Sunday, December 23, 1928

Athens Messenger

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Athens Messenger, The (Newspaper) - December 23, 1928, Athens, Ohio A NEJF MESSENGER SERIAL, WRITTEN BY THE AUTHOR OF STARTS IN TODAYS SECTION NEW SERIAL STORY STARTS SUNDAY IN MAGAZINE SECTION FULL LEASED TELECRAPH WIRE REPORT OF THE UNITED PRESS ASSOCIATIONS WEATHER Fartly Cloudy sAndajr. Monday Unsettled, Rising Sunday. VOL. XXIV.-NO. 24. ATHENS, OHIO, SUNDAY, DECEMBER WtfWGM; fift Single In Spite of Reports From Washington the Para- guayans Fear Fresh Clashes. RESULT UNKNOWN Troops Are Leaving Asun- cion Daily for the Para- guayan Bolivian Frontier. By LOUIS JAY HEATH United Staff Writer. WASHINGTON, Dec ing: replies from Paraguay and Bo- livia to its notes of inquiry regard- ing a basis of settlement of the dis- pute betw cen the two countries, the Inter-American Conference on Con- ciliation and Aibitration continued here today on a general con- ciliation treaty. The revised draft of the treaty is Intended to strengthen the socalled Gondra Pact already ratified or adhered to by 16 Pan-American countries by authorizing inquiry commission -with powers to act as committees of conciliation Obligatory conciliation in the ol d agreement also is pro- vided In tin new treat} Both the Bolivian and Paraguay- an legations here today denied all knowledge of troop movements in the o countries. The Rollvlan legation stated it had nothing to confirm report that troapo were moving' on Ba- hla Negra and the Paraguayan le- itio-i said It understood troop ovcmepts had stopped by countries. Replies from the nations to the Pan-American onftrunce's latest conciliation pro posal sttll arc awaited here. Brighter Christmas in Mine Region of State As Work Is Increased State Mine Chief Gets Optimistic Reports From Coal Districts Through Ohio; Looks for Better Conditions. Santa Claus, Jr. Baby Left on Doorsteps Is '.Taken to a Hospital at Stcubenvlllc, Dec. 22 at Ohio Val- ley Hospital today weie car- mg for a baby boy found last night in a holly-decorated basket on the front 'porch of Mrs. Boulah Hanes' home. They have named the youngster Santa Claus Mrs. Hanes, widow and mother of five small children, has of- fered to adopt the baby it its mother cannot be found By GARLAND HICK. United Press Staff Writer. COLUMBUS, Dec. will be much brightei this year for hundreds of miners and their families in Ohio's coal mining sections, according to Jerome Watson, chief of the State Division of Mines. Destitution has been reduced consid- erably since last year, and with the current improvement in working and marketing conditions, a bnghtei outlook is seen for 1929, he said. Unemployment troubles m South- ern Southeastern Ohio regions aic not as acute, as many of the min- ers have taken up their tools and resumed work after an extended idle period. Many workers have moved into other fields and some ot the remainder have found othei BUENOS AIRES. Dec. Troops are leaving: Asuncion daily for the ParaRuayan-Bolivlan fron- tier, the Asuncion correspondent of La Presnn. wired his paper today. The contingents are being s up the Paraguay River by boat. Excepting for the continuous passage of troops through the and tin unusual activity In govern- ment departments the city has' ap- peared tranquil since the snoil of HCPS of the Tan-American arburi- tion and conciliation conference were accepted in the dispute with Bolivia. It was added The correspondent said that in spite of the reports frpm Washing- ton that the conference was mak- ing: satisfactory progress in its of- fort to adjust the dispute. the Paraguayans fear that the presence of Bolivian troops In the Gran Cha co district will provoke fresh clashes. He said that it was also believed that Bolivia will not ac- cept the points brought out by the conciliation conference. The general opinion expressed ,n well informed quarters "i Buenos Aires today was that the cinfcr- ence should compel countrt to withdraw Us troops from the in order that frosh clash- es might be averted Money Received Will Take Care of Much of Back Pay. FOR 22 DISTRICTS State aid checks have arrived for 22 of the 25 school districts in Ath- ens County, H. JR.. McVay, superin- tendent of schools, announced Sat- urday. The amount of state aid is doub- le the amount received In tho Installment, which will enable the teachers to receive most of theli back pay. Some teachers have not received any salary for two or three months, McVay said Though tho amount is hhort of the amount needed, it is believed there will be enough to pay all of the teachers a part of their salaries. The only districts not receiving: state aid are. Alexander, Car- thage, and York It is hoped these districts will be able to pay their teachers, notwithstanding the fact that they have no state aid. It evident that all districts will need state aid before the school term is, over next year, McVaj eaid line of work, .according to Jlanj de- "Daddy" Browning Ad- vertised and Riot Was Main Result, MANY ARE "LOST" MERZ. IS FOUND GUILTY BY JURY LATE SATURDAY LEGISLATORS IN BOOZE PARTIES, IT IS ALLEGED Bank Gets Grand Prize in a Draw MADRID. Banco Germanico prize of Christmas lottery held today. 