Tuesday, February 11, 1964

Newark Advocate

Location: Newark, Ohio

Page: 13

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Text Content of Page 13 of Newark Advocate on Tuesday, February 11, 1964

Advocate, The (Newspaper) - February 11, 1964, Newark, Ohio AMUSEMENT Newark !O.J Advocate Tues.. Feb. II, i964 Movie Tuttday p. m. THE BIG SHOW: "Rocky Mountain {I960) Errol Flynn and Patrice Wymore. p. m. MOVTEVILLE USA: "Abe Lincoln In Illinois" Fart I (1940) Raymond Massy and Ruth Gordon. i p. m. 9 ARMCHAIR PM: "Mr. Imperium" (1951) Lana Turner and Ezio Pinza. LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE Tuesday 10 p. m. X BELL TELE-i PHONE HOUR A tribute to! Lincoln. Valentine's Day and other birthdays is scheduled.! Joan Sutherland. Al Hirt, Broth- ers Four and members of the New York City Ballet will per- form. Robert Ryan is host. More Than 'Fair9 Applicants Dear Abby Advice On Tipping Of Minister Gets Letters ABIGAIL VAN BLRLN. McNaught Inc. DEAR ABBY: What is wrong with you? First you advise a younj; rnamed couple, who ask if it's proper to Up" their minister for helpful counseling, to give a "donation" to the church instead. Then some preacher's wife writes in crying poor mouth and says. "No. giv- ing the church a donation for sen-ices perform- ed by the minister makes about as much sense as sending a "tip" to Conrad Hilton because you got good service in his hotel And you agreed with her! You must know that no self-respecting would Actress Is No Longer Afraid By CENTRAL PRESS HOLLYWOOD Making mo- vies is a "vacation" for actors ion The filming of TV shows is a constant battle against time are competitors for fashion modeling World's Fair. From left .Mary Lou Levme. Sweden. Vera Mane Calli. Greece. Pamela Rogers. U. S China. posts at New York Cornelias. Germany: Ehbsa. Scotland, and Jane Chong, The United States acquired the Canal Zone in Panama for 000.000 in cash and annual "rent" of f250.000. Tne annuity has since been raised to .000. Advocate Daily TV Log '3NOD 3Nld '9 'SaOSSDS -01 'aizocmna 'II 'NQH '8 SOJ3V clergyman would accept money for performing a service that is part of his job. And another thing, most churches today are so rich they don't know what to do with their money next. BURNED UP IN ST. PAUL. DEAR BURNED: It's difficult to speak for "all" clergymen, and "most" churches. But ac- cording to my mail, "most" cler- gymen a struggle making ends meet. And "most" church- The Advocate is not responsible for last-minute changes in programming Columbus TV stations. Shows printed in bold face denote color transmissions. WEDNESDAY DAYTIME SHOWS CHANNEL 10 Operation Alphabet; Semester: Reports; 8-00 Captain Kangaroo; Toyshop; AM; 11.00 Password: 11 30 Bill Pepper. Background; Love of Life: 12 News; for Tomor- row. Light; Bride: the World Turns: of Groucho; 2 Party; Tell the Truth: News; of Night; Storm: Big Show. CHANNEL 8 and Friends: and Odie: for Dollait; Court: Is Right: Is; 12 Keys. Time: Ernie Ford: Knows Best: Bingo; in Court: Hospital: Mouse Club. CHANNEL 4 Daily Word; 6 00 Sunrise Seminar; Farm Forecast; Today Show; Columbus Today; Show; Minutes to Live By; Show; Miller Show; News; for Word; es know only too well what anofher Club; First Impression; do with their money. and tjme DEAR ABBY: Since w hen tween TV shots. And pages of dialog to should the people who belong to be Iearned each night not be- a church pay the preacher ex- tweefi scenes tra if they call on ftim to per- Invariably an actor-alumnus form a If the preacher of -graduated" to feature should be paid for counseling. films us ..Wnai a picnic or mam-ing, or ourymg. then it is to be making by all means let's pay the teach-; However> when Inger Stevens X er for holding special conferenc- returned ,0 feature film-making es with parents, and let s tip (in -The while m the dime store clerk who looks still in production filming her under the counter for series. "The and the mailman for delivering Daughter." there was little va- the mail. cation for her in movies. FROM A TEACHER MARRI- Inger has bounded back in ED TO A PREACHER Hollywood with a successful and secure leap. She's not the DEAR ABBY- To sa> that the scared actress who left this39'' letter from "A Clergyman's town four years ago. when it Wife" infuriated my husband is looked like she might never re- putting it mildly. Granted, the turn. clergyman and his family can "Hollywood doesn't frighten A use money. Who But to me any more." she now smiles. expect payment for a service "I better understand the people that is part of one's training in and the business and 1 no long- the service of God this is er take either very seriously." asinine. My husband would rath- She took it pretty