Thursday, September 11, 1890

New Philadelphia Ohio Democrat

Location: New Philadelphia, Ohio

Page: 4

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Text Content of Page 4 of New Philadelphia Ohio Democrat on Thursday, September 11, 1890

Ohio Democrat, The (Newspaper) - September 11, 1890, New Philadelphia, Ohio Omo DEMOCRAT. THURSDAY, SEPT. 11, 1890. 1 paper is entered at thepoitoffice in Few Philadelphia, 0., second class in alter. OFFICIAL WIRECTOKY. JAMES W. OWENS Congressman. JOHN A. BUCHANAN State Senator. .DAVID H. TBOENDLY, BENFEB, CHAELES FOLLETT, JOIIK W. JENNER, sChruit Court Judges 'JoHsW. ALKAUGII, J JOHNC. DOSAUEY Cleik Courts. JAMES G. PATKloK....Piosfontina Att-finoy. Jo'UN W. YISAGLKY Probate Judge. PETEK sheriff. JOHN W. KISSEY Auditor. JOHN MYERS Treasurer J. 6. NBUMAN Recorder. KOBT. T. BENNEK, WESLEY EMKRSOK, E. B. WESTHAVEK. J O. H. HOOVER Surveyor. B. DOWNEY Coroner. LEWIS GKCKKLER, OZIAS DK LONG, ...Infirmary Directors JAMES M. PORTER, j 8. GLATFELTEK, Fish and Game Warden THE MARKETS. New Philadelphia Retail. NEW PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 10th. Flour, per bbl, choice 5 2 Patented, 4 bbl sack Clover Seed per bu Wheat, per bushel, new 3 25 93 40 6 Corn Cornmeal per sack............................ Coffee, green, choice, per tb............... Coffee, roasted, Sugars, granulated, 12 Ibs.................. 1 00 A standard, 13 Ihs................. 100 -.Yellow, choice, 14 Ibs............ 100 Molasses, sorghum per 40 Syrup, pure sugar, per gallon............ 50 mixed, Eice, per Ib........................... Tea, finest per Ib.............................. SO choice 40 Batter per Ib.................................... Eggs per doz..................................... 14 Apples, per Beans, navy per Ib........................ S Dried peaches, per Ih........................ 20 apples per Ib........................... 5i Potatoes, per bu............................... 1 20 Salt per bbl................................. 1 15 Wool. NEW YOUK., Sept. Market fancy Kl.irin, L'O Oe; oleomargarine, quiet and steady; domestic tiuece at 3 pulled Texas ST. LOUIS, Sept. Wool Rec s. Jbs: market steady; prices unchanged; un washed bright medium at fim heavy at tub washed ciioii-e 35c; coarse braid fine lisjht at 21c; int'erior low sandy at Live Stock. EAST LIBF.KTY, Pa., Stj-t. ('uttle- head; shipments liwwi market slow and a bhade off from IHM treek'b prices; there were sixteen cars of cat He shipped to New York today. Re eeipts head; shipments '2, head the market was active; prime i-ornt'ed I'liila- delphias S-l.7Ua4.7o, liest cornffd gra-ser.- pi us" 3.751 thirteen cars of hogs shipped to New York todny. Ru'-cipts lu-ad shipment head; the market was lair :tt last week's prices. Farmyard and CLEVELAND Sept. 8 fresh fancy 24io'.'5c; dairy fuiey table, 15c; low grnJes O.ilO York M ite full cream 10.-; -Ohio full cream part skim, brick -heese, Limlmrger, Eggs -Fresh ciindlcd stock m 1! _ to20c. Poultry live Turkeys, !'c per sprinf duok, Sc: chickens 7 per lo. Flour. CLEVELAND, Sept. 8. Flour-City (patent) city makes, white wheat, other Cleveland brands, red country made flour, Min- nesota patent, Minnesota spriii 00. rye; graham (H @4.25; New York state buckwheat flour, per Vegetables. CLEVELAND, Sept. 8. aiid Haudpicked York state marrow, medium, pea beans. 6c per pound; ;.-'5 per bu; field, Green Ciibbag-, Sli.OO to 8.0' per IOC new beets 25c per dozen; let- tuce, 45c pfir box; 2or per doz; per lia.-ket; 30i- per lOc per pieplant, 20- @'2oc doz; onions 20c per beans, butter, 75c; string, 75c bi-x; green celery, Kalsi- nazoo, 25c per dust; given corn, 15c per Onions per bbl. New pt-r bbl. Hal Simore sweet potatoes Joi.'