Monday, June 29, 1964

Dover Daily Reporter

Location: Dover, Ohio

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Daily Reporter, The (Newspaper) - June 29, 1964, Dover, Ohio Whim to return nome Ite ilbmination William Scrattton thah fettiain as ambassador to He tolda White Housetnews receiving a dent hcMt lit StiutfpVlet Itirii oft the white k the Republican jsarty is not on the Affirming that he did not Ifeve It was tod late for1 Scran off thi r6ntriin hitig Barry fMdwater lor his partys presidential nomi Lodge strongly Indicated tevt0ntt ffief PfeSideit sewhwers For GOP igM fii auppott helped engineer holers nomination Lodge returned to a theme he had hammered upon his rival four hours at An drews Air Force Base the duty of both political parties to and not impulsive He said that the president the United States is the man wh6 makes the decision abbiat the use of the atomic is something that is very he there is a threshhold below which no party should go in nominating a man for the pres Lauds Scranton Both parties should nomi nate for president a man who is not Impulsive or Speaking at planeside upon his Lodge declared flatly 1 can not be Me said the whole point of his resignihg the very post in South Viet Nam was to Come back and help Wil liam dflvf for the Republican Lodge disclosed heWill appear at the Republican party Platform Committee in San Francisco July He said ha does at a ticket for the Asked for comment on Barry defeat See LODGE Page 6 t Over 600 Mem Hours Are Needed Each Day To Produce The Reporter 20 Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County DoverNew June HOME EblTION Serving Over Famlliei PHONE 42167 7 CENTS By MICHAEL SMITH AP The Mississippi Highway Patrol and FBI agents ques tioned motorists at roadblock today whether they knew any thing about the three missing civil rights The latest report from the roadblock on Highway 21 about 12 miles northeast of Philadel said no useful informa tion had been The roadblock was set up near where the civil rights workers burned out station wagon was found last Each driver asked wheth er he knew anyting about the or whether he Early Collection Because next Saturday Will be a holiday The Daily Reporters carriers will be their collections Thursday and Their deadline payment is mew anyone who Officers explained that the is only lightly raveled and that some qf the Irivers who passed that area might have passed there ast Authorities also probed a re wrt that two young white men were seen standing beside a station wagon similar to the one used by the three civil rights workers shortly before vanished eight days The widespread search for clues in the baffling disappear ance of Michael 24 Andy both of New fork and James a Meridian continued in his red clay hill section of east central One hundred sailors from the Davys airfield at Meridian re See Page 6 By Pete Groh Daily Reporter Staff Writer I dont know what to Its a feeling you cant put into That was the reaction of pret 20yearold Karen Rae Kin gey of RD fol lowing her crowning Saturday night as ths new Miss Clay Man Revived By Lifeguard Leroy of Zanes yille released following ex amination in Union Hospital yes terday afternoon after being found unconscious in 10 feet of water at Atwood Lake according to Mus Jungum Watershed Conservancy District was pwlled from the water by lifeguard Tom Capler administered mouth tpmouth resuscitation until Qroston began breathing and New IhUadelphia firemen were call to the but arrived too Jend Croston was taken to the hos pital in a Barter fhe who officials said was njot a goo4 is station 1 with the armed forces at He reportedly had liken swimming with a cousin N THf INSIDE Around The Abby On Bridge 6 19 17 17 19 2 8 land in Dennison High Audito beauty daughter of and Ray will be this entrant in the Miss Ohio Pageant sched uled July 2426 at Cedar Point near Miss who has black hair and brown was a hit with the audience through out the evening and received the topspot vote of many in press The 2inch who has a personality to match her good says she was en couraged to enter the pageant by my mother and some close Miss Kinsey added that she did not know if she will com plete plans to attend summer school at Bowling Green Univer sity next month because of the Miss Ohio contest She will be a junior at the university next Its going to take a lot of Miss Kinsey said while discussing the Ohio pag a preliminary to the famed Miss America In the talent portion of Satur day nights Miss Kin sey presented 2 scenes from a dramatic Caesar your 3 Men Arrested In Phila Shooting Of Firecrackers Three New Philadelphia men will appear before1 Mayor Jo seph Fritz at 4 Tuesday after they were allegedly shooting fireworks on Broad near BreebTs Nite Saturday Cited by police were Thomas of Fair discharging and James of 216 and Dale of 256 Glair possessing Police said 32 firecrackers were confiscated from the back seat of a car used by the and She wore a floorlength patterned after the recent movie It was trimmed in In other 2 udging Miss Kinsey wore a white swim suit with a rounded front and a See MISS Page 6 Assault Case IsDi Lloyd of Akron has been released from County Jail and his case dismissed without record by Common Pleas Judge Last Tuesday the Akron youth had