Monday, February 23, 1857

Syracuse Daily Courier

Location: Syracuse, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Syracuse Daily Courier on Monday, February 23, 1857

Syracuse Daily Courier (Newspaper) - February 23, 1857, Syracuse, New York ACUSE DAILY 5Y F. L HAGADOUN. IjnMOffAJJTLir TJPOT THE FIRST DAWNING OF EVERY ATTEMPT TO ALIENATE ANY PORTION OF ODR MONDAY, COUNTRY FKOH THE REST, OK TO ESFEEBIX TITS EACRED TTFS W nc LI5Z TOGE7KEE TH? 7ASIOS8 FASTS VOL. I, NO. ICE TWO CFATS. _, (It Tilt D U! COt KII II Ttl' im-i C i, ill- r k S., r, Vl I 1 1> ill t U irrl Ih re i V ri u'nh if' MiiU TH W V V Kl i illi >i I mi rj 11 I I v nbrv-l tit i l e tnlele i O t In rtl Ji I.ATJ H oy t go M One In' 1 IK) llirie 1 fll Knur i! HI uix in" Wl I-'C! i lion rl OIH n i rtl LEGAL. ile nil ur t J.i ii, v n il M. ul 1 I J u ,e M-, Oi ne iKir.mii Illul in r th I'Mi I nij tt r II i1, fault i ii11 e, n ul iiiur dt 1> icirtnln 1 innc'liiti tfinty "I'd {nf ml kit I in Ire 1 anl lilly IU .1 in rititur f tho eit> of Syri. ind au f New York t, Milo f Olaj In said county, and Nil si 1 Hi f riieiiae, an I wh! ti ......p nl ihe I uni nl 'f u hiinlr I n. 1 f it> the 1 liar-Hi Ills' >y efnls, u I r rt) o le and a half llnki iilai-i f hi-Blnni i. reiil.lnini 2J 1! 10" of January 21th, 1s IjU h t.rien Tin un if Iro 1 and forttf tolbus and hiw cf m-i TO lie I aid HM f Uowu, lo M U 1 wo 21tli I iy of Dec, nib, r, in enih year wllh tnt< rest on all fums unpaid pajablo at the same time 01 1 i i trtln Unt ill _ 50 T v Thr I (X) 1 l "tin t it mo iin-i 1-u n mill r (iii Six montlH 7 oil Mi moiilln S IW n sit! i D 00 ll eil5 l-si risers, Column, 10 cents rll anl twenty flve -mi of principal ami Mir c 1 indre I anil forty flvo an I eighty nine cents onmc duo thereon and nc j roctedlnfcS havo been lute If rthce llecllon of said SUIIM or any part thereof Now ttier fore n )ticc Ii litril v uv i n lliat In I ursuancc of the Tirol sale In ind rccorrte 1 wit'i said mort KIM smttht form oftlm statute in such case made and v 'led, tlic premises In laid mortgage describe 1 as al< re I I 11 ill I e 10! I nt public auction, altlie Ono Jnira Tern In 1 county, all lliat cerl 1111 pi r parrel i f I ind knuun anl list 111! IVIMII n imber tlt-h' In the division or lit number in the tin n 1 Cieero a c n mi 1 I l henei n rth twenty two chiilii and thirty six tin u, ill "nt c, rntr if said -uivty llfty thence NC-.I wenly uiochaini iindihlrtv 'It links to the northwest cor ner of Burvcj llfly, the ice noith nine ch i I- and twentv a'x lluki to ti tree in irked H In th, mut line of lid 1 t, It belli the K nth went corner of subdivision number themeeaitlort) four ch i m and 11 Iriy elfht links ton staki live north can f a tree in irk il K tHii t soulhtllny onochainiiandsiMy two unkbl tli rlacc ot I eu iinin, i ntiilnlnR nljety tiro acres ind thirl> Hi humln It s of an acre of 1 mil exccpthiB from the above 1 Hcrll 1 i r mlses al out oi e third of an aere of laml sol I f i a sch 1 I ouse l and alno iilttuit ,'wi tmrits nrrin loin to Jonsn Hi, I Pierce Anil nhinai 1 fault I een made In the payment of said mor tan which nald mi rig vgt wasKlven to secure the pivmtnloi 110 "ithIntcrecit therein and was rcc nl ol.nitl the pmior of sale therein, In the office of the Olerk of the county of Onomlapl, in book 79 of niort ige on the day of January, iuo6, nt And vrlniroas there If clal ncd to I du MOK Ffi 1 IK.-WhOw Orf I reb th "f tl fit} f c Mm n a, i on t! I t 'I 'y ta n n tur t rUl re lid intl.cCUrkuoi m I. kNo -II if mo igi rlKlru.rvl ,it 1 i un tl i 11 mi l ,f fuill J 1 m, IK ic aceitiinl t ilh 11 f, Ih ii -pirtff M cilj of Sjrici i nt In tli c on the ITth day of December, 1S65, at four ,Vt tho rates establ sheet by the flut iifild) for iiiL in the payment of 000 therbln In three equal annual piymcnts with tatirest, a.1 therbln ildml illd mortgage unto KobcrtM Klchardaon of the same place, iicorUIm ccc of Inn 1 described in said mort KiKe iiibitanlially ai f HOWB to wit "All that part of farm lot Ino