Friday, March 16, 1860

Cincinnati Israelite

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Cincinnati Israelite on Friday, March 16, 1860

Cincinnati Israelite (Newspaper) - March 16, 1860, Cincinnati, Ohio * 1 » iW5i 288 T H E I S R A E L I T E. VOLUME 6. m t ^^ uiir ^^ m t ( ' | i l I ' t i s - ' / K . > ,* ^- ^ [ rf If. . v. Ipi^ i J . M. B R U N S W I C K & B R O . , B i l l i a r d T a b l e raaniffactnrerSi 0FFICE— No. 8, S i x t h s t r e e t ;' FACTOBY— Corner of Elnl and Canal s t r e e i; C I N C I N H A T I . O H I O . T HIS being tbe l a r g n r t BilliardTabl^ Mannfnclory It the Cniie. l States, t h e proprieior's being oiiablee. rom their great facilities, offer goods In t b e i r l i n e ten p e r c e n t lower t h a n pricee elsewhere. Keep cettslanlly on h o l d an Improved assortment ol Billiard Table?, wilh Marfde and Cherry Tops, unsnrpiwsed lyanyest. iblishment in t h e C o u n t r y . Goodswar. rantoS. Also BilliardCloths, Cnes, Cne L m l h e r s , nnd all olherTTlmmlnga in Ihl- i lino, ' Wholesale rmd Retail. Repairing done KaliM'iiclorlly a t s h o r t ' n o t i c e . nngl Pauer B^ x Mannfactory. M BP. HENBIETTA LOHNSBACH, ( Receiver.) ro- opens this bnsines"!, a t t h e Old S t a n d , 117 F l f t b S t . tetweori •\' ln8 and Bare, known as t h e — Great Western Boncei Bos Manufactory.— The iinderi^ gnod requecis hor friends nnd p a t r o n s lc r a i l andexomiiio th.. new stock, aud h o n o r ' h e r wilh or. der. i, lo which prompt a t t e n i i o n will be pairL ,-,. 1,- iri. tf H. IiOHNSItACTl. B y S t a t e A n t l i o r i l . T! CHOICE FLRST CLASS INSUKANCE BY T H I INCORPOBATb- D 16TS CHAllTEB PERPETUAL C a s l i c a p i t a l . ! s l , 5 0 0 , 0 0 0. ( ATJSOLUTE AND UNIMPAIRED.) With a net S t i r p l u i o / i S - J H , 14' J ST, And t h e p r e s l i i ^ e a r Kon": VOKEyears' EUCceMinnil experieuce, i h e a n n u ' i l incnnio being nearly Iiiple Ihut ol a ny F i r e liMiiraii..- o Company iu t he 0 niled Stales. A NSURES Bguiitst Daogersef Fire and Perils of Navit,'. iiion, ou a s lavorable terms a& cousislenl with " t " ' Toncy Aud profit. LOSSES EQUITABLY ADJUSTED ANDPBOMPTLY PAID. Upwards or $ 13,000,000 o r loaves havo been paid b y t b e SJtnn Insnrance Compa ny, in t h e > iasC - Vt y e a r s . ' inLADELPHIA AD\ T3RT'M'TS mmm.::. C. E. CLAGHnn. N I. C. FBTElB. CLAGHORN & FRYER, t2\ Chestnut Btreet, above 2d [ Norlh side,] Importers of English asd Scotch Goods, Suitable for the Jobbing & Cloibing Trtide; Dnndee Goods— ofnll descriptions, PniLADELPHIA. M. M. BAYERSDORFER, Manufactunir and Dealer in JTBAW A FANCY BONNETS, DRE!- 3 CATS, HEAD DRESSES and MILLINERY GOODS In g e n e r a l ; albu iCmbroidories, Ribbons, Flowers and Feathers, No. 31 North Second Sireet, PHILADELPHIA. BS* Biminers and ITorcbants supplied with Pattern ftonnets. .. jel2. ly ~ SIMON H E I T E B, D M B R E L L A A N D P A R A S O L B l a n a f a e t a r e r , N. V - Comer Market und Third streets, jeT.!