Monday, August 10, 1964

Dover Daily Reporter

Location: Dover, Ohio

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Daily Reporter, The (Newspaper) - August 10, 1964, Dover, Ohio If 1 Congress On Verge Of Ending Time Confusion For By STANLEY ME1SLER WASHINGTON AP The terts daylight saving time stid Americas tine iystem may be on the way A House Commerce mittee will take up and likely approve a bill Tuesday that overhauls the time system and attempts to bring order out ef what the Interstate meres Commlssfott calls creasing chaos in American A similar bill was approved by the Senate Commerce No public opposition has arisen and there just may be enough time left to push the bill through Congress before the session Basically the bill would set up uniform areas that would move thelf clocks ahead and back at the same times every For the most the bill would do away with situations in which one community is on standard time and the town next door on daylight According to testimony before the Mouse the country has such situations The bill now before Congress would try to end the nations confusing time situation with these provisions The United except for Alaska and would be divided as now into four zones moun and In a new Atlantic zone would be This would be off the East Coast and not over any mainland at 1 To save daylight in warm summer the Interstate Commerce Commission would create a single subzone in each regular This zone would be a geographic whole and would connect with the full zone to the Daylight saving time would begin for all subzones on the last Sunday in Abfil and end on the last Sunday in It would not be called light saving time at the ICC would assign each sub zone to the full zone to the in other a person living in the central time subzone wottld find that daring wer months he would use thi Eastern standard The bill would require an federal eoffiftion and communications by wire or radio to use this time It is assumed that this would persuade all local munitles to adopt the new The Reporters Outstanding Lineup Of Yours For The Reading THE DAILY REPORTER HOME EDITION VOL 18 largest Circulation In Tusrarawas County DoverNew August 1964 Serving Over PHONE 42167 7 CENTS Cyprus CeaseFire Ordered HOT WATER Water spurts up around a Greek Cypriot patrol boat in Xeros harbor as it maneuv ers during an attack by Turkish air force Four planes strafed and craft as it rode at Five crewmen were reported killed with 13 being AP Wirephoto picture taken by James staff Crago Parries Questions As By Pete Groh Daily Reporter Staff Writer The seconddegree murder trial of James Moses 29 of RD went its second week today in Common Pleas Court with the defend ant taking the stand to tell how Milton his good friendand neighbor met his death in the early morning of March The story he told was almost a carbon copy of an exclusive Daily Reporter interview obtain ed from Crago several days af ter Swongers death and while he was being held in County who was calm while testifying for over an hour this admitted he struck Swonger with an object after Swonger had swung at him and threatened to give me the beat Ing of my The bespectacled defendant testified he did not notify au but buried the body in a shallow grave in a barn at the rear of his cause he was afraid of He was referring to Prosecutor Harlan who is representing the state in this case and had been an attorney for Cragos wife during a di vorce Crago had remained unshafr en at press time under crossexamination by Prosecu tor calmly answering a See Piige Council Asked GOLDBERG UNITED asked for another ur session of the Securi ty Council today to consider a Turkish air attack this morn ing on a Cypriot village and what it called a limited inva sion by Turkish weary aft er two days of urgent consulted on a time for the Cyprus made the request to Ambassador Sivert Nielsen of the council presi dent for Nielsen awaited a report from SecretaryGeneral U Thant on the military situation on Cyprus before calling the council into the council called for a firm ceasefire on Cyprus aft er wrestling with the crisis at two urgent sessions over the An unofficial truce has gone into effect on the Mediterranean but Cypriot and Turkish envoys to the United Nations said their governments reserved the right to use force again if the truce appeared to break The council held a meeting Saturday night that extended See Page 6 Missile Jets Keep Eye On RedsMIGS Sees Threat To NATO Efforts By LEWIS GUUCK WASHINGTON AP The United States pressed diploma tic efforts today to keep the lid on the Cyprus ceasefire and propel it toward an eventual permanent After an opening round of level diplomacy in which Presi dent Johnson cabled personal appeals Sunday to the Turkish and Cypriot govern meot Washington was channeling Us main efforts through the United Renewed offi cials could bring on a war between Greece and Turk ey that shatter NATOs eastern flank and conceivably Validity Ruling Sloted Subdivision Budget Hearings Delayed ave the way for a wider East West Undersecretary of State leorge Ball voiced the view Sunday night after a week end of efforts to shut off Greek attacks on Turkish positions and counterat acks by planes and warships Johnsons appeals to the three government heads and the Security Councils ceasefire call at an emergency afternoon session highlighted the feverish diplomatic We should avoid a conflict which would be disastrous for all and weve made progress toward this Ball in a cjs am hopeful that we can bring this problem toward a oent solution ratheir diplomats hoped that the fssta ceasefire on the land brought about by nightfall wouW cemented by the giving the to Cyprus a chance The County Budget ass furthjp tost WYO U to wMeb were duj m office on July to bj Wmy re for to Spies w By MALCOIJVI BROWNE South Viet Nam AP jet fighters equipped with air to air missile ave been heading toward the Communist north the past few ays to meet the threat of ap reaching Red Chinese MIG military source Though no clashes have take the opposing flights wer eported close enough to mak ositive