Saturday, May 23, 1964

Dover Daily Reporter

Location: Dover, Ohio

Page: 43

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Text Content of Page 43 of Dover Daily Reporter on Saturday, May 23, 1964

Daily Reporter, The (Newspaper) - May 23, 1964, Dover, Ohio DATf FLAGG By Don SKerwoodl STUPy THIS tHB MAN 19 WANTED FOR ON THIS KEEP YOUR eyes reaec FOR BUT IP YOU SEEHIM 00 NOT ATTEMPT TO APPWHEW HIM HE IS AND CONSIDEREP EXTREMELY I AS ORPERf EVERT MARINE ONTHBflKSe IS WATtHWG Page The Patty Ohio May Disc World R DICK TRACY By Chester Godd WE PUT THEM ON IN CASE WE GOT LOOK THESE I HEAR ARENT EARTH A PICTURES JUST NOTICED IM RICKING UP A PICTURE CM MV 2WAV WRIST TELEVISION REMEMBER By Clue Yonc YOURE JUST LUCKY REALLY DONT HAVE HORNS 1 PUT THE HORNS ON HIM TO MAKE HIM LOOK LIKE A r BILLY LOOK AT THE CARTOON I PREW OF DITHERS LIL ABNER By AI Capp HATH NO FURY LIKE A RVBREASTED GINSBIRD RUDELY THATS NO ITSA HAIRY BREASTED LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE By Harold Gray HILE Pft THE BOOK PUBUSHIHS OFFICE IH THE 1 DOHT KNOW YOUR BUT ITS EVIDENT BEEN flROUNO AND KNOW THE SCORE BUT FINDINQ OOE HERE HOj ONE CHANCE IH A MILLION ANNIE VOURE SMAI THAN MOST MP JOSPPW V BUT 1 WERE QLP PALS OJOE WERE NOT HE ua ALLOWED TO OWE SUCH rn T TROUGH IM WORRIED KNOW HOI THATS NOT GOOD ENOUQH QAINST INFORMATION By George Wunder TERRY AND THE PIRATES WHILE IN HIS PRIVATE APARTMENT PRESET is TOO OCCUPIED TO NOTICE THE gUSTLE PELOW miA tSKIP HE WQUU TELL US WHEN HE ARRIVES SENOR CAR AFTER TAK ARRIVES AT THE I AM LOSING PRESIDENTIAL BRING INSTHE LATIN COUNTRY GOVERNMENT By MARY CAMPBELL AP Newsfeatures Writer ITA PAVONE is built something like the late Edith sounds something like Brenda Lee and very well may be on the way to something like Elvis Presleys Her 5 singles and 2 albums already are big In where she was born 18 years ago and dis covered less than 2 years ago at a vocal competi tion called The Rally of the Her singles have sold 4 million copies in Italy and sell in other countries of Europe and in South Shes currently in the top 5 in Rita recorded her first album and single in Eng lish at the RCA Studio in New Musicians wero scattered around the big recording a fe male trio sang confine into a and 5 80pound almost hidden between pan els of accoustical sang in her big Ive lost that boy that I then really lined and I cant hold back the tears During the the trio did the Twist while Rita curled up on a desk to repeat the words of her next She speaks only Italian and learns to pronounce the English lyrics by repeating them after a and r man Joe In Rita explains through an the teenagers like rock n but on the sentimen tal melodic This also is her personal ence and she especially likes her new Re member with its slow but wellmarked tem This kind of she Italian young peo ple find good for And in a lot of danc ing places you can even see the ladies around 50 years old doing It seems some of them are fairly Rita says that when she was entering her teen years she had 3 dreams to become a to perform in America and to get Paul Ankas auto When she sang ot that she imitated Paul Anka and thought she did a pretty good imi At 14 she left school to work as an assistant She went to the sometimes 3 times a with her parents and 3 Re creation still is a family event because her who is follows the tradition that young girls do not Rita I hope when I am Ritas manager says she earned a week as an assistant now earns a day but because she is not yet 21 still has in her Rita says she always believed that someday she would make a success as a but she entered the Rally of the Unknowns with a pessimistic ap trying not to expect too When she it came as a Every personal appearance has its Rita She feels shy before she goes on then while she is singing all bashfulness disap like a But when she is she feels shock that she has T Recording causes none of these Rita but despite all the she still pre fers to sing to a live Rita says her fame in Italy has brought no change in her She is still extremely bashful and considers herself complex and too of ten She says if she goes to a party and everyone is she feels melancholy if everyone there is she usually feels she is satisfied with the way she Because she is so she she gets into the hearts of adults as well as They look at her and That is my Italian producers have been talking movies to Ritas manager and she recently finished putting a musical comedy series on tape for Italian TV next It is called Gian Burrasca Johnny the Storm and in it Rita plays an Italian Dennis the She usually appears in public in her Gian costume pants and suspenders with her hair short and tousled and freckles theyre real The costume is publicity for the Rita and also for modesty since her fans sometimes suddenly pick up the tiny singer and toss her into fhe Rita says she isnt a tomboy but 100 per cent young You dont need to wear a womans dress to be a Rita collects dolls and stuffed keeps a dog as a loves cartoons on can hardly wait to see Disneyland and intends to learn Eng llish as her first foreign