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"New York native Philo White (1796-1883) launched the North-Carolina Standard, a paper aligned with the Democratic Party, in Raleigh, North Carolina, in November 1834. In 1836, White sold the paper to Thomas Loring. Despite Loring's efforts to counterbalance the influence of the Whig Party throughout the state, Democrats blamed Loring for their party's waning influence. Loring's impending retirement in 1843 prompted Democrats to seek out young William W. Holden (1818-1892) in an effort to persuade him to take the reins of the faltering Standard. A onetime Whig, Holden had become disillusioned with the party in the 1840s. Holden marketed the Standard to like-minded former Whigs and waged a scathing campaign against Whig party members in its columns. Under Holden's careful stewardship, th...

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