hundred and twenty two of the Onon la a bait Springs Ki situated In the city ol ayra use, and bounded ns follows, to wit Btglnnlng on tho north mde of the New York Central the gap" I o'clock l t n said inortRagc at tho d ite of the first publi-atiou c f this notice, the Bum of 01 1UH and mttrejt on 11 Id sum from the I8th day of Januarj, 1S56, anil there H n becom- due on said mortgage, said sum. of w th Intcreat tlmroon frt m the IBth d iy of Januaiy, Ifijti, M of thatdaj St Dowica, A Dated February r OHINNFLL, Mortgagee niihws i KENVBDT, Attorneyi f lli.NKYMKJ' tt en of the city of Cincinnati, lu the State of Onio, by certain Indenture of mortgage bearing dito the mnetecnth day of January, one thouiand eight hundred and titty four, m rte.aged unto David BJ Gcer and Samuel P Geer, of the city of Syracuse and State of New York, certain lands and premises described in Baiel mortgage aa fo! lows viz "All that certain piece of land situated in the citj of Syracuse, described and bounded as fallows being part of block number twenty nine, acoording to a map of tho village of Syracuse made by John Lathrop, beUnnlnir, on the north line of sold block, one hundred anel ninety elsht feet westerly from the northeast corner of block, and runs thence westerly, on the southerly side of Vi lllow street, ninety nine feet, thenco southerly, paral lei with the easterly lino of said block, one hundred and thirty-two feet, thence easterly, parallel with the northerly line of said blo'ok, ninety-nine feet, thence northerly, par allel with the easterly aide ol said block, one hundred and at Uia of the ciiinty of On on paf Ofe9, on tl e 111 'clock i-j u ir or r to JWH from thi pij tieniiually Uitherc nir mi u, It 1 er M Kid ar Ihe b 11 ic I tut 1 U" rilled in sjii'lTOirUHcesilbrtt in to ft t VII ihit I t of I ind Ic tun e rre 1 n ir' 11 the c, deleril cd n4 I'lloWK 1 cpll nine It 1 't'lme f i ina street one hundred in x (i T) fi et n ir h of the south ea t cornel f usi 1 ii tiiiiictwiitina Ine parall I to th rorlh lin t I n slrcet on linn, red (I'M) thcnci- norll ar ill 1 11 tit west In f lilmanti it twortj feet th mt nt arallel o Hie liwt Ine llfty thencesonth six H 1 thercc east throui I the centre of the u Hhna! of the f. ll if st re llfty (M f t to the wei line of 8 i inn ,tr I ihim-tBiutb n he line of n ALL CDKfco I 1) I r i' SI t JJ I 0 V 5 C 0 M P V S 0 NT EOMFSTIC MlllVilll 0 nrp to fie r id s lie if lit i irmcr i litions of t abovewnk the ml i >r has 1 I Induce I t) iiie a m anuHtvi-dll ion (leirn i' -bovetill 1 irced an I im] rnvei! U xl si ch i work is i ail V Atton c rftiiroRu in iiiti w ij durability, qualitj or a per t a n I iT das lames Johnson, Hibert iChrin m t r> Celnchaui, John Ii1 iri J, ir I all fourd reliable ,cnl 01 inUit m Tint wrn n sii ill lit 11 ir n th sin b Hiv. n, i nt c in tnditnlll "i c aim of this-wf rk ti mipaitsuch kiioi i in i e e-r pleasant mann r, avn cv rvt'n of i r cba! ter, or winch would offend ho ear jf cccn v Y. n te 1 I line cur poods and sfo our '-TOM' M I D W I Tills branch will occupy a i frt in o' ihe worK, a under this head be f un 1 sone heart rending 11 wl ich arc i >incllmc3 pi acticc I under the parb of Scien With s r ct ittclltion t the ru ea f nd in I'll, n> ,r-] woman c in attel d t my ruse of Uul 1 1! Ill The i Js tf tcrie-1 of c >nci l ion w 11 her I 1" i jci ti I unacr i 1 )i I V1< Hl-S -We would call ll ir it I il i of 1 who arc in want of Till3 RvellfiKI ers and Cn x an 11 ick C iati, I f trim.T u Olr it ok of I! CLOTU1M plat a 1 ve w 'd r illv invit t1 Country Dealer- i call b f re altipc of BOit1 N H R, membr our-l lilre Oriental Huildmfr- M C PALSIIII. fit -ill to d such r 11 i I i ncce Jiry or Ing to tho terms thereo and gire the security required by law in such case, within ten days from the tlm at 11 AMI mic li e1 ilm if to tit dut won tho stiid u a" ihe late (f Ihe Hut iii'i allon ol thii notice, the jura Si 1UO The premlpct ara described In said mortgage as rol lows, that 18 to say --All that