Friday, March 22, 1878

Bismarck Weekly Tribune

Location: Bismarck, North Dakota

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Text Content of Page 1 of Bismarck Weekly Tribune on Friday, March 22, 1878

Bismarck Weekly Tribune (Newspaper) - March 22, 1878, Bismarck, North Dakota i i i X' 1 rLj r j ;V li i I A AN NEWSPAPER. PUBLISHED TRI-WBEKLY AND WEEKLY 3Y E co., Bistnarck, Dakot; I Territory. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE: Tri-Weekly, One 00 Six 3100 rThree Months...............175 Weekly, One Year.............I.. SixMonths................ 1; 25 Three Months.............. 75 iV QHEBIDAN H. lavcpool. anal or 1 inch. 1 cents; Legal per folio for first, insertion aad fifty cecta per folio for each subsequent inser- tion. Professional cards, four lines or leas, per annum, S10.00; additional lines. S2.50, Local business notices at transient rates. Contract three months 2g- inches 3 mouths 910.00; 5 ten inches. 825.90; twen .y aches. 350.00. AN Goods, Gent's and Ln.- __t dies Furnishing Goods, Notions, Corner Main find 4th Stryets.___________________________ SJO .Paul Branch ofHunauer Lichteimuer Co., and jletail Cloth- ing, Gent's Furnishing Goods, Main Street, opposite Tribune Block.________________________ H. Stationery, General News Agency, Conteetioner.y, S'resh Fruit3, Ac. Main Street, next dor to Capitol Hotel.______ Tailor, Clothing, Gent's Hats, Cap's, Trunks, Ac. Main Street, Tribune Block.______.- V-j'-'-fti. and Provisions, Flour, Feed, Agent for Minneapolis Soap Main St> eet; otvpnrfte poat office______ i UxtUGS, dec. A. Stationer, Tonics. Liquors and Cigars, toilett Fine Cutlery, Paints, Ac! Main St, nefrr corner 4t1. I. BAILEY A CO. -Heavy and Shelf Hardware. Minenf Tools, Manufacturers Copper and Tinware. Ac. Main Street, bet 4th anc 5th. O. ft CO. Hardware, Stoves. Mineis' Tools, Dealers and Manufacturers of Tin anc Ooppar Ware. Ac. Corner Main andSddta, _ H. MABBf Manufacturer dealer ia Boots and Full Ine of OUves. Hosiery, Trunks and Yallsea. i j 8. Lumber, Lath. Doors. Glased Baah, Building Paper. N' DHNKELBERG, lath, .Doors. zed Sash. Building Paper. Nails, Trimmings, e.. _ _ _ _ A98LET QBAT A- RAY Counsellors at Law. Money iS." to loan. Commercial paper bought. __ 78-6m SSTOYELL ft Attorneys at Law, 4t J St John A. Stoyell. County Attorney. VAN at Law and United States Commissioner.__________________. A O Preston. A Williams) Main Street.______ _ J___ P Attorney} West J" Mala Street at Law and City Justice. Corner Main and 5th Stz, L. Jewe.ers, Dealers In Clocks. Watches, Silverware, Spectacles, ic. Main St., opposite Tribune Block.' :S9 Ac. D. Wholesale and Retail Liquors aad impprtec. Sooda, 'ncludlng fine anc Alee, Havanna Cigars, Main Bt, near Capitol Kotel. _ __ _ D. Star Brewery, Hannfact- arm Ales. Lager, Ac. Goods warranted to give satisfaction. _ _ T'ALBBRBR Bbmarck Brewery, _ of Ale and Beer. First-class goods and reasonable prices. _ Main ESTATE. W. Improved town property for sale or rent. Outside property in from one to five acre I P. FLANNE Agent aud Att'y for N.P. R. R. Co.; and Lake. Superior or Jt Pu- get Sound Co._____________' _____________i. "V "H. SEAL Dealer in Fire Arms and Aramuni- -r. tlon. Special attention to Repairing. 9t.. bet. 3d and 3d. AH.) BU: S. and Build- ers. Material of every kind on hand. -o- fice for the present at room 45, Sher'dan House. Galls left at promptly attended to. i JtARBERS. -J-EHLI ti Von BESTENBOiJTELy-King of __ bers. A First class Shaving Hall where none but the most competent wprkmen are etaoloyed. Next door tt" Peoples Supply Store. __ -VORTHWESTBBN STAGE A Daily Stage and Express. Bismarck to Deadwood and return. The largest and best hotel, in Dakota Territory.' Cor. Main and 5th ata. Biamarcb. D. T.. Main and 3d Sts. L. N. Or ffip, Proprietor. CAPITOL A. King Proprietor, Kato Street between 3d and 4th McGowan Proprietor. V7 Fifth Street near Main. j I ros. Main streejt f" opposite cepot. i., ._________ A T. BIGELOW, D. D. 8. -Opposite Sheridan ffice. House, on Fourth street. In Maratta'E 3COO1CS, Wines, Liquors and Gignrg, at the old stand, 5th street. 