22 h e won the first In the annual The draw was the bank would make no statement on Its winnings, the im- pression prevailed that the lucky ticket might have been purchased for a foreign individual or group Prices of the tickets for the lottery come high and groups of persons frequently pool their funds to buy a. single tickqt or part of one. THE ATHENS MESSENGER OFFIES A BOOKLET OF rASTBY AND PUDDINGS. by Famous Women Is a, booklet filled with more than 100 dessert recipes by famous ARierl- women, hostesses at oflleUl tables tn WuhiaKton. and leaders in other ana In jnany walki of life. This unioue collection oT Ideas for attractive deuertu and rales for mak- UiC them will'delight every house- wife Pies, cakes, puddings, ices, and many novelties in desserts and psstrles Presidents' wives are among the contributors to this collection 8ent to any reader for slic cents by our Watmngton Information Bureau Use the coupon. Frederic J. Bukia, Director, Attoini Messenfer Information Bureau, Washington, O. O. I enclose htrevlth BIX CENTS in cole or stamps for a copy of the DES- SERT sooKurr. Name Street 'Dry" Kansas Hears Charges of New Governor-Elect. TOPEKA, Kas. Dec Kansas legally dry more than 40 years, is threatened with a sweep- ing liquor investigation today, or- dered by Clyde M Keed, governoi- clect Reed asserted 'legislative liquor parties have have become a public menace in the capital of the nation's second state to adopt prohibition "These booze parties have grown unlil they have become a public ReeU faaid The pai ties, given by lobyists with inten- tion to influence legislation, are a matter of common knowledge and growing apprehension on tho part of good citizenship "Violation ot the prohibition laws is flagrant duiing sessions of the Legislature. After I take ottico January 14, I am going to at- tempt to enforce the dry laws es- pecially in regard to booze parties, staged by legislators." Nelsonville Man Who Shot Don McGill Is Con- victed. GuilU of shooting- with intent to kill was the veidlet returned against Peter Merz of Nelsonville, by the juiy which returned to the Athens Count} eourtioom nt 1 o clock Saturday aflernoon after an absence of foui houis was tiled on a ehiigc of shooting with Intent to kill and wound Don E McGilI, of Nelsonvlile, owner ol Uic Lick Run mine Beginning at 9 o'clock morning, the trial was concluded at 11 iO o'clock Saturday moinlng Approximately 40 witnesses called An attempt was made bj tin attorncjb of the clemndant to piove that Merz shot McGiIl in sclt-dt fcnsc McGill was shot in the light, leg as he dehcended the fiom his office on the afteinoon of June 8, 1928. McGill'h leg, winch was amputat cd following the shooting, and the trousers woin at the time were in- troduced trial Dr and Dr Rhojdei, of Columbus, who attended McGill after his injury, ere summoned to jiiesent testi- monv a-, to whcro the bullet enter- ed tho lesr lioth phjsluans said that the bullet entcied ftom the back indiciting that Merz shot nt McGill while the latter s body was tLi ned from him bentemo upon Merz will be de- cided bv the court at a later date pends entltely on miners' trade are again coming- to life after niatij j months of hibernation, following the general shut-down New faini-i lies are moving in and local mer I _______ chants repoit a favorable incieasci m business for the holiday reason N1TW YORK, Doc With the opening ot the Great iPast two persons were injured, Lakes Chipping in Tcbiuaij, became hysterical and faint- 6leadil> demand forjed, aud 100 children were separat- Ohio coal can be anticipated the jiom their mothers today in a ijlate mine cruel saji No better average coal than Ohio's ib mined in the- Lmted States, ho contends The bUle divisions tlguies liit mineb now in operation. This is a much larger number than w ere working last winter. Incomplete statistics show at least a 20 per cent mere ise in employment and the same peiiod A tol i1 ol iS- men are now woiluiio' in OJno mines Of this numb' i .shipping mines employ iJ ind wagon mines, as evidence during- the Cheriington. of Logan, Coolidge and Wife Will Take Vacation Dec President and Jlrs Coolidge will leave heic Chribtmr? Day foi Sap- clo Island, oif Brunswick. Ga to the holidajs on the Howard 13 Coffin estate, it as leained to- dav The President has not decided on the length ol his