Friday, January 12, 1912

Athens Daily Messenger

Location: Athens, Ohio

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Athens Daily Messenger, The (Newspaper) - January 12, 1912, Athens, Ohio Not many people whose thrift-sense is educated will this week's ads- about YOU How THE HOME PAPER OF ATHENS AND ATHENS COUNTY, OHIO. WEATHER i_ _....; Snow, followed by cold and clearing tonight. Sat- nrday fair. VOL 39 ATHENS, OHIO, FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 12, 1912 PRICE TWO CENTS APPORTION WORK OF CONVENTION President Will Have Naming o! Nineteen Committees, MEMBERSHIP IS TO BE URSE FREE COUNTRY? BAK' Foreigner Finds He Cannot Even Spank His Own Wife. Hammond, Ind., Jan Buluois, :io, spanked liib ear wife .1 strap .--lie caufaed bis arrest. Judge Frank Grc-cu, in the Hammond coin t, told Baluoih iliai he had no right to beat his and senrpncpd hint to 1'U) in jail "You get wluu L-oaiint: to 01; his wife told Charles as lu- left ihr courtroom and after he had told the judge he thought ibis .1 country, and ;bat he bad a i igiu to hit wife. Recommendation to Be Made That Vice President Be dent Fess of Antioch College Gets Early Mention For Place More Than 200 Men and Women Are After Jobs With Constitution Mak- Three Days a Week. Cojumbus, O., Jan. new constitution of Ohio will be made piecemeal by lo committees of 21 members each, the committee on rules havms accepted the recommen- dation of President Bigelow that the 7uembership be made large, in order that each delegate can get a. choice assignment if he so desires. There will be six additional committees, forming a total of 19, hut the tedious work of whipping inro shape for adoption the separate pro- posals offered b3' individual dele- gates will be assigned to the 12 large committees. They are committee on initiative and referendum, short judi- ciary, woman's suffrage, good roads, public works, municipal government, taxation, miscellaneous subjects, amendments, schedules, liquor traf- fic. Tabor. The additional committees will he on rules, seven members: arrange- ment and phraseology, nine; em- ployes, claims, seven; printing and public procedure, seven; fubmis- sion and address to the public, nine. Few delegates were aware that the employes committee was author- ized by resolution to distribute the pat- ronage, but the, wording of it appear- ed to give the committee the patron- age power, subject to the veto of the conveTiUon. The committee assumed it, though Mr. Harris of Aslitabula. member the committee, disputed its right to do more than fix the number of jobs. Many Seek Jobs. According to a member of tlie committee, there are fully 200 appli- cations for positions. Fathers are here Irving to get places for their daughters, brothers for their sisters, bachelors for their sweethearts, and one husband has been on the ground trying lo get a a day job for his wife. As usual, a big majority of the applicants will get nothing. President Bigelow has named Mrs. Ada Brown Pembertou of Xev; Vien- na as his secretary. Tt was decided to recommend to the general body that the position of vjce president be created. Di. S. D. Fess. president of Antioch college and delegate from Greene county, is prominently mentioned for the place. Ths committee has also tentatively agreed that the convention willwoik three full days a week. Only one session a day will be held, that simiiug at o'clock in tne morning on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. All officers and employes of the convention will be subject to the re- call. This is provided in the first rule adopted by the rules committee Under it President Bigelow and the other officers already elected and the emplojes to be appointed on recom- mendation of the committee on era- to serve on good Irehavior Tint the recall rule is not to be ornamental, but is intende-1 to be used there should be need it, is indicated by the retaining of a standing committee, the committee on employes. That committee, of which Judge Roehm of Montgomery- is chairman, decided to create 46 subordinate positions, including sev- en clerks, 10 stenographers. 