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Post-Standard, The (Newspaper) - January 28, 2005, Syracuse, New York PAGE E 2 I THE POST-STANDARD Friday. January CNY Mom won't act to stop girl's online exploitation ABIGAIL VAN BUREN SYNDICATED COLUMNIST Dear Abby: My brother re- cently discov- ered that his 16-year-old stepdaughter has been chat- ting online with including phone sex. He went into her e-mail without her per- mission to see what was going on alter she ran up a phone bill "What We Investigate." If he is referred to his local police de- partment, he should contact them immediately so they can investi- gate further. The National Center for Miss- ing and Exploited Children also has an informative Web site, www.missingkkb.conv which provides information regarding exploited children and an oppor- tunity to report it. Abusive ex-husband won't accept Nome I'm r the bill, she lied and said she had been talking to a girlfriend. Her mother my brother's wife thinks her daughter would never Jo anything wrong and gets mad at my brother if he implies other- He doesn't want to do any- thing about the situation for fear of her wrath. t v--_; i ib important than a fight with his 1% -jo o J Knov> ii a task force that he could e-mail this information to and remain mous? I would like to see that man caught before some- thing horrible happens to this beautiful young girl. Protec- ti'v e m Colorado Dear Protective: The girl has been victimized by a predator Your brother's wife is doing her daughter no good by behaving like an ostrich and pretending this incident never happened. There are several things your brother can do. He should con- tact his local FBI office the Web site and check out the area devoted to cyber crimes specifically crimes against children under vorceu <uiei d loui-yeai tion from my husband. My ex treats me like dirt and cannot speak to me without becoming angry and abusive. I wasn't the cause of the breakup. He cheated on me. I of- fered to rebuild the trust and work it out, but he refused. i just vvani 10 knov. he angry. I have tried to ask him vviiy he gets so defensue. He ii living with the woman he cheat- ed with. Why does he carry so much anger toward me? He is suppos- edly happy with her Puzzled and Hurt in Kentucky Dear Hurt: He would rather arm his anger at you than face himself. He knows what he did was wrong, and it's easier for him to blame you than take re- sponsibility and accept himself as a cheater It's called blaming the victim. "Dear is written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by her mother, Pauline Phillips Write to Dear Abby at www DearAbby com or P 0 Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069 Headache can lead to blindness DR. PAUL DONOHUE SYNDICATED WRITER Dear Dr. Do- nohue: I am a 74-year-old fe- male. One week ago I had a bio- psy of my tem- poral artery, and the report carne back posim e for temporal drteniis. I am on predmsone Would you explain this for me0 I know I might go blind from this disease M.B Dear M.B.: The temporal ar- tery is located at the side of the head at the temple Inflamma- tion of the artery is temporal ar- tcntis (not That arter) is not the only one involved in inflammation Many others are, but because of its prominence and because it is so easily acces- sible, the "temporal artery" name sialius iui UK, ui- flammation syndrome that can also affect so many other arte- ries Severe headache is a frequent symptom of this condition. Peo- ple might complain of painful joints and have a fever. Many are anemic The sed rate, a simple blood test, is highly elevated m these patients. What caused the artery in- flammation is a question in search of an answer. Because the artery that pro- vides blood to the eye's retina can also be inflamed, blindness is a danger However, once the patient has started taking med- icine, that threat disappears You don't have to worry about blind- ness now that you are taking pre- dmsone, the one medicine that quickly douses artery inflamma- tion Quite often, temporal arteritis has a twin illness polymyal- gia rheumatica. That condition features muscle stiffness and aches The shoulders, lower back, hips and thighs are the strikes. Fortunately, it too re- sponds to predmsone. Dr Paul Donohue's column 5 distributed by North America Syndicate Inc It appears here Monday through Saturday Readers may write him at P 0 Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475 Billy Graham My Answer How to go about joining a church Dear Rev. Graham: Which church would you recommend I join' i didn't grow up in a churchgoing family, but now that I'm married and have chil- dren I think I need to get into a church. My problem is, I don't know very much about them, so I'd appreciate your recommen- dation. S.F Dear S.F.: I strongly urge you to find a church, both for your sake and for the sake of your family. Nothing will provide them with a firmer moral and spiritual foundation for life It is not my practice to recom- mend a specific church or de- nomination. However, ask God to lead you as you seek a church for he knows your needs, and He wants to guide you to one where your spiritual needs will be met. Don t let your lack of a church background bother you, in some churches today, most members have had little reh- gious background. What should you seek in a church7 First, seek one where the Bible is taught and