Sunday, June 24, 1883

Sunday Morning Herald

Location: Olean, New York

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Text Content of Page 1 of Sunday Morning Herald on Sunday, June 24, 1883

Sunday Morning Herald (Newspaper) - June 24, 1883, Olean, New York 0rnmg Itoalix VDL. 13. OLEAN, N. Y. SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 24, 1883. WHOLE NUMBER-278 LIGHTNING FLASHES, A TIew ol From Continent Continent. Hmlau. of PULLMAN, 111., June Han- lanwonthe sculling race yesterday against a field of fifteen oarsmen of national repute. ________ Bad COHSTASTINOPLE, June duel was fought to-day between M. Etch- ler, Second Secretary of the Russian Legation at Athens, and M. Ballazzi. The former was wounded m three places.________________. Providential. BAY ST. Louis, La., June 23 While Philip Baudeau and M. Odom were quarreling over a small account under a tree they were struck by lightning and killed, Baudeau held a Jong butcher knife in his naiid ready to plunge it into the he irt his opponent when the bolt fell TemAo Tornado CHILLIC6THE. Mo June 23 A. toi- nado stiucfc the southern part of this county, about 15 miles Miurhwest ot here, labt night, m what is known as the .ind swept away 25 or 30 farm houses, spreading havoc in tts track Two men were killed arad fifteen or twenty injured. Ready to Die CLAKKSVILIE. Ark June day George and Jim Jolinson. Mc- Donald and Herndon.wholast March murdered Conductor Carn while rob- bing a little Eock Fort Smith rail road .train near Mulberry station, -were-hanged in the presence of sev- eral thousand persons. They all said theywere ready to die and confessed, their -crime. Riches Take Wings, SCBftCiHSAHNA, Pa., is a commotion among officials of tbe W, B. R over the mysterious disappearance of in transit from New York to this place. Tbe package contained that ameant expressed by the Marine Of New York to.the.Su8queb.aa- na Valley bank here. The bank offiwals found the package filled with bUufe papers. Commencement Exercises at St. Bona- venture's College. Wednesday the Commencement oaet of St. Allege, Alle- took pltce. The tuccew of one of the exercise; rouiplete and fullj an- Bwewrfthe ot the vvtcon- couree-af people Who had anecmbled from part of the Stale to witness thru. Theiauuc, both vocal and amtruracolal wae omqumte, and the efforts -especially of, Hewra. Martin and Roger? each of whom (vMC-A <olo and of Memre. Ljnch Leddv wbo-wng a duett were met by'repeated ap- plause. The orators of the occasion Mewrc. M. BUTT, P. Rvan mod J. White acquitted tbcBMelvetso well v to merit the many rounds of applause into which the whole sudieuoe frequently brokeia the courw of their MTeral oralionf Thr of prices was .aweoe which, no -doubt, brought beck into the iniodt of those is- cembled, the day; when they alto fmr'ici- rated in exercises of a like nature; and the modest detxanor with which excii ceseful Ihe Rev. BUhop Hyan of BuCalo to rectiTeUrom hie me trophy wfcich lie so richlv dettned non the hearUi and admiration of all. Tlie with an OT the Bifhop who in n tonrhing manner out to t'ie ymdenis the obligxiionc ;hej are nnderto thvir Milcr, which them forth into Ihe world with Knowledge cTfrv kind, and which had inculcated inio iheir hra'ls filch mor- Sxlily would eratr oirn ihlrm wiltlj tins world JVith Ituxthe ellii-iition and iht riytore who numbered alxmt {ifrt-Dn-i fileiS out lo Ihc if St Bmiflvcn- :rt Oolltgc March uan- jtKoi far the fincwion i T Mr IX Krarnpfl" at llife Eincouviile Uere fromf us of frt-p ,'tnd easy -spoiling from m the EllKXJtovillp Xfn. a to4tic jnpr-r inCattaraugus Cvjritj, N "V eonternprtbic, prob- fbly. pretenfed and hypocwj.-. He k 33so the ae es a idea not jf his mental calibre but o' grammatical O- B. R. Bridge. The brjflge across the AUegany river at Allegany which is building for the Olean and Salamanca Rail- way ia progressing very well. The abutments are both finished, but the high water prevents the construction of the pier. If You Like Them, This will interest you: If onions, after they are peeled, are allowed to remain in salted water for an hour before boiling, they will lose their strong, peculiar flavor. Onions that are to be eaten raw may be treated in the same way. If you like them real well clip this out and paste it up in the kitchen where your wife or the cook can see it. In this connection