Thursday, March 30, 1871

Cambridge Jeffersonian

Location: Cambridge, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Cambridge Jeffersonian on Thursday, March 30, 1871

Cambridge Jeffersonian, The (Newspaper) - March 30, 1871, Cambridge, Ohio t omo. 01t< -I Onr r' II II.IHI M .1 Aflll IIH -4 Ku Ami 1'nilK, I Dili. i .in -.'.in-., Whirling, IV. Vn. Hy CIIAS. 10. MITCllK.VISli. March SO, 1871. m Allot t .MIllM 'U 0.110. 111 l'1' I' mi- .111 IM "I I" I' t n In ii iniv 1'iiti i HOtt I Alini in nl Ill, I'll I 11 III- C.MIlts Ot l null! 1. Vll blls- 1 It ti 111 ilill. SliaJI C'oal HIM! Milt fl'ouipuuy. St HI! OIlllV KIDUI Ill.UU'll OlllCI lit. II MI.I.N CAPITAL STOt II, l SHOO, 000. .1 oil nIMtAN. I'll v I. I' S I I.. M M.-ll 'In N Mil II. I, II I.I At. I, I'I'.nMI'tJA l-'ILI.I I'. I in -II. II K M.o. in All'il -Ni't, M I'n t 1 .1 l! I. II' _ >l J .1 il tt. t" M 111 nl A i t.l! ED' Inlui As. III. i Captain rushing into the house and ciowded the- ilow rinich auitatofl, exelaiminji: 'That, Milh tiial, see no result 1 uilot almost my rni the seems lo pei- haps, disaster inatcael To i-land lirui at such a eii.sis of preset ve one's se'll'-poise nml What could il mom? were Ineli ms MII rounding us vSoon the loud yells and shucks our C H0i .ill l. l HI' Ili'llllll I' n> i.i4 l'i, lly l'i e 'll.- ol HH 'I l> l'i H lll. JT. L DRUGS AND MEDICINES achieved by man or er Iho eye of the woild notes it. it is reevidcd in lhe book, light of eteinity shall nlonu make e-lear lo lhe vision. I nho stand on the high place the I oarlh understand not ty, whit sulleiiii" menus Yrrk anel other citie's, and that the i know mil wh-it it is to a noble mind to be obliged, the norms, to crawl upon Ine e.irtli ior nuuiibh- mcnt, because it has not stiennlh to endiue ni i u i ii i. ..ui ir 11 III. Ills, I t hrinlrnlt, I'rrlninri u li'tiifi I in fin- final I nn ,nnrliint Oil I i i. l i .Medicines till ll I l L nil> ml. .1 I'll' I ih'M i> it Ii ii.ton. i. t I'l'U II In nl ll 1.UI-. t T'l'l I nllltlll vi... Ni I., i.l, 1' ,11 u 1 >lt Jinn- 1 li II Produce. ..I i i l I Hi '.i'f, KUKIO'l'T DENTISTS, K M V I'uMI. our; lluux JM'lsTt.lI M5I.K 'I II 't UK I' K. Kl J.I'., uli r In .1. Iji.M-Nv A. O., u .1 I I'll l. Inl- ol ll v Mil Illll. I Mil' I) i I Ill Ml' in "H H- 'I.. inlll- FAJLM FORSALE. t 1 fl A IIH I I. l' the brow ol the. hill. wlio, rit the sight of blood, bcc.ime licmls, tear off the reeking 'e-'lps anel luind them to the chief, vho bangs them around his node. Women and children with tomahawks anel j spooling onc of the most icmarka- ble men produced our country has ever onc whose name will Terms of A4ver lining! Op" inch, r t ono wreJ: IVrinch, wet-k BUMIH sf tMi-H inch, pei niirht h. (ju.u tot, halt and colum tJ'-c inputs at t he u-siial approached, arel the great cnan- de-ber lit tip. illuminating the senate chamber, filled with bers fiotr. the bouse of representa- tives. the lobbies and gal- lei ies v.cic densely packed with anel "-pne-ratois Opposed to the1 nt" the expuuginjf resolutions were as Clay. Calhoun, Web- and who delivered speeches full oi wia'h and feeling, but the expunoets were in fult foice and confident of victory-- assured thit lha deed would clone that great con- summation that had been labored for Ions I'V the indefatigable ever stand out in high relief in the Bcnton. The opposition saw, that Jackson was about to triumph bank and They that such a result was history of our government Andiew Jackson And Thomas II. Ben ton, who took a. most pi eminent part in thc scenes itievilr.Me, yel they could not give attempt to elescribe, high and conspicuous position in knives, cnl deep slashes into the i poor bodies, anel scoopin- up Ule f Pikers, and r.epwbprpe-.s nil l Eliminated ngamsl warm Mood with