1 Orc-eirs from Abroad r Ax tenc.eci by a iHsmarc-c iants. P E S, JJiATT dee. W. RAYMOND of Bismarck, and 4 Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Groceries, Pro- visions, Steamboat Supplies, House Furn suing 6-oods, Ac. Exchange bought and sold, collections, Ac. Cor Main and 4th Streets. i I and 3etai. dealers in General and Steamboat Supplies, embracing. Groceries, Provisions, Dry Goods, C lothing. House Furnishing Goods, Main Between Sd and 4th. i P. and Provisions' Cigars, Fine Old Bouborh at Wholefalc prices. Corner 3d and Meigs St. ,_____ Commission Mer- chants. Dealers in Groceries, Grain, and Produce ilain St Opposite Tribune Block. SSCNDZRLAN0 Taxiderm.s% Turning n Wogd and Iron. Cablqet JCakipg. Upholstering, OHJ' YEGIN A Bakery, Confectionery and Fresh Fruit. Main St bet ah and ?ifth. (Chas. P. Peabodjv Maurice W.L.PerkiBa.) LYONS ft Importers and Deal- ers in Fine and Liquors, Old, Bourbon and Rye Whis ties, California Wines anc Jrandies, Scotch Ale, Dublin and Condon Perter. JVb. 96 Bast Third Street. St. Paul. Minn. 5-5 877.' 'ffin'er Arrangemei.- Importers and dealers in Crockery, French China, G asswari. Lamps, looking Glasses, and House Uurniahiiz Goods. Sast Third Street. St. Paul, Minn. CAMPBELL, BURBANK CO., O' and Jobbers of Clothing and Gents' burnishing Gooos; No 89 Third Sireet. Sli. Paul. Minn. ATHES, GOOD Merchant and dealers in Gents' j'urnish tag Goods, io.82 Jackson Street, 'St. Paul, BJinn. inade d the most fashionable at short notice. f iJIi fi'l' "kWl 7 .Jii'jj'jlL U LARK Fouita Street and Hen Vy nepin Ave., itwo Blocks from Auaderay ol Music. Only Two Dollar House, IJew, elegantly furnished, and situated i a the fiaest por- tion of t'he City, 'i corner "bird St. and First Ave. North. J. Lament, pro srietdr, S2.00 per day. Located in the very centre of bus'nees; two blocks from the Past Office and Suspension Bridge. Horse cars to1 all depots and all parts of tha city pass within one block of the house. HOTELS. t> k E. Proprietor. The largest best Hotel in Dakota Territory. GO2. I Bu Idlngnew and commodious, rooms large, com- fortable and tastily famished. First class jln every particular. Bills reasonable. 3-ZItf PROPRIETOR. I .7. -ieL Oct. 14.187S. This house is a large three story building, entlrelj aew, well ligh'ed.and heated, situated bn.y a rods'.from depot.'. River men railroad men, miners and army people will find first clbsa accom- modations at reasonable prices. 5-7 t -OJC- T T Eft.. v _. i Main Street, BISMARCK, D. T. This Hotel is New, well farnishecl. and with the tiest the market affords. Reaaonahfe. ITS MEDICAL PROPERTIES AUK So ve i u: c. Express FROM DA. _ -o 3 ege-LL. DIVISION, -NORTH. i ar. p m If 1110' am le 750ani Making close connections at ST, PAUL with grains from, CHIC A O and till points south. 3cr.-Lr.xis 3ir. BRATNERD AND PAU SOUTH. le. 12 20 p m tBRAINERD, le o 10 p in iS'aun Kapids ar 630pm St Paul All trains Daily except Sunday. BRAINEK'D AND DIVISION. EAST. WEST, IL> 2 25 p in ar 12 00 ro. Ie720pm' NP Junction le 700am ar 9 10 p m Duluth le 5 Trains East, Mondays, and Fridays. Trains West, Tuesdays. .Tlmradaysar.d Saturdays, AND FARGO DIVISION. WEST. EASt. leUaOpm tBRAISTERD ar 12 00 m ar 8 50 p m Fargo le 5 80 a m All trains Daily except Sandav. DAKOTA DIVISION. WEST. EAST. le 7 00 a m "Faigo sr 1 00 p m le 1 25 a m '-Jamestown le 1 00 p m ArTOOpm Bismarck; j leTiOOam Trains East, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Trains West, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. -Meals. "Connects at St. Paul with al Uains East and South; at Minneapolis with vl drains from that city; at St CJoud with trains for Xelrose and the Sauls Valley; at Brainerd all trains make close connections to and from Dulut and and from the West and South. Close connection with Lake steamers at 'Du- luth; St. Panl trains at N. P. Junction; St. Paul Pacific Bali road trans at Glyndon fqr Fisher's Fort Garry and the Biitlsh Possessions, via steamers of Red Riyer Transportation Co.; at Moorehead, Minn., and Fargo, D. T., with steamers for Fort Garry, Pembina, and all points on the Red River, at Bisai arck with steamers to all points north anc south on the Missouri River; 'ncludlng Standing Rock, Fort Rice, Berthold, Carroll, Helena, ton, and other polqta id Montana; also with N. W. Stage and Express Co. '3 line to Deadwood, City and all points In the Blank Hills. Dated November 1st, 1877. H. E. SARGENT, General Manager, St. Paul., O. G. SANBORN, H. A. TOWNE, Gen'l Frt and Ticket Ag't. Superintendent. St. Paul. Brainerd H. R. BTKVKNS, ar will most cheerfully aud my test mony to' the great num- ber you have .already received in favor of your great and good medi cine, VKGETIME. for I do not think enough can be said InTs praise; for 7 was troubled over, thirty years with that dreadful d sease. Catarrh, anc such bad coughing 'spells that it would seem as though I never' coulc breathe any VEGETINE has cured, me; and I do feel to thank Got all the time that there is so good a medicine as VUGBTINE, -and I also think it the best medicine for coughs, and weak, sicking feelings at the stomach, and advise, 'everybody to take the VEOETISE, for -I can assure them it is one of the. best medicines that ever was. .6 MRS. 'L. GORE, Co. and Walnut Sts., Cambridge, Mass. .GIVES' ST' TT .'v i -tj i My daughter has received great benefit from the use of 6 Her declining health was a great source of anxiety to all her friends. A few bottles of VEGETINB .restored I her health, strength, .and appetite. -M. H. TILDEN, Insurance and Real Estate Agent, 5ears Building. Boston, Mass CHARLESTOWN, MASS. II. R. STEVENS, Dear is to certify that I have used your "Blood Preparation" j in cay family for1 several years, and think that, for Scrofula' and Canker ous Humors or Rheumatic Affections, it cannot be excelled; and, as a blood purifier or spring medicine, j it is the best thing I ever used, and I have o used almost everything. I can cheer- fully recommend it to any one in need of such a medicine. Yours respectfully, MRS A. A. DINSMORE, ,6 No. 19 Russell. Street. ege '4 ap e SOOTH BOSTON, Feb.V, H. R.STKVBHS. Dear have taken several1 -6 bottles of your VKGETINB, and am con- vinced it is a -valuable remedy for Dyspepsia, Sidney Complaint, and general debility o'the system. 2 I can heartily recemmend it to alii from the above complaints. Yours respectfully, MRS. MONRCB PARKER. 86 Athens Street. O That portion of the CMcago t Northwestern Rail- way between Chicago and E'roy (via the West Wisconsin Railway between Elroy and St. Paul, to Minneapolis, form a single Line between Chicago, fSt. Paul .Minneapolis. This line will hereafter be xnown as the Prepares, bv on, ass. is Sold by All II r J j y U J. ._ j C It is the ONLY LINE.between Paul and K n- neapoiia and Chicago that passes through Hudson, Eau Clare, B ack jRiver Falls, Elroy and Madison, and as tie On! y that runs on any of its trains the celebrated Pn Iman Falnco Cars. All trains of this great route run through without change of cars. ?ullman Palace' Drawing Room and Sleep ing Cars are run on all its trains All Express trains on this route are equipped with Westinghonse Patent Air Brakes and Miller's Pat- ent Safety Plat form and Most Per feet Protection against Accidents known. This popular route is unsurpassed