it may be remarked that high author ities have reccommended onions as a breath purifier after using whiskey. Academic Exercises. Those who failed to attend the Ac- ademic exercises at the School build- ing on Wednesday evening, missed a rare treat. The decorations were profuse and elegant find arranged with unusual tatte The programme although quite lengthy, consisting of essays, oration, and declamations was with music, which prevented any appearance of monot- ony. Wo should like to mention seveial performers who" clid exceed ingly well, but to give all the good point would be lo reproduce tbe en- tire piogiamme, which we have not space to do. Terrible Death. Monday af ceruoou, Miner's Mills at Oswaj o, Batetaan HaEzard, while assisting tO'Stop a runaway tram of cars fell through a 'trap door in one of the cars and was instantly killed, and his body horribly mangled. His wife took the remains at once to their home at Pa Coroner ftascom was summoned, but tbe body WHS in Pennsylvania before he arrived at the scene. about thirty-five of age, and leaves a wife, but no children. Ball at Ceres, A fraud independent} ball will be given at the Gswpjb House, at Ceres ou Wednesday July 4th. Excellent music will be furnished by H. G. Orchestra. A gold watch and chain, with other pieces of fine jewelry, including Qeote pin, Ladies earrings etc., will be given to parties holding tacky numbers. These grand gifts shall be dispose of in lot- tery form, in such a manner as the managers of the dance shall decide upon. These managers are to be chosen by the company present. Tho fact that the bill will be only and that Capt. F. A. Chapman will have charge of all preparations is such guarantee that a first class time may be, expected.______________ The Big Bridge- The following will interest these of our readers who have never seen the high bridge-at Kinzua creek. The greatest elevation of the bridge 302 feet, is seventeen feet higher -than the spire of Trinity Church, twenty-tour feet higher than the summit of the famous Brooklyn bridge towers, above the high water mark, 145 feet higher than their ele- vation from the bridge roadway, and 82 feet higher than the Bunker Hill monument. The bridge is feet long and the iron of which it is built weighs over pounds. Last Sunday there were no lew than 13 excursion trains were run to this marvel of engineering skill. Ex cursions will be run every Sunday and those who do not go, will miss a grand sight, 'Forepaiigh and ihe Botcher. Adum Forepaugh ihc showman was brought up butcher, ntid when a Ttnmg tnnti used to "Maud in in his na- tive rfnlndelphia- Now that he grown ttihe millionaire Jieftill d'HS hit Tnatliding of a unnkr All the Vinuhiro firoini of S'-llic of tht fled anil cUaTtrdelieht" lo call him. ivr Ui IT lit can ''nil n rtiiur'' ae Htlt- ly at qnicXl} a1- tht liet-l of Ihtun. Li'l -ninlct 1hc J1KCH manager iFJt: inotmng In Hit inyrktl tn old i tailed n farn bee! dii-jiUjtd -.all Tin <x ordtrtJ '.omc Jit I'l llJtii! <'H Ti'-] xtU fin-an a hill 1-1 d ihf re j nice href'Ad' riTirerriM Kinn a j wind, if oil you rw'il onmr ffnqiiai hundred iwiriUe in litfeyc- "Xo. uncle afiot.nd fjf Iht Meal, is i i OTIC a vnh a !in, fifty 'THE MAN ABOUT TOWN." When a lady flehes for comph- mente and succeeds in getting a tew uuderserved, stereotyped good things uatd to her, and then repeats them to her friends, with so'me embellish- mennte, I know what to call her, and can "size up" her umd quite Cut when a newspaper stoops to the practice of puftmg other papers, bending them marked copies expect- ing to get a nice notice in return, and then publishes this fished for compli- ment under a biy head, I think it has reached a point where free advertis- ing will not help it much, unless accompanied by a small dose of fnffci news _ I dislike to use your columns tor grumbling So much, but it seems to me taut it is tune tor some one to growl wben the is allowed to grow two feet high on our principal street, and rubbish aocumulate as it does on Union between tlie Park and Henley street. There is a most do-ipicdbie olass of people who always want you to give somebody else what thej twin a but who Will not assume any responsibilty tor said rncki t. One of this class said to me yestei- day, "say give that neighbor of mine a turning over. Heisu mean low- Jived scoundrel He beats his