Friday, April 19, 1867

New Philadelphia Ohio Democrat

Location: New Philadelphia, Ohio

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Ohio Democrat, The (Newspaper) - April 19, 1867, New Philadelphia, Ohio e morvat. Paper of Tuscara was foanly. Otto Demoorat" is published every Friday seraiag, in New Philadelphia, Ohio, at following rates yew, if pud the beginning of the year, or within throe months If paid at any time within the year, 2. So If aat paid until after the expiration of .2.60 ff A failure to notify a discontinuance at end otthft time subscribed for, will be con- ludered the same as a new engagement, or sub- Established A. 1830.] "THE MUST 6E a year, In advance. No paper will be discontinued until all are paid, except at the option of the fablUher. MEpTOAL. ___ PHYSICIANS SURGEONS, NEW COMEKSTOWN, OHIO, TiESPECTFULLir tender their professional VOLUME 28, NEW PHILADELPHIA, 0., FRIDAY, APRIL 19. OfADVERtwINQ One squars: lb lines or lew; S titoM, Every iniertiofl, _ dne square three months, i One square sis mentis; One square one year; Two squares three months, Two squares sii months, Two squares twelve months; Three squares thro MBthsj Thret'-squares six months, three squares twelte months, One-Couth column, per year, One-third column, per year, One-half column, One per year, Business si: When then is M etntnet the nnmbcr of inawttw viTertieements at are ft for publication; 12, and charged toy th RnilroacI Advertisements. THE DEGENERACY OF TDE TfiHES. If ever political prophecies and w arn- _ft, slices to the citizens of the aoote place AX1) AFTJ3R MONDAY, DEC. 21th, c f to imdticinity. I 1866, Trains will leave Stations, coiibcqueiKCo 01 aucmptmgto m.nniain. crushed it. What .the tisfe their talking ''cdnservatinm." now Learned j jurists, who taught us that the Presi- ings vcro rented and .notified by 'M Commander-in-chief, had a events the downward progress uf this j right to suspend the provisions ofthe ilation is now sadly gaciotis patiiotism y vindicating the Constitution wlicn ho thought ''the life i. which foretold required it, have surely I s.ma11 cuusbtB complain, at this if i consult in Iheir own Ian- Sabbaths excepted, as follows Office at Dr. 3. Beers' DR. J. D. OTIS, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, NEW PHILADELPHIA. O. Dec 15. 1865. ly HOTELS. GOING LINE. BIRCH HOUSE, STATIOJ.S. MAlt. EXt'KLSS T-tfllKSD ACCOM. Cleveland .8 M Euclid St...8.31 do .Hudson.... (j 85 do Ravenna .10.10 do Alliance.. 11 10 do Bayard....11.4 t do l.'20p M. 2 COP.M. 2 46 do 340 do 4.15 do 5.00 do 5.39 do 7 05 do 3 30i' M. 3 41 do 6 00 do 6.SG do G.30 do by violence find slaughter, a govern- ment founded on consent. It would, of course, be folly to that any special ivistlom was icquircd to foresee results so natural and obvious as those ..if the gauntletted hand is thrust into their faces. Courts of justice, which bowed abjectly down before' executive and mil- itary power, have themselves only to blame, if the people have lost respect for the 'aw and confidence in its admin- istration. The recent refusal of a local which weic predicted. The slightest I court, ill the District of Columbia, to recollection of faintcM per- ?bcv the decision of the Supreme Court 'in the matter ofthe cttlh, was as infamous as hiiamoiis. can bp. But what GOLNG LINE. ___ telUCH. ft. if. ItlLlKTIK, 29, '6: Seduction. BUCKEYEL STATIONS. IM-RESS MAIL Wellsville. 8 45A.M. 4 45r.M. Bnyard....l0.17do 6.15 do Alliance... 11.25 dp 6.41 do Ravenna...12.14P >t. 7 2h do Hudson ...12.4ii do 8 03 do Euclid St...1.47 do 9 04 do j Cleveland..2 00 do 9 15 do per day. WATER ST.RKKT, Cleveland) Ohio. A.Nfcff'KTox, Clerk- tllQ 7 49 do 8.27 do 9 32 do 9 45 do HOUSE, COLUMBUS, OHIO. aeals will rcoeiTe the same attealioo eoj >y tbe same comforts as at the old >rico of 50 per day. DEXMAX SHOOP, Proprietore. GOING DIVISION. March 16, 18G7. Om] J. W. RENS1UW, Proprietors, (MAIN Vhriclisville, O IfflT Stabling. Every attention paid guests. [Aug. tf MX1L. J.XPBESS hXPRF.BI iCCOM. Bellair.....4.30p M. 6 10A M. 10.40i M. Bridgeprtt4 40 do h 2o do 10.50 do 74Sdo 11 58 do Wellsville.''25'do 8.45do 1.40r M 7.00A.M Smilh'bF'rj? 47 do 9 07 do 2 012 do J5 do 9.00do 3 40 do 8.3frdo Pittsburgh 9.40 do 11 05 do 3.50 do 9.55 do GOING DIVISION. MUI.. EXPRESS FXI'RESS ACCOM Pittsburgh G M 2 lOp.M 4.3or M. 3 30p M Rochester..? 