Friday, February 24, 1860

Cincinnati Israelite

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Cincinnati Israelite on Friday, February 24, 1860

Cincinnati Israelite (Newspaper) - February 24, 1860, Cincinnati, Ohio i If f ' I r ^^^ ? f Iff. . fil' f- i l| - f^ IP l.}>.; i' • m . 3 i- r-' (, 1> •-,,'--- lii P ft i fv"* " l*": Hf- r', ' " mi • Pi'Wi-, * ' r H ft m wM' m m ll h t . . I1. L, i] f! il;' if Id 264 J . M . B R U N S V r i C K & B R O i^ B l l l l l i r d T a b l e A l a n n f s c t a r c r af O V F I C E — N o . 8, Sixth a t r e e t; FACTOBY— Corner of Elm a nd Canal s t r e e t; CINOINNATI, OHIO. , T H I S being tho Inrgrat BIllUrdToblrMannfaclPiTr •" tbe Onitod States, t h e proprietor's boing onabJwl rum tbeir >; ront racilitiea, olTer goads l a t b e i r l i n e t en P4r cent lowiir Ibxn pricea elsewhere. Keep conttantW on hand an ImproTed assortment of Billiard Tables, Vvith MarWo and Cherry Top*, nnsnrp. Msod b y a n y establish ment IntheCountry. Ooodswar. r a n t e d . Also BllliardOloths, Cues, Cno Lenthers, and all n t h n r t r i m m i n g s in ihln line. Wholesale and Retail. Ri'n. tirlne Jnne Hallnfucforllv at short notice. avilil Paper Box Mannfactory. M RS. HENRIETTA LOHNSBACH, iRecelTer,) r e - e - pens t n t s business, a t t h e Old Stand,- 117 F i f l b St. betwoon Vine and Riico^ known as t hn — Great Western Donnet Box Manufactory.— The undersigned reqneBts h e r friends arid patrons to r a i l anrt examine t h e new stncj^ and honor h e r n l t b order which prompt attentfon will ho pnid. rnb2n. tr - n. LOHNSBACM. " B y State i « Liit1iori( yI • icnOICE FIRST CLASS INSDRANCE BTTHK IKCORPOBATLD t6l9 CHARTER PERPETUAL C a s b c a p i t a l , $ 1 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0. fABSOLUTE AND CNl. MPAlRLD.) With a Surplus of Sl, 030,4' 2. i 80, And the prostigo of FORTY years' succeas and experieiice, lUo annual income being nearly triple t h a t ofany Fire [ nsurance Cumpiiny in t b e U u i l e J Slates. t NSUUKS against D « > igersot Fire and Perils of N » » - Igation, OD as lATurable terms aacon& i « ieut with sol* TOBcy and protlt. _,„ LUSSEd EQUITABLY ADJUSTED ANDPROUPTLT PAID. U p w a r d s o f $ 1 2 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 Of IcBies have beeaj> ai^ d_ brJho. i£ tn/ v^ liia_ uran/ L: e Compa uy, in thci^ jiiist 4l » years." t i S ' L o a sM paid in Cincinnati darjnjf past ttrc years, § l. 0l}, 0. i4 27. ' e9* AgencleB in all the principal citiea and towaa t b r o a g h u u t t b e S l a t e . ttjt.-'^ KPiicy eatablishetl In Cincinnati, 1 8 3 5 | a n t e - ( fating all pi- esent Insurance CompnnieK, anrt ugnuts in thA Insurance business of IhI- S city, 3 4 yonis- Con- • Mnt duty hero, combined wilh wealth, .'. xporieufr. enterptine and libonilily, espccinlly commonrt ihu J£ tt\ a lasmr^ iice Ccmpniiv to t h e favorable patronage uf this cutnnuuity— stn. n. linE aulitary and .