Friday, January 9, 1920

Portsmouth Weekly Times

Location: Portsmouth, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Portsmouth Weekly Times on Friday, January 9, 1920

Portsmouth Weekly Times (Newspaper) - January 9, 1920, Portsmouth, Ohio VOLUME 55. PORTSMOUTH. OHIO. FRIDAY, JANUARY Arrest Of Red MINERS RATIFY ACCEPTANCE American Slain Ambassador To OF PRESIDENT'S PROPOSAL By Carranza U. S. Ordered WVJ.IIISCTOX, D. 0, 7.-A .arrjiii for 'lie lMchvlst'. -V K. SUrtW. itilnl aralwssaUor of Bussum by the ivas Mruleiis' Marlms by olfrfiik. ml of woriwatst parly the I'tdlftl wis said ID be hi Ui-hinjjlon. Ills arrest was tsperltd I >wn. Determination ol ll.e Rorernmout to tt'.e Martens iiito custody was definite- ;F made afier all evidence wlilcli liail i' on niiivltiea of the Russian bureau in New York had been 1 by Assistant Attorney Gen- 'iarvan. While" offirials would ro; diidoie the nature of the eviilt wild'sow of it promised to IHJ Martens csrnc to Wnaliii.gUm nearly t apo from New York anj with lj ami Other assistants, lifts ovupinl a suite at a local hotel, less [tin three blocks from the department tf justice. ami who last i [uiblic a statement attack- ing the department of justice. YORK. C A- K. Martens, fipriot wlinni ihe department of justice is to arrest on ;i deportation warrant, is In sfou, his bureau here announced today. IVspile this statcnx-nt. every haunt and associate or Martens is beius "covered1' by FC- erot sew ice agents and police, it was learued. r .ICTtey offi'.-ials linve boon asked to visit luec-tfoc places foi' traces of was said, ami railrixut terminals ivcre being watched for his possible arrival nt or departure from New York. Hecht..counstl for Martens n cording to ;iii KsllinnUin TO EUilJiiT COX OR POMERENE YOUXUSTOWX. O., Jun. 11. Mwjre, national comiuiUee- j Luuiij before leaving here today for I the Jackson Day rally of the p.uty at Washington, sail! Ohio iuratic leaders will attempt to late one of the state's potential iilaies for president :it n nu'Cllnc o, Jin. itif' vote u( to a-iinsl Hie recouvrntnl riMitnitioii uf, the rnilrJ Workfrs of AiutrUit lotljy vokd aflirraalion of the action of. (lit- iutenialiiMial in accepting! proposal to Ihe cuul wtrike. AccoriUnp lo Art ing IVtMdfiU and nilwr ohTirials, the; 'iinTirniiition rairiw ivitlt it an imrnt ubidc by tlm dfrUiou of the naiufil by IhP toi llw belvvM-n inin- 'ers and operators. 'I Ii'.- vole (akrn afkr dayV I debate on ;i molioti piramtrd by' Murray, of the rctiiv1 svliani.i Miners' Organiiatlon, railing i fur fndorsemfnt nf (lie roursr pursued !hy Ihe officUK jUliiufc was jiifn ull delrgutn to (heir liews, Co.- n WHS immediately :deiil .liinl :ili foi Afli-r yole was (.ikeu, i'ranl; of the llHnoIs Army Officer O. C- Jun. FIRST WOMAN TO 'M REPORT DOlNCiS OF "lt- of HOUSE OF COMMONS hilkl) Ll Mexitan aniiy ufficer at TiiNuani un IhTfinljrr :'M, lit by (lip ilale Iml.ij from the Amer- ican i on sul at 'ruinniio. j Tlic1 fi'iu-iil wr.s or- <T( 1'nnlicr iiifoniinlinu souslit to nlilitii! j i- fnr tht.1 time the cMtveti-! (Ion. Hi- wns reminded he oui wnswcr iMlloiiP. 1'nrriiiKton sjiiil waptocl to ask n n.neitlon, wlicn hfj s rulwl i h'll'll tU Hi'! if 11... nrsp tht1 l nlioiitles in tin: THIII- It Hwkc.t :i Amerininn killt-il In iho illstrirt by .Mex- icans simp April 7. IflIT, Kinhleoii of them uon> uf Auu-vk'aii dil Yi-sieriijy i ou.