30 do Smith'sF'ryS 07 do Wellsville. S 10 do Steub'wlle 9.50 do Bridgeportll.l-do Bellair... .11 23 do 3 4 01 do 4 50 do 5 oo do 7 07 do 7.20 do o 45 do 4 45 do 0 31 do 5 44 do 7.25 do 0 20 do 8 2 j do 0 27 do 0 40 do WRICK HLOCK, NT. Ml 1UIIDOE CANAL DOVEll, 0. K.IJV1S, Proprietor. nnd Newly Furnished Ample Stabling attention to Guest the best the market affords and charges Give me a call. 17, 18US. TUSCARAWAS BRANCH. 1.R1VKS. ABKIVBS. New 30 A. M. 55 A. a Bayard, 12 00 31. New I'hilad'a. 2.50p M. F. R. 3I1EHS, Oen T.cket Agtnt BALTIMORE OHIO IIULU04D, NEW PHIL A., OHIO. LIP GETZMAN hivmg taken the Ex- change Uotel, recently kept; l.y C. P.. vey, uiforms the rubhcthu he iDlonds 'keupiug a first class Ho'tel, where the wnnts of cuesU will bo carefully attended to. The tn We will at all times be furnished wi'h such as the m.irkct affords. Ample Sla- bling aud a careful hostler. Tbe patronage ut the traveling public is respectfully solicited. September 29, 18u5. ly VAISOELLANEOUS. Only Route WuMjington City by wliicli tiTlirwiigli Ticket, csiii be Procured. Only Route Offering the Trailer Hie Advantage of Tliroiujh All the Seaboard at Hie Price of a Through Ticket Alone, by any oHi cr Line East. ccption of the i clations between cause and to have made clear to reasonable Hihtfl the future Of a people, tvlio tet about what thej (ailed 'saving' their politieal stem, ly tramp- ling' upon every and gtiai'antj which made it worth preset ving. The mere fanatics u ho had kindled the flame could not he expected to BCC What was plain to calmer ejcs. They had noth- ing but their on n wicked purposes be- fore them, and they wore ready antt j willing to consummate these by the sac- rifice of both the Con-titution and the people. With them, perversity or pas- sion hart put an end to reason. But there were millions in the Northern States who were not and were blind. There were of thousand-, who called themseh es Ucm- of thousands more who professed to' bt conscrvathc, law-abid- ing citizens. whatever name they might be called. The destinies of the nation were in their hands. They w ere committed, by principle and by pledges of tlie most sacred character, to the maintenance of justice and and to conciliation and peace. By the sliglit- c-t exercise of patriotism uud ni.uiljuocl could have cd (he shcddinp of even drop ol fr.itcrnal blood that stain- ed the content. Thcj could c main- tained the Constitution by honorable compromise, and might have consecra- ted and perpetuated the inflnc'ice of re- publican institutions, by ing their capacilv to take the sting of death out o'' civil discord. And they could have done all this without iNkof any sort lo thcm-ehes. Thev were immensely in the majority, as lo numbers, and they had the wealth, the inteligcnce and tho influence" of then1 section wilh j But thej had not the moial courage to stand film bcfoie tlic first onslaught of dcmagogitm. Xliej iell piostratcal the jell of a city mob. They sin-rendered jotiId the Supreme Cotut expect, after it luul set the example of judicial de- moiaHzalioji, by postponing, for twelve months, its dl'tlsiSii on that very point and on the yet more vital ques- tion of military rommissions? If po- litical influence effect the highest IHbunal, how can wKho'pc tliilt judges 01 Ifess lesponsiblc p'osition will keep themselves above it? And so it is, throughout the whole range of th troubles w hich are upon us. There i fct a dcpal'tirtent erf the Government o clasi the people now feebly to vindicate the right, which, is" no haunted by the Nemesis of Its own tic liberate misdcedi. The only consola lion is that I'adic.iliHiii also has its Ne- mesis behind "the eterml law That where guilt is, sorrow bhnll anawer it. It may be a pleasant thing, while i lasts, to wield the many sceptres of IcgiMative despotism. But the sam history which tells how legislative des potisms have arisen, depicts, as witi the hand of fate, tbe perilous ignominy of their inevitable overthrow. It ism doubt agreeable to those who hate thi President and seek bis office for them es or for their friends or party pur poses, )o tind impeichinciit so simpl' and eficctnal an engine. But such a les sou, once taught, is for eyer learned and Presidents in may be Will lintl it not so plensitiit in the t'ime lo come. it only on our micro that linn will vri'cak its vengeance, could af ford (o be content and let the