people are encouraged to apply its truths to their lives. Seek a church also that will offer opportunities for your children to learn about Christ and what it means to fol- low him. Seek one as well that offers opportunities for service. The most important thing I can urge you to do, however, is to make your own personal com- mitment to Jesus God loves you, and he wants you to come to know him in a personal way. He loves you so much that he sent his only son into the world to die for your sins. Ask him to come into your life today and ask him to guide you to other be- lievers who can help you. Write to the Rev Graham in care of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, P 0 Box 779, Minneapolis, MN 55440, or visit his Web site at www billygraham org Dr. Denis F. Branson Board Certified Plastic Surgeon MMmatty Invasive--Maximum Results Treatment Tailored to Your Needs Studio goes all out to keep ending secret JOAN E. VADEBONCOEUR ENTEItTAINMEIir COLUMNIST Twentieth Century Fox terms it "un- precedented" and claims it is the first time in its 70-year his- tory it has made this security move. The studio is taking the step in 2 mp.'or to Vpe" the se- cret of ''Hide and Seek" from leaking out before its opening j today in theaters across the country. Prints of the Robert DeNiro- bemg snipped wiinout me nnai i reel. That reel is being sent sepa- 1 rately. Security guards will hand deliver that final reel, each of which will be numbered It could be a disaster for early show audiences if the last reel fails to make it. But Fox executive vice presi- Richard Myerson believes keep- ing the iccret will be orth the extra cost and potential head- aches. Rle photo 2003 FORMER SYRACUSE resident Suzan-Lori Parks has adapted the novel 'Their Eyes Were He says, "It is a-terrific pic- ture with an ending everyone will be talking about." Maybe yes, maybe no. Tradi- tionally, January has been the month for dumping inferior product on the market Parks adapts novel Suzan-Lon Parks ades the world of television with the script for Oprah Winfrey's proj- ect that stars Academy Award- winner Halle Berry. The Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of "Top Dog" had adapted the book "Their Eyes Were a 1937 novel by Zora Neale Hur- ston, for Winfrey and co-produc- er Quincy Jones. It is due to air March 6 on ABC. Berry portrays Janie Craw- ford. who is searching for fulfill- ment in Central Florida. The area is where Hurston lived most of her Me. She was noted as a member of the Harlem Renais- sance, but died in virtual pover- tv Berry nab a strong cast headed by Emmy-winner Ruby Dee and Tony recipient Ruben Santiago-Hudson. The writer is the daughter of Syracusan Francis Parks and of Donald Parks, who died last June. Rooeris voices spider The rumor is true. When Siobhan Fallon Hogan wrote to announce she had been cast in the children's "Char- lotte's she said she had been told Julia Roberts was going to lend her voice to the live action and computer generated tale. The Le Moyne College gradu- ate was correct, but the deal hadn't been done for the new mother to join the cast. Makes sense, we both figured, since Roberts had just given birth to twins and doing a voice would IIOL ictjuiic iicr to iCivc iiCmc icr the Australian shoot. The super- star is expected to voice the spi- der, who is title character in the E.B. White work. Fallon Hogan left this week Land Down Under. She plays Mrs. Zuckerman in the live-ac- tion sequences. Dakota Fanning, Kevin Anderson and Essie Davis are others on camera. The voice ensemble includes Oprah Win- ire} Cedric the Entertainer, John Cleese and Steve Buscemi. jnt P'cnjres not set the release date except to say that it ivill be out during 2006 Joan E Vadeboncoeur wntes for CNY, Weekend and Stars Magazine Crunch Those Flabby Abs Experts explain why it's important to fight belly fat By Pauline M. Millard The Assoaated Press II m Pashboards Six-packs Nomat- ter what they're called, muscu- lar, lean abdominals are an ob- session for some Americans. And there is no shortage of methods to get them. Some fitness programs encour- age countless crunches while others back special diets. Some promoters suggest more sleep or en adding calcium to the diet. ''So many people have the tummy pooch because it's a hard area to said Dr. Susan Lewis, an orthopedic sur- geon at St. Francis Memorial hospital in San Francisco. "Even a thin person will be a little flabby if they're not working on the area The biggest motivating factor for get- ting rid of belly fat should be general health, said David Zinczenko. editor m chief of Men's Health magazine He devoted his book "The Abs Diet" to the health benefits of tight abdominals, citing research that links belly fat to dis- eases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. This is partly because abdominal fat isn't limited to subcutaneous fat. the The Asooated DR. CAROL OTIS (center) a sports medicine physician, works on a core strengthen- ing exercise with massage therapist Neil McGiliis (left) and physical therapy stu- dent Shawn Dailey at a training facility in Portland, Ore. lldU UllU t The fat found deep in the body, around organs, can lead to senous health problems. Some visceral fat is necessary for proper bodily functioning, acting as a cushion between organs and keeping you warm. However, too much can lead to problems "Abdominal fat bears the