-ejs J3.75@ 1.00. Seeds. CLEVELAND, 8. Seeds Timothy, clover.iced, medium, prime to choice, inaiiunorii, alsyke, n-d top, oOtoriOc; orchard grass, blue -raws, millet, ('.O.otioi-; OerniHii, 70to75c; Hungarian, Feed and Grain. CLEVELAND, Sept. 8. Wheai No. 2 sew No. 3 new, 93c; Ohio corn High Biixed 52c; No. 2, Outs No. 2 white, 39c; Ku. 1 mixed 38-; No. 2 mixed 37-. Prices of corn and oats from store anil ele- vator are Ic higher than foregoing quota- tions. Bye Noi 2, new 65c. Hay and Straw Hay in bulk, best timothy, f lO.i U@ 12.00, baled, <-ar IBH Munll WHV, 00. Straw, haled, car lote, wheat, ?5 50 00; from store, S9 00; car from store. bulk straw, wheat, rye straw IB bundles If illfeed -Jobbing prices by (he ton: 'Fine middlings, seconds, Wan, screen i chop feed, Ko. 1. No. 2 cornnieal, fine linseed meal, 180.00; oil meal quMity, per bbl., kalf bbl. Clirhtv, Ibc London hatter, died leaving la of nearly f Wtol itetm ii to the engine, Hood's Sana- u to the body, producing bodily tmrer and furnishing mental AelnbinOnlUmaltaoffen premium of for hymn for Cvnlrtl PJTMWOM9 OB LITER OISEASC4 Loss of appetite; bad breath; badtasteln the mouth; tongue coated; pain under the tiiiouider-blade in the back or often Kiistaken for rheumatism: sour stomach flatulency and crater-brash; iudiges- i.'ii (towels lax and costive by turns; ii-ri'lafhc, with dull, heavy sensation; i s; with sensation of havine left undone ought to nave lioen done; fullness after eating; bad temper; blues; tired feeling; yellow ap- praraucoof skin and dizziness, etc. Not all. but always some 01' these indi- cate vrant of action of tije Liver. For A Safe, Reliable Remedy 1 hat can do no harm and Las never bee kiiowu to fail to do good Take Simons Liver Regulator EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC Alalaria, Bowel Complaints, Sick Headache, Constipation, Biliousness, Kidney Affections, Jaundice. Mental Depression, Colic. A PHYSICIAN'S OPINION. I have been practicing medicine for twenty years and have never been able to put upa vegeta- ble compound that would, like Simmons Liver Regulator, promptly and effectually move the Liver to action, and at the same time aid (instead of weakening) the digestive and assimilative powers of the system." L. M. HINTON, M.D., Washington, Ark. Auction at Seller's jewelry store. Female School Examiners Can't Serve. COLUMBUS, O., Sept. question of the eligibility of wom- en to serve as county school iners came before State School Commissioner Hancock yesterday in the form of a request that a woman who was appointed a mem- ber of the Henry county board of examiners by the probate judge be allowed the same compensation as is allowed male members of exam- ining boards. Professor Hancock has written the auditor of Henry county that he (the auditor) has no anthority to issue a warrant for the compensation due the female mem- ber of the board as she is ineligibi to serve as such according to sec- tion 10 of article 4 of the constitu- tion. ONLY Has our Z Stamp in red on front of wrapper. LKZeilia Co., Philadelphia, Pa. TrtuMtera of Real Estate. Amos Hoehstetlers assignee to Noah Mash lot 17, Shauesyille 906 53 Dariel Hochstetler to Elizabeth Suelleubertfer, lot 3 Rageisville. 377 00 Beischer, Schilling and Hosteller to Theodore Ripple, lot 41 Dover. 200 00 Theodore Rippel to Amanda Ful- mer, lot 41 Dover..................... 200 00 Benj. Keller to Frankliu Shoemaker 15 acres Goshen township......... 20 00 David Bahler to Jas. F. Carr, lot 60 Shanesville.............................. 475 00 Chas. H. Matthews to Henry Jenny, lot 1 New Philadelphia............ 17500 Joseph Welty to Wm. Millington lot 1 New Philadelphia............ 170 00 Joseph Welty to Elizabeth Hams lot 2 New Philadelphia............ 16000 Kate Mulinix to W. H. Riffle lot 12 Uhriehsville............................. 300 00 John Voelm to Trustees Iron Valley Lodge lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 Sandy- ville....................................... 250 00 George Lech ner to John Bierly 107 sicres Sandy township............... 3500 00 Win. R. Kenned; to Eliza D. Cut- ton 108 rods, Warren township... 