wheel rol on. But tlic Greeks must suffer forth madness of their kings. The pcopl arc the victims on whom the rctribn (ion will chieflj fall. A.ud et whom toicproach foi it They hat a noble heritage, which (he; surrender od in order to destioy the" heritage o (heir biolhren. It was richer (ban ma nj thrones, and the) flung it awa; lik1 a portion. At (his vcrv mo meiit their whole boasted am SEWS, From the Coshoeton Temocrat, April 9. I lie Treasury De- Guilty Par- ties Indicted IJudei- Ball. Our readers all recollect the particu short, he consented, on the condition rcceiilh'commencecl b'p'frai ions. It is .that Brown should give up all notes sitnated at the lower end of Manchester and mortgages, he held against and is under the charge of Tatclier Per- This Brown promised to do.- but said he had not brought them with bnt after all was over he would give up all his notes, and pav him over a por- tion ofthe inonev to be taken from the 1 It-- j i t -r. t mvil tliu tU IJti LtlKUlI 1IOIII lars of the supposed Robbery of our Treasury. The treasurer unlocked the tonntjlreMnry, published at the time. safc_Bi-own ticdtbo TreaBiircr. put a wnich is not necessary here to repeat. ffaffin hjs took ont thp Every effort was made at the time, to ferret ont the robbery, bilt without suc- The great soc'ret was loJ-kecl np with thp Treasurer, and he putting1 the officers on th" wrong track, every effort failed. But the County Commission- ers notified ait the Banks which the money was on, to inform them of any suspicions sums being- presented for re- demption, or by suspicious lit .tipiil of May, after the robbel'y; notice came from' the Bank of Cadiz, that a package of STAINED and MCSTV Bank notes hart been presented at their Hank fm- redemption by James M. ofTatch'er Per-! kins, Esq., Engineer and Snpreintend- Soaelltotes Itti Ife ent. The locomotive referred to is the first one built others are under way, and we understand the arc of sufficient, magnitude to (urn out one a Post. the consHtutional crnment they ar about to be deprived of, than of the un constitutional currency w hich may be deranged by its downfall. in i deed, is the valley of thr shadow throngl TOPE Manufacturers Wholesale Dealers in HOOK OF M DESCRIPTION, ......_ the Central Olno Unad, the trams from Columbus, Wheeling and Pnrkersburg I will be run under out- umn.igeincnt, nn.l in dirpct. connectioa with the ti inns aiming from all points West and South Wot I Two daily trains, except for Hal 1 timore, Washington, Philadelphia, New York nnd Boston, at as low rates of f.ire as by any PHILADELPHIA, O. I other route. _ Iffl-Cash paid times Jor Broom Corn Shippers of Frcigbt this line off. rs [marlo.'CV 3m Unperior inducements. Through receipts giv- i en at all principal cities in the West at lowest rates. Fieights at all times will have dis- patch. JOHN L WILSON, M. Tran. n. L. M. COLE. Gen. Freight Ag't. G. R BLAXC11ARD, Gen Ticket Ag't. March 1, Iji Bnltimore Ohio Company having at Die fiist summons of a p trty catch- j peoplc so degenerate must pas, better days Gaiatte. word. ZsTay, not only surreuileied but went over, almost in to the men whom they despised, and to schemes which, a? they knew, invoh ed the over- throw of all the} revered in the institu- tioiiivol their country. Thej were warn- ed of the perils w hich must follow the in EXCHANGE BANK, 4. BATES, m Cum, U. S. Bonds, Eibterr Exchange, ________[ "HStWXCE COHPANY, OHIO. Cleveland Advertisements. introduction of force as an clement the popular government, told of the folly of attempting to pre- snye, by fumies, a Union which came f pHIS -Corapiny insures CuilJings, Mer- I chandise, awl other Property, against loss or eHnvige by Fir at as low rates nnj- 5-ctponMblc Company. honorablj trusted nml paid in cash N. MO.NT.VG, Agent. ly o P S. COVE CO, Dealers in MERCHANT TAILOR, I DE 1LER IN Fine Cloths, la Made to order in the Styles. Garment ffirranti-d to give Satiie No. 131 BAXK STBEBT, (WedJell House Block.) Ftb. ly Bourbon. Cor per Mstilled Rectified Whisky, FULTON, SlAKK CODXTT, OlIIO. 