Thursday, September 29, 1898

Hamilton Telegraph

Location: Hamilton, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Hamilton Telegraph on Thursday, September 29, 1898

Hamilton Telegraph (Newspaper) - September 29, 1898, Hamilton, Ohio 1TIE TELEGRAPH ESTABLISHED A, D. 1814. HAMILTON, OH 10, .THURSDAY, SBP'l'KMBKR 29, 1898. THE WEEK. .52. SATURDAY A. Winter Co. have been awarded the contract for furnishing suits for inmates of tlie infirmary for tha coming year at their bid and being the lowest bidder. Secretary Will Hunter of tho Fair Board, eaid today that the prospects wera flattering for the fastest series of races this season, of many yearfi. Not Settled Yet-Ic is not yet delin- Holy Buttled when tho Hamilton boye of tha Sixth 0. V. I. will be home. It has been learned that Private Charles KfininerniBti, of Darrtown, is in tho hospital at Providence, H. 1. Louisa Koilar, executrix ot the estate of ths Ute Hiclwel Koffc-r, has been authorized by the probate court to coro- promlEe a claim against the P. C. 0. Bt. Ij Railwiiy Co accruing from the accicUnlsl death of Michael Kotler, for Kolui was killed near Seven Mile on July The company is re- leased from furiher liability in tho matter. The Dayton presbytery of the I'ces- byteiian church will bo in session at Carlisle nsst Monday. The First Pres byterian church of this city willbe rep- resented by Rev. J. R. Greene and Isasc Robertson. The delegates from tho Westminster Presbyterian church wit! be Rev. J. S. Edenburn and Henry Kumlev. Tho Methodist Epieeoual conference recently held at Xenia made in any changes in the Cincinnati (Uttrict that ftre of especial interest to Epwotlh Legnera. In the readjustment the fol- lowing chapters were entirely removed from the Cincinnati district: Concord, Branch Hilli Love-land, Venice, Hew' Huven, Okeana, St.Charles and Miauii- ville. George Moors, about 30 yeara of ege, married and living at Lima, 0., met with an accident, shortly before nice o'clock this morning that will cripple him for life. He ia a brakeman on a local C., II. D. freight. While tho train was passing through Trenton this morning ho attempted to board the front of the engine, slipped, was thrown nuder the whools his right foot almoat entirely crashed. He was placed on a south bound passenger, brought horo lit and re- moved from, tho C., H. D.. depot to (lie hospital in tho patiol wagon. Drs. Trebel and Jacobs amputated oil but s small por- tion of the foot. The unfortunate man ia resting easy as possible. Ilia family has befeii notified. The membera of Company L, Firat 0. V. I, decided nt a meeting held Thursday night to hold au all-day camp in the exact manner aa upon the Held while in camp at Port Tampa City, Fla. Charles Baruitz, a uiointjr.r of the company, through his father, Dr. 0. S liaruitz has offered the beautiful grounds atoand his home at Fifth aud Biondway. lor the camp, nnd his prop- osition hna been accepted by Captain Sullivan. The company will go into camp at D o'clock on a clay hereafter to bs intnlionefl, by pitching (heir tents, after winch the guard line will lie throwu out, nod a regular army dinner will be served on the grounds Fancy drills will be given by the company, followed by guard inonnt ul 4 o'clock, in which the First regiment band will participate. Dress parade will he held at fi o'clock, and a concert by the bund will tako placont 7 o'clock. An invitation will he ex- tended to many of the regimsnlal officers of Cincinnati and to Company E. ot Hamilton. The tftuir is to bf given by tho company to repay UIF- citizens for the uiauy compliments be- BiowEil on it. Mrs. Henrietta Dill, of Trenton, it under arrest on the charge of trespass ing, preferred by hor