- vlone, t h e sole l a r - viviiT a n d i l v i ng pioneer - s i C i n r i n n a i i Undurwritem ui 1 8 3 5 . IMlKiea isanert without delay, by J . H. CARTER, Agent, No. 10 Main street ; , H. K- LINDSEVr. Agent, ." I Ho 171 Vine Su", A , F , PATCir. Aspistant A e ' n t ; " " - " " " < -. • ^ - J. Jr^ flOQKER, Akont,„ Fu_ Uoi). fl7th Ward;) • - •"•^".' Pr- S. " BTJSH'. Agent.' iV. vicstnDF * i ; . ; . C. P . BDCHANAN, Agent, Newport, Ky.; w ' ^ p ' p ^ n t t f M ? ' ISnperviBing Agents and Jfw.- Q.' lmRA'iii,. / ^' y-*"-- B p a n c h O f f i c e , N o . 1 7 1 " V i n e S t . C l u o l n ' t i . l^ n_. 3 r..^ ° o 9 2 p jo » _ a 1'<^ Si5? S- 3 -^ « ' f^ i "! 4, = rSS-:"! = 5 I! o 5 • e p 23; -^ — I " SJ3 . o .5. 5 c 3 . » o = - a S' 2' c""'^' 5 t i ^ ' s ' ' REFER, BY W. W. Scarborunsb, HIlea Greenwood, - Tyier U.^ vidsnn and Co, S. Davis, J r . , and Co. . S « : - ^ ' * PKKJII.' WION. TO W. B. Smith anrt C t . Raws.} n. Wilby and Ca. Bunnewv- ii, xj, i| . n d C « . Twe « d oud Sibley, - Heiiiclbai; h,. S aat' 4J » Torable teriQR. - . MRECTOES: . W, T . ^ h i p p a , John D. P a r k , Chaa. F . Wilatach, " l l i i a n - Mi^ ck. Joehua Joneu, T. H . O. A l l e n , 8. W » HaMlclne. J o s e p h Hov » . Z. F r e e m a n . J a i » « a . a i t v i a s . " W". T . P H I P P S , . - 1 - adoretarr- Prealdant, a t i t ^ I J y ] . B. P . P n B S B I i . StravirroK. Ftreniea's I n s u r a a c e Company, OF OINCIMKATI rxooRrOBATEl) 1833. DireetonJbr mSQ— 59. SihBVaA Deiter,- . J, 8, • Ohonowetta, J. P . T « ea4, JaiMvOaUioan, PoUook Wilsoot Robert Andrew, • CHUL ^ . - W e e t , If: W . T h a o i a s , Briggii Swift. J o ) ) ^ D. HiDOr,,- •- John " Whetatooa. Sam. • J. Hale, PelaiE A ' l ^ l t f W , X. T.' Warrba. " Oee. ^ f a h i r e i Oiatvfnl forthatarorsof theirnnawrtKUi p o l n n i i a i i r l ng a p » t ^ of mora t h a n twenty yi » rii, tha F i r e m e n ' * Inanri a o n O ^ t r i l l ever Btrhe to maiiitain t h e pnblio canfidenea, t i U t h l i , Fire- a n d Marine, upon eirery deeoriptlon td ^ f0^ i6r^ y » l « aiied. npon » titnuieJ^ aBdUb^ l term*.. . - ^-^ gs^ Oeit'tti Company's BnUding, on t h e TS. . K. eoe- • Mtr tf F^ roitk a o 4 9CaJn s t s . ' . M Mory, entranoo ett" Vroot.^ ..•. T 7.; - •, BBHKT B , BPB3| ^ T; "' •-•: v; A. BO> nB^^. MA. RKET. y ' ^ iPJTI LAJ) lilt,^ Hi> » - V O. B. CLAQBOBN 1. Q. TBTED. CLAGHORN & FRYEll, 221 Chestnut street, above il> d [ North side,] Importers of English and Scotch Goods, Aaitable for the Jobbing & Clothing Trade; Dundee Gsods— of all description?, PHILADELPHIA. M. M. BAYERSDORFEU, Mannfac. nrer and Dealer l a STRAW i FANOY BONNETS, DRK-^ S CAPS, IIXAD DRKfSES and MILLINKRY GOODS in general; also Bmbroideries, Ribbons, Flowers and Feathers, No. 31 North Second Street, PUILADELPHIA. KB" WJlIiaera nod Dlercfaante' soppliad with Pattern Bonnsls. jel-- ly SIMON HEITER, U M B R E L L A A N D P A R A S O L l i l a n n f a c t i i r e r , N. W. Comer U a t k o t a n d Third streets, jei3. ia PUILADELPHI. 