Friday, January 10, 1913

Portsmouth Daily Times

Location: Portsmouth, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Portsmouth Daily Times on Friday, January 10, 1913

Portsmouth Daily Times (Newspaper) - January 10, 1913, Portsmouth, Ohio 16 PAGES TODAY VOLUME TWENTY PORTSMOUTH, OHIO, JANUARY I 1913. PRICE THREE CENTS WHEELING IS SUFFERING FROM FLOOD (By nnlUd Wheeling, W. Va., Jan. is today flood bound. The crest of the flood svhioh passed Pittsburg last night and readied here this morning marooned 8000 families in their homes, ilopped street car and railroad traffic, cut off the city gag supply and caused inestimable loss of property and much suffering. One is known to have drowned, and another is missing. Mrs. Jsmt-3 McCann, a lighthouse tender, lost her life last night. Mrs. Lizzie Blake is missing: and is believed to have been drowned. Every available boat was pressed into service to rescue lie people from the island which is covered with water. In nost homes there the families have been driven to the second fkcr. The water stage is 44.6. Flood conditions exist for 200 miles up and down the river. Stili Rising At Gallipolis '.Dr socialed [ilis, 0., .Inn. er oouliiuicd rising one liour toduy. The Knnnwha i.s fulling mid that relieve thr. .sihiitlion he.iv. Thn II. O. I nuns Kenova ynd 1'iltsbnrg iK'ing rerouted. State To Aid Flood Sufferers <By United lo assist.' the Ohio fpl'iiifliii-j, O., .Ian. i vivcr Hood sntTerors, if called up- <n: I'- Wpyhrt-cht He ports rcceivi-cl Ht the auiu- ,y that tho mcihcal. (l u.l corps ol Hie marie the flood Guards would held couditiuns njorc Jnugeroua. COME INTO HIS OWN. Is Falling At Pittsburg IRy UnitriJ Pa.; -Inn. liver lowering, ike loss from tlic flood is estimat- ed Homo men ninl women were cuit of work by the Iiigli thrown waters. .One that of Daniels "of MeKce's Itock, -WLIK thc extent of the flood's futilities. ELEVEN DIED Press.] Mobil.-, Aln., Jim. dentil list in thr wivtfk of thr lift; stem n CT .JaiiK'S T. Sliiplcs, on tins Tomliijibi'-f river yrilerdny, readied cloven, with sixteen in- jured, it. hrciuui' known tmlay. The si'i'ond etiginr-or, (i. Murlnlle, who escaped, Ilio. explosion must hiive Ijeon caused hy dynri- mile, ns ther-- wen- two dislim-J explosions brl'ore the hoilor went Kivc of Hie crew, inelndi the- captain and six passenijc wem, killed. FIFlT TWO FOOT STABE INDICATED FOR FOSTSMOUTH At two o'clock Friday after-1 Mm little damago heon ilono noon tho river gauge at thc ni Portsmouth district. "HOIIEPH Portsmoutli wharf showed a stage' (he !osv of 50.2 feet and rising at tho rutC; of one inch per hour. At noon a hmird before it reaciied any home, message was received from'.Tlio greatest Tiiconveuieuro expo- Weather Forecaster Dovcrewix! 'R West Side resi- at Cincinnati, stating- tliat about] tk'lltlj. lmvn bcyii compcilnd Uj 52 feet v.'onld probably bo reiich-' i nif cd at the Portsmouth wharf Snt- diis demanded business attention in Tho rain ainl wnnn loinvcra- tUi'C of Friday revived the hopes -Prras.i cells instead of dji downy hrds in !m O.. -Inn. llie 'tin: prison hospital. sitirt' any of Ihem linve Tho fonm-r stntr officials were in thu jien serving surprised night when they j'.-'vj -N ror liririf-ry in (he last j were talked to their cells in the) HotJney cell lilnck and loekrtl behind j Itie ple-is, A minutes hiter 11 general wfts in iJi wlijyh iron bars, stones raxors were used. 3''hy.. .fun. Mra. (rros.s, Ainnrican negre'sri, u-as today found giully of muii- sKitighter in lulling Jessie McFu- tyre, nn jJhiglish nctressr anc[ .viittMiccd to five years penal scr- vitiulo. The. prisoner pleaded tlinl fired at her "huslmnil- iu self dc'-fensu. 