Thursday, December 8, 1966

Gastonia Gazette

Location: Gastonia, North Carolina

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Gastonia Gazette (Newspaper) - December 8, 1966, Gastonia, North Carolina CLOUDY Variable cloudiness, unseason- ably mild through Friday. Lows tonight around 55, liigh today near 70. THE GASTONIA GAZETTE "THE PIEDMONT'S GROWING NEWSPAPER" Today's The Empty Stocking Fund lagging and only e handful of shopping days remaining be- fore Christmas. The Salvation Army needs an idea of how much can be counted on for 1U cheer program. Make your con- tribution today. See Page IB. PUBLISHED SEVEN DAYS A WEEK FINAL EDITION GASTONIA, N, C., THURSDAY AFTERNOON, DECEMBER 8, 1966 PRICE; N.wtitond SingU Copy lOc Doily, lie Sunday 3 PAGES FIND US Puzzled? Furious? Curious? Let FOCVS know. Call FOCUS at S64-9909 or 864-5900 or write FOCUS, The Gastonia Gazette. Ij your question has reader interest and can be answered, we'll ansioer it. Q. What National League team has won the most World Series over the years? C.C. A. St. Louis with seven Series won. Q. Why does the city traffic department keep the "Right Turn Only" sign at South and Main? No buses park on Main so it there's no reason for the sign there's no other ob- struction. A. Ken Heavener, acting director of Public Works, said, "The traffic pattern is such that a "right turn lane only" is warranted at this intersection." Q. Could Focus print a pic- hire of Doris Day? She is my favorite movie star. P.L. A. We're happy to print this picture for you. Q. What is a light year? J.A. A. A light year Is a unit of measurement adopted tor measuring distances of stars from Ihe earth. These distances are so vast Hint it is impossible to measure them conveniently in miles. A light year is the distance 11 lakes light to travel In a year at a speed of miles per second. This figures to approximately six million million miles. DORIS DAY Q. How many telephones are in use in Gaslon County? M.C. A. According to Southern Bell, the number is Q. Can the City of Gastonia be held liable for damage done to an automobile caused by striking one of the many large holes opened up for sewer installation on the lower Dallas Road or any'other slreet in Gastonia? R.B. A. City Attorney Mack Holland said, "Yes, under certain factual situations. Under certain other factual situations, the inswer would be no." Obviously, any type of legal action which might be considered would differ according to Hie facts involved. Q. I understand there is a book on etiquette by Emily Post. Where can this book be purchased? L. M. A. The Book Shell, Inc., 103 W. Main Ave. Q. I would like to know if It has ever been determined where the Brown Mountain Lights come from? J.S.S. A. Conjecture Is the lights are caused by gases in the afmo- however, It has never been proven. Q. I would like lo know if there was a sound track made for the movie "Wild Angels" and where I could buy it? S.K.L. A. Yes. It is available at The Music Box In Gnsfouia and possibly other record counters. :Q. Is it true lhat, beginning Jan. I, the Gaslon County Health Department will make everyone quit burning coal in Iheir heaters and start using some other type of fuel? E.B. A. "No. Definitely said BUI Kelly, sanitarian in air pollution control of the Health Department. This reference Is apparently made to the 'partial ordinance advertised In The Gazette, which must be advertised for 30 days prior to enactment. As a means of air pollution control, the ordinance docs state that (rash burned In (lie county will be by permit only. A copy nf the complete ordinance may be obtained either at the Health Department or tlie Courthouse. Q. Is Dallas Township going to get a new high school? When and where will it he located? S.B. A. Yes. It is nut known yet where nor when. Sites are being studied and a decision Is expected "very according to the comity school administration office. A "fair giiess" Is tlial it will be complcled within two years. Q. How do you become a citizen of the United Stales of America? C.N. A. If not born a citizen, nnc becomes a ellizcn by a process called naturalization. An immigrant may apply for citizenship living liere for three years, if married to a person who is already a citizen, or aflcr live years it not married lo a citizen. Citizenship by naturalization is simple in