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Dover Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - April 8, 1964, Dover, Ohio Its 'Go' For Gemini And New Railroad Work Rules.... Stories Below First In Readership First In Photography First In News Coverage The Daily Reporter Largest Circulation In Tuscarawas County HOME EDITION •'* * * % Serving Over 11,000 Families VOL. 60. NO. 229.    28    PAGES.    Dover-New    Philadelphia,    Ohio,    Wednesday,    April    8,    1964    PHONE    4-2167    7    CEiNTSCleveland Racked By Rioting Darrell Cope Dover Kiwanis David Lacy    Dale    Johnson Phila Kiwanis    Dover    Rotary Robert Shryoek Dover Exchange) Donald Packer Dover Jaycees Charles Welsch Phila Jaycees Federal Control Of Ohios Power Rates Broadened Bv Richard Zimmerman Reporter Columbus Bureau COLUMBUS — The federal government is moving into the electric rate-making business in Ohio. Every major private electric utility in the state has recently received a communication from the Federal Power Commission (FPO advising them to file or investigate rate sched- Railroads Put Work Rules In Effect Friday WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation’s railroads said today they will put into effect Friday work rules that are the center of a five-year controversy. This is expected to trigger a nationwide rail strike. The announcement by J. E. Wolfe, chairman of the National Railway Labor Conference, said the action was in response to a strike begun early today by four operating unions against the Illinois Central Railroad. His statement said: “The operating unions’ assault on the public, launched without warning in the dark of night against the Illinois Central and its customers, is typical of the unions’ continued irresponsibility in the featherbedding dispute. As neither the public nor the industry can tolerate this guerrilla warfare, the railroads plan to post their revised rules, as affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court, at 12:01 a.m. Friday, April IO.” Informed of the announcement, A. F. Zimmerman, spokesman for the unions, said, “This would amount to a national lockout and we have only one defense — to cease working. “The employes won’t work under these rules.” The dispute centers around what the railroads call “featherbedding” —• work rules that ules in certain areas. A large Rural Electrical Administration (REA) co-operative in southern Ohio has been ordered to “show cause” why its wholesale rates .should not come under EPC regulation. While the    FPC’s    growing power w'ill directly affect only 2 per cent of Ohio consumers for the present, Ohio utilities look upon the action as a giant step toward    tighter    control from Washington, Washington’s reason for step-, ping in is based on an old and continually -    growing    thesis: that the federal government has an obligation to control all aspects of interstate commerce. ■ The FPC has for some time been moving into this area of power rates, but a recent ruling by the United States Supreme Court both pepped up the agency’s interest and better defined its powers. The high court ruled in a case involving Colton, Calif., : a city which buys bulk power for its own use and for resale to commercial and private customers. The company involved is located entirely within the boundaries of California, but buys some power generated See CONTROL, Page IO Pastor Killed By Bulldozer; 15 Are Injured CLEVELAND (AP) Cleveland faced its second racial crisis in less than three months today in the wake of a civil rights demonstration that left a Presbyterian minister dead and touched off an all-night wave of rioting and violence. Civil rights leaders, whose demonstration Tuesday halted construction at an East Side school site, scheduled a noon demonstration at the Board of Education’s downtown office building. The Rev. Bruce W. Klunder, 27-year-old white minister, wa* crushed to death under a bulldozer during the demonstration at thf school site in a predominantly Negro neighborhood. Fifteen other persons, IO oft    ’ them policemen, were injured. Car and store w indows were I smashed. Police arrested 261 persons, including four ju- Three Cleveland policemen struggle in the mud with a civil rights demonstrator^ who started throwing rocks at mounted policemen at the site of a school construction project. Insert is photo of Rev. Bruce W. Klunder, a demonstrator who was killed when run over by an earth moving tractor.    (AP    Wirephoto) Smashup Near Stone Creek Kills Trucker See RULES, Page 2 Philo Area Man Loses Billfold Containing State patrolmen at 12:30 this afternoon were still on the scene of a ll a.m., 2-<ruck accident on Route 21, south of Voting To Begin To Fill Follies' 'Maharajah' Role Who will be “The Maharajah ,ucts, Dover Lions. By Charley Dickens professional and -of the Follies?” Votes to be cast by area residents will determine that ,    . role in “High Fever Follies” usintss    presented by Union Hos- Ci ri    l. .    . .    ,    ,,    groups around the aiea    pjtal    Auxiliary groups in    Do- Stone Creek.    claimed    the, are mumbling rn then- cups    J er    High    School auditorium life of an unidentified man. about the rise in the price of j Wednesday night, May 6, and Patrolman Gayle Arnold said morning coffee. Ten cents a Thursday night, May 7, at 8:15. the man was driving a pickup CUP* compared to IO cents for The “sejectj0n” contest be- as much as you can drink-1 ins Thursday and cnds Thurs. Wow! First, it s no cigarets,    day>    April    j0. Each vote    for Picture on Page 2    lest one die. and now it s no y0ur favorite will cost one pen- morning coffee, lest one go ny wj|j1 voting stations    to be truck    bearing    a    Canton    regis-l    established in downtown    Dover tration.    The    body    was    removed    and New Philadelphia. to Union Hospital by Linn-Hert Seems the various office and Candidates for “The Mahara-ambulance for examination    by    public institutions are getting    jab”    have    been provided    by Coroner Philip Doughten.    straightened out about the fly- service clubs in Dover and New If ruled a traffic fatality,    the    mg of    flags this week. The    Philadelphia — from Kiwanis, death will be the county’s sixth    MWCD    had its banner at full    Li°ns» Rotary, Exchange and this year.    staff for a day, and Dover Jaycees. They re pictured be- The pickup truck, according didn’t fly its fiag for a day dovv/ to reports, had crashed into the and a half, etc. The word of Candidates are: UHRICHSVILLE — C. W. rear wheels of a loaded semi- LBJ is: Flags will be flown Darrell Cope, 205 Grant St., Davis of    RD    4,    New    Philadel-    rig operated by Joe Lutsy,    52,    half mast until after the burial    Dover, district manager of Gen- phia, reported to police    he    had    0f Youngstown, a driver    for    of Gen.    Douglas MacArthur.    oral Telephone Co., Dover Rifest a wallet containing $900 yes- Lakeside Motor Freight Co.    _ wanis- terday at ll a.m. near the Unit- The victim was pinned in the    . A J ! David Lacey, 141 Beech Lane ed Bank of Uhrichsville.    cab of the demolished truck for , Dnj|ar.v was intoda-v to NW, New Philadelphia, New He said he thought he had left Clint Hootsel, 830 Miller Ave. NW, New Philadelphia, manager of New Philadelphia City Loan Co., New Philadelphia Lions. Lewis Byers, 713 Ackey St. NW, New Philadelphia, sales manager of Royal Crown-Nehi Bottling Co., New Philadelphia Exchange. Robert Shryoek, 534 Iron See VOTING, Page IO the wallet in thought he had left nearjy an hour untii freed by a a?k wh®ther *hose protectresses Philadelphia Daily Times ad-the bank and that wrecker crew and firemen from    wandenn8    do8?    would    yertising    department,    New the only person nearby was a Newcomerstown. short woman, who was gone when he returned. Bank offi cials said that they had not Houston Pitcher Dies waited on her. At 9 last night police investi- HOUSTON (AP) — Jim Urn- phia. gated a breakin at the office of bricht, big Houston colt right- claims, just about removed his ^r|er. ......    vertising department, mind his plucking the feathersi Phifedelphia Kiwanis. from a few ducks crowding the road as they “twiddle” across from the lagoon at Lakeview Dr. in New Philadel-One lady driver, he Dale Johnson, RD I, Dover, farmer, Dover Rotary. Fred McMillen, 204 Lewis Ave. NW, New Philadelphia, of Watch Shop, New Dr. F. F. Gonzales at 330 N. handed pitcher who last year Waler St. Police said someone made a remarkable comeback had forced a door open, but after having a malignant tumor nothing seemed to be missing. removed, died today of cancer. left fender as she swerved to Philadelphia Rotary. miss one of the ducklings hold- Frank Brechbiel, 1112 Race mg to a direct course on her SE* Dover, Marsh Wall Prod-side of the road.    w Weathervane YESTERDAY High 74    Low    42 The Weather Elsewhere High Low Pr. Albuquerque, clear . 48 29 Chicago, cloudy .... 54 33 T Cleveland, cloudy ..71 41 .OI Los Angeles, clear . 74 48    .. Miami, cloudy ..... 79    75    .. New York, cloudy .. 54 52 .30 Pittsburgh, cloudy . 65 44 .24 St. Louis, cloudy ... 62 36    .. San Fran., cloudy . 60 47    .. Washington, rain ... 64 53 .53 (M-Missing) (T-Trace) TODAY 7 a.rn.............  42 RAINFALL Last 24 Hours .. None TOMORROW Sunrise ......... 5:57 Sunset .......... 