Monday, March 2, 1914

Piqua Leader Dispatch

Location: Piqua, Ohio

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Piqua Leader-Dispatch (Newspaper) - March 2, 1914, Piqua, Ohio Page 2 THE PIQUA LEADER-DISPATCH. (MONDAY, MARCH V FRISCO EXTENDS Children Mothers Know That Genuine Castcria Always Bears the Signature, "S> Of Pastor Russell's "Movies" Run- ning From Coast to Coast. .CHURCH TO 8E EXALTED SOON Great Then For Starving For Which His "Movies" Supply. Reign of Sin and Death Nearing Con- of God Soon to Be by "a Time of to Conrtiinte a Channel of tlic establishment of His Kiugucm wui mean a Keigu of llighteousness which I will be strictly., opposed to their per- [uieious to every form I of immorality, opposed to every form 1 of injustice and iniquity, opposed to. i every form of trickery, sham, and false pretense. But surely Christians who are seeking to live in hnrraony with the Divine Law of Love, for God. for the neighbor, for the brother, for ene- niies. have every reason to look for- i ward to. to long for. to hope for the j coining of the Lord's Kingdom as the 1 most desirable thing to be imagined. Indeed, it is thus described in Bible language: desire of all nations shall However much tlie few favored by Famished pvesent conditions may be pleased to have things remain as they are. the I masses of mankind, if they were but I converted from ignorance and supersti- and a knowledge of thV 'Truth as God's Word presents it, would be ghul and rejoice in the sal- 1 ration which is io come to the world I God's Kingdom. The pod of glad mankind will be. not only to have tbat feast prepared, but also to be rid of the darkness which would j binder them from appreciating it. Still More to Follow. The Prophet proceeds to describe fur- ther, saying. "He will swallow up death victory." for several thou- sand.years has had the victory, and the human family have been swal- lowed up by it. The Scriptures desig- nate the six thousand years of earth's history as the reign of'Sin and Death. It conservatively estimated that Death has swallowed up twenty thou- sand millions of humanity, nnd that ninety thousand are going to the tomb every day. .The Lord tells us through the Proph- et that with the establishment of His Kingdom will come a wonderful change; instead of Death continuing to swallow up the race, shall cease. None shall die then except for wilful sin. How a time that will be! All of our sorrows are more or less intimately associated with the reign of Sin and Death. How Use r Over Thirty Years Hearts Crying For Love and Sym- this world hath blinded the eye-s of j well rejOjCe jn the New Dispensation Shall Be Satisfied. i understanding' of mankind and put, which Divine Wisdom has planned, and darkness for light, anil under the tev- I whicll Divine Love will execute, for San. Francisco, j r0rs of the world's day" has I tbe reiease Of our race from the dying March j the glorious blessings which procesSf permitting them- to return to 's PHOTO- the Day of the establishment liberty of the of OF CREA- Of Kitigdom of the Oorin- (lom from 3eath, freedom from sin! TIOX was intro i thians J But even this is not enough! Tho j duced here today Truo> the Kingdom of. the Heavens purposes not merely-to restrain j in the Valencia introduced, r.he Scriptures tell the power of death, so that it shall j Theatre before j 4ia Time of Trouble such nev- cease swaUovrng up our race, but ad- Tbe (36- j before and never will be after- j ajtkmally to "SWKHOW up Death in J but of these Sims i a of Trouble which will j The toraK which figuratively here approaches a J inV0We aU nations, and peoples, and j has itself with twenty thou- j completion of a j and tongues, and every, part j sanci millions, will be forced to dis- i I of the world: a. Time of'Trouble from j goiatei to release its vietiW "All that PHOTO- j whicli tijpre Wiil be no escape excepr j tbe the voice i made the Lord. Mays Cpera House THE SEA SON BIGGEST EVENT The York Harris'Theatre-SUIT- MAST MIND Tin: GUEAY AMERICAN OF chain of PASTOR Heavier Ammunition. "Is this toe man we are to initiate asked tbe illustrious conduc- tor. "It replied the loutside guard. The illustrious conductor walked mrocnd the 350 pound candidate, in- spected liini carefully and turned to his issistant. "Put the goat, back." he said, "ami -Xing me a mule." -Chicago Tribune. rln "I a glartag error sighed the cabinet lady. "How's Inquired the depart mental lady. "I glared at a woman I should hare ignored Fine Scorn. ;l halfpenny, pily to "P-- beautiful such a trifle1.