part of Block number one hundi cd and th rteen of Syracuse, bounded uni ill J) In the lourth ward of the City and described as lollows Bcglnniue. i an i SI LI 01 610CS, i Vfir k illng, anxioty su-alt tit mi" ih liouw In the city, anu to intri Ish'ir il tne pit (ftli S taipire lilock, po at the in i th east cor ler of said Block number one. I un med and tin teen thence running Wont on the South line of iMyctte one hundred and two feet, thence South par illcl tilth Mulberry street eighty seven feet, thence t ant parallel with tho South lino of layette Btree- one hundred and two feet to the line of Mulberry stria thence North on iho West line of Mulberry street eighty seven to the place of beginning Now, there fore, notice Is hereby niven thatby virtue of tho power of wlc conUlne 1 in anil recorded with Hie said mortgage, and our mnnt to the statute in suoh case made and provide 1, he nior's-agcd premises descubcd in the said mortgage an'i hereinbefore particularly set out, will be sold at pub lie auction at H Jloli.1 known as the Bjracuse House n ifSyracuso, In satd Onondaga County on thelSth nl 1ST at 8 o'clock P M IHUUU3CO o Son, at ihe House, In Syraouse kentbv Wright 4 Miller, on the 2M day of April, 185i, at o'clock in the forenoon of that day Dated Syracuse, January M.I, s OEPB and BAMUBL P QKEB, Mortgagees. Piinoatto 4 Noxos, Attorneys__________ffwlHjeZtt MOUTGAOE! S> Default having been the payment of the moneys Intended to be secured to be paid by a certain mortgage made and exe _ -'BmUh jjforceijus, in the conr State ot N Jw York, (but since etc in a separate envelope and to the undersigned or elthlr of them Albany, J t ItEADtE'KSaeret.iryol State L OCUROWa, Comptroller gToyp. STOVES! STOVES! MCCARTHY, RADIQAM 4 s, NO 20 East Water would hasten rebpectfull} to inform the- public of the i ompli of th ir anrangemelUa trttt the TK01 rOUNDHY, of tins c ty, and other Lastern Fr undries of acknowledged reputation, by which slarge assortment of the bestj i remittance r a i osta c stamp Of il to I A Ij DR WM F IIOYT'3 OLD ESTABLISH FDPRITATFHOPPITAL Bastable arcade, oppo itt (lorth of) tht Poat Offite, fvracuse, Y Where he will introduce to the notice of thoie nffl -ted with I'nivvTt anl faipmuTra Dut-vjus, iu_ BV rm OP CLHE This cli-s of Complamia he has made and intends to make a SPFCJ LTY, and the knowledge he hio ol tht NrW JIET1IOD OF TS15ATMEN T, Now in opcrition m France and the Us in this ro in try warr ints him in siymg 'hat none of the forms thii is without a burc, Quick and try diseas Is wont to assume, >he Oily o day i f v.pi lay" 1is'I at8 o'clock P M arv 16 1S57 TUB 1 n thQS BA-JK cr UTICA, Mortgagee fi i- KHLNAit, Atfys for Mortgagee, Utlea aprc re da e I on the ti tlttl lay of April, m the year one fVujnil and llfty-lwo, vtaB tofct -r Mth tlit r o Vfr of sale thtrun contained, recorded In the offlco of the Cicrk of the cou uy ef Onondaga, on the cicLth day of July eiKhtocn hundred and fifty two, at elKht o'clock A M In Libersltty six of mortgages, at pape four hundred and eighty five, it, and was given to stcure the payment of tlio sum of tight hundred dollars, togeth er with the interest thereon, upon which mortgage there Is claimed lo bt due, at the time of the first publication of this notice, (November 25, the sum of eight hundrtd dollars ol principal, together with the interest thoreon from the twelfth day of April, in the yeai one thousand Irfit hundred and fifty two, amounting m the whole Tor >rineipal and interest, to the bum of one thousand ind till having been i mdc yuicnt if the sum of secured to be nil Ight hundred and fifty two, (1852) ex the Statute in such case raade and provided, thclsaid premises will be Bold at public and on to the highest b doer therefor, at the Globe Hotel, In the city of Syracuse in the said county of Onondaga, on tho nine teenth day of tcbruary next, (one thousand eight hundred nd fifty twelve o'clock noon of that flay The mortgaged premise are described in said mortgase smb a-SS of land