Wednesday, January 3, 1912

Athens Daily Messenger

Location: Athens, Ohio

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Athens Daily Messenger, The (Newspaper) - January 3, 1912, Athens, Ohio Not many employers will talk, with work- hunters who -.can not be Jk reached thru want advertis- ing in this city this week, Jk WEATHER SNDlCATIONeV Pair in north: unsettled in south tonight and Thursday. No change in temperature. THE HOME PAPER OF ATHENS AND ATHENS COUNTY, OHIO. VOX, 31 ATHENS, OHIOt WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 3, 1912 PRICE TWO CENTS BARRED FROM POLITICS Premier Coaxes From Dowager Empress, BLOODY CONFLICT 10 FOLLOW Faith In Ability to Hold Country' North of River, Where Sentiment Strongly Present Dynasty Bitterly Opposed to Action of Shanghai and Southern 1 Republicans. Peking Jan. a na- 1 tional convention which would settle the future form of government for China b aa. vanished and: civil war, which means the country's destiny must worked out 'in blood, As impend- ing. This unhappy outcome of four. weeks' negotiations between'the gov- ernment and-the republicans is im- mediately due to Premier Yuan Shih Kai'c determination to-'- support the monarchical and .there is no reason for suggesting that: hie de- cision is due to other i causes than rPphonest r-omittion. '4t The premier, after obtaining 800 000 from the dowager empress to -V carry on .the war, notified .all .the- for- eign legations of this intention, <Se- gf cianng that the Smpeiia.1 army is ell able to hold all the country noi th ot Yangtscluang. He furtaer ex pressed, the. opinion that the republi- cans in the south would soon disin- tegrate Llttie Hope Left. Thers is, of course, yet a poaslbil :y of intervention a? some bleventh- bour development averting a bloody struggle but nothing of that kind has appeared thus far. Pram all parts ot ttie fit _pro-monarehial' sympathy and -turious Letter Carriers Must.Not Participate Taft's Order Says. Washington, .fan. thous- and rural free delivery letter carriers are barred from active participation in politics by au executive order signed by President Taft today. The order- will be issued tomorrow. It forbids the rural letter carriers from pernicious activity in politics and em- powers the civil service .commission to dismiss any found to be so engag- ed. The rural carriers, like all oilier po'stoffice employes, are not to bo de- nied the right of political belief: and discussion of candidate's and issues, but their active participation in poli- tical affairs will be stopped. The term "pernicious activity in politics" is an elastic one and it. in the past has worked on other classes cf fed- eral employes as an effectual bar from politics. Solicitor Prices Tells of New Administration of Old Athens Many have inquired as to the changes that wall take place in the toim of the mtinicinal government that Athens has become a citv Some mcnths ago JJoliciroi PrKe the follow in? statement ot the conditions that pieiail under-i Cleveland Firm Bought Over Worth of Athens Paper Yesterday afternoon council award- ed i.iie street and storm sewer bonds which were offered for sale a; that time to Tillotson com- pany, <-'f Cleveland. Their bids were two .in number, covering the storm sewer bonds to the amount of HO0 and bonds for the improvement of Cable street to the amount of C20, .May avenue to the amount of Stimson and Campbell ave- nues. and Maplewcod Place. The total amount of the street bonds was The prem- iirnV on the storm sewer bonds offer- ed'iby Tillotson Wolcott was ana S697 on the street bonds, a total jjireniiunr, of or about four per: lieiit; This bid was by far the -best, received from the 11 firms or in- dividuals who entered bids. who bid on the total issue or a part of it were 0. I.-. Poston, T. and The Security Sav- ings Bank company, of this city: The Western: German Bank, of Cincinnati: Seasongcod Slayer, of Cincinnati; Breed Harrison, of Cincinnati; The Piovideni Savings Bank Co., of The Security Savings Bai k Trust company, of Toleao; Weil, Roth Co, of .Cincimiati: The Millei of Cleve- land SENATOR DORE One of the Leaders at Anti-Harmon Gathering. it} to the' Shanghai reformers and southern, but. It is difficult fo here the strength of the common -soldier's loyalty to the throne Ths trouble at Lanchcw may be significant in ,this respect, since it was this same Lan- chow arm% which two months ago coerced the national assembly and rested the constitution from ;-th'e They have been peaceful and were-Regarded a.s important prop for the monarchy. Meanwhile there is- little definite news from-the south. A Hankow dis- patch says the fighting reported be- tween the republicans anct the uhicn aie row in place for .epioduction, and will bo found below "The present eouncil has been call ed upon to adjust the atfairs of 'he village for eifi gc cement, by ad justing salaries foi 'be officers that -svere elected at the fall election The officers