seriously un 3g er live on beans and rice, and that day four years ago when wear turned collars on his shirts she turned down a role given her jg than take money for himseif for by Paramount and was placed baptisms, funeral on suspension. and counseling I did all sorts of things." she PASTOR'S WIFE, FORT reveals "I spent time with Ing- jg BRAGG. N f mar Bergman. Fellini and oth- ers. I gambled at Monte Carlo, jg For a personal, unpublished swam in the Mediterranean. repiv write in ABBY. Box 3385. went tn impressionist museums Reverh HilK Calif Enclose a in Pans addressed emel- After thus "punishing" herself. she went back to work in tele- vision, where her fine perform- <JQ Florida which had only 529.- ances. such a? "Price of Toma- nnn people as recently as 1900. toes." which won her an Emmy expect a population of 8.000.000 nomination, again brought her to jg bv 1970 top Hollywood recognition. Let's Make a Deal; News: Doctors; Loretta Young Theater; Don't Say: Match Game; Afternoon Report; 4 L7SA. g? Ozzie and Harriet Chronicle P.M. 3D Patty Duke Show P.M. "Si Farmer's Daughter ig, Channel 10 Reports P.M. X Espionage 3) Ben Casey lg Beverly Hillbillies P.M. Dick Van Dyke P.M. X Eleventh Hour 3D Channing Dannv Kave Show P.M. 11 O'Clock Reports X P.M. Weather P.M. (D Sports P.M. 3D Sports Steer m Armchair P.M. P.M. Hong Kong P.M. 3D Tonight Show A.M. News and Weather A.M. Daily Word Viewers Can Do Little About Saving Favorite By CYNTHLA LOWRY. AP TV-Radio Writer NEW YORK can television viewers, distressed by reports of cancelled programs, do to save their favorite shows? .Very little. j They can write letters to the 72.7 per cent of all sets in use .networks But the fate of most during the hour were tuned to 'entertainment programs hangs CBS A rival rating service, ,on the size of viewing audiences Arbitral, found that Sullivan's based on estimates made by a normal Sunday night audience organization. Had just about doubled. Nation- j In prime evening al ratings won't be available for tween and 11 a couPle of weens. U.S. Reaction To Beatles Is Entertaining number of sets tuned to any one j Canton Building Damaged By Fire CANTON, Ohio (AP) More than 60 firemen fought flames that swept through a three-store! network program runs between building'in downtown million and 16 million. In j Monday night general, any show that attracts Firemen said the blaze appar-i30 per cent'or more of the esti- ently started in the basement of i mated sets in use probably ;the structure, which houses survive for another season, and candy store on! To over-simplify the compli- the first floor. The second and'cated ratings situation, let us third floors are vacant. Tuesday I Now Ends Wed DEAN MARTIN "Who's Been sleeping in My Bed? Ml TtCHWCOtOR- EU2A9CTX MAJTTVf .Al. MONTGOMERY BALSAM ST.JOHN _._, CAJKX BURNETT PARAMOUNT Feature ot STARTING THURSDAY HOW THE WEST W2S FOR TEX AS M.ES6RONSON VICTOR BUONO IHEIHREE'SJOOGES WARNER BROS. PICTURF NOW ON SALE AT OUR BOX OFFICE THE SERIES OF 7 SATURDAY SHOWS 7 SPECIAL MOTION PICTURES 3D m P.M- Woody Woodpecker P.M. Sea Hunt P.M. The Rifleman P.M. Complete Information-News Home Edition P.M. ABC News P.M. P.M. CBS News. Walter Cronkite Huntley-Bnnkley Report Maverick P.M. Jamboree Looking With Long P.M. Earl Flora, Sports P.M. Briscoe Feature P.M. Mr. Novak Combat House P.M. Red Skelton Hour P.M. You Don't Say McHale's Navy P.M. Greatest Show On Earth Petticoat Junction Richard Boone P.M. Jack Benny F. M. Fugitive Bell Telephone Hour Garrv Moore P.M. 11 O'Clock Reports 3D 3) TT P.M. Editorial TV Weatherman P.M. Weather Murphy P.M. Sports Armchair P.M. P.M- Roaring 20's P.M. Tonite Show Midnight A.M. News and Weather A. M. Dailv Word What's on WCLT 1430 AM -100.3 FM TONIGHT Sports Weather World and Local News 6' 6 T Wednesday P.M. Yogi Bear i P.M. Across the Seven Seas j P. M. Juvenile Court P.M. i Complete Information News Home Edition P. M. ABC NEWS P.M. Holbrook P.M. CBS Cronkite Huntley-Bnnkley Report Maverick P.M. Looking With Long Jamboree P.M. Earl Flora. Sports P.M. Rov Bnscoe. Feature P.M. Vircmsan BASKETBALL AWARD Milt Shoup Presents Player of the Week Award for HEATH HIGH SCHOOL on Sports Program Tomorrow Night at 6 p. m. 1430 AM WCLT 100.3 FM Nightbeat Dinner Music Nightbeat Nigbtbeat News and Weather 8 10 Nightbeat 8 30 Nightbeat 8.59 News Nightbeat News 10-10 Nightbeat Daily Bread Sign" Off WEDNESDAY MORNING 6.29 Sign On Thought For the Day Local News BBC. Markets BBC News and Weather BBC News and Weather 8.05 Almanac BBC Opinioncast News and Weather BBC BBC Kitchen Cupboard Club Announcements, Lost and Found 10-00 News and Weather Obituary Column Swap Shop 10.15 Special Feature Moments of Devotion. Look