Wednesday, March 25, 1964

Dover Daily Reporter

Location: Dover, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dover Daily Reporter on Wednesday, March 25, 1964

Daily Reporter, The (Newspaper) - March 25, 1964, Dover, Ohio ana toed ear REPORTER 24 largest Circulation In Tosearawas County DoverNew March 1964 PHONE 42167 7 CENTS Bidding On Routes 2508 Bypass At Phila Delayed Construction officials frnm ffca f Construction officials from Di vision 11 and the State Highway Department In Columbus held an allday seminar yesterday in Hotel Reeves to air forthcoming highway building programs in this A rundown of county projects shows the following Sate date of the 5mile stretch of the Routes 2508 bypass around New Green Gables Interchange to Wills has been set back until Originally slatejl for sale April the project has been deferred Officials Rush Program To Aid Flood Victims Ohio moved quickly today and set up a series of public meetings for persons seeking flood disaster President Johnson notified James Rhodes Tuesday that initial federal in the form of a has been Professor New Legal Counsel In Rubys Case Hu bert Winston college pro fessor who is Jack Rubys new head legal indicates he will pursue new lines of defense in seeking to reverse Rubys death director of the Uni versity of Texas Law Schools LawScience was in troduced Tuesday night as chief defense lawyer by Eva Rubys A graduate of Harvards law and medical Smith said he entered the without to see that every relevant issue of the Ruby case was examined scientifically by the best medi cal and legal aid He met Ruby for the first time Tuesday but said he had kept up with the trial through anoth er defense Joe Ruby was convicted March 14 of slaying Lee Harvey President John Kennedys ac cused and sentenced to death after a monthlong Rubys family dismissed Mel vin Belli of San their chief lawyer after his crit icism of Dallas and the A Houston Percy Fore accepted the case but quit four days later after what he called differences of opinion be See Page 2 The President told Rhodes in a telegram that the Office of Emergency which made the initial would be authorized to pro vide supplemental allocations to Ohioans if The disaster stricken by the flooding Ohio River earlier this covers 44 counties previously designated by the governor as needing In a preliminary Rhodes listed damage to public property at damage to private property at and the estimated minimum fed eral assistance required at Soon after the first allocation was the civil de fense division of the Adjutant Generals Department set up four The division will explain pro visions of Public Law 875 under which federal funds can be made available for certain ap proved emergency projects in volving publicly owned James Worster deputy director of civil said the meetings would be in Chilli cothe at today at the Elks Lodge and Club at Thursday at the Hamilton COunty civil defense headquart ers in Cincinnati at Friday in the basement assem bly room of the courthouse in and at Sat urday in the basement jury room of the courthouse in Ak At the county and municipal officers will be brief ed by Ohio civil defense staff members on procedures in ap See Page 2 FOR STABBING INCIDENT Japanese Deepest TOKYO AP Prime Min ister Hayato in the first live telecast from Japan to the United expressed his countrys deepest regrets today for a deranged Japanese youths knife attack Tuesday on Ambassador Edwin On behalf of the people of 1 express my deepest re grets for the stabbing of Reischauer by a Japanese the grayhaired premier said in Reischauer was reported re covering and his doctor said the wound in his right thigh should be healed in about two Weathervane YESTERDAY High 70 Low 43 Elsewhere In High Low clear 60 27 cloudy 53 35 rain 67 41 Los clear 56 44 cloudy 75 60 New cloudy 52 47 cloudy 67 40 rain 75 36 San clear 82 46 cloudy 70 48 TODAY 7 58 RAINFALL Last 34 hours Trace TOMORROW Sunrise Sunset High 48 Low 43 forecast Express Regrets The ambassador also had been scheduled to appear on the eight minute which went to the United States via the Relay 2 communications Minister John Emmerson read a message from Reischauer in which he said he wanted to emphasize that the unfortunate incident any such irresponsible in cidentcould have no possible effect on our great partner Ikeda expressed hope that the success of the telecast would further promote the friendly ties between the United States and A twoway telecast between the United States and Japan is scheduled and the Japanese hope to be able to televise the Tokyo Olympics in October to the world via satel The telecast today included a number of scenic shots that were transmitted live Crom The remarks by Ikeda Emmerson had been taped in Ikeda accepted the resignation of Japans state minister for public Takashi Hayaka who bowed out in a tradi tional Japanese gesture of atonement for the incident Tues See Pate 7 DAY BRIGHTENER Whats all this talk about get ting rich the hard way Is there any other because of a delay in Division 11 officials report the bypass plans now are 90 per cent Of the 80 property owners in volved in the first of the 2part phase of the 4lane limited ac cess which eventually will link the Route 36 bypass at Uhrichsville to Interstate a total of 59 have agreed to sale The Highway Department also has 10 appropriation cases pend ing in the 5mile The 2phase Interstate 77 proj NEW Gundy Construction Harold Lester Garretson and Sy are shown installing new aluminum window frames in the Tuscarawas Avenue Elementary building in New The old frames be gan to bow out last year after the building ap parently Installation of the new windows is one