pleaded guilty before Judge Lamneck to an information by Prosecutor Harlan Spies on charge of assault and battery on William Bodenheimer of Rail road July in his court states the courl had found Davis was 17 at the time of the alleged anc that the has no jurisdiction over Davis had been held in Coun ty JaiJ sjnce May afterfeeing paroled from the Federal Cor reetiona at Ashlpd The youth was sentenced there after being picked up with a Tom Barfield of at the car the 2 men had stolen from Sentencet to 5 years for transporting stolen car across state Davis had served 21 months anc recently was When Bodenheimer was called to identify he told sher iff deputies that Davis had car ried no gun Uw time ths men bad taken bis car anc forced him to dismount and robe on a township road near For thyat rea a charge of assault and battery was fiied by Seen Near For By PAUL AP possibility of a truce in Augustines racial conflict oomed today for the time in nearly two A new effort to establish a bl racial committee of two whites and two Negroes to seek peace was reported nearing Community leaders predicted hat any group would have a dif icult time because the middle ground has all but disappeared n the monthlong or integration by Negroes and he equally determined resist ance by There has been almost no communication between ihe two races for more than a ollowing collapse of the first effort to find a In the first fruitless at Johns County grand jury called for a 30day truce in pub ic after which biracial committee wouW liave been The Ne gro the Martin Luther King rejected this and sought immediate forma tion of the The grand jury refused to ne gotiate along these The pace of demonstrations See Page 6 Weatihemne SATURDAY High 90 Low S3 YESTERDAY High 89 Low 59 Elsewhere la HighLowPr cloudy 82 M clear 94 73 cloudy 86 64 Los clear 82 56 cloudy 81 New clear 86 64 cloudy 63 clear 94 71 San cloudy 57 53 clear 87 65 TODAY 7 65 Last 24 hours none TQMQiiOW High 94 Low 65 Forecast hot and hu JOHN WASYLIK Dover Native Named Chief OfOhioYFW A John WasylUc of Was elect ed Ohio commander of the Vet erans of Foreign Wars yester day at the close of its 3day convention in 3 Dover Jigh and Ohio State s ran optometrist un NEW India Minister Lai Ba adur Shastri was reported in enerally good condition today ut more of his official sched ule was For the first time there was a public suggestion that the 59 earold prime who was stricken with a mild heart attack Friday should delegate some of his The Times of India said no prime minister can afford to do without a fulltime foreign min as Shastri The pa per called for a more liberal delegation of like his B4 Front Wasy operates a He was a brush salesman in Dover before being inducted nto the Armyin He serv ed 2 including 9 months n andbegan his studies at Ohio State following dis He and his the ormpr Jean Wright of Colum have 4 Wasylik has been active in the veterans organization for several years and previously leld local and district The Ohio VFW numbers Last month Wasylik was jiveri the Optometrist of the Year award at the Ohio Op ometric convention in In addition his VFW he is a member of he Sandusky Salvation Army advisory City Health Commission and Rotary Club and is active in the Community YMCA and Boy He is a member of Pauls Lutheran Elected senior vice was Sam Fruttoso of and Wil liam Nelson of Enon was nam ed junior vice Other elections included Gordon surgeon the George Shurtz of chaplain Atlee quarter and James judge Installed as officials of the ladies auxiUary were Irene president Carole senior vice and Vi yjan Green junior vice After the Wilbur See OHIO Page II Given Chest Xrays Alice executive secretary of County Tuberculo sis announced that a to tal of persons received chest Xrays in Dover and New Philadelphia during the pas and took of the diabetic tests conductec at New Philadelphia City Health The free tests were sponsore by Ohio County and New Phila delphia Health Persons who missed out on the free chest Xrays may ob tain them at the TB Clinic on Infirmary south of New either Tuesday o Saturday mornings between and B will be closed on th Indias Shastri Urged rf v To Curtail Own Duties the late Prime Minister retained the foreign ministers portfolio when he formed his He also serves as minister for atomic A government spokesman is sued this statement on Shastris condition The prime minis ters temperature is near nor mal He slept well last His general condition is good and he is In a couple of days the prime minister may be in a position to attend to the busi ness of an au thoritative source Sunday Shastris said his father would need at least a months and there was speculation some of his aides would take the reins of govern ment is officially re ported ailing from overstrain and but auth oritative informants said he suf fered a mild heart attack Fri diminutive prime min ister almost died of a heart at tack in The governments statement on his present condi tion did not allay fears that he was critically Shastri had working up to 18 hours a attempting to give new impetus to solving the countrys monumental prob Laos Stronghold Braces For Fight By ANTOINE YARED Associated Press Writer Laos AP Air Force T28 fighter bombers flew sorties betwen jreaks in Laos weath er today against