in the town of MareeiUis county of Ononclaga, and State of New lork elng part of lot number twenty four, in the sai 1 town of larcellus, bounded and described as follows to wit be inning at the south line of the Seneca turnpike road 't he Northwest comer of a piece of land, on or about the irnt day of April, A D one thousand eight Hundred and wenty eight owned by Richard B Davis, running thenci Vest in the llnccf said road four rods and fivelinkB to land at the date last aforesild owned by Jeremiah 6 13 White hence Bouth twenty six-odd and nineteen links, thence bistfour rods and Ihellnks to the fcouth west corner of Will be kept coostamiyon hand, itaong tfiemany Im ortant advantages c aimed for onr stoves maybe men vane'y, be: trty and exceltence onr patterns 2d The unsurpasset smoothness of the Sd The thorough manner m which every stove is r ubili'J 10 supply f 's ni fu' 0 i- ilaei mm it on to rceomi stjve-l it n IK TrsT i id f and r in Wei Her in stoves nude from oil and ronilf ne 1 rat te'ns rcmod led wi h new mines, to imsleld a J de en the puMic, but each st >ve bears its ong nal name, ana we STOTFS WOOI5 Minnesota Air Tight, CcDtS1, State rhmro Black Knight, Wisconsin, elevated oven' Black. Prince, Forrest Bill, LO.UB Air Tight Premium Air Tight, Western World Western Diamond, T7e have also on Land a 'arge assortment of Parlor Stoves, for Wood anc Ooal In presenting this clrci.'ar, we have endeavored to avoid the too commor and disgusting prictf ce of boabting We desire only to stite facto We therefore invite the tcrest or curiosity of a candid public to an examination our assortment, tj test the accuracy of our assertions UWArER STEFET, SYBACDSE, N T. COAL COOK Welcome, Bur A r Tight, Itchange, Peimanent Ktmely Jflvt thousinl patients cured annually The remedies Dr WYl E 1IO1T, are free from offensive taste or smell, cont lin no mercury and tequ re no ch u tre of diet, b s ness or pleasure Persons at a litti ice r in us cured a home by addressing a letter to W il I IIOTi T Uecol'ect the name and place N adits in iv ant ol tt Pleasant and Saie Ecn-edj Cor Irregularities, Obstructions, can obtain DR BLMAS' FM.NOII FFMALE AIOMHLY PILLS, Vt t ic Doct ir's office in the Bastablt JIamcd iriici ID crtai tuatiors should not use them, for rca o z r lirtclio 10% Price >1, sent by mil1 lo all i 11-11 "f th world Dr Wn_ F Uoyt Is jj nl j j. HP FaoTrCTisa ISSTUCMETST an nreventiveol conception, Is invaluable to such as t r uprh io-ne physical conlormat on or deformity are incapati tiled for safe repoduction Orders from any part of the United States inclosing will insure the return of fie instrument Remember that Dr Wti B Hoyt 13 the onlv permanently established and reSionsibie in Ocntra! New York, who treats Pnvate Diseasu, and h s Plaice extends Ihro.chout every State In the bmon Remember the place, BastaMe Ai cade OmCF HOTMfromOA M to 9 P M SanflajB from 2 to5P M Ol0tl_ have jn t i ieivi'1 i nevi 1 ti Cti-ese superior TV c nv te all perani 3 to ti best thine in iiso rt! s.h-a t V Pvi TlIllJKt m zn OF -.vL NV Would rdS] ciftil'j imite thtr frKnl" in l! 111' lie, to rill and e amc their block of I-AI I TtR GOODS, co shiini. r tl e t c t FRFNl H AND ENOJ Ibli CLOTHS, RICU FANCY tOR JI 3 elegant a.osortpicnt r f SILK A D VELVET Comprising even variftT of poi is ti b fou 11 in a FIRST CLASS lEUCIIAI.! TUI OPINQ L.-TV1I SftNT, wh'--'. w will to ori in the lat 't v'e P Li3f ciU and e amlneour g Ii 4 F have c nsta-i'Iy on ban 1 an r t o' Oen jemcn'i Furnish ng Goods oltf i who are in want of r BEIT have agreit -nett plain and fjnij Curb Ine best Mill t, r 0 STOM, CALL. ITH T havo just reccht-d another lotrf those Oruunl Perkcoplc Q'ostes, better t'lan Otr b fore, if posbil toon til kno-nn They need no "icy we frames 00 to fTONh 4 BALL e hiv e a tip top article, never have xnown a poor one, aDdhaic sold dozens of them, .rip. to match 112 STOSF BALL S'SnAIOH'5' J INI S and see the best straigh BALL'S (LbUBLISBtD IN 1340 Wholesale and Retail Dealers