15 00 J A. Uarry to Chus. Siouffer lot 402 Dover..................................... 14CO 00 Geo. 11. Kuglilcr to Jacob Ilarrig acre Sandy township.......... 550 00 TIios Ii. Stewart 10 Henry C. Abher acres Washington township. 6700 00 Jolm sjyier to Alice A Beechy part lut'25 township............. 400 00 Jno. lieafner et al to Manana Rob- inson lo ai-res Warren township 417 00 Philip Slufer to Win. G. Smith lot ID Dover................................ 200 00 John A. to Hannah M. Medley part lots' and 8 New Philadel- phia....................................... S5 00 Resolutions of Kespect. following resolutions were adopted Equity Lodge, No. 73, K. of P., hi'.ttand charter members, his family HII husband and father, aud the a cilixen. lU-Nolvt'd, That while we sympa luze and inotirii ttith his be.i'faved family, our com- moil los.s, humble submission to thf of tne Great Clianeellor who dneih all well. TliMt lie pub- lished in Ihe papers of our city, and spread upon ihe minutes of our lodge, aud a copy bf seiir to 'he beieaved family of our beloved bnwln-i. W. E BKCK, R. W. Mdl.VAIXE, JNO. A.BUCHANAN, Committee. There are many white soaps, each represented to be "just as good as the Ivory.' They are not, but like all counterfeits, they lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities of the genuine. Ask for Ivory Soap and insist upon having it. 'Tis sold everywhere. A xrramore tree ne-ir Newton, Conn., is said lo be eighty-five t'eet high and twenty- one feel in The Pennsylvania company w ill aell har- vest ticRets lo points west, one fare for trip, on September 9th and 23d and I4ih. For full particu- liirn call on or ud-litt.v J. K. Milar, agent Pfima Co New Philadelphia, 0. 35-tf MiMtiiNippi'N ronvention it to allow women to vole. Judge Yoder lieinembereil. The following telegraph item of the 2nd insl. will be read with in- terest by the many friends and ac quaintances of Judge S. S. Yoder, congressmen now represeutating the Fincllay district: "Judge S. S. Yoder received a very graceful compliment today in the form of an engraved copy of the resolutions passed at a mass meet- ing of the inhabitants of the village of Donaghmore, Ireland, thanking him for securing the passage of bill placing the widow and orphans of a soldier in the late war on the pension rolls. The soldier's name was Connelly. He was a gallani soldier and lost a leg in the service of the Union, the resolution Judge Yoder received a copy newspaper containing an account of the meeting and a history of the case. Judge Yoder became interert" ed in the case through his acquaint ance with an Irish priest, who was traveling through this country." A Fight In Church. a The news comes from the little town of Westchester in the south ern part of the county of a set-to in the village church. An old family feud has existed for years between to neighbors named Redman and McCune. Sun day the 31st ult., during services in the village church, the congregation were on their knees for the las prayer, when a hymn book was sent flying across the aisle. The next moment Redman and McCune had clinched and were hammering each other's head with their fists Benches and chairs and even the little pulpit were overturned in the row, and the congregation became panic stricken and fled from the church. The minister in trying t( separate the belligerents was hur about the head. The little church had the appearance of a slaughter house. Both men fought until they became exhausted, when they wen separated. Both parties were brought before Justice Read, of this city and McCune bound over to court under bond. A Free Scholarship. We do not believe ii is generally known that the Ohio State universi ty, at Columbus, offers a free schoi arship to its "two year's course Ii to one young man from each county in the state, who shall be approved by the ural society of the county. This is and it means a saving of from to a year for some enterpris ing young man. Remember that out- young