wife and drinks whihkey." "All said I, and I wrote up an item and read it to hira. "That's good" be saw. Then I requested him to sign it. "Ohno, my neighbor would get mad at mo, if he knew he replied. Exclaimed I, "would you have me write slanderous statements about him which youcaufcot support, and back up, and let me take the And highly indignant I left him. V Every nice evening, men and boys gather along Union sttwet in groups and obstruct tbe sidewalks w that a lady can scarcley pass. Now boys it seems to me that your innate Ameri- can gallantry, fumous the world over, would teach you to be more polite. There is certainly room enough for everybody without any crowding. We should have a real old fash- ioned immensely enjoyable time here on the Fourth of July. Every fami ly should make preparations for feeding at least a-doien extra Mouths. You who have efajoyed-the hospitali- ty of your relations in the country, should invite them to come to town on that oay, and prepare for them a good substantial dinner at your house. If one thousand families in Olean should do this, we would have the biggest crowd on the next Fourth, that this town ever But whatever you do, do not fail to impress upon the minds of people out of town that we will go ahead of the world on July 4th, 1SS3. V A short time ago a spasmodic effort was made to rid Bradford of her gambling places, and quite a dust was raised. But as soon as it settled they all came back, and now faro banks arc in full blast again. This reminds me that a short time ago one of your esteemed contemporaries made a raid on the gambling placesof Olean, but stopped short after getting the proprietors pUmc stricken There are now in full blast in Olean not less than six regular poker rooms, and many and rooms where poker is played every night. Your E C. should follow tiiem up. V common woman of the town was recently arrcst'-d for being such, but but upon examination the --ingular was rratle that prostitution and she was discharged. Now it struck iue being very; singular that although adultery and kindred things, and the keeping of a bad house are crimes, amendable to the law, yet the very thing which these laws are made to prevent is no crime. I think this a very contra- dictory law, and one that should be remedied. V I notice that the west side of Union stn et below tbe B. N. Y. P. B. B., is in very bad shape. There is a ra- vmc about eight feet deep into ,which a team of horses will plunge some fine day. injure the horses, killtbe driver, smash up tbe wagon, and leave v, weeping widow and fatherless child- ren. The question arises in my mind as to who would be responsible for such a calamity, as I aai told that the order to fill up this place was given a long time ago, by thus trustees, but the proper official has neglected to perfoiin his duty. Better haul a few loads of eirth than stand a suit for damages, w -x There ai e a lot of people in this ton n who claim to be aesthetic, yet thov will not suppoit anything which has rf. tendency to refine the masb Their jestheticism consists chiefly m the fact that, they believe tlieinsetres aesthetic because rhey have" tied up some uf daises and sun flow- ers. The filling institution in this n if Mjcietj. Buc it not supported by esthetics, not .ill have solo i offer, to belong to an artsocuM, hue each can display his individual work, however crade it may_ be to the public. Where each can point out to bis-fnends, what btj is pleased to call his individuality of style, and which can be discerned only by himself) They believe that one of their crude "studies" is grand- er in its conception than some of Bee- thoven's sublime choruses, which master minds in music cannot fully comprehend after_ years of study. Give the singing society proper encouragement next Friday night. I heard one of our night policemen complaining the other night because 'they were not furnished with keys to the lock up. Every time one- of the day policemen tootaup i priooner ha puts on a padlock; to which the night Men-have no keys, and when they arrest a man, they have to lead him all over town to find a key to open up tbe lock up. Oh! City Fathers, give our night policemen keys to the lockup, for they are the men who need them. The putting of two men from 6 a. m. to6 p. m., and the other two on from 6 p. m. to 6 a. m. is another peculiar thing. Why don't you treat all make it from 18 to 12. THE MAS ABOUT Towi Grand Tournament- July 3d, 1883 at the Driving Park, uAifr the auspices of the Olean Gun Club, cash prizes guaranteed by the club, amounting to will be tshot for as follows: SHOOT so. 1. 