- i2 PUILADELPUIA. NEW- YORK A D \ T : R T I S E M ' T S. Manufacturers of UMBRELLAS & PARASOLS, No. 7t Warren Streei, Jyl- ly. NEW YORK. M ^ It liUBBEIl CLOTUING aJfian u fact ur ers'' I* rices. Jau7- ly U19 Church Alley, PHILADELPHIA. JOSEPH RIPKA, MunufactHrer of Heavy Fancy Cotton Goods, for jei- 2i. v PHILADELPHIA. KB" Losses paid in Cincinnati dSTing post live years, S177, G73 4S. 0 ® - Agenciea In nil fbe princ- ipal cilies and towns throiigboiit t h e S l a t e . KS^ Apcncy establieheil in Cincinnati, 1 8 2 5 ; nnled n t i n g a l l prest? nt InoHTiinco Companies, and a g e n i s in t b o luanrancd bnsineris of t h i s city, 3 S years. Cou- Blaiit duty here, etiinlt'. iied with woalib, esperience. ent'lrprise ao'l liberality, especially commend llio iElna I nsiimnco Company t o t h e favorable patronage o f t h is c. imninnicv— standing solitary and alone, t h e sole s u r - \ i v „ r . ind living pioneer of Cincinnati Underwriters of i s - a s . • ' . . . . . roliciqs isBiiel witliqitrt 4 e l s ; , by : OA- JtTEK"* LlSJiSJEY, Ascn- 7, No. 40 Main s l . , and Nu-. > 7l Vv- ne S t . ; J . J . HOOKER, Agent, Fnlton, ( 17lh Ward;) P. S.. BDSH, Agent, Covington, Ky.; C . P . BDCHAKAN, Agent, Newport, Ky.; A; f.'' F." A'' J'lfcH,'" l^ TdhisVe"! ' ' ^ ' ° " °°'' J . W . O . SIMRALL. J Adjiiflets. B r a u c h O f f i c e , N o . 1 7 1 V i n e S t . C l n c L n ' t I, ( . ^ . A l l bssiiiBSSattended to wilhdispatchanil lidelity o c i l j .1. B. r. ENNETT. General Agent. CENTRAL MARBLE WORKS a _ PJ 2. = - o - = " - ~ 3 ^ CtrS. W. SMITH, No. ' 2\ a *? ourt Street, nriir Wcsroni Uuvr, CINCINN. VTI, OHIO. Monuments, Grave Stones, Tombs, And all Vinds of ' WQrk. cot^ iiefiteC- sltJi thv liaiilaes. s. - 6Sf*'! irder3 from Ihe CuuQtj; aliended to, nnd work exet.- utu. l with nea- tuessr. li( I dispatch. lliebcl- luf City BeP-' ience given. der-' i'l l y . PUTZEL & STEIN, COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND DE. M, ER3 l l i ' Grain, Flour, Feed, Whiskey, and CiEIVERAL. P R O D U C E , & c NO. ,' j E R I E BUILDINGS ' ' On Dnaiiii and Rcade & ij., near .' V. Y. ji E . B I j' M. PUT:'. CL, . \ . STEIN. ]^ EW \ OHK. B'tct, , Ejsion,' Pa., R C r E It E N C E . S : Malhias Clark, Esq., PreMJem Peopltj's Fire Ins n. Var. y, i; u Wall sireet, Nevv York, ^' ^•'^- Cbarbje F Himier, Es. j , Pres. People's Bank, f- armi Street, New I o r k , ' -•"">' Bevaiis , t Marshall, 181 Reade street, New Yf,, i Drake, Hulick A- Co. \ VbuIe* alcGi-. jcr- rs ~ P S. SJicber, E^^. F.& M. B,,,,!,-, ' ^^ T. B. Siigieavi's, Wholesale Liquor Do. iler d- j IV'f. ieS. Miller, Es'V Prea. Strondoburg Bk Sirourt. b u r s , P u . '" UUB JeliD J*. Siokes, .\ genl Hope E. vnress. j. Heniy fi- Siii- bt.- l. Efq-. Cincinnati, " C. \\ . AViilf, Milwaiikie, | J . Uambnrger, Cbicaer, T. Freedman, Deiroit. ^ * TIA , — —. leblO'ly sEiAmoNs & ca! ~~ C. V. ST- LRON — r^ - I S3 REFER, BV W. • W. Scarborough, • Miles Greenwood, Tyler Davld- ion nnd Co. S. Davin, J r . , r. nd Co., B : "?> mmn - A ' J ^ ra to ro M w t j •- 3 MONUMENT.