principle, but there are many possible variations. For that reason, the Immigration and Naturalization Service prefers to answer specific questions. Offi- cials of federal court in Charlotte, where naluralizallon cere- monies arc held, say the regional office for Immigration and Naturalization Is In Norfolk, Va. Application lorms, petition fnrrm, and aids for preparation for citizenship are available from lhat office, also. Q. What does Ihe word "Boola" mean? N.N.G. A. Yale University Glee Club Director, Fcnno Heath, said, "To my knowledge tlic word "Boola" was coined by "Pop" llirsch, the composer of Ihe Yale lighting song, as a kind of nonsense tound. H may be loosely associated with the Yale Bowl, football, or (he Yale bulldog." Q. What Is the highest score ever recorded in a basketball game? D.H. A. The hlgheit icore In a pro basketball game wai 113 by (he Boston Celtics lit 1959. Q. What has happened to Al Hirt on TV? A. Hlrt starred In a summer replacement show for .Tackle Gleason lii 1965. Since tint time he hoi limited himself to <ic- ciiloiial guest on variety shows. p, Where could I obtain a list of paperback publishers for young beginning writers? T.V. A. complete listings o( publishers noted lor working with beginning If not already available, It can be ordered Ihrouih your toed book itore. 27 Saved: Others Sighted Ship With 262 Passengers Goes Down In Aegean Sea FIRED Walter F. Anderson, dlreclor of the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation, was fired Wednes- day by Ally. Gen. Visile Bru- lon. (AP Wlrepholo.) Anderson Asks Reason For Firing By REESE HART Associated Press Writer RALEIGH (AP) Walter F. Anderson, fired Wednesday alt- er almost 15 years as director of Hie North Carolina Bureau of Investigalitfn, says he inleuds to make an investigation to deter- lon dismissed him. "I'm going to do this if he (Bruton) doesn't reveal the rea- son for my Ander- son told Tlie Associated Press. "I begged him and begged him to tell me why I was fired. I think he owes it to the men and women in the bureau to let them mine why Ally, Gen. Wade Bru- know why he took ihis aclion." Brulon announced at a special news conference late Wednes- day lhat he had requested An- derson's resignation, effective Jan. 7. He gave no reason, how- ever, except to say the- change was needed for "a more effec- tive and harmonious adminis- tration" of the bureau. Brulon said Anderson's dis- missal had nothing to do with personnel problems in the SBI or charges that Anderson with- held certain information on a probe df the Ku Klux Klan from the chairman of the Governor's Law and Order Committee. He also denied Ihe firing stemmed from unsolved civil rights cases, "f couldn't go into any de- Brulon said. Anderson, 63, has been direc- tor of the SBI since 1937. He formerly beaded the bureau from 1948 to 1351, when he was appointed director of the North Carolina prison system. Anderson said Bruton's action "implied something sliady was going on and the implication is left willi Ihe SBI personnel." Bruton recently conducted an investigation: of the SBt and An- derson said Ire was not aware of the probe until a newsman called him for comment several days afler Ihe investigation had begun. Anderson, a widely known Methodist Layman and a career man in law enforcement work, said, "I have no immediate plans. I would like to stay in law enforcement work." Bruton told newsmen he has not decided on a successor, and insisted thai the job will not go to anyone now in the SBI. Brulon said he demanded An- derson's resignation alter lie made "a full and complete over- all review and appraisal of Hie bureau and conferences wilh many of ils personnel." He said he reached the con- clusion "reluctantly" that a "more effective and harmonious administration o( the affairs of the bureau requires a change in its executive management." Anderson said he left Ills of- fice Wednesday following Bru- ton's announcement. "I don't in- tend to Anderson said. "I'm fired." Anderson noled he had enough tiim; accumulated wilh the stale to remain on Ihe payroll 30 days. He added he had put in sufficient time lo draw law en- forcement officers' retirement pay. Anderson formerly served as police chief in Winston-Salem and Charlotte. He stepped down as stale prisons director in 1953 to serve as secretary of exten- sion