Feb. Thayer has issued a letter in regard to the action of the Trans-Missouri Associ- ation in, ignoring his request for a re- duction in corn ;fites. He insists that a demand for a reduction is universal. He concludes as follows: "The farmers are burning keen themselves warm because they can not sell their corn and thereby get the means wtlh which to buy cosl, all because you will not mako a reasonable reduction." Caused by Grief. SAX FKA.XCISCO, Feb. W. Fuhrmann, purser of the steamship Oceanic, committed suicide Friday. Mr. Fuhrmann expected to meet his wife upon his arrival in port on January 21, when tho steamer came here on her last trip. He waited patiently for Mrs. Fnhrmann'? arrival until, when he re- ceived word from friends in the East telling him that his wife had died, he was so overcome with grief that he com- mitted suicide. by and Ab "co it. 'a Drop Into an Old Ta.. Feb. single houses and a double block in the town of Vlains. about four miles from i here, dropped nearly out of sight yes- terday, the cave-in being caused by the "robbing" of tbeoid coal mines tinder the The cave-in is IQ extend the cemetery and oiher portions of town. There had been of the tro-b> and the people Ha4 taken precautions that no was-tart. SPITEJWOKK. of the of a lief Union for .Steallnj; a to K Society Row. BrtAMTOBD, Pa., Fet. l.-rMrs.. E. Catapbcll, of MeKeesport, Pa., Supreme Prssident ot.ther Woman's Ke-' lief arrested, hare Friday, charged with stealing a; charter of the sent for Mrs. Campbell to investigate the trouble and- decide who was right. In response to this she came here last Tuesday. The faction against whom she decided adversely sent a man named Kelly to represent thorn and remon- strate. He was so violent in bis lan- guage that she had him arrested for as- sault. He in turn had her arrested on the charge of stealing a charter. The case will be heard Monday. Engineer Killed Wreck. LANCASTER, Pa., Feb. the Kil- kenny Lumber Company's railroad, seven miles east of here, a lumber train broke in two yesterday on a steep grade and the engine was speeding to avoid being run into by the rear portion, when the engine was derailed at a curve a-nd the train was wrecked. Engineer L. F. Crouch was crushed and scalded to death. The fireman and brakeman jumped and had a narrow escape. Kanze Refused a Speedy Trial. CmcAC.o, Feb. P. Kunze, one of the men convicted of the murder of Dr. Cronin, with his attorney, appeared in Judge Clifford's court yesterday and demanded that Kunze bo given his new trial during this term of court. Judge Longenecker sent word to Judge Clif- ford that he was not ready to go on with the case and it was continued until the next term of court. Vessel and Cargo Stolen by Pirates. FHAWCISCO, Feb. special frotn San Diego says: The schooner John Hancock and a valuable cargo of pearls have been stolen from the Chi- nese company which is operating on the Lower California coast and she is now probably in tho hands of pirates. The schooner left this port a few months since under con tract to be used in search for pearls._______________ StHl Verr Sick Woman. WASTUSGTOX. Feb. physicians attending Mrs. Coppinycr (Secretary Blaine's eldest daughter) report a marked improvement and an ameliora- tion of the dangerous symptoms noticed durinsr the early part of Friday. While still in a very critical condition more encouragement is felt by her physicians who can not as yet say what the result lybe. )aptain Anson says he does not telierre the League can en- force its form of contract. Ho come to.'Mjljgconclusion as the re- sult n f li iillllilBhL O'Brien's decision, [idon't think the raem.- committee are fools, :and they are going ahead with the they think they have goodlpuBBto do so. One thing I do wants the mat- -ter the courts to say .whether contract will bold i1; what kind and J think out" ild for Mnrder. 'ex., Feb. with the lynching of Healtown, I. T., in be held without a charge of murder. TS of good standing, ithesses are nearly horse thieves. It is 'ense that Keyes gave t them and that the ;he old man to keep g as a witness. Xrw drrat pe. Thursday night arrived here with the diguation against the ihe oprisoriers: The sheriff smuggled the prisoners into jail through a back door, and the mob, find- ing itself powerless against the iron doors, dispersed. Have Failed. received by the State Department from Hayti are to the effect that the negotiations be- tween Admiral Oherardi and the Hay- tian government in relation to the Mole St. Nicholas have been indefinitely post- poned. This is the diplomatic way of putting it. What is meant is that all tope must now be abandoned of ever se- curing the Mole St. Nicholas for a coal- Ing station for the American government. Crooked Jeweler Given Away by lUs Pals. LAWRENCE, Mass., Feb. E. Baldwin, a well known jeweler, has been arrested, charged with receiving stolen property. Joseph O'Brien- and Alva Bradford, now under arrest, have confessed to several larcenies here They said they had sold the stolen arti- cles to Baldwin. When his place was visited by the officers, he denied having the property or buying it, but it was found on his premises. Another FagHistic Fake. IXDTAXAPOLIS, Ind., Feb. prizo fight occurred near here Thursday night between Michael Corkins, of this city, and Jimmy Carroll, of Chicago, for 8100 a side and the gate receipts. It was wit- nessed by about 200 persons. The police interfered, but when the combatants promised to use four-ounce gloves they were allowed to proceed. Fourteen rounds were fought and the match was declared a draw. Want the nrteentn Amendment