10 cus- todians and porters, and eight pages. ROME m BBIE SCHOOLS Guysviile Wants to be the Center of a Special District The niaiter of creating a swual chool district Rome vith the center of this district and ts schools to be located in (ruysville. vas heard in probate court yesterday ifternoon, and after ibe evidence had ieeii heard, Judge Lynch announced hat he would take the case under ad- A large number of peo- le interested in ibe case were here rom Rome township and the case ia .n interesting one to the entire coun- The people of where a ownship high school was formerly lo- ated, and where there is a single mgraded school now, got up a peti- ion, asking that about eight sections ffl school district, where they could lave graded schools aad a high chool. Dr, Harper, the loader ot the petitioners, is a member oi the Rome township school board, which con- sists GL five members. Two of these ive members favored the creation ol he special disaiet. while three op- posed it on ibe ground that if Guys- -ille Tvas placed in a special district, so much revenue would be cut off rcm the remainedr of the township, hat there would not be enough mon- Deputy Sealer of County Completes Work in Athens Today of and JOHN CARTER DEAD Former Carbondale Kan Passes Away at State Hospital. ,luhn li Caiter, diod at the Aih ens' state Uohpi'al vvsierday when' he had been a patient io: 3 s Th- fun.-rul will bo held at the church at I who Ran Ahead of Harding- Sunday morning at eoudiii tml uev ur.kor. Over GOOD RepuolicaDS Dcputj Seller .Measureh James who was re- cently appointed by County Auditor Coe to inspect the weights and measures in all of Athens, county coniplote bis work in Athens today and ivjj] at once proceed to other lo- calities. Mr. Wclf staled that hi-, work in Athens has m-t been without results and results which mean mucb to the ultimate consumer as well as the merrhants themselves. During rounds of the local business houses Deputy Wolfe confiscated about 50 measures have been in use for tune. All of these measures were short more or less in diffeiinn amounts and nearly all of 1he buFi- ness bouses in which such measures are used were arfected. -Most of the measures that v, ere confiscated were of the bottomless type and in all in- stances the parries from whom they vic-re taken claimed that they were sold to them by their manufacturers as standard and said that they weie ignorant cf the fact that they were f-hort. Mr. Voile said Mr. Carter vuis bain dale le.ive.s four iiuubers, Cooiw of Trimliie, C. C. and ol ritarr. and Charles of Sand one -it> ter. Mrs. David Six, of Nov. lieki Republi Staid at Home in District Hon. Albert Dou.ula.s in the Per a time he lived jn the city yeslerdav between trains en- West where he amassed proper- routo lo j'omeroy to look niter some busiiH-sK affairs While in Athens a few weeks ago attending a meeting of the Cniveihity trustees, the writer called his attention to the fact Unit while be had been defeated for con- gress, he had no particular reason to feel over the result of the 111 10 election as he had run belter in 'the district as compared with Hard- g than Mr. Claypooi had ran oom- ireu with llarmon. Mr. Douglas expressed jjorue doubt as to the ac- curacy of the statement, though he that he had never analyzed (he returns this in view. Tin.-- Detective Freed by Order of Jote Anderson. inP.Wia lUlJSlAr nlorniuS said he bad looked into Law Ibe mailer wlih tho following result: Harmon's total vote in the district was Ilarding's total vote was s of Indiana Held to Conflict Claypcol's total vote in the With Federal Statute in Reference district was 22.S3-1; Douglas' total to Requisitions Court Declares that Harmon's luhe dl8tr'ct 1 all ot these measures weic correct in size for the measurement of grains but for produce such as apples, pota- lOGf, etc, they were short. All of tnese measures were destroyed today. Mr. Wolfe stated that nearly all ;f the scales in the city v. ere accurate or as nearly accurate as a man who '..'as not an ovpert could ascertain. .f land be set off fcr them tor a spec- few of them varied more than an ounce or two from the standard and in mosr ot" these instances the scales were affected by the cold weathor, thus causing them to be a little short because the ci! in them was harden- vote was so Sleuth Who Caused Arrest lf wan while Claypooi s majority miters Made Mistake by Entering'over was or 77 less Wrong Room at Courthouse and j-jian Harmon's That He Has Done Great Service. As compared with tile vote for Governor, Douglas ran ahead of Clay- pool in the four counties of Athens, -argument on tne writ by which he, HocWng .MlA Perpy. Imd was tsken from the custody 01 the ciaypool ran ahead of. Douglas iu the local authorities, William J. Burns ihree ccuim'cs of Sleigs, Koas, where Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 