4. IDVDIA HfJBBEK CLOTHING •^ t tlianufacturers'* iPrices. jan7- ly aiO Church Alley, PHILADELPHIA. JOSFPII lUl^ KA, Manufactarer of Heavy Fancy Cotton Goods, for jeiaiy PHILADELPHIA. g,^ i CENTRAL MM6LEW0RKS CH'S. W. SMITH, No. 2t3 C. iurt Street, near Wi- slrrn Row, CINCINNATI, OHIO. ^ Vfonunients, Gi- ave Stones, Tombs,' And all kinda of work ronnortpj villh Ih'j bntlness. . Ku* OriIers fcum the Coutrtrj acii- ndtd t( v, iin.| v » orJt exeinl^ d with nontnolBBiiii^ litpatrh. . f b e b r c t uf : 0it3 Refcrrnee- Erven: . » .^.^„ 7 * "' 3t, iio ly, . CAST- IBpy MONL'AlEyT^\ | THK unilersignixlbegBleave tu. Inform th « p u b l i c ilial he in pr. ipored tn uxecnie, •> n tho shortprtt nritice, nnv order piven to bim, in iiis newly establishsil Lusinoss, uf manufacturing Ca- il- iron- Monitmcnta, Tonib- Ston,' s ^- Vaultsi Theno Mniinraenlii, i c - , i r e guarantlrd to koep from " - l i s t i ng fur 20 ypms, and ire, BO far as rpgnrds bpnnly, much neater, and nl> n 25 per ireni i- eeuprr man thoseof Mnrhlo, of nhich lhe publlccan boconrincnd py calling at h i , s h o p . Ue " iKB, for the c r r a t e r « lTefl FERDINAND D I E C K . M A N N. jyS.] IlarriMB Bead, nenr Renckensteln's Gtirdqn B@~ Partii,' « ilar attention will bo paid Ui letterine roso. IP E A ar ^ . • r. PACK, ET POST. Small Packages, a n c h u Dsgerreotypi^. Pamphl/ « « , Patloms, etc., forwarded twjeo& woek, pier Sieruiier, from thia plaoe t o a l l p a r t , of'Oeriniiny. |} iS_ Tickots forthe line ol Mail Steamers from New Tork tu Hamburg and Dremon,-• " « Si*. Tick- etfi fur pssi- iigp from Now Torlc to Knrope; a l - BO, from nil £ uroirtinn Ilarbiiitii to New Vork, Phfladel-| pbla, Baltimore, New Orle, ina, and d n c l u D a t i , wllb t b ^ { best pJchefkalllng-. vesseVi. aBil a t t b e " lowest ratns. | < 3 ftii tn all parta uf GermAny, Dolglum, UoHand, and Swltmrland. Benno FOREIGN EXP eyer, B a n U l a i j ; , C o t n n a l s B l o t t a s n s d A F G o r l r ^ v li a T r . d l u B Office— No.. 5 Third « troot, onertooreabtof Heidelbach. ijeasangood A Co's. IT;- '-'^ GOVERN JIEJNT ,:^ ASSPORTS, MAY BE SECURED, 17 i t h i n Tliree ' IHays JVotice. BENNO SPEYER. RGFERBNC58-. KeMta'Beldelhach, Seaifi^ gobd'aiHt'Co., Ueaws Kioney, " Bfpj at^ d Co., Mes « ra RiniUkopf, Bro^:' i| tntl Co., - J o h n Kebler. £ s(].,,'. ' "; — Metsra Juhnaon. Broa. kail Co., Bsnaora. f i a l l '^ SHEWMAKBU & CO., S T O R A e C L ^ F O . I C ' f r A R D I l V G , And. Commissioii MercHants, anti Agents f o r - J t s t i a i l t w a l Imj^ ta^ ents, sut: h a s : THBSBIHQ MAOHINBS RHA)^ SkB, C0BN0BDSHBS8. O t a c e a B d W a n h o a e on tj| ia; CBiial Basin, near t he - T e n e - H a o t e A Rlehsuiad BailroadDejwt, TERIt^ ^ V l i ^ INBIAHA. _ strict^ personal,, jtitd pr » iu^ Attentian iiald to alt OonSlgnment « for Saleor ShfeaMiil,- with iunple f » / eH. itle « « olnsttro » « a » | factliii;--:.;;; r' - A • or* prwnptljf ftUa^ i,-;,-.