Thursday, January 4, 1912

Athens Daily Messenger

Location: Athens, Ohio

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Text Content of Page 1 of Athens Daily Messenger on Thursday, January 4, 1912

Athens Daily Messenger, The (Newspaper) - January 4, 1912, Athens, Ohio many efcloyers -will 2 talk business work- hunters u'hb f-.n, not be J thiu wfct advertis- tttib city Ipis week. WEATHER Fair tonight and Fr.'daj-. COU'H-TR TONIGHT. THE HOME PAPER OF ATHENS AND ATHENS COUNTY, OHIO. VOL VII ATHENS, OHIO. THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 4, 1912 PRICE TWO CENTS K EVANS IS sized With Acute After Luncdetn, HARMON IS PLEASED IDOL OF AMERICAN NAVY Wash TJ plan Tan V. or and received on board the fcnva UIT commandcr and her 'oDicer's as There were no casualties en the Iowa. Arrangements for the fuiiera! have been placed in the hands of Uu- navy department. Though the details have not yet been decided, it has been settled that. Admiral Evans' body siiall be. accorded all military honors, and the burial will take place to- morrow afternoon in Arlington na- tional cemetery. Eight pallbearers will be selected from among officers who had served under Admiral Ev- ans and his closest friends in naval circles. Navy Machinists Strike. Portsmouth, Va., Jan. of dissatisfaction with Secretary cl the Navy Meyer's new seientilic management system for navy yards, nearly 100 machinists and Helpers in the local navy yard struck. Tbe walkout followed a refusal by the men to adopt thr-i card' sysrptr: of re- cording, their working speed. All strikers are members of the Interna- tional Association of Machinists. aii than three tt.iirs. Rear Roblei D Evans, to the American public as Bob" Evans, diefe at his me Jn. tins city. The cau'se of his was an attack of adore indi- gestion which came on ai ter ae had. eaten his luncheon. r "Fighting Bob" Evans, to tie coun- try generally, was the hero 'of the new nJvt It was Ins lortune to be on the forefront of American sea fight In 1891, Admiral -witb, one gunboat to- buck h.m up ia eais Henrj- O'Bleness, one year. No salary attached. The health, board, tax commission, fire chief, second assistant fire mar- shal and other employes who are to! serve under the two directors will be announced later by these officials, j The <bealtli board, five, and j the'fire chief, will be appointed by the1 mayor, and the head of the light and water departments will also be "ap- pointed by the mayor, who will act in conjunction with the director ot public service, according to the .state- ment of the this morning. Mayor Slaughter stated that no con- clusion has been reached as to this appointment, although it is generally supposed that Stipt. AI Bell will be displaced. No city official has made iny statement .to'' this effect as yet, however. -It is supposed that a gen- eral shaking- up will result in the light and water department, as far as tb.5 employes are concerned. The director of public safety, "who has charge' of ".the fire'and police de- partments hiTB appointed Hugh Mcigh- sii as fire marshal at a salary of ?660 and bis bond is He will make !iis borne in the city fire building and act as janitor, as "heretofore, furnish- ing meals to the prisoners in the city prison at the rate of 20 cents per meal. An. assistant fire marshal at a salary" of is also to be appointed ,o" assist Mr. The other members of tie fire department are to be paid sc much for each fire, will be" designated "by council as' to number. The council will fix the salaries of all city employes, not fixed by ordi- .ice, who are appointed by the two directors. The service director will have in charge the street, water, and light de- partments and these have been divid- ed into streets, and wator and light and accordingly the mayor will ap- point their heads. The safety depart- ment has been divided into police and fire, and so the mayor will appoint the heads of these deparimeiKs. TELLS TALES W, D, Miles Testifies at Trial ot Chicago Packers, mm HOW POOL OPERATED Phelps Gains Point. Findiay. ,O.. Jan. II. PhcJps of this city, who is the Obio Oil company, thu nuck-'-ye Pipe Line company, the So'ur UeQnics company and the Oil com- pany for 3100.000' damages, victory wben Judge Scoii-'id Ma- rion mailed an entry in the famcr.s .case to this city, refusing to .strike Phelps' supplemental petition from ine' flies. Offers Reward For Bride. Newark, p., Jan. Mc- Queen, 70. a civil war offer.? the recovery of his bride cf three months, who was l'.i- year-old Josephine .Clark of Thorn- port. Jlrs. McQueen came to Xewark to visit relatives and' shortly after- wards disappeared. Declares That "Margins" Were Sent Out In Order That Eastern Repre- sentatives fvligh.t' Protect Them- selves Fram Overshipments and Did Not Necessarily Thai Me Had to Be Sold ;at Certain Price. Made Defendants'Grip Their Seats. Chicago. Jan. D. Miles was Tue center of attraction at the trial of the 10 indicted ifleat packers, and when his name was called each oJ! the defendants grippd his "chair and hastily.