blame for many health problems because it resides within striking distance of your heart, liver and other organs pressing on them, feeding them poisons and messing with their daily Zinczenko wrote. He says the answer to having good ab- dominals isn't eating fewer carbohy- drates or doing hundreds of sit-ups, but simple and consistent diet and exercise. Part of the reason people gain weight around their middle is because they might be insulin-resistant, said Dr. Fred Pescatore, author of "The Hamptons Diet." Insulin is the chemical that regu- lates sugar in the blood. When the body can't produce enough insulin to handle all the incoming sugar, it becomes insu- lin-resistant. Pescatore said Americans eat so much refined sugar about 150 pounds per person per year that after a while the pancreas can't work fast enough to pro- cess it all and it gets stored as fat. it ctjtvs thprp nsrtly because of ancient bodies were conditioned to hang onto every calorie possible in case of famine. It's only in the last century that people began eating processed food. "Our lifestyles may have changed, but genetics don't change in just 100 Pescatore said He says one of the easiest ways to get nd of belly fat is to cut processed sugar and white flour from the diet. That in- cludes everything from sodas to pretzels. "Even the skinniest of skinny people can lose about 5 pounds this he said. Fruits, vegetables and whole grams are good choices since they are loaded M ith fiber and will make you feel full. Dr. Carol L. Otis, a sports medicine physician in Portland, Ore., suggests small lifestyle changes, such as cutting 200 calories a day. That's the equivalent of about one regular soda or one candy bar. She also suggests burning an extra 200 calories a day, the equivalent of walking for about half an hour. She said people can't forego exercise m firming up abdominals, but they also can't expect to address it with spot-train- ing alone. Instead, they have to lose weight all over to see results. That means increasing cardiovascular exercise and weight-training, which helps increase metabolism She cited recent research that shows an effective way to tone abdominals. She said that exercises that focus on the deep abdominal muscles, the gluteus maximus as well as the back can improve strength as well as posture. "We're finding that the core of the body is in that lower trunk she said. "When those muscles are toned and worked out, then even simple things such as lifting groceries is easier." Once the fat starts to melt away, the muscle underneath will start to show. However, all the exercise in the world may not take away every ounce of fat. People might have to accept that they might be genetically predisposed to hav- ing a little tummy pooch. Even some Olympic athletes can have little pockets of fat. "In all the studies, no one has ever shown that there is one special trick that will make you lose weight m one certain Lewis said. "It's all about calones in and calories out." Tournament tiddlywinks celebrates 50 years TOURNAMENT, FROM PAGE E-l best in the world The mantel- piece in the rec room of his Vienna, Va., home holds 44 tid- dlywink trophies. He was world champion in 2001. and featured in Sports Illustrated in 1995. "It involves physical skill plus strategy as well as a luck Kahn said while potting winks fpt-dink! fpt-dmk! on his practice table. "If you onltr going to stink." The object is to use a squidger (a larger piece) to flip 24 winks, or smaller, colored discs, into a pot in the middle of a heavy-felt mat or to keep your opponent from doing so. Generally it's red and blue vs. green and yellow in doubles play. There are also sin- pies pames. Serious tournaments began at Newhouse News Service USING A squidger Larry Kxkn pots a tirlHIywink at a practice table in his home in Vienna, Va. Cambridge University in Eng- land in 1955, and the American sport coalesced at the Massachu- setts Institute of Technology in the 1960s and '70s. At the height of its popularity back then, Can- aHa and Scotland also had active winking communities; those have since faded. Most of today's active players are MIT grads of the "70s. in- cluding Kahn, Rick Tucker and Dave Lockwood. They were among 25 Americans who flew to Cambridge for the jubiiee and six days of competition in mid- January. "It's a small said Tucker, of Alexandria, Va. The suburban Washington, D.C., area' 'is one of the major centers 01 winking in Noiui Aiiicuio, along with Ithaca and Boston. Tucker runs the official Web site of the North American Tid- dlywinks Association (www. He's an avid collector of historic tiddlywink games and has played competiti- vely since 1972. Lockwood, of Silver Spring, Md traveled to the iubitee with IMS wite ana live cnuaren, ages y to 21. Lockwood vs. Kahn is one of the great competitive legends of modern winking- Sports Illus- trated described it: "Forget Ah" and Frazier, Chamberlain and Russell, Evert and Navraalova. Kahn and Lockwood have been dueling one another since the early 1970s." Lockwood' s wink nickname is Dragon, Kahn's is Horsemeat used to say that instead of (expletive) during tournament "We've both been at or near the top for Lockwood said. He's been to England 92 times, "mostly for tiddly- winks." This time around, during World Masters jubilee play, Lockwood and Brit Andy Purvis squared off for the champion- shin. Purvis defeated Lockwood