Thursday, December 22, 1927

Coshocton County Democrat

Location: Coshocton, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Coshocton County Democrat on Thursday, December 22, 1927

Coshocton County Democrat, The (Newspaper) - December 22, 1927, Coshocton, Ohio Full Leased Wire Report of The United Press THE CHRONICLE-TELEGRAM VOL. 7. m 5TG 16 PAGES tar A.BLCL ELYBIA, O., THCBSDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1927 FORECAST: Friday PRICE TWO MAKE SEARCH IN SEATTLE GREAT BRITAIN WILL NOT INCREASE NAVAL BUILDING PROGRAM DECLARES KING Mother of Famous Air man Nears Mexico City, Flying Weather Not Good HIH.KT1N TVMPICO Mex D.. Evingelme Lindbergh, landed here at 11 a m todo in the three- Ford a tnat is tak ing .IT to ppentl C in...mas w ita her son Col Charles Lindbp'gl" at Mexico C it} Klving WLUI r w o bad th.u U was Mrs niijc'it. be forced to -emi'n h-rc. until tomorrow morning LONDON. Deo. ILrifJin has no of hi r buiIdiuK program despite "ttmporarj fjulurt" of the Cool- tfltn- Inuitatiou coufTence. dttlared iu a parlLtuieut. The speetli lo the ret out to loujp-evs in wliKii Pnsldrnt the plan for a> r Km-; -aid that at the Coolidgc had limllMtlou It thej had i Kail to reductions in strengths and o.-l-. "I he idded. "tlut much of n conuuunJt> of it not to reaih M treucrji agreement Britain s l.ulldiuK the was on iKu of the nevd.s of mj widespread empin-." Mrs. Luna Nye Called By Death Twelve Divers Take Turns in Going Down 100 Feet Below Surface of Water Tl REMUS SANITY HEARING ON TUESDAY C I TI. O, D-L Georpe Ketnue for'nc'- mlllionair? wbo J- acqu tLrd of slavins h'S le on ?rour d of T >r uib appearance ore rru'-t o taiL no v <-ant to obtain jail Judc" lender-- -aid tl-.ui onc examined Inn during trial viojld examine hiin in to l HP is the Former County Treas. Short COLLMBUS O Dec f Mehin. treasurer of La A countv and hH bend" owe tho -ountv ?5! Mtlvm was -short in Two Fishermen Found in State of Exhaustion, Airmen Also Suffer From Exposure TOLEDO U De( 22 Fram k< md William two ii hrr'irn on ttr in Maump" Bav a werk v ?re sat in Tolpdo to hi-t were, in a state 01 tion I ran the hull of the sunken -ubuiarmc S-i. <1 111 1 ral Urunibj. director of to the department, at a. in Krunilij wluch here a and vntinc of airline to the tor- jK-tlo room 1.1 the SC tube. (.1 >ound ha-, hveii continuous and is mm m.irkcdli foul. iff of Judge t-arl> KuiicraJ Later I i'n I-'-her wife 01 parsed aaaj at the Lonip, ia-1- atternoon. in her S2nd vur Air-. had been in poor healtii lor some time althougn not confined to he1" bea t u'leral auiouncpcif nts wi'l b made laf r HICKMA REPORT YOUTH SPENT BILL GIVEN BY BANKER AS RANSOM I f r. fithrr and no UiUred Pcntr e then fled and was c. officrr- He rf- o home OL M1 "Man in V. Kill a and HALL DECLARES COAL BEING WASTED O 2" Sp.cre Tinng Ouio coal opp- t ratnrs is our natunl re thp coal deposits p Iiall, prpMdpat of Ohio T'nion Mm 1 charged in a, hpr" of th" methods n1 ed at hs according to a repor filed Ptite Auditor Trac- t-l.itr Eiannner A1, Brotf n Thr lor az' UK li a bank deficit of in tax fund11 vf> orficr i i 1927 rolltttod 5 14 Agree On Loss To City Hall Building The sum of 077 i'i hi- bt n ag rd upon citi and in prop lo1-- to thp nti hall as a ot in' fir two w-ii rstimuod nv i Hi. ofSi i iK at i llr'r' but as r-v ii d r. or J init s HP lit do i thr morniD" a tore Io-- lall IOOKS' r than it a> tuil Ls Tho n