25, 18C7. ly S itisfictioi'. JACOB MILLER, DEALER IX C. S. 3EWCOMB CO Blond Jtodt Stenm Printers, find DEALERS I> LEGAL BLANKS, HI Seneca Street, CLEVELAND, 0. all kinds of Printing Material nnd Printing Machinery, at Foandry Prices. Nov. 2, 18BU. 6m from affection and would be as soon as h'-olhcrhood ceased to ani- mate it. They were imploied to re- member a-- the plainpbt lesson of hisfo- ij, the of preserving'free- dom re-pectii Ian. They wejo uariied iiijaiiist the wretched weakncbs of supposing that they could j entrust absolute er to the rulers and T t'Sling'3 jet live free, themselves, under it? shad. ow. The} w ere counselled to stand by 'the Constitution as their only lefuee and hope, that if they pel milled it lo be violated, in what they might consider to be (heir interest for the time, it no longer be a safeguard to am interest or barrier auainst I and i rong. The; v, ere (old that their e for the Union was only appealed to by i 'nn; of ensnaring lljcir sense of S It was demons'Kited lo them that even Tuicarawas Institute. NEW PniLADELi'iiiA, O., April 1. The Teachers' Institute of Tuscara was county convened, ptirmant to cal of Executive Committee, in the schoo building, at 2 o'clock, P. 51., and wa called to order by Vice President Join riicvwcre DociTSchuk. In'the absence of tbe Sec retarj, W. II. llay was appointed Sec retai-} By request, Mr. Wcltj entertained the Institute with an ad" on the duties and qualifications o teachers. Professor T. AV. ey gavi a short lecture on Jlental Arithmetic The Iiistittitc then adjourned to mcc at 0 o'clock, A. M... Tnesdav, April 2d The for Tucsdaj, Wednesday Thuroday and Friday, consisted of lee lures upon Cicogr.iphy, Mathematics and Theory and Practice of Teaching bv Professor T. W. ey, and upoi English Grammar, Physiology anc mnastics. by Doctor Sterling, o. cl.ind. Lectures were delivered a1 the 31. E. Church on Tuesday anc Thursday by Dr. Sterling upon "Tlie health ot teachers and sehol and upon '-The formation of the Xoi-th American Continent.1' Lecture wctxghen Proi'. Ilarvej on Wcdncs- daj cvonina open sical o i Friday evoniiiff upon "The movements of the Ocean." At the close of the session on Friday a busi- ness meeting held, and the follow- ing officers w ere elected for the ensuing if the fmtunes of war should bo President, John Docrschuk: Vice JAS U FOOTB. B.CBE10HTON. H. I1. HEPBEBK. U. CItEIGIITO.V CO., COKSEH PVBLIC 5QUM1K, Jt'eic Philadelphia, O. 6, 1SC5. JOHJT L. KKEPS large Dssortment of Fre t h FA 1LY GROCERIES, including all articUe u tneir line. He also keeps the only NEWS DEPOT in own, where you get tbo lateot Dailies, he popular Monthly Weekly Lit- arary Papers, Pens, Inks, Stationery, Don't forget the place, next door to 1 pin's Store, New Rhiladelphia, 0. 2, I860. I AND BLANK BOOK MANUFACTURERS ALSO dBNTIUL DEVLEKS IS rnately n itli them. ictory otild be biit the boginiiing of tlu-ii1 roal dingrr, inas- much as c-onqucst would pnt an end to cqualily and liberty, and it was mad- ness to suppose a nation could be enslaved in one of its sections, nnd frcp. under die snmc government, in the rest. It is needless, to say that all tlieso warnings were booted fit, even by those once pledged most deeply to the truths which they involved. Indeed, the ren- egades were worse than the Throughout the whole ofthe he irl rend- ing stnigalo which followed, (he most reckless advocates ofthe extremcst mea- sures were those who had apostatized G. importer, Manufacturer, Wholesale Retail Dealer in SNUFF, PIPES, FACTOKT STREKT, Canal Dover, Ohio, Keeps on hand an assortment of fine Cigars, of all kinds, from tho lowest price to the very kcst HaTanas. Call and see. promptly attended to. Q5 BANK O. Officers', Lawyers', Notary's, Justices', Townihip, Pension and Bounty- Money Blanks on hand and Printed to order. March 2, ISfaG. J. H. A. S. GORHAM, MANUEACTUBbBS OF SODA BISCUIT BoUon, Btdler, Sugar, Pic NIC and Wine Crackers Fancy Plain Candies, Gum Drops, dec. Wholesale and Retail Deilers from their recorded convictions. Two A ears have now ueli nigh gone since the last sword ofthe war was sheatlied, and where is the Union, where the President. J. II. O'Donnell; Secretary W. II. Ray; Treasurer, O. II. Hoover Executive' Committee, J. L. inivaiiio, Curie D. Pmith and Joseph The following resolution was read and adopted: Eesoherl, That the Institute tender their sincere thanks to Prof. Harvey and Dr. Sterling for their kind efforts in rciidcringinteresting and instructive tho cxercisei which they have so ably and intelligently conducted. The Institute passed a vote of thank1- to the Board of Education for thr of the school building, and also to the members of the