work for the Methodist church in North Carolina. He re- joined the state in 1955 and served Iwd years as enforce- ment dircclor of the Stale Wild- life Resources Commission. Sinking Could Be Europe's Worst ATHENS, Greece Greek passenger ship with 262 persons aboard sank in a violent storm in the Aegean sea early today. Twentyrseven survivors were reported saved and others sighted. The Greek government de- clared a state of emergency to carry out rescue operations. The Heraklion sank half way between the island of Crete and the Greek mainland on a trip from Crete to Piraeus, the part of Athens. The ship, which also carries automobiles and freight, went down two hours after midnight after a last frantic radio mes- sage are Rhodesia Faces New Sanctions In the first hours after the disaster Ihe merchant marine ministry said there appeared to he no hope that any of the 206 passengers and crew of 56 had survived. But as Ships and planes con- verged on the disaster site, off the island of Milos, wreckage and people were seen in the water. Planes dropped lifebelts and raits. Word of the sinking raised fears that Greece had suffered Europe's worst peacetime mari- time disaster of the 20th centu- ry, eclipsing the loss of 130 liras in the sinking of the Brid'sh fer- ry Princess Victoria in the Irish Cbannel in 1853. The Heraklion was built in 1949. She was one of three fer- ries operated between Crete and Piraeus. Strong gales were sweeping the area at the time of the ship's last radio message, and the marine ministry earlier had warned small ships to atay in port. The about Heraklion went down W miles south of Piraeus. UNITED NATIONS, N.Y, (AP) African pressure was mounting today for an embargo on oil for Rhodesia, but British Foreign Secretary George Brown said a ban on exports from the rebel colony was more likely to be enforced. Most of the pressure was coming from African members of the 25-nation Commonwealth group who met wilh Blown for 90 minutes late Wednesday. Britain had planned to offer a resolution for mandatory eco- nomic sanctions against Rho- desia to the Security Council today, but further consultations aimed 'at reconciling Ihe British and African views may delay the resolution a day or so. The council was to meet at 5 p.m. EST to take up the Hho- desian crisis. An informant who sat In on tlie caucus Wednesday said it appeared that most of the Afri- cans would insist on a tough resolution intended to bring down Prime minister Ian Smith's white minority Rhode- sian government. Brown told the group he had no cul-and-dried resolution and was open lo suggestions. But he poinled out that il would not be wise for the council to lake any action it could not enforce. Brown lold the Africans the British cabinet had authorized him to consider a limited em- bargo on oil but he stressed the view that a ban on Rhodesian exports would be more readily enforceable. Any move to forbid ship- ments to Rhodesia would re- Paul VI urged loday that Ihe quire Britain lo challenge South Christmas truce in Viet Nam he step the British gov- ernment would prefer to avoid since Britain's trade with South Africa is almost billion a _. year. South Africa has been sup- The Pope said the prospect for wilh most of ils oil and has said it would con- tinue "normal trade" wilh Rho- desia regardless of Security Council action. British Prime Minister Har- old Wilson promised to ask for mandatory sanctions after his two-day talks with Smith last week failed td produce a setlle- Pope Feels Asian Peace is Brighter VATICAN CITY Pope extended into an Armistice that would allow negotiations for peace. an end to the fighting in South- east Asia appeared 10 be bright- er. "Tire Idea of an end lo hoslil- ilies is becoming stronger and more the pontiff said in a speech in St. Peter's Basilica during a Mass marking the feast of the Immaculate Conception. ment with Rhodesia. Look Here! The North Carolina Board of Elections has removed members of the Yancey County Board of Elections on the basis of findings at public hearings into charges of absentee ballot, frauds. Page 5A. -A -a -tr B52 bombers hit jungle hideouts of Viet Cong within earshot of Saigon in an effort to clear Ihe area around the South Vietnamese capital. Two American jets reported crashed and both pilots are killed. Page 8A. Vr The first anniversary of