Wednesday, June 17, 1964

Dover Daily Reporter

Location: Dover, Ohio

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dover Daily Reporter on Wednesday, June 17, 1964

Daily Reporter, The (Newspaper) - June 17, 1964, Dover, Ohio T A the dfefks office of e Court reports it is HA agreed that ihe Ohio leg suit wfii sent back to a Sjitdge pandi for rehearing in tight of the toftc decisions of last Thus will begin what most realists admit will be a pro m rlt Will Be Chfeged By Apportionment Rulin SK i Jbv 2 j j A3 who cduMiiet believe the high court coald Change their way life in there are sonw Ohio who say tJfeif stete wifl not be But most officials white Violently disagreeing with the agree with Secretary Stftte Ted the slates election official I Would like tothink it wont change but deep in my heatt I know it Supreme in 6 More People Turn To the Reporter Than Any Other County Newspaper historic that houses of a state legislature must be based on of the one one vote principle comparing a bi wuneral state legislature to the which has one house based solely oil it is a centuryold myth and state legislature not based on population is uneon even if the people a state origirtally approved have recently reapproved of modified or have adequate See Page t largest Circulation In Tusearawas County June 1964 RTER HOME EDITION Serving Over FctmlHei PHONE 42167 7 CENTS St Dr nonaker Robert r items at yesterdays meeting on mental IN TWIN CITIES Water Board Men Renamed At Dennison By Virginia Addison Daily Reporter Correspondent DENNISON Some time ago Village Council filed for a de claratory judgment in a move to determine the legality of the Twin City Water The ac tion was taken to resolve a con Last week Common Pleas Judge Lamneck ruled that the Water Board was legally set up but that members of Denni sons Board of Public Affairs are not automatically members of Last night Village Council ap pointed Wade McGuire and Joe Martin as Water Board mem bers and named Mayor Donald See WATER Page 2 Man Fined In Dover Crash Warren of Cres was fined a total of and given a 6day jail sentence this morning by Dover Mayor LeMoyne Luthy on 4 charges filed by police follow ing an accident at yesterday on Wooster In addition to the 4 Wiles reportedly offered the arresting officer a Police said Wiles was travel Ing north on Wooster when he crossed over double yellow lines and collided with a Vehicle driven by Edgar of 1269 Lakeview New who had stopped directly under a traffic light trying to avoid the Wiles was cited for crossing the driving while intoxi having fictitious license plates and having no operators Ina a passen ger in her husbands auto sus tained head and neck Police also investigated a mi hor accident at yester day on Iron when Frank of 245 Ohio New started to pass a vehicle that was turning into a driveway and was struck jn the rear by one operated by Enianuel of 635 Iron No citations were Crossing Blocked Again Dover police received a call yesterday at from an unidentified who said a train had been blocking tiie Tusearawas erossjag for 25 No action was Area Mental Health Committee Formed yesterday a group of 50 in terested county men and women met in Union Hospital to form a citizens committee to plan for comprehensive improved hand ling of area mental health prob Those attending heard Robert Psenka of re planning consultant in charge of the formation and guidance of the local The Tusearawas County Com prehensive Mental Health Plan ning Study Group cariie into be ing after Psenkas Elected chairman was Carl son of RD The rapidfire organization of the group follows considerable groundwork done by both Psenka and Lorin county welfare I have faith shown a a community will respond and it can then move moun Psenka He went on to outline the mountainous problems that face each state and repeatedly referred to the local unmet needs and the See Page 8 Carlson DAVID LANGKAMMEIt Doverite Jailed For Overdue Fine Millard of 139 Tusearawas was jailed this morning on a capias out of Dover mayors court for non payment of a back Groh was fined March 21 for reckless operation and driving while his operators license was under re vocation by Mayor LeMoyne Rubber Firm Promotes Ohio AP The Mansfield Tire Rubber today announced appoint ment of Meyer Silbert and Mason as vice presidents of tfee formerly of s president of Inland Tire Sales a subsidiary of Mansfield Mason is associated with Mansfields international opera Recreation Aide To Tour Facilities In Dover Monday David Langkamraer of National Recreation djs trict representative serving pub lic and private recreationrelat ed agencies in Indiana and will be in Dover Monday to analyze facilities and address the Kiwanis Recreation Director Dale who arranged the said Langkammer will tour Dovers playgrounds and park facilities followed by a joint session with Dover and New Philadelphia city officials at 3 in the Municipal Among those attending will be school and recreation board offi members of the press and interested community His appearance before Kiwan ians is scheduled at 6 in Langkammer has been super intendent of parks and recrea tion at for 10 years prior to joining the NRA staff in He works extensively with social agencies and plan ning groups in assisting with the development of recreation pro grams and Reports Minor Crash Don Kiener of 1306 Walnut reeported to New Pm adelphia police at this morning that his auto had drifted back while parked at Truck Sales and Service oo Tuscarawgs and struck a parked auto owned by Fritz Welaad of BD Flood Now Menace anese Japan tered and broken by one of the strongest Japanese earthquakes of modern Niigata was menaced today by fire and Police removed including hospital from the vicinity of petroleum tanks blazing along the water front of this big port on the northwest the center of Japans petroleum Wprkers tore down 300 flimsy houses in the path of the but the flames inched toward a hydrogen tank 90 feet raising fears of a gigantic ex Also threatened was a tank of gasoline additive that would loose poisonous fumes over the crippled city of if it went Ninety oil storage