P- h" hoped to mpn workinr on tht count il cb imb' r thp portion OL irv hall t bit da Governor Signs Pardons COLL.MBUS O DPC Gov ernor tod-n sitrned a par don for Curtis Darrow. in ttt" Stark countv workhouse for a liquor sine" Ma 1, 1127 Parrow was from the Stark counts common pleas conrt- Th" also signed a don for Mongono, seiitpncfd to the Onio penitentiary from Tils carawtis countv April on a honor offensp The pardon was signed M the governor en the rpcommendation of Prohibition r B F some m.nes in proclii'ing toil min inp on that whicu 13 aoout. 40 per cent of thp is left in the ground last to all generations Hall Hall said he believed thp coal ipcln tr> i czir HIP mttionti Landis Ins in bast to b'-iug mdustr> out of its iiaot.c f ondition e some npp will list sav Someon" mii'-t take car" of tri" ffprcp tit ion A Inch is iinuripg th" Hall dcclircd PROA INC Pfi 22 T. 'onghL on to- in UT pffon-> to the sunk en a.-d irori thfir tomb -40 ofiicers and itu prisoned or sutiocated wiih in the hiiU At aa. break arter a f-w hours of n --pite tre divers aboard 1-dlioa reported ar thp.r stations a .a one aiar auo'h pr took their turns n dov> u to th" --pot. b'low me waters -ariace wLerr tn S Vr putrps coiuinupd the morning fori ing i stream ot fresn air ti'rojgli fctuall oppiung in Ih" li tf ning tune 01 the sabniar wliuh into the- torpedo rooL1 --li. men are belieied to oipd suffoianon Tests of the nr t iken out it toul and could e in it long Efforts WCTP al-o direcfpiT tow- ards th" tilir T, ni! the ide-i. of nismg it with illia'ii K kw ro d'ltr. who was the fin-t to when ope rations were resumed an !ioi.r th" S I this morning he tauit TimP1? Ingram to mak" med--urf mf nis for i se in attaching chains to uhe sunken ship T h" chains -would be attached to pnn toons for usp m raiding it Operations wer" faiorpj bi ilfar v eitfciP'" and rising lures TOLLDO. D-c arrauts werp bei'iK ed her" on 70 Tolecoans who were in in'ip-rus rcturnpd b Lhe cocntv jj-i. ve--Leri av :n wi'i" ail-geu tratio" iVands w hi. h pr" th" la L citv In adjnion to tbp n dicnirpts ITP giaud jur al-< returned a rcnorr, as aihn< v ii_e coat'i'- in Toledo and IK of ihp board ot el( ct'c is tl e board opprj'ion-, in c n Lion v it'i the iLndonbrprilv r as 'ii u-i ii an OUI'L ol rra idjle IL tri ion thr retort s u la'lv in 7 7 i a po atrd 01 almo-t "-oln'K for V ill-am Gintttau lor nn or Certain of i iln "ppoi t coirinu d v apparpr.U morr in up1-1 to ob aiu votes ion tht whom tsc- sup Lhaji -a beeuring for tnp peoplf of Toledo a rair elett'O'i Th" indictniPiiis -v erp ontairpr! follovsing an in K sugation bv C L Da% hr-t a to stit" ittoriipv gencial Ldward f Turn- er and n i "i lal a M-taiit BULLETIN TTESTPORT. M a Dec. KiifhUfii men were lebf-ued In coa-t guards today aftt'i the Setter had ai inside Chicken- on Bay Xe< k The tng. a l7G-toii ciaft. In the Mac- Blue Jinf ot Xeu York. Ir expured to be a total uf the a- could not be detei mined immediately. Tlie c-ea not liea'.y at tin1 nine of' the accident and -ceiie in still wore guarding the home of William T Drouillard has received a of threatening notes in nn at- iacL Tuesday night on the real fes'ate dealers sOn, Edward Young Drouillard was attacked and beaten bv two men who had trailed him throughout the dav, lis father told police, adding that on three successive Saturday nights he had received letters threatening to "get Jidward. The realtor could