of the last phases in the re modeling and new construction project conduct ed by the board of education throughout the system during the last WITHOUT ADDITIONAL AUSTERITY School Funds Now Available By Richard Zimmerman Reporter Columbus Bureau with figures from his own Finance Director Richard Kra bach admitted that money for a deficiency school foundation is available at this without further In an exclusive interview with the Daily Reporters Columbus Krabach acknowledged that at the beginning of this month the additional million needed to boost the payment to public schools was It was the result of low esti mates on tax revenues and low erthanexpected Yet the official explanation for the call for more austerity is still given by the governors of fice as an effort to raise the million needed for Krabach defends the move towards further austerity by claiming the million will drain his cushion and that he would like to save an additional million through new cuts for any unforseen While the finance directors figures are not as healthy as some in his own party are claim they do put to rest a long and involved argument whether the money is available for the next school foundation due the last of And Kra bach admits his job is to be as pessimistic as It is expected that by the end of the calendar year the school deficiency appropriation will amount to between and but only million is needed this fiscal including Senate Ma jority Leader Stanley Mech think Krabach is being too For while Krabach sets the sales tax in crease at 2 and onefourth per Mechem sees it as 7 per State Treasurer John Herbert puts the figure at 4 per cent Krabachs estimate that the cigaret tax revenues will be down million from estimates also has been but he is supported in this conten tion by The administrations immedi ate claim thatnew austerity would have to be invoked in or See Page 2 Jesus Is The Door To Christian Faith By JOHN MOORE this time of the year the Christian might profitably meditate upon the phrases of Jesus in which he uses the term I Jn these Jesus offers us pictures of how God works in our They indicate the thoughts of Jesus on how Cod views the abundant life which Christ came to give to the Wth chapter of John there are the I am the good shepherd and I am the The audience that heard these words was made up of shep They knew what it meant to be a good shepherd and to lead a flock safely back into the fold at Then the shepherd would Ue See P U ect mites from the Stras burg Interchange with Route 21 to the Stark County line north of Bolivar probably wfll be con tracted early next officials Plans for this section are 90 per cent The Route 36 bypass around Dennison and plans for which have been under prep aration more than 3 are now reported at 80 per cent com One official said that passage of the proposed bond which will appear on the May 5 primary will have a direct effect on the stretch of IS 77 from Green Ga bles south to the Route 36 by pass at The 3phase now pro grammed for sale in could be moved up for contract possibly in if bond issue Among those attending were Earl Division 11 deputy director Lyman division construction and engineer in charge of construction for the State High way Governor Wont Intercede Jacksonville Crackles With Race Tension Mississippi Negroes Renew Vote Campaign Negroes plan to march the court house warnings from city renew a voter registration cam paign which spawned violence when it first started just one year Three burlapdraped crosses burned Tuesday night in this city of located in the heart of the cottongrowing Mis sissippi Negroes outnum ber whites nearly 21 in the Mayor Charles Sampson called on Greenwood residents to stay away from any areas where demonstrations might oc Demonstrators thrive on at said If they dont get they will soon leave us He said police would not per mit any marches or organized formations on city streets and using a trained dispersed civil rights demon strators marching on the Le flore County court house several times last The cross burnings were the first such in at least 10 police One five feet on the courthouse Police watched it burn out Another was set along a busy street in a predominantly white residential area and the third See Page 2 Area Worker Hospitalized STRASBtAlG Ivan Huff of 215 3rd SW is listed as good today in Can ton Aultman Hospital recovering from injuries received Monday morning in a mishap at Can ton Drop Forge According to Huff man was struck in the left leg by a piece of steel thrown from a His leg was broken just below the hip and the steel sev ered a large He also sus tained a broken nose and num erous cuts and He was listed as critical when but was taken off the critical list Tuesday morning after undergoing a 4Vi hour operation on Columbus Flier Hopes For Break From Weatherman Bermuda AP Jerrie Mocki strand ed here bad weather since last hoped to resume her around the world flight to Weather she was to take off for the second hop of her journey and arrive in the Azores late in the She said she might make a night flight if the weather holds up depar ture another Mock said in that she would take along extra gas and try for Spain or Africa if I cant find tte She said the Azores hop wm be the longest and most difficult of my who left Columbus last hopes to become the first woman in history to circle the globe by plant FIGHTS BACK FROM SURGERY Mac Promises Best Effort WASHINGTON AP Fol lowing his own promise to do the very best I Douglas MacArthur was report ed alert today and making sat isfactory progress in recovery from the shock of two major operations in 17 Donald ex ecutive officer of Walter Reed Army Medical said