10 a. m. 10 Clay Pigwms. 20 yards Purse 00 2nd........................................... 15 00 3rd........................................... 10 00 EXTJiKE SHOOT KO. 2. p m. 15 Clay Piptonj, 20 yirds rise. Pune 00 2nd........................................... 25 00 3rd............................................. 15 00 4lh.......................................... 10 00 ESTREE FEE f 5. TJOSOVf IXCLLDED. All who think that they "are some pumpkins" with a rifle should be on hand to win ten, fifteen, twenty-five or fifty dollars, just as they see fit or HOURS OF LEISURE. Sandwich A few weeks afjo we published a challenge for the Eclipse club for any club in the U. S., Canada or the Sandwich Islands. Last week the following letter was received by Captain Otto Miller, which explains itself. -sc B. B. C. OJcau, N. Y U. S In behalf of the Sandwich Hand Royal B. 13. C 1 hereby accept j our challenge, and w ill plaj you on our Court grounds on Augi'i'-t 1st Will look ioT on the steamer du here Jiilv Mlb KWJ TCoi.vjLA Prince of S I. and Captun ol S I K B B 0 The Eclipses will start day alter 10 morrow for New York, where they lake Ihe steamer. A re port-ei will go with them and furnish our and the bojs' parents, with all the details. IMSTIlttEfc OM LAND AND WATER. and for thoie Iiiterei- ted iu FOMR of Strength and Skill. Chester Park rates were bj Lord Ijlw-ird, (tMiiilL .ind Kdwin A. Kic! (.ieblmrdl'h liorbc Eole look h money at meet. The Sen Jertfy Yacht Club commenced their AQIIU ]wt Mondaj. Tilb Oil Oil.) and Hrjdlord ball clubs will cross bail at Bradford ou the Fourth ol July. Cdiiip loOlenn on lilt Third pi July and win one ol ihe cash ollerel by the Oltan Gun Club At the Toledo ironing meeting Alcyone and Tony Newell respectively won the 234 and 2.25 cla'-s rucct, The races dt Bradford lust week were great MJCCCSS tinauually, weiegoodin other considering the Weather Five races were decided it bt Louis, the winners being Magpie Reed, Wedding Day, April Fool, Cir-cm and Charlie Bush Swill. Breeze, Flower ol Jttalh, Barnes, Tulii and Joe Lewis were the win new ai ihe hheepsliiMil BJV uce roitrse. Ilmi.iiy aod <'ourtney are us hard 10 brinif losteihei <is ihe jiult-. ol .t magnet Tney hup miles between tlteoi ail the time. The, KV.-C Bull Club suffered defeat A 1'uividenie In 0 10 5 ihe St. Louis, jteil Hi e Metropolitans b} 5 to 2 flie American Kiflo Team Marled t.n Wedncsddy tor England, where they take part in ilu inn i national rifle match at Wiuililedor. 'Cap1 Wrbl, the fanioiib Englishman, who swam tlie channel, will shortly attempt to swim through ibe terrible whirlpool rap idx Niagara Falls William H. drove Maud S., and Aldine n mile to a lop wagon in beating the record made by Ed- ward and Dick Swireler of The race Irelween ihe Harvard and Col- umbia college erewi, rowed at New London, Conn., Wednesday oioruing, was won by the by twelve lengths. Time, 24m. <fls. rhe.remill nnexptcted. Oirin Hickok, who introduced Maud-8., the quiiti of (he iitrf. if oittTo havroncef- Iht- iiiusi Homli rful tiliim llial ever onn'e a foul print on tin milling (rack. She is by Sultan, in California and is called Alouise. The belt homing piyt-bta race of eea- BOO, with the best official record ever made by American was flown Wednesday to New York frcnf Sleubenvillf, Ohio. The start was at 38 minmes pant 5 a. m, York time. For Ihe Newark tpecial, 79 entries, the winner wae the bird Albright, owned by A. G. Buns, East Orange. Time out, 100 minutes; distance, 333} miles; average speed, j- yards per minute, or the mile in 1m. 12. Charles Courtney, the Union Springs oarsman, has been employed to coach the Cornell four in training for the intercol- Mfcracclo lake place July 4, at Lake Gtotjt, He eiauiini-d tbeir new boat crit- ically and thought it a beauty. It is 41 ft, 6 inches long, 20 inches wide, and without the outriggers 88 The xwt used by list year's crew weight-' 104 pounds. t William bleele, who was defeated by Cummings in a five luile race atthePclo Ground, met George Noremac, repnaentativr, at the office Monday to c'occ up arrangemcnis for the