neighbor, John Augepurger. Tho case promises to be an interesting one, owing to the cir- cumstances. Between Mrs. Dill's and Mr. Anpppnrger'a yard there is an alley which has been closed up by the latter named, he claiming it ia part ot his lot which Mrs. Dill deniis. The alley has long been in dispute and yes- terday morning whan Dill re- ceived her winter supply of coal she ordered the geutlcuiau who hauled it to nnload the f nel in the alley. This was done and when Mra Dill bsgari hanliug it into lifr ysid Sir. Augn- pnrger appeared b'foro Mayor Keime! and rnti'ed a warrant to bo it-sued, charging Mrs. Dill with tre.-pasMDg. The coal is still in the alley and the cuss will be tried hy the mayor of th.i Both (ho defendant and plaintiff havo employed attorneys from Hamilton to look after their casee. Private Clifford D. Lewis, of Coin pany U Middletown, was in thia city last night. In an interview he aaid, relative to the f'agin case, detailed In yesterday's "I was not vith Fsgin, but I know McClintOck well. Harry was on guard duty ihit night, and his gun was loaded. Fagin had been drink- ing, and approached McClintocb with ans.r, Somn words ensued, and I saw McCHntock clnb his gnu, ipeet thn assault and strike Faglu over the head with tha butt of hla enn. It vru hard blow. Fagln dropped to tho gtound and was carried over to the hospital. They wouldn't have him there, and he was brought back to the guardhouse, and taken In. The blow broke the stock of McClintock'a gun. He got another and went back on duty. I do not say that he was justified in hitting as hard as us did, bnt ho was ou guard .duty and Fagin tried to crocs the line. The gun stock was splintered all down the grain by tho force of tho blow and broken olT, But McClintock on tho guard line, and under military orders had a right to shoot." Vesterday afternoon'a gang of section hands ou tha C..H. D. railroad found the body of an unknown man near the j water tank between PoaBt Town and Carlisle. The body was found nnder !Mae hanging vines and from appear- ances it is the belief that death was duo to starvation. Aa EIJOU an tho body WS9 found 'Squire Corwin, of Franklin, was notified, who held an inquest, reaching the verdict that tho man had died either of apo- plexy or starvation. There was nothing about his clothing that gave the slight- eat clew to hia identity. The body WES removed to Franklin by 'Siiuiro Cotwin and unless identified will bo buried in the potter's field. Sweral people at Poast Town who vlewtd the body cliiim to have seen the man in the village Thursday night, his actions arousing suspicion. His clothes were riirly and toi-n and it is believed that lie was a professional tramp The unknown looks to be about forty yoard of age.Soma of the people at Poast Town and Carlisle have advanced the story of foul piny, but this ia hardly believed, as there are no marks on tho body. Andrew Rbonewus, the venerable father of ex-Prosecuting Attorney W. K. Khonemus died at hia home at Mar- tiusville, Ohio, yesterday afternoon at im advanced age. Judge Neilau this afternoon ap- pointed H. Ij. Krauth and Luther P. Huston aa examiners of tlio commis- iioners' annual report. MONDAY Mrs. Deg Fitzgerald died at her home near Kjles at five o'clock 3-esteriky ev- ening fiftera lingering illness of typhoid fever. Tho body of theunkuown man found along the C., H. D. tracks at Carlisle Thursday morning was not identified, aud buried in potter's field at Frank- lin......: On resolution of Mr. Smyorp, the county commissioners have fixed the bond of H. C. Gray, as county auditor at Thia is the same as the bond of the present auditor. There is a sad irony in the announce- ment from Washington today that the pension of