and Importers of 3, J1.WFI RY AND FANCY GOODS, M-'MIFACTCTlEItS OP PREMIER fclLVSB And solt AKcnta for __ CJ-LrnKVFD PLRIbCOPIO SPFCTACLE3, No 14 L-ntOcnt'ee street, Syracuse SILVER WAKE MANUFACTORY. Til LARD 1IAWLEY Are the of the 'IP I'l'.I MILM SliVfcR V VRP p r nrn-iii o' faile ani T iSj or" Vor 1 'f Kill up i tra-v N int. 0' I bdvcr ard Jj V VTV (R WAR WITH CANADA Iff llcnma' IlranAHlI FOIS TFZ biAH Bn JJISOB oy Ot iH TTI.FR. GOODS ND CLOimMr CDFAPFR TJ TTLE hr J just returned from New York trlfh ill 11 lateet styles anc patterns that cm be foun I, cur CLOTH AND VVSTINOS the best everofJ red in tills market, or Wen of New Yorlr Our stock of CI thinpisnotto be equaled iv, the largest ind her made stock of Clothing to be fon 11 in the Stite lo ot boast nhen we saj tliltall Iy Mlde Clothing Is made by good, e I T-crknen, while others ar raade east, or half made with r. act that do >i d the test. Come in, we say We will show yea Goods arise Lnun cheaper t an others can buy them VR C A I AREOWS, from Boston, ?n experience.) and well known Cutter, will nt you to a chin :l e eyer in thii reidy and wil mg to -i ei 1 to you In tlw Custom 1 eparlment The obliging upermtcn lent Is va ting it j t pleisure to see you and the eimc lib CIjTC' IFlFlint his waited on ou for years before, Is always rt i iy to i vou Goods che per than any other man in the cilv Come all, an sde if it is not so are not to be ur by ans set of men The Inreest v irkty nfCloth Ins ever seen I i any one store in the of M-F t en Cncirent 1 oniy ud Land Warrants bcugl t ard <olJ ard a general xchange Business done, by TYi ER i n Binra, C i n. ulc in- J i nl l ind New P-'ct" ;l Cherry" dra '''l.'mdon.S ,'th and PhlUdeluMa Porter F rin! oltf JAYCOX OnBKV, No 07 Sillml utrtet Ter 2? 3S S O W 9 118 WAter ISO Pearl TJi i'earl stieet, New Y wk, AVD SCOTCn C1GAKB ALh ANL) P011M.R, COHDIAIS, Ac j -t all call tht attention of city and 1 aler. o IVir exteiwlvc stock of Liquoua AND CiOAE', iisloai Ii i Je !or having been made in the imymcnt of the sum of secured to be pal 1 by a certain mortgage btaringdate February xecutcd by James Ilarroun as mortijagte to Cornelius L Ahord mortgage, and recorded in the of the ic county of Onondaga, in Book No 69 of mart MORTGAGE Mars Near Jolger Mortgagee, Eliza Ann Vroo man Mortgage dated April 5th, 1644 Recorded m th Clerk's Office of Onondaga county, on theBth day of ApVi 1M4 In book No 49 of mortgages, page 121 Tnero i claimed to be due thereon at the time of the first pul llca lion of this notice, the Bum of one hundred and eighty dollars and forty three cents Default having bee mlde in the payment thereof, notice is hereby given tha u pursuance of a power of aale contained in sa 1 rnor cage, the premises described In said mortgage, to v, it All that certain tract or parcel of land, being all tha part of Salt Lot number twenty four, (24) in the Liverpool described as follows, viz lleginnint at t southwesterly corner of said loi, near the bridge ever I O.weso on the bank of snld cnnal and runnln northtrlj on the line of Vine street to a point fifteen fe norther y of tlio old building attached to the sal bl, tk o sold easterly at right angles to the tast Ine Mid lot, thence onsaid east line to tlio Oswcgo bounded by Slid canal to the place of bctmmng, supposi to be about eighti two (SB) feet wide, together iv lUi all (he saltwoils thereon, and all the appurtenances thereunto will be sold at public auction, at the Globe Hotel in Hie city ol Syracuse in said county ol Onondaga oVlocl, In the fore noon of that day DISCOV- rKENNEDY of oiory, las diwoverefl .In one ot our COMMON PASTDM3 WEEDS a remetly that cures every kind oi humor, from the worst Scrofula down .o a JHE GKKATEST of Roibory, W BLRT'S PFRISCOPIC SPECTACLES. Ihe subscribers are the sole Agents for the sale i of 4 Bnrt's Per coj ic Oold .nfl Silver the scientmc principles, which -1 invc the above named H It tho name o( 'J o notice s stamped upon the framea CLF INK IK TfE BEST POSSIPLE BY JOHN