Thursday, October 20, 1887

Burlington News

Location: Burlington, North Carolina

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Text Content of Page 1 of Burlington News on Thursday, October 20, 1887

Burlington News, The (Newspaper) - October 20, 1887, Burlington, North Carolina VIGT CLAPP ISLET. Editors ard Proprietors. VOL. I. TH rH i K T( 20. Price cents per copy SI per year. XO. 13. ;r tL.t thi- t T. i AI: TU.: run" orTIIr. A i LANCASTER. ninl Cjuatirr-. font b> a Car. Hi- Ilri'iil. ijn uf :ciu TMO U urr' ct fallen. and a Tlie Rencled BY HATH AH D. URKER. i. '.L U 1 J :i i., r. I v L---I- the IYv-i- th" :i S. C., A --r. f tl.-L> I'V ...I, I :_ <V-i.or." ii l CJI'f Ktr, CIIAPTnit Yl-Costin "It about Lvf aa hour the rooai." after 3 i v ill :-l ja'lir.i; re ve I of b n-il. i.y :i .-r ace. tljo -.tcv.ard nov. eJ ui'.l; bis ii: f tbe i: 1 t; wL: -h MI r.> t" 1 til it froUllfl Ih.- ru! i I them .-i-ri in ,a.', ty .1 '-'-T.t of wife e i if I'aruai-.i 1'n-t- -nt. :ti-. f two arl :i. tl--1 thirty It La.- lUuMiiiintu' r. villutn. and L- a work of art. is -is fttt ii: Knjth. with lor- at ihehiail is an allegorical ri j.r union of tUe two cv: fullott lad the tJ.u-k. th" iii.-r.T. w 1 loi'Ie who :ntLe jam. fiuri-f the iDJunri do March-coat." J solidity of the mishap. Tho She made a pause, and there was a long, crushed and flattened into anbible breath taken all over tho room. underneath her. and only a plaintive, half- Two points were at conclusively es- smothered croak or Iwo testified to be'p- tatlished by the witness. The last visitor less protest on thn part cf its gifted to the library (.and presumably the mur- cupant. dereri had made hi? way to it "through tha Eichard Dixoc, with aaother exclaziatica house, and r.ot br the window; and that vis- very like an oath, extricated tho bird, whilw itor was unaiistakably De Marchaioni. tho Mrs.Mingles, red and anjjry, was asL.-t-.-d tion. after which I couldn't mako out the bridecroom, whether ho was idee- J to her feet by now, however, i tical with tha tiist visitor or not. j Appeared to be more concerned about tha over- "State what von. overheard, "said the cor- bird than anything hastily witn- m T _ _ __ _ ble to "Only a lie spoka loudly only twice: once at the outset, directly after his cry of astonishment: once moro at the clos-s of the xrat tlie first yoa overheard-" "Sorm thing like God! are you risen from the dead.J' That vas all. There seemed to bt ,ome sort of explma- I- 1 o r -a !y It i: ,t )'.vn ho'.v ih.- wii.d an 1 th t! ;-et H-ath. Sj ritu- i- very >n-il- to the j t-ral.1-. Th had The narues of; hou.M-an 1 only on K.v-vhaiilise and, it Tiitrre jiro'oably or L-stboaght, if aay others wi-tvhuit, thiir in-1 u-a thousand dollars worth ..f in the jt-ri.-, wi-re j cf which 1 It ii't-sum-jd railroad had in A fauna >Ulp AOrr. iuranci' on the i-otton on its platform. How Early in the mominR the CritUh much sustainel other merchants HugL-eniJeu lyhjg at her irharf ia Savannah. J from in in ii net Iciiorrc. Ga.. was discoven--! to on fire. All the At thl> time the -atire lois of property will of the bat' pro'oatly ix-ach 01 their work was of httleavad. Tae cotton in; Our ojtton buyers nave mean.-, an-1 thL< tVnft derate The J the hold was on fin? an-l was but one acci-K-at will not impwk-tho of aa.tO.-ervtr the hope ttat Iherv way to cxtin-rjish it. and tha: -was to flool cotton at this place. The public will bo ac- willUafullatteaiianwat the meetiES and tlj., sbip tus came up j Let th- cotton come forward. alonir-ide of the sr.crtly after the lire 15 start, d and pav-.- all the help in her power. fc IM' IT Thf turned her -team on the fire, and the An Ar.-oinnindatiun Train br tire ran all its avii'able j Ti..-rv will Le a met-tin? of E-x-C-.