John Uehlin, of Oxford, hns bsen increased from. to per month. Mr. Uehlin died on Friday and wns buried at Oxford yesterday. Walter Joyce, eon of Major Robert Joyce, who was member of the Rough Riders during the late war left Satnrdny uiglic for his raneho near Guthtie, Texas, where he will also re- sumo leaubiug. Ho has been quite ill with a fever and has not yet fully recovered. At the last mealing of the Middletown city council tha committee on police requested that Mayor Tanzy suspend Night Captain John Haggard, from the force. The request was made on the ground that tho officer refused to pay a bill ho owed to a meat douler. The officer is ono of tho best on ihe force, nnd Hie mayor will make a thoiough Investigation beforo taking any action Democratic Committee Organizes Ths exauntivo committed of the (louiaaratU: county central coin- mitteo met nt David IMerce's oftice Sat nrday afternoon aw! organized by the election of ,T. P. Whitinore, chairman, and W. D. JIcKouij', Eecretf.ry. After a brief talking over of mp.ttera the com uiittee ad.ioaruedto meet nextKiiturdny aftorcoon. The peculiar beauty of some of the customs of the is illustrated by an incident related by H. Msshirna of Japan, basbseu until recenlly rcsi dent in thw city. Mr. Masbimti was a warm friend of Iholato Frank X. lilnck and was deeply affected by hia sudden death. He ac once notified hia family In Japan of bis in refpsct to it the household entered into a period of six months mourning. Tna Women's Missionary society of Dayton district, Cincinnati conference CONSTANTLY Baby Badly Afflicted with Eczema. Meuieal Treatment Useless. Cured by Cuticura. My niece's little orcr ftcv, si tlutJio riValcilconiinilwi, wat, anil lio HJO sorfi na. hU face so fun vf Eorcs. fsiiilul tcipil cvorylMng li.-.-.r.l coir.mencwl jisinj llio CITKXIU lirvroirc. Tho I'Jl ft i a r, I h f. i i cr' f-ety curM, an ci now J Irs. U J. RfiiYf, New Scot had, X. T. of the M. B. church will hold-the an- nual district meetiijg in tho First M. E. church In thia city on the inst. The exercises will begin at a', ia. A box lunch will be served at noon and the afternoon session nill begin at A number of fine papera will be rend and addresses delivered and reports read of the work of the district during tho year. All ate cordially invited. TheBnller C'cuuty board of agricul- ture met Saturday afternoon snd madn further arrangements for tho fair, James Moorison. of C'onnersvillP.hiiB been em- ployed as starter and some (ina racing will take place. Lou Dang, of Lima, tlie only C'iiineso owner and driver of a string of horoea in this country will be here wilh stable. Tha entries in the different departments will be larger than ever smd Ihe books will be open at tho court house Thursday. The board meets at II o'clock next Saturday at the fair grounds. Charlfs TJ, Murphy, a suspected for- under arrest nt Greenville, 0., and through! to be fiom Cincinnati, by the officer, lisa in hia posEOEBion blank otes of various Cinciunati banks and pawnshop tickets from that place. He also has Wank notos of Celioa, Dayton, Hamilton, Van Wert and Lima banks. Ho is very reticout regarding his past history, and does not associate or talli wilh fho other prisoners in the county Tlio oflieials believe that his wine ia ilurphy, but do not believe mylhing alee that he says. Infirmary Director Elmoro Andor- son had au experience Saturday night that lio is not anxious to repeat. He was driving homo in a buggy with bis good wife when EOUIO distance cut on the Princeton pike they were overtaken by the storm. It was dark as pitch and the lightning blinded tha horse. ThorcBult was that the animal lost the road, Elmora conld 120 more sea where he was driving