assign no mo- tive for the attack and nt re- quest, two detectives were to guard his home. Vacation For Students Begins Today eleven dav for about 5 iH'O school children lioth publu school and manv of the parochial students, began with the ot afternoon, and the chil dren forgot books and lessons tem- poranh in their excitement of preparation for Christmas Manv grade school rooms hold parties juct Ireforp the close of sihool ttxla According to school rules it is optional with the teacher to hold a party or not as the stu dents desire The high school had a Christmas program and play at its Wednesdav morning Schools all thp will resume again j Jan 3, 1 Kiwanians Have Christmas Party Sons and d UCJ'P s of were entt rtanicu a' t> pTrti in the Npwell hotel bv ihna Xiwanis lub Presents distributed by a Santa Cliii'- in tb" prison of H K King who entprpd th" Npwell 1 dii'iug room rnindpcrs re i ported t0 bf Bob RICP i thp distribution of ents a Christmas stor> told I the children bv Mao Simmons kintergaripn teacher at T- h "chool I'art of program was nut on hi die children LbensfliPs Little Tune Kichwinp n piei P Bob saiig a "nd ilm? did the harlt ston Bill Mrut k a-- .Tick roct in 01 this par, of the program A v .is ti-s.n 1-d and Ed llannuin Jr lunrtpt of T t'ntchrr Hanium anr> Panl sans T P rtiiu'li cr and Bill PTncV a i nipntal on" pip me th" wins HP and tnp o.l'pr in called a swept potato During ,h.p lip ch OP in tra 01 ila IP, irl Koiin ki and H nu of the rompinj The bpfo'-e direc- tor1- 01 ihf I nitcd SlatPS Torporation OL whiih th" an a Then next i- sc hedukp for Tus 3 in "S ork Keepe has bepn acting; of the '-inif last April HP has been an u- '1ne of the companv sir- t Hb or sinization in 1S9'' Mother Awaits Return Of Hickman Mo Dec a HK kmin todai confi awaitpd toe requested n nde- of her -on. Kdward Hick- man slater of A'a-ion Pirker, Lo-, 5< nool ?irl f ol Thr radio apperled tnat Ilukman himspli and "trust to wa-, broadi night Charles Edwards at the immiPr requi t from Edward if: he can gel wo-d hon'e Mr H --aid todav He will let me know and wheT he ao Col l' mm t V. e hope the inarch ia successful Deiecnves pointed oyt that Hick man last was known to hare bwb he-e Snndiy Tommp. tlte dav mutilated body of Marion I Parfeer was returned to her father i He w ould have had plenty of time i to drn e from Los Angeles to the I northern citj m the time elapoed I It "was bel'eved Hickman bad j escaped in a stolen car "While the active man hunt for i Hickman shifted today from Sotith- ern California to Washington, an 'mastication -a as .started Into the death vof Ralph AlcCof. IS, bellered an innocent victim of the search. Man Hung in Cell 1 Although a report signed alter 2vIcCoy had been found "White Christmas" In Prospect CHIC A.GO Det 22 t n a rl n f f d prfli court tor .-i< firm of K A i, onnibi ana O liibili'ips WPTP Ii tpd as ttp'c 51 H O.iO in CALL KTPFKTS IN MY DOCIMFNT WASHIXCTOV 22 Hand-writing expprts WPTP in n cojiferpu. c th" rgstigating pommit't e to the autheutiiitv of docuniPnts DV Hear t .is can state papers Barnes thp expprts w f rr rot divulged and committp" declined to the ob'ainpd Where Murdered Girl Was Given To Father MHO SHOT AND KELSONVILLE, O Dec 22 Police here today were seeking an unidentified man who shot and wounded Miss Irf-ne McDowell. Church welfare worker, at the ftomnville rntninR camp Miss McDowfll shot as fh" from her automobile