elected solicito1 president of council, seven men, auditor and 7-TIie major v.iil -appoint a dnector of public and a diTectoi rf public safen The ditector of pubi.c will cliaige or tne plants aid -vvi'l appoint all streets electiic light and v.atei emplojes. in the department make all council tvill auth orize all contracts requiunn: the ex penditure of a sum exceeding The dnector ot public safen -fill! charge of the file and police departments and v.ill have the simr duties to perfoim as to his ment as the dupftoi cf public --ei It was concensus. :of opinion tLat the bids were; the best and.the most nomeious that have been, rc- eened fo1 bonds .of the. city of Ath- ens for several years and. show that ihe bond houses of the country have great eoi fidence in -Athens .and its possioilmes The sale the largest. single transaction in se1 eral years. The bends 'Mil bp at once pienaied tor then puichaseis WOLFE MADE SEM.EROF COONIY Has Begun Work of Testing All Weights and Measures Under instructions from State Settl- er tsl' :ind Measures S. E. Strode, County Auditor George A. C.'oe has appointed James of Nelsonville, deputy sealer of weights and measures for Athens county. His NEW YEAR'S DINNER salary eas be tixcd by the county REPORT tWf IUD List of .Receipts and Dis- in Local Option Fight commissioners at about per day expenses paid by the county, altlio uo action has been taken by the county, board as yet. They will fix Mr. U'oife's salary this week. Mr. Wolfe has begun his work, first taking up the scales and measures of this city. JIo will perform his work as as possible. He will curry a complete set of scales and measures with him. thro- out the county, ihe state having fur- nished a fine outfit which ia complete to the last detail. Auditor Coe, in -speaking of Mr. Wolfe's work, said: "The enforcement of this law will prove benellciallo all. Honest deal- ers, v.-ho have been giving honest weights and measures, have nothing to fear .and the people will be pro- tected from uiose who have been cheating. Every scale .measure. must now hear, the sealer's stamp and those that are short will be con- demned. Should auy dealer tamper with either scales or measures after they have been tested, he is sub- ject to. a heavy fine. If the buying public will now assist 'the officials, cheating will be out of the question, for by weighing' your purchases you can easily delect any irregularities' Served at J. E. Herron Home Near New Marshfield to 25 Guests. Now Marshfield, Ohio, Jan. of the most pleasant social gather- ings of the season was held on New Year's Day at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. -1. K. Herron, one mile west of this place, where friends to the number of ii5 spent a very enjoyable day. The rooms were tastefully dec-; orated with Holiday suggestions. At noon a sumptuous dinner was served. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. William Boden, and son Clark; Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Conkey, Mr. and Mrs. F. JU Gould, Mrs. C. E. Baugbman and daughters, Eva. Madge, Feme and Edythe; Mr. and Mrs. Einmett Boden and daughter Garnet; Misses Dena and Margaret, and Glenn gett, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Boden and sons Earl and Carl; Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Herron and son Clyde. Paves Way to Deeper Probe into Packers' Atiairs. PAPER SHOWS PRICE FIXIM6 F. E. Goldsberry, as treasurer of the Athens Dry Campaign bv reporting: the same the of- has filed mill the boa.d of cai. be punished The mer- a statement ot the lecipts and dis- cbants should accord the deputy 01- bu.snentb Tnib statement leads erv possible courtesy and aswstance TRUSTEE CALLEDJY DEATH Only Colored Member 01 0. U. Board of Trustees Dies at Hankow and Han Yanfe- -was ex- aggerated. It was an unimportant affair and was due to af misunder- standmg.- Tne evacuated Han Tang and took tc-ains for the north, and .General Hang, the 1 yebel not to the_fSvacuated positions. On rebels are re- to crossed the river at and aie preparing to go President Alston. Ellis, of the Ohio university, this morning received a from eland, informing him 'The dnector ot public vice and the directoi of public safeu I -onstmite a boaid which all cf the death of X E. Benson, ot. that expenditures of money m excess oficitv, who 1ms been a member of the E-verv eontiact of the titj in- board of .trustees -ijo'cal insti- vorung The expenditure of cr more must be authorized-by council, approved to the board consisting of the mayor, and the he- ore the director of the given depart- ment can enter into a .contract. If the public service department IMEWLY WEDS RECEIVED. Mrs. L-aonard Nanna "Re rmembercd" By Their Friends. r. and Mrs. Leonard Nanna ret-Whyte) were given a warm re Iption-last night by their many ung friends. The affair was to re Jnd the young couple of their mar which came as a surprise to eir acquaintances. orderly crowd, composed cf scv