-yL nt TiuiU'K'C re- Ipni-ied ihi- iimrdc-r nf .1. Kuney :iml jKsirl Knwlrp, oil nini miiitayrri ill iTiLinitScrt fields. The the i Mexico City to urge Mexifun ornititiit lo tnkc imnupl sieps I'rins 'the unilty to and siuillur jjc- >liuii liy iho In I lie 'Toiler wlipji coii'iil 1 hnd inMitioiuil luroiinntLnik Tl-.e HiHlmvilio.s tirM re- All kinds of precedents are beuie llflrlpr h'ul with the entrance of jly shot by Q En n re- Nancy J-anjthorce Aator to the house jiiirnlnjc from n ilaiirc. of commons. On it atmeted in nw4 htr's' here today. Detectives broke into the by the ami rrar rods. While one cf the ami vmled a. reioltrr from Mrs. Bf rjtWl. rbotnrr of the two draft the fllbers wrnt. through the and found Grovrr in a blanket, bid- ing in a box srat. He .without root rest or collar. The prisoner was the frrfrral building in a motor rar. The snnh for thr BrrgdoUs the federal agents -all over Ihe country. Oroier. away in a trijti powered motor qw and re- ports reached Iht5rily lhat he 'was hi TarmiA sertiocu on Ihr :He sent impudent on post cards to the' au- thorities. Once he was 'seen in Mexiro-and in Cuba. He .was provided with A large Mim of money. His 'mother, Mrs, Emma BtrEdoll, is. the widen of a wealthy brewer. Although bom in this country. Ihe Vergdolb- were of <ierman rteseent and declared they ivoiild- never flght against (iermanj-.1 Bergdoll was arrested several times mv I he charge, of obstruct the draft. Lattr Mrs. BergdoJl arrest- ed, charged .with obstructing jus- tice. With revoker .vhc had kept the officers at bay for several hoiirs. Yoan; Bergdoll was lafcen to (lie federal tmilrting and locked up. An officer the depart mmt of ;iistke said it -was the expectation lhat Bergdoll would he. turned over to the Tinted Slates military authorities. Mrs. Rergdoil was placed in a tell of the cily stalky house near her home. She was also charged aggravated and bat' nith intent to kill. With a pistol rkfied federal agents ami local police who broke into her mnnsiitn in an exclusive suburb. She wss overcome after and tumble (Ight ami her weapon uas ivrenehnl from her hand. "I am glad it u all over." said Graver BergdcU, rain In the fare of a rnnrd threatened him with violence after his arrest. Knvin C. BergdoU, also wanted for evading (he ilraft. is .still at farce. It uax rf port erf he had also returned lo ItiilatTrlphia, and eral agents ItergiMI estate near this etly. No I race, of him vtas founil. it. of order ami rctircil to the rear of] the hull. An inform il meciin's of the sciilo connnltteo will I'O followinp nil- wliU-h Is cspoctCMl this aft- rnoon to Diattc-rs pcrtnlnins o presentation of the miiicrs' j o the in Wash- f njton noxt Monday, .lolin While, a member of Iho commission, was iresent when the rote was taken- Like- his asuociatc-, iror r.rccn. Acting President confidence in the personnel if rlie pros lile-n Ts commission and its ' ilccfet'on. Though liewis declnr- eil the action of the convention ttourut he miners to acceprnncc nf the presi- dent's proposal ami Ilift awnnl of the it did not rncnn a finil ugreomcnt with the operators on ttio o fi-nle. This romc Jifter award of the commission through collective he said. Lewis sard it was with the reluctance thnt officials hail token they "hut the miners A mei ica nrc Amc n cit ITS ar.