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Post-Standard, The (Newspaper) - April 3, 2005, Syracuse, New York SUNDAY The Post-Standard Affiliated with SUNDAY, APRIL 3, 2005 FINAL EDITION 9 2003 The Post-Standard SYRACUSE, N.Y. WORLD John Paul II 1920-2005 FROM THE CHAIR OF PETER, HE REACHED OUT TO THE WIDER WORLD: TO CHASTEN, TO TEACH, TO' BEAR WITNESS WITH SUFFERING. UPON HIS PASSING, THE WORLD REACHES BACK !N SORROW, IN GRATITUDE, AND IN AWE OF A TRUE MAN OF GOD, A MAN OF GRACE WHO EMBRACED LIFE AND, WHEN HIS TIME CAME, DEATH AS WELL. Domenico Stinellis The Associated Press POPE JOHN PAUL II holds his first Mass in Cuba on Jan. in Santa Clara. The pontiff died at p.m. p.m. EST) Saturday. I have looked for you. Now you have come to me. And I thank you.' That was Pope John Paul IFs mes- sage from his death bed, words those close to him believe were meant for the many thousands of young people in St. Peter's Square. John Paul, who devoted his life to serving God and humanity, died at p.m. p.m. EST) Saturday in his pri- vate apartment in the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican. The 84-year-old pontiff led the Roman Catholic Church for 26 years. When John Paul's passing was an- nounced, many in St. Peter's Square dropped to their knees on the cobble- stones and wept. For more than 10 min- utes, the crowd, in keeping with Italian Bells tolled around the world. Millions bowed their heads. World leaders and people of every stripe and denomination found much in the life of this pope to praise: He inspired his Polish homeland to topple communism, he visited Jerusa- lem's Western Wall and apologized for Christian anti-Semitism, he was the first pope to set foot in a mosque, he spoke dozens of languages. Throughout his life, Pope John Paul II embodied the title first used by Pope St. Gregory: Servus Servorum Dei, Servant of the Servants of God. SPECIAL SECTION The life and legacy of John Paul II; Central New Yorkers remember the joy of meeting the pope. PAGES B-1 to B-6 (NY MOURNS Local parishioners gather at their churches to pray. LOCAL, PAGES C-1, C-7 WORLD REACTION Presidents, governors, lawmakers, religious leaders remember the pontiff. STORIES, PAGES A-12, A-18 THE PEOPLE'S U POPE JOHN PAUL. II, often loved for his down-to-earth ways and his love for young people, shoos doves away that were freed at the end of the An- gelus prayer out- side his studio on St. Peter's Square at the Vatican on Jan. 30. Piinio tepri The Associated Press HEELS THE family with of vs. Red child has PAGES to 1 SPORTS, PAGE PAGE PAGE PAGE D-20 J _J ;

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Publication: Syracuse Post Standard

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Issue Date: April 3, 2005