32 the writ by which he! was discharged from custody by Judge A. B. Anderson of the United States disnict court. This action re- lieves Barns from indictment for kid- nailing; John J. Jlcls'amara returned by the county grand jury. Detective ed. The deputy was very much sur-, Hsrssick of Los wno was prised to find such accuracy in these staiidards. All of his examinations were fol- lowed by adjustments and the weights and measures were then tagged as O small teal is fastened to each article which shows that an ex- t. ftLUli <il VL LliULl I ey lett to par for the maintenance ot I. animation had been made. he schools of ihe balance of the .ownship. The coiirr requested that the par- try to pottle ties get together Today Mr U'olfe examined the large scales at the packing houses and other plants on the outskirts. the matter without his decision, but this could not be done. The petiuon- rs were agreeable to the proposi- tion to cut off some cf the special district and e enough to furnish :axes to run the schools properly. To his three members of the board did not agree, fcr the reason above stat- ed. Both sides in tho- controversy- en- gaged attorneys and some testimony was heard from school men and oth- ers. The spccia.1 district which Guysviile people asked for is in the southwest corner of the township, and it is two miles from Guysviile to the high school which has been estab- lished in the special Stev, ari district. Stewart has a third grade high school and has made an arrange- ment with the Rome township board to take the township's Boxwell grad- uates. Guysviile wants a school in which these Boxwell graduates can be prepared and educated. The peo- ple of Guysviiie that ' has it wants in the way ot schools and it desires similar facil- ities. They say that they would bt willing for a high school tc be eiect- ed half way between and Stewart, and put back in the township, thus abolishing thn special district in which it is locat- Guysviile, they pays most of the mcney for the support o." the township, and wants the advantages close to home. Further, they say. that the territory they ask to bV ciu DIVORCE CASE IS TRIED IN SECRET Judge Declares Bancroft Test- is Repulsive. off for them would furnish ;ibouc scholars. The oi board v, bo op- JAILED FOR MURDER Arrest of Furman Clears Mystery of Cincer Car. Middletown. X. V.. Jan. With the arrest of Joseph Furiuan. and a statement by hia brother. Euaene Fnrman. the police believe they ha VF cleared up one of tho baftlm? cases in recent years, fieetio.i liajic.-; engaged On -Ian. in B car of cinders near West Broou- ville discovered thp skuli aau nthei bones, of a man. AC'-ordmg to the of Eugene Furman. the remains are those of his brother. Theodore Fr.r- Euseue de- down by Joseph man. a fireman. dares, was shot another brother, at their home on the night of Dec. 27. and the remnins buried ia the cinders. the ol the special dis- trict. stated that they ted ;io gmd Guysviile. and that if ousclit tc have a school of own. but dt? clared that :r.e 'dist-.icr which the petition embraced, rook ii territory which would take 4 per cent of ihe revenue of the township, out side of the Stewart special and xvoul'l tiiiis leave ahout j cent of tne 10 run the ten school of the Further they that the Siov.-a" school within yjjrds o the center of the township, v, nor the township high school f-oiilil bf ic CJted for iieueiii eats ago S. K. Manlis. o .A if the stat" school inspec-Jors. ommended that it would be host tn form a high school at Stew- art, which is the center of the town- ship. The opponent.-- to the grafting of the Guysville special diFtricr iire- (Contlnued ..on' Pago Two.) nounced as Del., .7nn 1-. Oe- repulsive hj Chief Jus- tico Pennewili, one of the trial judges, the divorce suit of John Bait- croft, .Ti'., for separation from his wife. Madeline Dupont Bancroft, was cailed for tiial. Tt is tlie ;cncra! rule of the court to hear all divorce actions -openly. Justice Pea- newi: lead an opinion. chambers. John Banr-roft. Jr., v.-as the first lie admitted the first ohiU. John Bancroft Third. '-orn in Paris in May. inos, five tnontns after his marriage. "He and his wife, he said, had Paris under tho assumed name of Kan is. Tie said he left Munich in May. J010. and also irdicted for kidnaping, not before the court, but his attorneys say that the decision" applies to him as well, and that the indictment in the local court will be dismissed. Buins was not in court during tho argument. H-e telegraphed that bio train was five hours late, but the court sa'd the argument wnuld be heard and he would on the tasa formally when Burns arrived Anderson tcok the lew that the Indiana statute is iu with the United States statute iu to requisitions, and that P.urns ply made a mistake, if mistake it was. going; into the wrong court. Said the couit: Result or Mistake. 