the end of the Vatican Ecumenical Council finds (he modernization of Ihe Roman Cathilic Church progressing. But there are doubts and confusions. Page 9A. Ask Andy I3C Astro Guide 2C Bridge 4C Deaths 2A Editorials 4A Movies _ 12C _ Classified 8-llB Sports 5-7B Comics 13C TV Crossword Puzzle 2C Woman's News 2-3B The Picking Is Better Inn. SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS Activities In Our Area THURSDAY Counly Home Builders Associalion, Holiday 7 Baptist S.S. Class Party, Carolina Restaurant. Baptist S.S. Class Party, Carolina Restart- Communion Lutheran S.S. Class Party, Caro- lina Restaurant. FRIDAY 12 Secrelaries. Carolina Restaurant. 7 Traffic and Transportation Club, Commodore Yacht Club. Industries, Packing Depl., Christmas Parly, Carolina Restaurant. Chorus' "Messiah" Dress Rehearsal (open to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. Welchers Say Ronnie Their Man LOS ANGELES (API- Robert Welch, lounder o! of the John Birch Society, says its members helped to elect Republican Ron- ald Reagan governor ol California, Ihe Los Ange- les Times reports. A spokesman for Gov elect Heagan said: "Mr. Welch has a right to his opinions, which oflen have been proved wrong but we prefer lo think lhat it was the voles of the mil- lions of concerned Cali- fornians that were re- sponsible for Mr. Rea- gan's election." A spokesman for Gov. Edmund G. Brown, who was defeated by Reagan in November, comment- ed: "It's what we've been saying all along." In the December bul- letin to the Birch So- ciety membership, the Times reported today, Welch said the group tok no position in the gubernatorial campaign. "Bui." Welch wrote, "a preponderant majority of our members undoubtedly worked for Reagan, and Brown gradually made Birch support of Reagan took no position in the whole campaign." Oil Company Assets Taken By Syrians DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) Syria's Socialist regime an- nounced today it has seized all assets of the western-owned Iraq Petroleum Company in Syria, including the pipeline carries Iraq's oil lo the Mediterranean. A communique broadcast by Damascus Radio said the pipe- line and other company proper- ty was taken over for payment of transit royalties due for this year. IPC officials will he allowed to continue running the pipeline under supervision of four com- mitlees set up by Syria's minis- try of finance, the communique said. The seizure followed the col- of negotiations between Syria and the IPC which ran from Sept. 10 to Nov. 16. Syria broke off the talks then and threatened In take action against the company, which is owned by British, French, Dutch and American interests. Syria had demanded that ils transit royalties for allowing the nil to be pumped across its ter- ritory be doubled. In announc- ing the seizure, il said back roy- alties for this year totaled more lhan million. The flow of oil continued nor- mally, the communique said. IPC offices in neighboring Leba- nun said they had no reports on whether company operations or Mow of oil had slopped. Tlie IPC pipelines carry an average of 43. million loiis of crude oil a year lo terminals thdt ship it to Western Europe. Ike Losing Gait Bladder In Operation WASHINGTON President Dwight D. Eisenhow- er is scheduled lo enter Waller Heed Army Hospital at midday to prepare for removal of his gall bladder. "Apparently I have many, many rocks (gallstones) in the 76-year-old, five star general quipped Wednesday. "I have asked the doctors to save me a few." Eisenhower is lo come here from his Gettysburg, Pa., home by car or helicopter. Date of his surgery has npt been announced, but Eisen- hower said he expects to he hos- pilalizetl for 12 days leaving him time to get home for Christ- mas. Doctors have indicated they'll schedule the operation after Ei- senhower has undergone pre-sur- gory tests, which may take three or four days. FIELDS QUESTION Michigan Gov. George Komney fields a question during a sews conference in Char- lotte Wednesday. Bomney, who said his visit In Charlotte Speech to North Carolina was non-partisan, later' spoke a Chamber of Commerce dinner and to local Republicans. (AP Wirephoto.) Gov. Romney Says Federal System Is Disappearing CHARLOTTE (AP) Michi- gan Gov. George Romney says ho believes "our federal syslem is endangered to the point of disappearing