for fort and safety. The einooti, well ballasted and perfect track of Steel Ra, Is, the celebrated Pullman Palace cars, the Perfect Telegraph System of moving trains, the regu arity with which they run, the admirable arrageinent for running through Cars between Chicago and all points West, North and North-west, secure to parsengers all the Comforts In Modern Railway Traveling. If you wish the Best Travelling Accommodations, you will buy your .tickets by this Route, and will take no other. i All Ticket Agents can sell you through tickets and Check usual baggage free by this line. for Chicago, Detroit.1 Toledo. Cleve land, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Portland, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, In dianapolis, St. Louis, Cairo and al" 3read, Pies, Cakes and Confectionery. respectfully solicited. COKLIUCK. Wholesale Dea er in o. .7 N.Washington Av.. MiyNBAPOLIS "if Proprietor, So _ DION CO__Carpenters -and Builders. __... Contract work a apeci.a ty. SEWING MACHINES. W. FISHER, kinds machines for sale or rent. Needles. Attachments of all kinds.- oil. Ac.. Ac. Cor. 3d and stg._______ BANKERS. AYMOND A of Bismarck. Exchange bought and sold. Interest allowed on time deposits.__________ I __________________ j PHYSICIANS SURGEONS. r OCI OH H. R. next to Tribune Building, Fourth Street. _. Y 3 ___ m m p c 1 J L i 9 -_c_ -UBUV __ _ __-i. I Wffl practice in aM the courts and iroaecuse claims J against the O. Bismarck taVt Buford. Connects with maJa vnt', i for Tongue Biver. Kotel. 5; ss Z e-lverec. poilr.- ir. MJkA.i JLM. 5r Gfc. M t t Special to (lie Purines le 3 ooc., ahc Wape System. INSURANCE. ST. PAUL, Inarch i-een. i-7e' insurance companies coing justness in >_inneso-.a repor- one lousand and Jbur- -een ne.wpp.icjes issuec in as: on J is one mLLioh ibur liuncrec anc ninety- 5ve t lousand and. nine, hv-nc red col ars. T is a marked c ecreasc j'rom ie husi- ness of preceec ing vears, accoun-.ed Jec i o: ae- jecii Paciic j rai roac. he o a session ;erc morifng, and agreed unanimous r "b repor v '11 has :wi c se'B a j j 'ca >ie -he Northern Pacif ana che second to ;he ?or-, and, 3a iaa anc Sau Lace ST. PAUL, Sena-.e passec'-he hi amending-Lie -.ree cuLture act in ;he sanie as, -._ie one oenc ing. in -.Lie Xouse, in-roauced hv Siewarr. i SENATOR HOWE introduced a into t'.ie record of W.iita ver, tie "ucge who'-ried and sentendec Anderson at Orleans. On ijs nex: Monday I-Jowe make ah anti-acminis-ration speec'.i. f SIT.riNG BULLCOMrNG. Winnipeg Press 'puhiis-ies a. dispa-.c.i from Bra-Leforo. -.Liat a repor- hroug'i- in from river, ' mouncec poLice-.o -he eifec- :Lia- Siring 3u formed a con federation of Sioux, 3-ack'ee: and -nbes and made over :ures -.6 -.he Crows. T ia- when the Leaves come is -o he a grea- ga-.. lering ar. ic coniuence Deer and 3ow rivers from wheie Siring 3u. proposed -.o make a raid upon -he various se-.t.ements. Tiis wass 'rom a -rienc'y Cree wiooverhearc [5ie counciL ca ed -o consider Si 3u. 's proposi- -ion. A CAMP of seven huncrec Sioux a- Sarr- cy --H s, six-y-nve 7or- is c ai.y :ec hy new aiviva s. Four wagon oac s of car Tidgjes were received tiere one cav- The haf-oreecs are aL .eaving Cypress _-_u. s anc moving -Qwarc Car -on. The Nez Perces, JtLanh--, Backfee- Inc ians. have a.i mace a -3u.. 4. The 3, ackfee- are on Cec ar 3tiver In -brce. I- is no- known wha- 4 lese movements hu- i- is supposec AN ATTACK is he mac e on Cypress 2ii i s anc: Vac eoc. 3ig 3ear, a ian, says iiis use ess -.o try -o Incians as i ong as "hey pu; ians fn ;'ai 'or ki''. ing hu.ra o. Naviga :ion has heen resumed on ie 3tiver. A wee yetr oLc hoy of 3fip Wi km, 01" Winona, has heen s-.o eh. COMPLETE KBA'URVS Hampshire make Presco- .'s rauroao. _ ie -anc ot 5 xe. P. "s ex-.ended years, anc j- is c is- con-.inued, over -.he Cascace moun-.ains ana Nor-.h Tacoma, re ;urning mi Lions o: acres >uh, ic domain. ie on- "ire ana gran o roaa is thrown open -.o suh ic "bis visifln apji.ies -.o even sections. 