- moved :to the vritness stand to hear what tlVe packers' for- mer manager was unfold- for years was general manager for. the Armour Packing company at. Kansas City, He has been proclaim- ed as the eminent s ness. It is even hinted- by the de- fcnaantt, counsel that he foi jc-ii- bas been at government -investigator. the moment tbe 'stand ittwnay Pierce Butler of St Paul conducted the- examination oc the Inezes Wiles be turned over to: Assistant .Attorney .General- .lames -Sheean. Talked of Old Pool. Mi Sheean lost ILO t'me n. getun? down, to business. to 'lead the witness he misht krioAi Tboui papers tlic oPitf1'! of the old when the -nafa a member of it, and at times, its oLauman All Jincs iden -tified many papei1? tfenfc to him tlnoas'i the pool These reJatec1 to shipments of meat iSiSde the Vimoui companj )ii terri lory A" or tbe northeastern part of the United States. He-described mar- gins, their inception, their intent and their flgufet, These maisni, Le sf-id nfre issued so (uat t'.o paf Ivoi s toe "no ild Lave corae pi ice could maintain a standard ori returns: 'Thin, he declared, was not. thai, meat shipped to the east had1 to ..-be sold at a certain price, but .that tile whole volume of the shipment would' have tp turn in a certain margin" of profit. He said that some nreat might sell below cost, as a 'result, of age. while-other meats might sell at a higher cost because of its high qual- ity. The making of allotments to the shippers, he said, was in self- protection of their none-would overship the. market-and catrae a material loss, from spoiling. Heat! Crushed by Rock. Akron, O., Jan. 4. Lyle Gilbert. 40. was killed when a stone which had been thrown in tbe air in blast- ing for the Canton-Youn'gstbwn rail- road fell on his head.. THREE CENTS OR WALK Toledo Citizens Adopt Slogan In Streetcar Fight. Toledo, O., Jan. The Toledo Street Railroad company has noi de- cided upon what to pursue with reference io the :'.-conr. fare or- dinance passed by council and which it is expected will receive Mayor k's signature today. It is hinted that service may be discontin- ued on the 14 lines on which the franchises have expired, which would practicnlly stop all service ill the city, or that certain stockholders may ask for the appointment of a receiver. In several otlice buildings walking clubs have been formed, the motto of thu members, being "Three Cents or Walk." It is proposed to organise a central club which will embrace organizations in wards und precincts throughout the city. PREMIUMS AWARDED AT POULTRY SHOW Judge Finished Yesterday and Visitors are Thronging Big Show to See Winners Judge McC'racken finished judging shortly after noon yesterday, and the following awards, in addition to those published yesterday have been made: S. C. Rhode Island Reds. L. G. Gary, 1 cock; l .cockerel: 2 He i 1 and 2 pullet 1 pen Baker, i cock ,-t cockerel t pullet: 2 pen. Dayton Wolf, 2 cock. Ohailea Baikei, 1 cock S. It Ballon, 4 cockerel. R. C. Rhode Island Reds. Clinton -Kiddle, 'A and 4 cock; 1 pen: F. W. Bush, 3 cockerel: A 13 Graham, 1 cock, 4 cockerpl 9 iieu, 2 and 3 pullet, J pen E Tefierb. 2 cotk 1 hen W r Peters, 1 pullet C H Vhipple, 2 cockerel, 2 pen Light Jr B" Copelaud, JL cock, 1 hen competition. Buff Cochins. H T Trainer, COCK 1 cockeiel 1 and 2 lien and 2 pullet 1 pen Partridge Cochins. Tloberi Cousins, 1 cock, 1 cockerel, .uid 1 hen, i and 2 pullet; 1 ion. -Black Langshans. David 3 cockerel, 1, 2 and 4 mllett l peri White Faced Black Spanish. Aden Chadwell, 3 and 2 pullet; 1 an. Blue Andalusians. H. S. Linscott 1 and'2 pullet. S. C. Brown Leghorns. Harry T. Trainer. 