Tuesday, August 3, 1909

Leader Dispatch

Location: Piqua, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Leader Dispatch on Tuesday, August 3, 1909

Leader-Dispatch (Newspaper) - August 3, 1909, Piqua, Ohio TO WQUA DAILY I ttttit TO1. TPH Opera, Movae TO-N16HTI And 9 Night. W.A.PARTELLO The Fartello Stock Company -wrm MISS ALICE KENNEDY And Her Associate Players. TO-NIGHT! "A WAI A Grctt Romantic Comedy Drama of play Wed- nesday and Friday. Prices same as before: Another Big Industry For This City Of Manufacturers of Fire Proof Cabinets Wai LIKELY HOVE HERE Dp to the Capitalists of City to Subscribe Stock in Growing of the moat meet- Ings of business men ever held and one promising of great results, wcs that last evening at chio, it decided to moke every effort to aeoure a big sirty-thooeaud dollar cabinet works for Piqua, to iboost tihe Harvest Festival and to every effort to persuade the Western Ohio railway that it will toe for their own interest as well as for tJJie Interest of the city of Piqua, to make no increase In -passenger fares. More than a half JHrndred of the representative merchants and manu- of Piq-ua, responded to the call of Stanlhope Boal, chairman of 4be. industrial committee of the club, to get together for one more 'boost for Piqua, the metropolis of this sec- tion. It was felt that if this meeting did not produce results, further ef- forts toward concerted action would toe a failure. Tbe ilwsin-ese men re- sponded nobly. Committee Favorable. TIhe iprlnws object of the meeting for the (purpose of hearing the report of A. A. Hall and Geo. <M. Pel- who had been sent to Marietta to investigate the con-diton and ao- pearnce of the Safe Cabinet company, to remove to Plqnia, having made Mr. Boal a proposition In writing that tihe plant will 'be re- moved here upon tine subscription of in 6 per cent, accumulative preferred stock. Messrs. flail and Peffer were en- thusiastic in their report. They thought investment in this company would a good orae, an4 reported the plant, which is noror incorporated for to be ru-noing full ca- ipacity and still umaible to turn out all of their orders for the fire proof gteel cabinets made. It is the hope In moving here to enlarge their ca- pacity and Instead of fifty men, as now employed, use on-e b-undred and also manufacture in addition to the caibinets, office files, fire iproof file fooo'ks, etc. The present cabinet man- ufactured is five feet higih, with walls about three inches tihiok constructed of alternate layers of steel and as- ibestos and with an inner air chamber. Tihe committee stated that the plant was in splendid condition and very and orderly. Just a few days ago Messrs. W. "V. Dick, president, CM. Wilder, vice pres- ident and H. W. Dick, secretary, were in the oky and made tSieir final iprop- caition to Mr. Boal. They had 'been ihere a couple of weeks (before. Af tsr their last visit the committee to in- vestigate was appointed. How to be Paid. Upon the close of the report of the investigating committee, it was decided to accept the offer aoid the proposition was indorsed. Mr. Boal suggested that this stock to be sub- be made assemble In four pay- ments, thirty days apart, to the treasurer of the industrial commit- tee, J. H. Clark, die to act as a trus- tee on the condition that the cam- It -Mr. Boal's idea that twenty- five iper cent, of amount of the preferred stock (be paid to the com- pany when' the foundations for the 'buildings are completed; twenty-five per cent, snore when the roof is on; twenty-five per oent. more when the concern ocouiplee the plant; and the last twen-ty-flve iper cent, when it is operated. The appointed the fol- lowing committee of six gentlemen to solicit subscriptions to the stock, and to report <by August 10th: J. H. Young, Atoe Louis, A. 'M. Orr, H. K. Wood, Eugene Johnson, Ben Wikinson and Stsamhope Boal. Western Ohio Fares. In response to the protest of the industrial committee of the Pi qua chlb against the increased fares and abolition of roimmutatkm, a letter from General (Manager Carpenter, to elaborate program consisting of mu- sic and ad-dresses. It would be well to have -celebrities here to make talks, among them 'Mr. lScihniidlia'pp himself. It was noted that the cannon for which the cement foundation has been completed will ibe on top of a huge granite die, an-d that orders for designs aad appropriate inscriptions uipon each of the four sides have al- ready been placsd with a Cincinnati firm. This die, or imonusnent, will rest uipon Piqua stone, which is to be ibuilt from 'the cement. Altogether it will a very pretty ornament for the square. iMr. Seal, stated that he, or any other Iwistoess man, could go-oilt an-d i-nt 'wch ours raise money enough to pay ifor it he u'mveiling of this mon- ument, ;but -ih'at it 'would be for the 'best interests of tihe city that this THAW'S LIFE IN ASYLUM BARED Concluded from First Page. told of various incidents." including Thaw's refusal to accept mail ad- dressed to him, his refusal to cee his wife until told that Mr. MorscUauser .had sent her, and his "insolent and domineering actions toward the phy- sicians and attendants." Last fall tbe prison authorities searched 'Thaw's pockets when he was asleep and the next day he of- fered reward for the detection of anyone tampering with his clothes. The fruits of this search appeared in court when Dr. Baker handed in as evidence about 30 newspaper clip- pings. They were not read, but Mr. Jerome explained that all were on sexual topics. Mr. Morschauser weakened the force of this exhibition by making tbe witness testify that in