'Burns made a mistake as to j which officer should take Mm. 11 P- foie assuming the statute is valid, and assuming thing on beliaU of tho statute of Indiana and its validuv on the face of the facts here and the facts as we ail know them, a requisition was proper1! isoiictl by the rcveinov of California on tho governor of Indiana. !t was prnp- honored by the governor of In- diana and in an honest effort to carry out the laws of Indiana made K mistake, it was a rnistakv. of going mLo the room of tiie cou.'fhousc. And upon a citizen. T stou to aav. who has rendered greater SPHICP to this renubllp in the last few nontiis than ;-ny other in it, not in- cluding soiae niah nfflciiiis. is hali-fl before the <.mr.t upon wii ond W 'as in ofut e. of trusts Thr.t too bio; a problem to discns- ofi'-iiand. 1 if-Ae prorarecl on it whi- h 1 wii! deliier in St l.oiiiy. I tl.o first otforncy gin i heiv She lihchamed lioiu tho hospital and ap- parently slipped and fell as was j .eavlns, sinking her head as-unst a I jrick wall Railroad Buildings Burn. Tok-ilo, O.. .Ian. 1-- Fnv, which caused by an stove n a foalhouae, efiiiaed a lob.s of 000 to the n-o-ekiiiK Valley lailroad it iclgp. Five- buildings were TO LIVE LIKE KINGR1R DAY Eccentric Travels in Special Train, LEMING WILL IS TO BE TAKEN TO COURT Mrs. Riley Morris to Contest Division of Estate of Federal Merchant FUNS ONE GLORIOUS TIME be o, r.p Fa- or L.-jnd Rc'orcotaiion. O. an s-.c-'-iy on in fn-vor tho plan at'iiocated Co i y of A. P. Sandles of agriculture as a method of reforesta- tion of lands that have t'ne state for nonDaviaent of taxes. state b-oard of Indicted For Shooting Girl. Eaton. O., Jan. 1'J Tv.-o indi't- wero rsniined against CHarlm charaiiii; him with riiootins T-orena Ucllm-in, M. m a Firs: it wat, nsui ooffpp that v.-ore making Kcr'planc flights in prices Mnd no'-'-" after tliogf FoiiiPthtriz; rnc-ir nor- mal prills- tli'- fouj-unier laces a still j near Colipge Corner, hist Oftobcr. more siiti.iuoii, as pry-el It. is charsrpd that the shooting vtio of potatoes, an xrttfif J the 'result of a j-outhfu! love affair, of fr-od, i.i higr.c-r da> j lo'-u! K.-oc'-r said today that tnoj to ih" C4.r''- price of "pi.ifp.-v" will concinuf to soar if the- lit wcaiiicr does io: mof'n-rate it's due to the diifleui- of rihippinpr tl'jnng the ccsd wpatii- V.'lifn th" Cfir'oadp. arrivp oi the potaJoes oad been in very poor health for some ime and for about three weeks pri- ir to hie death had Been practically iclpless from a stroke paralysis. iis daughter, Mrs. Morris, claims he was unconscious most of that last hrce weeks and was not. in a-mental :oudition which would warrant "him n making his will of his own accord and according to his own desires. The vill which was filed in iirobate 'court and which will he contested, was dat- ed December 2G, 3911, thus being made about two weeks before tho death of Mr. Fleming, who WEB 63 ears old. Yesterday Mr. and Mrs. Riley Mor- came to the court house to hear he will read and when Mrs. Morris learned that she had been barred rom. participation in her father's es- atc, she almost fell lo the floor and vept bitterly. Her emotioa was so deep that she could not be quieted by husband for many minutes. It is estimated that William Fleming left an estate of in property of arious kinds and thus Mrs, Morris, vho was Delta Fleming, would have- received about as there are four children. Mr. and Mrs. Morris .ook a copy of the will and consulted attorneys with the view of starting an immediate contest Both claim that there are plenty of grounds on which the will can be broken and say they are talcing this action because Mr. Morris is a, poor man and he and iis wife have several children of their own besides two of hers by a former marriage to care for. Mr. Morris said that he was a poor man and Hv- ed in rented property. According to the terms of the will which was made about three weeks Verl the son of Mrs. Morris, by former marriage to George Phillips, of Ames township is to receive a 7o-acre farm in Homer township, Morgan