WABW1CK, (Late ol Troy) NO. SO JE FERSON STREET, COR. MUI BERRY All at SI. C Palmar Co's carcfallj vte-idttll. J W Inforr B the pirtilic that as foon It- can comiil hie arrangem ata, he open his and Cotteu Dyemc Estab shment. FAMCIi I assortment of neat and i'c s'rablap ttcrnu of f mcy Also assf rt ment of colla 3, neck t cs, cravits, Sankerchlcfi, 4c j lit dby J) J SON, oJWf Merchant Tailors, 15 W. Gcneseo stifet KW E HANOTAOTOltY RAKD, TICB PIERSON, PBOPRH.TO !S OF THE TROY FOUNDRY SYRACUSE, N Y. The subscribers irould respectfully announce to the -oplo of Central New York that they are now manufac urn some of the b Jit Cool ng Stoves for Wood and Coal o be found in any p irt of the United States Thi MINNESOTA and STAR air tight Cook Stoves to which was awarded he first Premium at the late Onondaga hem Our Foundry is slluated little West of Salina street, In the South part of tha city Dealers would do well to ami neourassortmait before purchasing elsewhere Our Stoves arc also sold ivholesale and retail by ur v McCarthy, Radiuan Downes, No East Water street Syracuse H Y .where also the latest and best patterns o Sy Parlor Stoves can b E 4 HEBSON 4 MAY have removt to No 47 South Sihna street, between Kailroad am FINE AND HEATY HARDWARE. RON AND STEEL. Rj ILS AND SnOTELS. >AINTS AND OILS. 3ASH AND 6LAS8 IOWDER AND P0SE. Blannfacturera and Dealers In TIN, COPPER, IRON WAIUi AND STOVES Agents for AND PACKING LEATHER BELTING DAVIDSON'S FIRE KINO SAFES, ol 3m Ac Ac nc- overl 000 and never failed cent m two cases, both thunder hou or lie has now m over 200 certificates of its virtue, all within -i-wo cure a nurb ngsore moutii One to three bottles will cure tht wo-st L n 1 of pimplel on ulit face Two to thiee bottlei will curt he system of >ilci Tvro bottles arc w irr mtcd to cure the rorst c in rer in the mouth and stom ich Three to five bottles are warranted to cure the c-se rf erysipelas One to two bottles ara warranted to ture' all Immorj in the eyes Two bot'les are warranted to cur r inning in the cars ind i-s air jng the hair Four to bottles are wairant ed to cure corrupt and running ulcers One bott'i. wt uire scaly eruption o'the skin Two to three Iwttlei ire warranted to cure the of ringworm Tivo to three I ottlca are wari t nted to uure the most desperate case of rheumatism Three to four bottles arc wairarted to cure silt rheum Five to bottlei. w H curt the worst A benefit is always e-qienenced from the firat bottle, and a perfect cure is warranted w> en abovt quintity I peddled over a thousand bottles of tms m vicinity of IJoston I know the effect oi it in every case ao sute as wattr will extinguish frt, sure will thii cure humor I never sol 1 a bott c of it but that sold aiio htr After a trial it always speaks for itself Thtic two thmra about this herb that appear to me bui first it grows m our put urea, m some plates plenti W and yet ita value has never been known until I tlio covered it in 1S40, second, that it should cure all lei id o! to gi-v e some dca of the sudden and art at popularity of this will state that n Apr 1, rPcddled and sold aoout bottles ner day In Aprd 1854 I sold over a thousand bottles per aay of it gome of the wholesale druggists, who nave been in bue Iness twenty and thirty years, say that notMmj in tie an rials of Patent Medicines, was ever like it Tl ere is a unJ of it from all w premTum lorth, fol- an 1 Half DoBara (cointd before J "frl Dollars and Half Dollars. MeticanDolln-iand Half Dollars. L-icl sh Crowns and IIMf Crowns S uih American Dollan and Half Dollars t rcncl 5 Francs, ic ic 4 QAWLEYj Manufacturers o' Silver Wire, Syracuse, Oct. 1, S5I. 14 East street, oltf ___________ _ aAMUUb BI.NEDIOT, So o Will street. New York, constantly on hand a large and splendid Qodtn Oold kev and double Watches, tStS without DC 4; Hafejostrecelvcd a large v variety el FALL A3SD TTDITER OGODS FOR M Otthe eat qualities WEiS, And lie latest Patterns, Which they wi) make to order In the most styles IB West Gene'ee Etrosr. Bears