and presently over went buggy into a gully at tho side OL (ho road, upsetting iia occupants into a pond of water und scattering crackers, cheese nnd general line of fancy and staple groceries promiscuously around. The horse stripped itself of the har- ness and started lickety-eplit up ihe pilie for home. Drenched aud soaked, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson pulled out of the pond aud after a rough woary walk of it managed to get home themselves. Tho buggywas recovered next morning. It was quite a jolly experience to go through with. Tha coiu'er Etono of the new school building to be erected at Sharon. Ham- ilton county, was laid Saturday after- noon with the beautiful and impressive Masonic ceremonies. Most Worshipful Grand Master Nelson Williams, of Hamilton, conducted tha exorcises and was assisted by the following officers: P. R. Fortnoy, Deputy Grand Master; S. B.nsmmel.Senior Grand Grand R. Roll.Grand Mr. Taylor, Grand L E. Wertheinier, Grand Marshal. The corner stono was laid, with the simple yet inspiring ritualistic service of tho Masons. The oration of the day was delivered by M. W. G. M. Nelson Williams, nnd a more eloquent effort was seldom heaid. The doxology and benediction closed the exercises. The building is a most connuodione one and admirably cjapted for its pur- pose. It will bo located on the bite of the old. structure end will be rapidly poshed to completion. Caraen A. Wilson, one of the best known farmers in 1'utlt.r county, died at 'his residence a luilo west of this city ou the pike at this morning of parp.'.yeiH of (be boweis, nged 7f> years oiiri 7 niotiths. Mr. Wil- son was born in New Jersey, Fob. 10 IS-.'a Ho cams lo! his county when ii boy and had UVfd herb aver since Most of his life waa apiint ou a fnrm near WooJV nnri he had lived on tbo present fa.-.'n for eighteen years. His wife was a Miss Haninri C feirka children satvitt, Frsuk of liarvtr.of near Seven iIiloHL.1 Miss lafzWHaaaJivinK at home and ntlenfling echoo! in this city. Mr. Wilson, was <jnlto wealthy, was a large land anil probably tha moat exteiiEive tiioisc-y lunds; in the county. Hewaa akind husband sud fathtraud agoodcitizen. Ths funeral will take place from the hsuse, Wednesday at 1 p. in. Rev. J. W. Paten officiating. Place of interment, Greenwood ceme- tery. The annual inspection of the W. C. will be made during the monthe of Sep- tember, Octobsr and November. Ilia- trict Xo. 5, Hamilton. Botlsr and Cler- mont counties, will by tho following Phillip', will inspect Geo. H. Thomas. N'o. Cincincati; J. Jenkine, No Hi! Williatnabnrg; C'jlonel Shaw No. 17S, Cincinnati; A. W. Hrftvec, No. 205, LocHau'l; Cirr 13 White, No. 'Jit, Georgetown; R. M. Mono. No. Cin- cinnati; Jessie Ellis, Xo. Sfifi, George Hill; J. M. liarrere, No. :Wi, Hillsboro: Net- tie Greenfiel j, of Corps No. 35, will in epect Noyea McCook, No. 2, C.irthsge: ComiiKxlore Foole, 10, Colnmto; Jonathan No. 37, Manchester; Wm. H. Ljtle No. 13t, Cincinnati; Morria, Xa. IM, Wilmington; 3. R. S.Weet, No.lfll, No. 207, Morrow; Allen, No. 300, Wilmington; Mary A. Bdl, of Noyea McCook No. 8, will In- Welxd-Compton No 5, Hamilton; Win. Nelson No. 14, Cincinnati; Aug. WIUchNo. 