- Exchange. but bag d The way :nto society it to marry for money. The Young you are in society and want to get out? The Old marry for IOTC. -Illustrated Bits. IONED FAMILY REMEDY AND BODY BUILDING Father John's Medicine Treats Colds and Builds Up the Body Without Use of Alcohol or Dangerous Doc- tor's 50 Years in Use; Absolute Trfrth of' This' Story Attested by Guarantee to Give Charitable. Insti- pre- to Shown therwise. Mc< cine jf isf doctor's scrpton. Prescribed for the late Rev. by his physician; of Lowell. Mas Father John recommended this his parishioners becarmsJtnown as Fathe t fc T_-_______ .This "sjtory is true Methodist Minister Recommends Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. (Rev. James A--" Lewis, nn., wntafe: "Ohamiberlain's baa been a needed. gjtiest in our home for a r of I highly reoom- it to Biy fellows as ibreftig s, ne wofbhy of trial in cases of and croup." Give Cough Remedy a wfe are confident you will erjv effectual and continue occasion requires for come, as many others have or sale b-v all dealers. B 4th LudlowSts. to 35 cents t at Hours READ i Unilon unique _ DRAMA from Coast to New York, Cleve- land, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and St. and other places soon. The Valencia, which is one of the finest theatres in the West, will be, what might be called for tbe present, the home, of the PHOTO-DRAMA on the Coast The DRAMA will be produced daily, both afternoon aud evening. Parts I. and II. were run today; parts III. and IV. next, and so ou. The elite of the city were well rep- resented. Eeserved seats (which, by the way, are free to all these exhibi- tions, and no collections) were soon ex- hausted. It is unquestionably true that Pas- tor Russell has brought to the Coast the tirsest collection of motion-pictures and slides ever shown here, and a long run Tvill follow. About 15.000 people now attend the PHOTO-DRAMA OF CKE- ATION daily. The Gospel Is being preached in a most enticing manner; j a long-felt want is being supplied. In his syndicated sermon in the fore- i noon Pastor Russell's subject was quite Great Feast for i a Famished. World." It is believed that his audience agreed. His text was: I "And in this Mountain shall the Lord of Hosts make unto all people a feast of fat things." (Isaiah He said: i Throughout the prophetic Scriptures the word Mountain is used as the syru- i bol of a kingdom_ Earthly governments I are represented as mountains j while the Lord's Government is repre- sented as being established "in tbe top for those who have even the Most Hist, their Refuge anfl Habitation (Psalm But then, even that plowshare of trouble the Lord proposes shall be overruled so that it will constitute a channel of blessing to mankind, by preparing their hearts for the Message of Divine Love and Grace, centered in Christ and His redeeming work at Calvary. What Say the Scripture? Turning from the super- stition, darkness nnd 'terrors of the Dark Asres. let us look still further ired Word of God through and Prophets. From these let us hear some description of the blessings which God purposes His Kingdom shall bring to our sin-cursed race. The Scriptures tell us that God has prepared a great feast for hu- manity; they intimate figuratively that mankind has been starving- for the Message of Divine billions of our race have gone down in igno- rance and superstition, famished for lack of the Word of God. Message of Truth and Grace which our dear Redeemer brought aud indeed been supplied lavishly to some. Some of us have feasted upon the good things of our Father's Word and Plan. But the great mass of mankind have been so deaf and so blind that they see not, neither do they understand nor re- ceive the grace of God. under present we a re that "all the blind eyes shall be opened, nnd all the deaf ears shall be unstopped" of the It is this Moun- j and tbat, the whole world tain, or Kingdom of God, which is re- i ferred to in our text. It has not yet been established in the earth, and hence work has not. yet ,been realized. We still properly pray, i "Thy Kingdom come: Thy will be done j on earth, as it is done in Heaven." Trne. a beginning has been made. j For more than eighteen centuries since our Lord's ascension and the bestow- I mont the Holy Spirit at Pentecost tho has been in process of se- i lection, and the Church is sometimes styled the Kingdom, because its metn- hers when glorified will constitute the I Kingdom will share with the Heavenly the Kingdom honors nnd services for the world. i It is true, also, that our Lord is ex- alted a Princo and a Savior: and that shortly, at His Second Advent. He Is to take to Himself His groat power and reign as King of kings and Lord of lords. But. He has not yet done this. He declared at His "All power in Heaven and in earth is given unto Me." Yet He also in His last Message to the Church distlnctly pointed out that the time for taking posHe.ssiun of His Kingdom was fu- ture; nnd that the time will surely cotne when He will take unto Himseif His great power and reign, because the time to n'ign will then have Revelation More than this, the signs of the times.'read in the light of the Lamp of Truth, the Word of Gml. seem clearly to indicate that the time is near at hand for. the sotting of Christ's Kingdom. How glad wn all should be! What rejoicing it should CM use the whole world of mankind, to know that the reign of Sin and Death is nearing its conclusion: that Satan, tbe Prince of this will shortly be bound for a thousand years, that ho deceive the nations no more until its termina- tion'. we should thnt "the night: is far spent and the day is at that the Millennial Morning Is j already dawning: that the SUE of Uighteonsiu'ss is .