Wednesday, May 8, 1867

Allen County Democrat

Location: Lima, Ohio

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Allen County Democrat on Wednesday, May 8, 1867

Allen County Democrat (Newspaper) - May 8, 1867, Lima, Ohio DAVID FT IS HE R r T Publi I r tf KAY E NUMBER 12 rdcrt Marble Works ilrivc n trnJe a YiiTifcco Business ind o R incr j i Ici abou it t CO l O T o snv that lie ia n wtitli tw IIIS i l PSlCt StIS furaLlmi this an j i JOyk o A fin 1 iiJis ia cvtry i l n a a lintly Oot up iu a rasnncr them il nnd IT ATI i r T i M o T LAV Van i r Kinds of u WORI GO OD July v O o furn in lio r bnc n mil from anv n 1 vrc y tuuo yo On I i j 1 J n v IH in of the jfc t iu iv ovrr in toward hirt IM r v tn f T T i i i A O 2i i C I hatus ju i nut try rtix j rol p at n l T buy niil sell Foreign ful nn On or Friiny ClfH ixclianjro W ri 4 wf cnh month Jiiuit rcccivooi t t t ari I lo 1 E BT I llicir jinr il P jiurln V Tiiro H nl uljno in tliit Kxcijuio collect i L 1 W f A A A Bore VJ t3 il n mi Over Kx in ocj A Wll r t v J i rti i j ilia if cvcniLg ul uU ci to l 3 II of 1hc A Throat Dtx or Is often tlac John Hroncliial Troches near XcM Will attend tn all lo him V g Sam Services to the Manufacturer of i to settle up nnd colcctLjrCn to tiiCin to their oi the white i cltcrnic mut iuU erifv Trlfj rxclunse Bunk muko collections iu arcn to oina incin tj roul iun and the isolated notrroM blood in cltemica ly a very oarh lion of their spoinu from Inat winch otis cacii determined upon in iho veinn of tho white I rh t J i u rV LV v i j j pff PfU 1 H IX IfllO DtimHltr and tho conttnipla MOITPO M blool ly a f fluid f i odr The physical organism ot buy and sell on t Jimt as Ircrybody I n i MM tnim rd Hopo Hell Fntmd in if Thinkiiiff IifimiMft r ilio who Irjrnini t I loam men 4 Wih I angled j3nk buy ond em on com ouch fell in love xvith iho Irom whito mun it I thil t ll i a i i sell on coinm Ward ccnj snd Throat il The bny rcll on com ouch fell in Jovo h iholrom o as u tut Wlf and yetneither knexrj ro n that of tucchi SncJ Allen in turn of Rand if asked wouM deny ft m boncn no n f JnmL ftfl Finder W H i nefful in clenrirg the roirr n 510 III A Singing or j yUTSIClAS ASD after an unusual exertion f v iUXrochc are UvInr rcHercJ fntn luty a morn rri Bribed by aaljhir tic Uirl iMirlliocntof tiis K from rL Being an nrnrlc thtf peorle t K Millirvine proved their effica up J T KJ whicii uill bo ad ty a i J f iitiiy cueh jear findij ia ncif iu various patts olVue tbo aro i vttcT tliaii oiher in iM Troche OUSSS AMD LOTS UronchiM tue Issita be Sold L of to cnh of the nonscs lc inp In uij to toother wish tac Ms oa whih the fame an land at rates as trill Mil pur pcrrianrntly tronM fhcy Proto F froa re 11 iicnuanrotly lucatcl hinitfirf wonM They witi bo finMi i HfiRi rcaJvi TX 1 v t u i lumber yard on the m near Sfreet dical infallible in the uttenLion paid to chronic ii the or any I o M of the and In rf Lircr cora Cottage i On West Maricet whieSi is one of the for all j rice will he paid in of iiarir iu i JhC 15 t 11111roai o r t o of no pejr Trade VMvii 4IriiLVioTTf 2 Fulton K or oTsr Holland Baxters lUtranoe tse W to tho Picture of the Clcc iu u j iT K f A It i wort nch Tfl everj Tueedftj and Fridayf L K Pom antl BloCtoi at 1 O1 tBeCHtrHall Room and Barber Shop to or IVr as to terms my at A Office in Iunsfans up DOES a General Banking and Exchnngc Collcciiuna made in all tlio United States and Foreign C6un on famrstblc Speeiaiattention given to bosiucfs with the aad otn er Matured 720 I TV M VJI f eornerof at References irr Bath iFirst Haiibnal Uank Xcir mud noting First Tliejdran stock of Dry and Poplar reaily fr Dressed Qf rr I from first and tor of Er tli en canty Beaver limm Uarc TORHBT AT I IH THE undersigned wishes to ecll feis Tarm of 203 in Kichlntid AUon IGO acres of wUich is cleared arid under fenced farm ft Bill TeH Sal n Afresh of Smoked Tongues and Beefi Holland Swiss and Pigs Cataw Tho PMn Dtiltr Tho Mortoncollection Ambndment bo J Rcecivi nftKPiTRK k nf Khlno and CUret a Lot 6i Lake CROUSBS vine Ojtiers Daily AM Office Wh ickno wlodged 1 cma riALClXJED and Lpnifl 1 in Urgf or A 9f9 I V f A and returned with the of her nature j They cc Thcydi 110 arrived Tho I Hoaber A wiotcbman went to ft onco for and detailed tbo of the you Uilii me the fflctspreciwly M they Mid the Uwjtr rejoined I Iboct best to Ui TO n t

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