Tuesday, December 9, 1913

Portsmouth Daily Times

Location: Portsmouth, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Portsmouth Daily Times on Tuesday, December 9, 1913

Portsmouth Daily Times (Newspaper) - December 9, 1913, Portsmouth, Ohio "BILLY BUTT IN" He Gets "Half" Shot "Trying to Escape' VOLUME TWENTY PORTSMOUTH OHIO, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1913. PRICE THREE CENTS fURUS TAKEN MULHALL COMMITTEE FROM THE JURY REPORTED TUESDAY _ _ i _ i.._______ ______._. H I A1YI Tnil AT BY JUDGE BLAIR 'I V, U. Iln- eharce Dr. Ili-h'll iMllllH- ill al Indianapolis, mi p.ill. win-" till- woman's In found with her thnial i-ll! n trial mill with "idy Hi'4 of tin- pivsellli-ll, inoliiin I" t'lite n.....i ihe inry mid dismiss il by -liidi-'.- Tin- jlhlp- that III-4 Mud inlrndin-i'd nn Unit llr. I'riiil? Dr. Kimlii1. II '-use "f sne.ll ill-nil nile I'ri'iii TI5 HO SAVE WashiiiKimi. d--liesnlis .if the house lobby iliVL-slii-'alimi i-bv a by Hepre.- I'.-invlt of Tennessee, were made pildlie today ill two re- ports, a nnijority report sinia-d In- Denim-nils and report iLllliU HUM d lii-prm-ntativL' III I linv New Ynrk. n. Hiilia. nf th f'-imi iis lin I Tin- mnjiirity mad.- no reeom- ions bill ilei-liin-d K.-pri1 of Illinois 1 1.....ii iruiliy of iii-ls of impropriety, lin.he.-omilii? "f t-hf dignity of his piisilio" we eaiinot say llmt In- hns III-L-I. in 'his vules." The report also held llmt Me- i Ilermolt had had inliimile n-lii- Itiuns with I. A. .Mi-Miehnel, for Columbus, 0., Dec. an- j nnd onymous letter was to Qov-j that. .Martin M. Miil'lndl. ernor Cox today from Cincinnati' lobbyist, for the m-xi N'atioo.-il in which th, writer uid hi, and Assoi-iution nf SHIP SINKS [N HJBBOR ,11111-IK! pouty is TtKEN UP CINCINMTI IS INK BHE FIRE DANGER, MR SIM POOR wroek tlial M il in ,i in Id have done en-d ili-acin-? her in Iln ilinu.....I at A sli-l'l shlll't IS wln- The majority report held I'nnl lot'l, tllii: N'uli'Mi.-il As-vm-ialion ol "n'. Viinrl also i-harci-il ivln. .saw a tin- if Wlllllllll PI'' Chilis tO til nut i.l.-nlil'y Unit "I" Hi- imil s" I'm1 i ivlations with Dr. Knulu-. mily "f i-iHiliil.-n1''-. l- of liny sliiiw that Dr. lih-il with i'. Kohlsaat. in eonrl Ihis iil'lei-niion. 'I'ln- r.-port aliened llnil within Ihellor d li Indianapiilis, Ind.. Deo. Ili'liry Wisiiard. "Id.-sl Inline here Ittilay at lin- "f -'i. was in m-.-ve praeliei- mud short lime "i- si-n-ed IiiroliLdimil I'iid War as a vnliliitei'i' Mlf-.'eiin. I' was at his efl'nrts tlial the n-.....v.' I of side {ami wimndi'd soldiers 10 mirlllern i Innni-s issni'd hy 1'rosident SPANK 'EM SAYS TAFT Springfield, 111., Dtc. Addressing the clwb htre ex-Prwident rec- ommended for the striking: pupils of the Rochester, iN. Y., schools. LAY ON STREET IN COLD ALL NIGHT SIX DAY BICYCLE RACE ON New York Dee tennis were tied, with hive Inns. HI M' .Ihis mnmiinr. the iliird hour of tin: lii-veh- -iii-e The I'orrv-Wallier leiim was one lap helnnd Ihe lead-i wl..... Kopuliv mid' hud eoivn-il only liSI miles (Int.. 'In'- invviims for Hie linn r was Ilili imh-s one lap. Lancaster, 0., Dec. Kite, 30, may dio from exposure after lying on the streets of this city all night. Ilitt fell ar.d broke his leg and was not discovered until this morning.__________ IJUOGE SPEAR TODAY SOCIALISTS DEFIED GERMAN CHANCELLOR ADTO THIEVES R1LLOFFICER Delroil. .Mieli., I lee. '-I. -When i'l'piin'lli.