visit but It has learned at the White House ho is cons.idei Ing- piolonging his stay until after Januarj J. not that featured Edward "Dad- dj Brownings annual Christmas 'gift daj Browning had advertised tha he expected to give some piesents away today and Monda to thousands of New York chi: dren Several thousand were i HUP, which extended severa blocks in each direction from hi Broadway offices. rlhore was a crash just outside followed by screams and confusio as the <50 children, crowding to th front had gone through a plat glass window. Mothers fought t get their lots to safety. Police iound Mrs. Mary Talbo w ith her right leg twisted an gashed O gill of 12 tvas rushe' to a hospital with cuts and bruises Perhaps a children had cut by glass, persistently re malned in Hue. Roundup of tho 100 "strays began Slxtj lost children bundled oft to police btations t await claimants rorty were gathered up and delaine around a large yellow taticab, on which was attached a sign reading- "lost children. Are yours here? Police estimated "daddy" ha< given presents away t about the fatali- ties convey sympathy to amities Congratulations to Col- lins going caterpillar. We aie well on our waj to the ice barrier Thank you for the news Congressional Bob Frigid Weather and Snow Storms Have Taken Nine Lives; Three College Students Are Among Victims. CHICAGO, Dec. White Christmas for the Middle- west was forecast today as snow fell over most of the territory The snow storm started In Chi- cago and vicinity last night and continued early today. The mercury will remain low enough to keep the snow from melting before Christ- mas, the government forecast said Snow storms of varying degrees of Intensity were reported from Iowa. Kansas, Minnesota. Indiana, WiSJCOttfJla ff So far the snow lajen cold wave has taken a toll of nine lives, thiee of them in Chicago St touts re- ported two dead due to the stoirn. Three college students weie killed in an auto ciash In Mimica, Mich. An airplane pilot, Les McGinn, was killed yesterday at Huron. O whi'n his airplane was struck by tha storm Lower tcmpemtiirts ,ind have almost atampi d out the Influ- enza la the Middlawect, walci already WM oa Up Spectacular Welcome fo Statesmen in Brazil; Thousands Cheer for Him. By THOMAS L. SlOhES United Kress Staff Writer RIO DB JANEIRO, Dec. 23 <U. President-Elect Hcibert Hoove began today the last of a series o informal conferences with official of South American governments. The welcome accorded the Amer lean statesman by Brazil was on of the most spectacular receive anywhere on his tour of Latin America The program for today however, included conferences wit government officials and prominen business and industrial leaders o the subject of coffee. It is also expected that the ques tion of Brazil's acceptance at som future time of tho Kellogg Anti War Treaty will also be conslderei at one or more of the conferences The people of the city have beei most hospitable toward the Presl dent-Elect- Crowds gathered in th streets everywhere that it was known the American visitor woul pass, and all cheered as his auto mobile went by After dinner last night, Mr. an< Mrs Hoover drove through th streets The crowd wa estimated at hundreds of thousands. The program today included a special session of Congress, a visi to the Supreme Court, a reception at the American embassy and th official state dinner at the Cattcte Palace tonight. Mrs. Hoover will be cntertalncc throughout the day by a number o ladies prominent socially and poll tically. MEXICO CITY. Doc. 22 An Anti-Imperialist League meet ing last night condemned President Klect Herbert Hoover's good wll tour of the Latin-American nation; as an imperialistic gesture. After the meeting 60 demonstra tors led by the artist, Diego Rivera. visited the various newspapers to voice their disapproval of Mr Hoo- ver's trip. Hero of Brick Plant Fire Is Free To Go COLUMBUS. Dec. gates of the State Penitentiary will swing open Januaiy 3 for another of the heroes of the Junction City fire. When a blaze broke out in the cdnvict dormitory at the peniten- tiary brick plant October 8, Chester F. Welsh, Cuyahoga County, was one of the prisoners who not satis- lied viith saving themselves, tried to save others. BOOTH MAY BE REMOVED FROM ARMY POSITION Revolt Reported in Ranks of Salvation Army Abroad. Here's the first bobbed head In Congress. Mrs. Mary Norton, Democratic representative from Now Joiicy, has lost hfr locks to modernism and now they're short- or than those of male leg- islator. Other congress worn en. It's said, soon to follow Nor- NEW YORK, Dec. 22 lommandcr L'vangeline Booth was n the liner Olympic today, bound or Europe to attempt to settle vhat was described as "the most rious crisis in the history of the jalvation