1 cock; 1 cocker- el; 1 and 2 and 2 pullet; 1 )en. TAFT'S FIGHTING _ BLOOD MOUSED THIEVES GET AWAY WITH RICH BOOTY Rob Newark jewelry Store in Sight ot Pedestrians, Newark. O., Jan. a wom- an and little girl watching them as they worked, three burglars looted the iewelry store of P. J. Pratt of diamonds, watches and other valu- ables amounting to The store rs located in one of the main business sections of the city and robbery was committed in view of passing crowds. Tbe yeggs gained entrance tbrougn a door at the roar of tbe store ami went to the front window, which they siripped clear of its contents, putting their loot into oil sacks. Xext they rified showcases and draw- ers, securing many valuable As the burglars -worked J. Weak'y and little Miss Hazel Swann! stood in front of the window. .Mrs.j Weakly believed the men to be at-- tacnes of the store who were putting! the goods away for the. niglit. The little girl "declared believed; the men tc be burglars and said they were working just as she had read! about in bnrgiar stories. j When it was determined to call policeman and the officer bad tbe thieves escaped. They- east' of this r-ity nrnl arc beiag pursued' by officers in an automobile. S. C. White Leghorns. S. L. Dowd, 2 cock; 2, 3, and 4 lien; pen. E. H. Eddy, l cock; i and 2 cocker- el: I hen; 2 and 4 pullet; 1 and 2 pen. Sam McDaniel, J pullot Elmer Finsterwald. 4 cockerel; -1 pen. S. C. Buff Frank Winner, l cock; 2 cockerel; 2 and hen; -1 pen. J. P. Gulley, 1 and 4 cockerel; 1 and -I pullet; 2 and 3 pen. L. Miller, 3 cockerel. S. C. Black Minorcao. William Lantz, 1 cockerel. James Brown, 1 hen; 1 and pul- let. S. C. Mottled Anconas. Edgar Dixon, 1 cockerel. Klmer Finsterwald, 1, 3 and 4 puilet Homer Biggins, 2 pullet. R. C. Anconas. A. E. Graham, 1 cockerel; 1 and 2 pullet. Xo competition. Buff Orpingtons. C. .V. Darst, 1, 2, and -1- cock; 1 2 and 4 cockerel; i, and 3 1 and pallet; 1 and 2 pen. Roy II. Kasler, cockerel. C. II. Davis, 4 hen. .lames Brown, 4 pen. Miller, 2 pullet. v Black Orpingtons. V. G. Danford. 1 cock: 2 and -1 cockerel: 1 hen. James Brown. 2 cock; 2 nnd 4 ben: 1 pullet; 1. pen. Maurice Gross, 2, 3 and -1 pullet; 1 and cockerel. White Orpington. .i. L. Stephcnson, 1 and 2 cock: l and 2 cockerel; 2, and lion; 1 and 2 puilf-r; 1 pen. W. E. Marcjuis, and -1 pullet: cockerel. Guy Graham, pen. James Brown, 4 hen; 2 pen. W. Hiygins, 4 cockerol. Slack Polish. John s. Taylor, 1 cock; 1 and 2 hen; I pullet. Golden Polish. Charles Knox, J cock; l cockerel; 1 puller.; 1 hen. Xo competition. S. S. cockerel; 1 htm; I. 2, 3, and pul- let; 1 pen. Red Caps. Wiliuin Simons, J cock; 1 lion. No competition Red Games. Ear! C. Jackson. No competition Dark Cornish. C. R. Miller, no competition. Buff Cochtn Mrs. J. F. Gullev, I cockerel; 2 pul- let. E. 12. Eddy, l cock; 1 hern; r pullet; 1 pen. Red Pyle Ganws. H. J. lane, no competition. Silkies. William Simons, no competition. Black Tailed Jap Bantams. Harry Traineijjtio competition. Indian Runner Ducks. n. G. Gary, 1 and 2 pair. J. B. Jones, 3 pair. T.-J. Withers, 4 pair. Special Awards. S. M. Johnson, silver cup for best pen white birds. C. N. Darst, silver cup for best pen solid color birds, R. Herrold, silver cup for best pen parti-colored birds. G. E. Whipple, for beet shaped R C. it I. B. pullet; also ribbon from R. 1. Red club of America for best shaped female in show. A E Graham, for host colored U. C R. I. Red; also ribbons from R I. Red club, of America for best coloied and best shaped bird, male or (Continued On Pago Five.) TEN DONTT GIVEN BYDRJUHYDE Creator of "DontY' For TT umcii in Limelight Dr Albert Marion. Hyde, of Brock- ton, whose "ten dont's for women" have been spread broadcast celebra- ting Chriairnas by formulating "ten dont's for ioung men." Here they are in all their pristime glory: Don't speak of trie "old genr. and the "old woman." Fathers and moth- ers are a necessary in the pres- ent system of things. They have spoken respectfully of you when out- siders could not see anything on which they could hang even. "a..small compliment; Don't give all sour attention, to the education of ths brains on the. out- side of your head. Football hair and a letter oa your jersey are not a sufficient training- for- life. The ;young fellow who is old-faahioned enough to jro to school Tor study still hfts a place in the world, Don't invest your nickel in a of beer, then afterward "criticise tile other fellow who has invested his (Continued On INDOOR ATHLETICS HAVE CENTEROf STAGE Prospects for Winning Bas- ketball Team At 0. U. Not Bright The prospects for Ohio's