-nft-der- i att-ar. li'thcr-m N. C.. in a fe'.v j to ix iv-iii-r th-' of a f uch a I: 'Hie as is the of United Seaatcr: fruai t'u-Mjath i- tht-ir un- remain at after i What were the next words you heard Mr. Dixon It was just before th-? weat I heard Grandfather Dixoa stamp on the floor, say, my oner. i drew with Eunice, showing signs of "I overheard but little from De Mi.rr-h- iSry. in her arms. moat, sn Mr. Diion saeiueJ to do most of "DOC stroked and pettod Polly, and, rnak- a perch of his finger, flirte- lier sooth- up and down: bat she was evidently for. RufEed. crippled, aad def Loaded over the British unrnp. Kate ravvwtt, lying i For tbe Hushenden. and pcure-1 water in-' A from Kansas City, Mo., says: l-avirg cr.ce lived Senators i to the hold of the vessel This was kept up An train on th..- Missouri Pa- Call, cf Florida. Fuch and Morgan, of Ala-' until'.' when tho ship's for-1 '--1-'- Jlaih-ooJ, of jxisienser l.sir.a. O-i-SrvlLof Jones, of wani apartments were tlooded. The fire was I left Mo., crowded Arkar_-as. from the nmtin-.'-i to this -action, of In- -liip, "ith for City. NearRock under the deck .al? tlaj -ince ly having ragwl no right to expect it. after all this decep- greatly excited and surprised the old gen- she looked very much aa if phe had passed. tioa. Go aw.iv! Doa't dare to corae here tleman, aad then to xaake sotne ilem-ind head tirst, throush a patent that angered him further. Once I its- wringer. One ere was permanently filmed, member Mr. Diion crying out: -Merciful the other blinked pathetically, and sho Heaven! Can I teally have harbored such could onlv crane out her neck and give u'.- a disguised villain under my roof And then, 'What, you ungrateful hound! Do you eipect me to accede to a ds- again, sir." I think I remember the words correctly. After that there was another aob. or groan; thea tha door opened and shut again, and then I heard Grandfather Dixon sink into his easy chair, with a sigh, as though left to himself a you "What did you do ________..__________ "I book oa the floor, and lay enough for me to hear: 'Oh, yes you there thinking who the man could have Don't be excited: you've got to do jc teraaca to a few despairing croaks. "Poko her up'." cried Jocelyn, seizing a Talking-stick from of iur the way Mr. Dixoa usau jp has t toP wmcti is a memory." i clav Lcucd trgetfcer of veg-.-ta mont would only siy now and then, loud TJOC snatched tha bird awav. but too late wilL' i i the train was tole- S.aieof th.-iri makeup all sort- "f aft of the te-.-jmlforward hatch. n-ar by the Wichita express, fcr nmainiiii. while other> frankly assert The had five thousand bales on o: .-i-hteea all that like Itetter than a.iy j and was neprly reailv to clear, is '--aileiL other place <-n .-arth. j ixia2 pumrxd on: and ualoaijed j A --a3---11? on tho platform of th- sta The famous tlcatics L-lau-lcf theDerwent- j companies arepotiing up ti.on struck in tkeoM.-mcnand killed b just as to save her from a vicious thrust of the cane. It was the last, unkindest cut of all; been. I knew it couldn't have been any I tell you.' This, of course, seemed to Polly feU to tha floor with aa expiring nnA 11 1 r-k i f 1 fltA ol 11 t laTTTl a _ t_ It rests on the cLty bottom of tho Lake, but i-cmeticies ;ome fcrxv. supposed to b.- in the gases generated by the decaying matter, Fir-rap- is aa __________________ For :hesecc.nd time a fierce tho one belonginjj here iu the house; in that anger the old gentleman so much tie more, j nhriet" it to rt-e to the surface. It.s extent Jf crthcrn ln.-ace A.