scores of the friends of Mr. and B. Nanna proceeded to their home at evening, forced them to enter an carriage and ttten drew the car- e- through the streets for more an- an hour. Speeches were made business houses that were open late hour and then the newly ia wore treated at the Candy the party left the Kitchen, the bride was allow- BtftTrthe carriage but Mr. Nan- was forced to hang on behind and were thus escorted to their new tution for nearly 20 years. His death was very sudden, as he had not bee'n ill, although he iad iii rather poor health for several months. Mr; Benson was'-the only colored man who had ever been so honored bv this institution. He was appoint- thau it contains the naii'es and ad- of each person committee, 01 association contributed prom- ised, received and mon- ey ot value or incurred di lectly 01 mdirocth any liability, the specific natme ot sucn item, the pur pose toi which, the place where, and the date -when it contiibuted Ij'oinised lecened, expended, or in curred in connection w'itlvsuch elec- tion, the the! hands Of said committee and the disposition to be nuide thereof. The total amount received was mainly from individuals, 118 parties contributing small .amounts. The disbursements went to-print- ing, speeches, rent and distributing- The largest bills were: in the performance of his duties. BOOSTfR CAR WILL INIEREST EVERYONE AWARDS WILL ALL BE MADE TODAY Poultry Show Now More In- teresting With Premium Cards Hung The Southern Ohio Poultry associa- tion show in the-VHom con- tinues to attract many visitors both from fanciers and the laity. Some ot the exhibitors are staying right with their birds until the awards are made and then if they are disappointed, they disappear while the successful ones stay around to gloat over their winnings and show their prize win- ners to admiring friends. Those who think they have good birds at home but hadn't the cour- age or time to exhibit, .stand around their favorite-variety and tell all who win listen, how much better their birds at home are than that-- w ere awarded first prize, and BO' It Prctecuticn It If Necw- cary, to Former Superin- ter-.drnt For Armour A Company on Stand to Show Operation! of Allied Beef May Named to Books While Being Inspected, Chicago, Jan. 3. many developments of a nature In connection with trla.1 of 10 Indicted DECkers in ths United States court Henry V cedar, junior member of the flrm ot Albert Veeder Son, for of the big packing fir mi WM fire dar federal mt- torney- lorm -ot government, keeps tlie minutes -of. council and performs sucfe executive duties of the present clrk, the keeping cf the accounts of the lage, which :s the duty of "the auditor. 'The cn> foim of govffument is'. what is known as the cabinet form the business executive power beins lodged in the mayor apixiint- eeg; the directors, and is designed to tecate power in the jnayor, and bold him responsible for- the or bad government of the city, and at every election the voters decide the policy of the city government by the. election of the ROAD SCHOOLS Wil! Be Conducted in Ev-ry County of the State. Cclumbus, Ohio, Dec. Schools for instruction of highway officials j be held in every county in the State witbm the next three months u-ith engineers of the State Highway opu.o.1 election, Attorney t'ure. The '-yield''o'f eorn per at tnc ond of 15 years' continu- CHEER MENTION OF eral Hogaii :-held that these state-' g clllture without manure on the ments .were-not required.' I e hantj a jjkc period of rota- tion cropping with phosphated ma-' j mire. j A comparison of different feeds, 'including for fattening pigs. Siliiir Feeding pigs in dry lots and on soy- iinillC bean and rape pasture how to save (the corn aa'd at the same time make [more and cheaper pork. 1 Kations and the 'quantity of feed required to make a I pound of grain. Variation in egg yields from lienE of the same age and laying T.'S eggs her first year and another only Columbus, O., -Tan. jjany specimens of troublesome ous music for the spectators, much to the discomi'ort of nearby residents. Judge McCracken began his work yesterday morning and will ilnish to- day. He saved the large class of. 110 "Rhode Island Reds for the last and will finish them up today. The Rock family was tho Hrst va- riety to pass under the inspection of Judge McCracken. There were 62 entries in the Barred Bock class alone and good representative exhib its in other strains this popular breed. The following awards have been made: Barred Plymouth Russell Herrold, 1 and 2 pen; cockerel. 1, 2, 3, and 4 pulletk D. J. Lewis, 1 cock; 2 cockerel. 5. L. David, 2 cock; 3 cockerel 2 hen; 4 pen. 