^. TUB uiiriori- if^ nrd begs leave to inform lhe public tbat be . is prepared tn e i e c a t e , on the sboriesi notice, an. v Drdi? r given to hiiii, in hui newly established bntiness, of tiuiniiraciiiring C a s t - i r o n Monuments, Tomb- Stcmes 4' Vaults. These Monuments, A c , are gnamntied to keep from rusting fur '. 2t1 years, and lire, so l a r ns regsrds beauty, much uenter. and ul'O 2ii pur c e n t ciieHper t m n thoseof Marble, of vvhich the public can bo convinced i by calling a l h i s shop. Iter lias, for tho greater conv< » . oicuceof thu public, plflci.' d a few samples wilb Air. ' W. Wiswell, No. 70 F o u r i h s t. and Krenzburg A Knrre, , M7Mnin streei. aud most __^___^^_^__^_____^_^__ respect fully. inv ilea all v h o leel luiertisied, to ca'. l and convince thenifelves. FERDINAND DIECKMANN, jyS.] Harrison Road, near Benckensleiii'e Curden. . B^^ ParticuIar sittention wiU be paid toi lettering pasD, \ X'HO¥ JES. 11, E CLOTHING WAREHOUSE. B E R N H E I M E R B R O T H E R S, Iniporters and Jobbers of TAILORTNG GOODS, CASSIMERES, VESTINGS, & 0., Mannfactarersol MEN'S AND BOY'S C L i O T H I N G A N L ) S T O C K S , 1< J9 BKOADWAY, ( between Fnlton and Dev Streets,) A^ i^ ir YORK. The subscribers beg leave to inform ynu that tbey have on hand ( exclHslve of t h e i r large stock of men's clothing) anextonsive and nelltslecied stock uf Youths', Boys', if. Childrens' Clothin";, comprising every vntiety of Stylo and Material, suitable for Cily or Country Trade, which they oDur for sale at snch prices as to defy cempeliiion- Bayei- s coming to t h i s market will hnd it lo t h e i r advantage to call and examine onr stock before ] iorebasingelsewhere. All those orli'-' lesare our own manni'aclnte, nnd having been solecled and made up undur the Buper\' isibn of t he Best Tnleni tbe Country afTordSj warrant ns In soliciiing the trade for a shar « of ineir patronage. We ulso continue to mannfactnre all kinds of . Stocks, Ties, licc, of tbo very latesl. sty les, and l l k e n u e beep a geod assortment of Tailoring Gooda, congiantly on hand BFBNHEIMER BBOTHEBS, Jni; i ly UU Broadway. S. H. Strouse Jus. StrooBS. S. H. SlJiOUSE & BROTHER, Mi^ irr& cruuiins OK SHIRTS, COLLARS, DRAWERS, And Inventors of " PATENT CCRVEP . SPEISO" Y O K E S H I R T S, (. Patented Dcc.' 23, I85f.,) Ho. 121 Li'uerly street. West of Broadwav, ap3- ly^ Wew V o r t . Co7 O PTICIANS, Mannfaclnrers . md Wli. i. le- ale D.-„ l. riii. Gold. Mlvernnd Steel S| ieclnfle,; Golu. Sdeland TVr lui shell Eye Gloi- es; and all olhcr ariiclc- o apLetiii'r N. ing l o l h i s ' b r a n c h oftru'le- " "•'" " P'^'^*""''- No- 669V BROADWAY. Onder ilie Laf. irge Unusc. NEIV TOnK B - B R A Z I L I A N PEBBLES, v, ith or vv" i, h,„, Ine'n'^ d'lor'-'""-^ " " " ' " " ' ^" " J " - P " - - n i . , . Qt- CLiJ Lju FllANK'S HEBKEW BOOirSTOKEv^" 1?) Division and 3 Cedarstreei ^- r"- - t-.^,... ^ T-:• cr ~ =, PEltJII. S. SlON. TO W. B. Siiiiih aud Co. BawFon. Will. y ; i. nd Co. HiiniiMviell, Hill nnd Co. TncM uud Sibb.- y, Meldelbacb. Seusonzor. d^ Co. Springer m. l Whileniivn, Wynne, tfaliics and Co. Siiir.