Syracuse Post Standard, January 28, 2005, Page 36

Publication: Syracuse Post Standard January 28, 2005

Post-Standard, The (Newspaper) - January 28, 2005, Syracuse, New York PAGE E 2 I THE POST-STANDARD Friday. January CNY Mom won't act to stop girl's online exploitation ABIGAIL VAN BUREN SYNDICATED COLUMNIST Dear Abby: My brother re- cently discov- ered that his 16-year-old stepdaughter has been chat- ting online with including phone sex. He went into her e-mail without her per- mission to see what was going on alter she ran up a phone bill "What We Investigate." If he is referred to his local police de- partment, he should contact them immediately so they can investi- gate further. The National Center for Miss- ing and Exploited Children also has an informative Web site, www.missingkkb.conv which provides information regarding exploited children and an oppor- tunity to report it. Abusive ex-husband won't accept Nome I'm r the bill, she lied and said she had been talking to a girlfriend. Her mother my brother's wife thinks her daughter would never Jo anything wrong and gets mad at my brother if he implies other- He doesn't want to do any- thing about the situation for fear of her wrath. t v--_; i ib important than a fight with his 1% -jo o J Knov> ii a task force that he could e-mail this information to and remain mous? I would like to see that man caught before some- thing horrible happens to this beautiful young girl. Protec- ti'v e m Colorado Dear Protective: The girl has been victimized by a predator Your brother's wife is doing her daughter no good by behaving like an ostrich and pretending this incident never happened. There are several things your brother can do. He should con- tact his local FBI office the Web site and check out the area devoted to cyber crimes specifically crimes against children under vorceu

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Publication: Syracuse Post Standard

Location: Syracuse, New York

Issue Date: January 28, 2005