M. E. Church for the use ofthe church building for the even- ing The Executive Commit- tee were instructed to make arrange- ments and fix the time for a meeting of peace, for which the nation and its in- the teachers of Tusearawas county, to were upturned What has j organize a Teachers'Association. Ad- been seen nf the patriotic officials -nho jourued to meet at the cull of the Ex- ere to bring back and deliver up the I cculive Committee. PETER F. RlTCIIiRT. KE1L IUTC11ART, Commission .Men-hauls! DEALERS IX FLOUK, GRAIN, Seeds, Hill Feed, etc., JTo. 349 Liberty St., 1'ITTSBURGH, PA. March 3m WARRANTEE DEEDS MORTGAGES for salt, by ths quire or singly, at this NEWS PA PER fl R C H1V E _ Almonds and Nuts. Also, Biocms, 1'ninted Pails, Mats, Wood and Willow Ware, Cordige and Matches. NATIVE WINES! Strictly Pare, of their own manufacture, Two or Four Years Old Catawba, Isabella, Cur- rant and Pine Apple, by the Bottle, Gallon or Barrel. Baltimore Oyster Depot, Nos. 104 105 Superior St CLEVELAND, OHIO. May 11, 1866. ly SHAVING AND HAIRDRESSING! exliaoridnan which they were cntiti'lcdfor the hour of crisis? "Where is the Constitution, in whose sa- cred name so much blood was shed and so much hope and happiness arid plenlj w ere turned to desolation Evcept the j knaves who have grown fit on power I and plunder, the monopolists who c i thriven on high tarili's. and tho I gathering leeches that suck ont the mar- t row of tho land, who is there, from the i Aroostook to the Rio Grande, that is, belter off for the war? Who but Belle Skinner, j bhonld not pray God, on bended knees, to be remitted to what we w ere in 1S61, i before the torch of the "irrepressible j conflict" w as put to its incendiary rs 01 k i Xot a discarded warning of s bnt ha- been bi ought home fo us in Irow! ISTot a prophecy, whose fulfill- 1 nient is not written on the crumbling walls of the great edifice which onr JOHN DOERSCFIUK, W. II. RAY, Sec'y. Names of persons who attended the Teachers' Institute, which convened April 1st, 1867, and adjourned April 5th, 1867. L VDIES. Lottie Jones, KlIieMajliow, Delia Isailoro Ncelv, Linda Edie, Rachel Secliris.t, Annie Fackler, Annie Campbell, Belle Skinner, Carrie D. Smith, Mary Lee, Ruth Dorsey. Curie 1C. Campbell, Frank Dangcleisen, Frank Dempster, Gallic Kline, Flora Duck, Lizzie M'Call, Ella Wclty, Mrs. M L. Morrow, Kmma Kate Tope., Selina Uoby. Mary O'Donnell, Mary Manghiman, Mrs.' Lizzie Moore, Almira M'Neil, Emma Robb, Jennie Scott, Fannie L. Robb, fathers buildcd. And how many than- ________ j sands who scoffer! at warning, and when j Bella Manghiman, Lizzie Whi'e, to have heeded it would have been our salvation, are now timidly muttering their idle and useless protests! How Mattie Dunlavy, Alice Lappin. GENTLEMEN. DooHiuk, Solomon Stocker, Brown, of Coshoeton. Brown was call- ed upon for an explanation statement was written down ______ but as it could not be discover- ed that he was using move money than he had using before the robbery, the suspicions against him di- Sd out and forgotten. Years passed away, and nO Clfjfi to the robbery could be obtained. I'n December, 1864, Brown was charg- ed with a Burglary, by catering the Drug Store of Wm. Ward, in mfd1 left for p-n-ts unknown. Tho case came before the Prosecuting Attorney, and Brown was indicted. This fact re- vived in the mind ot the Prosecutor the old suspicions against Brown for com- plicity ii> the Treasury Robbery, and he turned hli? attention fo collecting facts in that case. Obtaining possession of Brown's statement in regard to the stained money, he became satisfied that his statements were false that the money was never stained in the manner Brown claimed, nor burled at the time nor in the place he said it had and that the aceountBrown gave of his whereabouts on the night of the rob- bery was untrue. The Prosecutor then visited tlie Banks and Brokers ofCadiz, Wheeling, Bridgeport and Columbus at all of which places Brown had given different accounts for its stained and musty condition. This confirmed him in the opinion that Brown was guilty, as robber or receiver of tlie stol- en monpv. He then obtained, after along search, tho notes of Brown's testimony in a tri- fil Letwcen hiinselfand his brother's wid- ow licit-, in which it became important for n, in order to keep his brother's child from sharing a t'.iir portion of his The of tindtess- Present Their of From Moore's Rural Neir Yorker. 