basketball team, for 1012 are the poorest in sev- eral years as Captain Kcnney is the only old who is now out. Coach Hinaman bas the task of developing four new 'varsity men, all of whom are inexperienced, although there are several clever players who are show- ing up in an encouraginj? manner. Tho first of the year will be played Saturday evening at with the 'varsity and alumni as opponents. The first college jcame will be with Marietta on UK; evening; ot" Saturday, January week a call for indoor track men will be issued 10 prepare lor the meet with Denison university on Feb- ruary 10 .it GranviHc. are a number of ii'rfeiy men for r.he team and j tbe prospects are bright or than in Declares Death Alone Can Keep Him Out ot Race. ROOSEVELT'S FRIENDS ACTIVE Washing-ton, Jan. but death can keep me out of the light remarked President Taft to friends with whom he was discussing hie immediate future in presidential politics. He that he hail no objection to this statement beinc made public. The president, it be said, was not goaded Into miking tlilg statement. He in good humor and -was Just as kindly and pleasant wsual, but he evidently. felt that in view of recent rumors and statements, especially in vfew ot Governor Oaborii's that of itid cot sss5s--arTeaosBM nation, the time had come when exact position should known to tlie public. Colonel petition also mode known by penonftl frlsnds In this who he is In the fight for Ore prssWwi- tial, nomination and added that they personally, waited on Colonel ROOM- veit several months ago .for the; pur- pose'of Meertalning jb" the matter. They then decUrod to Roosevelt U their opinion Taft could not elected If renomlnaiefl. J went pvpr ground with RooMrrelt, raarkiiiff. president's peci-" p'rocitj- very In- jurloua tigk Maine to i the, Cmiartian border: "f V Told te.ttp These of Colonel declared further thtt ex-president with EHuhincM -tnJt they could go'forward in Uwtr-twwrft- of organ iefttlon on befealf: that' he would not Jnterfere witb their work, .but that they need not from Mm any positive decUratioa to his own candidacy; that he woold merely sit tight, usicit one of-tbe president's favorite expressions: So that it may now Mated that the Roosevelt haphazard without direction, without head or tail, but from start has had formation and deter- mined purpose, and mower, that- the ex-president" inw been futly miliar With what been' going on and 11. at he acquiesced in it- and sanctioned it. Representative Calder returned from. New York city and wtu in earnest conversation with a number of his Republican congressional u'rrthreu in the delegation, f Representative Calder has no tiou in telling them that Colonel Roosevelt a, candidate for Re- publican nomination for president, and added that certain businesu in- terests did not believe that President; Taft could he elected Senator one ot the old-time friends of Roosevelt, evidently is well aware of all that has been, going on. He fairly beamed on his colleagues. At intervals he even chuckled, _ that is saying a greet deiU for Sen- ator Looms Up. It is well known 'that influ- ential Republicans from a number states have visited Supreme Court Justice and discussed his availability. To all visitors Jus- tice Hughes has made but rne an- swer, the one so well known to public, that he could not and would not be a candidate -while President Taft was a candidate. Furthermore, it is well known in this city thmt several Vermont, .to be spe- cific as to one which indicated that, while it could not send a. Taft dele- gation, to the national convention nor a Roosevelt delegation, she could very easily send a delega- ion. y.--a n It is also known that prominent in the affairs of; land v.-ho have all along been cially friendly to Mr, Taft. and who are not at al! friendly to Roosevelt, That the situation is becoming so intolerable that eventually !t be necessary to seek for a compro- mise candidate, and these men In- variably whisper the of -if-" 'n-5 William Simons, 3 cock; 1, 2, 3, and attended. basketball. A series inter-class basketball games will start in (he very near fu- ture. Last year these games were among the most interesting of the year, as they were well supported and j Say City Cterk Short. Columbus, O.. Jan. 4. board of inspection returned of Sl.S20.C3 against W. D Hanuv city clerk of Shelby. Examiner .Lippiucotf. charges thaf ed for the city amlT deposited in city treasury