all be had found nearly 200 clippings in Thaw's pockets and that they were on vari- ous subjects. He said Tie had brought the 80 to court because lie thought they all had bearing on the case. Justice Mills told him to fetch the sthera. When court adjourned for the day Mr. Morschauser was trying to make Dr. Baker admit that a musical at the hospital not long ago was arrang- ed for the purpose of letting Thaw tuake a fool of himself. Thxw re- to attend the affair. Water Melons for Knights of Pythias DAILY MARKETS Directed Dafly by W. R. Ely, Broker, Foreign cables show wheat J< higher a lower Corn a lower. Duluth icports 35 wheat today, 26 week ago, 110 year ago. Minneapolis reports 91 today, 63 week ago, 86 year ago. .t. [Chicago reports 428 wheat, 243 Members of Inviocible Lodge, No. coini 123 oats. 176, K. Of P., Enjoy Selves Estimated wheat 194. Corn 107 Oo Georgia Fruit. A 'water mel-oia feast 'Wias enjoyed 'by the memJbers of Ittviaci-ble lodge Xo. 176, K. of P. last evening. After 'the meeting of the lodge was over the members were hnvited to tare (banquet room by social com- mittee. The Knights a long loaded down with big, ripe, red and juicy G-eo-ngia water melons just off the ice. Wihat they did to those "milyoai's" would foe sinful to describe. The knigilits attacked the defenseless (helpless fruit with. j entihusi-asm and it was not long -antU Oats 73. Wheat is 1 lower. Corn lower Oats a 3-8 lower compared with previous dose. Sept. wheat opened 104 closed Sept. com opened Sept oats opened 87 86 Dec. wheat opened 101 Dec. corn opened 54 3 8 dosed Dec. oats opened 37 closed 37 DECEIVED Many People 1 Fire Bell. STANHOPE BOAL, Chairman of the Industrial Committee of the Piqua Club, now busily en- gaged in boosting the "Border City." Thought It for a Fire and all Wanted to Scs Firemen Making Run. 'The eight o'clock bell deceived a lot of ipeo'ple last evening. After they discovered tiheir mista-ke they quite foolish. There -was a large crowd in the lobby of (.May's qpena house when tihe 'bell at the central statioii tapped at eight o'clock. Some addle-wate Shouted fire and everybody nra.cle lor the doors and out into the street ex- pecting to see the firemen on Wiezr Mr. Boal, was read. In tills letter ;Mr. Oar.penter ex- iplained patieortly an-d -at length, that foe did not believe -that the cutting off of com.Tn'utation tidkets wo-uld af- fect tihe business interests of. the city very largely as the average number of people using these tickets from Sidney an-d Locklngton to Piqua, was only 27. Nothing was said concern- ing- the possibility of -the road losing freight business" as a result of the increase in their passenger rates. (Mr. Carpenter insisted that the present commutaton rate of cents gocd work again." i'or or disrr.sod niv.l C'olds, os, I lay Fever, Ixi'lrippp. ,T aciy stands iri- rivnlod. Price -.ind Tri.il 'boitlo free. -n-nil gna.runtfw] oy P. 1. A LOCAL GRATV MARKETS. only the rinds and seeds remained to tell the story of iwfhat had foe-p- j Wheat not less than 58 Ibs. .pend. After tn-e inieloas b-a-d been i Test disposed of the cigars were distribut- ed and a imor-e satisfied company of men would have been difficult to find. Those failed to ibe .'present do not know -what tihey onlssed. CITY N33WS TOLD IN PARAGRAPHS. po-or sup-port. The score in the Castle 'ganne 12 to 2. MODERN HAIB DRESSING Ihlas played ihavoc -with the tresses ol tihe fair sex, and druggists every- where comment on the fact that they are selling large quantities of sage for making tihe old-fashioned "sa.ge sudhi as was used by our grand- mothers for promoting the growth of their hair and restoring its natural color. The demand for this welh Known herb for this ipuripose so great that one manufacturer has taken advantage of the fact, and has placed on the market an ideal containing sulphur, a valuaibU remedy for dandruff and ecalp raaihet and irritatio-ns. This (preparation, which is called Wyeth's Sage and; Sulphur, is sold by all leading drug- gists for 5 0 cents and 1 a bottle, or will be sent direct toy the Wreth Chemical company, 74 Cortlandt St., New York City, upon receipt of rprice. For sale -and recommended A. C.1 Wilson, special agent. loi A little journey on tKe inland seas is the pleasant and economical vacation trip in America. The ever varying scenery of the shore line and the pictureique beauty of the islands add interest and delight to every mile of the trip. All the important ports on the Great Lakes are reached regularly by the excellent service of the D C Lake The ten large steamers of this Fleet have all the qualities of speed, safety and comfort. Every boat is of modern steel construction and is propelled by powerful engines. The Clark Wirelesi Telegraph Service is used aboard. Tickets reading via any rail line between Detroit and Buffalo, Detroit and Cleveland, in either direction, are available for transportation on D C Line Steamers. The D C Lake Lines operate daily trips between Buffalo and Detroit, Cleve- land and Detroit, four trips weeKy between Toledo, Detroit, Mackinac and and two trips weekly between Detroit, Bay City, and ivayportc. A Cleveland to Mackinac special steamer will be operated from June 15lh to September 10th, leaving Cleveland direct for Mackinac stop- ping at Deceit enroute every trip and at Goderich, Ont.'i every other trip. Special daylight trip" between Detroit and Cleveland during July ana August. Send 2 tent stamp for illustrated let and Great Lakes Map. Address: L. G. G. P. A., DcJioit, Mich. p. i MCMILLAN, A. A. SCHANTZ. V. 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