30, Cincinnati; Israel Lud- low No lin.Cumminsville; Milliken No. 4'i, Oxford; John Brown No, 1-19, Ox- ford; U. s GrantNo. Cincinnati; Deardorf-Brcck No. 323, MiOdlelowu. Ths completion ot lUty yearaof mar- ried life by Mr. and Mrs. B. H. KM- insn, waa colebrated yesterday nt their home No. Wilson street. Both iu line health and surronndad by children ami happy grandchildren to bleps their long unbroken union, they were pict- ures of happiness aa they re- ceived thoir frlen'ls'congratulattonmiud good wishes. Mr. Kettman has resided In thia city for 49 yeara nnd during that tireo hia taken an adivu part In tho woild. Ilia wife was formerly Mies Mary Pater of Cincinnati. fills was celebrated HO yif.ra ago yesterdRy, occurred: at high mftesSt. John's church, Cincinnati. A great number weio Eeiit them in honor of their golden wedding among the r-ifts in gold. High mass was celebrated at o'clock yesterday morning at St JoL'eph'H church in cnuipiemonUion of the affair. Tho chancel was brightened Ivy jm elaborate decoration of gold and an of tropical planta. The eauct- uafy, appeared very attractive with hnu'drede of lighted tapers gleimiug on the nltar. Rev. Holthaus read thfl io his sermon made very appro- romsrka of tua brida rind grocmi of iiity long years. Sir. and Mrs. Kettuiim have ten children and eighteen grandchildren all of whom are living. Mr. and Mra. He-man Ehaue, of Richmond, Ind., were present at the jollification yesterday aud ivore aldo present at the marriage coremoiiy that oucured a half century ago. In the matter of the vacation of a county road in St. Clair township, peti- tioned for by K. S. McClintock and others, the commissioners have ap- poiuted Emil Wittmim, Martin Mnllor and Jacob Unzicker, to view the premi- ses on October 10. In the Abram Skill- man petition, John Weaver, A. M'Keou and James Biosier are made viewers, to meet October 13. Iu tho pstition of C. M. Thompson and others for the of a road, Fred NYicls and Barney Siebert are.vnado viewets, to meet pctober 13, wtti viewers by the coinmis- sionera of Warren ooniity. Keporls will ba made at the December session ot tho commisaionera. The county commissioners will pay to farmer Wm. Huber of near Lay- high, damages arising from au accident on a defective county bridge above tho green houaa on the road running from Layhigh to Venice. While Hubsr WSB over the bridge ten days ago, with farm wagon loaded with wheat, it broke dropping the outfit into tha creek bed below. The worst injury ra milting was ilio abrasion of the horses fikina, und Huber may feel well repaid for his mishap. Tho resolution was by Mr. Smyers and wag unanimously adopted. Tho large born of Qeorgo Hnfer.obont a half a mila svesb of Lebanon, was struck by lighting during the storm about p. in. Saturday and the barn and contents wero totally da- stros ed. Ths commiasioners today counted the money in the county treasury. TUESDAY After months of snlTering Alaerl Davis aged'Jl ye ira. died nt his home in Holbrock street, Sun- day night of consumption. Mrs. U. H. Hatch of Middletown received tbo sad news yesterday of tho death of her only sister. Mrj. Sidney A. Sage, of Bufialo, N. Y. Mrs Sage was well known in thia connty. Tho siator lett for BatY.ilo to attend the funeral. Mrs. L. c. Hartley, apeii years, prominent io church aud lodgn woik, di'ed at Ihe homaof Mr. aud Mrs. Hitz- ler, west of Middletown, Sanday. The funeral will be from the in Mi Idletown Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Harry Detirjy who resiilea on a farm near Ovorpsck a station.waa excavating for a well at his home yoMc-rduy morn- itJijBud unearthed a maaive skull; it was preserved and the iiud caused iinito a bit of excitement ia tho ncighborhocHl (or a time. Henry Kelltr, the well known jnttich of the peace of Hanover township died at his home before noon jester day of dropsy, agf d C7 yeara Hf. was born in Pennsylvania bnt had lived in this county many Tlia will take place from the Into raldonce Thursday at 10 a m. Place of inter- ment, Greenwood cemetery. John Schiunlz, tlie Middletown boy who was one of IJoosevelt i rough rid not killed in tha bstlle of Ssntl- ago, (ia reported, but wss in Middlo town yef terday, the gii'-st ot old