this morning MacArthur continues to progress satisfactorily indi cating a better than average postoperate He is alert and Under Campbell said his language meant the 84 yearold general of the Army was doing better than the av erage of patients who have been through the same kind of The new report followed ear lier word from doctors that while the outlook is still MacArthur was better than we had any right to hope There is good reason to hope progress will continue favorab they had reported Army Surgeon General Leonard Heaton said he could not say when the gen eral would pass his The plans were to keep him in the emergency equipped recovery room of the Walter Reed Army Medical probably for a few When his condition the general will be returned to his suite of rooms in the Ward 8 reserved by the Army for its most important See BEST Page 11 5 County Nursing Homes Receive Wiring Directions7 Five nursing homes in the county have been cited by the State Health Department for electrical wiring ac cording to Norman super vising sanitarian of the County Health They are the Karl Nursing Home of 227 6th Dover Valley Manor Nursing Home and annex of New Philadelphia Twin City Nursing Home of 532 Trenton and Kobelt Nursing Home of 338 Trenton Uhr and Donna Marie Nurs ing Home of 509 Grant Den In a letter directed to the homes by Emmett Ar The new Zerox duplicating ma chine almost arrived at the County Recorders Office this In it just outside the the trucking firm from Can ton was making the delivery and its truck was not equipped with a lift to unload the heavy piece of So the trucker headed back to Canton to drop the machine off at the right Ontrary came in yesterday to say that seeing so many per including the greyhaired lady shopping in who cuddle those transistor radios to their ears in reminded him of what a psychiatrist had to suggest about The psy chiatrist said This fondling of the transistor is probably a reversion to ones babyhood days when a or a rattle or a squeaky doll tended to soothe the babys feelings and keep him even in a If you want to know why Jim will be riding in a Falcon the reason seems to be that he pulled a sidemuscle propelling his little midget around with his At it was reported that he re cently bad been treated by Doc Andrews for some such Doc had him hang ing doors in his office to get his state health the owners have 30 days from March 17 to correct the or appeal the infractions at a hear ing before Arnold or an au thorized If a nursing home does not comply with the orders or set a hearing the homes li cense will be Arnold stated that 503 homes have been notified of in fractions after add ing that 170 of them have re ported corrections since receipt of license revocation He pointed out that inspection of the states homes is ex pected to be completed by today and that a reinspection will then The campaign is the re sult of new state regulations stemming from the Fitchville nursing home fire fatal to 60 Driver Caution Urged As Pupils Take Vacation Mayor LeMoyne Luthy to day urged motorists to be es pecially alert while driving on Dover streets due to school chil dren being on spring Young children are out play ing after a long winter spent Luthy If you see a ball roll across the because some lit tle tot more than likely is chas ing There are also small children on Some have been seen behind parked Luthy also asked parents to su pervise their children closely un til the novelty of being able to play outside wears News gx I Briefs LONDON APJBritains servative government rejected demands for its resignation on Tuesday oight after a rebellion in party ranks brought it one vote of defeat on its bill abolish Woman Ii Unstuck1 Dover police unstuck an stuck in a telephone booth on Public Square last night Someone called the station and reported the plight and police opened the jammed II Police Details Answer Gun Incidents Negro leaders called for hit and run picketing and sitins at segregated restaurants and hotels in this tense city But it was the some spark that might detonate further had law enforcement city cials and residents on At the state capital in Talla Fanis Bryant met with Negro leaders but said the Jacksonville situation is a local affair and he wont intervene unless asked by local author Darkness Tuesday continued to provide the cover for harrass ment by unruly elements in the Negro Flames and gunfire crackled for the second but there was no repeti tion of the fatal shooting that Monday night claimed the life of a 36yearold Negro mother of 10 Fires broke out Tuesday night in several Negro Shotgun charges splattered a school building and a police Rocks and bottles struck several injuring at least one Mayor Haydon cancel ing a visit to Tampa in his cam See Page 2 Offices Open Dover New Philadelphia area and county and municipal offices will be open Good All state liquor stores and agencies in Tuscara was County will be Stores in New Philadelphia will be clos ed between noon and 2 Willard McKeever ed that the auto license bureau at 428 llth will be closed from noon until Tuesday is the deadline for getting 1964 Class Scheduled A first aid training conducted by the Ohio Division of will be held Monday night at 7 in the New Philadel phia Municipal Building for ployes in the mining Probe Area Mishap State patrolmen are Ing investigation into an accident 6t this morning in al City when a car operated by Mitchell of New struck a parked auto owned by Dorothy Olbich of Mineral There were no inju but heavy damage listed to both ON THE INSIDE Doctor Writes at a Around Tiie World 7 Ooreo Oo Bridge 23 Hospital News Obituaries 2 Television 6 Sports is 14 Womens U 21 Bear Atoby 23