from piaclical existence." "And as its strength is di- luted as centralized decision- making replaces cooperative ac- tion our entire democratic syslem of government is weak- ened and our private instilu- tions and human liberty jeop- Romney said Wednes- day. Romney. in his first public appearance in Ihe South since his Nov. 8 election lo a third lerm as governor, lold a Char- lolle Chamber of Commerce din- ner, that "a neve era of respon- sibility, authority and opportu- rily must be opened for the states, cities and localities." He said high federal income tax and debt levels have vir- tually preempted Ihe major source of public funds and pro- duced voter resistance lo rais- ing needed stale and local rev- enues. He added lhal (he stale debt is piling up almost nine times faster than the national debt. In a ballroom talk to North Carolina Republican Party offi- cials following Ihe chamber ad- dress, Romney said Ihe elections indicated that "it is clear lhat it Ihe President had been running in 1066, he would have been defeated." fn response to a Question from the audience, he said if he were president he would cut (axes this year "unless it i-.rlear lhat we are in the early stages of a recession." In his formal address, he said, "At tlie slale level, there are loo many who slill preach Ihe dusty dogma of stale's rights. "As far as I'm concerned, slales have no rights. Only peo- ple have righls. Stales have re- sponsibilities. And Ihcir chief respnnsiliilily is to serve the people." He added that some of (hose who shout the loudcsl ahout slales' rights are in slale responsibility. "They cry out against action by tlie national government. not because Ihey want lo act themselves, but because they don't wont anybody lo act at all." Others wlio still lalk about 'slales' rights' are genuinely concerned aboul growing centra- lization and ils ineflecliveneEs in solving today's he said. AL a news conference preced- ing his speech. Romney said he saw jjo reason why the nation cannot have a balanced budget presented lo Ihe next Congress with a lax increase or cuts in spending. GOP Hopeful Uses Quote From Sanford CHARLOTTE Romney. Michigan's Republican governor, in his speech Wednesday niglil in Charlotte, quol-.'d North Carolina's farmer Gov. Terry Sanford, a Democrat. Aflcr asserting that, "At the slalc level, there are loo many who slill preach Iho dusty dogma oi stales' Romney said: "As j'onr own former Gov. Sanford recently commented, 'While Ihe slales deserve much of the abuse of (heir most vocal critics, it is not fair lo group them all together and dismiss them as irrelevant The slales have a.vast, reservoir of powers and auUiorily to exercise for the benefit of the American people. Whether Ihe people choose to call Ilicse powers is Ihe challenge for the American people'." Unless Reforms Limit Extension Of Draft CHICAGO (AP) Sen. Eel- ward M. Kennedy says he will ask Congress next year lo limit the extension of the present draft laws lo six months or a year unless it is able lo agree on a proposed reform before Ihe legislation expires June 30. The Massachusetts Democrat expressed dtfubt, however, lhat the complex issue of the Selec- tive Service Syslem and Ihe myriad of suggestions for alter- ing and abolishing it could be digested in the half-year left before the deadline. "I'm hoping for something before the end of the expiva- he told a newsman Wednesday night, "hut it isn't realistic." "If we hare a he add- ed, "we have to keep the present laws in effect a mini- mum amount of time." He set this at not more than one year. The draft laws normally would he extended for four years. Kennedy's comments came shortly after he and other par- ticipants in a just-concluded national dralt conference spelled out their findings in a public panel session. More lhan 100 educators, gov- ernment specialists, congress- men and students spent four days discussing tlie draft and some allernatives, The meeting, an outgrowth of the growing public debate -over the fairness of the dralt, was arranged by the University of Chicago. The conferees reached an in- formal concensus Wednesday lhat Ihe Selective Service Sys- tem is badly outdated and needs immediate revision. They ;also expressed surprising ummlmlly that an all-volunteer profession- al army would he Hie best allcr- nalive lo the draft.