-, Ecl-. slpln and Co. IfATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY OFCIKCINNATI. " " -^ • " -* M a r i n e , I n l n n d T r a n s p u r t a l i o i i &, F i r e K I s J c s t a k e u a t C u r r e n t R a t e s . DIBECTOBS: J o h n Bnrgoyne, Wm. Tlppwortb, F . . v.. Wi.- demer, J. L. Boss. J . D. Walbridge, Thomas U,. Biggs, Chas. L . Moore, Thus. One, Robert Moore, Marcns Fechlieirner, S. W. S m i t h , nenry Ellis. K^^ Omco, on t h e 8. W. corner of Main and F r o nt S l r e a t , . i ; p S t i i i n i. UENBV V. U H S E E , Per. j . TKO. BURGOVNE, Pres. J119- 1 y^^ P. A. SPRIGDIAN, Snrveyor, Ilome Insurance Company OF CINCINNATL O F F I C E : No. 37 Wojt Third s t r e e t. All Class?" of Fire and Marino ri^ ks tuken oa the most favorable terms. DIEECTORS: W. T. P h i p p s , John D. P ' l r U , Chan. F . WilsLich, I l e n r y Muck, Jushu.! J n n e s , T. R. O. Allen, S. W. H a z e l i i n e . Jusapli Uow, Z. Freeman. J A U E S II, Sn. vF. K3, . ' Wu. T . P H I P P S , . S e c r e t a r v . President. angZLly] 3. B . PURBEL, SogVEVOB. Firemen's insHraiuFe Companj, OF OISOINNATI INCOBPOBJITBD 1S32. Derixlorsfor 1858— 59. Bdmnna Dexter, J . S . Oho'noweih, J. P . Tweeii, James CaDionn, PoUoclr Wilson, Robert .'\ ndraw, Ofcae. " W. West, N. W. Thomas, Briggs Swift, - J o h n S . Minor, John Whetstone. Sam. J . H « 1e, Peter A. W h i t e , . J . T. Warron, Gfto.' Wiliihlre. Gralefal tor t h e favors of their nnmerons patronsdnrlng a poriod of moro tTian twenty years. the Firvmeo's Insnr. baco Ou. will'ever strive to maintain the public confidence. Policies, F i r e and. Marino, upon every description ol property, inraml npon approved and l i t e r a l termang^ Offico In Company's . Bnljding, on t h e N . K. oor- Bor o{ F r o n t a n d K o i n sta., ! d storv, entrance oii Front HEUBYK. SPENCER,- Pres. . . . - . . _ - 1- noriO- ly SLOCOMB, STOWELL IMPORTEBS OF British, French Division sireet, to No. 1 6 Lndloir Slivti, ew doorn frui.- Divisiou and Cinal Sts , NEIV YbE£-, • n'hera. ho keep ci nstontly oo hand, a good variety cf , r. T? iDn jO'-' ii. o ,3' ccn ,3 » - vci3 in Englisli md German translation— P'S'S , PIIIID , r'". BP n'o , nnj5ii:' " Woolen and Silk rir.'' 7£), and Italiito . a'' a'' i"? i 3 ' j n pN BALTIMORE HOUSES. * S60 Spring- . I860 P A T E N T CO'NCEETE MANUFACTOCED D \ • vr . B . D O U D S , u\ TE URBAN, DODDS & GO. SAT> ES R 0 0 3 I S, Corner of Vine and Coinmbia Streets, I CLNCINNATI, OUIO, ; - r s - BTOr. K F I R E P. R0OF, B U B G L A B P B O O F . Damp '. I Proof, nndpf boiler worbmRnshinnnd materials tbiin ' any o t b e r S a f e made in t h i s or a o y othor country. Slaving purchuB « d one h a l f c f ' t h e above patent lor ! t- noeiilCrn West, Korth and'Sunth west, a n d h a v i n g Jnst ', cunipleted our F a c i o r y , w i t I i a l l t h e l u l e s l improvements I and having the « ldpsts n. . A o - er^ promptly. filled, - JnTOly Removal of the CLOTH L O U S E of fleVman Scbloss, NEW- YOKK. H AVING removed from 30, Liberty street, to no, 62 Church, between Warren and Alurray streets, « » e beg to inform our frienvls, customers, and the publir, i b al we shall continne oiid always have un hand, a Uigcwell bought, nnd selected stock of Gr> Oi. iS. such as— Cloths. Cassimeres, " Vestings, etc., in a greai v. iriety, which we offer for saJe- b t fbci lowest market prii.