-; . - jaieoty NEW- YORK ADVERTISEM'TS. ScMpss B r o t h e r s, Manvfacturers of UMBRELLAS & PARASOLS, Jyi'ty- Ko. 71 Warren Street, NEW YOEK. WMOr. iES./ iLtE CLOTHING WAREHOUSE. B K R N H E I M E R B R O T H E R S, ImiKirters and Jobbers of TAILORING GOODS, CASSIMERES, VESTINGS, AC, Mann/ aetnrersof MEN'S AND BOY'S C L O T H I N O ANL> S T O C K S , 199 BROADWAV, ( between Fnlton and Dey Streets,) N E W YORK. The anhacribers beg leave to inform yon t h a t thoy hare on hand ( exclnsiveof their large Block ofmen'a elotbiog) an extensive and well aelncted stock of Youths', Boyp', &. Childrena' Clothing, comprising every variety ol Style and. Material, aaitable for City or Country Trade, which tbey . offer for aale at snch priced as to defy cempetition- Buyers coming to Ibis raai- ket will find i t to their advantage to call and exnmine our atock before pnrcbosingelsevi- here. All these articles are our own ma^ nnfacture, and having been selected and mode np nnder tho supervision of t h e Best Talent the Coantry aflonfs, warrant ns In aoliciting the t r a d e for a share of their patronage. Wealso continue to manufacture all kinds of Stocks, Ties, Ace, o f t h e very latest styles, and likewise keep a'good assort. ment of Tailorinp Goods, conntantly en hand R F R N H E I M S R BROTQEBS, j n l 3 ly 1B9 Broadway. S. i l . Strouao c. Jus. StTanae. S. U. STROUSE & BUOTHKR. UANcr& m^ TJUEas- or ^ SHIRTS, COLLARS, DRA. WERS, And Inventora of'^' PAXENT Ctm- rEB'jSPRucQ" Y O K E S H I R T S*, ( Patented Dec. - 23, 185G,^) No. 131 Lii. erty atreet, West of Broadviiy, ap^. ly • Weiv • y o r h. SLOCOAfB, STOWELL & Co. - . IMPORTERS OF British, French d Germair DRT GOODS FOR HEM'S WEAR, No. 35 and ST, P a r k Place, JylOly. • . NEW- TOBK. W. D. CKUMVi'ELL A. Co., IMPORTERS OF DRY GOODS FOR HEN'S WEAR, ; yio- iy- 21 0> S. snch aa— Cloths, Cafsimeres. Vestings, etc.. In a i^- eat variety, which we offer for sale at t h e loweat market prices. () 3l_ C< o/ Ain- i aiwl Jferctaaf Ta g. E a hn S. B- HAL. L. S & CO., ; ManHfaetnrers A Importeis of • Btsetta. OravBt*. Ncrbtles," Fornlshlnir CPsadak Jfee* Ho. 34 Barclay SlTMt ( Up Bt^ dralt "^ ' • NEWYORK. 6r4 era Trenptly Bttandod to. HblSlgi ' SEJMMONS & CO., 0 PTICfANS, Mannrortim- m and ' WTiolefoIe Dealor. i_ W Cold. Silveranit- Steel SpecbwlesrGold. ateelaod T / . ? tol shell EyeGlasfes; and a l l ' o t h e r ailidea nwiiti^ I^ ing lo t h i s branch of trada. " PHtlala- Na 669* BROADWAY, Under the Lnbrge Bouse, NEW Y'ORK N. B.- BRA, ZILIAN PEBBLK3, with or w" hhi„ I J A" ordera pnnctiiall:* dftM'Cjj, frame,, conataotly on band attended to. all FRANK'S HEBREW BOOirSTOKE. s~ 186 Division and 3 C « dBratri- e'), ARW YORK ' Publisher of the latest Editions of ' Ac, & c. , nnjr> , ni'? Dn , o » Tma w i t h German and Knglish Trannlaiions. A! « o, Imwr ter of nil Hebrm Bonks published elsewhere' atid s) olher artlclea nppertiiining lo t h e J e n irh faith.' Just now TecffHrf, an extensive aod the best selrtisj atock ever impmled, of • - Silk anil Woolen nr- i^ So and nx « 3f, mm v^^ p . nporj froni"$. 1 up to $ 30 n r r o . J'^ IDP & C. & e . ill of which areaelecird by onr agents in Enrope'.' DO'Ji'? iavjn.