-ilreydy rising, nnil that soon the whole earth will "lw full of the knowledge the glory of j God. as the eovi-r the great A F-sast In This Mountain. The bare announcement "f the King- dom of God strike mankind vn- j riously in propo'rtion as the character j of the Kingdom and its work itiight be understood misunderstood. Thus j today tn ninny the mention that, the Kingdom of God is nigh at hand would will thus be prepared for the true knowledge of GodT whose goodness and loving kindness and tender mercies will undoubtedly have a softening and mellowing effect upon hard hearts! Blessed the Hungry. There ;ire many hungry hearts in the world. Many whose bodies are well nourished have famished hearts, which cry out for love and sympathy. He who reads the hearts, who knows what is in them, has prepared this feast which will surely satisfy every legiti- mate, righteous desire. Those who al- ready are tho Lord's people, and. who have" already feasted at the bountiful table sproad the Chmx-h, can ap- proximate to some extent the .bounty thnt will be spread before the world foretold through of the Son of God start shall come forth." The aaintly few-, whose faith- fulness God already tested, will come forth to the perfection of life The unsaiutly masses; the majority of whom have r.ever kiiown God truly, will come forth to ti resurrection, by j trial, by Judgment, by', discipline. Death itself shall be destroyed. St. Paul Quotes fr-om the Prophet Hosea, saying. "O DeAth. where is thy sting2 0 Grave, tvkere is thy vic- He does not 4uote this as ap- plicable now; for Sin Vind Death still have their victory in world. Mil- lions are still slaves Sin. and bil- lions are still bound by Mie power of the tomb. St. Paul and Prophet still point down to the floriouls Millen- nial Kingdom (following the nesurrec- tion change of the all elmll be brought to a knowledge Truth and when all that are in prison-house of Death ghall come forth, because Jesus has redeemed every member of our race from the power of the tomb. x All Away." We remember our Redeemer's tender words. "Come unto Me, .-ill ye who la- bor and arc heavy laden, and I will -ire you rest." (Matthew Those who have accepted His gracious invitation, and obtained from Him the rest of faith, have found that it meant the cancellation of their troubles in a large degree. We. then, should be able to understand the next statement, in our contest. "The Lord God TIN wipe away the tears from off nil faces It is the same Message given In Revelation, where the same King- dom, under the figure of the New Jeru- salem is brought to onr attention. The Heavenly Father will wipe awny tbe f tear< not directly, but indirectly, through His Son. the Redeemer. the marks of sorrow, pain AS ARTISTIC AS WITHIN THE with A ME RICA'S F A V O R IT E A OT OR MR. WILLIS GRANGE and a notable cast On Account of the Lenient Seaion Have_E Price for ThU hloor 50c and 75c-Gallery 25c. Scat Sale Opens Thursday a Tears are suffering: carry ttie thought of "a wreck "f mat- j "Ami li ter and a end of hope, and usher in to all except the elect, few a great hurniug-Uay. in tliis irreat feast tho Prophet in our There will be sevevnI Uifiereii'.-es. however, be- tween <uir present feast uud tluit for the The present feast is merely :i feast protcises which unist be partaken oC by tiie exercise of faith. The feast described in our text will be a very actual one. The realities of the bless- ing Restitution of health, of .si.rer.uth.' mental, moral, and physical- will there be bountifully supplied, to be partaken of freely by all who ap- preciate them. Asrain, the present feast is n. spiritual oile! relating to a Heavenly Kingdom 2lory and not seen as yet." except by the eye of faith. To the contrary, the feast for the world, referred to'iu our text, will consist of earthly bounties and blessings, most tangible in kind as well as excellent in quality. All that was lost in Adam will be tendered to such as will accept the mercy. The Prophet in attempting to de- scribe the bounties of lhat feast, uses highly svinhoH'-al