- os. ts^.. Clotliiers and Merchant Tailors, coming lo t b i s market, will do vcell to evnmii. e unr stock. HERRMAN & SCHLOSS, 62 Chnrch ulieet. between Warren A H u r r a y BIB. N. B.— Store closed, and no tiismMS transacted on Soturdayn. Jel^- Em Silk House. nOTIISCHlLD, BERNHEimER & SAIOIHO . Importers and Jobbers of 9 1 , Liberry Street, - I doors went of Broadway, NEW YORK. ONSTANTLY on hand, a large and varied assortment of S r j P t E ^ JVD fdA'CF DBT GOODS, HOSIERY, GLOVES. AND GENTLEMEN'S FCltNIS.' lING GOODS. New York, OctSI- tf. CLOSE & BROTHER, 4 GERMAN STREET, I M P O E T E E S AND © ry Goods Commission JVTercbants, H AVE in Store, nnd a re consta. titly receiiiug, a \ us> i> nd desirable uddortmeul of BKITIf? U, -~ FKENCII. AND GERMAN D R Y iiOODi>, Adopted to MEN nud WOMEN'S WEAR, wbi.: i ifc'J oHer lur Sale cli t h e muEt liberal teims CLOSE &, liROTHER, r.- bl7 . •! Germun Stiepl, BALTIMOBS. Joseph fieckel. Levc- iB Bockel. BECKEBL. B R O T H E R S, Successors of ALBERT COOK A CO., Importers A Munufocturers of Spectacles, Optical, Mathematical, and Surveying Instruments, Stereoscopes and Stereoscopic • Views of all countries, m^ Sly No. 19 J o h n Street, K E I V Y O R K STEINEH EROTHERS~ X~ CO~. Mannfactnrers ond Wholesale Dealers in - BOOTS & ISHOES, No. 46 Der Street, angl Cm J^* ew "^" ork^ ' DALL, GIEBOiNS & CO., COMMISSION MEBCHANTS, f o r tbo Sals * f American ITPooUens, No. ' A' 2, Hanover Street, niy£ 5-'. y BALTllIOBS^ IUICNBDLL, SLAJJE & C0., CoJUUSSioN MI: BCH. 4NIS, and Agents for lbs S » ) » " American Woollens, No. 11, South Charles alreet, _ mj2yy BAL'flffOKB^ KOSS UAMPMLLTTU., Importers of , British Dry Goods & Clothing Good*. IN EVERY VAIIJETY, 245 & 247, Baltimors street, myog- l^ y [ BALTniO^ w l . F. MURDOCH & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, - iuySaJy B. ALimOBB. « © " Woollen & Cotton Goods^ HOFFMANS & CO., Agents for Mannfaclnrers of . English, German, French & AffTioaJi Cloths, Cassimeres, Doeskins, etc. . JOHN FALCOWKIV C o m m i s s i o n M e r c h a n t, Corner of Charles & Gennan streeis, ZJ. uriMiJB*; l j a . H a 8 on hand, Irom the Manofacinrora, an - for-^ ale, at their prices — . _,„ i..— - Gloves and Hosiery. ci.._; e m iindT » ' ii>' i btm • Dnibfeilas, Traveling bags, I Shirts, Linen Collais, Prawrrs. Suspendei- s, Stocks, Cravats and Ties, mav-. i9. lv S. E, Halle. , <; Kabn S. E . HALiLiE & CO.,' MannTaclnrers A Importers oT ' e t o c i u . O r a v a t ^ 1 '•"^ & c . , . t c , i c . KICE, CHASb; & CU., , j: OMMISSION MERCHANTS, for ' » '''*'^;,° J. American Cotton and Woollen eo « " « _^ Noa. 10 & 12, German sfect. , mv20- lv .^ ALTIJ!!^^-- - AORDAJLEVGEIR, B R O T H E B ) French No. I P . W A T B B S T B, MBVV. TOBE sBd- STman^ PRODUCB. • N0.102iOBlilAW> 8T- . Bju- TiBor- ei*" '\>:^ Wf^ iM, id,: iy.^

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