'f Homer Higgins, 1 Monroe Higgins, 3 cocfc C. W. 4 lieu. Mr. HY. ,L. Baker, 3 pen. White Rocki. Harley Reeves, 1 cock; 1 and cockerel; 1 hen, 2' pullet; 1 pen. William Simon, 2-cock; 2 cockerel 2, and 4 hen; i pullet; 1 pen. Buff Rocktt. Sixty Democrats Take Whack at Harmon, Department as instructors. The meetings, arc heiA. under the provis- Raiiy at New Marshfield. Xew .fan. A and farmers' rally will be held at this plare on Saturday, January 33- All sin i ounding schools have .teen invited to join in ttiis meeting. will be both state and local :on the program. ions of the McGuire law, which makes the State Highway Commissioner chief" instructor. Commissioner Marker has been inv proving spare time by going ovp? auestions with his department heads and preparing for 'he instruction work.' Tnder the law the Commis- sioner has .authority to direct the Commissioners of each county to call together ap Voad officials of the coun- ty and'towfehips trustees for the pur- pose of receiving instruction. Their expenses are to be paid by the county together with a per diem allowance for the officials who attend. p gutp Print The road school will begin next week. Berry Maynard, 1 cockerel; 1 hen j. 2, 'A and 4 pullet; 1 pen. Ts'o com petition. Silver Penciled Rocks. A. S. 2 3 and 4 pullet; 1 pen. T. ar. Pickering, 2 and 3 cockerel. Silver Laced Wyandottes. I. C. l-xjng, 1 cock; 1 hen: 1. 2 an pullet; 1 pen. Golden Wyandott-ii. C. Brown, 1 hen. White Wyandottes. This is a class of strong competi- moved, U and has for a7 lopf time a special of men t in building case smoerats. ropresoiaini; most of which the w re TO organize opposition to the Thft sorts Petno Ol be re iveeds of the of ear corn, presidential aspirarions of Governor sho.vjrl.; how to distinguish the new Harmon, but refused to rap the gov- crnor excejit by inference- "They did po-son jvv wiih not indorae any presidentia', candi- treatment, showing how date, but tlin mention o, orf.hrlrds tnat bcen (.ondemn Bryan's name by several Ol the or- ]jave been ators drew great, applause. a per ami Harmon men say that leadms par-j 11 111. insects pests, showing how to dis- tion and S. Johnson was the big- gest winner, as follows; 2 and. 3 cock, 1 and 4 cockerel; 1 and -3 hen; 2 and 4 pullet; 1 and 3 pen. D. Parson Jones, 1 cock; 2 and -1 hen; 1 pullet; 2 pen. Phiiip Zenner, -1 cock: 3 ecckercl. W. A. Shaw, pullet; -t pen. Buff Wyar.dottes. F. B. Carty, 1, 2, and cockerel: I, 2. 3, and -1 pullett; 1 pen. V. Danford, 1, 2, 3. and -1 hen. DEFECTIVE FLUE -Inr this ;he Veeders have _ natters pertaining to MlleJi may not be called a witnesa t is became the stand may not be if all the fucti he can tell art, brouglit oot by- other witneciew. He waa in court for the first _ r jz. ButUr EMmlnatton. Attorney examinatioa of from the that'tlMliHlt two jneetinf IB the CouMfrm The ai of orf big office bnildtoK- also offered in evidence a ten on a typewriter, and OB copy, which waa_ .read to the letter ia to be copy if written br old to different in pool. For fte flrtt time "martm" exprcmpca in. That waa1 centa hundred. The government eontenda tbat thM margin figure a4ued pernnn- dreslweight to the known to all of in the respective cost price being: known, tt mwuat onlr to add or subtract that margin, and the; then would Hare eelllng price common to all representittf the Interest Ia the cue whetted te> the keen edge when the, for the two cidec met in the chaaa- btrs of Judge Carpenter and tried arrange agreement whereby the of the National Packing eompany and of other forested comld be examined by government. Many made. It to'. likely that the boolw desired will be displayed in the pres- ence ot some 'disinterested Chillicot-he. treasure nrst vice Drysr Retain Canal Cana! Winchester. O.. Jan. a vote of tlfi to DS. t'li-s village de- cided in a. Bea! law election to re- main dry. of Hamilu editor of the Wavf-rly Democrat, sec-! Caused Slight Biaze at V. Daggett Home This Afternoon. The fire department was called the V. Daggett home on Ea State street, at 2 o'clock this after- noon by a blaze which originated in Showing how nearly S400 worth of the roof from a defective flue. For present: i so treated as fo triple its durability the soil. oiul vice president. The conference adopted the nanipj-- of tho Ohio Demor-ratic Showing the wrons method of trefr league, and 'declared nfTiiiaie-l j method to be avoided.- timber may oe grown on an acre in.a time it seemed as though the con 'liagration would be serious, but when with the National (Continued on Page Two.) a stream ot water was thrown on the roof, the danger was soon over. The Pemo Showing the value of a ton of ma-jdamage (o thr- house by fire was verj lire may be brought up to nearly slight but some of the contents were I live dollars. 4 damaged to some extent by water. rathor than -be turned to the government's entirely NAGBL Secretarj' of Interior Control of Washington, Jan. S. breaking up of large into a number; of separate no means settles the trust says Secretary Xagel the ment of and labor. In annual report transmitetd dent Taft. Secretary Nagel tliat tlM_. Sherman law has been an effective statute beyond all doatot, and that a degree of eossbinattoa Capital is quite but adds that the supreaw cltionn in StaBdard