frienils Schmutz joined Troop K nt San An- tonio. Tex., and from there went direct toTampibay and thon to Cuba Mr ScbmnlE speaks oE thoCnbin campaign veryintelliKantly, ami claims thit ilw fisht at Gnaslmia was an ambush William O. Shields, of Dsyton. s brother of Patrick Shields. conductor on the C. M. V. trscllou mail, s member of RoossvsK'a Rough Riders, Ia in Middlctown and tells the Bamo es- perieuco as ychmnlK. Pythian Knights of tho city havo re- ceived this invitation, from a com- mittso composed of A. Kolhwell, John A. Schneider nnd Geo. A. Kepplar: Hamilton and Lono Htar lodges in- vito you to attend a meeting Iu KnighiH of Pythias hall, Wednesday evening, Sept. 28, at o'clock. All lodges in Butler county will be represented, and it Is our desire that every Knight in Hamilton bo present. Tbo event will not be with- out yon. Ketreahmonta. The purpose of meeting ia tha organization of a connty Pythian IIHSO- ciatioii to tmbraca nil Tlio condition of .1. 0. Richardson of Olenilale, ie bettor, and ho is much ntronger than ha has been since tha The doctors aro much p'.esHtd with big condition, as it is much better thin they dared hope for his advanced age. Mr. Haldcman ia also doing nicelj-. Marshal E. J. Meaghueaid thtst ho was very v.-ell both mentally and physically, barring tho sprained shoulder and sev- eral cuts about Ilia body, concerning which he will uot merely eayiug they bothered him bnt liltlo. The report tlmt witnesses to iho ootiLg havo been fnuud ij falsa, as ML-. Miitro ami waro loadiug too far to vrorfa, nnd Ihougliitba pifiol ebols was a broken belt striking the ceiling.Matro be did not know it waa piitol ehota until n woman told Mm so. BENCB.J8AUNB JURY, Auditor Diitrr is in receipt of Audi- tor of Stato Guilberf of tha followinR appraaed values of tho and telephone companies iu tbo county: Postal Toloyraph cable, City Suburban Ohio Telephone and Miami Telephone, Judge Keilati hss overruled James B Utter's inoltou for a new trial of hia suit BKainat the city. Tho Saptembbr grand jury was changed and empaneled by Judge Neii- au this morning and at ouco entered in- to the investigation of the sixteen cases brought to its attention. Fred Beatty was excused .from BOivico and Geo. Pater called in his stead. Two jnrore, Samuel Kinsingar and Win. ilartindale, were excused from the petit y. he "suit of Jamts JInrphy against Tbouws MoC'iillougli, Jiita been clia- mifistd at tha coat of plaintiff, by con- sent of tho parties. New Suits. S. W. Mirgerum, trosteo of the Gunckel Banting company hns been authorized to compromise n claim of and interest against J. B. Jloren Anna Byrne has been appointed ex- ecutrix of the estate cf the lata Jamea F. JIcHugh. In tha matter of tho eatstes of Jane H.nnd Lasvia D. Gnuivb-sll, deceased in the probate coort Knto C. Minor has fihd extensiva exceptions to the ac counts of li. G. Kathbone, adtniiiia- trator. It is avorrod thaf tlia listing of 133 shares of Hamilton and Kosavilla Uyrt raiilie stock at J9.030 was only ilonfc for the purpose of ohtrdm'npc a commis- sion thereon, that the expenditures aro excessive and that transactions are ac counted for that naver took place. Tho Merchants' National bank of Middletown has sued E. Ci. aud Jose phine Rhthbone and Thamsn Millikiu for jndguient on a nota of ou which ilillikia is endorser. Lizzie Larabloy today intituled di vorce proceedings against her husband Jauioa H. Larehley. They were HIM- ried at MidflUtown July 'JO, 1SS-S, have oae child, Jf acis Merl aged S She charges him with extreme cruelty .and with having struck and threatened to kill her. Slid aUo claims that ho has failed to support herand has frequented improper housed. Sho asks the custody of the