Communist orces building up around the ast stronghold near e Flame Des Neutralist Amkha Souk lavong said in Vientiane the orces of the Pathet Lao con inued to move into positions around M u o n g which straddles a road that leads to capital and connects with one leading to the royal capital of Luang Prince Souvanna the neutralist told a news conference Sunday the Com munists had massed an esti mated and artillery ror an attack on neutral troops dug in to defend Muong He said the Bed No Reservations Dover City which is often overcrowded with picnick was the scene of some dis putes over the weekend concern ng rights to the reservation of picnic Service Director Ream his morning reminded residents here is no method of reserving and many picnickers ar rive to hold tables before the park which is against aark A ruling will be made as soon as he by city of ficials and members of the park committee of City Chamber Committee Benefit Raises The Agricultural Committee of the County Chamber of Com merce today announced its final report for Highlight of the month was a Hootenanny June 12 at the Proceeds amounted to which was turned over to hospital auxilia twothirds to Union Hospi tal and Twin It also was announced thai cost of the was reimbursed to the committee by the Goshen and Superi or Injured In Fall Aden Kauffman of RD Do is a patient in Union Hospi tal being injured this morning near Schneiders Cross ing while he fell from a scaffold while working on a house for Moomaw Lumber of Sugar Taken to the hospital in a Lingler he is under going treatment for a head in broken arm and possibly fractures of the other objective was to destroy the neutralist Amkha told news men the attack still had not jeen although the Reds continued daily intermit tent artillery fire in the Phou Koutt Hill about 10 miles of Mijong Phou Koutt fell to the Red forces June The artillery he apparently was to prevent a neutralist counterattack against Phou Koutt Amkha said the piston engine planes were attacking Red troop con but he added that leavy clouds rain of the nonsoon season prevented con tinuous air Muong Soui is 110 miles north of Vietiane and just northwest of the Plaine Des The Commut Pathet Lao and their North Vietnamese al ies drove Kong Les neu tralist forces off the plain earli er this then halted their We will try to Sou told a news conference loss of Muong on highway would give the Communists an important ad vantage for an assault on the oyal Laotian capital of Luang Prabang and bring them closer o the administrative capital of Souvanna showed newsmen aerial photographs taken by reconnaissance planes which he said showed move ments of troops from North Viet Nam to Pathet Lao Nobody can deny North Viet Nams he Souvanna said the Laotian air forces T28 fighterbombers propeller planes were continuing their strikes against the enemy but were hampered by bad He said poor visibility also was preventing reconnaissance planes from flying as often as he The neutralist premier again called for a summit meeting of the leaders of the three factions in Prince his halfbrother and the Pathet Lao has called for such a conference on the Communist held Plaine des But Souvanna said he would only consent to a meeting on the plain if the Communisms with draw from the positions they have taken from the neutralists since the Red drive began May NewPhilaMan Given Weekend Jail Sentence Kenneth of 5th New will spend his weekends in county jail for the next 3 months by or of Common Plea Judgq a and father of 4 had been indicted by the4 Grand Jury for the unlawful removal of railroad brass journal bear ings His case had been deferred for a the court was becauseof his assistance por lice authoritiesin Co shocton counties in a theft ring that had its center at the Canton Smelting He had signed a statement of his part in the the court was One of his accomplic Willie had already been placed on probation for 5 A third Charles remains at Prose cutor Harlan Spies told Judge James Barnhouse point ed out that for the last 18 had been on good be havior and had been regularly employed for a years The lawyer asked in sideration for Davis coopera tion with that he be placed on 6month under Lamriecks Davis admitted he was Hying in open adultery and had 2 illegitimate Its a devil of a predica Davis told the and explained that his first wife sim ply would not grant him a di Lamneck sentenced Davis to 3 months in but suspend ed the term except for the or from 7 Fri day to 8 He warned Davis that his relation ship with the woman involved had to Band In Parade Francine Swiss Festi val Queen at and the New Philadelphia Elks participated in last Sat urdays Balloon parade at Ash It climaxed the annual Balloon at which Louis Ashlands ambas sador of was Store Hours The Chamber of Commerce announced today that stores New Philadelphia will be open until on Wednesday and until 9 on Thursday and day because of Saturdays ob servance of Independence It was previously announced that downtowfi Dover stores will close at at 10 Thursday and at 9 The Miracle Lane Plaza stores will close at 10 Thursday and Dump Is Ignited Dover were 3 Saturday to reir 812 East where g djjmo behind the forper Henry beck property was who were at the site said toe ently resulted from burning rubbish too near