-7-lum, on the southern case I should certainly have recognized the j But by and by they both quieted down. Doc ground out an oath. aad. flinginsj so nit times reaches hair an run-, ar.d it rires limits of Cleveland. Ohio. It was the occa- waT thTft P i i t "T' J that Mrs. Mig-iles had permitted to sleep Then I heard Grandfather Dixoa sink down out of aght agam, to gone prutauly for manageable cf the patients as a healthy in the wash-house. At first it seemed aw- in his eaiy-chiir, with a -igh that vestigation. rnd was just in tiasato nrovent years. J means of recreation. About three hundred Ihe from the gravity of tho jurors and pretty sucb .very- ful unbkely; but then I rarnombered hear- was very peculiar with him. This was fol- infj the tramp that he had oace j lo-red De Marchmoat'u voice, as though nred near The Aspei r, and I remembered he yawning aad stretching himself that his voice was low and plaintive, toaie- through u sort o? to hLs like the on; I had heard in conver-a- quitting the room. Then, after a, short tioa with Grandfather Dixon, Then I I silence, I heard Mr. Dixon suddenly ex- mnde up my mind to find out for myself, i claim. 'Ha! in a frightened voice. I first mad.- sure that Miss Lulu" was This was followed by ft sort of twisting Then I took the night-l.irnp. and squeak of his easy-cnair. Thea there was stole cut of tbe room. Yes. I was very I a dead silence." much afra-.d at first, but I suppose I Lad! Another breath. longer and more atidihla more curiosity than fear. I Mole through than before, was taken all over the room, tho upper hall, down stairs, along the back j We all felt the te.rible import of the wit. lower hall, through tho kitchen, and then ness" words; which were, so to sp.-aL. into the wash-room. You see, if it was i i sort of Mind, listening portraiture of the really him that I had heard. I looked to j very murder itself, find him awake, or at least not asleep." "How did nil this that you overheard im- ell, well, how did you find pros you at the the "Soupd asleep on his or mak- tion. ing believe so well as to seem just like "I "Was his face in plain view? "Yes; right trader winked misjht have been shamming." "Did tbe face aay other that you have ever seen "It very sunbvrat and dark, and all covered with beard." "Answer tbe question. Vf.n it liL? say cthf-r that yon have ever The Statu Michigan M to Waj-hiDSTtca-xstatutt? of fifty of them, in charge cf their attend- of Independence, wo; aboseriou-ly hurt. A r of passengers on trairis injured themselves in trying to break through the windows. The accident wa.s caused by the failure of the train to notify the conductor of the exprew. that the ai-commodation train htm. of the passengers oa both trains were to ee President Clove'an 1. to can't exartlv telL I fait v.iiuelv e in plain frightened at something, but had 20 sus- larav'.igljt. bat he J picionof what hrul really taken place. I i an eyelid. Yes sir; he felt nightmarish." ute .1 description as wai of tho mysterious tramp, as I shall continao !p c.ill him, though tho jury -CMS by this 'ime unanimous in tho conviction that tho tarnp was no other than De Marf'jiaout ia disguise; and then the inquest at tn end. The jury, which was of well- bronze or marble of meaning but ineipcripnced men. founl leans. Th? of the "That the deceased. Phelira Diios, camj I to his death by reasoa of a inurderoc-i assanlt at the hnads of one himself Montague de Marchmont, who, i an ion of the jury, had found to com- pass his crime by assuming tho cf a suffering and homeless [TO DK COXTIXCEU.] ants, were enjoying tbe diversions when the its phio- among tbe harp-" j cry of aros-. and flames (and smoke in Statuary Hall, at the Capital. in upcn thtra with Ix-wilderirrr Eaeh State L to i.> Ai r my at Without t-.e "nly gr-rar more pale nt-l tri'il-l. -1. additioa "Ah. th; windi-A 1 then to Lulu's window and looked out. It is directly over the library nny of lt- -t'5 so good thit I'm i window. I saw .1 man jump out of tho to the forfeit for the libr.iry window, and po acro-s the lawn to- i, ward the river, it was snowing fa-t, I "f Jt' A could tLe outlin-'S of bi -r id DEAR M.VDAJIE opinion ia to the the the f "Will yon an--w- r my .ju-'stion, or th" coror.rr "It a dark. the coronas, k whoa -h" had h- r-cif, "You ili.i an im- Ix'cn cjm- rnitt -ti.