rtepeai< JACKSOX, Miss.. Feb. me- morial recently introduced by General A. M. West in the House of Representa- tives, asking the w.peal by Congress of the fifteenth amendment has been re- ported upon favorably. A minority re- port, recommending that the bill do not pass, was also read. The memorial was made a special order for February 4. A Flovr Mill DETKOIT, Mich., Feb. D. B. Mer- rill, proprietor of four flour mills at Kalamazoo valued at -5300.000. has given an option to an English syndicate for the purchase of the properties. Tt is the oesijrn of syndicate- grt <xn- trol of all tho flonr mills city and Chicago ajons: the line of the Micbigaa Central railroad. Late Happenings of Note Among Our Neighbors. THE LEGISLATUKE. of the Jan. The Senate met, with Mr. in tae chair. Mr. Van deaf moved that the Journal of yesterday be approved, and on this demanded the previous question. The Re- publican Senators protested against the ap- proval of the journal without note of the excep- tions taken by counsel for Mr. Lampson to tba rulings of the chair, but tte chair refused to en- tertain the protests and the journal was ap- proved. Senator Owen offered the following pint resolution: Whereas, Combinations itt the nature of trusts and pools are working great injustice to the people of this country by re- stricting trade and limiting production, thereby Increasing the price ot some articles of prime necessity far above a reasonable profit, and de- preciating the price of other commodities while in the hands of the producer (notably farm products) far below the price at which they can be profitably produced thus interfering wita the legitimate laws of trade, robbing labor of its just reward, enriching the few at the expense of the many, and greatly retarding the prosperi- ty of the country; and Whereas, Believing as we do that all such combinations and trusts should be prohibited by law. which can only be effectually accomplished by national, supple- mented by State legislation therefore be it Re- solved, That it is the sense of this General As- sembly that Congress should at an early day pass the bill introduced in the United States Senate by Hon. John Sherman, known as Sen- ate bill No. l, "A bill to declare unlawful trusts and combinations in rusiruint of trade and pro- or some other bill having in view a like object. Resolved. That the Governor be re- quested to forward a copy of these resolutions to each of our Senators and Representatives in Congress. Bills were introduced as follows: Mr. Spencer's House joint resolution to provide for :m investigation of the sanitary condition of the Soldiers' and S iilcrs' Orphans' Home at Xenia was adopted. Allowing the decennial as- sessors of Cleveland H per day: to Railroad Commissioner Cappollcr. out of office and change tho name of tlx; ortlce to Supervisor of Railroads and Telegraphs: to refuml the tax collected on fishing nets under the law of last winter. Mr. Gautuer introduced a resolution rescinding a resolution previously adopted, pro- viding for weekly adjournments from Friday afternoon until Monday, and providing that hereafter the House adjourn every three weeks from Friday morning until Tuesday afternoon. It went over' under the rules. The following bills were passed: To amend the game laws so as to permit the killing of robins and yellow- hammers by farmers and fruit growers on their own premises; authorizing Samlusky to issue in bonds to build an engine house; author- izing Columbus to issue in bonds for the purpose of constructing main trunk sewers; to authorize the village of Arcunum and Tura township, Durke County, to issue in bonds to complete and furnish a town hall: authoriz- ing Zanesville to issue in bonds to de- velop natural gas and to improve the city; amending Section so as to permit all vil- lages of the first class to levy an additional of one mill on the dollar in addition to the amount now allowed by taw. Bills introduced Fixjng the pay of jurymen in magistrates' courts at per day: amending Section (599 so as to put Urowu County in the. Athens asylum district, instead of creating township boards of education composed of Uve members and the township clerk authorizing trustees of cemetery associations to purchase and sell lands and Invest the surplus. Adjourned until Monday. Agricultural Statesmen Feb. The thirty-five farmer members of the General Assem- bly, who are specially interested in leg- islation affecting- the agricultural inter- esls of the baye formed an or- ganization -from: which all party lines are obliterated. Hon. T. H. Dill, of Fail-field, is chair- man and Hon. Robert G. Kean, of Car- roll, secretary. Tho object is to bar- monize on all bills affecting the agricul- tural interests of the State, and any who opposes legislation in this line will find the farmer members against him. This is the first time an organization has been formed by the agricultural statesmen, and its results no doubt will be far-reaching. Receiver Appointed. BRILLIANT, O., 1. John Me- Feely, of Steubenville, has been ap- pointed receiver of tho Spaulding Works hero. His appointment was the result of a petition of Thomas B.. Taylor and others holding thirty-seven S500 shares of stock. They claim that gen- eral manager and secretary Charles Spaulding, from the organization in 1882, until 18SS, kept no books, and that he said the plant cost when it did not exceed 8150.000. Also that Spauld- ing and his brother took stock for 000 for which they paid and other dishonest dealings. Quarrel Over Corpse. O., Tob. 1. Frank My- ers, who has been an inmate of the county infirmary for tho past thirty years, died