Friday, June 27, 1919

Hamilton Evening Journal

Location: Hamilton, Ohio

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Hamilton Evening Journal on Friday, June 27, 1919

Hamilton Evening Journal (Newspaper) - June 27, 1919, Hamilton, Ohio FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 1919 JOURNAL OAKItlKIl, II CENTS A WBBK OHICK. TWO CUNTS. WEATHER FAIR TONIGHT AMD SAT URDAY. f 16 PAGES TODAY Will Ota KuOm Kladlj Their Triendi FIRST In COMMITTEE FAVORS BIGGER ON SATURDAY German Delegates Are On Their Way To Versailles With This Understand- ing __ President Wilson Plans TO Sail For Home ratification of the League ul' Na i linns i'uvniMiil advanced liv Sunday Plans For The Signing Perfected Today LEAGUE COVENANT TO GAIN APPROVAL The Report Made By The Citizen V Committee of 12 On Electric Light Question CINCINNATI DAYTON REFUSE TO SELL CITY Mr. Wilson nii.uht nol IJL- jHlvt-rsn In Paris, JuiK! '2i, hint Ijccn hiiiili- In shortly hot'oi'i1 unoti IUon "nt tj'0l'lllc dale. The contract' price; .VITC incvilul.U'. lead- WHS liml Titlt ]iovvrr to hi- us fnvoi-nble us would ci-rf iK-plnrrd I ho and cl-cwhi-i i- i "Mtl M" lht! IJa.vto" sin-ui-eil by the ol' Haniiltor joiily iu Ihe si-hjilv u'ould sia.icl it liein- nsscrlc.l lhal M r "i'Diiyton. j it Us own transmission len.nncijly Cur nureservod nitii'irn-JAViUon wnuhl i.mkf the trip T-JU' n'sult ut a Ihe cily of Cim-iinuili lion. Became ,d' tin- dh-er.sil.v U-Ss ol' .h-vi-lopnu-nls in tlie st-notc .We {V' 1nHVrr I'nnu the [Inion viru-s ;nnan. covenanl I hey thai Mr. llnU-nHp came Irom lo (tic f liat (lit- d'c-rniiin ni.k-J'hliind 1 lint I liry sir-1 livnly at Salnr- sey Made By Tex Rickard The Promoter At Toledo FLASHES X.uUiuiskas, :i I heir here .ii.h -I. in ll lest, iiml Jlnjni- A. .1. Drexcl Unlille. wealMiy ul I'liilnilelpliin, ul' the rolllesl. Skelly, 1 a veleruii ol'l'ii-inl nl Vmiker.-. X. V., eliusrli relViree, iiml Kiirlliiiir, nl New I r. ul' these oll'iciiils wie; I'l-intioler li'iekur.l Stock In Demand In Cin- cinnati Market Unlliri'j mill VVIIH iViilurc nl1 ihc I'im-innati ninrkel. 'I lit- stoi-k in slvoiiL; dt-nnilnl. iil 11. slock in sight. A net nl' it [-S ptn'iils si-orcii nu :i liiii voiiiiHc ill' 'I'h, i-lnsc was ii! u'ilh llloi', ;ll ri'jrui'c. Tin- clctsinu "Til, ua.T uiu1 lo Inuiiii: c.i-d.'is I'ur III, siui-k, mi- iiH'ruus in 111, iiiiii'li.'i. ScviTiil luin- ilrol sliiii'cs Hint uvuitetl I'll cimhl not li, rniuul. Allow liu liiiT, siiiiic. slock lo had. Tli, iilH; nil III, was I lial would h, uivfii [IK- ri-jiit to to nil, shai-c ol' slncl; ed For Robbeiy, Caught llavum and thill lifter cott-j The v of (he committee feel j siderntion on the part of the L'IUOM j thai 'wonld'ho impossible for lliej (.'as. mid Electric coinpiiny tliejcity of Hamilton lo successfully op-' Dayton 1'ower and Li.dit, ils distributing system without they were prejudiced coiilrol ol the power loud ahovc. Id! cnrrenl lo n iiiiinicipiilily mid (here- K. and iinisnuicli us the Ohio lore would not n Her us a proposition jtias and f'dci'lrir company does nol I 'I'he mailer was nlso discussed will, seem desirous of considering any ihc Cincinnati and Daylon True-lion i other iiroposiiion, il seems lhal the company with a view of only alternalive is Tor the citv of current from (heir Hamilton station, i Hamilton lo build a eenerjltini: plant j but the price which il would he. neces-1 of snflicicnl capacity ink, ciire of j Miry for this company to charge is sv reasonable needs and make hiiih llmt il would he iniprai-liciibh proper provision to urndnallv im-rcas.: Mo consider an with, ami build iio this planl until il can tb.'ni. take care The only other source electric cofmmiflilv current available u> lite coininnnitv; II Municipal Ownership Is Recommended ;By Citizens Named By Mayor Smith Till-; C1TIXKNS1 GOMJUTTKK RKCO.MitKiVnH TO'.IIAYOK AND COUNCIL A N1SW K. W. MUNICII'AU.V KLKCTKIC UCillt AND I'OWEll ol V1. lo imestiBalc tli, needs of the unliivj Puvef f-lion in Hamilton ,it-s report with our present that M I (lie innyor mid tliu' report leiul At The Postofiice As He Called For Mai! Today sill lor a period ol len i.r lie determined hv a competent en-i i n ov the clerk of cOnnci explained in 111 teen veins lo the city ol lUlil'Itim nitierr. It would be well lor conned i L i i, j nelail the upork ol (lie committee ,mu all oI lln- eleclrn-al eneriiV that it lo inveslmalc enmneers ol standin" 1 r i it Had arrived at the eonuusions tor luc jmrpOKe ol Inr- and select an individual or an ell-i nishintr commcrci.