KST liavc e established themsUves rear the o.d quir JMHM; BLOCK, To SONortr Ssllna Btrtet, in the Store fonne-ly occ by D McOa thy 4 Co which been greitlj i re modeled t ad elegantly fitted up, niaking o-e ot fit. tin in the State at r dt ankles with a ltd south line one hundre t irlt tnofcLttotlicpiactof hBitlimlng Will be at i il U inttl m at the Salt Springs Hotel in tho I ml ward ot salJ ny, ktplbyll B Uderkln, oil the llth day of Ain iso- atlo iVlocklnthefoMiioonolthitday Da ted fanl ni, Jamiarj COKNtLIOS-T ORD, MortRagce J 11 H RIIAXIV, Atl'y for Mortice jislivv R n MOIIEHOUSE, of TJtlco, Attorney lOUfc Ullu uuuitc in the above entitled cause on the JTth of whtcli wai t le i In IK olt ee of the Clerk f the courty of Cortlan on the ilnv of Januarv and to serve a copy of v ur ansM, r ntlie subicribir at Cc rtlandvllle, in the laid i untv dnvp ifterthe lyrvlce of tills qml moi exil live i f It e iliv f service and if vou fall to anivuriail as herebj n ijuired the plaintiff vv111 tikf j Ikini- t vpainHt vou for four hundred and Uvcitv fved HIM with intercut from the IKth ilny of April l-'Stj costs HORATIO 11 APD llOflfw Plnlntllt Attornev the south line of said piece of land eighty rods to tho east line of said lot No 68 thence north on said last ment on e nine, twenty thence south westwardly to IN with tho Sli uto coiiccrnlni, llmitelpartn u th iul scrlbors do certify tlmt T formed a limited partner'hlp, to le conductewl undorlli nimtanl flrm of 1 Jr in the busl f b rtslde-j Dated December 29th, 1856 COOK Receiver 4c J S IHKRETT PlfTs Atlj COIIlLlT ,.._______ Sherwood iga'inst David II Kmgsley To Dav id II Kinsley, defendant arc hereby sum moncd to answer the complaint of llnylord N Sherwood in fie Supreme Court was wl Ich fllu t in tlic Clerk's office o! Onou 1m. i C unty, Sept 3, A D 1 C an 1 to serve a copy vour answer on me ai Camillus, Oiiondati County, with n twentv dav latter the service of this summens cxcloii.c of the dav of icrv Ice, and if j ou shall fall to answer said com pliint as hereby required, t> o plaintiff will take judgne it aciunil vou for he bum of with intcrc.t from the 2Sd PlamtUT's Attorney. Camillus N Y_________otHSm____________________ ADSSINISTKATOM'S ai c of on erder of tho Surrogate of the Counts' or Onontlaga, notice Is hereby given to nil perwm haviuif claims airalnst B llachclir decease to present tbo nam vuliv iiiheratt ercr', ti- tht "ubsrnt er, athliSvOr' cormr of "nd Warren streitl Byracme, on or before Ihe twenty-second dav of June, IbSI in removi-d to the new Di Fj laye block, ci mer of Sal n L an 1 Fnj ette streets Sy- racuse rooms no v for the reception of pupils from S o'clock lit iver neceabiij (rtthcbest you cii get arid enough of it Manafacturtd ty Dorlld Kcnneily, -20 Worrea street, Ro-tbury Mass Trice Cteneril Agents New York, O v Cllckner, SI Barc'ay, A B i D Sards, Fulton Bt Kerv on, Rogers Ce South Salina st, and Dr Moore North Salina st are agenls for Syracuse G W Stoddard, Agent at Oneida, Madison Co Syracuse, oltf Our Jerelry H all c ty made, and warranted of the best T and material Gold Oha'ela ne Chains fcoM Crosses, Ou-lr'! Finger Rings, Silver Thimbu-, vest Fob Necklaces, Lockets, Sleeve Bottom, Vest BJtWffl, atch ils, Charas, and evey article which ran be Watch mentioned ,n theory line DIAMOND HNS, le's, Clocks and Jewelry repaired and warrauted EVEaY MOTHER HAVft. bo-s m the house 1 amly n to the ch Wren. ItFDDP.a'3 S IAJE It is a Boston rcm dy iccon nieti led b> phv S Al Basset, Principal, Professor of the Science of Ac counts Practical and Ornamental Penmanship and Leu tarer i n Commerc lal Correspondence, W V Peirine, practical Accountant, Professor of Pen minshij Itctu cr on Commtrcial Lar, anil Commercial IJaspct, P of the Science of Accounts an 1 Lecturer on mi-me'S Customs Miss L M Newell, Asaistsnt Preceptress in Ladies' De- partment LECTtJREBS lion G F Cocistotk, Hon E U Tyler, 7ndge Pratt, A d Hull U J SedgwicS M, and o.lier. I nr-tureri en Commtreial Law Commercial