1 left Washington about tiro rtbruary, and my route iras thrdttjrtt thoiutcrior of Virginia to Richmond) Thiirg- tlieuce >fai-tha CU-IK. X. C., Columbia. P. I'.. Augusta and Sai living about two miles north of Salem, vannah, Ga., and Charlcgton, S. C. W attempted to expedite the kindling of a Wilmington N. C.; thence via fire by pouring "il on il, from a gallon i'tifg, Richmond and bricfe. [cm. Quick a flash, the can cxplod- The routs irag traveled but a ed. throwing the burninjr oil over her small distance, thongft H j gajr in his tnfftlthi took out the Treasur cr's private wallet, rifled if, and carried I A TEHRinrr, ACTIDEST. awav every dollar: bcinic in amount i day morning Miss from to Prom that dav to this, Brown has not only not paid back any ofthe inoncv but he has har- the Treasurer for mord' Ketchnm he e the note without consideration, as "hush and never know of. orauflior- iVed any credits upon if, mid that Col. Ferguson's name was notbii it when lie gave it to Brown. Samuel Kclchnm left the Ti-easm-Y Office a ruined and pcntiilKS'; man Tic- had uo money to carry on business, and was forced to borrow and is now not Ins worth a dime, after his debts are paid. and pro- j But Brown has 560.000 worth of real estate, and v !icn id Canada, had 158.000 in money, with him. In these investigations the Prosecu- tor has been most efficiently aided by (he services'and counsel of Sheriff John Ileskct, [who it one of Kctchum's sure- ties on his 'JTVea-i'ii'cr's Bond.] Col. J. Irvine, 0. It. Johnston, .tattles M. Sells. and Sheriff Kankin. of Newark. We have no desire to prejudge the case; this isbuta brief and simple state- ment of documentary facto as laid be- fore the Grand Jury. The above is the first notice we have taken of this matter, nor would we have done so now, were it not for the scand- a'ons charges and of the Age. The Late R. R. Accident, The Stpnbpimllu Cazc'tf of the 12th, inst.. publishes the verdict of the Cor- oner's Inquest held immediately after the accident on the Pan Handle Rail- roid near HanHn's Stalion Washington f'nunty, inquis- ition indented taken at Burccttstown. County of W lehington. Penn- sylvania, on th" day of MHi'cli A. 1867, before me, J. L.'Patteison, ofthe ('oiinty aforesaid upon tlic view of the body of ,T. II. Kilgore. then and there lying dead, upon the oaths of Fimlley D.inicl G. Willi'im Annan. Ic.i Cnlley. Thos. Briovlv and Annan, good and lawful men of tlio county nfoi be- ing sworn and charged to inquire on the part of (he Commonwealth when and properly. 1o tlial ho was worth j when1, how and alter what nii'incr the said G. 11. Kilgore came lo his death, do say upon their oaths lhat from (lie cudencc adduced the said (i. If. Kil- gore came to his death in consequence of a colision of trains, (Express tr.iin No. 2, and the Pittsburgh and Stenbcn- ville accommodation train 12) on the P. 0. C. R. II., at nhat ii known as the Hanlin water on Pittsburgh and Stcubenvillc section of said railroad, in the county aforesaid, at about five and half o'clock in the evening of the less than lie re.illy was and that he ow- ed more than he really did. In this sworn statement, lirnwn 3avs he borrowed of a man in Kentuc- kv. in the Spring of 1859, shortly after the robbery, and about the time of the discovery of the stained money, and that lie gave no security for tlmt loan. lie also swore that at Ilic date of his brother's death he was worth only 82. 000 in money, credits, mortgages and chattel properly. Yet he now produces i- 2.000 miles. One sees all along the evidences of (i person, set ling tire to her clothing, and i before sufficient help could be obtained) she badly burned as to cause death recent war, fn dismantled breast- in _ji few hours. She was eighteen j works, and all sorts of contrivances of j cars of age. Another terrible com- meirfor offensive and defensive 'wsr J mcuta; j on the titonykttess carelessness but as they only serve to mor- in using such a dangerous combustible al or adorn a I shall them at in fire making. Powder or gun-cotton remarking, that at would bo just as Salem Republi- several stations in Virginia I saflr ('yra- of bones brought from the bsltlc fi 1 had heard that human bones ar co DemoTat, has been thing in A man, e (he Stark county gathered with those of the animals.'bnt see none, though