man from each county who is recommended by the presi- dent and secretary of the agricult ural society, will be received into the classes of two years course in agriculture, all college charges be- ing remitted. The next college year opens September 17th, and all who avail themselves of this offer should be on hand at that date For further particulars and cata- loguf address, PROF. WM. R. LUZENBY, Secretary of Agriculture, Columbus, Ohio. Condition of Ohio Crops. COLUMBUS, Sept. The state board of agriculture today issued the following report of the condi- tion of corn and potatoes up to Sept. A careful estimate made from the returns of township crop corres- pondents shows the condition or prospect of corn to be 54 per cent of an average crop, and that of pota- toes 45 per cent, of an average crop. To illustrate the immense shortage in the corn prospect the precentage of the following heavy corn coun- ties is given, counties which in the big crop of 1888 produced above 2, bushels each and a fair crop last year: Butler 41, Darke 38, Fairfield 61, Fayette 56, Franklin 49, Greene 44, Hancock 41, Licking 59, Madison 49, Miami 47, Montgomery 34, Pick- away 56, Putman 70, Warren 43, Wood 63. Great shortage appears in all the valley counties which usually furnish the shipping sur plus. Owing to the short corn crop and the low price of pork, hogs are being hastened to market about half fattened and a large per cent. of the crop will be disposed of be fore the packing season. The rains came to late to benefit potatoes and a barely half crop is all that can be expected. Itch, Manxf., Siind iTaifhwi mi huniflB or iimnlH cured in thirty by Sanitary Thin never fails, j Sold by F. C. Miller A Sou, New i Philadelphia. 52-kl Ladies are espicially invited to attend the auction at Seller's jew- elry store every afternoon and eve- ning. _ Army men who profeia (o know all about WHILE the Republican VOte in it atiMert that the inuch-talked-of amokeleM Vermont fell off frODI 1888 powder is not Mei-aa. the. Democratic vote increased 168. time going west rail on J. F. Milnr. agent Cleve- land and railway, New phis, Ohio. 84-tf A CONVENTION to revise the con- stllution of Kentucky has commen- ced Its sessions at Frankfort. SULPHUR BITTERS The Best and Purest Medicine! EVER MADE. I It will drive the Humor from yourl and make your skin I i clean and smooth. Those I Pimiileg and Blotches I mar your beauty I caused by impurel ood, and can be I removed in a short! C you are I uud use I e great! blood pu-1 rifier, v-C latter. :1 Nfc The Dose a (spoonful. Ibewt and CHILDREN. A SHINE LASTS A WEEK. LEATHER PRESERVER. A HANDSOME POLISH. IS WATER- PROOF. EVERY Household EVERY Mechanic EVERY Office EVERY Stable V8I i OLD A New FUHNITOIII WILL STAIN GLASS AND CHINAWAHC WILL STAIN TINWARC at WILL STAIN vauH OLD BASKETS WILL STAIN B COACH I WOLFF RANDOLPH, Philadelphia.. g, faint and JSovufvrniihing M. HemiiiOT Son Headquarters for Buggies, Road Carts, Farm Wsgons, Sping Wagons and Carriages. We have in stock a fine line of home-made Buggies, Pheatons, Spring Wagons, Farm wagons and Carriages, which we warrant to first We warrant our farm wagons to have the lightest draft of any wagoi; manu- factured in the state. All this work is of the latest pattern. We do all kinds of repairing and We also manufacture tops to order. Be MI re to give us a call and examine our work mid hoar our purchas- ing, we guiirantee satisfaction. Call at einine'-'cr'x olrt .vtiind on Kasi Front street, New O. 12-e mo WE A HE THE BUSIEST MERCHANT TAILORS IN EASTERN OHIO. Trade i3 Booming and Why? Because we Carry the Largest Variety of Suitings and Fancy Trouserings, -----ALL EVA.NS OO., -----THE----- man PRICED TAILORS AND HABERDASHERS. THIRD STREET, UHRICHSVILLE, O. ESME WANTED. LOCAL OR TRAVELING to Mil oar Nursery Stock, EipenMi and Steady Employment guaranteed. CHASE BROTHERS COMPAKY, N. Y.

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