-i could fEpht our cover nmcnt." said he TT.TS pratefiil Ihut the miners liflil come through the M niggle Six) ever present in official capacity in the press ffaltery in the lower house. She wrote a feature story on the occasion of the introduction of Lady Aator to the house. .1. hu' ;ni Hiiny officer. Porler'ii home wns in ifoniin. FiiLlortnn, Cnl- TO INSIST ON i BIPARTISAN COMMITTEE ffenator Democrat, of Montnnn. Coi-ies of thR teleprani were nmler- stood to' liavc 1-een by MnrshnU nml mxny setintors. MQKK KAtHCAKS ARKKSTKII YOVNOSTOWN. O. iftwn STILLS RAIDED; FOUR ARRESTED CANTOX, O.. -Tim. men th n.irr.cs arc htl -Ian. Mexl- n gov-jniiiient IIEIS been the. to cverj I means rwissihlo to npprchcml uml imn- juti the innnlereid of .T. HUHP.V nml Knrl ISowlcss, oil men, tlio Tniiiplco lichl. Jniniodhtcly receipt yeslerdny of Hie iejwrl of the trmnlcrs of I IIP two the American nt 3loxfco City, was to Ihe Mexi- can government lo steps to the miinicrs to justice. In an BERGERIS ESCORTED FROM CITY ISEY CITY. .Ian. r, representative-elect from Fifth dUtriut.' was escortwt out of Jerwy City night-br Chief of I'oKce III chard T. Ills thoritleF. dcpnrinre followed promptly his lo ihc American consul :it Tarn- effort to eel aciioi ali-o by local were Viil in the scheduled role of principal orator at a widely advertised runss raec-tlng under the auspices nf the Ko- cTallst Ktlucolionnl With Kcr- wctit Oscar Amcriiificr, Ills firs I lieutenant, also adrertEsed as a speak- er.. The police refused to permit ihe meeting to held. pico. The ilispntcb to tlie dep.irt- uieut said the two men were murdered nuar Tort nml that tl.eir hixltes were discovered Jaiuniry ii. Tlu-y were employes ot Interiiutioisal 1'etrol; rum Company uml were, sniiptscil to have'had the comiinny's payroll wlicn. llii-y were kMhtl. BUNK CALL WASHINGTON'. .Ian. eomp- rollcr nf the currency today Issued mil Tor the condition of, all national hanks nt liic close on Wed- nesday, December 31. COI.UMWfS. O, -Ian. call for (he condition of all f-titc 1-inks at the clofe of bin-iiiess Wcilnos-hiy, cerubcr SI, was issued today I-y Ihe stale derailment of l-anks ami hank- Hundreds, Possibly Thousands, 0! Lives Lost When Quake Shook State Of Vera Cruz MKXICO CITY, Jnn. possibly thnusandF, of lives were as n result of the Mribquakc uhi.-li the stntc of Vera Crux Siiltinlnr omriAi. CHICAGO. -Ian. F.j former vice pcoidcr.t C'eninI It. IE. MHO W-ASH1NCTON. -Ian. IT agcrtpatins have a.skdl of 'nisht, Sr. .--rte.iil was the d.iranse ati'l su wilil are of the 5cr- lion1; stifTcrod from EtT Hint Jt i-i lU'H of ihe casualties'" will never Private rrcclveil here from ntid -Tnlnpi state tint 1.000 their lives ut Couz- tlnn. There are i IfOth riiie- be wnfirm iufoinntifni imt }fifi nipht nt presidential miiiiary l-.o-iil'innrterp. ThErtv IXT50IH theEr lives at TcoeeK when; (luce clnirchPs ami 4') wi'rr OUTUKE OF LEGISLATION Ho Cipialncil "aj flonanl. his was intm- hen? la.-t nicht while 1 jrist bcfnvc the senate odjoum-) Tits with an nnlo.jtbat mn. h oicr the Ixrrann; he did jTho fafalitv is thr- third here tho and iTciirc "throw a frc-m Sli ti jnlo ma-lc WELL 5TAHT POCKETS! iiOOI to be Unl I the "If .Intka the nest i day? T rrxleavor to ci on it." Mpantime. infonw as Republican, How Black Hand Was Wiped Out By Wm.J. -lin' Th" pnMk: in ;f M-rt irrita- ia tV l-raml o' NEV, Jan. i- IhriTliic fraf rteeirs m ml ciBiKnt in Tfce T of tbo Pcfcav asd fir.-uUtcd ill Kfcbcrs of Major llarrey Waisos. ccaso. F. Rittr. Morrzl: of tec Ireatj- ltd nrgiig that pwpTc re K. aa1! A record in the prtpantioa of Tke fmrr cftfcf tke tmttrfnt Ihe tntfrt: arcril nils or Mrmv a TO SANDUSKV-Mrs. Harr to in ef ink M wr,

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