I mnde oity for some time, left the other day Prable search. The Union dead have for South Parolina. prcfering old hccu nearly or quite all gathered inta cemeteries, which in a few- State and friends to the cold windg-and I cold blooded puritans of the North. He years will be beautiful trtkcs along his ifp, whojri he married j the dead. Though they may not bo regarded at present with the feelings which made Ilachel weep for her eFi IJUIII iiiaiiivn here a few mon ths ago. We learn he is worthy and industrious. WILLIAM HATTON, an old citizen of ('adiz. died very suddenly oil last Fri- day morning tl e 5th inst. He arose from his bed early in the morning, was seized withja violent spell of coHjrhinjr. dren, by the surrounding population, they will be respected as the last ing-places of brave men who died fa defense of their country. There is a pretty broad bftadth of land through Virginia in winter wheat -f-.. which broke some blood vessel. I which is looking uncominoiily well. Rfid death in a few Cadiz Sea- if it escapes the insect, bids" fair for n lincl- I heavy crop. If no accident befell it there will be double the quantity raised RAKA A w swan, measnr- OVC1' Wheat also Iroks woll ing six and one half feet from tip to tip throughout the. South, B" 1 of wings, and four feet from bill to through the winter ill fine conditi point of tail was shot, a few days since. Georgia oats wore up, peach trees on the farm of Judge about two i hlossom well up into N'orth Carolina, miles south eas-t of Cadiz. The bird K i on ''cturn, which was early in this now in possession of John Scott, of this place, and is cj eating quite iifccusa-j is beginning to be more '.idix Hepubliran. I temaiizcd and reliable, and planters are making greater exertions for the cotton [From the Iinmiltown (C. W-) Times.] Spontajicous (icncration-Stariliiiff i fliustrarion of (lie Darwinian The- ory of Animal Life. Tlic theory of Dai'win that all animal life has its origin in the pri- mary cell, and that its variety only rep- i' sent- the different stages o'f develop- ment, from (lie lowest orders to the crop. The change of labor from slave to free is making- a great change in ton cultivation. Less land will be work' cd, but labor and fertilizers will be con- centrated, and a more improving and profitable agriculture will be the result. obligations against Kctchum for over 14th of March 1867. The aforesaid G. This statement the Prosecutor didn't believe. He went to Kentucky, and be- came fully satisfied that Brown had li- ed, and became fully confirmed in his belief that the of stained money, and the to have been bor- rowed in Kentucky, came out of the Treasury. But, how the money came into Brow ifs hands was still a mystery. i About this time, the .Prosecutor ob- tained the important testimony, that a citizen ot" Cosiiocton, of unim- peachable character for worlh, truth- fulness and integrity, had seen Brown rotnc away from the Treasury building II. Kilgore was a passenger in express train No. 2, and appears to have been setting or standing near to and with his head out of a window of the car when the collision took place, the force of which drove one car severil feet into the other, the bide ofthe car in the rear of the one occupied by the said (J. II. Kilgore, severed the head entirely from the body, the head dropping to the ground, llie body remainiiiir in the car. tlic floor of the rear cir pass- ing over or above the floor of the car occupied by the deceased, forced the bodj forward in the car, mingling and crashing and breaking both leg-.. The jurors beliei ing it to be a p irt about leu o'clock, on the night of the robbeij I "YV'itli these facts lie procured an in- dictment against Brown for the rob- ml one for receiving the money. The Prosecutor had numerous small company for the observance of employ, links of evidence, trifling of themselves cos on the road, a part of bic.h w as but important links in the chain evi- aKo g-iven in evidence, that Impress deuce, and was ready for trial in Au- train Xo. 2, was running westward ov- gust last, but Brown had tho case con- tinned. The State was ready in De- cember, but Brown obtained a change of venue, to Licking county. But Judge I of their sworn duty to inquire inlo'and I ascertain, if possible, the cause of the j collision aforesaid, it w ould appear I from tlic testimony and from the