6:59 High 49    Low    27 Health Board Okays $118,525 For ’65 Budget The Tuscarawas County Health Board last night approved the department’s 1965 budget request and by unanimous vote set charges on well and sewage system inspections to meet 1964 expenses. Anticipated expenditures for 1965 are set at $118,525 and anticipated receipts at $117,206, which includes $32,000 from an additional 2-tenths mill levy which will be placed on the November ballot. The same levy was narrowly defeated last November and resulted in a cancellation of all expanded programs this year and a 5 per cent cutback in all operations for 1964. The Health Department’s certified budget for 1964 was set at $93,100 compared with the See BUDGET, Page IO York Firemen Let Station Contract York Volunteer Firemen met last night and awarded a $13,526 contract to Kidron Electric Co. to construct a fire station. The 40 x 60 brick-veneer cement block structure will be erected near Jerusalem United Church of Christ off Route 21. Plans also were made for the annual strawberry festival June Forecast: Partly cloudy and 20 at York School. Twenty mem-warmer.    hers    attended. Empty Gemini Put Into Orbit In New Project CAPE KENNEDY, Fla. (AP) —An unmanned Project Gemini capsule rocketed into orbit to-day, scoring a resounding success for the United States on the opening shot of its second man-in-space program. The flight marked a major milestone in the program, and bolstered hopes that the first team of two Gemini astronauts will ride side by side into orbit late this year. A second, more sophisticated unmanned shot scheduled in the summer will be a determining factor in reaching that goal. The nation’s 29 astronauts and many key space officials observed today’s critical firing. A powerful Titan II rocket, which, until today, was fired only in military weapons tests, See GEMINI. Page 2 Dennison Home Gutted By Blaze DF’,NN ISON — The entire upstairs of the Charles Meese home at 116 N. 6th St., was gutted by fire at 1:50 a m. today. There also was considerable water damage as both regular and volunteer firemen fought the blaze for 2 hours. The cause of the fire which started in an upstairs closet is as yet undetermined. The prop* erty, which is owned by a Buffalo, N.Y., man was insured for $500. However, the contents were not insured. Damages were estimated at $3,000. The Meeses and their 5 chil* Dover Police Chief Garrison dren reportedly spent the night Groh today announced the res- with neighbors. Firemen said ignation of Greg A. Hagloch, a the father is on the welfare dispatcher, effective April 14. rolls. He gave “financial reasons” for i........... quilting. Hagloch, 26, of 419 E. 3rd St. I Q ^ will not be replaced from the j Civil Service Board list since Le    * is not a regular member of the Around The World  ........13 force, according to Groh.    Dear Abby ....................27 He added that when the Civil Dr, Alvarez .........  25 Service Board meets later in the1 Dr. Crane ............  .25 month, names will be considered Goren On Bridge ..............27 for the vacancy resulting from Hal Boyle’s Column .....,.,..28 the previously announced resig- Hospital News ......  13 nation of Patrolman Dean Was- Obituaries ...............  2 sem. Groh stated that 3 names Sports .......................15-16 will be selected by the board Television ..........  6 for consideration by the depart- Women’s Pages    .12-13 ment.    I Your Horoscope ................27 vondes accused of throwing rocks. Police and civil rights leaders appealed without success to the* crowd, which swelled to more than 3,000, to disperse. Time and again during the aternoon and early evening, mounted police charged into groups that gathered to hurl taunts and missiles, sending demonstrators scurrying behind buildings along Lakeview Road. It wasn’t until early today that police reported the area quiet. A grim Mayor Ralph S. Rocher, who attends the Church of the Covenant where the Rev. Mr. Klunder was assistant minister, said the city would use injunctions and fences to block further demonstrations at school sites in the Glenville area on the east side. Civil rights leaders, on the other hand, called for greater militancy in speeches at a rally at Cory Methodist church Tuesday night. Ruth Turner, executive secretary of the Cleveland chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality, told the rally plans would be made for a school boycott. A few hours before he threw himself into the mud behind the bulldozer, the Rev. Mr. Klunder had told another minister he was prepared to risk his life for civil rights. He was one of about 150 devisee CLEVELAND, Page 2 Dover Police Deskman Quits Fred McMillen Phila Rotary Frank Brechbiel Dover Lions Lewis Byers Phila Exchange Clint Hootsel Phila Lions ;

  • Bruce W. Klunder
  • Charles Meese
  • Charley Dickens
  • Clint Hootsel
  • Dale Johnson
  • Darrell Cope
  • David Lacey
  • Douglas Macarthur
  • F. F. Gonzales
  • Frank Brechbiel
  • Fred Mcmillen
  • Greg A. Hagloch
  • Hal Boyle
  • J. E. Wolfe
  • Jim Urn
  • Joe Lutsy
  • Lewis Byers
  • Phifedelphia Kiwanis
  • Philip Doughten
  • Ralph S. Rocher
  • Robert Shryoek
  • Ruth Turner

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Publication: Dover Daily Reporter

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Issue Date: April 8, 1964