Monday, August 5, 1968

Wellsville Daily Reporter

Location: Wellsville, New York

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Wellsville Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - August 5, 1968, Wellsville, New York Two WELLSyiLLE DAILY NEW YORK August 1968 le Reporter Highlights Of GOP Platform Serving Potter Counties 38th Year The object of our discussion is not that my words may triumph over not that yours may gain victory over but that between we may discover the most perfect By THff ASSOCIATED PRESS MIAMI AP courage sustained economic administration we have had eco nomic mismanagement of the highest Inflation robs our TWO GOOD PROPOSALS The platform writers at the Republican National Conven tion in Miami would do well to pick up a couple of suggestions advanced by Charles Goodell for assuring the election of the presidential candidate with the highest popular The Jamestown congressman has proposed a constitutional amendment for the direct election of the president and the vice president by the Although impossible of enactment in time this years of the Goodell amendment would provide a permanent solution for the possibility existing under the present electoral college system of a candidate to win election the electoral college without having won the popular To take care of this with the unusual threat raised by George Wallace of throwing the election into the House of Congressman Goodell and a Democratic col Morris Udall of already have come up with a bipartisan plan which has been widely It involves an advance commitment by congressmen and candi better programs for pre efits to widows will also be pro P 0 1Bftn ivumm children Where state Established 1880 Textual highlights of the 1068 conditions prevent use of funds Infiation RepubUcan latfom to be for nonpublic school a sented Tuesday to the partys Pubhc aSency should be desig national convention to administer federal Preamble funds we are in We continue to favor tax ere pay checks at a present rate of Tens of thousands of young men dits for those burdened with the per cent per New Re have died or been wounded in costs of higher and pubiican leadership can and will Many young people also tax deductions to encour restore fiscal integrity and are losing faith in our age savings for this souncl monetary en Our inner cities have become Job courage sustained econommic centers of despair Inflation A complete overhaul of the and avoid such econom has eroded confidence in the nations job programs is ic distortions as wage and price dollar American urgently There are some 70 federally needs new leadership funded job training The GOP Pledge with some cities having as Let the people know our commany as 30 operating side by The 40hour week adopted i c r Ihirly years ago needs reexam mitment to provide the dynamic borne of these programs leadership which they rightly are ineffective and should be expect of this party eliminated For youths un not of empty but of able to obtain job skills train performance the party not of ing in technical we ination to a shorter work out loss of wages would pro duce more increase prod jjanj wi nnH nrifPs but of responsibil propose an industry youth pro party not of but coupled with a flexible We will bar governmentcoerced strike settlements that cynically the party whose administrations approach to minimum wage by laws for young entrylevel work dlsreSard he public interest have been characterized peace the Republican The The Republican party strong ly advocates measures to allevi dates in congressional races pledging their votes to the presi ate and remove the frustrations dential candidate with the largest popular vote if the election should have to be decid in the Electoral Cogressman Goodell is a keen student that contribute to We si vised to liberate the poor from should have to be decided by the House for lack of a majority multaneouslvn decislve t h e debilitating dependence in the TiWtnriil rniipo to quell civil re ers during their training per and accelerate inflation jocjs fective methods for dealing with Poverty disputes involving the na tional interest must be devel Welfare and poverty pro opefj grams will be drastically re Transportation The nations air transport sys performs but Makes Miracle 1 Recovery Plans A 22 yearold man who was uncon scious for three months after an auto accident a year has set Saturday as a deadline for his amazing David Lee Matthews of Brad dubbed The Miracle Kid by doctors when he escaped death irir the says tie will attend his Bradford High School ireuttibn Saiurd a y without to fin ish i and move hlfehts were1 partly affected by accideht last 7 near Al MgaflyrN The drivel of the vehicle was killed arid Matthews had exten sive1 head irijuries and a broken collarbone he1 awoke in Bradford he found he or And without aid of three nurses or a walkinlg framed last Matthews was allowed to go home from the Now he can walk up to 100 yards on his double vision is and his speech is returning to He plans to return in January to the University of where he is within one trimester of degree in civil en I thought that at one stage I had used up all my now I he I shall walk into that re union on August then start my studies Howard 410 Nicholson Labor no log forfeited Linda fined Gary RD Unsafe conditional dis Walter RD An Failure to keep fined John 47 Scott No corrective fined Political Advertisement which erodes i erodes andunder increasingly adverse con ardges family unity and Wewill modifythe copies tionjtesibeeome welfare and facilities flr tuiaee locally operated should succeed in Candidates of an must the centers to free the pejrs electoral And a sound men are e wfthout the for Agric are responsible for ithyrrcrimesjijWepledgeto encouragethe Both of adoptioni iby conventionin We cal1 on RUWC officials of health Miami proposalsought to be by to enforce outlaws with many of which Ihe firmness and Wft fho ehable pro prices in they mUst pMylf or Jbtiier prodtitzfe think krhas wisely seen a potential political situation which might open toe way for backroom bargainihgi Gov Wallace Snniltn in rlontMirinn J J A r Political Advertisement Students for McCarthy Present a Rally Tonite 9 at TOMMY DEANS SHAMROCK INN Music By the Grim Reprecussion Admission 1 ibe provided Agriculture We pledge farin policies and Ihe Democrats in Chicago later this Salamanca By Abigail Van DEAR ABBY I have been Because if I told married for 16 years to a man I had a