A flefl from the stenp she told No molne for the learned. CENTRA LMON Sf TO The hlyrla Central Labor Lnion has been supplying relief for the miners In Ohio Two crates ot clothing Tiere shipped thi1! direct to the Miner's Relief IleadtiuartTs at Columbus Funds alio sent to tliofe in flistrps" The of "ollciting and collecting wear- ing apparc! and funds has been fn charge of Charles H Kopp, kct rp- of tbe Ebria Cen- tral Union Wilbur Defends Naval Officers Copyright 1927 bv I d DPC 22 Answ-pring criticisms directed at tne Naw Depaitmenr of Xavy Wilbur declared todav h" "Is confident t'.iit 1} offii ers in havo developed all safp- for snbmannf prac tical and w ith the mill uses ot this tvpe of vessel "I do not mind th" criticism of the riepartmpnt. he caid in an pNrliiMve with 1'nit- ed Betting forth his on thr cnntrovr-r-iv arising from sihk- Ing of the P adding however, IIP fppls rvervthing has been done that could bo done Jl STT( K HOT.HMNG TFMJ1.RA WXSHIVGTON Dec tice Adolph A Hoehling, of ihe District of Columbia Supreme Comt presided at Hie Fall- Dohenv conspiracj trial tpnderpfl Lis r "tgnation to Pretid'-it Ceol- 1dgf K was said at HOUSP tliit 'usii'f Hoeli- ling rteVrcd to resume the practice of law Will Disseminate Information On Boulder Dam GOLl AIRC S. O De com- j ,ut ion tt timo T ['i s C pli ntiff, nd 11 >Tn baton towT-bip d Pit w ii Ki ask- thar b ordered to cprrv oat i ontriit 'hpi b wh'ch L'I- w n K woi Id i Tirti la.'iil buildin" at S'l0 It u-i'-on and -4 irrtb. so a.i rt Tarm ot Ba h i in LOW p i Ra b i-.tere- u e rhpir d' r for not OUL the (ii.traci MIP ration f- milt representations irtie mad 'hf m as (o fie worili of tlu hanged by a soarf in a cell In the hall, anthonties "mere not sat- itfipd with the explanation McCov, -n ho bore a slight resem- blance to H'ckman. was arrested last night after an alleged attempt to hold up a clothing store Thousands of persons gathered at the scene of the arrest, think- ing; Hickman at last had beea cornered Tbe mob attempted to 3lc Coi from the squad of police de- fending bur. but rc.sene.3 arrived in Timp to him Hi? clothing torn to Three hours afrer ha was placed in a cell ui city hall, bodv was found hanging to a raf- ter Suti prisoners had access to his ppll Tfcc possibility was ad that the other prisoners, believing he was Hickman, killed him Detectives questioned all of ths men today. Three- arrested earlT le the hunt for the murderer were at hbertv todaj Thev Mrs. Lil- lian Earl Smith lord Branaman Detectives were convinced thej had no connection Tvith the case A clu" to the man name H B Gerber, was found on a shirt, wrapped around the torso of Marion Parker was fnrni'hpd br B f Johntop, detecti.e lieutenant, toda said a man named ber placed in a Los orche? tra ago and later owned a Caroline filling station Auother '-hirt bearing th" initials was found IT tk" Belleme apartment where Hickman under the name, "Donald IT F AA azern coantr snrceon wa-. tn make puhHc parts OL hi.s reportf to that had l.nked acquainted with er ihe murder LOS AAGELES. Th 1 The >ox. to dav. when word Herman Clime, chief here that of nh ea b> Perry Parker tor i of is CONDKTOK .F KP HIS I IA l- K TOOT. n, J Pirhi r il i he collppied ransom fiom uor father, Pcrr> Parker wns unaware that child was itnd SI V> TO ,Suil to fortolow on barber akop mt 1031 W 17th Hied 'o da> by K X Kwrtck horlo M to of the in more of tbr So 1. SPAPFE