- of IIOIIM-. riiliei-nmn T. I4'. -Mud- INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE SCORED IN REPORT was fatally shut I'.v m. indiiy. Until nn-n i's- Vimlilrn'ilii'd in a hospital ..n who iHAn v- wives bag nothing IT tcousera Sla ideal husband belongs to some woman. ''hunting but tuousera at the kn.ees EOH. 10 RESIGN I'ollinilnis. Dee. j ly nwin-rs Ohio invj lieinf? inuli-led by lire insnriinee j iifeorililiK I" re-j purl of legislative lire iiisnr-j invrslientin44 eoillinittee i whii-li liled its eporl with KOV. Columbus, and judicial circles today joined-. Cos may ask lin mourning the death of ieMislaimv this wiiiler lo William T. Spear, 80, for 28 con- in secutive years justice on the State i Supreme bench. Death was due 1 to general debility. Funeral ar-1 quiet today and avoid sex. is youv birtliday go r.Bxt year as lawsuit' Colniill.ils. O., Dee, fl-Kd. II. stale iiisuniin-i' eoinmis. sinner annoiineed rll'ilt it'- ll onld ivsiir'll el't'ei-live eilln-r Isl in- .Ian. l.'Hh. llmiri; has for years and in wns Cliio mail- iljjel- of llill-nmn presiilenl iid eamlidaei. His l.-i-in would not expire iinlil -Ian. 1. 1'" I., l-'inh-y. Hov. Cox's li.illd polllieal and sliile oil will pmhahly MI........d Moore. INCREASED CAPITAL II.. He.'. !l- in i lion. Dee. (I-There are liliii-e than a million drill.' llsi-rs in the Tinted Sliiles and tile hnbil is -ri-owill4.' so rapidly thai a donminl proiisinn in Ihe pure Inw lie. -by I'in; eminent In eiirlail tin- IralVie. This UIIH infonmition todiii from iill'ii-ials of of of any drnu' IS TO M CANAL LEADER GOES Despondent because she could not j support her two children on thc, wages earned as a hotel I Mrs. Mary Harris, 36, is dead to-; day, a suir.ide by acid. IN LODGING W Vi... Hei-. iiidiiy'Ci.rmier I1.. U. li..hiiismi is today j "f 'I ,-iim-s-ii-i where -h- will spend a semvhini? invesl a '..ill Ihe h-aveltioii intn eiriMiiiisliinei-s surround- lvl1'.' ri'- I l.v'ili'e A in- the .lentil "f M. -I. Ash. mi al- I'm- l.ijh pn.-i- _ us- J of was of Kiph-y. lln- "f ,.'r-i'ilwiiv -'iiiliini hilt did mil.ly. fo'lliid dead in a loe.nl riiiiiniiil? unlay for iis slal.....i-nt M-il'h 'the depm-tlllv "I'1 lions.- lasl Seal-ell is bi-lllBllatins; lo prii4'14'. I'-lldilllirsl Tin: poll'''' furl, winnaii X l-'i-m if Ash lias mil v fm. Mrs. I'MiUhnrsi from aillnpM wi sanihirin m, n-rimn was .-arri-d i" M- irmn mi t A nisly ill. All .MeK.'lliir. "thai lh df ili- an arirniuri pi-oph- ill ninildainilii; 1'icir fnml parlnlelil vliijii; 1 like about -MeXieo ilii} iii'l'-i' his that uorkin' li'-hil sewns t in Ihe house he in n lar-ji- im-asni-e have been .-ibh- I" ni.hDily really likes I. and mily dnii I'keep from 'soineiiiin' worm-. I'iilnunli. Dee. Aeeuinpani'-J Kiln? mid hy :i mnvini: pietlliv nperalor. I .Miss "f New ehamp'mn woiiian swimmer, in .laine.s I'- Il D.. a hiaki-n of visit New York, Dec. en Mary. jt Amnan0] aged 7, her sitter WINS SUIT Filomena, 5. and brother d.. !i--Tlie MI Frank, 2, secreted a quanti- inri' u-diiy awarded T-'l- iy of liquor during family I-1, 'liilhni "f Vm, cclebrlltion and drunk it. All hnve pulilished 11 report .iihieli effm-l of l he department I" j 'W we -ny. vhil.-wasli wild ini-n Hut "'i'''''-'' i, and belitlh- my ,-IVorts." --a vs M.-Mean. I II il SAYS YOUNQ MR. BRYAN. Dec. ll. -AVillimn .lenninRs ilryan, -Ir., just irlmii- led to Ihe har. ailmilleil llnil In- millhl enter polities, lint would never hold offieft. 1 I ll iK-vcr lie's wis.......I "e ".int. Ohio -Fair tonight neiday. U.I