she named John has abso who where lutely whatsoever to do what with me I questions is very sweetto than go thru the third and gives me everything I want I exqept If parents didnt insist on I thinkthere is someone else knowing the whole life history ptet John giving his love I of every boy their daughters mitting a have talked to him about this there would be a lot and laughs at He swears less AVERAGE TEEN he doeshH have anyone AGER but heMUST After he firmness and We rec Under the JohnsonHumphrey ognize that respect for law and wjn be diligent in protecting the order flows naturally from a traditional patientdoctor rela just society while demanding tionship and the integrity of of the public peace medical and we pledge a relent The Elderly less attack on economic and so We will strengthen the Social cial injustice in every Security system and provide au Foreign tomatic cost of living adjust We do not intend to conduct ments An increase in earn foreign policy in such manner ings permitted to Social Securi my mother as to make the United States a ty recipients without loss TTmvflvfir WR increaseinbenW For Complete Insurance Coverage See Forrest Allen Insurance 426 Main Wellsville Phone an old is only DEAR TEENAGER If a tary and civilian pursue a course that will and induce the South namese to assume increasing We have two chil cant tell her mother who the SL dren yho need a but I boy where she met wm responsibly We a also need a Should and a few facts about hisfam program for peace m I continue to live with John she shouldnt be dating neither Peace at nor without his love Or should I Any boy who would pick a camouflaged surrender ole tell him to go and live with his date up at her girl friends States or allied whoever he is loving house and permit her to lie to interestsbut a positive pro WHAT TO DO her mother is bad Wl11 offer eq uitable settlement to based DEAR WHAT Dont be so DEAR ABBY I am 13 years on tne P1incipte of selfdetermi positive that John has someone old and have a paper I our national interests It is entirely possible that work hard at it if I have and the cause of longrange he You are both too to say so I do a good worlcl young to live without I get the newspapers there We w511 sincerely and vigor See your family physician for on put them where ouslv Pulsue peace negotiations an examination from the neck the customers can get as long as they offer anv rea both And take John with and I have never had any com sonable prospect for a just My complaint is that my parents wont let me do DEAR ABBY You had a let what I want to do with the Our today are endowed ter in your column from a girl money I I want to buy witn greater knowledge and ma who told her mother that she a motor I have the turity ihan any such generation jvas spending the evening at a money saved up and know of Their political rest girl friends but instead where I cap get a real good lessness reflects their urgent she went there and had a deal on Im old enough hope to t achieve a meaningful fellow pick her up for a pre to get a licenseto drive Participation public affairs arranged Her mother but I could get it and drive it We believe that lower age found out about it and grounded around on the back roads where groups should be accorded the the girl for a it is Please say a good right to vote We will reduce I can sympathize with word for My parents read the number of years during the girl because the same thing you like they read the which a young man can be con happened to me about a year DOUGIE siderecl for the You say that people lie Gun because they dont have the DEAR DOUGIE It doesnt We pledge an federal courage to tell the matter if you have enough statelocal crusade against I can tell you why I money to buy a including enactment of Your parents pdrmission is legislation to control indiscrimi Wellsvifle Daifv Renorter more important than the nate availability of EsTabUshed i88o monev Heed their ad safeguarding the right of re Published every afternoon except you will never regret sponsible citizens to collect own holidays and Sundays by Wellavaje if Daily 159 Main and use firearms for legitimate w fc T retaining primary re Editor and 204 Everybody has a sponsibility at the state level Whats For a Personal with such federal laws as neces viiie Secretary reply write to Box sary to better enable the states Los An8eles Cal 90069 and meet their tag enclose a selfaddress Schools National Advertising Represents or pnvplnnp ttve Julius Mathews Special CQ oy 757 Third kUat the Postomce at DISCOUNT FOR NEWS T Nepal AP The Royal Nepa ration has Bounced 25 per gany and Potter one cent concession to journalists professional Dayable 8trtctly It will also give a 25 per cent MKMRKB OF ASSOCIATED pRzst concession in freight charges on Press and nSJ8 prUijiclAP and prioritv of dispatch in inter nal and external Maybejlyou will Lucky i i Vl One and get this fleering Wheel Bike Compliments of x To treat the special problems of children from impoverished we advocate expand AUTO INSURANCE FIRE Hyslip Hyslip WELLSVILLE USf PUR IAST PAYMENT PIAM PHONE 5934244 CHAPMANS Quality Appliances TAPPAN MAYTAG GENERAL ELECTRIC WESTINGHOUSE MAGIC CHEF KELVINATOR PLUS Dependable Service The Furniture Showplace of Distinction All At Easy Payment Plans with Reasonable Prices Parents must fill in the coupon Bring it to STISSERS and deposit it in the box for Nothing to buy Drawing August 1968 STISSERS Ma in Clear The Lot Biggest Price Reductions of the Year Your Car Will Never Be Worth n SST Hardtop Retai jrice 1966 Classic 550 6 1965 Classic 770 1965 2 Sharp 1965 Classic 1965 Classic 660 Station Standard Was 1695 1595 1695 1495 NOW 1495 1595 1095 1595 1195 1095 1965 Chevrolet Bel Air 6 Standard 1295 1095 1965 Ford 2 1395 1995 1964 Classic 660 1095 895 1964 Classic 660 Station Standard with 0Drive H95 1964 Rontiac CataHna Sharp 1295 1964 Olds mobile 88 nice condition 1295 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 good condition 1195 1964 Valiant 200 Standard 895 1964 American 895 1963 Ambassador 990 loaded 995 1963 Classic 660 895 1963 Automatic Transmission 795 1963 Classic 660 995 1963 Classic 550 Station 995 1962 4 195 1962 Falcon Station Wagon 295 1961 T 795 1962 Classic Station Wagon 395 1959 Automatic 195 Art Sounders Harry Graves 745 595 795 695 695 795 695 145 195 695 195 125 Merle Fanton HARRY GRAVES SON Phone 5933950 Open Monday Wednesday Friday Evening

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