county, known as the Sarah 7rogue farm. This farm is to go to young "Phillips he be- comes 21 years of age. To his Malinna Jones Fleming. William Fleminz left all the balance ol his property, both real and persona! At the death of Mrs. Fleming the es tate is to to their uvo sons, Aus- tin and Charles, and to their daugh- ter. Xora McCunc, of Trimble, while the share of Delta Morris is to be in hands of an executor dur in? TIT lifetime .1.1 d upon her is to co to her children. Verl Phillip: and Vcrn Keirns. She will set the interest on this property only during life. Charles and Austin Flem- inc named as of the es- tate. Mr. Moms stated that one of his j wife's iirmbf-r-, Ivcame ancrry at thorn j 's-oim; months a so and at that time he "Butch' McDevitt, Who to Withdraw From County Ticket, Decides to Blow Amount In Trip From to New Trust to Luck to Get Back Negro "Valley" as Companion. Pa.. Jan. for the Waldorf, which is New York so J. McDovitt, or "Butch" as he is known locally. Is speeding eastward on a special train, in ma effort to spend the which _- received for withdrawing from the Democratic ilclcct after he bad got primary nomination for county treas- urer. His one great ooj'ect is to be able to day tonight: "At least I liivii _> lived one day." He says he is going to intfr the Wt'ldorf lobby with exactly of the He hM now left the plus wulcB-.Jlli the cost of the train. How fte wjll get back here be says ke doesn't know, or care. Butch and Abe Moody, his or as Butnh 'says, his chair 5 car. a basrgage car to hold' suitcase, Dr. E. physician, aid Johnny- 'a. clerk ,of the hotel Reddinston, all'', will slam into New York together J-' just before the- tonight. In addition to tbc two can .mention- cd, the railroad folks also will Cmdd two or Johnny Lenaian along retary to Butcli. "And what you going 4b Butuh-at luncheon-at "I haven't the Butch, as lighted, cigar. "Maybe, I'll Just; stick uffnuiL- waiting to run .for office, put this down, work; it's too late to begin thit stuff now." Butch has the dhstinctlbn of ing run for five ets, all at the same election, and ot having: been, elected to-four or the flve. He once" was arrested for hay- jng while'tuft--' ning a milkery here, and of aearlBV -V his while doing- jury duty, and of being impaneled tb serve as foreman of was to try his own case. -The '-y 11 jurors, to convict him, Butcli says, and Butch, says held- c for a long time for acquittal, but finally had to give in and came court to say in a clear voice, -h honor. find the i Half For Tipt. "t can live on a week." j Butch, "t need that much because >I always for every cent I spend away the same amount in could live on ?S a week if it weren't for the tips." Mr. McDevitt received long tele-' gram from Leo Stevens, the naut, asking McDevitt whether will make a flisht in a Wright ma- chine with Aviator Beatty at -the throttle. Hammerstein'8 is telephon- ing that they will give Butca a week. Cohan Harris are sending word that Press Agent Eddie Dunn will hurry up from. Baltimore to meet Butch at Bethlehem and eueort nim straight to tie little show. "I don't like all this Butcfc complained. "What I wanted' to- do was to just take a quiet little tentatious trip to New York in a cial train, eat something at the Wai- dorf, about worth, and trust to God to get back home. I wouldn't take a weet to go on the vau- deville stage. It would break fath- er's heart. Xo, I'm on the would burst him all up to know that I had got low enough to become, an actor. He's a great old man, my father. The first thing he says to 5-ou Is. 'Are you a Democrat or a- to K-sfnnony (threatened to lo have cut from the -niil of her fath- Mr Mrs. Morris say that dur- iiue; thpir father's last illness they home and helped to rare ior presented i vcni to fired a bullet nf the s -r. ihai they could hardly bo 'aloiif with iiini. Both say that they never iiad an> trouble with their fath- Carriers Elect Officers. Columbus. O-, Jan. r.-ie final business session ot" the Ohio Caa- ncrs' association F. M- of Ur- hana was re-elected president coming year without opposition- Other officers of the association leciod -iverc: Vice president, W. W. Wilder. Clyde; secretary-treasurer, C. C. McDonald, Elyria; directors, Ian Sears, Chillicothc; C. Webb Camp- ar.ii canno on Page Two.) in the from tlu: iiiiuiy. She has ered in his weakened condition and had hell, Coaneaut; A. J. Scheurer, hini a will cuttjnp Mrs. Morris! row; P. R. Caldwell, CircieviHe, OJI G. L. Malta,