Monday and was buried Wednesday. Thursday a representative of the Columbus Medical College ap- peared and claimed the body, according to law. Superintendent Hunter, who was much attached ?o the deceased pau- per, refused to give up the body for dis- section, and says he will pay the burial expenses himself rather than comply with the demand for the body. Litiga- tion is probable. The Contractor to Blame. O.. Feb. 1. Coroner Egau yesterday morning rendered his verdicl on the natural gas disaster of last week, by which five persons lost their lives and forty or more -were injured. Tie finds that the explosion was directly due to the gross of contractor J. Gibney. who laid the pipes, in entirclj failing to calk one of the joints. Found O-. Feb. 1. Last Monday Thoajas F- Bain, in charge of the istcr- locking at Alum Creek station, Tbars'laT his sxylr waj found at that ooint. He is to haro fallen tb" waV-r and to a trait: on lie THE BANK WKECKERS. of the Prenitleut ot Stub tlonal It_uk uf New York. Broker EquitabU SEW YOEK, Feb. outlook at present is that depositors of the Sixth National, the Lenox Hill and Equitable banks will shortly receive in. full the money due them. It will not, nowever, be due to any efforts of syndicate of financial Napoleons who ar- ranged the gigantic scheme to wreck those institutions. Two or three wealthy business men who had been deceived into allowing these schemers to get con- trol of the banks in question have pledged themselves to make good any deficiency in the money due depositors. Cashier Colston's prompt action pre- vented the wrecking of the Sixth Na- tional Bank, and in addition to Mr. Le- land's guarantee, the securities held by the bank are sufficient to save those who had entrusted their money to the institution. At ten o'clock Friday morn- ing a card was placed on the front door of the Equitable Bank bearing the an- nouncement; ''This bank is temporarily closed." United States Commissioner Shields yesterday held H. Pell, arrested for connection with the attempted wrecking of tho Sixth National and Lenox Hill banks, in the sum of The specific charge against Pell is that of aiding and abetting the president of th? Sixth National in embezzling 4G6. Several friends of Mr. Pell appeared and offiertd to go. on his bond, but the cimonnt of their real estate did not sat- isfy the District Attorney and Mr. Pell had to pass the night in Ludlow street jail. President Claasen appeared before the United States Commissioner with. his counsel and two deputy United States marshals and the warrant charg- ing him with embezzlement and misap- propriation of funds was read to him. It was arranged that Mr. Claasen's exam- ination should take place to-day, and meanwhile he was paroled in custody of the marshals and his counsel. SILCOTT FOUND. The Defaulting Camhier of the Svrceaat- ftt-Arms' Office in Located and Some Charges Against Him. TEKUEHONNK, Que.. Feb. E. Sil- cott, tho cashier of the sergeant-at- arms' office, who absconded from Wash- ington on November 30 with about 000, has been found. He is stopping at the house of Mr. Tbibault, the father of the woman with whom Silcott fled from Washington. The woman is also domi- ciled chere. Miss Thibault's parents seem to be still unaware of their daugh- ter's fall, and apparently .believe that sbe'is the wife of the man whom she is said to have lured to his ruin. In ah interview Thursday night Sil- cott said: "The charge of forgery is bosh. When I left Washington for New Y.ork J[ had not the remotest idea of leaving the United States. As proof of this I point to the fact that on the Wed- nesday before Thanksgiving I drew and with of this I took up notes of members which had been discounted in bank. As to the other money I am accused of decamping with, I assure you I had but very little when I left New York." Silcott wanted-it denied that he was a big winner at the races. On the con- trary he lost heavily. He only-went to the races to keep up and be hale fellow with the members who are now running him down. He defies the detectives and says the best legal advice in Canada as- sures him that he has committed no ex- traditable offense. Recrnlt O., Feb. Thos. Mulrooney, of the depot attachment, deliberately committed suicide at the barracks last night by shooting himself through the heart. He had been at the garrison only about three months and was employed 23 a clerk at headquar- ters, where his gentlemanly manner caused him to be respected by his asso- ciates. The cause of his taking his own life is ascribed by his comrades to have been a morbid feeling that he had made a mistake in enlisting in the army, and bad thereby become dissatisfied with his surroundings. Hatband and Wife Charged With Mttrdor- STKACVSE, N. Y., Feb. and Mrs. Edward Sculley were arrested at Oneida with the mur- der of William Rhinehart, the father of Mrs. Sculley. All lived on a small farm near Oneida and were in poor circum- stances. On December 18 Khinehart's dead body was found in the yard near his home with a gash in his head. It Is alleged that Mr. and Mrs. Sculley tried to get rid of the support of the old man by killing him. Both were placed in for Elfffct JtltUew. YonK, Feb. The Columb-f, Hocking Valley Toledo Railway pacj yesterday entered suit against Winslow, Laaicr Co., of this city, far Alleging that the catnpaaj never received the proceeds of t_e sale of defendants at the time of the coaaolidatio-. of tbree rail- roads in nnder the name of the Hocfcing Valley A Toledo rail- road. _ K-tlot nrfarm Rtll X. Y.. Feb. x3er for next iiv m 11

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