1 "30 acres are permi .tec ;o ;aieui anc surLicient -o raise waat'tney ao'd ,o c uar icr sections, under suca regu.ations as Secretary Scuurz- may prescriie. '.V-ie cepai ".ment WiieUier these aclcitioiis shia.ii be acjacent ,o. tae origi- na. lioinestsad or not.. THE rfKOCEBO'S OF THE Lands so c upon sections are >e Daic in-.o "treasury and aeLd- for 'ur ier investment o il the road ,wien i 6S Slid COlfDO] C-..CC. clIlC. rJae acids upon odd sec-.ioua ac'acen- wiL, he -.aju a-.ed in taree --he Lane so e, whose proceeds wita _ac- cruea wi be paic ;o -ie ;com- pany; seconc, ;he Lands upon which jre emotion has been! >egan hu; no- com e'-e'c, "he sa a o. w i ic i wi id con- summa :ec and "ho -uraeo. over com liirc, Lant s nei-.i- er so Q nor, pre-eni Jtec, vrjich wi pa ; -.he com ant. wi.. he unc er i ;s con-.rol, wi -ho provision ia; more -.ian loO acres sha >e soLc-.o any one jure laser, anc aia pride no-, more doui.a, mini- mum LTron -.he or roac. c landed as >ring ic sou-1 o' ;ie Co umhia river. During The year a Ver passing .he ac- ;he N. P. is requirad xo juKe ICO mi es, and vhirc. Tom Port .and. anc. vie romaincer wi jroias y je vroio -iismarci, a- ie op- ;ion o' cie In eaei year ierea'-er ;ie 's requir- 0c. vO )ui c. 2o mi 09 A 't 75 where I .eases, the road is eoTapLe :ec. ?rom a wes; i- is jroposec. ia; ie sha'- he a common t for companies, > 'or ;he anc. n case "he N. P. ai s ;o "hreo mon- ife, the anc Sa Iiuke rai.rpac can hegin in nrne wi 11 xo cons iruuv'.on anc. gran', b ie P. Reese anc 'a man namec Jones lave been ac ver-isec .or as heirs of a Phi .ace phia CS-A-.C' wor ;h' t Gen weighs on y has earnec for his mo-her in -.wo years. Shp cal s h -he widow's mhe. ames Gboc win, preslcent of m m w am Liisimvorrty nine hum rtc car. one. The XOUSC S'ancB Jh.ickns 2O greenbacks in cir- cuLation. Over- L3osTON, .leavy roaoe'y was committed this a'terneon in c'.emere JTationa 3an i, Catnhric ge seconc streets, -Sast Canuncge Aiput two o'c ock Presicen': I-_a L was sit- ting n t ic par or o" t ie banlt, the ouiii- ness os -.he c ay hiding cone, anc ie was ahbut.puttinglip iie'hooif-, arranging' t ie aaoers and c'epositihg -ne money in tie vau! when a huggy containing a ni.anr anc a woman drove up to c lie Cam aricge s-.reet en-rance. .The man enterec anc rec_uestec to ste to the coor -jo se.ethe acy, cesirec to transact, some husiness. wa-tec to tie sic e- wa-i, the man1 accompanying, li'm. The woman saic sie .cesirec .to purciase- a draft on a oank, a tic hegan in aceahera-.e manner to .couni., <t ro o: moh'ey. -.a. saic he cou c not wait w iLe'sLie; money, anc r_e- turning to sat cown (o.write. _n a few .minutes an un- of Vine St. f'ort to eave at an ear y cay.. Bates has charge Of t ie Maul. T.iere is grea- a-nong steam- hoatmen a- our eviee. gangs of men are at work on t ie boats repairs, and everyt iiri'g usua y y ng :p Taiiliton T ic governmen'; 'steamer Sherman was irrspectec yestercav1 ay Co Lee and it -las oeen to thorough.y reinoce ier .--e.r cabin will. cut cown, tne .acies caoin Jremovec anc, ie guarcs re- ciicec. She wi.. ae mace an uo river joat so ar a? possi Press. Presicent Co' ege, O laS.aisCbverec1 tiat Ever- ett, w 10 ec itec a in 1813, tie tlie .'ami.iar .ines he- _. j. _ J. _ 'd a -iircr- t-xpect one my in public on tie Benson Times. j was ainusiug'io see lie way "orty men ji' ec k iei train one c ay arriva. -om '-.jere o- "ie rnace a .lurneo examin- ation afad :punc tiat a'smai. trun u j same blece o' "anc. We on the rohtier a ives, have never seen1 so much exc'ce- aniL, in ISinneso .a, as now. iNEWSPAPERl

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