tanks on the devastated waterfront had caught Air Force and Japanese planes and helicopters lew firedousing foam to Niiga Much of Niigata is land re claimed from the and in the wake of Tuesdays quake a large area began to Flood waters spread into a third of the By midafternoon today they ranged from ankle deep to waist Either Shock Or Wowl SAN FRANCISCO gasped shopowrier Nasimo grop ing for Theres no mid dleofthe Its either shock or wow That was Miss Sargis reac lion after she introduced topless swimsuits in San The first dozen suits were snapped up and another 14 ord ered for immediate delivery she Mostly to said Miss for their Or at least thats what they Reaction of other San Fran ciscans to the weekend showing of the latest low in high fashion was and predict snapped a cler almost The police department won dered aloud what it would do with the first bare bosomed lass to the Another downtown San Fran cisco shop placed the suits on sale Held up by two narrow straps that cross in front and the suits were denounced by the clergy as an invitation to a return to a cor See Page 8 Weathervane YESTERDAY High 67 Low 40 Elsewhere In High Low clear 95 60 cloudy 66 55 cloudy 41 clear 58 85 80 Mew clear 53 cloudy 66 40 cloudy 79 67 San cloudy 54 cloudy 77 55 TODAY 7 48 RAINFALL Last 24 hours none TOMORROW Sunrise Sunset High 80 Low 58 Forecast Partly scattered The rolling Ja pans worst since spread destruction over 11 prefectures with a population of nearly 17 million spread over miles of Japans northwest The confirmed casualty toll was sur prisingly The national police reported 24 10 missing and 282 in many The quake damage could not be assessed but officials said it would run to hundreds of See Page 8 Smoke billows skyward over Niigata City from oil tank fires following the worst earthquake to hit Japan since Buildings were shattered and bridges were collapsed along a 300mile stretch of main island of Honshu and more than a score of persons Niigata City is on the Sea of Japan 150 miles northwest of LBJ Requests Road Feud At Latest Offer Is Rejected On Manpower Ohio President Johnson called today for the establishment of a na tional manpower policy through cooperation of manage ment and Johnson said a coordinated policy is urgently needed be cause the economy faces vast and troubling changes during rest of In an address prepared for the annual convention of the Communications Workers of Johnson cited three that he said require the establish ment of a national manpower policy The replacement of men by the decline in jobs for the and the dramatic growth of the labor It is the President for labor and manage ment and government to coop erate in establishing a national manpower policy a policy which will assess our future See Page 11 DAY BRIGHTENER Space travel is going to make it easy to separate the men from us County Road and Bridge Workers Union Local 195 offi cials clashed headon yesterday with County Engineer Charles Young and his Prosecu tor Harlan over the lat ters ruling that the engineer could not bargain with the union as The Locals Carl union organizerrepresent ative of called the the union met last night electing Emile Dennis of RD New Philadel as down yesterdays wage offer by Engi neer move a smoke screen sud denly thrown up by If it is a question of it should have been brought up at the very beginning of the ne gotiations which began on March Holt Spies answered that his assis James had advised Young and union offi cials in the beginning that it was the opinion of the prosecutors office that they could not enter into a binding collective bar gaining but only agree on a statement of The prosecutor opened yester days 2Mhour session by hand ing copies of the opinion he had prepared Monday to Holt and the Local Clyde president William Law and Floyd Bur Spies stated that Ohio law does not grant the county engi as a public au thority to enter into a collec tive bargaining agreement or contract with any third party representing the road and bridge including a The prosecutor backed up his ruling with 2 recent letters he had received from the Ohio At torney Generals Office an swering an explicit as to YoungY Authority to engage in contract folks With the Holt replied that union never intended to enter into a collective bargaining agreement with but only wanted a statement of policy covering those matters not included in Civil Service regulations under which the road and bridge workers are Holt said he did not consider the letters from the Attorney Generals office as being official ON THE INSIDE Around The World 8 Dear Alvarez 25 25 Goran On 25 Obituaries 2 Sports 13 14 7 Womens Pages 10 11 Your Horoscope 27 because they were not prepar 1 in the customary forms of e numbered opinions issued by that the union represent ative offered an informal opin ion delivered by former See ROAD Page 2 John Donahue GE Activates New Work Unit John Donahue of Strasburg will vacate the position of su pervisor of Manufacturing Engi neering at the Dover General Electric Wire Plant to head a new work unit concentrating on the development of specialized molybdenum and tungstenfabri cated In making the announcement Plant Manager William Patton said Donahues function will be to promote new business by providing an increased local manufacturing and technical service capability at the At the present most of the plants production is in molybdenum wire products for usage in incandescent lamps and electronic The com pany only recently has begun to manufacture moly and tungsten parts for high temperature naces and for use in other spe cialized electronic and nuclear Walker Richmond of General Electrics Youngstown Lamp Plant will replace Donahue in the former Richmond has been with GE since with most of his employment at He is married and has 5 Jobless Pay Claims Down County employment benefit payments declined last according to officials of Bureau of Unemployment Of fice at New New claims totaled down 17 from the week ending Jyne 6 and 11 less than the weekly average of Continued claims totaled 318 last compared with 36 the previous week and the 500 weekly average last