- M will be received in duesea son lo enable ns t « iiend thum lo all parts of iho Uni'ifa - Slates and Cnnadas, to a r r l f u there al i b e watitei] ilm^. New York. anz6- if. . V y MANUFACTUBXES 0 » - ^ MEN'S AND . BOYS' ' No. 41 Dey Street, » a:" G!' o^ A! t"; j;.'| NEW YORK, Ba. Ordurs promptly filled. lnug5- l « ngl,' co NATHAN O T T I N G E R ; R E S P E C r r C L L Y informs the pBd> 1ic t h a t he bss r « ,„ Tv...^, R*^ MOVED from No. 17G Divisioii s t n e t , lo Nv. l< i Lndlow Sirret ow doors frbm Division andCanat ( Jts , NEW YORH!! where he keepa constantly on hand, a good Tariety of , ni"?' Dri ,0' iiinD , D « -. Pcn , a'- - iy . BALTiau> ai^ OTI. F. MURDOCH & CO., ^ COMMISSION MERCHANTS, myM- ly BAZTIMOSd.- 8@^ Woollen & C6tton Oooaii. HOFFMANS & CO.,. Agents fnir JUannfaclujera of English, German, Frencb & Anfs'ricaif Cloths, Cassimeres, Dseskins, ^ . No. 8, Noi^ th Che^ ea street;- mygg. ly • BALTIMOBE. , JOHN FALCONER, . X l o m m i s s i a n m e r c h a n t, • Carner of Charles & German ftreels", BALTIMOBE. iggl^ Ifas on hnnd, from tho Matjhifactnrurs, and u tM for sale, at their prices —'- Umbrellas, Traveling bags, SDhriarwtse, rsL, inSenns pCeonldlnerras,," Stocks, Cravats and TleSi ma. r-.^- ly GloT^ and Boslery'.- Sawlii'g Silk and T « Ui> tHn^ biue Sewing SiU^,- Wa'A^ ings, Spool Cfitt- M, ' A c , Ar , Ac. CLOSK ( S^ B. Hm'RER, ' Tm por I r i s an'il ' Dry- Goods Com^ is^' dti Mer'i& sfftB^ Noi- T, Gcft- mari'slrcel, SILKS MST » WOOLLENS Have alnays ob'hand, a select nm ment of GOoIiS ailapl. rt to ] l| pn's'.^ V d dpM « aI> te isnei - M- 1? .. lUCE, CHASE & i: o., COJfJfliSrPfO. V i t J R O B A t t i ^ for the sale o « American Cotithi. and " Woollen' Gioa^ - NOB'. 10 & Vi, ( Tetmsun sireet, myZg- ly - • . ._ - BALTIMOIUt. - A i 4 ^ R U £ . l N « i : t t r B R O ' l ' H K a i ,. DriptrteTb of French and Gennan PRODUCE, No. 1? W. WcuSTa. yir. vr yott- K ' No. 102 Iisussafi sxa. • Rjn. TI> IOBS.. ll11* P A T E N T Q H S B i ? t S . T B , MAN^ lLEAeWIREI* BT W . B . - U O D D a ; LATF.^ URBAN, J) ODBS& CO. SAI- ilSS ROOM S, ^ , Cornar of Vine aind Coinmbia Stre « » a> . " . CINCrNTIATI, OHIO, TS KOBE F I R E P R O - O r i B U E C L A B PROOF, I k i » ^ ' I - Proof, iwd of" betl= r • w" orkma'nshl » » and'mnteTf* i » ^* b » » - any other Bafc mado in^ t h i s o r a n y ' o t h e r countrj. i l a v i n g pnrchsfcd one half ef t h e above pslent wr the en'tlro Weat, Vbrtlt and Sonth west, ajid b a r i n g IBII " conipl'. ted iiiir T a e t o r y . w l t b a l l i h o l a t e s t JmprMenniiini and hi'vingthooldestaafe- mafeorln tbo west for ll « » • - nafrar. wo flatter onrseTres t h a t ire'ean- proiiace a h*"*"'" • n d chea- porai- tlcle t h a n canfae fonnd elsswbere. " • ! • therefore',' confidently Iiivlte l i c ^ h a a o r a t o * * * " ' ^ ' " ' BtocV betore b n y i i i r « ^ * i > » r s . • - ' ^ - - • tnliV V - b i ^ : . . . ^ : , ^ : : r ^ . - i . \. i i i ^ i i i K i t t i i i i i i i i i J i i i i ii ttBHiiiii

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