-d and -'im-erin" lirm ;cho arc coinnctenl to ._'. I lhat none nl' said energy should '.u.uin .power pnrntHes lo install -s held. I'.Mcnsivc planl Slmlly, a feminine detective em- ,o u- .Mrs. Kiln Shelly, wife eoinlnittee nnule. a nnlh Lithuanian nmiy ol bus ex- navy and <-ivilian board of boxin- pellet! the liolsiiu-vik forces from the control, which lln lask jri-Ciilcr part nl Lithuania, j making Ih, sclcclions. Major Middle I'aris. Alhcrl Tlnmias, socialist, is president "I Hi, fiuiing coiilrol inlrndm-cd n hill in chamber nf hoard. depnlies lor national-: The annuniiceinejil ol lln railroads of l-Vancc. j and liiddle have been named ji nines t'oltindfus, l-'ormer t'resideni caused o sensation. select ion 'fa I'l was the principal speaker at the'as referee had been forecast, hul the .Mellindisl cenlenary today. j ninnes of Itickard and Riddle had (.'onncif of [-'our lias y.-nrr< ly been iissociatcd wjlh Ihe of- irranied I'oland lice P.cml, lud.. (jf. :l1 wilh Ihe rales in al Dayton or Middlelown. 'I'he power miifucaled wili, llamillnn police. Business Hamillon In he taken-, ,-iskin- I'm- assistance in laiidin- n ihc Ohin (ins niul neu'i-n, William ('layman While, I he I Ibio (las and ".leclric nipe. all coinpiiny build a second i ransmissioii er wlin-h he fled lo South liclid, Iml.. order lo ".ivc liiiine, lrcel for nany 'I l-'iisl Aii- Servici- Jicchiinics, j llclcclive llennnnn and .Mrs. Slnillv. pavlii'_- brick, an I I'rniii business, lo This decision was made aller Dr. I'.ynrd learned that i In; building he occupies had been wood avenue. lo Keliwmv. d le Hlnieiiiritld. Or. decided nut to ids was taken In Soillli lielld, lad.. I fe Hi company. The many Iricnds ol Or. and Mrs. [Ivard will MOTHERS' MEETING.AT to know that they do THE TYLER SCHOOL. under the auspices of Hie vacation schools, al Ihc Tyler school hnililiiy .Munfitly afternoon nl :i o'clock, ;ii which Miss Kllison, the Rod Crosn nurse, will GAME POSTPONED. New York, .lime American :iitfne N'ew York-Boston way oslpoiied lotlnv. Hiiin, iv'cw Yui-k, Juno Haiinami. (iliiu, men linve arrived. mended Unit Ihe eily erect its .own liiim rscijs: j li.slil ]iliiiit. lo start with a K. W. ]ilaiit and prepare plnns sfi-J (lie plant e.-in lie increased o a K. W. plnnl. Following: the rending- of Iht.-.rp- iiji't il was accepted by council, aiul Mayor Smith tlmnked the committee 'or ils service, saying, however, thW, it not disclinrscd, but would lin, culled' IIJMWI for fill-flier service in regard to the pbuij.- Mr. Gartl llic eommitfep'? of the aid Riven by, Ijicf mayor and Ihe safety' director, T'.'J, Sloat, who met witii at all. meet ings ns cx-ot'fieio nicinlieA1! Service Director Sloat-Discusses'the Matter With Council Hie <Urcitoi, is a firm helievor in "u-mnuicijiHllv (iwneA stnlion, tlie cosl, of (lie pro.jecl ivoiilcl in (he hood of find ilint il it vmo decided In i-o througli vvilli Ihe plwn' it would probably be Iwo years befoj'f the plnut ,'complolcd, on 8) n i ONE 01' TODAY'S CLASSIFIED ADS WILL HMD A TENANT FOR A GOOD HOUSE OR APARTMENT F.vcry day. people choos- new places lo live nsaally Uctler Places? One of today's ads. will I lie NEWS Hie first CLUE of a BET- TER PLACE, lo one of tin; renders of today's paper. And dins a yood or apiirliiicnl will he renlcd lo 11 (ennnl who in n y silly for years and yours. Sne.h work is "usual" work for the classified ads. JOURNAL CLASSIFIED ADS. Ic PER WORD,