At Life Musical Notebook WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON Noon Weather, Sports, Farm- assume a sponsor invests hn in a program that is seen on 10.000 sets. Tnat means it costs him S100 to reach 1.000 families. On the other hand, if 100.000 sets are tuned to his program, that cost per thousand is re- duced to SiO. The one thing which interests most sponsors of entertainment shows is reaching tl possible number of NEW YORK be- teen age fans, the Beatles? A symphony orchestra con- ductor, for one. He comes from England, home of the mop- rotk -n" roll quartet, evangelist Billy Graham, however. "I'm afraid I'm on a different wave length." he said f0r the 10W6St A iwi.i the nation's press came potential ediloriai critjcism. The Washing- Set Record Those incredible Beatles prob- ably have rolled up a television audience record on Sundav ton Post suggested that "the British are taking fiendish re- venge" for U S exports of rock "n' rollers to the British Isles in Reaction from the man-in-tbe- Pat Buttram Show Country Time News Wrap Up Country Time Matinee Matinee News and Weather Matinee Home Topics News and Weather Education News 3.30 Matinee Inside Books Matinee I Matinee 1 Matinee News and Weather Matinee Rolling Home News and Weather Opinioncast Sign Rolling Home i Sign Off AM iln Vienna LOOKS 'Hard For PlayS n TONIGHT STARTS WED. "MOVE OVER DARLING" The strangest story Science-Fiction has ever told: Seven Heroes THE VALIANT SONS OF SPARTA! NO MATINEE SHOWS MONDAY THRU FRIDAY EVENING SHOWS ONLY AT TONIGHT Plays About Reds Scheduled night's Ed Sullivan show. Ac- street included that of a career cording to Nielsen samplings girl m Dallas: "To me. it was taken in only the New York a 'so reaction. They're Metropolitan area, a massive no different from all the others, just with stragglv hair." American Woman The .Beatles answered with one voice Monday when asked how they added up their suc- cess "Money." they chorused at a news conference. 1 NEW YORK (APi An Am- jhev reportedly have grossed encan woman's search for new In Europe. Capital plays for her English language Records said their hit song. "I j theater in Vienna is proving Want to Hold Your sold 'hard work. l.SSO.OOO records in three weeks, Ruth Brinkman reports that fastest in the industry's history, her script quest has turned up The Beatles made their Amer- a bare handful of material, but ican television debut Sunday she is optimistic about the val- night on <he Columbia Broad- ue of initial overseas exhibit for casting System's Ed Sullivan U. S. talent. shiw Hundreds of i "After all." shp points out. mostly girls, mostly screaming, Albee was discovered besieged the quartet at the first in -iudm and their hotel. thev perform at Strauss Honored S.GOO-seat Coliseum in Washing- SALZBURG. Austria The ton. D C. It's sold Salzburg Festival will open July In Pitt-burgh. John Pntchard, 26 with a performance of Rich- conductor nf the London Phil- ard Strauss" "Ariadne in Nax- harmonic said "Really, de- ns." The 100th anniversary- of spite the fantastic ballyhoo. I the composer's birth falls this find qnod entertainers. While living he was iden-Their are extremely 'tified with the fe.-tnal. and be ab-r'Utely technically all left several be pre- and miered here NEW YORK (AP) Two day commissar who suddenly plays about the Soviet Union becomes aware of deep-seated are on Broadway's spring sched- personal opposition to the Red ule establishment. Due first is Paddv Chavef- sky's "The Pasion of Josef D." concerned with the early part of Stalin The second project is Denker's Tne tant Thunder cSad Cafe1 To Be Given In Sweden Sound Henry of STOCKHOLM (API Ed- ward Albee's Broadway drama- tization of "The Ballad of the Its theme concerns a present- Sad Cafe- 15 {o be presented here this year. It is to foe staged by Ingmar Bersman. noted film- maker. Bergman last year directed Albee's 'Who's Afraid of Vir- ginia Woolf" The new play is based upon a novel of the same title bv Carson McCullers. HIGH SCHOOL At Home In Spare Time nard books ard Crodi: for minietcri Progress PS ard o .r-t-i.rf a dly AW Booklet Tci.s Hou OUR 66TH YEAR AMKRK AN SCHOOL Ohio Distnrt Dept N'A-12 22 5 Youns St Columbus 15 Ob in Nat State sVudA-bcouncii Sellers To Wed LONDON actor Peter Sellers, 36. said today he will mam- blonde Swedish ac- tress Bntt Eklund. 21. The couple met for the first time in London only 10 days ago Sellers phoned Miss Eklund in New York Monday to pop the, _ question. Miss Eklund said yes. is cxPected to fly to London] Dog's Knothole View Through a knothole in a Sacramento. Calif. backyard fenre. curious dog's eacer scan all that's kept from him. by the u coder, barrier. I SiFWSPAPFRI