their hands, a row in" i i h.m. and And Ihis is true of .some nen i! j ly put mil her lile Shelin- is true ol of me: n nnd natron gr It is undeistood that lhe Tiibunc in the Commercial in Cin citirali, tho Democrat in >St. Louis, will support lhe new movement. Twenty Millions of Defalcations SeereUuy Uoiil well refuses to an- swer all.Misc icsolulion calling lor tho number of Intelnal 'loveuue defaulters, and thc amount of their defalcations. On the 21st of March, 1870, Mr. Cullora, a Republican member fiom Illinois, representing Mr. Lincoln's old district, intro- duced a resolution, which was adopted by the House, directing the Secretary of the Treasury to the House a statement of thc balances due from Collectors of Internal Revenue not then in of- fice Sccrctniy Boiilwcll replied on the Id of May, 1S70 Ills answer gave thc names of over Ihree bundled and twenty defaulters with balances charged against individuals i'f, j varving in amount from one thou- sand to a million and a half dollars. His report shows, among others, the following defalcations, and that out of more than three hundred do i'litiltors only thirty of them liavc been sued on their bonds, but neither of the following weiesucd Amounts natuics; but it is not true of all II is !i6 natuial for noliie soul to chciish a lively icc'ollectior: oCloud ness iceeiveel. as it is to bieathe And while are ol'li'ii shoi Iced to see acts of friendship towaiel others, which have cost us a good deal ot time nnd of labor, entirely over- looked and foigotten, we not UP- freqiiciitly, on the other hand, aie suipiiseel by tho grateful lion of some f ivor long since ren- dered, and the very pe-ifoi nuiire of which hael passed from our 01, n recollection, until rcmiiKlee1, of it by the iccipicnt WP have always regarded grati- tudo as a winch .shird sus- ccptiblo of being taught to-any one. A lecture on gialituele. to whomso- ever addressed, insteael of awaken- ing that emotion, is very apt to en- gender a feeling of indignalion and hatred. People never like to bo tolel to be giateful. And il is of no use to tell them If il is not natural to a soul lo appicci- alc lhe gooel nature of olhi'is, il can never bo latight such apprecia lion but 'i days in great agonj, and then Gud took heir out of her piin. eur C jloncl, a piompl ami eflKiunl ofhcer, deman- dfil of lhe the mm Jcrci in a very lew a body Sioux wcie scon advancing toward the t'..rl. as was supp eel, to deliver up tlie criminals. Two companies j wore sent to meet them and re eeivcthe mtiideicts at their hands, bill slrange lo although they hid lhe men, they give I'lem up Our inleipretu', lean- not rtei'll his name, stepped oul iiom among out ami said "'if tvou do not letld up Ihese men peaco.iMy, then asinaM leaves :s are em these tiees, -.iiid as m my likules of grass as you see beneal'h }our lee1, so jnaii3 men will ionic upon _i on, burn oiu villages, nnd destroy jour nation. A few moments' consieleratlon, a fiw luinied woiels o( consultation, ;nJ the men weie handed orer to our tioops The lube fol- as they neie teken into the and m-iking a small lire vvith- n the vvvll, Iho condemned march- cagei !y eliink. llien, fiantic theydi'ncc nnd sing their horrid sc dp leeountiug the eleeds eif valor on the pail of their biavo men.and tcllinu; ol the Sioux scalps taken ni their lion id feast, they leave lhe mu'.ilatctl bodies iesteiino in (.he <.iin. "At niijhlfill they are thrown over tho blull in'o th" river, and my brother and mj se'f, and q'.iict, liaee their hideous voj'age down thc Mi-sissippi to the Gulf of Mexico. We licanake that night, talking of thc clieadl'ul siijht we have sfon; ne try to think what tit" people of New Oilcans will Miy v.hen Ihoy see those ghastly uptuined faees: and we talk with quiverir.ic lip anel tear- j I'nlejes and the many kind things he li'is done for us, the bows and pr'ows, thc mocanka of eugar, the pretty beaded he' had "ivrn us. and ue wish, oh, nisji he could have inn fabler, or tn t Chippewfi him, public meetings denounced streams Tf committees, to impendiissr destruction o tip the contest without fighting on to the Calhoun ?aid "They tell us that thc resolution on your better dais of the American Ke records is not to be expunged, but Bcnton and Clay, is only to be endorsed 'expunged.' In the year, 1833 Gen. Jackso-i I do not know how to had tho government deposits te against such contemptible moved from lhe Bank of thf L'liiled i The occasion is too Stales and placed in the custody i mn tor an argument of this of the local then from sort You are going to violate the the adherents of thc United States j constitution. :mel you get rid of the Ii ink thcie went up a loud, pro infarry by a You your- longed and savage howl of selves siy the resolution is ex- stuh a howl as rnottal man never ,'punaeel by your oreier. Yet jou withstood befoic! Orators and i say it is not expunged. You put v our ret in express words. You record it and then turn round and cieny il.'' had come and passed. TliPCiovvd in the lobbies and gal- leries remained, bornd to the spot anel to the !No more could get in. ar.el expeclm- tion had been -ii-ed to the highest it rppirent that the rs had determined that until tl.eir grind should be accomplished'. Mr. Webster eon- clueled the icciting of his protest. There was- on utter Ifo senator arose. Eveir thing had come to a pa.ise Presently amid the sllrnce the word the imenlai j call for a came from the lipb of some of the The president of the senate. r.Ir o their fiiends, themselves upon their iocs. "A few ajo. I told stoiyto anolhei 'Little "O'd bhakopee, as he lay I monster, tlm upon lii.s in our guaiel house at Fort execution for lhe most numlviless co'el- blooeled during the dretdfiil masseeie of 18C2. lie remembered it all, and his wicked face lighted up with joj- as he told me that he was tho soil of that "Little who made so brave a run for his life, and he showed as much pride and pl> attire the forfeit for it it, well known in listening loathe rocital of Indian levenge is Jiteir.lly life i'.i a life, anil the Colonel had ele cih-dlophe them into the hands; o the iiijuieel tiihe, to do wilh them n they would. 'Some ks pnsseil, nnd il was fund thai Cue lives were to be paid fir in kind A council of Chippe- vis decided that tho live selee'ted the p.isoiieis should i tin lhe ijuinllot, and the eleei-jion was ap- lather's ti canorous comiiut as the ehihlren of nur uieal actuals v.ill do some day, as they read or henr of deeds of or daung that their lathers 1m e done assurae an thai he moved that the act of the just passed should 1 e executed firihwith. The r.iotieni c u ri'nl. the original man- use, ipt join nal of lhe senate of ISSivas piodueed r.nd the con- at (letMiatoM sentence uf March 28th. and incixaMnu' maj..ntv of tne iiu, ha.l wiiuosi its face in people. In thc meantime, Ber.ton lettera nevei ceased to woik for wouis. bv order cause at oppni tune times, ae-juuinu ol thc scn.Ue lhis 1Gth of Marcbt by his indi.stry and persev r ranee ]S37 upon this con siin.mation tin1 ''iowl in the gal- leries, winch composed for the most part of the fiicnds of the Bank and the enemies of Jackson, commenced to groan the most noisy and turbulent mar.'ier. The presiding officer tjave the order to clear the Bi'iiton up again :'.r.d opposed the order. 