pending ten mile race between Steele ind Cummings Sleclc staled that he could not afford to go on to New York and nin for (lie small there. Sletlc thenforc allowed Nt rcuiai. In rocciTe forfeit on bc- iialf uf Ctimtuingc, and the lalttr (hereupon f25 lor llie {-50 to Siotle, tt AS as he mvwell again hi wtmiil 11111 rnno in ifaeoounlry icti mii< i-acc lor aside, ihc lo lake place oulcidi of JScw York. In 3S1S BoMon Blue made a mile in 3 inntcs; ycaiRlatir Top Gallanl reached 2 40 on the plank The record was lowered trtrj Ihrcc or four 'cars until in ISM) lilt (atnoil" 1 lofa jTeiiiplt rcsrhed 2 19, while Pcxlir iollfiwi-d in 1667 with Goliitranli Maid in 1S74 with iht Maud 8, rcscbid 2.10J in While in 1S50 ihtie iul one hor-c in the -worlil lhat tiottid in 2 2o, we had in 1882 <ornc405 with llisi ord, oi 7'i'T'r 1W1. have MJty wn'i a n been a change in the manage- ment ol Mrs. Langtry's company for next season. Mi. Frank Mendhaia will take ihe punuon previously occupied -Vfr K Schwab, and Mr. Joseph Bey-- muds, formerly wiih ihe Thalia' Theaire- CVn.ic Gpi ra Coiup my. will be the advance yr1. u V THAM'S CIRCBS. "V.iihaii s gritnl "coogulnierated aggrega- tion" iif tl 's, lhat ind the other undertwo tents, hnd .1 hciivy rain gave two perform- ance la-t Wcdiivday. Thf menagerie can be saying nolhiujj. The ruij; pfr.'oiniance VITT good. Each perfoinurin line w is fust-class. The concert <v-tb the Kindest performance ever set n hen4, and was very properly groaned and Ini-sed. It lasted fifteen minutes, wnb firoiab'e weathci Ihey would un- doubtedly give a fine exhibition, livered an Citizenahi was a good rect and The Pioneer Graduates. The Olean Opera House never was tnciHiefoieasit was Friday night hen over a thousand people gather- ed (hero the giaduation eSa i-icJSL'b of the first class since 1876. Trie exci cibes began with a musical hL-lcction, Angel of rendered by a grand chorus of 70 voices under duec-tioii of H E Dickinson. 'An" eloquent prayer by Ticv T D. Mac Clymont followed. Misses Leila Dickinson and Lizzie j'vfynckTfcceived heai ty applause, for their ren'dering of <i piano duett, "The "Witch's Flight." Miss Carrie A. CJemenger, was then introduced by Prof. Benson and with a clear firm. which betrayed not the slightest' embarras- ment, she read amost excellent essay upon "Motive But for want of space some many good V things she said 'would be given. M.ISB Clemenger wae the recipient of several beautiful bouquete. "The arfplendid quar- tette, was welTfung by Vijuee Leila Dickineonand jjaddie Djefciaon and. J.- Dictoson.' The next performer waa Mr D. Smith, Mills, Who de- on "American Mr. Smith's oration Hie ideas were cor- and forcibly ezprew- ed, but hie evident embarrassment somewhat marred its effect upon the audience. i Miss Leila who becoming a pttblic favorite, again re- ceived hearty applause tor her play- ing a Sonate Pathetique, a piano solo from Beetboyflo'e op. IS. Miae Georgia MclnKwh was tbe third member of tbe class, and in an eway entitled gave a short history of builders from the Burliest known, to the present, and also all other builders in the animal Idngdom, pointing out tbe lemons be learned therefrom. Her essay was interesting, and her clear voice enabled her to command the attention of the entire audience. The class song of 'S3, composed by Kiss Carrie Clemenger was then sung jy Misses Blanche Eddy, Agnee James Louise Moulton, Alhe Moore and Leila Dickinson, and Messrs. Earl Eaton, H. Gillette, Geo. Carter and Will Chamberlain. Prof. Benson on behalf of thefac- ulty then presented ihe class to the t Board of EilucAtion to receive their diplomas. Dr. Eddy, President of the Board, received them, and gave a short history of OJwm's schools, remarking that the faculty in sresented them a of one for jraduation and had presented noae since until this night.'when they pre- sented to the Board, Triplets. Tbe diplomas were then presented. "Bch'cvf a trio from AttiJa. ivas sung by Miss MmnieB Tillotson, Messrs, U B Dickinson and 0 D. Myer Rev .7 W Athlon then pronoii A HIP benediction and. F.utiS- one in ihc DRAM 4T1C N II Ictn ibai Lanctry is a lur -nn- fily a i-i'lcijnt upon and iha" we say thrtt the were very handsomely Tholadic' wore satin nnd Xwtfsveil.r.g cool When tin of lager 1 drop in ..nd He in isard. ntf

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