Army." When she returns to the United tales, in which she is chief cutive of the army, her brother eneral Bramvvell Booth, may no onger be International head of the Salvation Army. Commander Booth may occupy that place her- self, although she has not put her- self forward for the office. There is a serious controversy In the Army because of tho alleg- ed autocratic manner in which General Booth has administered the organization's affairs. The reform element in the Army has been demanding- a change in the constitution. Under present rules General Booth is the absolute rul- er of the organization until ho dies and can place the name of his successor in a sealed envelope to be opened only after he is dead FIRE HITS HARBOR CONNEAUT, Dec. Damage estimated at was caused yesterday by tire of un- known origin which started over a pool room, destroyed three build- Ings and for a time threatened the buaincai Mellon. '--ring Figure of Fire Leaders 'Claim To Have Established a Record Minor Candidates. CHICAGO. Dec. 1928 by United United Press today announced the first official tabulation of the vote for major and minor candidates in the presidential elections of November 6. The totals show Her- bert_Hopyer's .plurality over Governor Alfred E. Smith was Dam With Their Accom- plishments. END LONG FIGHT and that the total vote for all presidential candi- dates reached the staggering record of The vote by candidates as tabu lated from official records in th offices of secretaries of the 4 states shows the following totals. Hoover, Republican Smith, Thomas, Socialist Foster, Workers (Communist) Reynolds Socialist-Labor Varoey, Prohibition 12 10 Webb, Farmer-Labor There ivere several thousan scattering -votes in the varlou states, names written in as joke and haiing no political slgnlfi cance. AH minor candidates Includin, the scattering votes polled a tola of votes. Tho tabulation makes no differ enco in the number of states car rled by each of the major candi dateo Hoover carried 40 am Smith S. Despite his large plurality, Mr Hoover failed by votes t< equal tho plurality glv Calvin Coolldge over John W Davis In 1924, but at that time th La, Follelte-Wheoler Jndependen received votes. In that -rear the Republican Tote was While the Republicans currlec 37 states In 1924, they garnered 4C n the recent election This repre the most overwhelming: defca over sustained by the Democratic party in the electoral college. Gov- ernor Smith's popular -vote, how- ever, exceeded, by the polled In, 1924 by Davis Tho total November vote coat ex- ceeded by the total Of cast four ycrs ago Much, of ttrO-increase was account- ed for in the southern states where approximately 33'4 per cent more votes were cast. The Increase for Jio nation as a, whole was slightly above 25 per cent. Votes for the two maj6r parties n the once traditionally Democrat- c "solid south" totaled with going- to Hoover anc to Smith, the states con- ildered being Alabama, Arkansas Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mls- Isslppi. North Carolina, South Car- Una, Texas and Virginia. Of this group, however. Hoover carried Florida, North Carolina Texas and Virginia, which had sup- iorted Democratic presidential andidates since reconstruction iv s until the recent election. WHEAT KING IS MENTIONED FOR CABINET BERTH lampbell Reported Fav- ored by President- Elect. WASHINGTON. Dec lepresentative Leavltt, Republican, rlontana, said today that Thomas Campbell, known as the 'wheat ing" in the West, was being men- oned prominently here to be sec- ctary of agriculture in the Hoover cabinet. Lcavitt said he had not heard re- orts that Hoover had asked George inton, a randier of Pompeys Pil- Disappears From Akron After Gun-Girl Is Shot to Death, SEARCH IS ON CANTON, Dec. pearance of Mary Stongcr, of Ak- ron, promised today to add another mystery to the already Involved Fearn murder case. For days deputy sheriffs have been seeking tho girl on a subpoena issued by Coroner T. C. McQuate She was an intimate of Wil- bur 0. Heldman, who la held hi jail pending, Rt, that Ma Margarot, 10, con- fessed to the murder of Vernord E. Fearn, Waco coal dealer, and then shot herself. Coroner McQuate hopes that the missing girl can shed more light on the Incidents that led up to the murder of Fearn and tbe death of Mrs. Heldman. Tho girl ntlll was In Akron after tho murder, but shortly after the death of Mrs. Heldman and the de- tention of Heldman, eho disap- peared. Slater, special detective here to aid in the investigation of the case, said that Heldman would not be released until the girl has been found and her story told. Officers ay new facts have been discov- ered. After Seven-Year- Old Legislative Argument By PAUL B. MALLON United Press htaff Writer WASHINGTON, Dec. 22 Congress is -winding up tho flrrt three weeks of Its short session, to- day, claiming to have established a record for legislative accomplishments. Although the Senate failed to act on tbe anti-war treaty and Naval Cruiser Bill, it did end a. seven-year-old legislative fight over the Boulder Dam BUI, enabling It to become a law. It passed the disputed Convlet- Lavor Bill and staited government supply bills totalling on their way toward final ment TO VOTE TO DECIDE WHICH OF MEASURES iS XO BE UP SO YOUNG LADY WAS NOT WELL, AND THAT'S ALL Doctor Who, Made Spec- tacular Pursuit Explains. WASHINGTON, Dec Kcllogs Tseaty and tito Navnl Con- RtmuUon Sill wU! bo plated on 4-11 equal footing in Senatd aftw the Chriataaa hoildaja aul a majority vote will be taken to which should be given tlrat consideration, Senator Char-.5 les Curtis, Republican leader. told 1'rcBident Coolidge to- day. No action on the nomina- tion of Hoy O. West as sec- retary 'of 'interior will be taken until after the holi- days, Curtis also told the- President ar. Mont, to ural post accept the agricul- SAN FRANCISCO, Doc. V young man who pursued a pretty roung woman across the country rom New York was doing his best oday to belittle the spectacular aspects of his hasty train and air- lane trip to the Pacific Coast. Dr. Olan Meeker appeared to be greatly perturbed at the publicity is transcontinental dash has at- ractPd whole thing is quite sim- Jleekcr explained. "Miss McConncll has not been well. She disappeared from Rochester. I was asked by her family to trace her and see that she was taken care of. We did not think she was well enough to travel alone." Meeker set about to see Miss McConncll and explain it all over again to her She previously had given her own account of the mat- ter, saying that her relatives were meddling in her affairs anff deny- ing any illness. XUB AND. HOTEL PARTIES AT WHICH LIQUOR FLOWS NOT TO BE RAIDED, DRY CHIEF ''SAYS Leaders claim this record has never been equaled in ouch short time, especially with so many wasted at the start and the end ot the session. The Treasury-Pootofflca BUI aud the Interior Department Appropria- tion Bill, totaling nearly 000, have been passed by both houses and sent to the President, The State, Commerce, Justice and Labor Department Bill, passed by the House, is coming: up in Senate this aflernoon for speedy passage. The Agriculture Depart- ment Appropriation Bill passed by tho House will go over until after the holidays In the Senate, as -wiil the nomination of Secretary of In- terior Roy O. West, to which stronff has now developed. Agricultural leaders la both, houses showed little- reaction to the announcement of the secretary of agriculture that he favored early adoption of the new McNary-Hau- gen Bill without tho equalization fee Farm leaders in both houses have been fairly w ell agreed tint' farm relief should wait for tjie special session, after March 4, and many think they can persuade President-Elect Hoover to slgr? better bill from their standpoint than President Coolidge would A short session in both houses-4s in prospect for today. Weather Outlook in Ohio Is Changeable WASHINGTON, Dec. The weather outlook for the period, of December 24 to December 39 -for the Ohio cloudy with rain or snow in the upper Ohio valley about Monday. Bains or anew about the middle of the week. Temperatures generally above normal followed by colder weather near the end of the week." War on Booze Trade During Holidays Will Be Aim- ed at Distributor Rather Than Consumer, McDonald Asserts. COLUMBUfa, Dec. Twenty-five state dry agents, call- ed Into conference with State Pio- hlbition Commissioner B. F. Mc- Donald yesterday, returned to their posts today with orders to mulve a tlnal drive to halt the Sow of Yulc- Udo liquor. Asked if he and hia Inspectors expected to dry up the state for the holidays. McDonald said: "We will do, our best" The commissioners said that ao M there will be no drives against club or hotel parties The major offensive, he intimat- ed, will be directed against distri- butors, rather than consumers, in accord with the policy the depart- ment has followed in recent years The inspectors, after the confer- ence, presented McDonald with a radio' both as a Christmas and a farewell McDonald retires from office governor JPonaaey January U, "Penworm" Cause Doctor Says Tiny Parasite Is Responsible For All Appendicitis. PERTH AMBOY, N. J.., Dec. mysterious asite, tho so small that an army of them could pass abreast through the eye of a needle, is bponsible for appendicitis, America's most prevalent major-operation disease. This revolutionary supported by practical 4 ob- servations and research worlr over a period of was revaaled today by I'rank C. omintitt surgeon, and Author Ay appendicitis. .1 SPAPFRI