cab alatlons Political F-onoiLf, ng, Railroi Financing to. This Irltltutioi 'i uns iri my similar establlsl ment n the Unit A States In point o'facil ties for acquit Ing a thorough bismeis education, a knovtl lj.t of Com mr rf hit Pclt-HOfl f Aft Twenty Itsson, in Penmanship simply, 84 00 ar i Gu it tntn art most r-iptctMIy invited o call and visit Hie ner Oollegs Booms. Please tend for a circular __, Octobtr -----rlSoVji XNDFRPIONTD RE- mo'edhinOHOCTRY and STORhfrori Mic Wowl'Mark. he haptytowait on I and Flc-h Woui d It IS a most V lieviuie which cm he tcstn cd to b> thousands who hr-e used it in the c tv f Boston in 1 Mi-mity for the last mnty year. In no instance will this sahc d injurj or Inttrf-r. Irith a rlmiuan J pr sec vtlons It n mul. (ion. tie purest materials f-om a rec, P bro lit f, o-n articles growing in th it couatry-and the proprietors e let cis from all da "U clcramen vaciptitH others who hive used It themsehc" and r eoinmcnu it to oil rs He dim. s Ru. 11 B iKc is at in large tin stamped on the cou r with pictur of a j i _ v. i j i n n orse i-d a i blbled sol her, ilth picture graved on the wrapper Price 21 cents a f Rogers Co agt-ts for 3r-acuJc CONS! MOrriON not hcev-d by base imtat ous HEGEMAN, CLARK a CO b GFNCINE COD 5 IM H Oil never aisappo nts, an-! nln ars tl n nte 1 as i en I "t .uper'rr to all others, ind the only reliable curt for Con S-UAjthTreUacreatdea! of-puricus in the ranrket alulterpted vith-.eal o I, whal oil te ic to much s ear-not be taktn to PTOCU-''the Our oil 11-i Hit in oi rr-vn faclorj m New and nch bottle has onr Ignaturc over tlic ork Ii- care fulto get HrOrMt> IHitiC for sine leleaf ofUr t n P-rfr ha. been a i irtie It Introduce 1 eal n Kusbton t, >hitl In no wsy connected w th R 0 t Co or Ii sold by aVuBKlsW. dsKSm' 3'0t'0' BOOTS AND SHOES To be found west of JNew York, and will K offered to tin- Trade at wr Ul advance lor cash or apr'ovcd credit W ara rty in Ihe Minufactare and tale of tEATHJER STOCK, Comprising and Oak Sole UatU-.Ti Tier Kij.'i, OoZVn lid ftcneh Call Skins, Patent and i Leather, Mi rocco, r snd F'nd to which v a particularly invite the attenltoao' "IrS SSd very liberal patronage b st-cd M- ns bv thee od people of 83 rocuse nrdsurroun IIORCM ntry, we teSie? our grateful acknowlcvlgmenn, pVig'ug uu r Me lOCGAL. FENTON t ned (in connection wllh -heir otabl I --hi CO Hare tabl I 00 JBK 07 SAUli KAVETTF STahER OurPKxj. nail new, and m Htly of our os-n msnofae- turod eoOTbtinjj of ev ry variety an J tjlc, a due gatm C li'er to a Thick Boot, We are n t gotog to tell you wa can i II caper tJiftc nnv other But we will say, If any rre s liitcr than we do they arc iwkomc tl pr, fits fjr we do cot to paj two proflta to tht Vanufacturen and Ncy WFARFPEUTJlQ Ladies oil C oth Lace Gaitcrs, for 71 Centi Clot i ?ox Lace do 1 AH loth, Cengresi Oalti-rn. 1 21 Cloth ?oxed 1 c-ii More- co Congress Gaiters, 1 SoJ Mens' Kfp i 3d Boots, custoTi make, 00 Fren h Calf Pes lo do do i to I (H) Kip f. id Th ck de do do 1 to2 W Youths' eo to do do do do I 00 to 1 trcry v riety and style l-nd'e-', Mtoafs', n iMrei Mens'Toy and Youths' Boots and Shots, at ttc atme Low Pri es 3) MCDOrOALL4FD EOGFRS Will hare c arge of our store on fcalina they trill be hap y to oil the world, and rest 1 1 s un kin 1 f, B _v ort order and warrantee.. oil" FR one year's absence from tho HI-TAIL SilOt TRA JE I have returned to tlie huairo's I i TIIE OLD POST OFFICF BOOVS 16 F ST GESHSKE STMST, lately or upieJ by TV Palmer i o where I co.1 he found T" i h-i.e and eralitoCK f WY OWS WORK Rastcrn H at the lowat ,t rrlf-dirv t from tho ir irnfacltrfn -hirh I toacd t) jell ified of Sew n "Nlmblof ipenccls lietter tian Slow Hi-J SHEET MliSIC, Alao a genera v ortnient of mu3 col Mcrchandibe p n n 101 i 1 lf 'let ni to let Craving nil 5onc at the shortes. Ip lillt Ce 1 faalina streets, Fmpir p House N B I sUUhavs the icrrici! of MM Outtera e andcr jmcil EH.K1FL RAND, W1LLJAS W TfCP

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