trrtn.s. and describes it as a "feast of fat things, full of mar- row, of wines on the lees, well refined." Assuredly no laniiuaire that we could use could fully find properly forth !he riches of God's provided for Uie world of mankind under the miuis- tratiou of His Kingdom. The earth shall yield her increase, streams shall forth in the deserts, the wilder- ness shall blossom as the rose, the soli- tary place be made Isaiah 3Ti. The Destructive Work. The Lord, a Her <iescribing through the Prophet, the feast of blessings ftnd refreshmt-ms. portrays the destruction of things injurious to mankind, saying. destroy in this Mountain i face -if thf covering cnst over all j That is spread over all i nations." i Verso T.I This veil is none I other than the veil of iKhoram-e and Muporstii ion "'xN-liif-h hinders mankind from sM-intr that. Creator Is thpir i Friei.-d. that riirhtf-ousness and truth are to their advanlftire. that the ways i of the an- risjhteons nltogMher. mid the poetic statement thaV God Himself will wipe away the of ralnklnd is benutlfnl nnd forceful snp.ccsf.OTi of how the Power of the Richest Is shortly to be em- ploved. not in the eternal torment of the world, but in its blessing, its nnlift- injr and tho removal of its When we remr-mber that there nre no tears in Heaven, and that the joys of that blessed state are became of slnlessness. our hearts overflow with thanksrfvins ns we cntcb, in the poetic thought, the assurance that all sin. ana nil sorrow ns the resnlt of sin. nnfl tenrs nnd marks of sorrow, will forev- er pass away in that happy rime- no one imagine that this fies universnl salvation. Other tures show us thnt universal opportu- Bustle, ftnd several display draped col- nitv for palvntion will be accorded, but after Japanese style. tbnt oxrept those who nvnil them- No. showa a draped collar nnd selves of this opportunity by a hearty acceptance of the Divine arrangement. arid a hearty obedience to the of the Kingdom, will pet. the great bless- A NEW FEATURE [5 THE SOFTLY DRAPED JAPANESE COLL, The demand for uomething new, that give the effect of a 1 different, allows of few skirt. A soft prccn mohair is monotonous moments in the life of a with the blouse of chiffon <n rhc designer of women's clothes. When shade of Rnch Jh'r drapery first came Into It was is lined with chiffon, which corapuratlvely easy to evolve new cle- the mohnlr rnhly. signs but again we are looking for To copy this model In size It novel. lift of Inch material Prcmet Is trying to rejuvenate the with 1% yards of contrasting ma- bustle. A frock of hors in blue silk j tcrial. poplin shONye a bustle effect brought! No 8102 Is a smart little frocfc. about by a never cut antf arrange- i which Is nnusiiniiv i-fcirtlvc ment of drapery that Is roally quite In one of the i-repes. attractive. It is a three piece suit, Tho ciosce In th. back, has and an extremely smart is! Kimono blocs.: and a skirt Ini- with jinother feature Several ported give indications or uhapcd trimming s on the double r.nic. Tlii.M may bo cop! with vanJs of C6 Inch No. 24 to 42. No. 32 to 42. 16 rents size 3fl intr of Hfe everlasting. All others, wll- fu! sininM-s. will be destroyed in tho Second Death. c Hood-hre sore feet, Burning swol- 1-n foot, sweaty fept, smelling feet, tired feet.. V Cood-byc corns, calUmsep, bunions and spots. No inore tijgM- ices, no 4ore limp- ing with pain or "drawing up yotir lace in agony. tTIZ" in magical, right off. draws out the poisonous up the feet. TIZ" and for- get your foot minorv. Ah! hotr comfortable your feat feel. Get a 25 cent box of "TIZ" BOW at any druggist store. Don't suffer. Have glad feet, feet that, never nwell, never hurt, never get tired. A foot comfort guarftiteed or money refunded. T keep Far too lung have these j The sunlight of the New Dispense traditions of men to our judg- i tion. the Kcign <-f will ment, come between our and scatter tl-.e .-louds and darkness. <he the great blessings set forth in Uod's i of isrnorance. and.Jet into the Word, and non- due TO and j hearts of "the light of the j to the world. T; is vrry proper thnt. j glory of as it those living in aiienMtinn from I "in 1he ffli e of .Tosns Christ" our To obtain cither pattern illustrated nn out thla coupon and enclose 15 cents in etsLmps or coin. Be to state number of pattern and size, mcnsr.rinc over the fullest part of :ho bust Address Pattern Department, care of this Address in in. iiov.ld that wonderful Chanff Is not the only reason I have for asking your patronage. Good printing is another. A reasonable price is another. Suggestions, if yon wish them, that will in AC yonr printed fatter FORCEFUL, is still i The telephone number, on the Home, is 1175 BEN K, WARREN "The Prompt Printer" lOt W. Art FIQUA, OHIO. I'HSi t