rulef- I and adopted bj the railroad or an hour behind hfr" schedule time, that she stopped to take n ator at what is known as HanHn's water station with- Downing committed an error in thej piocecdings, which gave the Licking notice at her stopping out leaving place of her intention so to do, as her duty. She also failed to nolify anv Court no Jurisdiction ofthe ease, unless i approaching train either by lino- or Brown should voluntarily appear and j kind of signal plead. Thi.s he REFUSED to do, and the Prosecutor was compelled (o dismiss the cases atui commence anew, Finding it was going to be difficult to procure all the witnesses from Kentuc- ky and Virginia to appear here in per- knowing their depositions could be had in a civil case, he laid the matter before the Attorney-General, icci- morc dent or brcc'-h, separating tlic locomo- tive fiom [lie (rain, had occurred at said water station, rendering it tlill important that notice should Lie to an approaching (rain. The Pitts- burgh and Steubenville accommodation No. running westward a few minutes behind her schedule time and buta short distance behind Express No. I predict that in a few rears more ton will be grown cvcr before, and on what are now considered the worn- laud., of (lie older States most perfect creation, man, bus beer ap-' growing wilt prove very profitable. ptrcntly MiMained by a startling exam-1 negro population is yet venr pic in tliK city, which will bo likely to "1Ilcl1 m il condition of unrest. TheV elephant yei, ho went to sec him returned to their homes ing on my street, put up a large quan-. "wiser" and generally "sadder tity of his favorite article nfrlirt Where thcv had kind m.iRfrrs. as xnucr cuoagoin a high dearoc (he attention cf'navc "ot !l11 seen the scientific. During last i though thousands w Charles JloUcr, aGcrman citizen resid-! 'lst Xcal' have return favorite article of did, known Where they had good and kind masters. Imntt, in the preparation of winch he tested the efficacy of a recipe suggested to him by a. friend The ex periiticntpiovedafailm-c, as the intro- duction of some description of alkali Imdthecflectof reducing the cabbao-c ____ into a mash and causing aetrongfomcn- from that cause. Thischftna- fation, rendering the commodity entire-! cd ''elation between the ra< and those who treated them fairly last year, they have had a surplus of bor at command this spring. But a bad man. or one who has cheat- ed them, can get no laborers at ell, Mid many a fine plantation will lie entirely from that cause. Thischung- between tlic races from elavo un t n unij n utii cm o ly_nulit for use as an article of diet. The to servant is workinga very noted mixture was left standing in the cellar change in tbe temper and character of undisturbed until Thursday last, whcn lllc intercourse between the white a cunont circumstance led to an exami-' ''lack. nation of the tubs in which it was de- posited, resulting in a most wonderful discovery. On the day mentioned a cat emerged from the cellar info Mr. Mot- zcr s kitchen, having in custody a reptile of the lizard specif, which The sudden abolition of slavery has been most unfortunate in nianv-of its results upon the blacks. They are the prey to all kinds of sharpers, and ara wandering about the country by count- less thousands. A large demand has wriggled and seemed extrem- 1 sprung up, especially in the Carolinae, el tena dozen '.criplion of crcdi ely tenacious of life. Mr. JUoizer at by the Pittsburgh Locomotive at ifrohben, ov be exposed, and Car M.innfirturing Company. Thisi I'euhcnthn-. anv how! la cMublKliujcnt nliHi lia- 1> and an tit A Strange SCorj. Some two years ago a woman al Ks Lalworth lost her wedding ring whilst engaged hi her domestic duties. A few days ago she was peeling otatoce, and on dividing a sort of double potato, slio found in the inside of the potato the lost wedding ring, which she was to identify. The potato was grown in a field a half a mile irom the cottage, where it is supposed the ring had been carried in the manure, and tho potato had grown through it. A religious fancy, party WM .seen a couple of sisters, who had to be among the latest novelties of New York. told evm fhinir together, for they were present assumed scriptural chme- so much dlikc 'hat the; couldn't be ol' of celcbrit cs. Tho party waa

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