radar th ources A Embassy spokesma lere denied Monday night tha the planes had scrambled t meet hostile Th pokesman said they had gon nly to check unidentified radar capital of South Vie held an air raid alert Sun its first since World War I when planes bombed th See KEEP Page 6 to work out arrangements on See ON THE INSIDE World On Bridge j j u i l Turkish Jets Strafe Town In New Scare By HAL MCCLURE Cyprus ey and the Greek Cypriot gov irnment agreed to a Se curity Council call for a cease ire on this embattled island to A brief Turkish air attack on a northwest village before Turkeys announcement sent a new scare through Greece said it hoped the strafing attack on a square in Jolis was due to a mixup in Turkish military A government source in Nico sia said 10 persons were wound ed in the Polis A Turkish government spokes man said after a Cabinet meet ing in Ankara that Turkey would accept the call for he but only on the condition that Greek Cypriots halt their attacks on Turks on he The Turkish Cabinet met an hour after reports of the Polis attack reached Anka The Greek Cypriot govern ment said it had ordered a ceasefire unilaterally as of Sat It made no mention of fighting that erupted around the Turkish village of Kokkina Sun day or around Nicosia Sunday A Greek Cypriot spokesman said In a statement Arch bishop Makarios Cyprus pres ident said the government of the Cyprus republic will fully respect a Security Council reso lution on the ceasefire in Cy There were no reports of ground fighting between Greek and Turkish Cypriots in the tense northwest coastal strip between Polis and The Soviet Union assailed the series of Turkish attacks and warned Turkey that it is risk ing The attack on Polis was the fourth consecutive day of Turk ish air activity over Alex an Associated Press correspondent at the said the Americanbuilt See Page 6 WAX Fire damage may run as high as at Miracle just west of New a company spokesman said The reported to firemen at Sunday is believed to have started from an overheated wax Besides heavy smoke damage to most of the flames a the Fireman Jim Francis is shown examining the 3 Persons Are Killed In Traffic Accidents Fact And Fancy Give Intrigue To Nctown History Niton The following if the fint in o series of ctrticlet on the hiftery of which will begin itf Siiquicentennial celebration The series written by Doily Reporter itaff member from information compiled by Kim of Although NewcomffstQwn was founded in providing its residents to Celebrate the Sesqujeentennial this the birtoty in the name predate that Cantonian Victim In Crash Near Stone Creek A Canton man became Tus carawas Countys 13th traffic fa tality Saturday in a headon crash on Route south of Stone State patrolmen identified the victim as James Acting County Coroner James Houglan said this morn Ing that no ruling will be made on the cause of death until an autopsy report is The man was pronounced dead on arrival at Union according to patrol went left of center on the highway at hitting an oncoming car operated by Kenneth Blair of They said Starcher swerved to avoid crashing into the rear end of a vehicle ated by Dorothy RD Port who See Page 2 eept who are familiar with the tend to ac with little but visitors are fre qusntly jijtrigued and fee the word must have a story behind right they In the mm has more than one story iayoiving 9 surprising The roost common although it is sometimes presented as legend rather than Weathervane SATURDAY High 77 Low 49 YESTERDAY High 73 Low 53 THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE Ontrary says he is deeply concerned over the fact that so many anywhere from 4 years were attending the murder trial over in the Court the auspices of Thats a little too when it comes to exposing chil dren to the facts of he How come so many young fel lows are out in the morning in carrying cleated shoes snt there a high school law that sets the time for beginning of football practice Just a thought towards a gra cious Since Josephs Church is rather hardput to find parking space on why couldnt the high school parking lot be opened and used if there is any traffic a special police could be employ fact has w da with ihf sternal tp JowflgJ of the first white and I County of whom there is written a Delaware Jastoj gagjg Jive4 m a matt In dian vUJap what is sow with his white As a Mary had abjjjeted firo her by iftos awi giw up to the squaw of a visited recorded tbjt she said she Ufcejj wirriors and pre ferred tfldiajft life to white ig SJJ4 thj wWtes were a wick race aa4 wore cruel the red in Chief 9 raid High 91 rain 70 cloudy Los cloudy 85 clear 86 New cloudy 76 cloudy 69 cloudy 84 cloudy 67 79 TODAY 7 BAINFAU Last 48 Hows Nous TOMQBBQW 70 57 56 68 80 56 53 66 55 64 Tusky Valley High Graduates Die At Canton 1961 graduates of Tusca awas Valley High were killed i an early Sunday morning smashup when a sports traveling at more than 100 slammed into a light pole on the Canton Dead are Sharon daughter of and Ronald Kline of and John son of and Clifton Mahoney of 9980 Riverland They were pronounced dead on arrival at Timken Mercy The Terry of North and another Sharon of who were were listed as good at Timken pitai Canton who the speed of the sports stated Green lost control on a wide curve shortly after midnight on Route 62 northsouth way and part of Interstate 77 near the Dryden They said the vehicle See 5 Hurt In Route 93 Crash her io the wilfi IferyLeg has it that reacted State patrolmen aie continu ing investigation into an auto accident Saturday at on Route north of Shanes which injured 4 members of oae family and the driver of the other Paul of Low 62 I were treated erations and Patrolmen said Tarbert went off the right side of the then skidded across the way into the path of the ertscher son is listed as critical with chest and head injuries Joan of arcreefe is reported and at Union Hospital this morning with severe face and knee other members of tfee will a teacher at Dover High Ibis an accident at Saturday JosepJwiJs of HD sustained slight gnj abrasions after her auto slid off County Road S5