child. U. F. Bickley is hor at- torney. Au alternative of mandamna has been issued against Auditor Duerr or- dering him to isBiio warrant to F. M. fluidon for il37, or to appear before court at 10 a. in. Oct 10, to show cauee for his refusal. Dr. Bardcn's bill is for medical services rendered Jessie Tol- bert, a non-reeident pauper.and is based on a voucher executed by the Infirmary directors. Morey, Andrews and Morey are Ins attorneys. I'robatc Court. In tho matter of Koaa Shnlz, guardian of Adolph Shnlz, a minor, Martin and Win. V. Mason have made applicalicm in the- probate court to ba released aa sureties on saiil guardian's Iwml. Ben Harwitz has made application for appointment RS ailminiatralor of the estate of Michael Kelly, deceased. Sncan Driver, executrix of Ihe estate of Nicholas Driver deceMsd, has filed a first and Runt account. Amount settled THE MARKETS. A Guide to Farmers as to The of Produce and Buy. ing of Groceries, Etc, SKPT. 1808. Tlie Following ate the Prices in Hamilton on Tuesday Even- ing of Each Week: Wheat.. I'lour.... Corn... (Uts... tie (0 20C to 2 to OQ l.ivc Stoclt aati Country Produce, lUlohsr Steers f c. fi ami ft so oM te pi-r .ooslers 40 Sillier, [icior stock Creamery Choice Dairy...... iScandsoc Sprini; Chickens Jcperll. Cloi-cr Kn-.A, per bn. horn store {i 75 Hav. clover per Ion Hay. timothy per ton Hickory Xuls, ]jet buDhtl Honcv, pound Potatoes, Dsr bushel Onions per bushel Turnips, per bushel.. to 10 to !o CDC 60 to So: Cahfo'.ain rn-.nca perpouml 10 Dried Pesches Dried Applec Molrmcn por sal., New Orleans per pouud Sugar per pound, Yellow C.- 5 Kttra C Staadard A 5 Orcintlatc-d 5 Cut loaf TCP. per pound Youuit flyson ncr dozen 25--joo Maple Syrup j, lo pei doieu ,70 per pound Dried Auricot? Maclicrel per iwtiml y. Maple Syrup, per bottle 35c Top torn, per peck ?5C PaliKocs. Irisli ;5C Cheese, per pound I.ard, per pouud gc Pickles. jier_dbzen ____ -c Sweet, periloz ..ioc Sept. 18D7, HID foreclosure of a mort- gage and the appointment of a receiver to take charge of tho personal property involved. Richard nnd Clinrles Colos, heirs of tho late Cuarles D. Coles, have moved tie probate court to requiro tha admin- istrator to lite his account and distri- procetda in his hands, or he ro- uiovf-il froui his trust. F. H Heath, trustee of the insol- vent Lonis Sniffer's Bons Co. has been Rratitcd authority by tha probate court, to 6611 real estate in HH for JI5I) per acre ut private sale. The property wns to S. R. Clreor for SO in cash, and dialricution of the proceed.-! ordered. Assignee E F. lilnin, haa reported tho salo of chattels of tlie Insolvent Swtinan and Blnui Co. for 570. Tha eulfj WKS confirmed. JIIIIMS M. Kilny, as ffuardian of Opal has Clod his liual xccontit. He m-civfd Oli and had n Imlance of j'S.CITJO, nhich Jias been tnrned over to hia ward. Samuel C. tVindis. as administrator oftheJoa. L. Lsndia estate, has his final account. He received and has tuaia distribution auiouK the as follows: Jlary O. Ksller, JS10; W. C. Latdis, -J2SO; S. C. Lsndis, Mzibfjlh Long, A. B. Flickinger, Ada Hubert. ?2SO; Saliie F. Mara- ton, Phil E. Daniel }-2SO; Beulau Lundis, F. Knmltr, J. L. Fllekinijer F. Mason, John C Braun nrd C. E. have been appointed to appraise ths estate of tho late George I'. Alorgauthaler. Real listaieTranslers. S.ttcret nl to Schuler et al, 9i aoroj, township- iV'JTS.yO. JosSi'.er et to Philip ar.r] a'.acrfs, Kosstownfchijj; 70 Gtsiihen to Mnrgeret Uviarly. The Ar.ltuiBa and Tajlor Machinery Co, sued John Sheley, his Stepa-n Sliphcr, A, B. Shelter and the bri.iaL.ict H. Co, on t-Uluis of withiiitettst on from Jan 15, 1S03, and luloKat on (100 ffoiu Bakmg Powder Host healthful leavener in the world. Goes farther.