-" -ir' I .ilil'nt know to .-ol articlt-i, to the THE rs ur.f Co Per. THE TA3IPA EPIDEMIC. >Ix nnd Two Hpnlh-. (Inr IJrnth nl Cflatka-Jackaontiltrtluarsn'r llort Pulaika- A despatch from Fla., .-ays: The fact that a death from yellcw fcrer had occurred in PalatUa Ivecarne kcown bore. The prcs-ident of the county bcaru im- mt-tliately dechired qi-arar.tine fgauL-t Pa- latka, out a -jr-.-cial train with offi- cers to stop the trains at the border of county. A train was met at Orangf Park and all p-rocs firm Palatka s--r.t Ijack there on a special train. Ri gid quarantine been tstabli-h'd on mi! and on river, ana it is not thought that the fever cac reach Jacksonville A to the- Times frv.rn Tanrxi says there Lav.- r-'-w and two deaths. Dr. rt. rnn J Key West hare ar- nve-l. BV Thr I'atc of the No Ijiveit AdL-ratch from Wilmington, X. C. says: Tlis Gulf Strvani, Cant I'caning- ton. which arrivi-.! h'-re Saturday morning from York, when off Little Egg Har- bor, aiwitti o'clock last Tliurahiy morning, collied with the steamer E C. Knight, Capt Young, b-iunil fur Wa.-hiagton. D. C- to New York. the hitter ui t wen- m' tokeaoff the 5 and brousht to thu port b.r ulf T1" lo. m that mth acwption of Capt Young, who leaves fo- Washington. No live-, wen; lost sr.'! u Gulf world Tbr t'otioo tai visible of cotton for tho s I bal'-i, cf which r- American, nnd 7 !-ai--i respectively, last jx-ar. The receipt-, al a'! the thf interior towns, are 177- nt the plantations nrc and the in -ight Ls 1. Thr York Hank. MET. Yi r.K, Teevre-kly Kank f-illo'-ving changes; Re- >erve. loan-, Th-1-aak-r.'.w .--nt ruM. He I A ig any ;rit- of .y ,.f this itr Out. -ti.n F. a TIio Ailoal .-.ur.'-: rn th- tth ar.' a t- I r.a- mar.} I men in tl. i in- for h many m wrvt-n. rbiMr-'n and -Vnr.y nr. at No parti.-.ii.-.r- are a-the wire-are Tut trial for-po.Vi of "hr.t viy it i.- to IK -ilr. ru.iy l a took on a of "IhiVisfooaV.uid." s-iul the co-oner if von JLo coronrr his 1 U; ..ep into the ball fora rnoment f l fbject: CZC-U Ixiwed, with an srailff and the room. But :b.j ipcll, if was any. remained upon nriL-ice. She indeed, a sort of MJ-'U of relief tlie door closed upon stewanl. but connected v.-jth tlic !r_7it other-. The hrit-f in-ncctinn of the boat, hvit np: wbere-Ji.on the also arose. tha party on the trii and i i, :3 f "IJ. foie 1 t mr I my ono cl-'e." continued 1 "i to and rule a jn [id not A PrUoncr D. Ft. wa.- d-.nvictc-l in tL- of his frirn L L on chat j the family he rctirc-l to Li- -i nlnut 1" At in the s- rvcnt wa- to h.- k nrx-k, an -n of sa-. Hethcii wont in ft -..i..l Mr. 1 It r in the ins 1 foam- rui 1 the ilown. br.d cut the za> on afterward-Dr. Tolrey tho. e. and Mr. in a Tlie galvanic was without j.rciiurins thett-ireil H'.- remained unti. 7 k in the Lolieved th-ro i- Icr i A Bound to be Consister.t. side arcor.llnj hi- ha c.'iuld live than three days. d.iv-. rr.' n.i Dor.': talk Tcr, he to tu hitti in a 5-itT- the word-; .s tvaut I Death. Hold p.asd of .1 person dead 1'cforc a or other .irtiScial lig'.it, with the ono tl.e and look through tlv ire- tho najrcrs toward tho If the poison i-; living, a scarlet Mr. Rol.ert Oarrett has rcanied the re-i-1 rtd c V.or socu tvhcrc the fingers dency of the Bi-lumore and Ohio ilailroa.l touch each to the still circu- Comtsiny. ar.d the res5gnationr.tras a- c pte.1. tluid blood, as it shows F Burns will continue to Act as prc-iiler.t thr tne bnt njt yet con- until theannualnieettog. lffc ja t__it___ _ I nhpnomcnon W Hobrrt tiarrrtl rordhaci N i pbcnoaicnon

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