'She .declared sho did not see Miss Melnlyre, -when she fired" the shot aud.wko rc- ui-ivcd tlic tullct. Ifipcctm-. lie left 1 "-'if-re ho had Iwen Coal Mine Burning ifir AJ Vn., Jan. inutsuai roncHtions, ntul a E DEATH tfte R tfft I ft ft 'V III tf% SV i i i i i .siiiic mine irjbijriuurd rum u ninniiiT iiinncC' I.IKI.IIII IlllllVrV r'" Inspector John laing to- UI fill U11 U UIIIIL 0 (i'eir in M- GO ON NEW COURT Upper Sandiuky, p., Tho coroner hero ia 'investigating. the death of Dr. Alexander, 63, a prominent phj'aicin nof andoL county, vjio was found. dwul in nit out" IIOURR at today._________________J The wril of sHsjxTOicc Jndcjc Kroiunl Dint (By ABBocliioii Press.i i The court ordered Harmon to Columbus, 0., Jan. a. de- certificate of election to cision handed down today in the Judge Chittenden. not the mandamus ewe of Judgo Charles _, Oluttenden, of Toledo, against Governor- Harmon, the supreme jc-omc appeal court held that circuit judges elected at the last general election hav. a right to sit on the bench could do nt this (inift nc- ttic inquiry into Oiatro's M.iiiis ns tin immigrant lirul IEAGB POIII-I (im iri thc Standard (.ompiiny'g nt W. Vn. The fire IVIH judges or whether to rircnit at the last declion shonlil (hc I The court ol appears replaces of the new court of appeals hn court am. created by the new constitution, amendment. j Cincinnati, 0., Jan. i Bertha Gander, 50, was bamcd jto death today when her cloth- j inp caught firo. while flho. wai i templing to start thc kitchen fire j with gasoline. VOTING DAY UNDECIDED ______ j (Br unfted Prew.V Aspoelnlerf Press.) Berlin. Germnny, Jan. Jan. VV. K. Powell, of Hoston, to- er had the flftoate agreed today j clay was inoculated with the to vote oa January 20 on the Friedmann tnlmrcutosis serum.' I Kenyan'bill to prohibit shipaentsi She thc first American to rr-'. At Bloom Switch, of lifjuor into dry etates than a'ceivf Ihe treatment from Dr.; K rouse, nn X. A W, American Is Trying Consumption Cure (Hy ISnHcd Preas.> Columlnis, O., Kmmn Tfiompson. who for -11 years lias inieii ft teachrr in the public fidiools of this city, dropped df-acl in the school room todfiy of henrt failure. said en us would inform thc Ameri-j letlier nr rifit the serum n s rl aimed by Dr. Wpdnrsd.iy night nud has eaten it.s way into ibn inine.s. Tiljissfock nnrl tlifi iiiiliiiiry authorities watciiing to dcii-ruiim? whether it will be neressary to reLiirn nicniliers of the National Guard lo Ilic ilistriet. Civil intthorities arnl tlin eor.l company bax-c guards o ncliity. Puddling Rate Was Advanced This is an age'of I rcckoii you've that, 'before but it will bear rftpcatin'. Know of everythiug en' ev- erything of ia th1 rule. No one nmn can know it.all, though T have seen soiae "who thought ronld line up most of it. lint I've noticed they nil fell down M critical moments. This moans that T have nothln' t1 offer on th'- llood. Why fBy Amocmr.t Press.) Young.slown, 0., Jnn. I'm- confcroncc hot we en tlic amnlgainatcd aasoci- Itc-rb is mum on that subject i parliamentary devfl which carried final decision [lujijl tomorrow. purported rnnsiimp-j oa the f.'inciniiiiti division.: noon to divji.-v-i ihc Balkan silua- Mra. Powell wa.s Woom fr.vittrh, loj .-ojH'lnded uilliuut tlcji- by her husband, who'visit bis i rosulla. ;tion of iron, and tin .-work- and thc Kcpnbiic Iron and S Steel Company here today the for puddling for January of rant] February was advhnerd from to nn a card rrttr. is the for live years. JUJ.OiX) jiiill -vork- ers by the increase.. ground where Herb is afraid to tread is no safe -placn for a prudent man. Here's for tom orrow: tonight and Sctur. day. Snow in northern portion; Saturday warmer. or siow tonight and Saturday.