'No, ict lhe seisie'-inr-r.t arms seize the u ;inel In ins to the bar of the sciipie punishment. Here in eMie ibove that may easily the very appropnte of the "great expunged And so ilia fimht went on. and a l-n.! anel fietce light il v.r.s loo, Jackson on the one sielc anel tin' monevcl of fie For br.ek. i- .ended upon Siitcs, on the either. lhe great Jackson el the right anel thc people, the Uank irljing upon the povvei of its money anil subsiuizjel And a power it was too. th-'t United States Bank, no man on earth with less moral couiasje. daring intrepidity- and iron will than Andrew Jackson could have throttled the monster as he did at last! Such a pictinc of iugli moral slimina. dclerinincd pii'pos-c.l rave cinel high lesolvc in the lace of such an enemy bent upon hit, destination anel itr.- 1 mense paUoiiagc and power, the world has raiely seen! In those I b_, Hientilied seize them, the the Bank ruf- Pcrhi] s r.o more impressive scene Las transpired in the senate of the United btates, and it icnnikiblc as the culmination ami icsiilt of that ever memorable lor the mastery betweeD Pres'dent -Jackson and that power- Collectors named by Mr. Uontwell, with Oucer Idfiiis i Tho queer ideas some people Procliiniution by the President. nature's workings arosome- WASIUSI.TO.N, March times exceedingly laughable. A Tho I'roMdent sent the following Prie8t rocently deolared that insurance was flying in thc faue of Heaven. "To insure one's ho said, "0 my hearers, "Back over the lapse of these ii'my v 1 p iss, and seem lo he achild slnnding by the siele d my ejuly the back 'bor father's, house I "The day is be'tntif'ul, the is lhe yr.iss is so gicen, all 'iture is ao smillini'-, it is haul lo vvhal is geung on, over i unelor by the grave jard, in that l cowcl of men anel women. For tore gathered together lhe Chip- chl men, women and cileli'pn, who have come out to pi esses White- Slaycry. In the House of Hepiesjiilnliv cs on Monday, the 20lh in-t Judgf Trump p'-esonteJ a bill to aboli'h slaver) in tho tfes ]al'lvilu ai-ms inieb llion It is a pilpahle hit at motion much of the legislation ii> vo ut Wasliington the pr'sl ycais: lie it cnnctetl, etc That on ami after the 4lh day of July, A. D 1871, there shall be ii> tho States lately in rebellion neither days immediately following ful.con upt and corrupting moneyed senate's condcinnatoiy reso- corpoi.Uion. Hie Bank of the Unions when, PS Col IVnton ex- United Slates Jackson was ex- it in IPS "Tinny Years' nation seemed to bo and tl.e eirlh in com against he never lost cuiirasrc, never for a moment was dismayed, hut all the time ho stood calm, tranquil and Mtness 01 triko part in act of message to Congress this after Cl Illll. I I in. i ill l in. tri .1 Hiiiir. .1 In nil VI UI nl'M I lou "ii ii-i s In i iilih, nml ill ..I n inliil anil in Imil" i. ,ii. i in M is 11. hi. A 111 I'l I .1 III! I' ill. p II I 1.1 I Ills l i' ii t hi i 11 iii i.i I-: A luua. u it i ID .in -mil r. Itui, .1 n. HI Ij Inn.M l. ink I, .in 111x10 it n It.1 u In n< I i.i Mi, i p( u in eh- III.I 1.1 I'i'll i: II 1.1 I Ill II, IIK.slU M mi ni ill. 'I In i -snll lii'iulii'4. '1 lit-4 tin 111 N .it I !l ami their wives. And it- may fairly he said that it was Ibe crowning gloiy of his civil and political, as the battle of JTew Oi leans had been of his militM? ble; and eloubtless the old (els Cully :is much elated when bte enemy and the enemy of the peo- ple, the Bank, lay prostrate and throttled at his as he did when he had given the British saw him appear more truly heroic SAon that terrible drubbing at New He Oilcans. wL coiAnbuled" ,'Vubt, happy the thoughl that That the President.of the United e. ingerous. The proof that such a J towanls building a church, 5! S state'of all'airs exists in sonic local-j and was nftcrwards suliuiteel to Hies is now before lhe Senate, and PV more towards fur- that the power to correct these nislung it with a lightning rod he: "I pay evils is beyond the control of the to ueip a for to lord and now, if he choose to ion tor on j it, unel knock it town, he do it at State authorities, I do not doubt; but that the power of thc Exccu- tivn of the United States, acting within the limits of the existing his own risk." navengcel And Ihete stand tho vning braves who have been elected as lhe executioners; their lilt's are loaded and locks carefully tvamineel, and all is ready when Do word shall bo given. "There, under guard, are tie live men vvhe> ate to pay the Int'cit for the lives taken so employ all the military force of the nation to carry out the provisions of this act All solid peace ot concieme can v.mtonly and lieaeheroiioly. l HM'M i. I u hull ft laitiojul -.ta- ii i i null' ,u i.i u hull ft u ii In i n Il'.lu an.I uoh v fill IIIHH it Mills tt ill Olllllll 111 I'lDMlptl.V Ill, luck, A. M..1111.1 mil ill I..' will h.' iii-iili to u goo'l pur jicniiitltil'" I "Hi i u clu.-i i. I'oi lultll'T liiforiiritioii iiiiptv to Ii. S. I- KAMI L turn i ........'.J..-.-.- liiiiiruiiii. nml imp law, is suiricicnt for the present, only arise a sense of God's favor and reconciliation the Redeemer. c. fornritioii iiiinlv to K. MilTIIJ-lXKR, emergency is not clear. Therefore I urgently recommend such legisla- tion as in tho judgement of Con- j HORACE In gross shall effectually secure life, socks. though "Avviy off, I cinnol tell how tuny rods, bat il seems to us children a run, nrc stationed Ue Sioux tiibc, ami that is tho his which the wretched men nuist ment, annually, na for Uicir lives. 17th. of Jimc.' AN ecoentr'e man in Massachu- setts has made and published his will. He gives his body after his death to Professor and Dr Oliver Wendell to lie placed in the museum it C'.unbi idge, but diiects that two il'nm-Iitaela shall bo made of his skin, on which "Yankee Doodle" shall be beaten at the base of Bunker lull Monu- at snnrhe on and grand than atlhij time was perfectly confident in his re- liance ou lhe power in which ho put his anel the people would ofien say 'the people will take it up after i aid we shall whip them yet' At la-t, on Salmdav. the 14th day of January, IS.'iT. the elem ociatic senators to tlie aeloptie 11 of Benton's resolutions, had a meeting to" ele and perfect the "meastnes necessary lo carry on She con- templated objict on t'.e Mondav following Mond.-M e ime and fonnel in ic.ilii'es' tho contest lhal was lr> como tint eiay and 'set coffee, IJa" cold ham, tinker, i itc woie oreiered to be terdy pro pared in a committee i.-i m near I lhe senate chambei. for lirr.tcn's i foiesight was well snare i .sion would bo profs.icled tarouah that day anel nijl.t, and to tisp h'9 own ho'i kn -w i'.e i difOcully men st-adv to Those were the good old days of eminent days when iuch things r.s state lights Were in existence anel lespected; w-hcn re- publican simplicity characterized the nation -.when there was no bond- holding cxclusivcness, no lepre- sonlaliona of a flunkey aristocracy. no fedeial iniciference in state elections, no ruling of the counln tit the point of the bavonct! God grant that ere we may havt return to them! And no doobttbf? j hero of the Hermitage- ing down from his bet [fie rest 1 above, earnestly desires that A CORK'. srovDnvc of the Institute Faimersj' Club says, i v ery man that keeps a cow to cacli a few nit1 of eorn twin- iliy for ten days before ealTtnt r.'ul there wid he no trouble ab< he i If thr.t rule ws1- utcil) ocilKMid to it would no their woik. and in humor e nlr-nve a wt-cderfu! amonut when lired and hunsrrv The con-1 sutfeiing-. lint would the test continued throiiohont the day. of luiniireds of valuable i and Sight comin NtWSyAPfcRf

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